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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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sisters stepped up. >> emotionally it's awesome to see it. >> the school called the officers a, quote, army of standin ford this important first. it's been a pleasure to be with you on this friday. "your world" is next. >> did one of the banks that was blamed for the financial crisis just warn that donald trump will cause a crisis? welcome on this friday. i'm liz clayman in for neil cavuto. this is your your young, citigroup saying to awesome win to shock the financial markets s and trigger a global growth slowdown, gary is not buying it and beyond megan and jessica. gary you say citigroup should, quote, shut up. why? >> well, it's kind of simple. we have 20 trillion in debt, deficits as far as the eye can
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see. social security is going to implode in 20 years. you have central banks creating bubbles across the place, yet they're blaming what is going to happen on donald trump. i say everything has already been put in place over the last 10 to 20 years and donald trump has never run one second of government yet. >> jessica, i've heard, doomsday, predictions on everything, and the most recent was brexit. it's going to stop the world from rotating on its axis. >> not so much. >> to this issue, citi says the worries people have on trump, particularly on the trade issue because he won't impose tariff which we don't know much about -- that would be enough to tip us into a global recession. >> i think it's 45% on his tariff -- >> has not said that in weeks. >> he has walked that back. >> okay. anyway, city -- citigroup is
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heaping on. moodeys said we would lose $3.5 million and hillary clinton would give us new jobs and increase gdp growth. would get us going further, and so, yeah, it looks like his beloved business community isn't such fan of his. >> we just got another revision of gdp. growth is at an unbelievably a anymoric.%. without donald trump being in any government position here. we need him to do this? come on. we're already there in a way. >> we have had the weakest recovery under president obama since 1949. the average growth is around 2.1%. so -- >> so blaming donald trump and he has nothing to do with it. >> hillary clinton's proposals are more of the same. she is going to get a different result from doing the same things that president obama has done and that is raising taxes, and spending money on -- some ways social programs. i'll point to one thing. they're worried about trade, one reason this citigroup economist
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came out with this and said the markets aren't pricing in a trump victory, rite, because he is not yet leading in the polls and they're not pricing it in and hillary clinton is trying to be just as tough on trade as donald trump. might not being the out the 450% tariff on imimportanted goods bus trying to be just as fair. >> one of the issues, and i brought up trade and i think this may be what is at the heart of it because you herd from citi, and the champber of commerce supports republican nominees, and republican politicians. says if you impose onerous tariffs on china or mexico, hearings what happened you ruin the chances for american consumers to buy cheap chinese products and for american businesses to import cheap chinese raw materials and then you have the try angulation of a solo -- slowing underin china and the global economy slowing down. >> the most important outcome of that could be a trade war and that is bad news and, yes, the economy will head south in a
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very big way. but i'm pretty darn sure there is not going to be this global tariff going out there. i think donald trump is more or less positioning himself if he wins the presidency just to get better trade deals. and let me just say another part of this equation, for citigroup to say that hillary clinton will create jobs when she wants to take 2 trillion bucks out of the economy and put it into the slimy hands of washington, dc to do the spending, i'm sorry, homey don't play that. that's the worst thing -- >> wall street is expecting favors from hillary clinton if she wins the white house because the securities -- amongst securities and investment firms they have begin i given 19 times what they have given to donald trump. 6.4 -- i'm not sure that means thaw expect favors. they underth just don't want a maniac in office. this is not anti-wall street because they don't like him. now hi is throwing his hands up and saying i'm trying to be like bernie sanders. >> trump in a way if you look
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and see who might read the headline, you might scare the social security set, and those are older folks who tend to go t the voting booths and they do tend to vote, or is it simply nor where people say, you're trying to blame somebody who is not in the government for a slowdown that we're already seeing. >> i don't think there's much more that can be said bad about donald trump except he caused the chicago fire and the san francisco earthquake also. so, i think that people who are going to vote for him are going to vote for him, and people who won't, won't, and i think people are very pollar criesed on both sides and there's a small sliver in between that can be won and that going to happen over the next ten week. >> the citigroup economist is praising spending from either one of them. so don't tell me this person is not a liberal. >> thank you very much. >> lots of suspense. >> citigroup, love it. one 0 -- >> my money, jessica. >> i'm thrilled to take your
