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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 25, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> joe, thank you, sir. appreciate it. join me tomorrow morning on the fox business network, 9:00 a.m. through noon. wait for it. "the five" is next. >> hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, with juan williams, brian kilmeade, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ only 74 days left until election day, and the war of words is only getting uglier. the two nominees are focused on which candidate is more intolerant of others. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> donald trump has shown us who he is. someone who is, you know, very
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much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> that was yesterday, and the bigotry allegations got stepped up a few notches today. >> trump is reinforcing harmful stereotypes, and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. so no one should have any illusions about what's really going on here. the names may have changed. racists now call themselves racialists. white supremists now call themselves white nationalists. the paranoid fringe now calls itself alt-right. but the hate burns just as bright. and now trump is trying to rebrand himself, as well. >> it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. when democratic policies fail,
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they are left with only this one tired argument -- you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> okay, so a lot of them, people online, twitter, et cetera, et cetera, about the tone from both camps. it felt different today, things are getting more intense, more specific in terms of allegations of racism, bigotry. dana, from a communication perspective, is this where they should be at this point in the game before the election? >> i think it was inevitable. donald trump was right, no matter who the republican is, they try to say the republican is racist. they tried to pin that on mitt romney. but there is a problem with this alt-right movement and many people at this table have been targets of these people who hide behind their twitter accounts and write horrible, disgusting things about not just liberals but people like me.
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and i pointed to myself, i've been a life-long republican. i was the first republican woman to serve as white house press secretary. i have dedicated my career to try to advance conservative principles and to try to win national elections. and so that was sort of bubbling up. trump opens the door a little bit because basically not shutting those people down. not just saying you are not welcome here. it goes back to the david duke thing where he eventually disavowed him, but it left a mark. so what she was trying to do -- let me back up. there was something said on tv this afternoon suggesting that hillary clinton gave this speech today because her campaign is so worried that trump is actually making in roads with the minority community. i don't think that's it at all. i think hillary clinton, one of the things that is the real problem about white supremacy, all that stuff, she saw this as an opening to destroy what's left of the republican party.
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she gave probably the best speech of her campaign, and it will definitely leave a mark, and it doesn't matter that last night in jackson, mississippi, in front of a really white crowd, that donald trump called hillary a bigot. which is such strong language. i don't think from a communications stand point, do i think it's where they should be? no, i wish it wasn't where they had to be, but i think this fight was coming, and i guess it's probably good to get it done and out of the way and have this fight so the rest of the campaign can focus on the important issues. >> brian? >> a couple of things. number one, she hit with her best combination in late august. then if this was october, i would say wow, you really just want to make this guy unelectable. but here we are in a speech that was supposed to be about something entirely different. it was supposed to be a speech that was a focus on small business, and she quickly
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changed it. i differ from you in one area, dana. i do think that she saw that she was taking on water, over the last few days and weeks -- >> on what? >> the e-mails, the foundation, she wanted to change the subject. and she said the way to do it is to go at him. because if he didn't draw blood on her tactically, she would not have been doing this today. she would be more than happy to continue with the fund-raisers and talk about other things. >> that was a good way to change the subject, the other subject we're going to talk about is not hillary's e-mails, it is trump's flip-flop on immigration. so it's not like he's trying to help himself by keeping the focus on her. you know what i mean? >> i do know what you mean, but this was an extreme speech. i don't think anybody that knows donald trump thinks he's a white supremist. i don't think he's a racist, and she's saying because these white
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supremists support him, he has to be one. >> she is trying to paint all republicans with this broad brush based on this fringe, small group of trolls that exist anonymously on twitter and say the most vile things. >> just say my name. >> greg, this time it's not you. >> two days ago, hillary thought alt-right was a computer key. >> alt-right deletes. my e-mails. all of them. >> it's like the bigot olympics today. like who is the worst bigot. trump says she's a bigot because her policies have affected negatively the inner cities. he's a bigot because he surrounds himself with people that might be racists. the bottom line is, neither of them are racists. >> they're not. >> none of them are. in a reall election. >> yep. >> we're screwed.
