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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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officers discovered a massive ten-foot-long snake skin along the river bank in june. authorities believe it's a pet snake dump in the wild. it is ten feet long, people. be on thelookout. i'm shannon bream. be on the lookout, people. it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. central time. is donald trump softening his stance on immigration? you'll hear from trump himself. new hillary clinton e-mails to bahrain's crown prince looking for favors. also, how hillary clinton is going hollywood today with stars including justin timberlake and jennifer aniston. plus, the feds investigating what may be a terror case in virginia and whether the suspect tried to cut off a man's head. let's get to it.
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and first this morning, a newly-released batch of e-mails showed some clinton foundation donors with access to hillary clinton and her top aides during her time as secretary of state. more than 700 pages of e-mails were released from huma albedin. hillary clinton said this is a right-wing attack and never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the foundation. but the e-mails do reveal the type of request the donors made. in one case, a sports executive whose firm donated to the foundation asked for help getting an american visa for a british soccer star with a criminal record. the e-mails show the state department did not grant that request. but aides did set up a meeting between hillary clinton and the
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crown prince of bahraibahrain. then there's bono asking for a link to the space station during a concert. the response from almedin, no clue. and there are requests to almedin. they said there's no clear sign that donors received special access because of their contributions. the fox network's peter barnes is live in washington this afternoon. what else is in the e-mails, peter? >> reporter: well, shep, here are two more e-mail exchanges that judicial watch shows clinton foundation donors getting special access. in one albedin contacted secretary clinton in 2009 about meeting with slimfast tycoon f. daniel abraham who judicial watch says donated $5 million to $10 million to the clinton foundation. she then quoted, danny abraham called this morning, he's in d.c. today and asked for 15 minutes with you. do you want me to try to fit him
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in tomorrow? clinton responded, will the plane wait if i can't get there before 7:00 to 8:00? abedin says, of course. another instance in 2009, political activist jill iskill contacted hillary clinton directly about securing a meeting for a friend of hers. clinton e-mailed abedin to print out this message. iskill and her husband donated $500,000 to a million dollars from their foundation to the clinton foundation. we have no confirmation that in of the requested meetings took place, shep. >> peter, what are we hearing from clinton campaign staffers? >> well, to flush out what you said in your intro, a clinton campaign spokesman said in a statement, quote, no matter how this group tries to
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mischaracterize the documents, the fact remains that hillary clinton never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the clinton foundation. shep? >> thank you. donald trump canceling a speech on immigration later this week in denver. but he says he's not flip-flopping on the issue. his campaign manager kellyanne conway tells fox news donald trump is trying to get a handle on, quote, such a complex issue. >> we inherited his schedule. although i think it's a great idea to have that kind of speech and put together a full plan, immigration is such a complex issue and mr. trump has been taken to counsel with many people on this. he obviously has strong feelings with respect to immigration, but he's speaking to people to understand how to execute all the ideas. >> trump himself told fox news if he becomes president he'll divide undocumented immigrants into two groups. as donald trump puts it, the bad ones and everybody else. >> as far as everybody else, we're going to go through the process. what people don't know is that
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obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. i am going to do the same thing and just said that. at the same time, we want to do it in a very humane, we want to do it in a very humane manner. >> donald trump met with his hispanic advisory council in manhattan over the weekend and there are reports he's softening his stance on plans to deport millions and millions of illegal granlts along with a deportation force which he mentioned repeatedly. trump denied the reports. carl cameron is live in austin, texas, where trump is campaigning later today. do we even have an idea yet of the status of an immigration plan or whether there is one? >> reporter: we do have a plan. we have an evolving plan. and that is essentially what kellyanne conway was suggesting by the folks he's listening to to develop this. but there are three pillars to
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trump's immigration proposal. first was his campaign where he'll build the wall and make mexico pay for it. then they said that is a negotiating and bargaining position and we don't need a wall from the pacific to the gulf because there are a lot of mountains and natural to position by to make the wall unnecessary where technology will be better. the next one is to stop all muslims from coming to the u.s. because they are a threat. a muslim ban, he said, that has been revised to what he describes as extreme vetting. which he has described as making people pass some sort of an ideological test to prove that they appreciate and support american values. and the third part about it is dealing with the undocumented immigrants, the illegal aliens in the u.s. now, anywhere between 11 to 18 million people. and he said he will round them up and send them home. but now it's been dialed back. it's worth noting that the aclu, liberal as it is, very well-renown for its ability to fight in the supreme court has
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said all three original proposals would violate the first, fourth or eighth amendments to the constitution. so trump has heard that from a lot of his republican rivals. and now it appears it is not being done. it's being changed. it's been modified. and trump will give that speech, he hasn't canceled it per se, he's postponed it. we just don't know when till, shep. >> i watched his rally in akron, ohio, last night, and during it was a full teleprompter speech. during that he called for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. anything more on the details of that and where he gets that? >> reporter: well, first of all, it's worth noting the trump rallies have been chanting "lock her up! lock her up" for weeks. and there's not much new in suggesting she needs to be prosecuted by a special
