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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 24, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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before labor day, hello. let's go one holiday at a time. >> once you go in walmart, they have a holiday decorations up. >> they sure do. >> that's it for today. thank you very much for joining us. we'll be to the after the show-show in two minutes. martha: there is a frantic search for survivors after a horrifying earth quick rocks italy, killing dozens of people as they slept in their beds. i'm martha maccallum live in america's newsroom. air * i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. this quake struck in the night. the mayor says the town has simply vanished. rescue cues are looking for any
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sign of life. martha: it was a 6.2 quake. about 38 people are said to be confirmed dead and we expect those numbers are expected to rise. they are digging through the rubble to find any survivors. 60 tremors have been reported. what's the latest from there, amy? reporter: one of the main italian news agencies is reporting the death toll is at 63. that's coming from the news agency. this happened nearly 12 hours ago. so the chances of finding survivors in the rubble is fast diminishing. two bodies were recently pulled
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out dead and there was a third person known to be in the house. searchers are looking for him but there isn't much hope he will be pulled out alive. this is coming together in an organized way given the hurdles to getting through the streets that are completely littered with dangerous rubble and twisted metal. i'm in amatrice which is one of the towns hardest hit. but two other towns were affected. they are smack dab in the middle of italy. they are old townees with 12th century monuments and buildings, and many of them are not up to standards.
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many have been pulled out dead. the hospital had to be evacuated last night because it began tumbling. -- crumbling. the. again those words from the mayor that this town has been absolutely destroyed are absolutely true. it's an apocalyptic scene. it's heartbreaking. martha: on the left-hand side of the screen, these are live i am oojs coming through. and it's about 12 hours after this earthquake hit, and you can see the devastating crumbling of these buildings. amy, do they feel like they have the resources and enough
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responders on that scene? or are there people from ought r areas coming in to help. >> i have not seen foreign nng workers here yet. i was just across horizontally and it took me six hours to get here. so imagine coming from more distance of this country or abroad. it seems they are doing a pretty efficient job the resources they have. it's a matter of getting through all these piles of rubble. dogs are in place helping that effort and certainly there is a lot of activity. we are running out of time, 12 hours, and it's very hot out here. martha: an urgent situation as it unfolds on the ground in
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amatrice this morning. eric: a new investigation by the associated press revealing over half of ther half of the private meetings hillary clinton scheduled while she was secretary of state were with major clinton foundation donors. half of them had given money personally or through an organization. they donated $156 million combined. 20 out of those 40 gave at least $1 million. jennifer griffin is following the clinton campaign as she
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fundraises in california. how is the clinton campaign responding to these new revelations this morning. >> her campaign manager robbie luke was on the morning shows. he's saying the a.p. cherry picked its data and as a result this story is extremely misleading. they say the 1,700 meetings she had with foreign leaders including a nobel prize winning journalist who provided microloans to women and who was being threatened by the bangladesh government at the time she met with him. brian fallon says this story relies on cherry picked data to give a distorted portrayal.
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as you mentioned, we are out here in california where clinton held four fundraisers yesterday. she'll be here in san francisco at the home of apple's tim cook along with other silicon valley entrepreneurs. she raised $6 million yesterday at the four fundraisers in los angeles. martha: her opponent donald trump was quick to seize on this news, saying it's more proof, he believes, there was a pay to play environment with hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. >> so many people are doing so far left are suffering tremendous repercussions. for doing a tiny fraction of what hillary clinton did. if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold, it is
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a disgrace. this is a threat to the foundation of democracy. a threat. this is what happens in third world countries. martha: let's bringing fox news "digital politics" editor chris stirewalt. >> the thing with hillary clinton is they never seem to learn. she and her husband never ever seem to learn, whether it's real estate dealings in arkansas. allegations of selling pardons when he left the white house. they never seem to learn that hanging out near the criminal edge of criminal or illegal activity is not the place you want to be. there is no evidence hillary clinton has done anything illegal. but that shouldn't be the threshold that you are putting
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up against if you are a major party nominee for president if you have to say, we have not been charged with any crimes for anything we did. that's not the threshold you want to be playing with as a presidential candidate. martha: you have the colin powell story, the a.p. story, the f.b.i. uncovering 15,000 more emails they said didn't exist that they say they have found. >> a lot of it is already priced in to hillary clinton's poll numbers. many people say they don't trust hillary clinton but they are voting for her anyway. hillary clinton will probably and this election cycle the way she began it under threat of
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criminal charges. that's not where you want to be. republicans will be hoping as they get into october, there have been reports unconfirmed into a federal investigation into the pay olea investigations of hillary clinton. she started with a federal investigation into her use of a secret email server and she is likely to conclude it now under some threat there could be a criminal investigation into her investigation. martha: if it's the same power structure in washington, that's not going to go anywhere. why should she fear any of that? >> i'm not prepared to say the f.b.i. or department of justice is corrupt or not able to prosecute. james comey gave her a good taste of the stlash when he talked about what she had done with her server.
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but i will say this. the best thing she has going for her. while she is doing it. donald trump is doing open heart surgery on his immigration plan and taking the focus away from that. martha: once it goes up the chain of command, something seems to happen. so we'll see. good to see you, sir. eric: turns out there are more questions about the f.b.i.'s investigation into mrs. clinton's private email server it's house republicans who want answered. we'll have more on those questions about the f.b.i. and the investigation. martha: we'll take you back to italy. er president quake devastation unfolding. a large earthquake rocked a city centuries old outside of rome. there are recovery efforts under way.
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as we speak they are going through the rubble with dogs and trying to find people alive in that town. eric: on the offensive against the radical islamic terrorists. what turkey is trying to do finally to take back its border with syria. martha: is donald trump softening his stance about immigration. what he's now saying about his plans to deport people living in this country illegally. >> i'm calling it extreme vetting. that is what taking the oath of citizenship is all about. managing my diabetes has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours,
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. martha: house republicans are demanding for investigation into hillary clinton's emails. jason chaffetz wants to know who else had access to her emails. information that redacted from his own eyes. she is not the head of fish and wildlife. she is the secretary of state. she is dealing with classified information on an hourly basis. her emails were chock-full of classified information.
