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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> still pretty dark out there this morning. we are up and ready to go this morning. i am abby huntsman. >> no sunshine yet but it will rise. i am heather childers. >> search for survivors trapped under rubble as a powerful earthquake hits italy overnight. >> the 6.2 magnitude earthquake leaves at least 21 dead. they are desperately digging pulling survivors like this man from underneath bricks. a woman and her doingg alive af a rescue. they are calling it an apocalyptic scene tears rundown their faces looking in horror at what is left of their home. the terrifying shock felt 100
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miles away in rome. >> meantime vice president joe biden landing in turkey hours ago while the war torn country launches a major attack on isis forces hours away. it is in response to the terror attack that killed 54 people at a wedding. biden hoping to mend relations with turkey. the attack is not far from the capit capital where president biden is visiting. is donald trump softening his stance on immigration. he set the record state at a town hall in texas. the policies are still working out but insists the legals will follow the laws of the country. >> is there any part of the law that might be able to change that accommodate those people that contribute to society, have been law abiding and have
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children here? i know you had a meeting last week? >> i had a meeting with great people, great hispanic leaders. there can be a softening. we don't want to hurt people. we have some great, great people in this country. we are going to follow the laws of this country. what people don't realize, we have very, very strong laws. nobody will follow them. we want to follow the laws. we have very strong laws. we have very strong laws in this country. bush and even obama sends people back. we want to be more gracive than that. if you try to make new laws in this country it is a process that is brutal. if we follow the laws we can do what we need to do. >> trump welcoming mothers of
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children that were killed by undocumented children on stage to share their story. will trump's new tone own immigration help or hurt them? >> just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, a bombshell new report finds a parade of clinton foundation donors met with hillary clinton at the state department. kristin fisher is live for us in washington with the new developments. what is the latest? oo this report was conducted by the associated press. it found people that work in the u.s. government more than half of the people hillary clinton met with while secretary of state about to give money the clinton foundation. if yif you break down numbers 8 people having phone calls or face to face meetings with a sitting secretary of state. those 85 people are responsible
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for contributing over $150 million to the clinton foundation. those people included an economist who asked for clinton's help and the bangladesh government and also includes a wall street executive who sought clinton's help with a visa problem. rineince priebus says this is t biggest piece of evidence access to the most sensitive policymakers in u.s. diplomacy was for sail to the highest bidder. a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate any pay to play. this report is not through clinton's campaign said. it is cherry picked a limited subset of hillary clinton's schedule to see how often she crossed paths with people who
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give charitable donations. this is a reliable report and it ensures this issue is not going to go anywhere before election day. >> not as more of the e-mails continue to come out. >> thank you. >> president observe talked to residents in devastated neighborhoods days before donald trump was there. the president taking a shot at trump saying the visit had nothing to do with optics. >> it this is not one option. this is not a photo op issue. how do you make sure a month from now, three p months from now, six months from now people are getting the help they need. >> donald trump reacted on twitter with quote president obama should have gone to louisiana days ago instead of golfing. too little, too late. historic flooding killed 13 people and damaged more than
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60,000 homes. >> to the zika virus. the outbreak taking a dangerous turn in florida. five new cases confirmed four in miami one in tampa. that brings the state's total number to 42. the fear now broiling along the cull gulf coast. standing water from luis kwhau flooding could help spread the virus all of the way to texas. back to school supplies could soon include medical marijuana. the new york health department wants state schools to be able to administer pot. it would eliminate barriers for sick kids who depend on it. medical marijuana doesn't belong in schools some say. a california judge ruling a coffee giant can put as much ice as it wants in its drinks this after a woman sued saying the ice to liquid ratio robs thirsty customers of the drink they paid for. the judge didn't buy it saying
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even kids know how to ask for no ice. >> you actually get less in your drink. >> especially sicky weather it is so hot you want the extra ice. >> severe storms moving across the country. >> maria molina is tracking the latest weather for us. folks in louisiana doesn't need my more. >> they are expecting drier weather. we have storm systems that brought severe weather. yesterday there was a reported tornado out there. we are looking at another round of possible severe storms. taking a look at the radar you can see it is relatively busy still this morning like in wisconsin and eastern iowa you have storms moving through bringing in heavy rainfall across parts of western texas and southeastern mexico. the radar looks very quiet this morning of course that is welcome news. out across portions of the midwest we are anticipating the heavy rains to continue.