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prosecutor. but the special prosecutor language comes from the independent counsel. folks will remember ken starr and the monica lewinsky era. and that particular statute that made it possible to have end dependent counsel expired two decades ago. when republicans are in charge of congress, they want special prosecutors. and when democrats are in charge, republicans want special prosecutors. and suffice to say what trump is saying here, under bill clinton's presidency, that is almost a preface to what the hillary clinton years would be, lots of investigations and scandals and alleged corruption. shep? >> thank you very much, carl cameron. we'll bring in kimberly atkin, a washington correspondent and columnist for "the boston harold." >> thank you for having me. >> is there any clarity in any reporting on where we are with the immigration policy two-and-a-half months until the
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election? >> one thing that is clear is that the folks in the trump campaign are beginning to recognize that there are a lot of problems with the initial plan that he laid out with constitutional issues you laid out, to the fact that he has to appeal to voters of color in order to have a shot at beating hillary clinton in november. i think the idea of building a wall and deporting $11 million may seem unpal atable as it is virtually impossible to actually carry out. >> of course, the recent outreach to african-american voters has been widely criticized as mostly speaking to a white audience about white concerns. and i wonder what your reporting there has been on that matter. >> yeah, it's been really curious to see. i mean, donald trump calm out over the weekend initially painting a picture of the african-american community that a lot of people within that community didn't recognize, no
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educati education, that was not my upbringing, but it underscores the fact that donald trump has not spent a lot of time going to communities of color over the past year now trying to make a pitch saying what do you have to lose? but really demonstrating a lack of understanding about the issues that people of color, blacks, hispanics and others care about, which is things like access to a higher education, higher education costs, equal pay. if he had been talking about these things in black communities, we might see a difference in the response, but this pitch is falling very flat. >> on the matter of a verbal prosecutor for the clinton foundation, do you have a report on that and what critics are saying? >> the likelihood that a special prosecutor will be called and certainly before the election is very slim. but this is one issue that
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republicans that i talked to particularly want the trump campaign to focus more on. they want to focus more on hillary clinton, less on some of the ancillary things donald trump has been talking about. because this issue, the more information we find out about -- that is coming out of her e-mails, that connects the foundation to access to hillary clinton during her time as secretary of state. it's troubling. i mean, the campaign maintains there is no their there, but one of the biggest problems for hillary clinton in this race is the lack of trustworthiness as the voters see her. and all this does is underscore that. so the more donald trump sticks on this message, the more likely it will be effective. >> kimberly atkins is the chief washington correspondent and columnist for "the washington harold." thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. president obama is speaking over the last hour about the flooding crisis in louisiana. he says more than 100,000 victims are asking the government for help.
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the feds cannot do this alone. his plea to every american, next.
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greeted the folks. the baton rouge advocate newspaper reports the latest damage is totaling what,000 homes more than $30 billion. the president said the feds are providing already $127 million and more help is on the way. >> what i want is the people of louisiana to know you're not alone on this, even after the tv cameras leave. the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >> today's visit comes four days after donald trump traveled to louisiana. the republican nominee went after president obama for vacationing on martha's vineyard instead of immediately heading south. today trump tweeted, president obama should have gone to louisiana days ago instead of golfing. too little, too late. despite trump's take, the louisiana governor john bell edwards said an earlier visit from the president may have gotten in the way of recovery efforts. and during a statement today,
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the president said nobody cares about politics during disasters like this one in louisiana. will carr has the news live in baton rouge. will? >> reporter: hey there, shep. while politics have weaved their way into this and some residents are frustrated that is the case, many others can't concentrate on more than what is going on inside the four walls of their home, like this family here. you mentioned the president talking about concentrating on drywalls, well, there's definitely truth to that. every home we have gone into had to rip the drywall out, gutting their homes as well as dragging their possessions out onto the street just like this. and we have seen this neighborhood after neighborhood for more than 25 miles where homeowners simply piled up all their possessions and debris out in the front yards. you can see it going all the way down the street in this community. so many residents we have talked
12:17 pm
to today, let's take a listen. >> this is pretty bad. nobody really expected this. i have a lot of family members that pretty much have lost everything they have. >> reporter: another frustration is the red tape that they're dealing with with insurance and fema. and then there's the time. we are told this is going to take years to recover from this. and while it's all going on, the president and state and local leaders are continuing to ask for volunteers so show up. that's what we have heard echoed from those on the ground. >> will carr in baton rouge, thank you. a teenager accused of rape escaping with probation. his lawyer says a harsher sentence could have destroyed the teen's life. ahead, the facts, the sentence and what about the victims. ♪ some relationships you stick with.
