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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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all-time high, 52.62. records are falling on wall street. should news break out we'll break in as breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. your world is coming up next. stay with us. donald trump's message to hillary clinton, pay for play is not going away. hello everyone. this is your world and fox on top of an e-mail story that will not stop. we're getting new revelations from another batch of hillary clinton's e-mails about clinton foundation donors trying to gain access to the state department while she was in charge. that has donald trump calling for a special prosecutor. what exactly are those revelations? let's go to james rossen with details. >> reporter: driving this sudden uptick in stories and allegations about the relationship between the clinton
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state department and the clinton foundation has been a steady stream of document production in litigation between the state department and two conservative activists groups. the group released 725 e-mails this week and many involved clinton's aid who in one exchange told executives that the crown prince of bahrain would stand a better chance of getting a meeting with clinton if he went through the foundation. that meeting was set up within 48 hours. last week it was reported that the leb knees billionaire seen here wanted the state department officials who are shaping policy on lebanon and the enter medicine areas were band. he had previously given up 5 million to the foundation and a few weeks after clinton stepped down as secretary the state department bought land in
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nigeria. the e-mails show the slimfast tycoon sought and received a meeting with clinton almost within 24 hours. and just in the last 24 hours fox news has reported that laura graham, the chief operating officer of the clinton foundation left nearly 150 phone messages for the chief of staff within a two year period. >> i would just add to that that the department's actions under secretary clinton were taken with the intent to advance our foreign policy interests asset forth by this administration and with no other intent in mind than that. >> a spokesman for the clinton campaign says the foundation is a fill an throwpy under attack but a story crossing the
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associated press that's just in says a review of clinton's release schedules finding more than half the people outside the government who met with secretary clinton at the state department or had a telephone conversation with her had given money either personally or through groups or companies to the foundation, more than half. >> all right. thank you. to former massachusetts senator and trump supporter scott brown who says the only way we can get to the bottom of this e-mail story is for a special prosecutor to start investigating now. it would take quite a long while wouldn't it to appoint a prosecutor, have them investigate, issue a report, that would surely not come before the election would it? >> that's the problem. obviously it's very typical that intersection of money and politics between the clintons and the people they deal with. people aren't stupid. they understand when 50% of the people who have had meetings have given money there is an intersection that you can see. you've heard it before, just got
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to follow the money and i bet if you interview a lot of these people off line they'll tell you absolutely we weren't going to see the secretary unless we give x amount. the special prosecutor is dragging their feet and clinton and the foundation are dragging their feet. how are they a foundation when they give less than 10% to charity groups. >> how do we get to the bottom of this before the election. >> i think it's going to be really difficult. >> you don't want to go into the election where one of the candidates afor the presidency under a cloud of suspicion. >> it's been that way throughout the clintons' policies and throughout their lives. it's going to be very difficult. congress should have acted prior to this but you have more and more e-mails coming out. she said she gave all the e-mails and none were classified. she didn't. we have another 15,000. we find they were classified. we find that she basically has been lying to the american
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people and unfortunately i think the only person in this situation going to the american people when they reject her for not being trustworthy and honest and that's why the outsiders of the world are actually doing much much better than they otherwise may have in a different environment. >> isn't this a job for the media to dig deep, come up with what happened and then that could be subject for the debate in the debate starting september 26th. >> in a perfect world that be great and if any of the mainstream media ask her any questions about this i would be shocked. i know fox is going to. it should be asked. basic questions, there's needs to be complete transparency. they need to release all their tax returns and records. the people have the right to know and once again the people will be the ash tore. the media has an obligation but we've seen in the past that there's -- i don't want to say they're in ka hoots together but they're not putting that strong arm on her. she hasn't really done an
