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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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literally make your day. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. this it is thursday morning. one more day until the weekend. you are watching "fox & friends first." we are almost as excited as that little boy. >> i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. >> the founder of wikileaks promising to produce a new round of docks uments that couuments
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that could be a game change her. >> julian assange saying his new leak could be significant for the 2016 election. wikileaks helped bring down two dnc officials including debbie wasserman schultz. this new leak may force hillary clinton to finally address her scandals head on before voters go to the polls. >> we have a lot of pages of material thousands of pages. from different times of institutions association ted wi the election campaign, some quite unexpected angels, quite interesting. >> the clintons already doing damage control over pay to play
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claims within her own state department. more than half of those who met clinton as cabinet secretary gave money to the clinton foundation. the clinton campaign asked the associated press to delete that tweet calling it inaccurate. they are saying any other secretary of state would have met with the same people in the ap report. >> there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives. the people who gave the money knew exactly what they were doing. >> the wikileaks report may not be the last bombshell from hillary clinton. only 6 months have been released by the state department. abby and heather back to you. >> only 75 days to go with the leaks. >> laura engel sounding off on
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what she calls hillary clinton ped pedalling. >> she wasn't worried about yoga schedules or her mother's funeral arrangements not becoming public. she would shielding what was influencing pedalling arranged through huma abedin with meetings with hillary clinton. that's not all. a lot of these donors of the clinton foundation which gave millions and millions of dollars also helped enrich the clintons. a lot of people forget that. a lot of these famed entities invited bill clinton to speak for a huge amount of money and should never have been set up because they knew she was going to run for president. appearance of impropriety? that doesn't even begin to tell the story. >> donald trump holding a high stakes meeting today to win over minority voters after promising
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no amnesty. >> lart this morning donald trump will meet at trump tower in new york with black and hispanic fellow of the gop leader initiative. trump began asking african american voters for their support. opponents said it was insincere and condescending. he will visit detroit to argue liberal policies are holding back policies there. he is relaxing his issue on immigration. he's open to softening his plan for a deportation force but denies that amounts to amnesty. >> no citizenship. >> everyone agree with that? >> we go a step further. they will pay back taxes.
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they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty. but we work with them. but when i look at this and i have it all over. everyone agrees get the bad ones out. >> ted cruz says the texas republican is vindicated after predicting in a february debate that he would change his immigration stance. some give a great campaign speech and then they don't walk the walk. >> all right. rich edson. it continues. >> it does. the horrific scene we have been following in italy. rescue crews frantically digging for survivors as the death toll raises to over 150 overnight. >> it is being described as dante's inferno. >> that's the hardest hit city there.
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>> what is the latest on the search efforts? >> well, first of all we had another tremendous aftershock here. there have been hundreds in the last 24-hours. they shout to look up at the bell tower off to my left which is remarkably still standing here. two are still in tact here. with every shock there is fear those two could tumble on the rescue workers. you can see the heavy lifting equipment here. that is sowing in where it is believed people are certain there are no other survivors. 247 deaths. he believes 200 of them came from here. 268 people injured, 1,000 homeless and still a lot of searching going on with hands. people are hopeful they can find survivors like the amazing story
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of the 10-year-old girl julia who was pulled from the rubble yesterday after being trapped for 17 hours. you can see them say julia come on, come on. then the crowds just cheered. this part of italy is a big draw for italian tourists particularly, those in rome many of whom have summer houses to get out of the city, to get out of the sweltering heat. it is not known exactly how many holiday makers, vacationers might have been here which makes it more difficult for rescue crews to know exactly what they are looking for. wither going to show you footage of a hard swear store the moment the earthquake struck you can see things rattling and falling giving you an idea first hand of how terribly strong that was. the three towns most badly hit
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remain. police have rayed a few people going into homes trying to steal from those who lost everything. incredible scenes as family members come begging to identify the victims, the bodies of their lost loved ones. they are being told just one can go in. what can you say to these people to give them any comfort. abby and heather back to you. >> amy kellogg life for us. >> 12 people are dead dozens more after gunmen stormed a school in kabul. they were spraying them with bullets sending hundreds hiding. they are warning u.s. citizens to stay away from that area.