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the i am t. professionals that were allowed to access that computer. we don't know who those people are. who are these people that had access to this information? martha: ron dasantis sits on the oversight committee. i think there is a certain amount of hasn't this been investigated and isn't this over. tell us where you are committee stands on his issue and if so what action you plan to take and why. >> director comey said he didn't think the case could be prosecuted because there was quote no intent to harm the united states. we disagree because it only required gross negligence. during the course of his testimony he across manied there were multiple individual who did
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not have a security clearance who were given access to her server or emails. and her attorneys were going through the emails. somebody is being prosecuted for mishandling classified information, the attorneys must get security clearance before they are given access to classified information. it doesn't look like the rules were followed in this case. we want to get a handle on how many people had access to top secret information. martha: i keep going back to the f.b.i. questioning of hillary clinton. what's your understanding of why she was not under oath. james comey himself when she was talking about how this was an inquiry. he came forward and said this is an investigation we are doing here. we don't do anything but investigation.
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so when the f.b.i. sat down with hillary clinton, why would thought not be under oath. do you know the answer to that question? >> they would say any statement to a law enforcement official that's knowingly false is a crime. you don't have to be put under oath. that's what the f.b.i. would say. but you are right in the sense, the way it was conducted is curious because they did it. there was not a good record of it. a couple days later comey said they weren't going to bring a case. a lot of it was precooked. the justice tempt told comey unless you can prove that information went to hostile actors we are not going to go forward with it. martha: she testified in front of the f.b.i. in a closed door
6:20 am
interview that wasn't taped. the other place she testified was congress. do you believe she was truthful when you spoke to you all? >> absolutely not. she said her attorneys reviewed every email. comey said it was false. she said there were no classified markings. comey said that was false. she said no work-related emails were turned over, and comey said that was false. the other area where she effectively testified is when she signed a sworn affidavit in august of 2015 testify under penalty of earning are you that she turned over all her work-related emails to the state department. it doesn't appear that affidavit is truthful either. martha: we'll see what happens in your committee next. if she is elected president you have to ask what kind of
6:21 am
standard would be put in place for classified material at that stable of the game if she was back in the white house. thank you very much, congressman. good to talk to you. we'll follow your work with great interest. eric: as radical islamic terrorism strikes again, isis calls for individual attacks across the globe. a woman was stabbed to death and two others injured. witnesses say the attacker was shouting allahu akbar. plus we'll have this. martha: firefighter thrown from a boat during a treacherous rescue attempt. we'll show you this when we come back.
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martha: vice president joe biden arrived in turkey this morning. he's there to meet with leaders as a show of support following the violent coup events that happened last month. turkey is ramping up in it fight against isis. they are trying to secure their border between turkey and syria. turkey blames isis for the brutal bombing at a wedding that killed 35 people. isis has not yet claimed responsibility for that attack. >> there certainly could be a softening. we are not looking to hurt people. we have some great, great people in this country. but we are going to follow the
6:26 am
laws of this country. what people don't realize. we have very, very strong laws. eric: that was donald trump opening the doors to the possibility there could be wiggle room in his steadfast campaign promise to deport illegal aliens in our country. could we hear a shift in the coming weeks? john: what's the latest from the campaign officially on any new immigration pea posals. reporter: people are lining up outside the fairground where donald trump will be speaking. not likely he will mention anything about his plan for immigration this afternoon. he did have something on the books loosely for colorado that he canceled. he's still giving hints about a possible softening or dialing back about what to do about
6:27 am
millions of people who entered this country illegally. he's saying there are bad people in this country who need to go immediately. but just maybe some of the others may be able to stay. here is what he told hannity at a town hall meeting. >> we have some great people in this country. but we have some really bad gang members and horrible people. those people are going out day one. they are going out day one. we have great people want to go come into our country. and now, you take people away from that line. reporter: shortly after donald trump said that at a hannity town hall, he appeared on stable with mothers of children who were killed by illegal immigrants. so while he may be thinking of
6:28 am
softening his stance on people in this country illegally if they are well behaved and haven't committed a crime. he's not softening his stance on illegal immigration in general. eric: mr. trump is continuing his outreach to minority voters? >> this is something the clinton campaign is increasingly becoming concerned about. if you go to their website, they are reaching out to the african-american community. but trump is undaunted by all of this. he's making the case that decades of democratic administrations have failed to address the problems of the inner city. this is what he said at his rally last night in austin. >> i say this to the african-american community. give donald trump a chance.
6:29 am
we will turn it around. we'll make your streets safe so when you walk down the street you don't get shot, which is what's happening now. success has to be created for everyone, and it has to be available to everyone. >> that is a point donald trump will continue to hammer home here in tampa and at a rally in jackson, mississippi. he will go after clinton for her ties to the state department. basically reinforcing the notion somebody was paying to play. >> a lot more on this throughout the rest of the newscast. those doors open in half an hour. >> working on this story, more towns destroyed after a strong earthquake rocks central italy. these are live make tours from the scene where they are digging
6:30 am
out of the rubble. search and rescue crews working to extricate people from the damage and crumbled houses. that's in the central part of italy about 100 miles from rome. eric: that's so frightening and heartbreaking. as john roberts reported, donald trump not letting up on his attack on hillary clinton and her foundation for a pay for play scheme when she was secretary of state. was there one? and what will it mean for the ongoing campaign. >> america can never elect a candidate who like hoik did government favors for those giving her family and her foundation massive amounts of cash. ♪
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martha: there are rescue crews working hard to dig people out of the rubble that slammed central italy in a large earthquake. there are reports now that there are as many as 50 dead. that number rising from 38. 6.2 is the magnitude of this efforte quake that hit -- of this earthquake that hit amatrice. the shock waves were felt as far away as 100 miles distance in rome. one witness says this thing looks apocalyptic from the grounds. like dante's inferno.