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we are expecting several inches of rainfall something to look out for. we have a risk of another round of rainfall through the texas panhandle and through michigan. across the topropics we have ha some in the atlantic ocean. we are watching the area that will be impacting parts of the caribbean. talking about a 50 to 70 percent chance of this dhivenlg oping over the next couple days. will there be a tropical depression or storm? they don't seem to think so now. people across florida are going to need to watch the storm carefully coming up over the next several days. could be the high temperatures across the plains with temperatures in the 90's. warmer days in the northeast>> summer is not over yet.
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that is a reminder. the time 8 minutes after the top of the hour. unbelievable moment caught on camera. the quick thinking police officer who saved a veteran's life seconds before his car went up in flames. >> bow bergdahl has a new claim, john mccain ruined his case. >> senator mccain's threat to hold a hear that long raises fundamental issues. >> why our next guest says mccain's comments could change. >> swimming with the dolphins. why you may have to forget about it and you won't be able to do it again, abby? >>
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and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. >> the gitmo detainee making a public plea for release. he had knowledge of the attack and direct connections to al qaeda's top leaders. now his lawyers say he doesn't want to hurt americans. almost 120 former gitmo detainees have returned to terror. combining crime with cash. a suburb of san francisco is under fire for a controversial new strategy to give convicts cash as an incentive to stop committing crime. here's how it works. they can get $1,000 a month to mentor troubled youth. they have to stay out of trouble for six months. the catch? the kids also have to stay out of trouble for six months before the payments would start. >> happening today, general
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robert abrabbs going before a judge to testify about destroying letters said to him about the bow bue bergdahl's ca. >> based on senator mctan's threats to hold a hearing in the eve event he is punished. >> a recognized expert on military justice is here to weigh in. thank you for waking up early with us. >> there's a lot of moving pieces going on with this case. what can we expect to happen today? >> general abrams is expected to testify probably by phone. it will be interesting to see how he responds to questions particularly by the defense on
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his decision to ignore the preliminary hearing officer's recommendation and sending sergeant bergdahl to a court-martial. >> how could these letters benefit the defense. they obviously want them to be read. >> yeah, there is actually two separate issues here. we have senator mctan's comments and possibly their effect on the general and then we have the issue during the case the general received what has been reported as 100 or maybe more letters from general members of the public. these are the kind of things that should be provided to both sides, both the defense and the prosecution to be able to examine. the general burned those letters. he destroyed them. that is really a big -- potentially a big problem. >> why? why did he destroy them? >> why did he destroy them? that's a great question. particularly during the case it
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is kind of inexcusable to burn anything that could potentially be evidence. that appears to be what happened. >> berg call's side trying to say even mccain could be involved in this. they would have a hearing if it comes out he has no punishment we will have a hearing in the senate armed services committee. they are trying to paint this as it is already showing it goes not a fair case. >> exactly. the thing to remember is it not only has to be fair but ito app. he plays a significant role in confirmations of senior officers. he already telegraphed we are going to have hearings if i don't get the result that i want. any general officer involved in that is going to be stepping a little too lightly instead of
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doing what is morally correct and courageous. >> do you think it could be thrown out or what could happen? >> realistically i don't see it being thrown out. that's a drastic remedy and it is very rare. what is possible a military judge could say all right based on these comments and based on the possible effect on general abrams government you can go forward and if you get your conviction, fine, but i am not going to ahs riuthorize any punishment because of the spector. >> sounds like you need to get out of that building. >> i am doing that now. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> the time is 17 minutes after the hour. the tsa going too far? >> i don't think the tsa should be in the business of making kids feel bad about their disability. >> instead i am trying to stop crying. >> the 9-year-old aspiring pilot
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." a combat veteran saved from her burning car by a heroic effort. you can see them breaking in before a construction worker and another driver helped pull the veteran to safety. the man lost control on a highway crashing into a guardrail. he is expected to be just fine
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thankfully. >> terrorized by the tsa. that is what one little boy's mom is claiming after being declined over an hour over her son's pace america. his condition has never stopped him from flying. this time in phoenix he needed a special exemption form the family didn't have. her son was in tears surrounded by 18 officers. they were telling them some childr terrorists use children with pacemakers. >> i don't think the tsa should be in business of making kids feel bad about their disability. >> instead of trying to stop crying. >> they were eventually cleared through an alternative screening process. the tsa says it is reviewing that process. epi pens aren't the only thing sky rocketing so are the executive's salaries. >> she got a 671 raise.