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a former high school athlete who rapped two sleeping teenager girls will serve no time behind bars. that's the ruling from a court in massachusetts. it sentenced the 18-year-old to two years on probation. the teens were drinking at a friend's house near a party near their high school two hours south and west of boston. that's when the victims reportedly told police they fell asleep upstairs and woke up to becker sexually assaulted them. police say becker admitted to having sexual contact with one of the victims but claims he thought it was consensual. he apparently texted the girls an apology the next day. the teens say they heard rumors he assaulted classmates in the past and students called him david "the rapist."
12:22 pm
david becker's lawyers say that's not true. the becker attorney praised the lighter sentence saying, we all made mistakes when we were 17, 18, 19 years old and we shouldn't be branded for life with a felony offense and branded a sex offender. putting this kid in jail for two years would have destroyed the kid's life. he can now look forward to a productive life without being burdened with the stigma of having to register as a sex offender. a similar case out of stamford university sparked national outrage when brock turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and a judge sentenced him to six months in jail. the trial attorney misty moore is here in studio. >> thank you, shep. >> probation. what do you make of this? >> well, the issue is judges have great discretion in sentencing. so if this is within the sentencing parameters set forward in the state sentencing guidelines, it's a valid sentence. whether or not there's public outcry against it is another
12:23 pm
question. but in this particular case it's really important to point out that becker was not actually convicted of the crime. this is essentially what is called a continuance of a decision where he basically entered into a deal for lack of a better word saying, i will go on probation and not violate the terms of my probation. if i do, i will be convicted and face maximum sentencing. >> locally in the area it appear that is it's the words of the attorney that have so many people inflamed. your thoughts on that? >> i do agree and think that was not the best decision on behalf of that attorney. however, there is -- we do have to remember that these situations where, in general, the sexual assaults do result in being on sex offender registries for the rest of the defendant's life. so this is the attorney that believes that his efforts were consensual and chose the wrong words to lead to this outreach. >> what about this apology? >> the apology?
12:24 pm
>> we read, in fact, i just read to our viewers he texted an apology to what they call the victims the next day. it's all very complicating. >> if this case went to trial, that would be a huge fact nor the trial. but when it comes to sentencing, the judge looks at, is this person remorseful or a risk to society? how old is this person? was there alcohol involved? these are all the factors they way. the apology in the text message if this case went to trial could be a huge issue for the defendant. but again there, is no guilty verdict here. >> for these two teenager girls, it's one thing not to name them, which of course we won't and don't, as a matter of course, but it's not a definitive small town, people do know what's happened. where do they go? >> of course. i mean, this is a traumatic situation for them. they did have the opportunity to submit victim impact statements where they do get to at least tell their side of the tale, which is hopefully therapeutic to them, but my heart goes out
12:25 pm
to them as i hope they're able to move beyond this situation. >> it is nice to talk to you, thank you. a landmark decision today could shake-up college campuses everywhere. the national labor relations board siding with graduate students from columbia university who fought for the rule to unionize. labor groups argue that some students provide key services for universities and really should be considered employees. critics of the ruling said it could cost schools millions of dollars in increased compensation. vice president joe biden is set to travel to turkey tomorrow, apparently in an attempt to smooth over relations there. coming up, why turkey could be returning to russia for help and what that means for america's key ally in the region. nd has al grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. the wildfire burning on
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california's coastline is growing. at least 36 houses have been destroyed. the fire officials say the flames are moving away where 2400 people are under evacuation orders. crews have finally surrounded a wildfire burning east of los angeles. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. the florida governor rick scott says that state is investigating five new cases of zika unrelated to travel. one of them in pinellas county on the west coast near tampa. the others are in south miami-dade county. health officials say they believe the virus is spreading only in the miami-dade area. and take a look at this showing a sinkhole on a busy street in south china. rescuers were stuck inside. two people went to the hospital.