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interview in almost a year. that's outrageous. >> senator scott brown. thank you very much. hillary clinton apparently is not too worried about any of this. take a look at her appearance on the late night jimmy kimmel live. roll tape. >> have you considered using face faceti facetime instead of e-mail? >> actually i think that's really good advice. jimmy my e-mails are so boring. >> yeah. mine are. >> we've already released 30,000 plus so what's a few more. >> well, she might be laughing, but the national media is giving these influence pedaling allegations some certify rserio coverage. how can we lighten up when a future president possibly is linked to influence pedaling at
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the highest level. >> well, i certainly was referring to the jimmy kimmel incident of her laughing on the comedy show like wow, that's not that big of a deal but when it comes to the clinton foundation specifically to former senator scott brown's point that the american people need transparency on this issue i agree and the transparency they're not getting on the media is the impact this foundation has had in countries that could not access hiv and aides medication. 11 people now have access to that medication that our companies were not were bringing them. the 50,000 children that are now alive each year because of the clinton foundation. i've seen those babies. i have relatives that have beneficiaries to the what they have done for the health care system in that country. the transparency that is not
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being told is that this is an impactful global entity and to point to 10% here when the clinton foundation has the highest rating of charities out there, this was a beautiful moment when public sector came together with private sector came together with governments and we have to recognize that in this conversation that is important and should be acknowledged and that's how you have -- >> lisa. >> the big question here is what did these foreign donors get when they donated to the clinton foundation? that's the big problem here is the lack of transparency for hillary clinton. it won't just boring e-mails about yoga and this, that or the other. there's 15,000 newly recovered e-mails from the fbi, work related e-mails that she never turned over and the big problem for hillary clinton is she is facing a political mind field in front of her as we learn more about the clinton foundation, the secretary of state and what she had on her e-mails, tens of
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thousands of which she tried to delete so forensic evidence couldn't recover it. the associated press today found that 55% of the meetings that she took were clinton foundation donors. we found out about the crown prince went through the clinton foundation to get access to hillary clinton. that puts a big question on what exactly did some donors get from hillary clinton and in this instance why did she fail to report it initially. >> this late report from the ap, roughly half the people who have meetings with secretary of state hillary clinton had contributed money to the foundation. that is clear evidence it seems of influence pedaling, doesn't it? you can't laugh that off, can you? >> where is the snomoking gun.
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>> they gave money and they had access to her. >> you give money to a foundation, the foundation is headed by the clintons. hillary clinton is secretary of state. she holds meetings half the time with with people who have given money to the foundation. that's a round robin of influence pedaling. there it is. >> certainly the appearance is not where the clinton campaign would like to see this conversation. i'm not denying that but i think that we have to also understand that how have we gotten to this point because we have a politically motivated organization that has been coming after the clintons for decades and you've got a flawed candidate that was nominated by a republican party and this is the only way that they see that they have a chance is not to s disqualify -- >> you are a smart woman and that is ridiculous. hold on. you had your chance. that is a ridiculous excuse.
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the reason why hillary clinton is facing these mounting amount of calls is because she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars from her own pocket to maintain a private server and tried to delete evidence. she has brought this upon herself and she allowed herself to be compromised by foreign donors. >> i'm sure this will be continue. thanks very much. president obama has left louisiana after touring the massive flood damage for that state. he was there for roughly three hours. not good enough for donald trump. he tweeted earlier today, president obama should have gone to louisiana days ago instead of golfing. too little too late. what did he see and what did he do, kevin? >> reporter: i love the way you got into that piece there. you're right, the president saw a mess. i didn't plan this so i'm going to apologize to ed lewis, my
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photographer. all about me is debris. i'm going to step away from the camera so you can see. it's an absolute mess and that's a sample of what the president saw here today, his visit belated pointed out by donald trump. the visit came much later than it should have come by any measure. we have pictures of him walking about. the white house said they've been working with local leaders and the president said today now is not the time for politics, it's time to focus on the people of louisiana. >> so let me just remind folks sometimes once the flood waters pass people's attentions spans pass. this is not a one off. this is not a photo op issue. this is how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need.
