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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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association with huma abedin and her mother? ainsley is going to catch the great football. have a great weekend. see you monday. eastern. up next a fox network special with greta. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. let's get straight to top story. another round of name-calling and accusations of bigotry between donald trump and hillary clinton. last night, trump doubled down on comments he made earlier this week calling hillary clinton a bigot. >> she is a bigot because you look at what is happening to the inner cities, you look at what is happening to african-americans and hispanics in this country, where she talks all the time. she is selling them down the tubes. because she is not doing anything for those communities she talk as good
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game. >> are you saying she has hatred. >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they are not going to work. >> you are saying she is personally bigoted. >> she is. of course she is. her policies, she comes out with the policies and others that believe like she does also. she came out with policies over the years. over the years, long time. she is totally bigoted. >> meantime hillary clinton leveled a scathing attack of her own saying trump's campaign is built on prejudice and paranoia. >> in just this past week, under the guise of outreach to african-americans, trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms, poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership. crime at levels nobody has seen right now he said you can walk down the street and get shot those are his
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words. but, when i hear them, i think to myself how sad. donald trump misses so much. >> joining us now from houston, horace cooper a senior fellow at the conservative heart land institute and from los angeles leo terrell. an activist. in that sound bite we played with anderson cooper trump mentioned her policies six or seven times. are you saying -- are the left saying that donald trump is calling hillary a bigot or her policies a bigot? bigoted? >> eric, donald trump doesn't know the definition of a term bigot. there is no way in the world you cannot get any of the mainstream republicans, you don't hear any republicans on capitol hill supporting donald trump definition's of the term bigoted as it applies to hillary clinton. it doesn't make sense. it's inexpick cable. is he actually without any fact based. on the other hand, that hillary clinton speech, eric, was fact-based. donald trump aattack of a federal judge.
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his attack against muslims. his discrimination lawsuit that blacks that filed against him for housing discrimination. there is a factual blueprint of this discrimination of donald trump against other groups. let me be very clear to mr. trump. i have a house. i live -- i have a good job. i went to a good school. that's wrong. >> you do. under president obama and he is a democrat and hillary is a democrat. black's income under obama down. black ownership down. black poverty at 20 -- a staggering 26.2%. that's the highest it's been in decades under president obama. that means one in four african-americans in america are living in poverty. that's the democrat policy. that could be seen bigoted. >> every african-american in his speech, african-americans do not worry about being shot when they go home. african-americans have jobs. he broad every african-american and it was disingenuous. >> horace, go ahead. what am i missing here? am i wrong in signature i have said here? >> first of all, the very
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clip you showed hillary went through a litany of lies. it is true that black americans are underhoused and they have been on a decline for 10 years. it is true that there is an elevated crime wave that we are experiencing and it's primarily blacks who are suffering as a result. wages are down. opportunities for school are down. absolutely. and it is good that finally someone is standing up and telling the truth. romney didn't do it. mccain didn't do it. somebody needed to stand up and explain that the policies, that the left and the progressives have been pushing are bigoted because they don't assume there is any possibility for improvement. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. why don't you answer eric's question. >> for telling the truth? >> is hillary clinton a bigot? answer that question, please. >> absolutely.
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>> gentlemen, gentlemen, please. i offered, i posed the question and i pointed out to you, leo, that in that sound bite, trump says her policies. he didn't say she is a wig got. he did once. >> oh, no. he said her policies can be deemed bigoted. >> respectfully, eric, anderson cooper is asking her personally. are you referring to her personally? he said yes. >> and then he went on to explain right after that six separate times saying it's her policies. >> eric, don't you find it odd, don't you find it odd that paul ryanics michigan mcconnell no one has attacked hillary's speech of yesterday. they agree with her. >> guys, me, please. horace, answer me this. school choice, donald trump is in favor of school choice. hillary clinton is in favor of protecting the teacher's union protecting things as they are. which would be better for the african-american community? >> school choice is the number one civil rights movement for blacks in the 21st century. now, hillary was an elected
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official. she was a senator. what bill has she ever introduced that has had any kind of positive impact for blacks she can talk a folksy draw. she can sing little folk songs every now and then when she talks to black people. her policies have never, have never, her husband was a full bright scholar and he said that when he was a governor, he was looking at full bright as one of his mentors. >> excellent. >> a man who filibustered the civil rights movement. >> that has nothing to do with this topic. this topic is about whether or not hillary laid out a factual blueprint of donald trump's racism. and what about, mr. cooper, what about the alt right group. this extreme white wing group that has been incorporated in breitbart and run by steve bannon. >> the nearly $20,000. >> do you accept that. >> she has not given back from kkk members?
