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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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incompatible. that's a problem. trade group for america said airlines spent $1.5 billion a month to try to fix this problem. they have until september 16 to respond to that letter. >> thank you, rob. thank you very much. i'll see you monday. countdown to the closing bell on the fox business note. i'm dana with greg. this 5:00 in new york city. and this is the five. >> this hour, donald trump will hold a round table with hispanic leaders. he wants to picture himself as the most to offer to the minority communities and not letting up on the racially charged attacks. both standing by bigotry accusations. >> you said hillary clinton was a bigot. previously, you called her a bigot. >> she is a bigot. >> how? >> because she's selling them down the tubes. because she's not doing anything for those communities.
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she talks a good game. she's not doing anything. her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work. >> he's built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. we are facing a divisive candidate whose loose cannon temperament and complete lack of preparation make him unqualified to be president. >> both camps have released duelling attack ads. she attempted to tie to the kkk. >> the reason a lot of clan members like donald trump is because what he believes, we believe in. donald trump would be best for the job. >> for president. >> far more white nationalist support donald trump. >> shows defending the crime bill criticized for impact on minority communities. >> they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predatory. no conscience, no empathy.
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we can talk about why they ended up that way but first, we have to bring them to heal. >> you called out president clinton for using super predator back in the '90s when she supported the crime bill. why did you call him out? >> it was a racist term and everybody knew it. >> the campaign, peter, a democratic pollster in wisconsin, four committed clinton voters, four committed trump and the best smell to describe the 2016 campaign. he said, sulfur, rotten eggs, garbage manure and a skunk fart. something you might appreciate with the notes there on your intro. >> that was an interesting description. it's getting really ugly and not sure this is good for the country. we're already with division and it created with these pockets of
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identity. no hope for unity when everybody is pushing for division. i don't think trump is racist. the only color he sees is green. but i want to make a point. the reason it's getting ugly, this is the first time it's a republican candidate acting like a democratic candidate meaning he's co-opting their attack. it used to be the left to smear the right as being bigot. i mean, they would always get there first. they would do it to romney and everybody. he's playing their game, so now you have somebody from the right who's fighting the same way the left fights and we're hearing about what an outrage is but still the right is not as dangerous as the left. there are no violent groups. there are activists occupying streets or blocking streets or spitting on people or encouraging the politics of looting. so i think there's a bit of hypocrisy. everybody is screaming apocalypse because the right happens to be as bad as the left. >> how does this set up for the
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debates? we're going into labor day of next, i'm on vacation next week, so i'm thinking way ahead to labor day but opinions are starting to harden but then you set up towards the debates and when they get together, kind of awkward. like you're a racist. no, you're a racist. >> i'm surprised they ratcheted up these attacks early. i thought it would be later in the cycle. unless both of them have a couple of things. each has a thing they don't want to talk about right now on donald trump's side. he doesn't want to talk about immigration, softening or not. i think he's working that out and hillary, you have the new 13,000 e-mails. >> and julian assange, we have september and october surprise. who knows? and both are using this race bigot, you're a bigot thing to say, hey, look at what we started with. every show on all three networks start with this bigoted,
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ratcheting up with the attacks and plays it up. maybe it's helping them both feel better about what's going on. >> i want to ask you your general opinion about this and also about the particular attack from donald trump in that ad about what she said at the crime bill because there is a bit of context that could be relayed as to what she said and said it in the crime bill and what she said about it since then. >> i'm a black person and i support the crime bill. but you needed more police on the streets at that time and what she was talking about it, young people being used by the drug cartels to enforce kind of gang sales of drugs in the drun kun and bei , country and used because they were addicted from the drug dealers. i think the language today in the current context with black lives matter and people concerned about the relationship between police and the black community. it comes across with bernie sanders, oh, she was being
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overly aggressive and hostile towards this small group of black people and black kids on the street involved but i mean, to me, the time period it fits of what you call the context. i want to say on the larger topic, i am really, i am just taken aback most of the media coverage is, it's tit for tat. he's a bigot, she's a bigot. but when i look at the polls, everybody has available to them, it says 20% of republican men t minorities and women. 25% of republican women, 50% of all americans think this one candidate is biassed against minorities and women. 75% of non-white americans think he's biassed. that to me is pretty shocking. i've never heard that about any republican. >> if someone is portrayed as biassed over and over. >> what happens with the justice department finally discriminating housing?