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this is how low we've gotten, that we're sitting here talking about this crap. also, hillary hit him on birtherism. didn't she kind of start that when she was running against obama? the other thing too, we have to remember that what she's doing is what we all do. when the new black panthers came out, we said, okay, that's -- we use that to paint a picture of the democratic party. i did it with occupy wall street. when occupy wall street would come up, i would say look at the left, look at the left. so what the alt-right is, it's political appropriation. it's like cultural appropriation. they infiltrated conservatism, they took things that mattered, like the war on radical islam, right? immigration policy. the politically correct movement and how it's polluted our speech. and they've put this weird white nationalist veneer on it. they've peed in our pool, essentially.
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the problem is, when you call them out, you give them more credence. >> i did not know anything about the alt-right. never even heard of it. >> she was smart. she took it, she made it into a big thing. i think donald trump was right to pre-buttal. i thought that was a good move. and he brought up the point that you did, you're right, the last refuge of a wrong argument is to call someone a racist. >> and you're doing it in august. >> juan, you've been covering politics for so many years. what did you think? >> i think there was no choice. she did, first of all, a great speech. >> i thought it was terrible. >> it was a wonderful speech. i will leave that up to whatever you want. but that was an effective and compelling speech. at this table, everybody is saying she's really attacking the poor republicans. she's not attacking john mccain who said barack obama is a good man. you may disagree with him, but he's an american. she's not attacking george w.
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bush, who was visiting mosques after 9/11. >> she doesn't need to. >> she's not attacking bob dole who told racists to go for the exit. what she is attacking is very real. let me just tell you something, remember, this is donald trump who went after the mexican judge who said we should build a wall, this is a guy prosecuted by the justice department for discrimination, racial discrimination in buildings that he was housing and his tenants. let me remind you that when white supremists like david duke say if you don't vote for donald trump you're a traitor to the white race, that's a strong message. >> on the other side, you could easily find, in the fringe, on the left, endorsing hillary, or any liberal. i mean, the new black panthers supported candidate obama. he had reverend wright. everybody plays the fringe game.
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>> let me say, this is not -- let me tell you something, the american people know the truth here. polls show 65 of all u.s. adults say the tag "racist" attaches to donald trump to some degree. but 35% of americans say it attaches to donald trump absolutely and very well. 35%, that's all americans. >> do you think if it wasn't for the outright seven-day, eight-day push by donald trump to say to the black community, i want your vote and fill in the blanks after that, that she would be making that speech? >> that wasn't it. >> she was supposed to talk about small business. if he wasn't making inroads -- >> he's not making -- ryan, i don't know what poll you may have seen, but he's not making inroads with black voters or latino. >> i actually think, brian, that
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the promotion of steve bannon, who is running breitbart news, to campaign ceo was the motivation for her to give the speech. not that there was a concern for her in the polls. that happened earlier this week. >> i just have a quick question i want to follow up on. we've been talking about the impact on women who turn out to vote and obviously this is a group he needs to do better with. it's a group she wants to gather more from. the impact from some of these incendiary comments, what poll will it take, if any? >> i don't want to be called a racist. i don't want that. so in some ways you could see republican women becoming defensive and saying how dare you suggest that. but i don't think that's what she did, if you listen and watch the speech. i thought last night when he
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called hillary clinton a bigot, i thought i just want to make sure i understand what the word bigot means. so i went on the google and neither of them are bigots. neither of them are racists. i cannot wait until the baby boomers are no longer running for president. because i think that this kind of racial tension like this actually goes away when those -- when that generation's politicians are no longer with us. >> it will be their last go around. >> we were not talking race, like we were over the last 7 1/2 years. >> something we have to say as somebody who has been a conservative and a libertarian since 1988. i worked for the american spectator, i've written books on conservatism. there's nothing right about the alt-right. >> they're not even conservative. >> they're not conservative. if you look at their beliefs, they're anti-everything. they're the equivalent of the radical left in that you want to
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destroy something without the idea of replacing it. the fact that we're talking about them, we're feeding a troll. >> she started it. she's very smart. >> i think kimberly is on to something when she asked you that question about your reaction, dana. yesterday at the table, i said dana, a lot of this is directed at republican women, like you, who are concerned about this. and if you look at donald trump's numbers right now, with white women, you see that he's at a negative. he's losing. >> i know. he's underperforming with every demographic, and i don't know what they're going to do to turn that around. if you are just looking at battleground states, i'm all for outreach to latinos and african-americans. i'm all for it. but you have a very narrow path to get to 270 electoral votes, and this last few days is not going to cut it. >> it doesn't play out by having donald trump in mississippi with the nationalist from europe. this is craziness.