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>> you know what? this is the record of this individual. >> you are not going to acknowledge anything of donald trump's misgivings. he claimed on tv he didn't know who david duke is. do you believe that sir you? still won't answer the question. >> hillary clinton was a senator from new york. and, yet, we now see the poverty that blacks are experiencing in new york city and. >> you're doing an excellent job. >> i don't have a lot of the time. let me throw one more out here. talk about crime in law enforcement. donald trump has said he is the candidate in favor -- he is the law enforcement candidate in fact he said. who is most likely to be victims of crime in the inner cities? i will start with you, leo, is it african-americans or whites? >> i will tell you exactly what it is. i will tell you it depends on the city and depends on community based. i live in los angeles, eric, and i don't believe in being shot as donald trump said. i live in los angeles all my life. i don't worry about being shot at all. >> all right, horace? >> all right, see, this is part of the reason why we don't get the truth told.
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the center for disease control lists homicide as the number two cause of death for black men it has been an elevated of accurately and the victims have been overwhelmingly black in our inner cities and hillary has no solution. none whatsoever. >> i have got to leave. leo, final thought, go ahead. >> mr. cooper, you should be ashamed of yourself. >> you should be ashamed of yourself for not being willing to tell the truth. >> all right. all right. >> what happened with donald trump's comments. >> thank you, guys. very heated debate. >> sticks and stones do matter. >> donald trump making what appears to be another pivot on illegal immigration. where is the republican nominee really stand? we will get answers from the trump campaign next. i love my shop,
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in the impact segment tonight where does donald trump stand on illegal immigration. trump has spent this week indicating he may back away from calls to deport all illegal immigrants in the u.s. just moments ago trump talked more about his evolving immigration plan during an interview with kimberly guilfoyle. >> we have to remember that we have a country that's based on laws and the people are here illegally. we will see what we will see. but we are going to start off by securing the border, by getting rid of the horrible, criminal element that's causing tremendous havoc. drug dealers, gang members, et cetera. and i think people will be extremely happy. and i will be announcing something within the next two weeks, a very comprehensive plan on immigration. >> trump also insisted there would be no pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants unless they leave and come back. but just a day earlier, he suggested his administration could work with them, so what is trump's stance? joining us now with reaction from miami, a.j. delgado, a
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trump campaign surrogate and from washington democrat strategist richard good stein. a.j., good to have you on the show. talk to us about this. you have been watching. this you are a surrogate. are you satisfied with the plan? by the way, what is the plan? >> i'm 100 percent satisfied and i'm confused that there is any confusion about what the plan is or any of this talk of a pivot. there absolutely isn't any pivot. in trump is being completely consistent in what he has said for the past year which is number one we build that wall and enforce the border, we deport the illegal immigrants who are criminals and there are a lot of bad guys who have to go first as it should be. we make sure that people lee and come back in the right way and register in their home countries and do it the lawful, legal way. this is what he has been saying the entire year. there has absolutely not been a pivot. where do you see a flip flop on immigration is hillary clinton who a few years ago saying she was adamantly opposed to illegal immigrants. she was in favor of a wall. she said that in 2006.
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even two years ago she said listen, just because your child makes it across the border doesn't mean he or she gets to stay. that was only two years ago. now she is completely pro-illegal immigration. maybe richard can explain that flip flop because that's one. >> are you satisfied with donald trump basically saying, look, i'm going to review, this i'm a businessman, i'm going to make a deal here, review it and come out with a plan in the next two weeks? that's solid, rigid. >> they didn't teach them at fordham there is two problems. one is videotape and one is people's memories. forget what he said over the past year. within the past three days, wednesday, he said the terrific ones, his term could stay. yesterday he said everybody has to leave. and today he told kimberly we'll see what we'll see. so, please, and in two weeks, really, this is something, excuse me, this is something that has been his calling card. he has had five calling cards. this is one, banning muslims. he is a businessman, is he not a politician. right? and somehow or another he was a self-funder. this week alone we now see that is he a politician.