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what happens what they say the first black president, he was not born here. what happens when they do things like play footsie with white supremacists? >> playing footsie versus kissing the robert bird. what happens when paul ryan says, this guy's assessment of judge is racist? >> what could be more? his or hers? >> i'm not kidding. >> i'm talking about the crime bill the clintons both pushed for and admitted now actually works against the black community. i'm talking about the crime bill. they don't. >> who's they? >> bill and hillary clinton said it was a mistake. >> let's ask the prosecutor. >> and one more thing. you're an education guy, right? donald trump's for a more
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charter schools, school choice. she's not. >> that's why she's backed off and i think tenured. >> can i get the floor to kimberly? >> okay. you were a prosecutor dealing with the aftereffects of the 1996 crime beill. in your opinion, can both be true? can it be a good thing to add more pop but a look back and maybe it's putting too many in jail for too long or too many reasons? >> it's a responsible thing to do is to look back and see how you can improve. you would always want to, no matter what kind of system is in effect. i remember when they say, this is a little bit aggressive because they're using a non-violent offense as a third strike to be able to commit people and then you can have a potential life top on something. 25 to life. and then re-examine it and that's what the judicial process is for, filing judicial appeals, et cetera. it's important to look at communities crime effect on so
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many levels. school quality, the ability to encourage teachers to come into other communities to teach and give quality education. on the immigration piece, yes. it definitely appears trump is softening his stance on immigration but part of an overall outreach strategy. the attractiveness to the hispanic and latino community i am a part of to say, they do want safe schools, quality education, school vouchers. they want school choice. they want the same things anyone else would want to have. traditional family values, strong faith in their houses in terms of going to church and involvement in the community. all of those should be a grab for a good candidate and should be a fit for the republican party. that outreach has to happen. >> i think though, it looks that way on the surface that they appeal to the minorities but i think trump is trying to get the republican base and people like
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you and dana might say, i have a little concern about voting for a bigot. to get them to say, trump's not a bigot because he's talking to the latino community. he doesn't go there, but he's making an effort. so that's the appeal. i think this is all about trump trying to get the republican base to line up behind it because right now they're not. >> okay, well he's doing a hispanic leaders round table today during our show. the outreach is pretty consistent. >> i agree with you on that but the real target is white people, not latinos or blacks. >> any final thoughts? >> i think the linkage. hillary has to be careful linking certain groups with certain groups because there's more than a suede vest. they've had a lot of crazy groups. the communists endorse them. i think the air with trump is he's a negotiator and started too far on one side and now he's got to work his way back as a negotiator to get back to a
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place where people are comfortable but he started too far too soon and the only person he's negotiating with is himself. that's why he's constantly flip-flopping. that's where he's stuck. if he had not gone too far to that side, it would be a different story and i think alienated a lot of people that might have been interested. >> eric, the final word? >> you had a problem with him when he went to michigan and talked to the african-american community because there weren't african-americans in the room and kimberly said, with african-americans and latinos and he did that three days in a row and that's not good enough either. he's talking to the community in front of him or on a tv screen. >> i don't think he's gone to the latino or black community so far. he had a meeting with some latino officials today. >> yes, the rnc hispanic.
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>> turned down opportunities. i mean, some people, i know the journalist, a lot are democratic but i just think that when you have a situation where trump is doing all of this, don't be fooled, america. he's not talking to black people. i mean 80% of hispanics vote with 90% of blacks. it's getting the republican base to come back to him. >> in your opinion. >> that's what i'm saying. >> the african-american and the hispanic community. if the polling numbers go up, would you agree in his outreach? >> the other thing that's remarkable, at this point last year, nobody thought that hillary clinton would be able to outperform barack obama with the youth vote or african-americans but she is outperforming obama on both. so there's a lot of ground to make up if you're the republicans. next up, hillary clinton gives reporters candy instead of answers on the trail and every dog has its day and today is national dog day. five adorable pups here in our
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green room to be adopted. we haven't met them yet. we'll introduce you to them and promise they'll melt your heart. how cute. stay with us. greg might take one home.