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>> and a little brexit on the side. and leave dana perino alone, alt-right mean people. all right. much more to come on "the five." they're just jealous. he threatened to deport 11 million illegal aliens, but is donald trump going to allow them to stay if he's president? his answer ahead. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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♪ let the record show that greg disapproved of my record choice. this week, donald trump muddled his position on illegal immigration. he's trying to be all things to all people. where does he stand now? he tried to clarify that last night. >> no citizenship? >> no citizenship. let me go a step further. they'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty. >> right. >> but everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. but when i go through and meet
2:19 pm
thousands of people on the subject, and i've had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me and said, mr. trump, i love you, but to take a person that's been here 15, 20 years and throw them and their family out, it's so tough, mr. trump. i have it all the time. it's a very hard thing. >> trump vowed no amnesty but will work with the undocumented. his campaign says he hasn't changed his position. >> this is not evolution, this is a turn about. this worst thing is not that it's a change of policy, it's that look at what happens to the underlying logic. this was the tent pole of his campaign. the politicians are idiots. now he tells us, the laws are wonderful, i don't want to change any of it. i'll be a little more energetic. that undermines anything he's ever said and you have to question, did he ever mean it? >> so quite a turn about, greg?
2:20 pm
>> he caved more than a seasoned spelunker. >> i don't know what that means. >> i said this yesterday, if you didn't know he was going to change his mind, it's on you. because he changes his position more than an olympic gymnast. he turned into jeb bush just now. remember, ted cruz warned everybody that you don't know what trump you're going to get. but trump is counting on one thing, that his ardent supporters don't care. and you can tell by the audience when they're clapping, they clap to everything he says. if you admit to caring, you admit that you were wrong. and no one likes to admit they're wrong. so they say he evolved, maybe i'll evolve too, because i like the man. i think that's why this doesn't matter as much, even though it matters to the people that he's hurt and demeaned for holding those same positions. >> i agree.
2:21 pm
brian, president bush 43 won 40% of the hispanic vote in 2000, 44% in 2004. in 2008, mccain, they estimated he needed to hit 35%, he only got 30%. romney they said you're going to have to hit at least 35%. he got 27%. even if trump is polling as the fox news latino polls show 22%, both two candidates lost. so is a softening on immigration a potential way to turn things around? >> the biggest surprise for me is it didn't happen in july. that's the biggest surprise to me. this is 75 days out. the way he delivered it, i get the immigration speech is going to be pushed off another week. he's starting to see some of the problems. ann coulter came out and said if he does this, it will be the shortest book tour ever, because i can't support him. jeb bush came out today and said
2:22 pm
i can't believe this guy. basically this is all a game for him. so he's against it. but marco rubio or governor kasich, you wonder if they can now support him. and other republicans think now i can support him. you run against obamacare and you get to the general and you go man, if i run against obamacare, i will lose that independent, then i'm going to keep that to myself. >> i'm only smiling, because that was amazing spin. it was amazing. i haven't thought of it that way. do you think that john kasich and rubio are thinking now i can get behind donald trump after he eviscerated me and called me those names? >> kasich says it's not personal. he says it's because he talked about the deportation and i can't do that. so if you talk about the issues and you are republican --
2:23 pm
>> kelly ann conway may have his ear. in six of these states, you have to do better than obama, or at least as good as obama, with hispanics. >> yeah, he's going to have to build a wall. and a pole vault over the top. look, nobody said it's going to be easy, right? but you've got to try. i think the impact of kelly ann conway has been good. i saw her do another interview with rachel maddow. she's doing outreach, coupling that with the focus groups. perhaps it's having an impact. as to what greg said, i think you hit it on the head. i think that the people that are with trump are all in on him,
2:24 pm
vegas, they pushed all the chips in and they're going all the way. >> they're not going to do anything to help hillary. >> no, they're not. if he tweaks this or that and says everybody can stay, they're going to be like, that's their guy. >> what do you think, juan? >> my hair's on fire today. >> me, too. >> wait a second, isn't this the guy that said, you know, rapists and thieves being sent here, mexicans, right? this is the guy who says outrageous things about people and oh, he's changing -- he's not changing his immigration policy. he is pandering and he's trying to get dana perino's vote. he's not anti-immigrant. overwhelmingly the american people think that people should not be deported. >> wait a second, who is for the tpp and who's against it? what day is it with hillary clinton? 40 times she is for the gold standard and now she can't stand
2:25 pm
it. >> we're talking about the immigration issue. it's not that he's doing a flip-flop, he's doing cartwheels. when you h this is not a change of position, this is not evolution. listen to what charles is saying in terms oh of the honesty of the analysis. he is playing his supporters for rubes. >> that's the point here. if you understand donald trump -- this is important. if you understand donald trump, you understand that every position is negotiable. it's the supporters who called you a rino for believing in these thing who are now okay with it. >> it will be interesting with those in the media that supported him on the deportation issue change their opinion and maybe back off and let the congress solve this issue. maybe that will happen. that could be good. ahead, wikileaks is
2:26 pm
promising to release significant information. that's next.