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that's what he is trying to be. so you have sarah palin and ann coulter going ballistic for good reason because he seems to be backtracking on the single bedrock principle of his campaign and, yet, in some odd way he is not really changing at all. i think he is going to lose both sides. >> a.j., has he has richard points out has he flipped flop three times in a week? >> richard, you can't just make up a quote. when did he say, quote, the terrific ones could stay? i believe you are referring to the quote he said where those who have been here 15 to 20. >> i know exactly what quote you are telling. let me explain the quote. those who have been here 15 to 20 years. >> sean hannity, you have heard with them. >> we will work with them. we will work with them, he said. how is that exactly saying i would stay? you can't make up a quote. >> can i just throw this in here? one of the other things he has been rigid on clearly the wall he is still rigid on that. >> yes. >> he has been very, very specific. liz, a no pathway to citizenship which i think a lot of the base is really mostly concerned with. >> listen,.
8:16 pm
>> absolutely. >> eric, are we supposed to take seriously the mexican the wall. keeping out all muslims. he put it out there. nobody has really cross-examined him. can we not agree this is a silly notion and the fact that we are even talking about it as if it's a legitimate proposal is kind of nonsense, right? >> actually, no, no. no i'm not going to agree with that whatsoever. i have actually proposed a plan for any who wanted to build a wall and have mexico pay for it it's not that hard. it's not that hard. a.j., your thoughts? >> there is no parallel for that none. >> it's done through taxing the money that they send through western union, whatever it may be, you tax that effectively. that is mexico. that is mexicans here paying for the wall. it's econ 101. >> sorry a.j. >> taxes on cigarettes is seizing private property? gee, i'm a lawyer and i didn't know that. >> remittance is money being sent from people in the u.s.
8:17 pm
to their family in mexico, right? >> you can tax it anyway, richard. you know that. >> let's take one -- let's take this other issue that trump campaign manager kellyanne conway has said. a.j., talk to me about this. is this an under reported following for donald trump? in other words, people who are polled say they won't say they will vote for trump but in equality they are polling for trump, especially in the latino community? >> 1,000% resounding yes. in fact, i have, as kellyanne said, people who come to me privately, friends, family, colleagues who say hey, i love what you said about trump. i said why are you whispering? it's because there is this stigma, this witch-hunt against those who go against hillary or dare i say even support trump in any outward fashion. so people privately support him and they will at the ballot box. you will see those numbers go through. >> there was some suggestion of that during the primaries as well, the fact of the matter is donald trump under
8:18 pm
performed his poll numbers. so, theres with a kind of this allusion. >> wrong. check out the new york g.o.p. primary. >> a.j., i'm sorry, i'm looking across the country. >> richard, you are loying the latino vote in the g.o.p. primary. >> richard and a.j., thank you very much. next on the rundown, hillary clinton making a bold claim about email and clinton foundation controversies. foundation controversies. but, this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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in the unresolved problem seeing want tornghts new questions are on hillary clinton's email and clinton foundation controversies, the democratic nominee getting a grilling interview earlier today whether more bombshells will drop. >> are you certain that there are no emails or foundation ties to foreign
8:22 pm
entities that will be revealed that could perhaps permanently impact your presidential prospects? >> mika, i am sure. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect our interests abroad. i believed my aides also acted appropriately. >> joining us now with reaction from palm springs, california, ric grenell, former u.s. spokesman at the u.n. and a fox news contributor and here in studio jessica tarlov a democratic strategist and pollster. now, hillary clinton sounded very sure, jessica. >> she did. >> these things weren't going to effect her candidacy or weren't going to effect anything. however, now we find there is 15,000 new emails that the fbi wants her to produce. and then this other thing. this bleach bit. >> well, she didn't decide to do that. i mean, she is not. >> that trey gowdy has characterized that wiped it so clean even god couldn't read them. >> trey gowdy is often good
8:23 pm
with his words and hillary clinton didn't make that decision herself. her tech staff did. it doesn'tlike great they went to great lengths to bleach them. they said they want all of the emails out there to show that there was no pay-for-play. we will see what comes out it will be out before the election. >> i would think that if my honest and trustworthy numbers were in the tank something like the numbers being around 70% or something around there, i wouldn't want these things to keep coming out there. is more and more. every week there is another email or clinton foundation mini scandal going on. >> yeah. look, the emails have already proved that there is pay for play. jessica is wrong on that. we have lots of evidence. you have to look at boko haram. you have to look at bahrain. you have to look at uranium from russia. there is already a plethora of information that shows pay for play. the fact that the state department now has been taken over bipartisans, it's a really sad day. i spent 8 years there.
