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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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very-important problem facing the election of immigration. thank you very much.
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late last night donald trump launching his first general election television ad and today the rnc releasing a new tv ad aimed right at, you guessed it, secretary clinton. the title "caught lying
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again." >> no, no, it was allowed. one of my predecessors did the same thing. >> previous secretaries of state have said they did the same thing. >> the truth is she was using the private email server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. >> my predecessors had engaged in a similar practice and they didn't have a private server and she was doing it before this advice that he gave her. >> damage has been done. there's no question. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from "the washington post aaron blake and from "fortune magazine" nina easton. for six weeks the donald trump and rnc calling hillary crooked, lying. it doesn't seem to exact her on numbers or donald trump on numbers. what's going on. >> part of what is going on. they will underscore this i think effectively and trump by calling for a special prosecutor as you keep hearing. they ever amping up the
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argument. that said, she is right about with donald trump and the dishonesty field and the polls. and the other thing is that people are voting or choosing a candidate in part on temperament. and she comes out much higher on temperament as a commander and chief than he does. he is -- there is 65% fox news poll doesn't think he has the temperament to be president. the biggest poll he has when you look at it demographically. look at blacks, this isn't going to effect his standing with blacks. you have got to look at latinos. not going to effect his standing with latinos. with women, you go back to temperament thing. he has this problem with women. and almost like a version of 2004 security moms concerned about donald trump having his finger on the button. that's the problem they are in right now. >> even the women were all behind secretary clinton because it was the glass ceiling. now we have three supreme
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court justices and millennials can now vote. they see women in high positions they don't have that sort of you go girl a little bit. she ♪ doing politically well with the millennials as spectacular as you would think. the millennial vote is not a gift to her. >> it's not. on this issue in particular donald trump is goff disqualifying himself as much as three fourths of women have unfavorable view of donald trump. by the way, i do think the crooked hillary stuff and cress about her honesty have hurt her. it's the things donald trump has done hurt him more. there are still questions that the electorate have about hillary clinton's character, her honesty, stuff that's going to be furthefurtheredby this clinton s stuff today. i think not that the attacks on clinton haven't work as donald trump has hurt himself even more and created this problem for himself particularly among women. >> they're clearly concerned. they are doing damage
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control over the clinton foundation, right? they're talking about down sizing the clinton foundation. president clinton would step off the board. it wouldn't take donations. >> that should be done now is the problem. >> they understand the optics of this and the polls are going to tighten and it does hurt her to some degree. >> i think what if she didn't have emails and trump didn't have twitter the temperament thing, how would they go after each other? >> policy, oh my gosh. >> look at the numbers. 88% think there should be a special prosecutor. i don't know who is going to appoint that that's supposed to be the attorney general. that's not happening. fbi investigation is what they want. fbi investigation 88%. nina and aaron, thank you both. and donald trump is about to take on texas. is he getting ready for a big
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donald trump is determined to tackle legal and illegal immigration. is he sitting down with sean hannity to talk about border security. don't miss that right here on fox news channel. what is trump's plan? donald trump's son, donald trump jr. goes "on the record" from the set of john's big town hall tonight. nice to see you. >> how are you doing, greta? good to be with. >> you good to have you. so, give me a preview. when donald trump first declared he was going to be candidate for president. he told us about the wall. he told us that he was going to keep muslims out of the country. things now seemed to have changed a bit. i must admit i'm a little
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confused. what is his immigration policy? >> really, greta, i don't think anything has changed a bit. i think things have been pretty much the same. obviously the media, maybe they are bored because they don't get enough entertainment from hillary because she has been in hiding. all he wants to do is make sure that americans get taken care of first and we put americans to work rather than letting anyone else come in here. he wants to take care of americans. that's been his plan from day one and consistently. he wants to make sure those people are taken care of. he is not anti-immigrant. my mother is an immigrant. his mother is an immigrant. he understands that he understands the rule of law. he realize that people have to follow laws like they did to get in this country and that's how it should be done. >> does that mean that mass deportation of the estimated 11 to 12 to 15 million illegal is off the table? does it mean it's off the table? i don't know the exact details in terms of that. is he going to do something humanely. is he a good, caring guy.