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sament they raised prices from $57 to 318. the life saving shot gives emergency help nef rin to stop potentially fatal attacks. a favorite tourist atra-- attraction should soon be banned. the dolphins are apparently over worked and too stressed out. it would make them stay 50 yards from the animals. critics say it could jeopardize one of the favorite activities. >> now to a fox business alert for you. mcdonalds recalling millions of toys from the happy meals. >> cheryl cass soeb knone is he what you need to know. >> you probably thought to yourself, mcdonald sells junk food they are putting a fitness
2:24 am
ban in their happy meals. this they are going to have to recall every single step it band. they have 70 reports of children putting the step it bands on their rist awrist and getting s irritation or burns on the arms. it is a recall for every band and also being recalled in canada. if your child has one of those, throw it away. >> the happy meal not so happy right now. something that will make people happy possibly, if you have ever lost your luggage, it is a pain. i have done that before. there's a new way delta is going to do something so you don't lose your luggage again. >> they are investing about $50 million into a new bag check system. they are using radio frequency identification id's. it is great. this technology has been around forever. it is a paper tag that will be on your bag. it is not even the bar code
2:25 am
stanning any more. you can track from your phone where your bag is. you can keep track of your bag as well as the airline keeping track of your bag. itch to give this to the airlines this time around. lost bags are becoming a thing of the past. only 2.8 bags lost in june out of 1,000. that's a biggetter number than had in 2015. >> forbes gave the list of highest paid actresses. >> we all know her from "the hunger games." >> i follvolunteer. i volunteer as a tribute. >> she is now for the second year in a row the highest paid actress in hollywood. she brought in, thanks to mocking jay part 2, she brought in $46 million over one year. there's jennifer lawrence. other top paid actresses,
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melissa mccarthy 32 million because of ghost guster. scarlet johansson 25 million and jennifer aniston 21 million. >> did she do a movie? >> because of her endorsement deals. >> she has av veno- and smart water. >> everyone's favor receiite fa flavor is back. >> the pumpkin spice latte the first one to bring it back every where is dunkin' donuts. dunkin' donuts already serving it. people on twitter so excited. this is one of my favorites. quote i consider myself to have hit rock bottom because i held up the coffee line begging for a pumpkin spice latte. they are calling it the rose say at the ball. thank you so much, cheryl.
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>> coming up we will have stories on google and the campaign. people are criticizing google. >> wouldn't be the first time. >> the time now 26 minutes after the top of the hour. in a bombshell new report republicans demanding answers as it comes it light hillary clinton met one-on-one with donors during her time as secretary of state. >> she is not the head of fish and wildlife. she's the head of the -- the secretary of state. >> this is one of the biggest breeches of classified information that we have had at the state department. >> where has hillary been? hamming it up in hollywood with dustin timberlake of course. >>
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i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new >> good morning. it is wednesday august 24th. the question everyone is asking is donald trump softening his
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stance on immigration? >> there certainly could be a softening, because we are not looking to hurt people. we have great people in this country. we have great, great people in this country. >> the one-on-one people you will only see right here on fox news. >> how not to handle classified information. >> a special escort on the first day of school. the incredible stand in for a little boy who lost his father. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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>> it is 35:30 on the east coast. the sun has not come up yet. >> welcome to "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. 32 minutes after the hour. a frantic search for survivors trapped under rubble after a powerful earthquake rocked central italy in the middle of the night. >> the devastating 6.2 magnitude quake responsible for 23 deaths including two small children. horrifying pictures show rescue crews desperately digging pulling survivors like this man from beneath bricks. a woman and her dog also rescued and alive as the search continues for others. witnesses describing it as an
2:33 am
apocalyptic scene. >> the new york times the latest on a cyber attack. other u.s. media organizations also attacked. the fbi now saying it is likely the same hackers behind the dnc cyber attack that brought down debbie wasserman hults are responsible for this. >> the clinton campaign claimed the hack shows they are trying to get donald trump elected. >> a bombshell. they met with a parade of new donors. now they want a special prosecutor. pay to play. we have the knew details on this. >> the economist who endice tied the economist and a wall street
2:34 am
executive that needs help with his visa. this is according to a review of state department calendars released to the associated press. it found that aside from people who work for the government were also responsible for $150 million to the clinton foundation. reince priebus says this is among the strongest and most unmiss tabstakeable pieces of evidence we have long suspected. he agrees a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate. is flat out is saying it cherry picked a limited
2:35 am