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money. >> i'm thrilled to take all your money. thank you very much for weighing in on that. the clinton campaign bracing for release of potentially damaging e-mails average federal judge says a batch of e-mailed needs to be released by september 13-inch. catherine herridge has the latest. >> reporter: the fbi recovered a thousand records as part of the investigation as well as her use of a personal serve-for government business. those records were given to the state department earlier this month, and according to the ruling from a federal judge in florida, the department must release records that are relevant to the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack by search 13th. >> a total universe of documents that the fbi recovered, and turned over to the state department, the state department has told judicial watch, told us, they have had positive hits for the search tomorrow "benghazi" so we know the
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records-miles-an-hour chron ton either hit or destroyed and that have now been recovered are directly related to benghazi. >> based on the fbi investigative files that were sent to congress earlier this month, the clinton team used a text nothing called bleachbit to destroy what they decided were her personal records. cyber accurate experts say the technology is like an electronic shredder that scrambles the data. >> we're looking at internally -- all i can do is refer 0 you to what i just said chills that secretary clinton, as she verified herself to the court, said that she gave over to the state department all of her work-related e-mails only her server. >> so the state department there saying that it's going to be pretty tough to meet these mid-september dead left-hand side cannot just for this lawsuit but for a number of lawsuits that are kind of reaching maturity that had been in the system for some time. we asked the clinton campaign why her team used the technology
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called "bleachbit" and why it does appear based on the timeline they destroyed records after they had these requests from congress and groups like judicial watch and when we get a response we'll bring that to you, liz. >> and i see bleachbit is selling out on amazon -- no, i'm kidding. that unbelievable. who heard of this thing that now way know it's out there to potentially hide things. thank you. what in these e-mails? well, as you heard some of the e-mail quds very well include possible new information about the benghazi attack, or not0. to the "washington examiner's" byron york. so the clinton camp be worried? now what? >> i think they have to be nervous because it is not just the benghazi related e-mails. we development now how many there will be but there's a bigger group of 14,900 e-mails that hillary clinton did not originally turn officer to the state department. remember, she said she turned
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over everything that was work-related. she turned at that time over to state department. the state department will be under a court order to get some of that stuff out into the public starting around the end of september. so, i think that given the new interest and the clinton foundation, and choices -- and accusations of pay for play and access and all of that, there's an intense interest in what is in these e-mails. >> they say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. so the signlight shines a spotlight or illuminates a room that would already had light switches on and because we have already seen so many of these e-mails and the national polls simply do not reflect that it has negatively affected her, although i guess we don't really know how much higher she might have been if people trusted her also pit more. >> i think most people would save it has negatively affected the public's screw of her honesty and trustworthiness, which is really low, really low,
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but you're right. there are political experts who believe the sort of public attitude toward the e-mail affair is baked in the cake at this point. and so absent some sort of really big bombshell in the e-mailed it may not have a big effect at the polls. remember, this is something where she said back in her very first news conference about the e-mailed, march so, 2015, she says there are 60,000 of them, 30,000 were work-related. 30,000 were personal. she destroyed the bleachbit thing -- she destroyed the ones she said were personal. gave the rest to the state department. now we have 15,000 more. not sure what's there. >> i can hear the cynicism. i can hear -- i can see viewers shaking their heads saying this is politics as usual. just go back to june when the supreme court overturned that case of corruption against the virginia governor who is cuted of seasonth accepting something like $175,000 in gifts and favors by a local businessman in
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richmond, and justice roberts said that meet little like that were able to be effectuate between the businessman and people who helped him were not exactly acts that could be seen as corruption and people do throw up their hands and say maybe this is just the way politics works. >> there's an annual value in just disclosure and public knowledge, so maybe it doesn't move the needle but lets us know more about what happened, and it does shine more light on whether hillary clinton was telling the truth during all of these public statements she has made about the e-mails over the past year. >> we have heard from the fbi chief james comey there was district contradiction and there is was seek secret stuff in e-mail shed said wasn't. we'll september 13th the day the e-mails will be released. thank you. a defense official says those iranian vest. s that budded past and ran at
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appears to be unprofessional. standing by -- >> that's close. iranian vessels harassing our ships, not once but twice this week and now a defense official says the number of confrontations like that on your screen are up 50% this year alone. the white house saying today, though, it is, quote, unclear what the iranian vessels' intentions were. >> the actions taken by the iranian vessels were unsafe and unprofessional. it's unclear exactly what their intentions were or what they're aims might have been. >> dr. ferris says it's clear to him what the intentions are. he is a foreign policy adviser to donald trump. from your expert eye on middle east diplomacy what were iran's intentions in. >> certainly they were very clear intentions. what we have are footage issues.