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♪ there i am. last night, julian assange went on megyn kelly's show and said he would be leaking more stuff regarding hillary clinton and some of it might be really entertaining. >> are we going to see it before the november 8th election? >> yes, absolutely. people have a right to understand who it is that they're nominating. it's a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions associated with the election campaign. some quite unexpected angles
2:31 pm
that are quite interesting, some even entertaining. >> i can hardly wait. as this is happening, hackers posted naked pictures of leslie jones, causing outrage. so why are hacks okay in some cases but not in others? they're both intrusions. are such exposures only acceptable when it benefits you, hurts an adversary or satisfies your morbid curiosity. clinton is running for president, so what if there is something in the leaks that exposes illegal activity. remember, if julian assange had your personal info, medical records, financials or a home movie you made with some hitchhikers in the '80s, he would public them in the name of assange. it's the work of a man who loves to see his name in print, even
2:32 pm
if it means soiling the names of others. since when did he care about america? assange's leaks have just one thing in common, it's not principle, it's availability, whatever he can get his hands on or what's handed to him. meaning you could be next. or worse, me. this is all a self-serving monologue, brian. >> you know it's going to happen to you. i know you, you probably have five e-mail accounts, all the passwords are named after your kids or dogs. i could probably hack your account in ten minutes. >> what is your first name? we're never on together. first off, i'm with you. if you want to get to the truth -- i hope we can get the fbi to do that. can you do an investigation? i do not want to hail him because he might be pursuing
2:33 pm
debbie wasserman schultz. i had reince priebus on the radio to me, and he said, i'm not happy about this. i don't want the october surprise to come from julian assange. >> exactly. >> that's a mature position. >> he doesn't care, he's not a republican. he just likes to disrupt. that's basically it. >> megyn asked him about this, and he said listen, i think people have a right to know. they should know who they're voting for and they should know the truth. he said he doesn't want to tell exactly obviously what it is, but he thinks it's significant and made the point that you're going to have to see if the media picks up on it. nevertheless, yeah, i agree. this is the same thing, you know, as edward snowden. so it's the same principles. it's intrusive. it violates privacy. we don't want the russians hacking us. we don't want the chinese or the north koreans and you don't want
2:34 pm
julian assange getting ahold of it. >> dana, we are kind of guilty as human beings, because we are curious about people's inner lives. we don't care about what they do outside. but we want to know what they're doing at home or what they're thinking. so we want to read it. >> it's like irresistible. you would never want it for yourself, but that's why people buy national enquirer. i'm not for the leaks. press secretaries are never the leaker. part two of that interview airs tonight. remember a couple of weeks ago, assange alluded to the dnc staffer who was basically murdered in washington, d.c. and apparently she talked to him about that. we'll find out tonight more about it. >> juan, anything in your e-mails that you wake up in the middle of the night and go, oh, my god. >> it's over. i must say it just find it so odd, because i think julian assange has done damage to our
2:35 pm
national security. so the people who would celebrate, oh, he came out with something on hillary clinton. wait a minute, this is julian assange. and not only that, go back to the dnc stuff. remember, the russians were handing him stuff. they're use thing guy. >> i don't know if that's been proven. >> i think the justice department has said -- >> we'll talk to him on fox and friends tomorrow if he's not arrested or jailed. he's in the embassy of ecuador in britain. >> you miff just blown up your interview for tomorrow. you know how funny this is? this is like "the brady bunch." >> i would be peter. no, i would be greg, you would be peter. >> he's bobby. >> and sam always brought the meat. coming up, the clinton foundation continues to come under fire. but don't worry, hillary says it's just all smoke. she's also answering questions about hiding from the press. her latest excuse, next.
