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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll be back in new york tomorrow night. thank you. donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. begins in four seconds. >> and it's the dog days of august and it is heating up between trump and hillary. he is on the war path today going after what he calls the most corrupt enterprise in political history. hello, there, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in tonight for greta van susteren. here is donald trump today 1 p.m. in florida. watch. >> it's impossible to tell where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. she then lied about our crime to congress over and over again to congress. i'm so sick of looking and seeing and i don't hear act. she lied to congress
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100 percent everybody agrees and it takes so long for them to act. the fbi did not act. i have such respect for theucree fbi. i am so disappointed. i am so disappointed. i love the fbi. i have such high regard. high respect for the fbi. how did they let that happen? she was so guilty. she was so guilty. the world is laughing at us, folks. and then you have bill clinton meeting with the attorney general in the pack of an airplane for 39 minutes. [crowd boos] he said they were talking about golf and their grand kids. give me a break. and very importantly, bill clinton, after all of that, and after the beautiful gift he was given, bill clinton essentially called the fbi
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director, james comey a liar when he said the fbi director was spouting bull. can you imagine? man. they don't realize that they owe the fbi director their political lives for refusing to recommend prosecution for hillary clinton's many, many crimes then he calls the director a liar. he saved hillary clinton from facing justice for illegal and unjust actions. >> he waited out there in tampa, florida, obviously, a very important state. tonight, he will do probably some more of the same in mississippi. that gets started about 8:00 p.m. eastern as far as we can tell. former arkansas governor and former presidential candidate governor mike
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huckabee goes "on the record." good to have you here this evening. >> thanks, martha. >> it's very interesting. a couple of weeks ago before all the changes at the campaign donald trump would be in the same situation. he would be going after the press. he would be going after the party, paul ryan, all kinds of people shooting within the tent as they call it big, big difference. very focused and all about hillary now. >> that's the smart play. i have said for a long time this is a prize fight. is he like a boxer. when he goes into the ring he only has one person he needs to be punching, that's hillary clinton. she is the opponent. don't go after the ref. don't go after the corner man and foregoodness sakes don't go out of the ring. beat up a heckler. that's what we have seen him do is focus on hillary clinton. he needs to be. this a.p. story that came out over the last 24 hours is just stunning. $156 million donated to the clinton foundation by 85
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people, all of whom got appointments to go see hillary at the state department. here's my question, martha. why is former illinois governor rod blagojevich in prison? why is he in prison if what he did puts him in prison, where is hillary? help me understand that i mean it, just make those sense. >> i mean, you know, is he going after the foundations. the fbi, congress, the different entities that people count on in this country to keep everybody honest. and it also keeps -- i keep coming back to this same fact, the obama administration was very concerned about the clinton foundation when they named her secretary of state. you know, they wanted her to put up fire walls and make sure that they were -- that's those were firm. that there could never be because in these instances the appearance of impropriety is what is the problem, right, governor? >> well, exactly, martha. and it's not just an appearance. i mean, there are
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substantive issues here. when that much money goes into the coffers of a foundation that she has direct input in and, you know, her family is running it, and then it turns out that some of the people, 20 of them gave 1 million bucks apiece. and 40 of them gave at least 100,000. martha, you don't write a check like that and shell out that kind of me kind of monh no expectation. there are not that many foreign countries in the middle east that make those contributions without an expectation that they will get access and that they will be granted favors, not just an audience, not just having a meeting, but they examine there will be something in return for shelling that kind of dough. is there an impact? the polls really too early to tell, i think, whether this tactic over the past four or five days is sinking in with anybody out there. >> well, i think it will in the course of the debates and also when paid media becomes very prevalent in the campaign.