1:17 pm
this footage played on iranian tv. what was said in the iranage regime media is we are pushes against the presence of the americans in the to persian gulf. they have an agenda to show their public they're not deterred by the presence of these units, both in the gulf and around, and since they have the protection of the iran deal they're not. that the united states administration is not going order any retaliation until it becomes unsafe as the spokesperson says. >> let me tell the viewers what those are called. they're called the fast attack boats. the word "attack" mean wes know their intention. just to be clear, both tuesday and wednesday, the u.s. naval ships that were in fair waters, international waters, fired warning shots, they blew the plane's horn and tried to reach in one case the iranian boats 1 times by radio. -- 12 times by radio. so call my crazy but looks like they're trying to poke a stick or engage the united states to make the u.s. look trigger
1:18 pm
happy, where they got so close that why wouldn't the u.s. try and push back on this? >> they're playing chicken or brinksmanship, basically. not the first time it's happened already over two years now. they're sending those fast boats around our ships in great numbers in some cases. as you said, either are we going to fire back in the rules of engagement and that's exactly what they want because they know we're not going to go beyond that. what they are trying to do is portray that they are stronger than us, that we are -- have been deterred in our presence because of their deployment. >> it sure puts the nuss a very tentative position if they're trying to god us -- goode goad particularly the strait of hormuz. the u.s. is allowed to be there just to be clear to protect this. but this goes back to what happened? january where two u.s. ships
1:19 pm
were taken for a short moment by the iranians and there were ten soldiers who were -- ten navy people who were held. just an awful situation. some of them lost their jobs because they had wandered into iranian water territory. this is not that. so what does the u.s. need to do to show strength? >> if you combine what happened, for example, to today and these week, these approaches to our ships with the fact they have actually hijacked and arrested our sailors, and before that, years ago, british sailors -- you combine the whole thing you see the iran ran regime is vera guesssive and is sending a message not just to us but the other side of the gulf 0,. >> kuwait. >> saying we're not afraid of your protectors and that's significant. >> one year after the iran nuclear deal. all supposed to be kumbiya. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay, did this hollywood
1:20 pm
actress just pack a bigger punch in the fight against those epipen price hikes than any lawmaker could ever hope to do? you got to hear this one. one of louisiana's biggest newspapers has a message for hillary clinton. if you want to be president, get off the campaign trail and get down here. a fair and balanced debate on that next. ♪"all you need is love" plays my eyelove is finding a different angle. my eyelove is season 1, episode 1. my eyelove is making a story come alive. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if your eyes feel dry, itchy, gritty, or you have occasional blurry vision, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love. i've bfrom nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future,
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louisiana still suffering and dealing with the fallout from the massive flooding, and hillary clinton is still a no show. now the advocate, the same last newspaper that was critical of president obama's timing on his visit, publishing an editorial saying, quote, if she wants to be president, hillary clinton should act like one. come to louisiana.
