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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 24, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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tremendous numbers of people out of the country. bush, the same thing. lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws. i'm going to do the same thing. >> reporter: trump recently abandoned his proposed ban on all new muslim visitors entering the u.s. for what he now calls extreme vetting. campaign manager cast trump's plans as evolving. >> he obviously has some very strong feelings and policy prescriptions with respect to immigration. he is seeking people on how to execute those ideas. >> reporter: trying to appeal to hispanic and black voters arguing hillary clinton and democrats have made urban communities more dangerous than
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battlefields. >> you can go to war zones in countries we're fighting and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities run by the democrats. >> hoping to refocus on clinton's controversies, trump seized on the announcement that the fbi turned over to the state department another 15,000 clinton e-mails weeks after the fbi and justice department declined to prosecute. trump wants a new independent investigator. >> the amounts involved, the favors done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> reporter: trump cast the current scandal as part of a decades -- old pattern. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay for play operation as the arkansas government was. >> reporter: amid the new allegations that clinton foundation donors got access and perhaps favors at the state
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department, trump tweeted hillary clinton strongly stated there was absolutely no connection between her private work and that of the state department. lie. the gop doesn't always agree with the tactics and strategy of the trump campaign. when it comes to calling for a special prosecutor and going after clinton, they are in lockstep. republican national committee this afternoon put out a statement saying it, too, believes it's time for a special prosecutor and a thorough investigation of what the fbi and justice department took a pass on. bret? >> we heard senator kaine attacking donald trump with this report that he quadrupled the rent once donors started paying for that rent at trump towers as opposed to himself. what's the campaign's response to that? >> reporter: they're pretty brief about it. they say we got bigger. they started during the primaries it was half of a floor in trump tower. once the graen agreement to raise money and start working with the republican national committee for the general election kicked in, it was time
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to grow. now they have three floors and a lot more staff. although, that isn't necessarily represented in some of the filings. but they say they got bigger and so did the rent. >> you hear the response there. carl, thank you. headquarters in depth tonight. look at the new man in charge of the trump campaign. steve bannon is not your traditional political wonk. former film producer who likes shakespeare and rap music and has a history of working against the republican establishment and he's proud of that. now, as the head of the trump campaign he's supposed to be working with republican leaders. correspondent doug mcelway has tonight's in-depth report. >> reporter: whether donald trump becomes president may rest on this man, ceo steve bannon. recent profile in bloomberg business week say his reported motto is taken from a u2 clip of the fearless honey badger who, quote, don't give an expletive.
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>> volatile, angry, driven, aggressive. steve bannon will step on anybody to get to the top. >> reporter: traits that win cutthroat elections. then the appeal to the ultra right. >> pop will you say movement shot through with white supremacism. you can see that. >> reporter: dnc apparently agrees, attack ad of people reading headlines from breitbart news. >> the solution to online harassment is simple. women should log off. >> reporter: foolish for bannon's opponents to underestimate him. holding a harvard mab with honors. >> studies people on the left, not right and deconstructs the liberals who are most effective.