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>> a twin cities man charged with trying to join isis. he took $91,000 he won in a crash settlement to syria and he never came back. they believe he is using that money to help fund the terror army. a mississippi honors student who tried to join isis while on his honeymoon sentenced to 8 years behind bars. he even thanked the fbi for arresting him saying he would be dead by now if he had joined isis. his bride sending a 12 year sentence. >> tornadoes tearing through central indiana leaving more than a dozen people hurt including a 5 month old baby. >> 8 twisters bringing nearly 200 mile per hour winds. >> people inside hiding in a bathroom making it out alive
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miraculously. >> powerful gusts forcing middle schoolers to take cover as entire neighborhoods wiped out. >> mike pence leaving for home today and assess the damage. >> this crazy weather continues. >> yesterday 30 tornadoes. this is an outbreak occurring not only in indiana but parts of ohio as the storms kept rotating and moving eastward. we license he was shot several yet another round of possible severe storms including portions of indiana, ohio also extending across portions of the northeast. besides tornadoes you have risks of damaging winds and hail. we will have a risk area across oklahoma and kansas. we have been telling you about this area of disturbed weather moving over the atlantic coming
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up over the next few days. when does this thing become a tropical depression or tropical storm? it appears likely that will be happening. the next question is where is it headed? any one that lives in florida or parts of the southeast coastline from the gulf up into the carolinas needs to watch this carefully over the next few days. heather and abby? >> thank you. >> the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. it has been 200 days since hillary clinton held a press conference? what is she hiding? stay tuned and wait for this. >> it is a life saver. the cost of the epi pen has sky rocketed and so has the pay. >> an officer pauses to pray with one of the victims of the louisiana flooding. >> he was booted from the red cross shelter.
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>> iran harassing war ships again. >> weapons uncovered. >> four iranian votes with a u.s. destroyer getting within 300 yards. they had several warning sirens and flares. navy officials calling it unsafe and unprofessional. they say i ran has no respect for the united states. >> our ships could blow them out of the water with a blink of an
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eye. >> we want to show it is in charge and it doesn't have to pay any attention to the united states. the president who goes along with it in every detail. >> they had the capture and release of seven that was in january. >> joe mansion's daughter is blaming sky rocketing prices on obamacare. heather bresh says high deductibles are behind the $400 hike. it spiked to more than $600 today. but when asked earlier today if prices should be regulated following the $500 hike on the life saving hiv drug, she said this. >> i hope not. i don't think the answer is price control. there are out liars that are
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grabbing great headlines but it's not the answer. >> the drug maker also hiking the prices on a slew of other medications, 24 products seeing a 20 percent spike and 7 products rising more than 100 percent. >> now it is time for a look at what is going viral back to school style. >> this guy is probably the coolest teacher in the country. ♪ >> duane reade getting an a for effort to recording an entire rap video to introduce himself to his 4th grade students. >> have you seen this? he hilariously recreated her kindergarten photo for her
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school id. she styled herself in pigtails and an anxious expression. >> perhaps no one is this excited about returning to school as this fourth grader. >> i am going to class and then after that i am going to college or high school. i don't know. it is fun because i want to be a creator and i need a lot of math to do it and also a lot of science. >> he has big plans even riding his bike to school for the first time. >> good teachers and good parents. >> almost 19 minutes after the hour. bringing on the politically incorrect. one college message for incoming freshman you are going to love. >> liberal, moderate or
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>> a woman plummeting to her death after falling from a zip line. the 59-year-old tumbled down. the ride features a three-hour tour. they are trying to determine exactly what happened. they are operating 15 similar sites across the country.