1:24 pm
>> emily says the paper is right. danielle disagrees. emily, she says she has been waiting for the all-clear from officials in louisiana. she doesn't want to be a distraction you. say what? >> right. so the word hillary clinton is using is she doesn't want to be a distraction. that's a baffling move on her part. she says she knows better than the locals that are asking her to join them. also you can look at the fact that the sitting president of the united states managed to go there without being a distraction, so i think it's a tough, tough argument to make on her part. not to mention you think about the advocate mentioned this a long-term ramification of the disaster home next president of the united states is going to oversee the recovery process. so the needs to go there it's part of her duties if she wants to be the next president of the united states. >> you know, katrina as well, which president bush, who was president at the time and should have been there he got loads of
1:25 pm
disrespect over what he did, which was not show up when he needed to. but danielle how do you defend this? you had jill stein, the green party candidate, who is polling at one to five percent, she went -- i was talking to her two weeks ago and i said why are all candidates and presidents silent. shortly after donald trump went, then in the president and then jill stein. so human being can would be fourth in. >> she is going to be there. her claim about resources, state patrol, all the people who are helping the people who are nod in, that's olympic that didn't stop president obama, jill tine or -- >> did stop obama for going until two weeks after the devastation happened. it's good for her to good -- >> excuse me. i think people are being unfair. >> emily, she has been busy. she has been fundraising with jessica, justin timberlake and
1:26 pm
donald trump has been fun raising and she was also on jimmy kimmel. you want to show that every state matters. ted cruz got in a lot of trouble when he tried to diss new york by saying new york values and going against donald trump. that message was not well received. we their united states, just because each state has a different personality doesn't mean you don't want to show you care about all your children, right, your flock. >> absolutely. i think one of the prime examples is you can go back to 2008 and president obama in pennsylvania saying there are people who are bitterly clings to guns and religion. didn't play well. whether or not you agree you can agree that's really bad politics and so i think it is important politically. of course more importantly than that, she needs to get there to oversee the damage from a practical standpoint, but politically a baffling move. you can add in the fact that 60% of american voters say they don't trust her. what a great opportunity for her to show empathy and build trust with the american voters itch
1:27 pm
don't understand the decision. >> danielle, donald trump has a tough likability and trustworthy issues but for hillary clinton, right now, people are looking at her saying she is the -- he only reason she is not going louisiana is because it always red state and she can't get votes. >> i don't think that's true. she is doing surprisingly well in georgia, south carolina, and an enormous amount of support in the south. no reason for her not to be there. i don't think this is anything about resources and i'm sure she'll go. >> would she be welcomed? you heard the governor say we'll take anybody to add attention to louisiana's pain and suffering. >> absolutely. so the people in louisiana are saying, any attention they can get will drive private donations to the red cross and other outlets. they're sort on money and volunteers so secretary clinton can bring some attention to the situation itch can't imagine it would be neglect less than help
1:28 pm
follow the people who are asking for it themselves. >> i wonder if there isn't an expiration dade. the waters recede, sun comes out, people starting to put their houses back together and lives back together. she has to get there soon. >> she does. i don't disagree. >> thank you both very much. this may make matters worse. just what we all didn't need. florida is bracing for heavy rains and potentially worse conditions as this storm on your screen over the bahamas makes its way west. how bad will this get? and lawmakers calling for drug company, mylan to clean up its business after massive price spikes on its life-saving epipen. but to this hollywood actress, to show us the free market is already taking care of the business and smacking mylan down. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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1:33 pm