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>> reporter: putting those lessons together on a 20-minute documentary on reagan. contrasting democrats' call for sacrifice. >> set your thermostat to save fuel. >> reporter: against reagan's call for thrift and hard work. >> chance to own your own land, work it with the sweat of your brow. >> reporter: influential radio show made an early target of house majority leader eric cantore and more recently present speaker paul ryan. >> a catholic in good standing, rubbing his social justice catholicism in my nose. >> reporter: may make for a crowded gop tent. rnc did not respond to our request for an interview. quoting african-americans, wo n women, nuancing his immigration plan, not the stuff of the extremist he is often portrayed to be. >> we don't know the influence of kellyanne conway or steve
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bannon but interesting. damage in flood-soaked southern louisiana is not just to people's property but to their roots. the president took a tour of what's left in the flood zone today. a trip many people there said was long overdue. correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president and reports from louisiana. >> we are heartbroken by the loss of life. >> reporter: heartbroken about the suffering so many louisianans have had to endure but critics say not heartbroken enough to cut short his family vacation and get here sooner. it was important the president walked through the flood-ravaged areas near baton rouge this afternoon, firsthand look at the aftermath of a downpour that won't sink the spirit of the people of the bayou. >> i know how resilient the people of louisiana are and i know you will rebuild again. >> reporter: roundly criticized for not personally coming here sooner still felt the sting of
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jabs on twitter today. gop presidential nominee donald trump tweeting, quote, president obama should have gone to louisiana days ago instead of golfing. too little, too late. for the residents and leaders of louisiana, mr. obama's visit spoke volumes. >> these are good people down there. the families i had a chance to meet are safe. but, you know, they've got a lot of work to do and they shouldn't have to do it alone. >> reporter: 13 deaths, more than 60,000 homes damaged. storm cost at $30 million and rising. more than 100,000 louisianans have applied for federal aid. and $127 million has been set aside for emergency funds. neufeld regulations for companies and homeowners that use federal money to build in flood-prone areas, federally funded projects to be at least two feet above the 100-year
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flood plane. while the plan would change decades-long standards, experts believe it wouldn't have changed a thing in louisiana during this storm. >> those folks were not in a special flood hazard area. so for this particular catastrophe, it doesn't really make a difference. >> even after the tv cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you, help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >> a presidential promise made. many wonder with five months remaining in office if he will be able to deliver. bret, the president met with the family of alton sterling today. he was the man involved in that police-involved shooting, killed over in baton rouge. he met with the families of the three police officers, killed in a later ambush, as well as the families of three men who were injured in that attack.
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bret? >> kevin corke, trafing with the president. kevin, thank you. a source tells fox news it's believed russian hackers are behind the intrusion of e-mail accounts belonging to a number of "new york times" reporters. the fbi is investigating how and how far the perpetrators infiltrated those accounts. up next, two years after president obama says the combat mission in afghanistan is over, another american soldier is killed. we'll bring you the latest. first, some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 13 in tampa, apparent case of nontravel related zika in pinellas county, far north of the two transmission zones in miami. they're not saying if the patient was infected in pinellas county or south florida. fox 32 in chicago, bruce riner signs a bill to crack down on gun trafficking.
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being blamed for chicago's rampant gun violence. four homicides so far in chicago this year. >> one of the big stories from fox 5, the state has cleared the way for daily fantasy games just in time for the football season. draft kings, fan du. el have been designated new places after being named a game of skill. we'll be right back.
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confirmed to fox news north korea has just fired a
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ballistic missile from a submarine in the east china sea. the launch comes during the second day of joint south korea military exercises which north korea condemns. american-led u.n. command in south korea is accusing north korea of planting land mines on the bridge that divide the two countries. until last week, there had been none in the area of the truce village of panmunjeom. north korea is not offering an explanation. american soldier is dead and another wounded tonight after a roadside bombing in afghanistan. pentagon producer lucas tomlinson tells us tonight it's another example of u.s. troops who are supposed to be finished with combat operations, remaining in the kill zone. >> next week, we will be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. >> reporter: but nearly two years later, that mission seems far from over after a bomb
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killed a u.s. army soldier today and wounded another. the explosion took place in southern afghanistan's volatile province. six afghan soldiers were injured in the joint patrol, all taken to a u.s. base in neighboring kandahar. this is the second soldier to die in helman province this year. green beret mcclintok was killed in a fight with the taliban. almost 700 troops are in helmand province. this week, 100 more u.s. troops arrived in helmand to help afghan troops. >> they've seen some setbacks and helmand is one of them. >> different description from a few weeks ago. >> generally speaking afghan security forces have
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accomplished their objectives in helmand thus far. >> reporter: in july, president obama authorized 8,400 troops to remain in afghanistan, increase of nearly 3,000 from the president's initial plan. >> taliban remains a threat. >> to protect u.s. embassy in kabul but the threat of isis interfered, forcing the president to act incrementally, ratcheting up u.s. involvement. in 2009 he authorized 30,000 more troops in a surge recommended by his generals. this past january, authorizing air strikes in eastern afghanistan and in june, greater authorities to go after the taliban. southern afghanistan is the spiritual home of the taliban. it's also where the poppy crop is grown to make opium, major
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revenue source for them. local afghan officials say the taliban now control 80% of helmand province. bret? >> lucas, thank you. now to a much more serious aspect of war. the u.s. of children as weapons of it. connor powell tells us tonight it is an age-old practice that's surging right now. >> reporter: this child was sent by isis to kill civilians in kirkuk. he wasn't recruited. his bomb detonated before it could explode. reclaiming large swaths of territory from the terror network. isis has increasingly started to rely on children who can more easily move past security forces to carry out attacks.