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in the end he has to care about americans first. that's the job of the president. when i look at the administration currently. when i look at who we are running against, i feel most of the time they are concerned about taking care of people from parts of the country that hate our guts, people love to wipe us off the face of the earth. they are worried about their feelings rather than americans. we are here to put americans back to worth. to build up americans, to take care of all americans all ethnicities and background and make sure in their country they take precedent. i think that's just common sense, greta. >> all right. right around the corner are these debates. i'm curious whether or not donald begins to focus on these debates, whether he is preparing for them, reading material. has he started to look at the debates? he certainly has. is he looking at it he is hearing what the american people have it say. i have been saying it for a long time, greta. he is giving them a voice again. our politicians have largely forgotten the american people.
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they are catering to their special interest. they are catering to the people foreign and domestic. giving millions and hundreds of millions of dollars to their various foundations. that's not what my father is about. my father is about hearing the american worker. the hard working people who made this country great who built this incredible nation. is he about making sure that they have a voice again. so he is hearing from them on a daily basis as he travels the country. that's his debate prep. >> often here at "on the record" i talk about lbj's war on poverty that he declares in 1965, and which has been a dreadful failure. we have lost that war on poverty. he spoke the other night to experience who live in many of these inner city areas that are very poor. what, what difference -- what would he do differently for these inner cities to try to win this war on poverty that we have so far lost dreadfully? >> well, listen, again, the democrats certainly have a strong hold on those cities. if you look at policies starting from lbj it's been a total disaster. it's created a vicious cycle
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that has kept people in poverty. that have kept people from jobs. >> what does he do. >> first of all he would create law and order. he has been vocal advocate for that you have to have law and order. you can't have cities and towns run by gangs and thugs and people afraid to ultimately prosecute them. i think you need law and order. then you have to focus on education. making sure those people get the same chances at an education, not a an education system that's ruled from dc that can't understand the inner workings of those cities that haven't been in the cities. you have to give people an education so they can get out of that cycle. it's not an easy task. it's something that he is going to do. the policies that the democrats have given him. look at where you are today if you live in those communities. you are never better off than you were two decades ago yet alone eight days ago. you are worse off. it's to make sure have the same opportunity you and i want for our kids and grand
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kids. we want to make sure that those people get the same chance. >> thank you so much for joining us. a note for the viewers one more time, do not miss the sean hannity town hall tonight at 10:00 p.m. with donald trump. 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. get ready to speed read the news. remember former stanford swimmer broke turner? he was sentenced to six months in jail for raping a passed out drunk classmate. now the university is making changes. the university is banning hard liquor for under graduates on campus parties. beer and wine can still be served. turner blamed his criminal behavior on being too drunk. and watch this wild video showing a drug bust on the high seas. chafing two suspects on high speed jet sees. one suspect arrested. police findly 500 pounds of marijuana. the other suspect got away. and take note. this is not the way to impress a girl. the university of pittsburgh student got himself stuck between two buildings.
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the 22-year-old was showing off to a young woman jumping roof to roof. unfortunately he jumped between two buildings and got wedged in 16-inch wide space. police had to break through the walls to get to the young man. no word if his female friend was impressed. look at this. pokey mondapokemon go. thousands of people crowded the streets. so many people that police reinforce. s were called in to help keep everyone safe. here in the u.s. people have died while distracted playing the game. that's tonight's speed read. and this is disgusting. a possible isis beheading right here in the united states. "on the record" investigates next. plus, president obama heading to louisiana. did he make the right decision by waiting? that's coming up.
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this is growsm and disgusting and disgraceful.