6:35 am
there are family photos on the bedside table and the entire house is gone. you can imagine the shock these people felt. 3:30 in the morning. everyone was asleep in this small town in italy when their life was turned upside down. we'll talk to a witness who lived through this, and that is straight ahead on america's newsroom. tough day. >> it's disgusting, it shouldn't be aloud. there is no justice in this country. zero. perhaps for her to have the privilege or right to run for president with what she has done, with deleting 33,000 emails? you can imagine what was on those emails. it is so sad. and the whole world is looking
6:36 am
and the whole world is laughing at the united states. eric: that was donald trump on the new revelations of the pay for play operation at clinton's state department when she was secretary of state. donald trump doubling down on a special prosecutor to investigate mrs. clinton. the fallout continues. front table of today's new york post says donations, state for state. was it? brad, let me start with you. robbie luke the clinton campaign manager called the charges outrageous. he claimed there is no conflict involved. brad, do you buy this defense? >> baloney.
6:37 am
bill and hillary clinton are the bonnie and clyde of political corruption. they do do it at the point of a gun. they do it with a wink and a nod and through email and donation. the white house was concerned about a conflict of interest when she bake secretary of state. so they entered into an agreement. hillary breaches that agreement by setting up a private server. and the clinton foundation's key initiative is global a global initiative. who is head of foreign policy. $156 million was given by donors, the same donors who were given access to the secretary of state. by the way, article one, section 9 of the constitution states a federal employee cannot take a gift from a foreign source
6:38 am
entity and that's what they did. they breached the constitution and numerous laws. i believe they should be indicted, both of them. will it happen? no. she'll be tried in the court of public opinion in november, and not a court of law. eric: alan, do you think serious crimes were committed. >> plenty of evidence. >> the "new york post" story is based on an a.p. investigation that said 85 people out of 165 they looked into had contact with hillary clinton. none of them were government employees, none of them were foreign countries. there is no evidence of pay for play. they met because some of them happened to be doing business and contributed to a foundation that did good works around the world. one of the people who contributed to the foundation happened to be donald trump.
6:39 am
eric: done * says he knows how to work a pay for play. the chicago alderman with the asphalt contract comes in with an envelope for $100,000. >> yes, there is evidence. circumstantial evidence is the best evidence. >> circumstantial evidence is not evidence. >> in the nigerian case you have got a land deal. there is plenty of evidence to believe probable cause crimes have been committed. >> the f.b.i. said there is nothing to indict as far as they know. >> they wanted to look into this matter and the justice department shot them down. >> comey said there is no wrongdoing that he could tell. emails were just mentioned.
6:40 am
but the fact of the matter is you would love to say pay for play is suggestive but there is no evidence of that. you have a candidate falling in the polls who can't win. >> let me give you some specifics. the fork times said the foundation lobbied the state department to change an h.i.v. program in rwanda. he gets appointed to a state arms control. a ukrainian businessman donates $8 mill while he's lobbying the state department for the ukrainian democracy. then you have the our iranian deal with the canadian businessman that was hidden and the russians end up with 20% our
6:41 am
uranium assets in colorado. >> no decisions were made at the state department to benefit the clinton foundation in any kind of pay for play situation. whatever agreements were made between the clintons and the government. >> what about that? >> it's a state department investigating themselves. this is crazy. the point of the matter is, crimes have been committed. there is no doubt -- i'll prove one. the nigerian land deal. millions of dollars get paid in, and the nigerian who paid the donations in the clinton foundation gets a land deal. >> there is no evidence it's pay for play. >> i don't believe in coincidences. $150 million is donated and all these people have access. all these people she had meetings with were donors to the
6:42 am
foundation. you pay bill. don't pay me, because i can't take the money, pay bill and pay the foundation. >> when you say half the donors, you are ignoring the a.p. story said it did not include foreign employees. that was a small list of donors in that mathematical equation you came up with. eric: there is no prosecution yet. this is all out there. but the fact is people who did give money to the foundation did have meetings with mrs. clinton while she was secretary of state and had access by the aides. >> that they might have had anyway because she was secretary of state. >> the money made it easier.
6:43 am
martha: we want to bring this to your attention as well. there has been another stabbing attack with a possible tie to terrorism. how do we combat these freak lone wolf stabbing attacks we seem to hear about he couple weeks. eric: vice presidential candidate mike pence sit down in the chair to get a haircut and the barber had one simple question. that's coming up. real cheese people know good things come in threes.
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is their lifetime renewability benefit. now, this is their promise not to drop you, you know, even if you have an accident. i know when i'm driving, i'm covered. [ female announcer ] drivers 50 and over are realizing there's car insurance just for them. the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. save $420 on average and get other incredible benefits like lifetime renewability. call the hartford for your free quote at... or go to today. eric: vice presidential candidate mike pence sitting at the harry jones barber shop getting a haircut. including one moment that went instantly viral.
6:47 am
>> i'm mike pence, the governor of the state of indiana, running for vice president of the united states. >> vice president? >> yes, sir. eric: twitter having a field day with that. governor pence gave the barber shop a rave review. martha: he said i know a lot of you have no idea who i am. he's going across the country one by one introducing himself. more serious stuff. police in australia investigating a killing as a possible terror attack. witnesses say the suspect shouted the phrase allahu akbar as he stabbed a british woman to death and stabbed a man at a
6:48 am
hostel. there are reports the suspect traveled to turkey and may have tried to sneak into syria. he was frustrated he couldn't carry out attacks overseas. retired the lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins us. we hear these things more and more. are there strings to be put together in them? >> we are going to see more of this. it's a hard fact of life. there is also a lone wolf attack on the coptic church in egypt today. we reviews to come to grips with the basic issues that this is tied to religion. there are rationalizations and justify kaigs, triggers for young known act out.