cut her ties with mylan and went a step further. listen. >> you're the first person i've heard and we have been covering this pretty intensely -- to say that heather bresch choo step down, why? >> because she is a leader of a multibillion dollar company and has not been truthful. she has not been honest. she did not step up to the plate when she should have. the did not answer the tough when's millions of consumers were saying why can't i afford a life-saving device. >> 15 million people suffer from allergies. scott martin says this proves d.c. regulation isn't needed. the free market is taking care of it but jamou disagrees you. now have sarah yes could parker quitting, we're talking about. everybody is talking about it. isn't that enough? will that push mylan to move? >> this is another example of a
1:34 pm
company taking advantage of consumers. can you imagine, how many more things are there out there like this that don't get the attention? we know in media not everything gets the same type of attention as mylan is getting. it's disgusting and not baas i depend on my epipen because of my allergy and the allergy to bees. this is life-saving for people who can't afford it, and i just am concerned from the standpoint that we cannot just rely on the things that bubble up throw the media. >> scott martin, move showing the free market works. mylan stocks down 12% this week alone. the ceo said we're going to offer a coupon itch don't think the market liked it. the stock was flat and has gotten hammered. is that what you mean when you say let the free market work. we don't need washington to deal with is. >> the market said thank you very little to mylan and now found out at least patients have found out there's a generic out
1:35 pm
there that is available if you talk to your provider, if you talk to your doctor. that's one thing that is -- i agree with the calls for bresch to resign. they'd did a big spin with the providers and doctors to push the epipen on patients and not tell them about the -- generics. we do not have transparent drug pricing but companies are allowed to push and market their products out and crowd out the generics. >> let's be clear. my lon got a helping -- mylan got a helping hand in its 17 price hikes on epipen pause the fda dragged its feed or refused to fast track or approve two other alternatives. one company tried to come up with one. that was rejected and another one and they had to voluntarily re-call it for problems that are unspecified. but you need one of these things. you can probably afford one.
1:36 pm
but there are so many people who said why did this doing thing go from $57 eight years ago to more than 600 bucks for a pair of. the today, and i don't care if insurance is covering is. somebody is paying. >> exactly. and i think in looking at hoe -- how broken the fda is, this is one way that democrats and republicans should come don't and say if these regulations aren't working, how can we fix it instead of saying they need to be stripped away or will be taken care of in the free market. this is life or death. this should not be a political football and kind of the brouhaha around how bad regulations are. regulations -- >> it's becoming the political football because they may, and she may, get dragged, scott, right in front of the senate judiciary committee when they come back from recess. this has become a huge jar of scorpions unleashed because people say, wait a minute, kids may die if they couldn't ford this thing and also expires
1:37 pm
after a year so they have to buy new ones. it's a whole big issue. but government intervention, i just have never believed in that, except that maybe when you really put somebody in the hot seat and they have to take that oath, sitting there, on capitol hill, never feels very good. we should also let people know that heather bresch is the daughter of center joe manchin. i'm not saying there's any direct connection with how she was able to get a law through that forces every business and every school to make sure they have an epipen on hand put it coincided with so many price hikes. >> yeah. i mean to not imagine she knew her way through congress would be probably not hard to suggest because of her family, but i'll tell you, the danger here is the following weapon need more transparent drug pricing but the calls for, say, congress to limit drug price hikes and things like that is scary because remember, some of the money that comes into the pharmaceutical companies, the
1:38 pm
good ones -- make not mylan -- does help with drug development down the road which helps solve a lot of our problems. >> help is down the rude with the fed and down the road is soon in september. janet yellen said, get ready. we saw some wild swings today. >> i think this market is still high on the free, easy green money of the fed and the low interest rate environment. think the fed will raise rates and going to be in december. post election. don't think that's good for equity markets. >> incoming. we shall see. you see how the dow did this week, everybody in the red. it's been a wild week. so far this year all three major indices are higher. it's a pleasure to have all of you. >> florida bracing for what looks like a nasty storm and now fears that could make the zika situation worse. we'll explain. and after the university of chicago takes on political
1:39 pm
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test. test. test. test. test.