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day 265. that's how long it's been since hillary clinton held a press conference. reporters tried and fail once again yesterday. asked the democratic nominee some questions. response they got? let them eat candy. seriously. >> oh my gosh. this is really good. offer it to the press there. they are so wonderful. so hard working.
2:18 pm
they all deserve a good chocolate. >> any comment? >> you'll love this. >> secretary clinton, any comment on your husband? >> everybody, try one. >> hillary did answer some questions this morning over at her safe haven at msnbc, asked if she's in the clear with the scandal. >> i am sure and i am sure because i have a very strong foundation of understanding about the foundation. and neither my husband, my daughter, nor i have taken a penny of salary from the foundation. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by outside forces. >> and sure they're not going to haunt her but a judge just ordered the state department to release more of the secretary's e-mails by september 13th. from the week of benghazi. why not answer?
2:19 pm
what is she hiding? not even one question. >> her press staff much have a lot stronger stomach than i did because when they would get irritated that 43 would not answer questions in a while, i would cave and get a way to answer him questions. i felt like my job was to represent and defend him and the country but also, you know, 50% to give access to the reporters because they have a job to do and it's important. now when she becomes president, this would be different. i think she's just awkward when she's out there. and i think she probably thought it was cute saying, oh, give candy but it comes off as arrogant and rude but her press staff must feel like they can withstand all of the attacks. with her polling numbers, maybe that's the case for now but i do think that as we just recorded our podcast for the weekend, that these e-mails for her are a mine field of danger and she may not remember what's in there and
2:20 pm
this story about her wiping clean with the software. i didn't even know what it was but an app they use for somebody who didn't understand technology, she sure knew how to find that out. >> three months away from not doing a press conference for a whole year and then the ultimate of all press conferences, the debate. >> i know. that's like, okay. there we go. can't hide anymore. but i get it. her press strategy is actually working quite well but you know what they're saying? hold the the line. that's what they're doing and not allowing the press to come in. the press should be demanding to get some access. they should be demanding to get some questions answered. i mean, this is the american presidency at stake here. let's hear from the candidate but the less said, like silence is golden. she's just waiting for the other side to make a mistake and capitalize on that but the strategy has worked. for her. >> four star general of
2:21 pm
journalism. shouldn't she be answering questions? >> i'm all for candidates and presidents answering questions. they need to be held accountable on the basis of a democratic process. i saw today an analysis that said in fact she's done here 350 interviews in the first seven months of this year. now about 20% of them are done by people who aren't journalists. and i think the white house does this all the time. they have between two firms and then that's an interview. and the interview with the local anchors who don't know the situation and cover you every day. again, the difference is that people get to ask questions that may have a real issue. may know something about the e-mail scandal for the clinton foundation. >> and right now, she could count on being boring because
2:22 pm
the republican candidate is interesting and the scandal she had is hard to find tape about e-mails. it's hard to find tape about servers. but when donald's talking, you get an endless treasure-trove of tape. i want to get back to the story about the bleach. she got ratted out by an accessory. if you go to the bleach blitz web site, they brag they've blocked the fbi investigation. they say, we blocked it. something like that. thai they're counting on people. how is that not a big story? because, boring. >> we'll leave it there. julian assange is promising a hillary clinton document dump for the election. he's doing the job the american media won't do. does he have a point? we'll debate that next. also, facebook friday. stay right there and here.
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welcome back. wikileaks promising to unveil more documents that could hurt the republican party. there will be significant information on hillary clinton published on the site before the election but not specifying what that information will be. now, assange went on fox and slammed the american media's coverage of this election last night. >> i would like to believe that no organization, no media organization in the united
2:28 pm
states would not publish the dnc map but i don't think that's true, actually. i think nbc wouldn't. i think the thonew york times wouldn't publish most of them. that's sad. the incredible politicization in the media and it is a bit concerning. >> is it fair to say that the media has become more politic e politicized in this cycle? >> than other times before? i don't know. i think they're pretty politicized to begin with, but you see the mainstream media not covering stories as it is. i think you have some fair points that say stories will be covered but don't, so i'm always for broadening the story. make up their minds for themselves. so i understand how he's trying to shape it to make him sound like the hero of transparency, but it's much more complicated and much more self-serving than he would portend.