6:49 am
no for is more powerful than religion when you convince yourself god wants you to kill. i see a parallel with the black lives matter movement that justifies killing cops. we have to look at why they feel entitled to do this, and we don't. we don't want to wrestle with religion or the hard facts of sociology. until we look at root causes, the heart of the problem just goes on. we'll have to just get used to this kind of thing and random stabbings and people getting killed in all parts of the world. i want to turn your attention to another story. the u.s. is joining turkish forces to try to push back isis on the turkey, syria border. what do you make of that? >> our support of this is
6:50 am
carefully calibrated. we are watching to see how it developed. but the problem is, we are trying to preserve a relationship with turkey and vice president biden is there trying to preserve this faltering relationship with an increasingly dictatorial regime that plays up to our enemies, plays the anti-american card and attacks our kurdish. the tanks moving across the syrian border is not directly against isis. it's primarily to deflect the kurds. turkey's obsession with the kurds will lead us into a confrontation. eric: a big change coming to one major college campus.
6:51 am
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eric: stanford university is taking steps to combat what it calls high-risk behavior by banning hard liquor at parties. reporter: in an effort to reduce availability of hard alcohol, the policy says stanford will prohibit high vol distilled liquor containers for all under
6:55 am
grads and who hib its hard liquor at all campus parties exception grad students, and they can have a nixed drink. but straight shots of hard liquor will never allowed. stanford is trying to stop binge drinking. by banning the big bottles which are cheap and available. it hopes to force the students to buy the small bottles which is more expensive and less available. eric: the swimmer who was convicted at race and blamed it on the party culture. reporter: the university says this has nothing to do with the swimmer brock swimmer who claims stanford is a party school that
6:56 am
drinks too much. the university says it's trying to address a national problem. 60% of under grads drink on a regular basis. 91% of stanford students voted against the shard alcohol ban. >> it's not something that's making us feel safer. with this new policy i may be less likely to seek help in a situation. reporter: violating the policy could get undergrads kicked out. martha: we have more video coming in for the desperate search for survivors after a massive earthquake. more than 70 bodies have been recovered from the 6.2 magnitude quake that rocked central italy
6:57 am
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martha: massive search-and-rescue effort continues this morning after an earthquake rocked central italy in the middle of the night in this small town abou100 miles away from rome. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." glad to have you with us this morning. i'm martha maccallum. eric: hello, martha. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the desperate race to pull survivors from the rubble. after that magnitude 6.2 earthquake left dozens dead. the official number coming across. 73 people have been killed in this horrendous earthquake in italy that has destroyed and practically leveled three separate towns. hundreds of others are injured. thousands of people need shelter. the hardest hit towns are 80 miles northeast of rome. on the phone is grn correspondent who is live in one
7:01 am
of the towns so devastated by this earthquake. chris, how are the search crews handling rescue efforts this moment? reporter: there is steady stream of rescuers going out with hard hats and what appears to be spell lunging equipment, with ropes and other equipment for catastrophe like this. with dogs. there are still survivors trapped underneath the rubble in communication with some of the rescuers. they're putting them on ambulances as fast as they can, driving them out to a makeshift helicopter path they created before my eyes inside of a pasture, shooing away some of the sheep to have helicopters land. you can hear helicopters and copters flying by as speak. eric: it has been 12 hours since the quake hit overnight. is there a sense of hope they
7:02 am
will be able to rescue the survivors and find more people alive? reporter: there is certainly a lot of optimism, cautious optimism however. there are hundreds of rescuers here from all different sources, agencies, from the fire department to the red cross, to just volunteers who showed up carrying water and clothing on their backs. carrying it on their backs because the roads are closed off, made accessible exclusively to rescue vehicles. we're talking about people who had to park their cars eight kilometers, five miles outside of a town perched on top of a hill and walked it up here themselves. that said people are still still, they still remember devastation of an earthquake that struck nearby in the city of laqila of 2009. that was similar magnitude quake. that killed over 300 people. that was a bigger city than any
7:03 am
of the towns that have been affected today. so people hope that means the death toll will be lower. however it also means that the deaths have been sort of scattered from village to village, making it more complicated for rescuers to get in there. also meaning it is taking longer to finally come up with the gravity of this, of this disaster, death toll, how many victims there are. eric: chris, those italian mountain towns, they're so beautiful, they are so charming, they have such history. what is the mood like and what is the scene like where you are right now? you understand with you all the dust and the rubble there is a smell of gas because gas lines of course have broken. what is it like where you are? >> you know, i was so touched the first person i spoke to when i came into town, was from here but had been away, and was rushing back to check in on her grandmother. she asked me where i was from.
7:04 am
if i had ever been here before. she said what a shame. it is beautiful town most of the time. this weekend people were gearing up for their annual festival, celebrating their famous local dish, which is a type of pasta called la pasta. they were going to be thousands of people here just for that event alone. in fact tragically, it is probably one of the reasons why there were more people here than normal and why there have been more deaths an injuries than there would have been otherwise. it is rather tragic all the way around. eric: that is for sure. he is in amatrice. thanks for joining us on the fox news channel. our hearts and our prayers all of us across the country with the poor, poor people that suffered devastation in italy in the middle of the night. chris, thank you. martha: back here at home we are awaiting remark this is morning from indiana governor mike
7:05 am
pence, donald trump's running mate. set to speak in a rally at battleground state of north carolina in charlotte. as new details surfaced about the democratic opponent hillary clinton showing possible state department corruption under her watch. a new ap report finds more than half of her private meetings were with donors to the clinton foundation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in the d.c. bureau with an update on this. good morning, catherine? reporter: thank you, martha. the associated press sued for clinton's calendars, more than half people she met with or phone calls with secretary clinton donated to the family charity or pledged money to it is international programs. the 85 donors contributed $156 million. 20 of the donors gave more than a million dollars. newly-released emails from a separate lawsuit, fleshing out role of dennis chang, a key fixer, worn many hats from bill and hillary clinton.
7:06 am
from fund-raising at clinton foundation, according to public reports chang built a donor base more than a quarter of a billion dollars, to serving as secretary clinton's deputy chief of protocol at state department where he greeted heads of state, british prime minister tony blair you see here. serving national finance director for clinton's presidential campaign. the new emails show how chang worked directly with long time clinton aid and fixer, huma abedin, seemingly shared information about the clinton foundation events and donors. they asked the government accountability to review the emails and dennis chang's role. >> he can be best described as the bagman. he is one raised money and kept the donors happy. so you would expect, and i have always expected that mr. chang would be right in the middle of some of these transactions that were going on between the clinton foundation and their disown norse and those that wanted access to the state department and secretary clinton.