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>> they're available. they're maleable. they're spendable. we'll see more, not less of this. >> a child no more than 14 carried out an attack on a kurdish wedding party in turkey over the weekend. turkish authorities are still investigating the claim, it's a growing pattern. isis has long boasted of its army of child soldiers. these picks show their training. only now are they increasingly being sent out on the battle kls field. ongoing syrian civil war, violence spilled over to its neighbors has had a brutal effect on the children of the region. >> more than 3.5 syrian children know nothing but violence.
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>> reporter: 5-year-old syrian boy who survived an air strike by president bashar al assad's forces captured the world's attention. one of the some 9 million kids affected by this war. he survived, but his brother died, one of the estimated 55,000 children killed since 201 2011. >> they say they fight for their own survival. bret? >> reporter: connor powell, thank you. that last story was supposed to be preceded by another story. which is why i said its much more serious element of war. this is the story that was supposed to go there. the army says it has removed a training presentation dealing with the proper handling of classified information that featured an image of the democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton. her photo appeared, alongside bradley manning, edward snowden and others, suggesting these
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people are an inside threat to handling classified information. poorly. the army says a local unit was given latitude to developity own materials and those materials did not reflect the position of the army. also listed there, general david petraeus in that photo. turkey says it will provide every kind of support to operations to rid syria and iraq of islamic state militants. hundreds of state rebels are said to be preparing an offensive by occupiers in a syrian town near the border. kitty logan is following the action tonight. >> reporter: building up to a cross border offensive on the isis-held town, turkish military has moved heavy armor into position. >> translator: from our neighbor countries, we will provide any necessary contribution. we are supporting operations in
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those regions and will give any necessary support starting in harablas. >> reporter: seizing it would cut off a crossing point and decreeity a but haver zone away from the conflict. turkey is taking a more aggressive stance after recent attacks on its soil. suicide bombing at a wedding that killed over 50 people. it wants to take control of jarabulus ahead of kurdish fighters. snatching border towns from isis. it's keen to prevent kurds gaining strength by taking further territory. joe biden will be in turkey tomorrow to discuss the fight against isis, a view the two countries haven't always agreed on. >> backing syrian kurdish forces, taking control most of the area south of the
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turkish/syrian word border much to the discomfort and unhappiness of the turkish government. >> reporter: testing american/turkish relations, currently in exile in the u.s. turkey blames him for instigating a failed coup last month, its plans for visiting justice department officials tomorrow to back its request. with the u.s. also critical of turkey's crackdown following that failed coup, the relationship between the two countries is likely to remain uneasy. turkey says its fight against isis will continue. that will be welcomed news for the u.s. government. bret? >> kitty logan, thank you. terrorism seems cut and dry. what it is and what it isn't. but federal investigators in virginia tonight are trying to determine, they say, whether a double stabbing in an apartment building was, in fact, terrorism. after that attacker was said to yell allah akbar during the
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attack. >> witnesses to that double violent stabbing heard the attacker yell "allah akbar." >> blood everywhere, people in the parking lot. >> reporter: special agent involved in fbi's richmond division says i do want to reassure the community we are working to determine the nature of the incident. the frightening stabbings happened at the entrance to the pines apartments in roanoke before 8:00 pm saturday. a woman and a man were attacked allegedly by 20-year-old f farooki. the 20-year-old wasn't on the
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run for long. he was picked up when he sought treatment for his own with wounds at the same hospital where his seriously wounded victims were getting treatment. he did try to sneak into syria through turkey. but right now he is locked in a virginia jail cell being held without bond on two charges of seattle awaiting hearing september 1st. bret? >> how similar is this attack to others believed to be inspired seemingly by isis? >> reporter: two other attacks isis inspired the last two years. sometimes we hear about the isis ties right away, like in orlando, when we knew within a couple of hours. but sometimes it takes months, when a student stabbed four people and killed himself. the isis kks not officially announced until march. there are many more isis wanna-bes arrested in the u.s. before carrying out major
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attacks. there have been 102 isis related arrests since 2014. right now investigators are working quickly to see if they've got number 103 in custody. bret? >> we'll follow it all here. peter, thank you. >> u.s. deficit, alarming figures. congressional budget office says this year's deficit will be $590 billion. that is $152 billion higher than last year. government spending is climbing nearly 5% while revenues are stuck at less than 1%. cbo says the u.s. public debt will reach nearly 77% of the gross domestic product, gdp, by the end of this year. that's the highest ratio since 1950. stocks were up today. dow gained 18. s&p 500 finished ahead four. the nasdaq jumped 15.5%. libertarian party of ohio has filed an emergency request within the past few hours with the u.s. supreme court to get its presidential ticket on to the november ballot in ohio.