2:29 pm
>> go on to say that. for him? >> i think for him. of course. yes. absolutely. >> how? >> he loves the publicity. this is the whole thing. >> do you know what he did? he traffics in conspiracies. using the murder of seth rich, implying that somehow seth is one of his contacts so he offers no evidence. and he has implied that this guy has some connection to wikileaks. he's pedaling unsubstantiated stuff but there's actually a family of this victim who has to listen to this and you've got to respect the family. you don't make up conspiracies about somebody who just died without any facts and only do it to promote himself. he's a disgusting guy. here's october surprise. glenn close in her best role ever. >> eric's not happy.
2:30 pm
>> no, i like hearing conspiracy theories. i buy into some of them. >> and this guy, shot in the back and left with his wallet and his cell phone still in tact. with nothing stolen. >> not a robbery. >> not implying it's connected. >> of course, but maybe there is one. he may come out and say something. all right. here. take it one step further. i will disagree with assange on this. i think all of these outlets he was calling out would in fact publish whatever was damning. >> assange and the new york times won't publish anything negative about hillary. >> we know now that "the new york times" broke open the e-mail skap dcandal.
2:31 pm
the journalistic integrity question, if he released something with a material effect, would you or should you play it? >> here, listen to assange. from last night. >> the problem with the trump campaign is it's actually hard for us to publish much more controversial material than what comes out of donald trump's mouth every second day. that's very strange reality for most of the media to be in. >> by the way, that was "fox and friends," not megyn kelly. >> get it? drip, drip, drip. >> he was on "fox and friends". >> is he now like, you know, why is fox getting so much attention? >> i don't know.
2:32 pm
i do want to say something about seth ridge, the dnc staffer, by all accounts, a wonderful young man who had a family that loved him. if you read the stories about him, he had a lot of friends. he lived in a pretty tough neighborhood because that's what he could afford in washington, dc. we've been there. i have lived myself and the suggestion is not that assange wants to help find his killer but that assange wants attention so he's offering $20,000 which he knows he'll never have to pay and then in the meantime suggests that seth rich might have been done something traitorous to his party and his country. that to me is really disgusting. >> and he has stuff on donald trump, do you think? what do you think about that? >> i don't know. the timing is very interesting. he's had it for a while. he said he'll release it next month. >> the stuff on hillary? >> but now you say he has stuff on trump too. i just don't know. i think what we need to do is
2:33 pm
book julian assange after he released what he has. >> get him on the phone. >> oh, yes. please come on. not that little weird droopy thing in the background. >> and then we arrest him. we lure him on. >> why would we arrest him? >> coming up, some of the cutest canines. >> wanted by the swedish authorities for allegations of rape. the cutest canines in the green room will come out soon to join us. and please stick around.
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. . . facebook friday. you posted your questions on our page and we answer them now.
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i'll start with you, kimberly. if you were on a deserted island and found a genie in a bottle that gave you two wishes, what would you wish for? two wishes. >> how well do you know me? >> pretty well. >> pick one. >> lots of salami. >> done. >> and a daily massage. >> okay. >> right? >> i could live on that. >> that's easy. now get to you. >> one of the things you'd like to be surrounded around people you love and generally think are looking out for you, right? >> okay. >> and a massage. i need somebody on the island to massage you. i should have picked that. but if no one else is on the island, an uninhabited island. it's a deserted island. not a desserted.
2:39 pm
>> kind of like lost. >> wouldn't you like the power of all seeing knowledge? >> true. >> alone? >> see what happened to tom hanks? >> one wish. >> there you go. >> that was good. get another bottle. >> rescued. >> that's true. i would do that. i would wish for barbara eden. >> who do you want to be rescued by? i would pick firemen. >> they would be very good at it. >> still looks great. i don't know who the younger barbara is. just the equivalent. okay. julian l. i'll go this way. this is too easy. what is the weirdest thing that a fan has ever sent to you or said to you? >> i get a lot of great art. needle point. i got pencil sketch yesterday from a woman named joanne barre
2:40 pm
from sioux falls, south dakota. a senior citizen in 24/7 pain and learned to pencil sketch to take her mind off of it. i get great things like that. >> i like when they make stuff. >> i get a lot of flag stuff. >> remember, we had those beautiful blinds. someone crocheted them with a smoker. various flag stuff. >> usually a gift with a paper bag that set on fire. >> i get a lot of conservative books. >> trying to turn you. >> you should read this. this will finally convince you you're on the wrong side. >> has that ever worked? >> i learn a lot, actually. i mean, as we sit here, i learn a lot from you guys. i really do. >> my favorites. salted caramel that you got. dark chocolate. two engagement rings.