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half past the hour now,
12:31 pm
hillary clinton made a visit on "jimmy kimmel live" last night. >> my e-mails are so boring. >> mine are. >> i'm embarrassed about that. so boring. so we've already released, i don't know, 30,000-plus. so what's a few more. >> so in the end, you're not concerned there is going to be something that donald trump is able to use against you, the republicans, that comes in at the last second. >> he makes up stuff to use dense me. so if he would stick with reality, i wouldn't have a worry in the world. >> hillary clinton was not holding a news conference but did take questions at a conference as a journalist. mike emmanuel in santa monica, california, this afternoon. mike? >> reporter: shep, good afternoon. a new poll from monmouth university revealed a really tight race in critical
12:32 pm
battleground missouri with a lead inside the margin of era. the monmouth poll has donald trump 44%, hillary clinton with 43%. the gary johnson at 8%. and one interesting stat in this survey they are not seeing elsewhere is donald trump is doing better with white women than he is with white men. something to watch in upcoming surveys. meanwhile, clinton's running mate tim kaine is blasting donald trump for what he's charging his own campaign for office space. >> once he started to fund-raise dramatically, he was self-funding for a while, but once he started to self-fund dramatically, he immediately tripled the rent money his campaign was paying personally. once donors were playing money to the campaign, trump said, wow, i can get more money personally out of this. >> reporter: so kaine is using that as an example of donald trump trying to lookout for number one, himself, over everyone else. shep? >> the rhetoric seeming to be
12:33 pm
heating up somehow on both sides, mike. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of nasty allegations back and forth, shep. and this stage of the campaign, it will only get worse in the final stretch, the final weeks ahead. and on late night tv, hillary clinton blasted some of her critics for their tactics at this phase in the campaign. >> i don't know why they are saying this, but i think on the one hand it's part of the wacky strategy, just saying all these crazy things and make you can get some people to believe you. >> reporter: wacky strategy, hillary clinton doing fund-raisers in california. she has three of them today, one later in northern california. she is fund-raising out here in the golden state. breaking news now, fox news has confirmed the fbi's investigating a possible cyber attack targeting the e-mail accounts of reporters for "the new york times" newspaper. a law enforcement source tells fox news the feds are working to
12:34 pm
determine the scale of the security breach and how it happened. katherine herridge with the latest developments from washington. >> reporter: "the new york times" is not saying much publicly, but through our reporting they are cooperating with the fbi and that the target of the attackers were company accounts, specifically those that belonged to reporters. what has our attention this afternoon is that authorities are not ruling out the possibility that other media organizations were also the target of these hackers. and the other thing for context is that you cannot see any of the activity going on right now in isolation. you have to see it in that broader picture of the dnc and our recent reporting that two hacks, the dnc and the dccc, the congressional campaign committee, and the possible hack on the clinton foundation were the work of these russian militias. so we seem to have another piece of this intelligence gathering operation. we don't know if it's russia, but it certainly comes in that
12:35 pm
context, shep. >> catherine, thank you so much for the update. turkey's military firing artillery rounds at targets in syria for a second straight day in response to the deadly suicide bombings that killed 54 people at a wedding over the weekend. a turkish official promised to, quote, cleanse isis from the borders. meantime, the u.s. vice president joe biden set to travel to you are tturkey's cap of ankara. turkish officials said the united states has not done enough to help turkey after last month's failed coup attempt. analysts say the united states officials are especially concerned that turkey is developing a closer relationship with russia which could be a problem when it comes to syria's civil war. of course, russia and the united states are on opposite sides of all of this in the conflict. putin has supported bashar al assad. let's bring in skip ganine.
12:36 pm
nice to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> where are we now? >> well, turkey is in terrific stress. if you look around, its relationships with neighbors over syria that you talked about, dangerously concerned about the kurds along the border to the south in syria. but also elsewhere. and, you know, i think what they're doing in terms of reaching out, and it is all diplomatic at this point with russia, iran also going to tehran is simply to try and reduce the isolation. they are es stranged over issue the eu. big problems with the eu. but in the end we'll be okay with this relationship. >> there are accusations that the united states was involved in one way or another with this coup. your thoughts on that? >> well, it's preposterous. the united states said that officially and informally. look, we were not behind it.