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>> reporter: obviously that will be very important for the folks. the president also met with alton sterling. you may remember he's the african-american man who was involved in the police-involved shooting. he was killed in a shooting here and he also met we are told with three -- the families of three police officers who were killed in an ambush in the aftermath of that shooting and the families of three others who were injured by that coward that took out a rifle and began to shot them. about $127 million in emergency federal funds have been set aside for the victims. they're going to need that and an a lot more. >> thank you kevin. now, question, are we looking at another terrorist -- i should say an isis-inspired terror attack on u.s. soil. find out why the suspect in a virginia st
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learn more at aczone. prescription treatment. proven results. the fbi investigated a possible isis inspired terror attack in virginia. the suspect who was on the fbi radar for months is accused of stabbing two people in what authorities believe was an attempt to behead his victims. peter with the latest. >> reporter: right now federal investigators are probing whether or not it was mental illness or an allegiance to isis that fueled a brutal stabbing. witnesses saw a man screaming and stabbed a man and woman who were trying to enter the pines apartments in virginia. the male victim was able to fight back enough to send the
1:18 pm
attacker scurrying but he and his female companion were severely injured and the alleged attacker was arrested when he was spotted walking into the same emergency room his victims were being treated in looking for medical attention of his own. the 20-year-old man is a local. he is a u.s. citizen but abc news reports he recently traveled to turkey to sneak into syria and link up with isis fighters. he is locked up in a virginia jail cell this afternoon but this weekend as soon as the police started getting details about the attack they contacted the fbi so now the special agent in charge of the richmond field office is telling us that quote while i cannot discuss details of the investigation at this time, i do want to reassure the community that we are working to determine the nature of the incident. authorities don't think the
1:19 pm
attacker had any connection to his victims so it is still completely unclear if this was a random act of violence or a terrorist attack. >> peter, thank you very much. the boston bombers, the orlando shooter and the suspect in the virginia stabbing investigation all had one thing in common, they were known to authorities prior to carrying out their attacks. they were on the radar. to retired four star general jack keene who is with me. now are authorities overwhelmed because if these people are the rad or and then they commit this kind of act it strikes me that we can't cover them the way we want to cover them. >> i don't think they're overwhelmed but they're challenged. the reality is we have less of it than the europeans do and they are overwhelmed. as you probably know it takes about 25 to 30 agents to provide 24/7 surveillance of someone who comes under suspension.
1:20 pm
>> for one person. >> for one person. but they have to have evidence of something there before they can take up surveillance of a person living in this country. that's another issue the fbi has to cross. we have a good defense here. our people are very good but the reality is we also have to have a very good offense and we do not have a good offense. >> back to defense for a second, do we need to tighten it up, get more strict once somebody appears on that radar? >> i think we should be asking some very tough questions of our federal agencies in terms of what kind of resources they need. our budgets have been cut in the last seven or eight years and let's figure out what those resources are. that's number one. the second thing is we do not have a president who explains what radical islam is, who uses the language and the speech that they're using so that the american people can be the extension of law enforcement. this individual lives in plain
1:21 pm
sight of who? he self radicalizes himself if that's what happened here, but friends, family, coworkers, they should be very familiar with what the speech and signs of radical islam are so they can be an extension of law enforcement and we need national leaders who talk about that and expect the american people to help. >> real fast, general, you want to go get them. you want offense and the defense, right? >> you have to hold this horrific behavior accountable which means when they gather in a place we should go and kill them and capture them. >> and change the rules of engagement. >> of course. >> and get them no matter. >> we'll always protect civilians but we know how do that but they're sitting right there in syria and they don't feel a lot of pressure. >> general, thank you for being with us today. >> good talking to you. what one school just did with the pledge of allegiance is fueling a wave of controversy.
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the nation's debt reaching dangerous levels. the budget office says it's at its highest level than at any time in 65 years. the problem? revenue down, spending up. what would you do if your child came home with this, one florida school coming under fire after one family exposed what it has been sending kids home with a slip that allows kids to opt out of saying the pledge of allegiance. instead of signing it the family wrote this message, this is the
1:26 pm
dumbest thing i've ever read and i'm so ashamed of this. their message is going viral and now the school appears to be backing down. kathy lynn taylor says this is pc out of control. let's go to you first. do we need a law to allow kids and parents to opt out of the pledge of allegiance. >> this is so ridiculous. there was a law from 1943 from the supreme court ruling saying that with a parental note students did have the ability to opt out. let's -- it's insane. but even respecting history let's look at our constitution, instill justice of common union for all, not for one superintendent, one principal, for all. this is the pc culture that people are so upset about and it's driving the 71%
1:27 pm
dissatisfaction ratings across the aisle. >> should we allow kids to opt out of the pledge of allegiance. >> the first amendment says you have to right to. there's that but then there's recently florida governor and legislator have said there's a current on the books as we sit here and have this conversation law that requires written notice about the opt out portion. i agree that's a sad day. we need to be teaching civic responsibility as the preferred way to do things. >> charles? >> listen, it's a great time and i'm glad this is coming up because we're talking about immigration in this country and culture. in 1923 my flag was replaced by the flag of the united states. why? we had that late wave of immigrants coming in. a lot of them brought tendencies with them and it was a way that school children understood you are pledging allegiance to
1:28 pm