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let's face it, donald trump has not started really any significant paid media hillary has been on the air for a long time. her numbers really haven't moved. i think that's more significant than the fact this is in a stale meat. donald trump has been dark on television while hillary has sent over $100 million on television. when he starts countering her in the medium in which she is now sort of acting alone, that's when the dynamic changes. add the debates to that, and i think we are going to see a big turn. when i hear these people say no way donald trump will win. i just totally think they are missing something. people in this country are sick and tired of seeing martha stewart go to prison for maybe having a conversation that blago goes to prison and hillary wants to go to the white house instead of the big house. and, you know, these big companies that were too big to fail? what is it hillary is too big to jail? that just totally offends
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most americans and their sense of what justice and right all mean. >> we know that her interview with the fbi was on a saturday afternoon. it was fairly short and there was no record of it we don't know what she told them and have nothing to put it up against to see whether or not she was telling the truth. we know that there were untruths that were told in the testimony in front of congress, inconsistencies at the very least. governor, thank you. always good to see you. so this latest clinton foundation another arrow in the g.o.p. quiver. >> if you wanted to meet with hillary clinton when she was secretary of state had you to pay for it and a lot of people did. >> they are essentially saying to their foreign donors that they could make a down payment to clinton access in the clinton administration. >> it's something that they sat up in order to preserve their status in the world, world leaders taking foreign money. >> it demonstrates incredibly poor judgment. >> hillary clinton should
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shut down the clinton foundation right now. >> it's impossible to tell where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. >> so you have got the foundation and you also have more email headaches for hillary clinton. they even have democrats in some cases saying that it just doesn't look good. tonight it involves clinton's top aide huma abedin fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more on that for us this evening from washington, d.c. hi, catherine. >> well, thank you, martha. so, okay, so there was an incident in 2009 when hillary clinton, secretary of state was traveling overhoverseas in india and one f her top aides huma abedin had a real crisis on her hand. she left what was described as burned papers in the front seat of the car she was traveling in. she was so concerned she sent an email to another clinton aid laura and said you need to take the burned papers from the front seat
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of the car and move them into the trunk for safekeeping. you may be wondering what are burn papers? in the intelligence community there is a term burn bag. burn bag is what you use to destroy classified information. so the lingo in those circles is burn papers. it's something that you would put in a burn bag and that would be classified information. so, this essentially looks like an example of what the fbi director described as extremely -- exscheme carelessness in the happened ling of this information, martha. >> from the state department, catherine? >> well, the state department said today that it would be wrong to jump to the conclusion that burn papers was, in fact, a reference to classified information and they referred to this manual, which is the state department employee handbook called the foreign affairs manual saying that burn material could also be things like personally identifiable information like a social security number or a date of birth. but it really is sort of
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beyond logic to think that huma abedin was traveling with papers in a car on a foreign trip that she wanted to have moved and described as burned documents because it was someone's phone number or date of birth. i mean, that just really belies common sense, i think particularly in this case. >> sure sounds like it. catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> just a little while ago president bill clinton defended the clinton foundation when he was asked about all of this in a campaign stop in atlanta. here is what he said. >> i made it clear that if she proximate causes president, we'll have to do more than we did when she was secretary of state because if you make a mistake there is also appeal to the white house. if you are president you can't. but we are going to transition all of these responsibilities that would require foreign or corporate donations which i will accept and i won't raise money for the foundation if she wins. and i'm happy to do the transition as quickly as we can.
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>> interesting, right? editor and chief of levee zet, laura ingraham goes "on the record" tonight. laura, good to have you with us tonight. >> good it see you. >> i thought those comments were quite interesting tonight by bill clinton. i'm curious what you think about them. >> a little slip, don't you think? we are happy to consider moving responsibilities and i guess chelsea would be in charge of the foundation if hillary becomes president. but it's all kind of beside the point now, isn't it? they knew she was going to run for president. the foundation was set up to, you know, i'm sure did some good things, but what we know from just the emails that have been released, martha, is that you had to pay the clinton foundation to meet with hillary clinton it seems hike that was the open sesame command to get the door open through huma
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abedin that was the motivation. put together the co-lumbo moment here. hillary clinton wasn't worried about yoga schedules or her mother's funeral arrangements not becoming public. hillary clinton was clearly shielding what was ultimately influence peddling con through the clinton foundation and arranged through huma abedin in the form of meeting with hillary clinton. and then, that's not all, of course, a lot of these donors at the clinton foundation which gave millions and millions of dollars, also helped enrich the clintons. a lot of people forget that. a lot of these same entities invited bill clinton to speak for a huge sum of money. so, the clintons amassed almost, i guess now, $200 million over this period of time where they were running the foundation and there were a lot of interconnected points with the donors, to the speeches, to the influence pedaling at the state department.