12:37 pm
i think the turkish government was upset two hours after the coup started and then the president said something. if you know america and american politics and american government, two hours is thought bad for the united states government. >> then there's the matter of nato states and defense thereof, the region is dicy. >> yes, it is. and, you know, turkey is a part of nato. that is a very important alliance. a very important relationship. and i think if people think they are concerned about turkey going toward russia and somehow removing the coalition ship with the west, that's just not going to happen. if you look at where turks go for work, where they go for business, where they go for schooling, it's all to the west. it's not to russia. and i think that over a period of time we're going to see that relationship remain strong. >> there's no question that the russians want more access there.
12:38 pm
they want more leverage in the region. and in any access that they can get, the better for putin's purposes. >> and putin has got to be gloating over the fact that erdogan who shot down a russian plane and relationships just e deteriorated and is coming to him on his knees, if you will. i think putin is really gloating that this is undermining the united states in the region. >> and at the same time there is movement along the ukraine board we are the russians. a movement that suggests they are building up military forces along that border and great concern out of ukraine. >> that is indeed correct, yes. >> and what sort of response should we expect there? what more can the united states do there? >> well, when you talk about the ukraine and crimea, i think we went through some very tough time when that first happened and they annexed the cry me a
12:39 pm
ya. what we understood then was there was little we can do. we are not geographically there. there are sanctions on russia as a result of this action in ukraine. but, you know, those sanctions have not forced russia to withdraw. >> ambassador skip gnehim, nice to keep to you. an american soldier is dead and another in stable condition after a roadside bombafghanista. the military official said the attack happened in helmand province in southern afghanistan. six afghan troops were also hurt when somebody stepped on a buried bomb while on patrol. officials say taliban fighters are gaining ground in helmand province. just yesterday the pentagon announced 100 more american troops are heading to that province. the feds now say they are investigating a stabbing in virginia as a possible terror attack after a man may have tried to behead someone. police say the attacker stabbed a man and a woman on saturday at
12:40 pm
an apartment complex in roanoke about three hours or so west of richmond. cops have arrested this suspect. investigators say they believe he chose the victims at random. witnesses reportedly told police that they heard the attacker yell arabic for "god is great." abc news say he may have tried to enter syria through turkey in the past year. >> a popular street drug blamed for putting dozens of people in the hospital. that's next. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose or type of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor if you take other medicines and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo®, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. toujeo® helps me stay on track with my blood sugar. ask your doctor about toujeo®. synthetic marijuana continues to plague cities in the states, especially the west coast. investigators say this happened in los angeles. for the second time since friday, l.a. paramedics rushed to treat people on skid row for
12:44 pm
possible -- for possible overdose of spice, which we have been reporting for years. this can include altered mental state and seizureseizures. jonathan hunt is live with more. explain what is happening here, jonathan. >> reporter: the first calls came in around 10:30 in the morning. and within a short time, emergency responders were dealing with 18 people who were sickened apparently by synthetic marijuana. a note on the street is like you said, spice or k2. skid row is the center of the homeless population in downtown l.a. spice is popular there as it is in a lot of places because it's cheap, about a dollar a joint and it's widely available. here's one user on skid row.
12:45 pm
listen. >> i took some spice right now, i feel perfectly fine. if you feel better, why does it cost so less. they only want a dollar. >> reporter: while it may cost only a dollar, it may cost taxpayers a whole lot more when paramedics are calling in to respond. >> we are seeing this on skid row, jonathan, we have been reporting on the effects of spice across the nation for many, many, many months. and all of a sudden it's an issue now because of this one outbreak? >> reporter: no, it is a national crisis. and a public health crisis according to a lot of medical experts. the association, the american association of poison control center says the use of spice has exploded over the last few years. texas, florida and new york are among the states worst hit. in 2013, just over 2600 cases
12:46 pm
were reported in which users needed medical attention. 2014 that rose to just over 3600. and then last year, 7,794 cases. that is a 300% increase in just two years. here's the medical director of the los angeles fire department. listen here. >> i think this is becoming a public health crisis. so we need to come up with a definitive solution because clearly this is becoming almost a daily occurrence. this is not sustainable. >> reporter: now most of the synthetic marijuana drugs being sold online and in stores, shep, are legal. but clearly you listen to medical experts like dr. eckstein. they are also very dangerous. and the clear warning is here, that these drugs can't just make you sick, they can also kill as they have done right across this country, shep. >> jonathan, thank you. there's a new battle over alcohol. we have reported for years, you know, everything in moderation.
12:47 pm
but this new report has many leaders rethinking that. and that's next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. (announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump.