america. under god was added because that was at the thick of the cold war. some people have trouble with it. saying that without saying that. the notion of pledging your patriot yi patriotism should be a requirement. >> i said too many lawyers. >> let's suppose for a moment that a child you don't have to sign the pledge -- you don't have to sign this to get out of it but a child does not recite the pledge of allegiance. that child is then picked on by the other kids and the parents of that child sue. i mean you can see it coming a mile away can't you. >> it's crazy. >> here's one very simple thought, freedom is not free. if you don't want to be part of the freedom that makes up this country it's a simple solution. you're free to leave. >> right. we do have a statement from the
1:29 pm
county school district in florida. superintendent pons received several messages from the community in records to this process and upon further inspection made the decision to remove the form and revise the code of conduct booklet. you happy now? >> you can still opt out but you don't have to send a form back home. it's still not -- really, honestly, i think we're at at point in the cross roads in this country and again we talk about immigration being one of the top two, three topics in the country right now. it's a sign of patriotism. >> i'm a newly minted immigrant. of course i should stand up and pledge to the flag. pledge allegiance. what is wrong with that. to the united states of america. >> it doesn't mean you have to disavow anything else you believe. >> that's true. we can coexist and be proud americans without feeling like we have to sacrifice our
1:30 pm
uniqueness. >> the star spangled banner and america the beautiful, the day would be halfway over. i remember one time talking through the pledge of allegiance -- through the star spangled banner during the movies and they kicked me out. that's when you to salute the flag. at least come to attention. >> you scratch any immigrant and they'll tell you i'll stand up for the flag and they will. thank you very much indeed. the wall street journal editorial board taking hillary clinton to task over that colin powell excuse. a member of the board is going to tell us why and the state department now says iran is trying to capture americans after that $400 million all cash payment. some are asking is that any wonder why? ♪
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hillary clinton holding fundraising events as critics slam her for failing to visit louisiana and new cases of zika in florida, the latest on how they're straining to contain the outbreak.
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1:35 pm
the cloointons have been in the public eye for decades and according to a new wall street journal they follow a similar pattern when facing controversy. the board says this latest attempt to pin the e-mail scandal on colin powell is case in point. now, hillary clinton said colin powell okayed, he said it was okay, colin powell said it was okay to use the private server. is this part of the normal process. >> it's classic hillary clinton, it's let's deny the news and when it's shown to be a lie, we've had a series of lies in the e-mail server scandal then you pin the blame on somebody else and colin powell doesn't like this. they tried this with him in the springtime when the inspector general report came out and i think it's good to see colin powell pushing back. >> what are they going do now, there is this new report we just got into it about 30 minutes
1:36 pm
ago, it's from the ap, half the people who have meetings with hillary clinton as secretary of state have given money to the clinton foundation. >> actually, it's probably a little bit more than that because in a case of a classic ap bias they didn't include foreign government donors in that analysis. we've known for a while now thanks to judicial watch and peter swietser who wrote clinton cash and other organizations there was a link between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's state department but we don't know the extent of the access. that's what we're finally starting to learn. we don't know by the way what exactly these donors got for the money they contribute to the clinton foundation but of course paying a foundation sort of laundering your money through there to access a cabinet member is in and of itself i think a pretty big offense. >> in previous scandals they've managed to walk away and they're still very much in the game. can they walk away from this ap
1:37 pm
report? half the people she met with had given money to the clinton foundation. >> we'll see. i think a large part depends on whether donald trump can use this scandal to his advantage and actually articulate in a consistent and sustained way what exactly hillary clinton did. i don't think it's enough to say to the american people hillary clinton lied. she's been doing that for decades now starting with the cattle future scandals. you need a sustained campaign to force the national media to cover this issue. >> yes, of course. isn't it the media's job do this, spell it out, what happened. >> yes, it is but again you need to put it in black and white. i think that these e-mails that judicial watch has released from the correspondence these e-mails i think are probably the closest thing you're going to get to a smoking gun because it's very rare for someone to say they've played the clinton foundation x amount of money so we're going to give them y benefit. when you start to go through
1:38 pm
this release, the linkage here i think is about as clear as you're going to see. >> the link is her aid. >> it's not just her aid, it's also doug who is within the clinton circle and founded a public relations group that was involved in these e-mail exchanges. he would e-mail the aid and the aid would set up meetings. there are several other individuals involved here. >> at the end of the day do you think the clintons wealk away from this one too. >> i hope not because that would be the wrong thing. you need trump to really press this case and force the media to cover this story. >> we could be going into the election where one of the candidates is essentially accused of some serious stuff. >> this is a smear on the fbi, jim comey who excused her from any liability here and didn't press charges. everyone else has a different
1:39 pm
rule of law except for hillary clinton and i think that that standard should change. >> i feel this thing seems to be blowing up right now. >> we're covering it on the wall street editorial page and i know you're covering it here. >> thank you for joining us. the state department telling americans traveling to iran they are at risk of being detained or imprisoned. some are left here wondering if that has something to do with the $400 million cash payment to iran. in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪
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looks look more homes on main street have more people making money on wall street. sales have rose to the highest level we've seen in nine years and that sparked a big rally in the share price of home builders. the biggest winners include toll brothers. the state department issuing a travel warning on iran.