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they always knew she was going to run for president. appearance of impropriety, that doesn't begin to tell the story. >> even if that were the bar though, that should be bar enough when you are the secretary of state. if it even looks like there is an opportunity for people to have influence over you, that ought to be something that you really want to avoid when you are in a government position. you know, it strikes me, bill clinton, when he became a former president, you know, former president, especially young ones have to figure out what they are going to do next. they set this up foundation, which as you say, was the vehicle except for maybe some publishing deals, it's the only vehicle by which he became extraordinarily wealthy. people's taxpayer dollars were going to pay for hillary clinton's salary as secretary of state and support the clinton family as a former presidential family and then on the side, at the same time, they were basically building what some would call a foundation and some would call a business. >> i mean, what did they do for $200 million? trump made a lot of money and built a lot of
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buildings. what did theythey built a machir influence peddling. they got a lot of access for a lot of people. a lot of foreign entities. a lot of foreign governments. remember, you cannot donate directly as a foreign entity or a, you know, foreign individual to an american campaign. that is in violation of campaign finance law. but they did it in a different way. you know, they did it for the foundation. she had her private server. they thought it was all going to be locked down and and we have a compliant media for the most part. other than the a.p., they weren't looking for these schedules other than the a.p. they were doing the foia requests. other than citizens united and judicial watch. they have been fighting this more that for years. they did not want this information out. hillary clinton looks like she is in hiding from answering any questions from the press. >> you sore right. you called on the pets press at the republican national convention to do their job. i thought a lot people fbi
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would not go forward, when you see robby coming out dfnding her, her husband doing the same thing. >> oh, please. >> do you think they are concerned about this? >> i think they are not going to be that concerned unless the journalists who are supposed to be acting as checks on government power occupy themselves, martha, with something more important to the american people than whatever donald trump happens to be tweeting today. the focus that they have on destroying trump and i'm not saying he has done everything right. but the focus on every minutia and everything, then this actually goes right to the heart of what we are supposed to expect from public officials who are being paid for by us handling the most sensitive information. but now a burned paper is not in a burn bag? i mean, this stuff is comical if it weren't for our country's national security and the future of our presidency and our country on the line, it would be hilarious. but, unfortunately, all of
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us -- if she wins live under this scenario where apparently this is all going to be accepted and, martha, remember, hillary clinton will be able to appoint every prosecutor, every u.s. attorney right with her friends every regulation and have the supreme court that will not be a check on her. imagine that world in the united states of america if she has that much power given what she did as secretary of state. >> laura, as a trump supporter, are you pleased with the job that he is doing now focusing on this? >> i think it's smart both for him to say, look, i'm on your side. i'm going to be fighting for the regular american that have been shafted in this under performing economy at the border and all of that. she can't be trusted because during the time when so many of you were suffering she used government position to enrich itself and family. i will work for you and fight for you. chints' have to keep reaching out to minorities. i think he has done a
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patrioty good job so far. create the back drop for more personal information. >> is he hearing you because apparently is he going in inner city communities in the next couple days. awful eyes on jackson, mississippi tonight. that's where donald trump is getting ready to hold a rally at the mississippi coal some. is he expected to take the stage 45 minutes from now. carl cameron inside that rally. a lot of people wondering why he is in mississippi, carl. shed light on what that is tonight as well. >> well, he? a red state tonight, mississippi, voted republican for president last 10 elections for president. yesterday he was in texas, same there. very, very red republican state. and last night, in austin, he told sean hannity that his plan to deport all 11 to 18 million undocumented aliens, i will locally immigrants could be softened. and tonight on hannity,
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mr. trump will describe what he says is not amnesty. what he does say is that there will not be citizenship but some of those undocumented immigrants will be allowed to stay if they are productive, if they are otherwise law abiding and if they are really contributing to american society. now, for trump, that is going to be dicey. so, perhaps being in red states as they unveil this resolution rhetoric and policies, he will perhaps get a slightly warmer perception. it is definitely worth noting during the primary suspects took the position that he is now enunciating. they were shaein shaeing it it's nonts amnesty. more like a path to hell sthawts incertify of. at the time he barbed ted awz and marco rubio and others is they were allowing the country not to be a