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southern florida bracing for what is on your screen. that's heavy rains and a storm now building over the bahamas. there are concerns that storm could become a tropical storm by this sunday and now worries the storm could make it more difficult to control the zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes and we know mosquitoes love pools of water. our meteorologist is tracking the storm and joins us by phone. how bad does this look? >> i don't think as far as the wind goes, i don't think it's nat big a deal. it's a little ominous, in the same spot katrina was in back in 2005, and katrina looks worse than this now which is what we call sheared off. most of the thunderstorms but we do not believe this is another katrina. we thought earlier this could get into the gulf and be a real
1:43 pm
big problem. right now there's so much going on, there's a system to the west of it in the northern gulf, another one off to the northeast in bermuda, so a lot of competition in the western atlantic between the smaller systems usually you can't get bun to pump up. the bottom line is this. you'll seeing this propagate to the northwest and the east side of florida will be exposed to strong southeasterly winds, sunday to monday, with heavy rains, five to ten inches of rain probably from miami up to fort lauderdale and wind gusts of gale force on the beach. going to put a lot of water on the ground -- >> who gets to the zika thing. there have been locally acquired cases in that region, certainly in miami, and palm beach county. isn't that worrisome if there's a lot of standing pools of water? >> reporter: i guess so but identity not an expert on zika. why i try to do, is say i think
1:44 pm
it's going to be five to ten inches of rain in the sunday-monday peered, miami to fort lauderdale, three to six inches of rain from the cape to the east coast of florida, and then the people have to listen to that and say, okay, what implication is that for us here in miami? >> joe, thank you very much. we'll be watching it. in the meantime the university of chicago -- did you hear about this -- is taking a stand against so-called safe spaces and trigger warnings that shelter students from speakers and topics that might make them uncomfortable. jeff flock is at the university of chicago and we're joined by katie. get people up to speed. a professor said, get ready. this is what universities are for to toe hear be intersection of different ideas. >> reporter: the dean of students sent a letter to the incoming class of 2020, that says we don't do trigger warnings or safe spateses and we
1:45 pm
don't allow people to have their speeches cancelled just because they're saying uncomfortable things like perhaps a conservative speaker who came in to depaul university across town and got essentially his protests all over the place that stopped his speech. we don't want to do that here at the ufc and we're not going to it. >> katie, this dean and professor, john boyer, right we don't cancel invited speakers because somebody is going to be offended. we don't support trigger warnings. that's heroic, especially at a time where i thought, and certainly when i went to college and it was uc berkeley where everybody was yelling at everybody, you're supposed to do that in college, listen to other people's side. >> i think this is amazing they're coming out against trigger warnings, microaggression and safe spaces think dooring the students a huge service because when you get into the real world there are no safe spaces and ben --
1:46 pm
and you hear more diverse -- they're coming to campus to say things that students may disagree with and that's why they're being shut out. to the positive future of the students at this university that the dean, the professors are saying, look, it's to your betterment of education, if you can have a diversity of ideas. >> just to put these proverbial ear muffs on our college students to protect them somehow from something that may distress them, how is it being received? >> students, government leader, today said in an interview that the dean of students who wrote that letter is out of touch. he said that he clearly doesn't understand what a trigger warning is. trigger warnings are key signed for, say, somebody who been the victim of a rape. if you're going to discuss rape in a class give that heads up. common sense. it should be done.
1:47 pm
trigger warnings make sense. >> that's not true. if you look -- what the student government representative said is not true. trigger warnings aren't to warn people about their feelings being hurt. they're actually put into place to stifle free speech and speech people don't disagree withs' sold under the guise of wanting to be sensitive when really it's about stifling speech that people disagree with and don't want to hear and keeping conservative speakers especially off of campuses. and let's talk about some examples of what they think microaggressions are. the university of california system, janet napolitano, sent out an entire list of things like can go people where they're from. that's microaggression, itself gets insane. not about protecting people's feelings. bit about actually getting rid of any kind of disagreement about free speech. >> i remember when holocaust denier tried to come do my town which is predominantly jewish and everybody was upset. my dad said, let them come.