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gary johnson and bill weld are the party's nominees. appeal goes to justice elena kagan, who can decide alone or refer this to a full vote in the court. >> new hillary clinton e-mails, new questions about her links between the state department, her foundation and now her campaign. the panel joins me after the the panel joins me after the br
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to the clintons and that's not going to go away at any time. >> james? >> what greater way to engrashiate myself? first of all with respect to what the fbi investigated and didn't investigate, they reviewed the e-mails but have made very clear their investigation was limited to the handling of the classified information and not even the contents of the e-mails and when he was specifically asked about whether he was investigating the clinton foundation in his congressional testimony, the fbi director demured on that point. >> by the way, we love the word demured on the panel. >> there's a lot more where that came from, bret.
1:44 am
as far as what charles said, there isn't any evidence of any actual pay for play except for the face times and the meetings and the phone calls. but i would point to the book, clinton cash, and our colleague, who raised some evidence in that book of the uranium one deal and other instances he asserts where there really was some kind of financial interest in the decision making go iing on, relating to the department of state and even to national security when you're talking about -- >> your story about this. >> essentially showed a few weeks after she left office, big-time clenten foundation donor to purchase land from that donor and that, itself, was a few days after bill clinton had been touring the land site. >> before you say what's wrong with what james is saying. >> this is why you're wrong.
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i heard it. just released statement from brian fallon with the clinton campaign about the associated press report. this story relies on utterly flawed data. it's cherry picked. limited subset of secretary clinton's schedule to give a distorted portrayal of how often she crossed paths to individuals connected with charitable donations to the clinton foundation. the data does not account for more than half of her tenure as secretary and it omits more than 1700 meetings she took with world leaders let alone countless others she took with other u.s. government officials while serving as secretary of state. it says how faulty this analysis truly is. >> everybody here is wrong. so much error, so little time. that statement is meaningless. who cares if there were 17 other
1:46 am
conversations or even meetings? what matters is were there any that were as a result of giving money to the clintons? the answer is yes be and it's damning. it may not be illegal but it's damning. as for james there's a difference between an allegation in a book and something in the e-mail showing by the hand of either hillary or an associate that there actually was a consideration of a certain action. if you find that, you have found the holy grail. >> where is the line of the quid pro quo? is paying millions to the foundation in order to get a meeting with the secretary before she leaves for israel and you actually get it, to talk about israeli policy, is that the level of quid pro quo? does that get there? >> technically speaking if you were a lawyer, you would say no. all of it is giving of a favor.
1:47 am
meeting, in and of itself, is giving of a favor. however, historically, in our system and everywhere, people give money to campaigns. why do they give it? out of the goodness of their heart? >> not foreign countries. not foreign -- they cannot play in campaigns. >> i understand. what i'm saying -- >> they play in charitable foundations. >> the point of giving money is to get access. we accept that in our campaigns. we accept it everywhere. if access were considered a quid pro quo, jails would be growing with politicians. we accept that fact. we have a higher standard. i'm not sure it's the best standard but it's the one we live with. and that standard is you actually have to do something, pass a law, enact a measure, give a waiver. you have to give a permit.
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up until now, it's been access which by tradition and convention we seem to accept as corrupt perhaps but not illegal. >> when you see those commercial where is she says i turned everything over and then they say 15,000 more e-mails. you see, i didn't have anything classified and the fbi director says yes, there was classified. it is the honest and trustworthiness thing that is affecting her politically. >> it is. and this would be much more problematic for her if she were running against somebody whose honesty and trustworthy numbers weren't as bad as hers. >> final word. >> how many voters are likely to go out and vote, remain persuadable on these two individuals? once you narrowed down that subset is honesty and trustworthiness the top thing of their agenda or is it the right to choose or any of those types of issues? >> on the other side of the break, trump campaign and the
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campaign for the candidate himself is jumping all over this breaking news after this.