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>> he was kicked out after he says the red cross forced him to take his faith outside. victims in shelters are always welcome to pray as long as they are respectful of other faiths. hope solo punished for calling her opponents cowards she is suspended for six months. she called the swedes a bunch of cowards following the usa unexpected loss in rio. >> you will see being able to get a glimpse inside prince's paisley park estate. >> the late superstar's private estate and studios will be turn nude a museum. fans will get to tour starting
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october 6th. it was something that prince said he wanted. beware before you hit the road. your car could stall without even a warning. >> we have a recall that you certainly need to know about. good morning. cheryl. >> this is ford. many of our viewers need to listen to the information about this. this is a recall for vehicles that could stall without warning. it's a fuel pumpish oo you. ford issued the recall for many vehicles made in 2013 to 2015 for taurus vans, crossover suv's, the ford flex. also transit vans recalled made between 2015 and 2016. again the ford suv, the ford escape suv, 23,000 of those. all have fuel pump issues. take it to the dealer. they will fix it. you don't want your car stalling owe specially on a busy friday.
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>> hopefully my parents are watching and they are listening. >> facebook knows a lot about us but they know more than we might think. >> we know facebook gathers information about us and they are targeting advertising to us. that's how they are staying in business and being facebook. the new york times did an interesting analysis of the things they are looking at. here's the thing. they look at things like age, gernd and location. that's the thing about this. they also look at other things you are doing on facebook such as what charity donations you are making, the education level you have the value of your home. here's the political side of this. where are you going? maybe you don't like hillary clinton or donald trump, but they will look at other things to determine whether you are conservative, liberal, moderate and they will sell that information and they can target directly at you.
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kind of like a layer you expect from facebook. >> that is like scary and annoying. >> to japan. they have a new use for our old cell phones. >> they do. this of course is one of my favorite things about the closing ceremonies is the handoff to tokyo. they are asking them to donate old electronics things like gold, silver and copper those are materials they can use to make the medals. >> coming up the epi pen spike hike. we have an alternative. i will cover that in a moment. julian assange dropped a
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>> a little girl found alive after being buried for 17 hours. we are live on the ground in italy with the incredible rescue. >> is donald trump back fracking
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on his immigration stance. >> they will have back taxes. we have back taxes. >> it is not what children usually do with their allowances. they saved up to buy officer's lunch. it will make your day. >> fox & friends first continues right now. >> we are not walking on sunshine. we are up and ready to go this morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. >> i like the giant m&m's dancing in the background.
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there is news about hillary clinton and waiting to go off. >> promising to release documents that could be a game charng. >> they go into damage control mode over the clinton foundation scandal. >> good morning to all of you at home. a lot to share with you. the rumors of the surprise with hillary clinton got more real. julian assange will be there for the 2016 election. wikileaks is the same organization that helped bring down 5 dnc officials including debbie wasserman schultz last month. they may finally address her scandal head on before voters go to the polls. >> there are thousands of pages of materials variety of different types of documents and
2:33 am
different types of institutions with the election campaign. they are quite unexpected angels that are quite interesting. >> clintons already doing damage control over new pay to play claims as secretary of state. this tweet from the associated press saying more than half of those who met clinton giving money to the clinton foundation. they asked them to de belete th tweet calling it accurate. the ap is standing by it. donald trump ramped up his attacks in recent days. hillary clinton firing back last night. >> what trump said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced any outside forces in fact the state department has said itself there is no evidence of any kind of
2:34 am
impropriety at all. >> that's our response. the new wikileak reports says there is no bombshell. had 3 and a half years from long time advisor huma abedin. >> the story continues. >> seems like it is never ending. >> thanks, anna. >> vote for me and you will have a better life. that's african american and hispanic voters. high stakes meeting today. rich edson is live from washington with what we can expect from that>> the latest fox news polling shows hillary clinton with a vast lead over donald trump among minority voters. trump will meet at trump tower in new york with african american hispanic fellows and leadership initiative. they have some of the most economically depressed cities.