2:41 pm
lingerie. >> somebody sent you an engagement ring? >> it wasn't gigantic but it was real. and shoes. last week, got a guy that works with his hand and i got the stuff from the farmer. a bag of meat. >> was it a brisket? it was in a bag and dripping blood. >> i took it. and i checked it and put it in, saying is this a bag of bloody -- >> a horrible crime. >> i didn't cook it yet. i need someone to cook it. >> a unicorn jumpsuit. that was fantastic. you know, it's hard to get off in a hurry to the bathroom though. i don't have it anymore. >> that was weird. >> you got to drop it. >> summer's coming to an end. what is it you still look
2:42 pm
forward to this summer that you haven't done yet? >> i took a couple of days off but i would like a full week. just to relax. >> it's not going to happen. >> kimberly, what are you going to do before the summer ends? >> no. i'm with greta. >> i like to take my vacation the last week of august into labor day. so that's what i'm looking forward to. >> i am going down to the eastern shore for labor day. it's great. i love the ocean most of all. but i haven't been out to the bay in a long time. >> you know, i do absolutely nothing. there's no change in seasons. like it doesn't matter what season it is. i do the same exact thing. i do it. go home, and i write, read, drink wine. i do nothange. >> but that makes you more
2:43 pm
stable. so i appreciate the certainty. >> the only thing that changes is you wear a jacket and a hat. >> yes, nothing changes. one more. okay. this is good. best advice, you receive if your pare , from your parents. >> well, i think i remember telling him tell to me. you could run from fair like fire or use it to get involved to do something with that. >> i can't think of something. i don't remember getting advice. i think the best thing my parents did is make sure we went to church every sunday and went to sunday school. i got a good education about christianity and i rely on my faith since then. so i think it wasn't advice but something great they did for me. >> my dad was the most honest human being. and the wrong change, would give it back and my mom, last words,
2:44 pm
never quit. and it's great advice. >> god bless them. >> one of the best advice, i got a lot of them. don't change your heart no matter how badly people may behave, you don't change who you are based on their behavior. pray for them. >> my mother told me to be a little dumber. it's better to be dumb. >> take her advice. >> does that work on twitter? >> yes. ahead, it's a dog day of summer. five furry friends. join us next. yay.
2:45 pm
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you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. all right. well, we are huge dog lovers here on the "five" and since it is national dog day, we wanted to do our part to remind americans there are so many animals waiting to be adopted at shelters nationwide. we have five adorable ones here and they are from the humane society here in new york city. i've got francois, a multi.
2:49 pm
five months. and juan has nico. a terrier. got a wild one. angelina, a beagle, who was perfect up until a second ago. not sure what's happening here and dana and greg have the two little babies as you see which is so cute because they're so cute. two chihuahuas, bambi and zen and you have zen. a little baby boy. >> i have bambi, i believe a girl. 16 weeks. very well behaved, i might add. we look a lot alike, actually. >> that dog would fit your lifestyle. >> i think i would make this dog nervous. >> you both shake. >> we both shake for different reasons. >> that's perfect. >> if you want to adopt one of these adorable beautiful dogs that could really put a big smile on your face and warm your heart, please visit >> i love having dogs around.