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country. we were essentially open borders. people were streaming across the country and staying here illegally. never mind the vast majority of the people here illegally are on visa oversays which is to say their just stick around. trump says there will be a process to decide who should stay and go. the idea it was going to be a complete removal of all of these individuals, all these people from across the border and around the world is apparently now slowly being pulled back. so, he got a fairly good response last night at his austin town hall. tonight we will see part two of that. and here in mississippi, as well as earlier today in tampa, he is not really talking about that very much. is he back to the law and order, his self-described tough on crime candidacy and how that compare compares with hillary clinton which has your previous two discussions illustrate has got a lot of problems with honesty. martha? >> carl, thank you. it could be indicating that
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donald trump making that move from primary mode to general election mode. we're going to talk more about that coming up. and in the meantime, this is the tornado scene of what has swept through central indiana. mike pence on his way back home to get a look at this and to try to help people there. businesses left without power after two confirmed tornadoes touched down. multiple homes destroyed. look at this video. we have seen so much destruction by nature between the earthquake in its and louisiana floods and now and neighbors in louisiana going through very difficult times as well. as i said, mike pence, the governor there, is cutting a campaign trip short. he will head back there to see what he can do it help his own people of the state. 13th century lock tire one the only things standing. over take you there next onto so he so hes when there.
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we are back with this fox news alert a powerful earthquake wiped historic town off the map in the early hours of last east coast. the massive 6.2 magnitude quake struck in amatrice which is a small village in the middle of the central part of italy about 100 miles from rome and it took that city down basically to rubble. at least 159 people, that number has been climbing all
11:25 pm
day long and it could rise even further in terms of those who have lost their lives in all of this. the search is continuing. there could still be people alive in that rubble. fox news correspondent jon huddy is live in amatrice this evening. you said you just felt more tremors where you are. >> yes. we did. while we were live in the commercial break we had another tremor it happened earlier this evening as well here. we felt a very big jolt. that rattled people and extraatic scene involving search teams. i will get to that in a moment. first, martha, i will step out of the way. you can see the ongoing efforts. they are basically clearing away some of that debris and rubble. you see the search teams waiting here. what they will do, martha, they will clone that away. they will stop that for a moment. the guys will go up there with their flashlights. they will yell out. they will see if they hear anything, if they see anything, if they don't, then they will continue on
11:26 pm
with what we are seeing here. the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck at 3:36 early wednesday morning. keep in mind we are in the overnight hours thursday morning here. italy's military has been helping with the operations along with italy's civil protection agency as mentioned at least now an estimated 159 people are confirmed dead. crews have been using canine, sniffer dogs along with any and all equipment they can to get into these hard hit areas. i say that because the narrow, winding country roads are making it really difficult for these crews to get in and out, especially the villages like here in amatrice nevada along the mountain side with tight bring and cobble stone streets. as mentioned the aftershock and tremors have made the rescue and recovery efforts tough. this hand as the search team was standing on top the rubble there. and they scrambled to get
11:27 pm
out of the way as some of the debris started crumbling off the building there, of course, all of us were looking around what are we going to do? they got out of way. as soon as the wronging and that tremor stopped, martha, they went right back to work. at one point we heard actually several points it was kind of the scene throughout the day a whistle blowing. and that was the signal for everybody to stop what they were doing, to stop talking, to turn vehicles off. because they may have heard something. maybe a sound. once everybody stopped talking calling out trying z. if this was any life buried beneath that rubble. son-in-law searches have been suspended because it's too dark. this very much continues here. >>. so far 159 people dead. it's unclear how many may be missing though, martha, because this time of rear
11:28 pm
here in central italy a tourist destination. attractive for vacationers, very popular time of year. there is concern that many, many more people could still be trapped underneath that rubble. the next 72 hours are critical. martha, back to you. >> wish you luck. very tough work and it's been a tough day. john, thank you very much. also tonight, an american university targeted by heavily armed gunmen believed to be taliban. could they have been behind that deadly attack? that story coming up next right after this break. stay with us.