subset of secretary clinton's schedule to digive a distorted portrayal of those that give charity to the clinton foundation. even if they did carry it 85 people is still a big number all by itself. teen now and november it will only begin to fuel the perception that giving money was fuel for the clinton foundation. >> we haven't talked about the speeches bill clinton gave as a result. >> the clinton foundation standard is giving new fuel to donald trump's campaign. he heads to the swing state of florida. clinton is partying with celebrities. we have the latest from the campaign. good morning, jackie. >> several national polls show hillary clinton leading donald trump by double digits. he has the opportunity to try to
2:36 am
turn it around. trump said it turned into a pay to play operation. >> it is disgusting. it shouldn't be allowed what's going on with hillary clinton. there is no justice in this country. >> for her tovl the privilege or right to run for president with what she is done with deleting 33,000 e-mails, you can imagine what was on his e-mails. >> her last rally was a week ago. she is across california for several high profile fund raisers. justin timberlake and jessica beil had the democratic nominee at their home. she posted it on twitter with the caption, look who did come over for lunch?
2:37 am
wow, i am with her. apple ceo tim cook is hosting a fundraiser at his home. trump's running mate governor mike pence says hillary is dodging her latest can scandal. >> through all of this, hillary clinton is missing in action. hillary is in hiding. huz only special interest will be you, the american people. >> abby, heather. >> jackie ibanez live for us. >> busy on the campaign trail. >> it is donald trump softening his stance setting the record state at the town hall last night. polling the crowd asking him his opinion on mass deportation.
2:38 am
>> there could be a softening. we are not looking to hurt people. we have great people in this country. we have great, great people in this country. we are going to follow the laws of this country. you know, what people don't realize, we have very, very strong laws. people say i love you. to take a person who has been here for 15 or 20-years and to throw a family out. it is a very, very hard thing. so this is like there are thousands of people in this room. who wants those people thrown out? >> i do. who wants them -- who wants them? >> always unpredictable. trump promising to come out with an immigration plan very soon.
2:39 am
the his new tone on immigration will it hurt or help him? >> it will help him as long as he doesn't do another about face on it. >> he cannot go back on a promise. a promise is a promise. >> demilo says his new tone isn't flip flopping. it just confirms he will be a great president that knows how to achieve goals despite the difficulties. >> he may appear to be indecisive or on a promise. >> reneging on a promise. it will depend how he explains this. >> a lot of good responses. >> about 20 minutes after the top of the hour. burying the clinton body count. how google is accused of altering responses to help hillary clinton. >> from boxing on the big screen to a flood fest in the court why
2:40 am
actor mark wahlberg is being sued. >> show stopper. what made country music star miranda lambert burst into tears mid show. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife...
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>> is the internet number one search engine trying to sway the election? >> we are here with what google is now being accused of. >> good morning, ladies, google is being accused of hiding negative stories about hillary and the campaign by changing the algorithm to clinton's body count story.
2:44 am
you get a car repair story instead of give ago list of people tied to the clintons died. the latest story is rich who was killed. they hinted that rich was his source but made no further comments about the case. that murder remains unsolved. >> cheryl casone live for us. >> should the top search engine be able to be biased. weigh in on the show with the hashtag keep talking. >> hillary clinton pegged as an insider threat. an army training from missouri
2:45 am
about not to handle classified information. that included hillary clinton. she is seen next to killers who shot and killed 34 people on two separate military bases. also pictured chellie manning and edward snowden. >> major steve lewis had this bible sitting on his desk for years until the military religious freedom foundation filed a complaint calling it unconstitutional. a big update says major lewis is well within his rights and will be allowed to keep his bible on his desk. >> miranda lambert brought to tears. she was in the middle of sipping "the how is that kill saved me." >> something in the crowd caught
2:46 am
her eyes. here's what happened. a soldier held up a sign saying three combat tours your voice was the last thing i heard every night. thank you. the soldier crying in his front row seat. lampert asked the fans to continue singing because she was so overwhelmed. >> that brings a tear to my eye as well. >> let's check in with ainsley earhardt to see what is coming up on "fox & friends first." i understand you have a one-on one with donald trump. >> having a lot of fun doing it. going on the campaign trail with some of these candidates. donald trump yesterday was in austin, texas. got on a plane after the show and i went to go interview him. he talked about calling for the special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. >> you are calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the connection between the clinton foundation and the state
2:47 am
department. why is that important? >> take a look at what is happening. this is out of control what is going on in our country from the stance of law and order. you look at all of these acts she is 100 percent guilty. you know she is guilty. she lied all over the place. almost like she can do whatever she wants to do. i think it is so unfair. it is so bad for our country, ainsley. >> people were saying he had the best week ever. we asked him about that. we talked about his softer immigration plan. we will lay it out for you in about 12 minutes. >> flip flopping or not. >> thanks. >> we will be right back.