2:50 pm
it's wonderful to celebrate national dog day. if i had a house with a yard, i would definitely get and rescue another dog. obviously, jasper is not rescued but didn't you say you wanted one? >> angelina. like, she's camera shy. >> if anybody wants a dog, you should come for bambi. >> you seem better already. holding a little dog. always we bambi. >> and francois is absolutely lovely. seems very happy right here. you can't see him. he's in my lap. >> it's hard to imagine that these dogs don't have a home, because they're really nice -- >> your dog is great. >> yeah, very good. that's a nice shot. thank you. a question for all of you out there. what do you think about dining with dogs? now, should these guys be allowed at restaurants? should greg be allowed to go crush pino noir and write his
2:51 pm
next book with bambi? most people would probably say no. but this spring, new york city's health department gave the okay for dogs to dine al fresco at restaurants. dana? >> well, yeah, the thing is, some people in new york have not received the memo and they make it difficult. so, for example, you know, if you have outdoor seating in new york, there's often a barrier, to show the boundary of the restaurant. and they'll say that the dog can be there, but they have to be on the outside of the barrier. and let me just say, with jasper, that's not going to happen. but i would go to more restaurants and eat outside if jasper were allowed to be with me. >> there are places, some -- >> some, on broadway. >> isn't there like a bark's cafe? >> that's by your apartment. >> kidding! >> not really. >> my old apartment. >> the one you don't -- the one you never go near. the one -- >> would it bother you if there were dogs outside eating at the restaurant where you went? would you be annoyed if there were dogs in the patio?
2:52 pm
>> if they were in my way, it would be a problem. >> i was worried about this. i thought, if they were in the restaurant, there might be some hygiene issue. but the cooks and papers who were interviewed said it was just like having humans. >> unless you order a side of bacon for the dog. you could earn more money. zp >> i hear bambi is a vegetarian. >> francois just wants to kiss. no surprise. >> adopt these ones. i think everyone at home is really excited. think about this. it's a really good stress relief, it will help you live longer to be with your family. >> he was born on may 10th. look at that. what a good boy. this has been a wonderful experience and we want to thank the u.s. humane society. >> here's your t-shirt! >> for the incredible work they do. god bless them and fill your lives with a rescue dog. >> adopt a dog! >> one more thing is up next.
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
bunch of other best sellers. please tune in. it will be quite entertaining. you know when you're on tv, like i am all the time, stuff happens behind you, that you never know what's going to happen. and in this case, at a county fair, a young man is being interviewed, and he doesn't realize, i think that might be another one of his friends over there, getting wedged between two cows and he can't get out. and i mean, it's actually dangerous, and nobody knows it's going on until this woman comes over and says, oh, dear, let's pull you out of here. and he is rescued. and he is -- the look on his face when he leaves is just a winner. >> the kid is like carl cameron doing the live shots and people are doing stuff behind him and he's so oblivious. >> >> a 98-year-old world war ii veteran survivor earl thompson of gardena, california, used to love reliving the memories of his navy days by visiting the "uss iowa."
2:58 pm
he could no longer do those visits because of health issues. a group of veterans found out and went to his door and sang to him. take a listen. >> ♪ >> and over 4 million views online and he said he called it one of the best days of his life. please join me tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i'll have donald trump in the a-block when i am in for greta tonight. >> all right. that was very sweet. i got teary eyed. juan? >> last night, 13-year-old victor juarez pitched for mexico against south korea in the little league world series. now, amazingly, the pitch he threw that you're going to see right here was clocked at 75 miles an hour, but it was a little outside the plate there. the young hurler pitched through, past the catcher, into the camera, and shattered the glass. the mexican team lost and got
2:59 pm
bumped out. the little league finals sunday in t 11 to 13 group. this kid can throw a ball at 100 miles an hour. national dog day, aaron landers, who is a little sweet thing that works for me, she made this little video of jasper for your viewing pleasure. ♪ >> my mike wasn't up, but i had great things to say. eric is next. >> i don't have a lot, either. after kimberly's talking, make sure you keep it on fox, because i'll be sitting in for bill o'reilly and maybe we'll call donald trump and see if he wants to call in. >> i'm kidding. we have a really big show. and we're going to be live and everything. it's going to be fun. >> so now they tell me to take my time, after telling me to be
3:00 pm
quick, quick, quick during this whole segment. i'll be off next week, so set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five" this week, next week, the rest of the year. have a great weekend, everybody. "special report" is next. the muddled and mixed messages on the u.s. economy. the administration, the fed, and the markets all weigh in. we unpack how it could all affect you. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. one thing is clear tonight. the u.s. economy is growing very slowly. in fact, by only 1% in the first half of 2016. that said, the signals coming from the financial community on this friday night are confusing to say the least. the gdp, the governor's best indicator of economic growth, is practically at a


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