7:07 am
reporter: for context the ap fought with the state department over these calendars for three years, martha. martha: what was the response from hillary clinton's team on this, catherine? reporter: well this morning the campaign manager spoke to msnbc where he claimed the records are simply incomplete. >> by our count there were over 1100 other meetings that she had -- seven teen hundred. she was secretary of state. she was meeting with foreign officials, government officials constantly. to pull them all out of equation, cherry-pick a very small number of meet something pretty outrageous. reporter: state department spokesman mark toner told reporters earlier this week, before the associated press analysis that the overlap between the state department and the foundation was not inappropriate and did not break any ethics rules, martha. martha: okay. thank you very much, catherine. reporter: you're welcome. martha: donald trump seized on this new report saying that the state department he believes was for sale. >> it is impossible to figure
7:08 am
out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a businessf. martha: "wall street journal" columnist bill mcgurn says this is nothing new. mart of what he calls clinton business model. he writes, it beg gasser belief to think all these dollars were being given without an expectation of something in return. bill mcgurn joins us. welcome back to the program. >> thanks, martha. martha: i think a lot of people listen to this they see what is unearthed yeah, but it is investigated. doesn't appear to be smoking gun issue that shows somebody paid them money and they got what they wanted from the state department. what do you think? >> quid pro quos are very hard to prove in political cases but there are a lot of quids lying
7:09 am
about and a lot of quotes lying about. hard to find the cause and effect. what we know that doug band was soliciting favors. sometimes his emails labeled them a favor on behalf of wealthy clients. look, the clinton foundation or mrs. clinton did not have conflicts of interest. the whole thing, she is a conflict of interest, that created a foundation around it, and had her state department and the reason that the clintons are able to do this unlike other presidents because they not only have an ex-president out there, but they have someone else still in play, mrs. clinton, first as secretary of state and now as a potential president. martha: when you look at it, when you leave the white house you have to figure out what to do with your life, right? >> right. martha: bill clinton started a foundation. he could have imagined started a business and done something else. >> right. martha: she has server when she becomes state department chief and wants it at her house. we still don't know why. >> we do know why. actually we do know why. we know she wanted to avoid
7:10 am
people looking into things like this. look, the answers that they're giving last week when other batch of emails came out showing the nigerian lebanese businessman and so forth, the answer from the state department was, this doesn't affect mrs. clinton because doug band, the man requesting the favors was a bill clinton associate and he was requesting them from staffers. it is just so, we used to parse what is the meaning of the word is. now we're parsing the meaning of the word clinton. state department says same thing the other day, that the emails were not inappropriate because they went to clinton staffers and not mrs. clinton in many cases. >> what is abundantly clear, they started their own organization. >> right. martha: it is like a fiefdom outside of washington made them enormously wealthy. that is a fact, correct? >> it is just as i say, it is not, it is not an organization that has conflicts of interest. it is rooted in the conflict of interest. people say, gee, a lot of these
7:11 am
people paying bill clinton hefty fees for speeches had business before the state. that is not a coincidence. that was inevitable under their model. then they allowed special employees status for cheryl mills and so forth, who i believe at one point was working for state, the foundation and 10 ney joey is doug band's consulting company. that is the point. it's a conflict of interest, around built a structure for funneling money. martha: donald trump is tapping into this. a lot of people who support donald trump or who watch politics closely say, well at least he is focusing now on the things that he needs to be focusing on. however, the fbi basically dropped any investigation into the clinton foundation. why? >> it is clinton foundation, i don't know why the fbi dropped it. i think fbi lost a lot of credibility especially as we see these things coming out, but this is just a pattern, and it started with cattle futures. you have headlines that come up with the cover story, months later you find out that they
7:12 am
were lying, whether it was gennifer flowers or something else. by the time you find that out, sort of a little too late. now they're saying they weren't take foreign donations. if it's a problem it shouldn't been taking it in the first place. they had an agreement with the white house that they have already violated just, the agreement was, that we're going to keep this very, very separate. there is going to be a bright line. the clintons never keep anything separate. everything is sort of thrown into one pot. it makes it very difficult to sort out. martha: to investigator as you point out the obama administration was concerned about the foundation. we'll make you secretary of state but we are concerned about the foundation. >> we want to you keep it separate. we know now it was not separate. martha: the american people have a choice now, whether or not they want to continue with this. >> we know what mrs. clinton is. martha: it is all out there. that is the decision that the people will will make over course of next few months. >> thanks, martha. martha: in "wall street journal" yesterday. good to see you, bill.
7:13 am
>> thanks, martha. eric: thanks, martha and bill. not just the clinton foundation. donald trump not letting up on mrs. clinton's email controversy. >> new revelations about hillary clinton's email scandal make clear we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. eric: he is calling for a special prosecutor, claiming that the state department under mrs. clinton was riddled with corruption. is this a winning strategy for his campaign or. our political panel on that next. martha: another possible cyberattack, this time targeting a prominent newspaper whose sources may be on the online intrusion here when we come back. plus this. [laughter] >> oh. [bleep] >> hold on. hold on. eric: holy flipping fish, batman. one of nature's most fierce predators fighting back when it comes, when it becomes prey. >> [bleep] whoa!