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a possible isis beheading right here in america. the fbi is investigating a stabbing in roanoke beings, virginia. possible terror attack. he may have tried to behead one of the victims. griff jenkins is on the ground in roanoke investigating this horrific crime. griff? >> that's right, greta. shortly after 8:00 p.m. saturday night, police say that the 20-year-old faruqy attack ad couple come home in apartment complex coming home over my soldier. the couple live in the top floor of a three story apartment complex. he apparently attacked them with a knife. it appears to have been random and the fbi, of course, investigating because multiple witnesses to what happened here said that he was shouting allah akbar or god is great often heard in acts of terrorism. we were able to speak with one of the neighbors here who lives directly across from the couple that was attacked. her name is angel bonbarin here is what she told us.
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>> i saw a lot of blood on the rails down there on the second landing and a rag looked like it might have been part of her shirt. >> so no one was fight not guilty stairwell. >> not when i came in. >> what you saw was a trail of blood. >> yes. >> where was blood on this? >> there was blood here and over here. >> so it looked like signs of a struggle? >> yes. and it sounded like it. but i thought it was kids at first running up and downstairs. that's not what it was. >> now faruqy fled this scene. the husband was able to fight him off. but he was actually apprehended at local area hospital where the victims were. and that's where police took him in custody. we spoke with roanoke county assistant police chief chuck mason. here is what he had to say. >> as far as we can tell, there was no connection between the victims and the suspect. they had never seen him before. it appears to us to be a random attack.
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there has been, i'm aware, of some speculation that this was an attempted beheading. both victims were stabbed and cut repeatedly. and the male victim did, in fact, suffer a severe laceration to the side of his neck but there was nothing that appeared to be an attempt at a beheading. >> the local officer who lives in this apartment complex behind me did not want to be named or go on camera told me leapt into action with his training to sigh trisave their lives. the husband is out of the hospital. the wife remains critically injured. the fbi, of course, investigating and faruqy in jail awaiting a hearing on september 1st. greta? >> griff, thank you. and today president obama saw firsthand the louisiana flood damage. the president took heat from critics including donald trump for not going sooner. the republican governor of hz had told president obama to wait. fox news correspondent will carr is live in baton rouge with how residents received the president.
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will? >> good evening, greta. we're driving down the streets here. i want to give you visual of exact thing that president obama saw a few hours ago. piles of doe bree as one resident put it to me, thousands of memories dragged to the curb. 145,000 homes damaged. estimated $30 billion. we're told it's going to take years for this area to recover. president obama today touring the area and telling the community every resource is available. he also took the time to meet with alton sterling's family and the families of the slain police officers from this area. some residents questioning if that was the right time because they think this disaster really has pulled this community together and they don't want to focus on the schisms that happened before. at the same time, we're seeing so many examples of selflessness. one man whose family lost everything has been cooking chicken stew in this neighborhood and then handing it to neighbors. and then there are the five high school football players who go to east ascension
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high school in the baton rouge area here. they had a four hour practice in 105-degree weather today. then they went to one of the neighbors around here and helped him pull out all of his items for six hours. just a short time ago. they go home. get dinner and go to sleep. go to practice tomorrow and plan to go to a widow's house and do the same thing. two examples of the strength that we are seeing as this recovery continues. greta? >> will, thank you. and, not too happy with the 2016 candidates? the doctor may have a cure. green party presidential candidate dr. jill stein is here next.
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carry this movement forward and bring it to the american people who have rejected these two candidates donald trump and hillary clinton in unprecedented numbers. these are the most untrusted
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and disliked presidential candidates in history. the american people, not only have a right to vote. they have a right to know who they have coat for. the next steps are to make sure we that we have media with integrity cover real choices and thank you for being here today. >> that was dr. jill stein the green party's nominee for president. yes yes, there are more people than donald trump and secretary hillary clinton running for president. jill stein doctor on the ballot. eight states including washington, d.c. she says we need a third option for president. >> majority of voters have rejected hillary clinton and donald trump and clamoring for something else. so who are those on top to be giving marching orders to, you know, voters who be good little boys and girls? politicians do not have a new form of entitlement. they are not entitled to our votes. they have to earn our votes. and hillary clinton and donald trump have not earned our vote. >> green party candidate
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presidential candidate for the united states jill stein is here to go "on the record." good evening, doctor. >> good afternoon, greta. >> just in the sound bite why shouldn't somebody vote for hillary clinton or donald trump? >> well, they have to earn your vote and so far they haven't. >> either one? >> yes. i mean, the polls show that the majority of the american voters dislike and distrust both of those candidates at record numbers. and are clamoring for someone else. >> are they lousy candidates? >> in my view they are. they are a continuation of the system that we have that has thrown the american people under the bus they have sent our jobs overseas and hillary has a track record and donald has sent his jobs overseas. he complaining about the transpacific partnership although that's what he is doing. is he a hate monger and fear monger. hillary has a track record for doing most of what donald is talking about. >> what is your passion? you are a harvard educated doctor. why did you become a candidate for president of the united states. >> i'm a mother on fire.