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♪ hillary clinton rarely does national tv interviews, but she did one last night. she denied allegations of donors to the clinton foundation got favors from her state department. >> my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on
2:41 pm
what i thought was right, keeping americans safe and to protect u.s. interests abroad. well, what we did when i was secretary of state, as i said, went above and beyond anything that was required, anything that any charitable organization has to do. i know there's a lot of smoke, and there's no fire. >> she also rarely goes before a group of reporters as in a press conference to answer questions, and she addressed that. >> will you give a press conference? >> well, anderson, i'm talking to you right now, and i've given, i think, way in excess of 300 interviews this year. i've got a lot that i have been sharing with the press, talking to the press, as i'm doing with you right now. you know, stay tuned. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> what do you think, brian? >> i think if this -- this backs up my original premise, for her to give that excoriating speech
2:42 pm
and for her to call into anderson cooper, shows that these attacks are working, donald trump loading up the prompter and not doing national enter views and he can trip over his own words, and that's why she called in. do you think she's trying to boost anderson cooper's ratings? she tanked jimmy kimmel's. she has no answers. there's no barack obama, bill clinton to answer these questions. why don't you have a press conference? the last time i did one with the united nations was a disaster and everything i said was untrue. any other questions? >> the last time donald trump had an interview like this, it was a disaster, too. what's the -- >> trump does all the interviews. >> no, in fact, he's been doing fewer. basically, he does sean hannity on fox and turning down interviews from all the others. >> he's doing anderson cooper tonight. >> he makes himself very
2:43 pm
available. you have to be fair. he does answer the questions. perhaps if he had a team squeezing him, he wouldn't. yes, he is using the teleprompter, because you have to be focused, that's politics. but in terms of hillary clinton, you can talk about trump, but you can't avoid the facts, which is hillary clinton cannot answer questions. she doesn't have a skill set like dana said. there's a lot of material to work with, because she's been in politics for a long time. >> is there a double standard in terms of trump sticking with fox and what clinton said last night on anderson cooper, you know more about the foundation than you'll ever know about trump and his taxes. >> well, that's actually a pretty effective response from her. i think the press is frustrated. the reporters that cover her
2:44 pm
every day, that get on her campaign plane and follow her around at these fund raisers. they have a job to do every day. they have to turn in a story through their editors and she's not feeding them. so they're frustrated. then they're starting to worry, what if she became president, what's going to happen to transparency and our ability to ask questions of the leader? i think that there is risk any time you go out and you do an interview. tactically, if i were on her team advising her, i would say hold. >> what would you say, greg? >> you know, it's sad kind of candidate that the less they see of you, the better you do. >> that's the truth. >> that would hurt my feelings, if fox said we're going to keep you off tv, give you a raise, we'll pay you to stay home. >> i'll take that deal. >> the press is anti-hillary, that's what howard dean says. >> i believe that boring works in her favor. you can get away with so much illegal stuff when the things
2:45 pm
that are illegal are boring, because there's -- with the e-mail scandal, there's no food visuals. we open the 4:00 hour on fox with a pastor arguing with an immigration protester. and it was great tape, but it was just two people arguing. you don't have those visuals, you can't just have somebody open up an e-mail. she's benefiting from illegal activity that is boring. >> she did one interview, chris wallace. she should be coming on fox. we're crushing everybody else in terms of numbers. >> she called in on bill o'reilly. >> she called me over the weekend. >> ahead, apple could launch its newest iphone within a week and if the rumors are true, it will be a big, big change that will tick off a lot of people. what is it? next. let's feed him to the sharks!