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back with a fox news alert. gunmen storming the american university in afghanistan. one person is dead. at least 20 people have been injured. and it all began with a massive blast that was followed by gunfire. the attackers, this is situation is still going on. they are still on the loose. some afghan officials believe this looks like the work of the taliban. grn reporter franz martinez is live in kabul tonight for us tonight. what do you know? what's the latest here? >> the latest here is that the detectives are still looking inside the building. during the last hours there have been reports that the special forces, american special forces have leads on
11:33 pm
them. one is still alive and inside as far as it can be told. and within the last hours have there have been some people that were trapped inside what do we know about the people trapped. students, americans in there? what's your sense? >> most of the people are like the students but there have also been, foreign nationals. it's not clear which nationality. u.s. forces have been -- according to a sourceman here. it cannot be ruled out that there were also u.s. in there especially given that it's american university. it is not confirmed and can't be told for sure. >> no doubt. american leadership is
11:34 pm
interested in getting this situation resolved as quickly as possible. and helping everybody who they can who is in there. thank you very much. international homes to back here at home. 2016 election. earlier today donald trump held a rally in tampa, florida. here is some of that. >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country. that's what it's run. it's run like a third world country. she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. she sold it. she sold favors. she sold access and wait until you see when it's revealed all of those people, now it looks like it's 50% of the people that saw her had to make contributions to the clinton foundation. wait until you see ultimately what she did for all of those people. wait until you see. these are not people that go
11:35 pm
in as i said and talk about how are you feeling. >> all right. so, that's the back drop of todayens debate. let's look at some of these new polls, monmouth university just out in some of the key battleground states. trump and clinton virtually tied in north carolina right now. hillary clinton leads donald trump 44 to 42%. let's take a look at missouri where he has the lead over clinton 44% to 43%. trump's campaign manager though, kellyanne conway is dismissing some of the polls out there. she says trump does better in online polls. because in phone polls people may not admit that they are supporting trump. she calls that the undercover trump vote. brexit vote. we won't know whether or not that's a real deal until we get to november. from the "wall street journal" jason riley and from "the washington post philip bump. welcome, gentlemen. good to have you here. philip, you are shaking your head. >> i was.
11:36 pm
>> he is hammering something though that is a vulnerability for her. do you agree? >> yes. absolutely. the way he framed it i think is a misrepresentation of what we know so far. and we were not going to get into that now because it's a lengthy thing. it's a misrepresentation of what we know there was money that was given by some people to the clinton foundation. those people also requested meetings with the secretary of state. it wasn't half of the meetings she had. that's excluding a lot of foreign leaders. there is a loft ways where that is not a fair representation. i do want to seize on that last point about the secret ballot. it's not true that donald trump does better in online polls. i went back and looked at every poll since the convention. that is not the case. there is not secret ballot. donald trump is not doing well in polls. the polls we talked about in missouri and north carolina are not good polls for donald trump either. >> jason? >> in my experience if you were complaining about the polls your guy is probably behind. that's the general rule in politics and general coverage. we all know that. donald trump, you know, he has a candidate who keeps giving him a lot of fodder here to work with.