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hey, the clinton foundation huge sums of money and throw in some big speaking fees for bill clinton and you got to play. you got to do what you wanted to do. the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> as a human being, i think -- >> --hillary does an enormous amount of good. from a strictly political standpoint, if my sixth grade teacher, bill roberts,
1:53 am
somebody is going to hell over this. >> james carville with thoughts about all the good work the clinton foundation does and obviously the g.o.p. nominee. amy, the special prosecutor. one would think it would be political malpractice if he didn't do that. no one is under the allusion that president obama is going to name a special prosecutor. >> but, the real question now is can donald trump keep on this line of attack for a consistent amount of time before derailing either himself or something that he said that derails the focus on to him? you know, this is like one of those movies where you see the prison yard in the big spotlight goes from place to place. neither one of these candidates wants to be under that spotlight. when the spotlight is on hillary clinton, this is what we are talking about. when the spotlight is on him we are talking about his behavior and the statements he has made. >> do you talk to democrats who are increasingly worried about this email
1:54 am
investigation and how it's going to effect them? >> what they're concerned about overall is that the enthusiasm from their base, that so-called obama coalition, younger voters, minority voters, they are not going to be particularly excited to come out and vote for her. yes, they do not like donald trump and they're not going to vote for him. but are they going to be enthusiastic enough? do they see there is as much at stake to vote and come out for her? that is a concern. >> is there a way to go about it this call for special prosecutor and hammering it from every aspect? >> there is a certain logic to what donald trump is attempting to do. and hillary clinton has had a bad week with all of this. but i sort of get to reference the rolling stones getted idea of the image of somebody taking a black door and painting it black. hillary clinton has been well defined in this country for a very long time. i have said since the primaries that the great danger to donald trump's candidacy, aside from his lack of discipline on
1:55 am
message and so forth, it would be a dissent into conventionality. donald trump's is a singular figure, is he going around to battleground corridors and giving fairly conventional speeches. i don't think it do much for him. he would be better to capitalize on the singularity of his persona and actual person and make use of certain things that only he can bring to bear. for example, he is very, very rich. so, one argument he can make to the american people is i'm not going to be eyeing the silverware and furniture if i get into the white house. you don't have to worry about me with that. that's not the case is he making here. >> the one tune democrats are singing is you can't always get what you want but you get what you need. with her she has -- they have the weakest candidate on their side in maybe 30, 40 years. and her luck is to draw the weakest of the republican candidates. but, the image of her is somebody who is above the law, who skirts the law. who doesn't observe the
1:56 am
rules everyone else does is already indelible. i think it's already -- it's already in there but none the less, this keeps it alive in a way that she cannot escape. >> by the way, we didn't each plan that rolling stones thing. that's pretty good. >> i was provoked. >> a gets a hair cut
1:57 am
typely tonight, governor mike pence stopped by jones
1:58 am
barbershop in pennsylvania. normally closed on tuesday but made exception to open up the shop for a special visitor with a big entourage. chatted for 20 minutes about family and business and about the town before the long-time barber finally decided to broker the specific question. who exactly was his special guest? >> your name? >> mike pence. >> mike pence? the governor for state of indiana. running for vice president of the united states. >> cool. >> sometimes it's humbling being v.p. nominee. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced >> it is wednesday, august 24th. this is a fox news lart. breaking overnight a deathly earthquake decimating a down in the dead of the night in italy. after shocks rattle the region.
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>> the quest that everyo -- question everyone is asking, is donald trump softening his stance on immigration? >> there certainly could be a softening. we are not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. >> the one-on-one interview with the gop nominee you are only going to see right here on fox news. combating crime with cash? the city under fire paying people under the law. "ff fox & friends first starts right now. ♪
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>> still pretty dark out there this morning. we are up and ready to go this morning. i am abby huntsman. >> no sunshine yet but it will rise. i am heather childers. >> search for survivors trapped under rubble as a powerful earthquake hits italy overnight. >> the 6.2 magnitude earthquake leaves at least 21 dead. they are desperately digging pulling survivors like this man from underneath bricks. a woman and her doingg alive af a rescue. they are calling it an apocalyptic scene tears rundown their faces looking in horror at what is left of their home. the terrifying


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