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it's the top of the hour. bias alert. one college professor says donald trump is so bad she's not even going to try to treat he and hillary clinton the same. gettysburg college professor kathleen nettle writing my approach for the fall semester will be boldly open. she says everyone will be able to voice their personal opinions on the candidates. heather. get ready to pay even more for your child's college tuition. a major ruling now considers graduate students employees at private colleges and universities. under federal law schools gave grad students stipend, other benefits. now they will be salaried employees and can vote to unionize. some schools are worried about a major financial burden. the costs are likely to be passed down to incoming
2:52 am
students. speaking of students, are you and your family bracing for back to school? there's an app for that. >> bret larsson for fox news headline 24/7 on sirius xm 115 is here for help for students and parents. >> there's an app for everything. >> there literally is an app for everything. one to keep parents calm if they have to send their kids away. from keeping an eye on where they are to keeping an eye on their weight, sending kids out of sight does not mean they will be out of mind. first up, life 360. everyone in your family can download this app. it lets you communicate with each other but also it can geo locate your kids. you can keep an eye on your kids if they're driving around, make sure they're not speeding, even know they got home safe after a night out. next up, cozy. it is a calendar to do list and receipt collector that you can share with your family. you can share when you've got an appointment, make sure you don't
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forget soccer practice, even ensure someone doesn't forget o pick up the milk at the stor that was the thing i got my wife to do, can you pick up the milk? >> absolutely. >> clear is a grid of time. it syncs across multiple devices including the apple watch. this might add to the freshman 15 with cooked. real time deals on delicious foods near you from alabama to wisconsin. find something you like and you're a few taps away and a few steps away from enjoying it. >> pizza and ramen noodles. >> exactly. >> how did we used to survive without the apps? >> i think we had a phone book or something. >> i know. >> all right. you can hear bret larsson on fox news headlines 24/7 sirius xm. thank you, bret. the time now is about 8
2:54 am
minutes until the top of the hour and a key day in court for the case of army desserter bo bergdahl. could his charges be tossed out? evidence today that could change the case. maybe he should have bought the flowers. what happened with a man who went way too far trying to impress a woman? a 9-year-old great pyrenees dog won his third term as governor. it was not that impressive since he was only running against jeb. lexus performance in street-legal form.
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2:59 am
national waffle today. several places, waffle house, denneys is offering free waffles. >> let's get some waffles. time now forth good, the bad, the ugly. the good. a little boy who lost his father who was a police officer is greeted with an army of replacements on the first day of school. he stops and hugs each officer for happily walking into his texas classroom. i love that. >> next, the bad, marky mark. mark wallburg's restaurant chain says he didn't pay them and made them share tips. >> the ugly, love will make you do crazy things but a man in pittsburgh who tried to jump from one rooftop to another to impress a girl but ended up wedged between two walls. rescue crews forced to bust through a wall with a jack
3:00 am
hammer and get the guy out. he was eventually wheeled out and into an ambulance giving two thumbs up. >> wonder if the girl is giving two thumbs up. >> hope he won her over. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye. good morning to you and your family, it is wednesday, august 24th. we start with a fox news alert. italy totally rocked overnight by a massive earthquake at least 37 people ever dead. many more are buried under rubble. the desperate search for the survivors in the rubble, we are live on the ground. meanwhile, back here at home, donald trump takes the stage in a town hall in texas and hammers hillary clinton over a new bombshell that finds most of her state department meetings, phone calls with clinton foundation


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