1:43 pm
don't go. state says iranian authorities continue to unjustly detain and imprison u.s. citizens. this comes day after the u.s. administration admitted a $400 million cash payment to iran was connected to the release of four american host animals. fox news analyst is with us now. it seems to me the state department says no, it was not ransom but don't go to iran because they might seize you and hold you for ransom. >> of course it was ransom. it was ransom of $400 million for four host animals. the reason we do not pay ransom for hostages is because the bad guys grab a few more hostages. they've already done it. they've grabbed two more and the state department says watch out you could be next. >> can the state department not come out and say, yeah it was ransom and we're not going do it
1:44 pm
again. >> the president of the united states is the one saying it's not ransom so they can't say that. so they're lying and getting away with it. >> one more point, iran's foreign minister has gone to cuba and then he goes to venezuela. >> obama throughout give them everything they want and they'll be our friends and partners in peace. they're partners with hopefully with what they think the cubans. they're going on to other countries and more importantly there's a russian iranian k connection. we were supposed to their best friends and we're not. russia is flying bombing raids out of iran. >> that's not a pretty picture and the late report from ap half the people who had meetings with hillary clinton as secretary of state had given money to the clinton foundation. what do you make of that?
1:45 pm
>> it's a pay for play scheme and there's evidence of it. >> on a vast scale. >> a huge scale. not just a little bit of pay for play. i worked for the nixon administration. we've had an iran contra scandal in the reagan administration. there are scandals that people are held accountable for it. i'm calling it the summer of lies. there was no ransom for host animals and there's no pay to play here. >> huma abedin was working for the stpd aate department and cln foundation was she a link. >> she was taking a paycheck from the state department and from the clinton foundation. it was a seamless operation. secretary clinton when she was senator clinton, she went right from the first lady to the u.s. senate as the senator from new york. the clinton foundation was set up to take the money so that it would influence her decisions then. then she went to become
1:46 pm
secretary of state. more money went into the clinton foundation. and if this is what they're doing when she was just secretary of state, can you imagine what would happen when she's president, what they will be willing to pay to the clinton foundation in order to get decisions favorable to those wealthy countries and individuals. >> do you think they can get -- the clintons, can they get over this. >> they seem to have gotten over everything so far. the i think that outrages more -- politicians lie, cheat and steal and i'm used to that. what usually happens is that the media is the watch dog of our liberty and in this case the media has become the lap dog of the clintons. >> that was a pretty good end cue was it. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. first, donald trump, now president obama. both touring the devastation from the floods in louisiana. something hillary clinton has yet to do. is that an issue? someone here says when you look at where she's going instead, yes, it is, a big issue.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
it is a sad site in louisiana. >> reporter: at least 145,000
1:51 pm
homes damaged in these floods and today in southern louisiana are lined with unsalvageable possessions over the past three days homeowners have been gutting their homes and bringing all of their possessions out and lining them on the streets. we've seen this for more than 25 miles. it's been quite inspirational to see how positive they've remained through this devastation but at the same time this is long hard work. they've been working around the clock. they're tired and frustrated. we spoke with several earlier today. take a listen. >> what it's going to cost to recover is my retirement so i'm never going to recover. i can't go back to work so i'm physically not able to. >> we're not hearing anything from the politicians around here. a lot of double talk. it's just depressing to see the any getting if i put it that way shown to the people out here.