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♪ to release its next iphone in the coming weeks and rumor has it that the seven might not have a headphone jack. this is what's rumored it to
2:50 pm
look like. it's thinner, no room for jack. steve wozniak are predicting people are not going to like this change, saying if it's missing the 3.5 millimeter earphone jack, that is going to tick off a lot of people. i would not use bluetooth, i don't like wireless. and he's smart with a beard. greg, your stance on the slimer iphone 7 trying to be something different? >> when i heard the news, i went on a hunger strike. i have not eaten since 3:00 p.m. this is a big problem. compare this to the problem we had decades ago, like polio. this is our problem, this is our segment. >> but we beat polio. maybe we can beat this. >> polio is coming back.
2:51 pm
>> kimberly, it turns out they're going to be able to take two pictures at one time and they'll both capture the same image differently. >> there's filters for that, too. what was that new app you had? >> prisma. >> what are they take thing jack out? i think this is too much for me. >> you know i'm the last guy in the gym who was using the jack. now my kids gave me, because they were laughing at me, they gave me bluetooth, and they kept breaking and stuff. i don't know if i was too rough on them. according to these guys, there's something called usb type c port. it's like a bluetooth two, and it's supposedly better. i think you get better sound quality with the jack than bluetooth. >> it's something else to charge.
2:52 pm
[ overlapping speakers ] >> it might be slimmer and weigh less, but if you have to carry around headphones, that weighs more. right now you can put the headphones in your pocket. >> the biggest thing since the battery life. i want more battery power. >> that's selfish. [ overlapping speakers ] >> stop with the batteries! you need a battery intervention. >> it's so much better when i fill in for greg. >> i like when the brady bunch brothers argue. >> listen, i'm getting yelled at from people more powerful than me. "one more thing" coming up next. please take a wide shot. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes
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♪ it's time now for "one more thing." greg, you have a very special. >> we have some amazing fines of "the five." even when you're here, brian. kelly and joshua ureke drove all the way to texas with this -- >> from texas. >> from texas. check that out. >> that is amazing. >> they drove that painting from texas to here. >> tell them about the special
2:57 pm
thing on the back. >> it's a bible verse behind every single person. >> it's so special. >> kelly jo is an artist. >> does she have a twitter? >> >> this is so life-like too, greg. you're the same size here as you are on there. >> you're next. >> all right. thank you for the beautiful painting. this is something very cute. i wanted to do the national ice cream sunday day, but this might be the most excited kid ever to go to school. you wish you had this kid at home. they were walking into rodriguez elementary monday morning in austin, texas. and the local fox affiliate caught this. >> i'm going back to school. i'm going to fourth school, then
2:58 pm
fifth grade, then i'm going to college, or high school. i don't know. my mom thinks i'm a baby, so i can't walk to school sometimes. also she thinks i need protective gear when i need to ride a bike. >> oh, my god, it sounds like you have a fantastic mom. i bet you even take flint stone vitamins in the morning. >> mine is a celebration of the national park service, celebrating its centennial today. one of my favorite things when i worked at the white house was being a liaison with the national park service. we have some video that they did for their anniversary. if you go on the website, you can see more about this jewel that we have. nowhere else in the world has all of these amazing marks that we do. >> and thank you to all the national parks employees. i think you're amazing. >> so last night at the nationals and orioles game in
2:59 pm
washington, d.c., olympic champion katie ledecky, winner of four gold medals and one silver, threw out the first pitch at the game. that's pretty terrific. but here's a hidden treat. while she threw out the first pitch, major league baseball's most valuable player, bryce harper, had to hold her gold medal, as she was throwing. >> she threw it better than president obama. >> let me tell you about 23-year-old jimmy cox. he wanted to make some overtime. so he got called to a leak. this has gone viral. who said americans don't work? he said it's all in the line of work, he just wants to make some overtime, trying to help people out. i am in awe of that effort. >> that's the american spirit.
3:00 pm
>> and by the way, he's okay. he's a little sore from diving in there. >> that's it for us. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we have three major stories tonight. duelling speeches by the major party candidates on race and temperament. hillary clinton says donald trump's slogan should be "make america hate again," while trump calls clinton a bigot. we're pressing the white house to explain how president obama made a $1.3 billion payment to iran after saying he had to use cash for $400 million transfer just two days earlier. at the same time, iran harasses more u.s. warships. plus, a new court ruling in the clinton e-mail case. and we have new information


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