2:35 am
they will argue clinton and liberal policies are holding back policies there. they are asking african americans specifically for their support. >> african americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians. hispanics are tired of being used by these phony politicians. everybody else in our country is tired of being used by these phony politicians. believe me. part of the future means securing the border to protect the jobs of all of the people living here today. that includes african americans hispanic americans and all americans. >> critics claim they are condescending and insincere. the immigration plan is
2:36 am
softening his approach to undocumented immigrants to the united states claiming there will be no amnesty but he says he will work with them. a departure from trump's called for a broad based deportation force. the texas senator vindicated claiming trump's amounts to amnesty. >> 75 days to go. rich edson, live for us. also breaking right now rescue crews in italy frantically digging for survivors as the death toll climbs to 250 overnight and this before and after picture putting in perspective the apocalyptic aftermath being described as donte's inferno. hundreds already rescued giving signs of hope in the rubble like this incredible moment. >> that is a baby girl found alive after buried under a
2:37 am
mountain of bricks for 17 hours. the 6.2 magnitude quake unleashing hundreds of aftershocks still at this hour. >> back at home tornadoes tearing through central indiana leaving more than a dozen injured there. 8 twisters bringing 200 mile per hour winds. this starbucks flattened like a cardboard box. people inside were hiding in the bathrooms. miraculously they made it out alive. mike pence leaving the campaign trail at home today to assess the damage. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour. the cost is sky rocketing but are there alternatives. what every parent need to know. 360 days since hillary clinton held a press conference. what is she hiding? stay tuned. wait until you hear this.
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>> welcome back to a fox business alert for you. outrage growing after the price of the life saving epi pen sky rockets to $600. >> cheryl casone has more of what you need to know. >> with the cost of the other pen jumping by 500 percent it will go out of attention. the consumer reports found being sold at wal-mart and sams club for $140 if you have a coupon. it releases the same drug as epi pen and the same dosage. the technology is different. it could be administered to flow or it can cause injury.
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you can use a home delivery system. you could use the epi pen herself. still want to stick with epi pens. it is for every possible epi pen financially. see if you can take a tax break because of it. if you pay for the epi pen you want to make sure it is available to use and not expired. use my own discount and assistive program. >> i want to say the company is very aware they are being attacked. they look around here for tips around here. >> good advice there, cheryl. >> log on to
2:43 am >> not doing a news conference for 263 days. she has been busy from coast to coast. just this week as justin timberlake and jessica beil's mansion. offering up this excuse. >> we are talking right now given in excess of 300 interviews this year. so i am going to continue talking with the press and answering request he is. stay tuned. there will be a lot of different opportunities for me to talk to that. >> they exposed to the media since the 5th of last year. she did talk to jimmy kimmel and she is hoping she does better in the election than she did on jimmy kimmel live. >> my e-mails are so boring.
2:44 am
i am embarrassed about that. >> the american people born in this interview. plunging in the ratings apparently. a ton of friends on nick at night. and two moms on mtv. >> friends, you know. >> maria molina is tracking extreme weather for us. >> yesterday we had extreme weather across portions of the midwest. there were recorded tornadoes. more than 30 reports received across portions of indiana and extending into ohio. the risk for severe weather today and portions of the northeast. damaging winds and large hail and isolated tornadoes will be possible today. the big concern is that it could become a tropical depression or
2:45 am
a tropical storm. it could impact parts of the eastern u.s. computer models all over the place with the storm. some of them intensified. some of them taken into the gulf of mexico. there will be heavy rain and parts of the caribbean. here's a look at the forecast high temperatures. southern plains and also into the southeast. in the northern plains a little on the cool side a high of 67 degrees forecast in rapid city. >> maria molina. >> trying to check with brian kilmeade on what is coming up on "fox & friends first." >> it will probably be indoors and outdoors. we will bring the rain jackets. here is one thing we will be talking about is the trump owe kratz. i am going to be going for donald trump now. i will be talking to one of them
2:46 am
today to find out what they were thinking and if there are other people like them. >> trump kratz. >> we should get that trending online this morning. >> possibly. i am sure donald trump would love that. we have senator chris coons is in a fight for his career in pennsylvania which he could prevail at in delaware i should say. ed rollins will be here live, just some of the guest coming our way including donald trump on immigration and hillary clinton demanded the ap reverse. >> a lot going on this morning. >> you forgot the best part. brian, you and ainsley. >> in that order. >> brian, me and ainsley. >> thanks, brian.
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>> the mom of the affluenza teen accused of killing four people while driving drunk she landed a new gig. this photo surfacing of tonya couch. she is working in fort worth even though she is not allowed to drink alcohol legally. they fled to mexico to avoid jail after he violated pro gages. lawyers argued he was too rich and too spoiled to know right from wrong. suck it up. that is the message the university of chicago has to up coming freshman. we do not support so-called trigger trigger warning, we do not cancel invited speakers and do not condone the creation of intellectual safe spaces.