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we've reported that studies that claim drinking alcohol in moderation won't hurt and you certain adult beverages may be good for your health in moderation but now the wall street journal reports that is turning. government officials are warning more and more about the dangers of moderate drinking and potential connections to cancer. the centers for disease control warns on its website now although past studies have indicated that moderate alcohol consumption has protectivn
12:51 pm
benefits this may not be true. the journal reports that alcohol makers are fighting back and the result could leave us with a bigger tab. one day it's okay and the next day it's bad. it sounds like a survey. >> it was back in the 1970s when a california cardiologist discovered that light drinkers had fewer heart attacks than nondrinkers. that prompted a number of studies and it was agreed that drinking was heart healthy. now they have dropped that endorsement because the world health organization and other researchers suggest there is a link between drinking and cancer. these type of studies have great influence over government policy like alcohol taxes and advertising restrictions. in recent years for example both the russian and australia governments came out very strong
12:52 pm
against alcohol and sales in both of those countries have dropped significantly. >> i read from the wall street journal and other sources that alcohol companies are fighting back. >> yeah, because as one executive said they're in danger of losing their health halo and there's concern about being placed on the same track as tobacco. so to prevent the alcohol critics from gaining traction the companies are pushing by studies on the effects of alcohol. the liquor giant says findings could go either way but it's important to get a con conclusive answer for consumers and our business. the companies say they're being proactive by starting new smart drinking campaigns and introducing more nonalcoholic beers. it's not really if you can't beat them join them, but they're saying they're at least trying not to put up a big brick wall
12:53 pm
so that the alcohol critics don't try to shut them down all together. >> thanks. the latest in the saga now the disgraced illinois governor is planning to appeal his 14 year sentence for corruption. that's according to his lawyer. a judge ruled that he must still serve the full sentence even after an appeals court overturned some convictions. he ended up in prison for charges that include trying to sell president obama's one time senate seat because it was [ bleep ] golden. in this sketch that's how he looks now . his hair is gray. he appeared on a video feed from prison. the chicago try bun reports if the court declines the latest appeal, his lawyer could still ask the u.s. supreme court court to help him fly free. we've seen his reality tv show
12:54 pm
days he loves to fly. give a man a fish he eats for a day and give a man a giant fish and he has lunch for the rest of the year as long as he doesn't let it go. we have more on that. >> the in. ba player for the denver nuggets managed to caught this huge fish. it's 350 pounds. it's actually a fish bigger than him. that's not the record. that honor goes to a 680 pound fish back in 1961 but still a pretty big fish and it looks like he had a good time. his team helped him out. they were excited for him. they tweeted out this graphic to let you know exactly how big that is relative to some other things. it's equivalent to 200 pizzas. the entire team, 78 pepsis, 247 basketballs, those are things that weigh about the same. he reeld it in but he had to let
12:55 pm
it go because they're endangered. it lives on somewhere in the gulf. >> 90 pounds more than him. >> i'm glad you pronounced that. >> thank you. we'll be back with a look at when a human being managed to fly through the help without the help of an engine and it happened on this day in history. real cheese people pack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices with just 45 calories a slice- that's 45 reasons to layer, stack sneak, peek, beg, like, love. sargento- we're real cheese people.
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a cemetery in iraq that holds more than 5 million graves is growing at double its usual rate as the fighting continues. we have some images this afternoon. this cemetery is in the holy city 100 miles south of baghdad. the historian says 200 people are buried there every day. that's up from 120 before the war began. this family is mourning the loss of one relative.
12:59 pm
here a young boy digs a grave. this woman carried water jugs that people use to wash off the graves after their loved ones are buried. on this day in 1977 a pilot won a prize for the first human powered flight to travel at least a mile. an inventor who trained at cal tech designed the aircraft. he teemed up with a bicyclist who used ped als to make it move. it moved about 15 feet above ground. man kind was won with the birds 39 years ago today. the final bell will ring in 15 seconds on wall street and what a finish we're about to have. the dow is up about 20 points on the session to 18,500 plus, the nasdaq on track to hit an
1:00 pm
all-time high, 52.62. records are falling on wall street. should news break out we'll break in as breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. your world is coming up next. stay with us. donald trump's message to hillary clinton, pay for play is not going away. hello everyone. this is your world and fox on top of an e-mail story that will not stop. we're getting new revelations from another batch of hillary clinton's e-mails about clinton foundation donors trying to gain access to the state department while she was in charge. that has donald trump calling for a special prosecutor. what exactly are those revelations? let's go to james rossen with details. >> reporter: driving this sudden uptick in stories and allegations about the rela


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