11:37 pm
the drip, drip, drip of this campaign. in terms of the clinton foundation, the email scandal and so forth. but the polls show that he is not capitalizing on it you can look at north carolina and missouri and see him close, but if you are a trump supporter, that is not a good poll for you. missouri, the last democrat to win missouri was bill clinton 20 years ago. north carolina is gone. republican in eight of the nine past elections. >> the point you are making, is he spending a lot of time in a territory that should be his already. >> trump and time and money spent to sure up your vote is time and money you don't have to spend in the battleground states that are going to decide this election like a pennsylvania or ohio or florida. that is not a good poll for trump. >> pennsylvania has a pretty big gap. last one i saw was 8%. that surprises some people. because there is coal country in pennsylvania. and pennsylvania ought to be somewhere where donald trump could get some traction. >> he would be doing great there if it were 30 years
11:38 pm
ago. it's not 30 years ago. now what drives the vote in pennsylvania are the suburbs of philadelphia, those are heavily democratic. the same reason hillary clinton is winning in virginia. suburbs of washington, d.c. those are college educated white folks who for the first time in the past several elections are backing the democrat over donald trump because of women. and women support hillary clinton. and, you know, i think the calculus here is very simple. donald trump needs to do better than mitt romney did in 2012. he won north carolina and missouri in 2012 and now they are close. >> talking about the polls, the romney folks told us all the times that the polls were much better than they looked. >> when trump was ahead in the polls he cited them con stapghtly. he couldn't go three sentences without telling you how good is he doing in the polls. now suddenly the polls don't mean what they say. >> i still want to wait until about five days from now. the changes he has made over the past six or seven days
11:39 pm
are probably not being revealed in the anybody's we are seeing right now. we seal if what he is doing is working. thank you both very much. good to see you both. all right. here's a burning question on your mind, right? what really happened with ryan lochte and his teammates at the rio gas station? brand new details that you have not heard yet. straight from one of his teammates who is now telling his story. that's coming up
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remember the inno affluenza teen. he was given four people after drunk driving accident. the court ruled he was too rich to know right from wrong. it was a bizarre case from the beginning. awful tragedy. that money that they got may have dried up. she is now working in a texas dive bar. and the world's longest
11:44 pm
aircraft crashing during a test flight in central edge demand. the air lander is a hybrid plane, helicopter, and air ship and it hit a telegraph poll before going down. the cockpit was damaged. nobody was heard. 302-foot long aircraft completed first test flight earlier this month. looks like it still needs a little bit of work. the washington monument closed down for nine months it needs another renovation. 555-foot monument eventually underwent a $15 million tax paid for -- taxpayer paid for restoration. but you know what? when they did all of that? they forgot to fix the elevator. but you can't go up there for a while longer. that's tonight's speed read for you, folks. amazing video that you need to see. one determined seal narrowly escaping hungry killer whales and whale watchers got quite a show. watch. >> come on. just stay there for a second.
11:45 pm
>> talk about being in the right place at the right time, this lucky seal jumps on to a whale watching boat just as he was about to turn into lunch for a pod of orcas. the greatest escape all caught on camera. >> he is trying. all right. come on. fat so, stay there, don't move. >> you can see the hungry whales, stocking the boat waiting and waiting for the seal to go back in the water. >> straight up are from the go pro. >> the seal falls into the water three times, frantically it crawls back onto the deck. >> come on. just stay there, will you? stop jumping off. 30 minutes later, the orcas finally giving up. and the seal, he had a whale of a time on that boat and swam back into the ocean to live to see another day.
11:46 pm
>> survive. >> wow, that was a close one. couldn't he have helped him to stay on the boat until the whales went away, maybe? i know you are not supposed to interfere with these things. i would have helped them. a lot more than they bargained for. i have gone whale watching and i never saw anything like that. ryan lochte story. stuck around for it and here he is he is under fire for lying. were brazilian police entirely truthful? that is coming up next. more to the story when we come back.