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after a long wait to season 3, empire is almost here. >> keep our enemies close. >> i see the firing eyes, i know we're good. >> shenanigans. let's go to the top. senior vp of marketing sat down with taraji p. henson. >> i did. she gave me the inside scoop of everything that's in store for 2016. check it out. >> add cookie to the cusp of happiness and it all went the way it always does in empire. >> it's all because of who? >> who could forget that epic cliffhanger? >> who do you think she would like to see not return? >> do you really have to ask? you know cookie wants to bite the bullet. whoever doesn't make it, it's
2:52 am
bad. you got andre, whose mental state is -- >> complicated. >> it is. as a mother, you worry. if it's alonzo, he lost a wife and child. what is that going to do to him? >> so what can fans expect for season 3? >> very unpredictable. starting with the first scene of the premiere. we're doing a lot of flashbacks as to how cookie and lucious met. really exciting season. >> a golden globe under her belt, another emmy and new memoir on the way, 2016 is shaping up to be the year of taraji. >> next, women handle that -- >> women who -- it's not the -- >> because we wear glasses.
2:53 am
>> i can't wait. it is definitely one of those movies that will uplift humanity. we need that right now. >> it opens up in december. in season 3 of empire, september 21st, only on fox. write down the date. sneak peek of the reel of the new movie hidden figures. it looks phenomenal. it's one of those -- >> i will say that empire, i love the music. great music. >> that's some of the beauty of that show. it's a powerful seller of music on itunes and the storyline. it's big ratings. >> good tips for us? >> catch the first two seasons like you can. season 3 of empire starts september 21st on fox. check out fox for more information and follow me on twitter. the party continues.
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>> glamour shots too. >> thank you, mierk al. >> thanks. the time is eight minutes until the top of the hour. it's not usually what kids do with their allowances. meet the little boy who saved up to buy officers' lunch. it will make your day. just hand her the wife of the year award. cops say she stabbed her husband because he drank her beer. we're not kidding. stick around. experience breathtaking lexus performance in street-legal form. get great offers at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. ends september 5th. see your lexus dealer.
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it is about three minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. it's a race against time in italy as crews frantically dig for survivors. the 6.2 earthquake is responsible for nearly 250 deaths. geologists warning that strong aftershocks could continue for days. indiana governor and vice presidential nominee mike pence back in his home state to tour destruction after at least eight twisters tore through, leaving more than a dozen injured. donald trump set to sit down with african-american and hispanic activists for a leadership roundtable in new york city. he's trying to broaden his base by reaching out to minorities. let's keep talking about the outreach to black and hispanic voters. will it work? reach out to us at #deep talking. the good, the bad and the ugly. used his allowance to buy lunch
2:59 am
for cops. >> i have money to feed the chicken. >> how cute is that? he wants to be a cop when he grows up and bought the new jersey officers lunch because he wants them to eat more healthy as a token of their appreciation. he was given a badge and ride in a patrol car. this woman slashed her husband with a pair of scissors and the reason? apparently he drank her beer. she was arrested six years ago after fighting with her boyfriend over sauce. pokemon in -- employs near detroit handing out 60 tickets by playing in the park after dark. the fines could cost them more than 200 bucks each. can we show that woman's photo again. beer and barbecue sauce. >> don't mess her. this pokemon game is a
3:00 am
disaster. >> have you done that? >> no. >> there are a lot of them in central park the other day. >> oh, my goodness. >> thanks for joining us. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great thursday. bye bye. good thursday morning to you and your family. it's august 25th. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump is hours away from a high stakes meeting with minority leaders after saying this about immigration. >> they have to pay taxes. there's no -- there's no amnesty. >> how is that message resonating this morning? we're live on the campaign trail. meanwhile, more damaging reports are piling up about the clinton foundation. but bill clinton says there's nothing to see right there. >> we're trying to do good things. there's nothing wrong with creating jobs and saving lives. i don't know what it is. >> we can


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