7:14 am
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7:18 am
eric: that is donald trump last night criticizing hillary clinton on what he brands her illegal pay for pay scheme at state department. clinton campaign saying there was nothing of the sort. but you know the growing controversy has become a pointed campaign theme for mr. trump. release of nearly 15,000 state department e-mails fueling more allegations. they show major donors were given access to mrs. clinton, some who had interests before the state department. also gave big bucks to the foundation as well. will this issue resonate with the voters? or clinton's campaign denials of wrongdoing enough to put all of this to rest? ed rollins, former campaign manager, for reagan-bush 1984 campaign and manager for a donald trump super-pac. joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. ed, is this getting more traction. every day donald trump hammering
7:19 am
away hammering away, clinton folks say nothing to see here. no conflict of interest and nothing illegal. >> the judgment whether they're legal or illegal will be made by the american public. they certainly don't look good, or smell food. all the half the major people you see have given substantial money to the clinton foundation and way they bet in, not calling her secretary and saying please can i see him in town, want to see the secretary, you have doug band, personal aide to the president and clinton foundation who raised that money, calling huma, basically get this person in, he is really important or she is really important. that all smells. when she became secretary of state, they signed an agreement with the president, white house, that they wouldn't do this kind of stuff and they have violated and violated it repeatedly. eric: joe, they did say they wouldn't do this type of stuff and look what is coming out? >> no, look, this is going to be and has been a continuing problem. going to be a problem all the way through november for them
7:20 am
obviously, and you ask, is it, have consequences? of course it already had consequences? look at her honesty trustworthy numbers, are a mess. as are by the way donald trump's. and that is the problem with this attack, i think is, i think most people have made a judgment about hillary clinton, whether they trust her or not. most, the numbers are bad. they're bad for trump. the problem trump has, i think is, that the same kind of, even bigger numbers have decided he is unfit or un, doesn't have the temperment to be president. that's where, where he has got to -- if he doesn't change that, then, they're going to look at these two wan dates, both of whom they have concerns about, honesty and trustworthiness, i'm not going with the unfit, the guy who doesn't have the right temperment to be president. that is why hillary clinton still has a significant lead in most of the polls, and that's what i think he has to focus on. i think that may be why he is
7:21 am
trying to soften his position on immigration. he is trying to become sort of less the bombastic guy. i'm not sure this, this email, you know going after her relentlessly on this will change a whole lot. people made a judgment about it. eric: finally, how about the softening? he was going to have the immigration announcement and speech tomorrow. that has been delayed. will that help trump? do you see something there? >> i think trump, joe is exactly right. trump has to make this about her. so far what she has done, they have sat back, raised money, raised substantial money, run pretty good commercials and put the spotlight on trump and let him perform. he had good speeches. then he doesn't stick with him, staying consistent. in this particular case, remaining time has left he has to make this the biggest issue. he has to articulate he is leader that can do tough things. she is not. laying out very clearly. reality here, is that a campaign is very sustained period of time. you can't talk about 30 different things. you talk about three or four things. eric: we got to go. right on time.
7:22 am
seems like kellyanne conway -- >> she is first rate. she will do a great job. eric: ed and joe, thank you. martha: time is ticking so is donald trump using the timewisely? he is in texas and mississippi. some asking
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
♪ martha: donald trump's rise in the political arena propelling the term, alt right into the national spotlight. alt right movement, known for rejection of multiculturalism and distrust of immigration and immigrants. most republican leaders distanced themselves, some of trump's actions empowered members of the movement. while hillary clinton, expected to attack trump in a speech over his quote, disturbing alt right political philosophy.
7:26 am
doug mckelway unravels all of this in washington. what is exactly the alt right? is it described accurately or not? reporter: depends hon you ask. they portray them as mob of unruly, racist, bigoted, sexist, uneducated white males who have been unleashed and feel emboldened by donald trump's rejection of political correctness. this is published by mainstream media and violence perpetrated outside of trump rallies. mainstream media outlets much less inclined to portray violence directed at trump supporters. misdemeanor conservatives reject the alt-right, ben shapiro, who resigned the publication because of his former employer's alliance with the alt-right. >> that shot through with white sue prem system and anti-semitism. you can see it in the breitbart comment sections. reporter: alt-right is much
7:27 am
more. another branch reflected in activism like milo yiannopoulos who openly day, writes for breitbart and goes about college speaking tours, ruthlessly savaging left's obsession with microaggressions and safe spaces and that sort. he gets under their skin. martha: he sure does. how do they come up with the tactics? what is the background here, doug? reporter: they are using the same tactics the left used for generations fighting fire with fire. that is a big part of it, demonstrated in something that mike rowe, the popular host of the dirty jobs show, something he posted on facebook recently. okay to poke fun as trump supporters as uneducated white men but rowe asking rhetorically, i'm quoting if media didn't care about lag of college among black men supporting obama, why do they care of lack of college among white men supporting trump? moreover when exactly did a lack of college education become
7:28 am
synonymous with lack of education. rowe notes that tradesmen, mechanics carpenters make up trump base. they are not without education. they are highly skilled. do you know what a double overhead camshaft is? martha: no. >> how about a biased tire versus radial tire? martha: don't do that to me. reporter: i don't know it either. i'm a english major. i know nothing. martha: political science. i'm sure somebody will write to me right now and tell me. doug, very interesting. we're seeing a lot of lot of dynamics shifting parties across the board and it is quite fascinating. thank you very much for that. good to see you, doug. reporter: you too. eric: also meanwhile, overseas, it's a day of unimaginable agony. devastating earthquake strikes central italy in the dead of night. suddenly turning three entire towns into piles of rubble. coming up, we'll show you the desperate efforts now underway to try to rescue more survivorex
7:29 am
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martha: take you back to breaking news of the morning. new video of rescue efforts still underway right now in italy. you can see search-and-rescue workers urging a woman trapped underneath the rubble of a collapsed building in a city to stay calm while she indicates for additional support. the 80 yearly woman was later safely rescued. oh, my goodness, this is horrible situation. she was with her 47-year-old daughter. we're told that she did not survive. this is tragic, tragic day in this entire area. they're pulling dozens of survivors. that is the good news, from under the debris of this 6.2-magnitude earthquake in central italy as people were woken from their sleep in the middle of the night by all of this. at least three towns reduced to piles of unstable rubble. the air thick with dust, and strong smell of gas, making
7:33 am
rescue efforts extremely hazardous. a reporter from joins us from phone heading to the damage sown. she joins us. tell me what you know. reporter: yeah, the situation is pretty rough. rescuers are still on the scene trying to rescue as many people as possible. they say they are never going to stop until they have hopes to find people alive under the rubble. they have no estimates how long the rescue operation will last. unfortunately the last few hours the death toll is rising and it has now reached 73 dead people in the two regions where hit the most by the quake which are the region where i am right now, in a small town of amatrice region.