1:48 pm
the worst that can happen is nobody shows up or they laugh at him. we have to have free speech. i can't to thank both of you. appreciate it. >> coming up, chaos on the campaign trail as donald trump and hillary clinton exchange claims of racism. will that impact what do you think? we'll debate it. you decide, next.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
the campaign heating up this week as both candidates engaged in mud slinging, making the race a major issue. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future.
1:52 pm
>> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> what kind of impacts are these attacks we just showed you having? niece of martin luther king and daughter of reverend a.d. king. welcome. thank you so much for joining us. are either of these two candidates bigots? >> well, i don't want to directly accuse either of being a bigot, but i think it's very important for us as voters to look at each platform that each person represents and then to align our votes with the platforms that are most suitable, rather than the personality. when they yell at each other about being bigots, i believe
1:53 pm
it's more important to listen to, what are you going to do for me as an african-american woman in america, a mature 65-year-old african-american woman? what will your platform do for me today? and that will be very important. as far as who's a racist and who's riling up people to hate people, i am hearing that from every corridor from the democrats, the republicans, people are being fearful and tearful. and so it's going to be more important to examine those platforms. >> you have a lot of people of color watching this mud slinging and they're confused. because on the one hand, they heard donald trump the other day say something that maybe struck at a few chords here and was able to really touch upon something and that was many of the urban centers have terrible unemployment, they don't get good education, they're being shot at. i'm using chicago as an example but we know what's going on in baltimore and some other places,
1:54 pm
so quote, how much worse could it get? what do you have to lose? on the other hand, bill clinton and hillary clinton have had a history of being able to go into communities of color and make them feel like they're being heard. so which side is actually, as you talked about, putting forth the best platform? >> i like the platform that says, in your urban community, you need to go to work, you need to go to school. you need to be healthy if you want to go to church or pray, you should be able to do that. and i like the opportunities that are offered, not just to the black community but definitely to the black community. i would like to see our black young men and women get out of jail, get back to work and get back to school. it sounds very promising, the plan that mr. trump is presenting for the urban communities because right now, many of our urban communities that are kind of overrun with democrat leaders like mayors and
1:55 pm
all that kind of thing, there's a lot of trouble in those cities and i believe whichever candidate who has the platform that can put america back to work, back to church, back to school, and make us healthy again, i believe that that's an excellent platform. >> from your mouth to god's ears, i hope we see that soon. alveda king, thank you very much. bringing air travel to a standstill, this summer, the fix may be in. we'll bring you the report next. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
1:56 pm
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a big travel weekend coming up. now some senators want answers how to avoid another airport nightmare. rob schmidt at laguardia with the latest. rob? >> reporter: liz, senators, both democrats, sent a letter to 13 airlines and looking for plans to avoid these kind of computer system tail yurs failures that
1:59 pm
paralyze airlines and take better care of customers when a cancellation is clearly the airline's fault. senator marchi to put you on a flight. and the delta computer system crashed. it was a disaster for the airline. nearly a thousand cancellations and southwest had a similar situation in july. senator markey wants airlines to use the money for cheaper jet fuel to update the antiquated computer system that burned travelers twice. >> they need a back-up plan or something. >> when their system doesn't work, they should be held accountable like you are if you miss a flight. >> absolutely. >> reporter: aviation expert say they're too dependent on older computer systems and bringing together systems that are incompatible.
2:00 pm
that's a problem. trade group for america said airlines spent $1.5 billion a month to try to fix this problem. they have until september 16 to respond to that letter. >> thank you, rob. thank you very much. i'll see you monday. countdown to the closing bell on the fox business note. i'm dana with greg. this 5:00 in new york city. and this is the five. >> this hour, donald trump will hold a round table with hispanic leaders. he wants to picture himself as the most to offer to the minority communities and not letting up on the racially charged attacks. both standing by bigotry accusations. >> you said hillary clinton was a bigot. previously, you called her a bigot. >> she is a bigot. >> how? >> because she's selling them down the tubes. because she's not doing anything for those


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