1:52 pm
>> reporter: other frustration is the red tape between the insurance companies an here. >> several residency didn't -- residents have told us they have to apply to their homeowner's insurance, even though they'll get rejected. before they can potentially get federal assistance, leaving one homeowner to tell me it would make him want to bang his head against the wall if he hadn't ripped them out two days ago. he said that in jest but gives you the idea of the frustration. >> president obama did visit louisiana after donald trump's visit. hillary clinton is visiting with big hollywood celebrities at fund-raiser this is week. and the washington free beacon says that is very bad optics for a presidential nominee.
1:53 pm
>> donald trump showed up in louisiana and hillary clinton, as of yet, has not. and i think it is a bad optic situation when you're hob knobbing with celebrities at a $40,000 a plate fund-raiser and really trump, he can keep talking about this and he, of course, is a master at this. if he hits her on it the media will be maybe forced to talk about it. it certainly doesn't look good for hillary when she's at justin timberlake's house and saying it's just a disruption if she goes when it clearly wasn't a disruption for trump to go or for president obama to go today. >> now, she was on jimmy kimmel last night and kind of laughed off comments about her e-mails and her health. now she's visiting these celebrities in hollywood. it's just raising money. i have to come back to this. it's not going to be reported that way, is it? the media, people are not going to be talking, hey, look at hillary clinton visiting with
1:54 pm
celebrities while 145,000 homes are damaged in louisiana and she's not there. that's not the way it's going to come across. she's going to be shown hob-knobbing with very famous people and giving her money. that's the way it's going to show. >> you're absolutely right. and i think you see the contrast with president obama as well. here he was, he couldn't be bothered during his golf trip, his vacation, to even release a public statement on the floods. and, i mean, we all remember the huge controversy with president george w. bush during katrina. if a republican was in office, they would be scrutinized to the end, heaps of coverage. the same way with -- even trump, he doesn't really get credit for going down there. they criticize and say oh, he didn't give enough or he's giving out play-doh or all this stuff. he showed up and led the way on this. and obama just now visited and hillary clinton hillary is off in l.a. with all her celebrity friends. so, obviously the double standard is clear.
1:55 pm
>> donald trump did hold fund-raisers this week, but he did go to louisiana. in fact, he stole the political march on his opponent by going there four days earlier. trump did hold fund-raisers, but he did go to louisiana. do you think hillary clinton should have gone to louisiana? >> yes, absolutely. i think if it wasn't a big disruption for trump to go, she should have gone as well. and that's the presidential thing to do. i think she missed an opportunity there. >> liz harrington on optics, thank you very much. appreciate you being here. >> you bet. >> new scare in the sunshine state. been expecting you. will you be needing anything else?
1:56 pm
no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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1:58 pm
the steeka virus is traveling, literally, hundreds of miles within florida. state officials are confirming today that the first case of zika.
1:59 pm
they confirmed it in pinellas county. it's on the map there, i can see t that is nearly 300 miles from the miami area. it was in miami that the first locally transmitted cases were reported in the u.s. it's headed north, roughly 300 miles. doing so very quickly. now this new scare comes after federal health officials warned pregnant women on friday don't travel to miami beach. don't go there. there's a risk. that's it from me for today. i will see you, however, sharp at 9:00 am eastern time tomorrow morning. i host a show 9:00 through noon on the fox business network. tomorrow, a special guest. texas republican congressman gomez, speaking out about donald trump's new comments on deporting illegal immigrants. we will see you tomorrow morning, sharp, at 9:00. we'll also be covering.
2:00 pm
related to the economy. are the candidates going to say anything about. >> hello, juan williams, kimberly guilfoyle, dana perrino and this is "the five." today, presidential candidate is going to join us here at the table live. libertarian nominee gary johnson is here. how does he plan to defeat hillary clinton and donald trump? we'll ask him just ahead. first, brand new bombshell evidence of pay to play deals between the clinton foundation and hillary's state department. senior executive was in regular contact with hillar


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