7:34 am
over 50 of the victims already confirmed are from this area. martha: anyone who has been to this area or even similar areas in italy knows these are medieval towns for the most part. >> yes. martha: the construction is heavy, and very old and when it comes down, it is a very difficult situation to sift through i would imagine, giada. reporter: yeah, no, actually that is one of the problems, all the cities are very ancient. they have been built -- most of them without structures that would have been needed to protect them from the tremors and these terrible quakes that are unfortunately pretty, happen pretty often in this area. so, you know, walking around you can see the piles of rubble and buildings and little houses completely collapsed.
7:35 am
the town where the clock tower of the small town of amatrice is still standing but surrounded by rubble and the clock has been frozen on the time of the quake, when it was struck. it was 3:36 at night. so most of, you know the people, unfortunately died were sleeping when it happened. martha: oh, so tragic. we look at these scenes this morning. is there a feeling that there is enough people coming in to help them move that rubble quickly, or are they, you know, in danger or in need of more help? reporter: unfortunately there was some delay in the rescue operations, especially in the first hours, as you said, most of these tiny streets were blocked by the, the rubble, and some of the bridges that were connecting both of these areas were damaged. but right now, it looks like all
7:36 am
the rescue operators are on the site and they are really trying to do whatever they can to try to save other people. there are survivors around. they're still here seeking, you know, outside, really, you know, crying and looking at -- what was their houses. then they, they can't believe what happened. most of them just keep repeating there is nothing left. we're left with nothing. martha: shocking, and difficult for these people who have, many of them no doubt lived in this town and in this village. >> yes. martha: their families for a very, very long time. thank you very much. good to have you with us today. thank you for your reporting for "the wall street journal." reporter: thank you. good-bye. ♪ eric: martha, i was in venezuela a few years ago reporting. there are all these couples flooding the ballroom i was at in the hotel room, i thought it was dating.
7:37 am
it was government of australia offering a job fair having people move down under. we have evidence that the socialist experiment has failed. the country's economy all but collapsed. we're seeing spike of venezuelans come moving to australia but coming to the united states by seeking asylum. reporter: rick, once the richest country in venezuela, it is crumbling after 17 years of oppressive socialist regime and now thousands are fleeing here. venezuela is on the brink. people dying in hospitals from lack of medicine. others starving from shortages of food. >> we're looking at something we've never seen in latin america at this scale which is a failed state. reporter: as venezuela's socialist president, nicolas maduro, socialist regime fights to stay in power despite a
7:38 am
referendum vote to out of him. reporter: people signing that petition are being pursued and being chased. reporter: venezuelans are fleeing to the united states. according to the pew research center more than 10,000 applied for asylum so far in 2016. that is up more than 168% from the same time last year. he was a tv anchor before flee to florida in january. after reporting two negative news of president maduro were arrested for transporting 800 kilograms of cocaine. >> translator: i was told i could not report on story. i defied the order because i felt venezuelans has the right to know. reporter: he was fired. >> translator: i received threats on social media from regime followers and direct threats. i feared for my life. reporter: he wants to make the u.s. his new home but remains hopeful. >> translator: my message to all americans and to the entire world is don't abandon venezuela. reporter: this week, president
7:39 am
maduro set a 48-hour deadline ending today for government ministers to fire all high-ranking public officials who signed that petition to out of him. eric? eric: plenty of more evidence of troubles there. brian, thanks so much. martha? martha: here at home donald trump is trailing in four must-win battleground states but constant drip of possible corruption in the clinton foundation could soon take its toll on hillary clinton. that is no doubt what the trump campaign is hoping at this point. dr. larry sabato joins us with his crystal ball into the election, plus this. >> [laughter] >> oh! [bleep] >> hold on. hold on. eric: man, oh, man, the catch of a lifetime as you can see. sometimes it doesn't always come easy. >> whoa! ♪
7:40 am
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♪ martha: that is simply true. they're the best and better than all the rest. they have five gold medals to prove it, the final five from u.s. gymnastics team back home after being in rio. they paid a visit to the big apple. they went to the world's tallest building in new york city, empire state building. it used be to the best and tallest but no longer. eric: iconic empire state building. the road to the white house seems to get a little bit more difficult for donald trump according to latest polls. analysts say he needs to sweep four key battleground states to win. right now trailing in all of them, according to average of polls at "real clear politics," mrs. clinton is leading in the
7:44 am
key states. ohio, florida, pennsylvania and north carolina. to larry sabato, director of center for politics at university of virginia, always brings his crystal ball. can't see it. it is on his lap but he knows what it says. larry, good to see you. >> thank you, eric. eric: does it seem to you this race will come down to those four states and why? >> well, there is no question that that was the path for donald trump, the best path available to get to 270. my crystal ball, the crystal ball website outlined that in march, that particular pathway, carrying all of romney's states including north carolina, and flipping three obama states, florida, pennsylvania, and ohio. i don't think that has changedded in the sense that if trump is going to pull an upset, and it will be an upset if he wins, he will have to flip those states. eric: can he cobble together some other scenario? >> well, you can imagine a rust
7:45 am
belt scenario. you could imagine, again, carrying pennsylvania and ohio, but adding michigan and wisconsin. you put that together with the romney states, and you have got exactly 270 electoral votes. yes, there are other pathways that you can reasonably draw on the map but until donald trump can get the momentum that he needs on the campaign trail, maybe, from the debates, all of this is theoretical. eric: you just showed florida, for example, that was blue. this is five-point difference between the two. can he, you know, drop pennsylvania or drop ohio and add florida? will that make the math? >> he needs all of them. look, the advantage hillary clinton has is the advantage any democratic nominee in 2016 would have had. we have developed a blue wall since 1992 and many of these states have started voting
7:46 am