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i told the entire story. none of this would have happened. >> the pretext for this whole thing was a lie. >> we gave them money and we got out. >> lochte, i believe, lied. >> people in rio are pissed at these swimmers for trashing the city. >> this was an embarrassment to our country. >> i think this is getting blown totally out of proportion. >> i hope that if these are proven this way that they ban him from the olympics for life. >> so there is more olympic-sized drama in the ryan lochte saga tonight. lochte's teammate jimmy feigen who paid nearly 11,000 to do so get out of brazil is apologizing for his role in fabricating this story about being robbed at gunpoint. a statement released by feigen's lawyers reads in part, quote: we pulled over to the gas station to use the bathroom. the door was locked. we did not force entry into the bathroom nor did we ever
11:52 pm
enter the bathroom. we did make the decision to urinate in the grass behind the building on the way back to the cab, ryan lochte pulled a poster in metal frame off the wall. he goes on to describe a statement he made to the brazillible police. quote i omitted the fact that we urinated behind the building and ryan lochte pulled a poster off the wall. brand new information on this tonight, david, welcome, good to have you here. so i mean that's a different story than what we heard. >> well, obviously, the facts have cleared -- i guess the smoke has cleared away. the facts look like these guys really weren't making up a crazy story. lochte certainly did get a couple details wrong. he exaggerated how close the gun was to his forehead. they were not pulled over. they were at a gas station and they were prevented from leaving, stopped from leaving if you will. he did say he had been robbed of $40. it turned out teammates actually paid for the alleged damage to the poster. otherwise, the part about the framework of the story, men with badges holding guns
11:53 pm
on us and taking money from us at gunpoint before we could leave that has all proven to be correct. >> it also goes back to the fact if this is all that happened, it really, i agree with what greta said in that introduction, when this story first broke it really seems like a bit of an overreaction in terms of what actually happened and what they did. >> well, what drove that, i think, was the have andization of the bathroom. that claim, the whole image of them being ruckus frat boys out of the country trash ago bathroom. as it turns out what they did is the bathroom was locked. they urinated in the bushes behind the building. ryan lochte knocked down a post'er on his way out and that was it. >> he is not carrying anything when he comes out of that haleway. the description of maybe he is drunk and he bumped against the wall and it fell off or something, seems to be, you know, more along the lines of what happened. when you look at this punishment and what they got and you look back at some of the over things that olympic athletes have done, do you think that they have been, you know, there has been
11:54 pm
overreaction to all of this? >> well, certainly lochte has lost his four major sponsors and he was attacked around the world. is he making a little come back. i want to mention u.s.a. is reporting tonight is he being brought onto the new cast of "dancing with the stars." he will be on that in a few weeks. you guys were announcing that right here. >> really? >> i have confirmed that i got a call yesterday from a guy who runs a small tie company in hollywood. he wants to sign up ryan as a spokesperson, lochte's camp tells me is getting a lot of offers coming in now. and the email i'm getting is overwhelmingly pro-lochte in light of these facts coming out. >> well, that is interesting. so he could sort of turn it around. i mean, he could turn, you know, make sort of a positive thing about all of this. >> well, i mean, he was out there. he had been drinking. he had been celebrating. he did, for however it happened, knock the poster off the wall. it did fall. let's be honest that wasn't the mona lisa hitting the ground it was advertising
11:55 pm
poster. >> make lemon nadz out of lemons. i'm not sure that's a good analogy what we are talking about. nice to see you tonight. good stuff and brand new information and dancing on the stars. redemption for everybody. donald trump getting ready to rally in jackson, mississippi. the crowd is fired up. there is the pastor who was so good at the convention. is he getting that crowd fired up. we'll be right back with what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here.
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test test.
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time for campaign flash. any second now we expect donald trump to speak at a rally in jackson, mississippi this evening. it's scheduled to kick off at 8:00 p.m., less than one minute from right now. senator bernie sanders is now with her. the one-time clinton rival saying he will actively campaign on behalf of hillary clinton. will that help her? that is your campaign flash. lots more to come in the morning when i will see you at 9:00 a.m. we never want to miss america's newsroom, right? bill hemmer and me every morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. coming up next, stick around, don't go anywhere.
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"the o'reilly factor" is on. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levey. let's check in with joe devito at the "red eye" tease deck. oh joe. >> mike pence gets his haircut at a black barber shop. it is the worst thing that happened to barber shops since tom shillue started singing. and women strip down on a beach. warning, this is no where near as sexy as it sounds. it is 3:00 -- is 3:00 a.m. the least productive? we have 30 minutes to prove it. >> and prove it we shall. she knits herself tiny playmates . tech


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