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we have a younger generation that really does not have a future. they don't have jobs. they are locked into student loan debt which is not payable in the economy that we have economy is collapsing on their heads. as a medical doctor i'm practicing political medicine because it's the mother of all illnesses. and if we want to fix the things that are literally killing us, we need to heal our sick political system. >> you have 32 policies which is big. >> more than that now. i believe it's 40 at this point and climbing. so we expect to be just on every ballot. >> we'll really help to you get your message out to get on the debate stage that doesn't look like that's going to happen. >> that polling is predicated on having no visibility in the media and only in the last week have we begun to get a window. we actually did an hour and a half long forum, town hall forum on cnn. we were number one on
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twitter in that forum. there is enormous interest out there in our campaign. i would dare anyone who says that there are is not interest. host a town hall forum and see how much interest there is. >> obama care. people unfortunately get sick. people worry about it insurance companies leaving the markets. no competition is going to drive prices up. very succinctly, what would you do about obamacare if anything? >> obamacare had failed before it implemented we had it in massachusetts we called it romney care before obamacare. prices skyrocket. people didn't get truly sick were covered. it had all kinds of holes in it we need a simple system. a medicare for all system. basically drop the age of eligibility for medicare. you patch up the holes that have been knocked into it. it has really low overhead about 2% as opposed to our current system where it's more like 20%. half of a trillion dollars a year of our healthcare
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dollars are paper pushing, break crazy, into big ceo salaries not into healthcare. we can streamline this with a single pair system and be able to afford comprehensive healthcare for everyone as a human right. >> tax code. everyone is mad 3300 special interest in the tax code and even the members of congress passed the tax code can't do their own taxes. what would you do about the tax code? >> well, number one, the tax code is extremely unfair in addition to being extremely complicated. we need to make a fair tax code. >> like flat tax? aggressive tax? sales tax? value added tax? where are you? >> yeah. i mean, there is al all that's currently what we have except for the so-called consumption tax. we have have a plethora of taxes. largely regressive so that the burdens fall on middle income and working people and poor people for that matter. >> how would you change that? >> i would make taxes more progressive.
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i would ensure that the wealthy are paying fair share. >> some are paying over 50% when you add all these state taxes. i don't know where all these deductions are that everybody is getting. bernie sanders paid 13% i think it was. did you know that? he paid pretty low. >> i know it was -- maybe it was 13. >> i think it was 20%. >> still, that's low. >> yeah. we need to eliminate the unfair deductions. we need to ensure that the people who are really benefiting from the society are paying into it like, for example, do you know how many lawsuits donald trump has? donald trump has been involved in 3500 lawsuits and apparently not paying taxes. what's wrong with this picture? he is bankrupting our legal system. >> we don't know whether he is paying taxes. he hasn't shown taxes. hillary clinton hasn't shown her speech transcripts. we need more trans (if i have everybody. thank you for joining us.
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welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levey. time to check in with dave smith at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, hillary clinton tells jimmy kimmle she is in perfect health. but that's probably the concussion talking. and donald trump says he will get 95% of the black vote. 1% down, 94% to go. and finally roman noodles are the preferred currency in prison making it the only place joe devito can have a girlfriend. back to you. >> thanks, dave. let's welcome our guests. her website is the libertarian


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