democratic that once were reliably republican, like colorado, like virginia. frankly those two are off the map. i don't care what in else tells you, they are not competitive this year. they're part of the blue wall. when you start subtracting states like that, you're left with a big play, that, trump has to execute in order to win. and that big play is big states. florida, ohio, pennsylvania. eric: couldn't throw the, you know the big quarterback final bomb? the hail mary? emails, foundation, alleged conflict of interests, alleged illegalities? do you think charges he has been hammered on the past few days will actually resonate? could that switch and flip some of these states? >> it certainly resonates with his base. it gets them even more excited, if it is possible for the trump base to get more excited, at least ones that i know coming in contact with. they're ready to go. they wish the election were
7:47 am
tomorrow. does this affect hillary clinton's support? no. here is what is fascinating about this election. it is an open race for president. normally with an open race you have candidates that still aren't that well-known and can manipulate their images and image of their opponent. eric, not this year. these two candidates are so well-known, and their aim imagines are almost set in stone, the concrete started to harden than usually does. it will be tough to change people's minds once they have made them up. eric: finally, could the debate change some people's minds? or do you think that will just solidify bases? >> today, in our polarized system generally people tune into the debates to root for their side. they don't tune in to change their political coloration. if they do, they say, so-and-so beat the other candidate, i'm real hely surprised that
7:48 am
so-and-so won that debate, i will give so-and-so another look. the research in that area shows that in the vast majority of cases people return to their original choice within a week or 10 days. the debates end october 19th. the election isn't until november 8th. i'm open to the possibility that the debates, will, as they say change everything, but realistically i will be surprised if that happens. eric: i go down to the national stadium, nats playing, still rooting for the mets. >> there you go. exactly. eric: thanks, larry. >> thanks, eric. eric: of course. martha: go to jenna to find out what is on "happening now" at top of the hour. >> we'll have news on the devastating earthquake that left so many dead in italy. we'll ask about aftershocks and other fault lines nearby. donald trump's campaign heads for tampa. the battleground state of florida. you were talking a little bit about that. we'll have the rally live. major fallout as you know. new revelations about the clinton foundation.
7:49 am
why "usa today" says it is time to shut the organization down. we'll have that at the top of the hour. martha: thanks, jenna. we'll see you then. making a truck fly. we talk to the red bull athlete. how he plans to take over an entire town. whoa! ♪ you didn't read your car insurance policy. you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at
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7:52 am
martha: on the campaign trail here mike pence is in charlotte. he is speaking there. show you any news made at mike pence rally. keep an eye as we move along on "america's newsroom." eric: 500-pound mako shark
7:53 am
flipped out after it got hooked on fisherman's line. look at this. 10-foot shark repeatedly fly out of the water twisting in midair, did everything to try to break free. you see guys stunned on charter boat. happened five miles off the coast of san diego. the shark eventually won. it broke the line and peacefully swam away. martha: their laughter is my favorite part of video. can watch it over and over. eric: can't believe it. martha: he is modern day evil knievel, bryce menzies. he is ready to jump over entire ghost town. that was practice. bryce, good morning. >> good morning to you guys too. martha: we have a little delay on audio. tell me exactly what the mission is here? what do you want to accomplish?
7:54 am
>> yeah the mission is to break the world record which is 332 feet right now. we've been testing last couple months getting ready for the event. we are looking forward to see how far we jump 900 horse tower pro-2 truck. martha: who holds the record? >> tanner faust has record of 332 feet with hot wheels in daytona. we're trying to break that as much as we can possibly. martha: we're looking at some of the tests that you've been doing here. what, sort of effects whether or not you get across? what are you doing inside of the vehicle to get it, you know, to succeed? >> yeah. i mean a lot of things take place, building ramp proper way and working on the truck with all engineers to make it fly that fast. we're reaching speeds up to 110 miles an hour when we hit the ramp everything has to be precise. any small mistake would be catastrophic. we've been doing stuff with suspension and tires to make
7:55 am
sure it flies level and straight in the air. martha: do you get nervous taking off? you guys don't get nervous but maybe a little bit? >> i mean you're always nervous in something like this just because if everything goes wrong it will be go really bad. we're taking every precaution we can. we're testing with all the right people with red bull and pennzoil helping out. we couldn't be more excited to take the feat on saturday. martha: what kind of protection do you have in there? like we see with race cars and other cars there is kind of a cage built into it? >> yeah. fully customed built truck with kg and full harness and helmet. everything i would wear in desert and off-road race for safetywise. a extra little bit padding around the cab to make sure everything happens i'm safe inside. martha: always extra padding, right. >> yeah, for sure. martha: that makes your family feel better. bryce, thank you. good luck to you. we'll be watching on saturday. can't wait. thanks a lot.
7:56 am
eric: martha, sadly there is rising death toll in italy from the overnight earthquake that struck there. hundreds of crews from across the country, even the vatican rushing to the rescue of those right now still trapped racing the clock as the sun will set there in just three hours. d you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. that's a good thing, eligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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received a transplant. 10 years ago zion was amputated after it got an infection. he has prosthetics that let him walk and now zion is getting rehab in baltimore where he's learning how to use those new hands. he played ball, goes fishing, dresses himself but zion says the one thing he wants to do is his mother won't let him do >> she won't let me try out for football.
8:00 am
>> let's start with baseball why not? >> teenagers. martha: i knew it was going to be football. bill: the next goal is to convince his mom to get him to play. martha: moms always say that, i know but he's so adorable, i love that little boy and we wish him well. what a great mom. "happening now" starts right now, we will see you tomorrow. jenna: and alert on the race against time to find survivors trapped in rubble after that powerful earthquake hits central italy. hello everybody, i'm jenna lee. greg: i'm greg jarrett in fortran one. hundreds injured, the 6.2 earthquake struck near the town of amatrice. it happened in the dead of night, collapsing homes as people were sleeping in their beds. there was no warning at all and hundreds of crews from across italy and the vatican have now joined in the search for the missing.


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