8:24 pm
i know many good foreign service officers who are horrified to seat politics that are being played. the fact that this state department is delaying justice, delaying transparency until after the election, let me tell you one thing, if this happened in a foreign country, we would be calling for the more transparency. we would be seeing the elections are rigged and we would be condemning this action if it happened anywhere else, other than america. >> now, jessica, what rick is pointing out the clinton state department -- or the state department said that clinton's full schedule won't be released until after the election day. now, a federal judge has already said let's get that schedule out there. >> absolutely. that's the state department's not clinton's. >> it's her tech people's fault. it's the state department. >> jessica is not wrong. it isn't pay-for-play peter schweizer and tom fitton leading the charge here have both admitted there is no smoking gun here as hillary clinton said. this is a lot of smoke but there is no fire.
8:25 pm
i'm not saying that it looks food and we discussed this before. i think that with the "the washington post" and "u.s.a. today" talked about in terms of turning the foundation over to the bill and melinda gates foundation at this point would not be a bad idea. but, i'm just saying, you don't have the evidence that there was pay-for-play. >> can i make one quick point here? this is the classic clinton try angst do you go a little. >> what i'm doing? >> hillary clinton held her schedule the entire time. she was not on the state department server. to now say the state department is the one that should release her calendars, they never had her calendars. they were on a private server. she is the one who can release these. she is the one who is responsible. if she won't release these, she cannot blame anyone else other than hillary clinton. she didn't even have a email address. stop this phoniness. >> rick and jessica weigh in on this. she shredded with this bleach bit 30,000 emails. we will probably never know what's in the emails. she didn't tell the fbi
8:26 pm
about 15,000 -- >> -- she told us she had one phone. we found out she didn't because we have pictures. >> the fbi discovered 15,000 emails they didn't previously know about. is there any transparency to this woman at all? >> eventually we get there, right? >> wow. >> i talked about this before. james comey was very clear that there were issues, not with her testimony to the fbi but clearly pointed out that hillary clinton had told differing stories as rick says. there were multiple devices here. i was happy to see with anderson cooper in her interview yesterday that she finally went to what i'm calling the appropriate apology doctor and she said every time i try to explain the emails, it looks like i'm trying to cover something up, so i'm not going to anymore. it was a tremendous mistake. it doesn't mean that first and foremost that the clinton foundation hasn't done tremendous good for the world delivering drugs to, what. >> one point on there. >> that's a false choice there. >> epipen. the clinton foundation
8:27 pm
partnered with the epipen maker. they said that they shared the same values and that they made them a healthcare partner. ethics that are the same. it's atrocious. >> okay. >> i ran out of time, jessica and rick, thank you very much. when we come right back, how is donald trump gearing up for the all important presidential debates? buckle up for bill o'reilly's no spin interview with trump this week. that's just a couple minutes there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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in the factor flashback segment tonight, donald trump in the no spin zone earlier this week, bill o'reilly pressed the republican presidential nominee on the upcoming presidential debates. the recent controversies around his campaign and the newest shakeup of his staff. >> so you're campaign has new leadership, both corey lewandowski and paul manafort have left. how do you see the turnover? do you think it matters to voters? what's going on? >> well, i wanted to keep paul as a chairman but, you know, it was just something that i felt we should do you about that was really one event. i ultimately decided i want to run the campaign the way i want to run the campaign. and, you know, we just had a poll come out, the "l.a. times" that has us 2 points ahead. we are very close in ohio. we are right about even in florida. i think we are doing very well. don't forget, she is spending a fortune of money. when people find out that she wants 550% more syrian
8:32 pm
refugees to come pouring into our country, i think a lot of people are going to stop thinking about her. i think it's ridiculous. frankly, with the email scandal, i don't even know how she is able to run, if you want to know the truth. >> it's because people don't pay that close attention. let's get back to your campaign staff. when you are president, if you win, you will have to put together a staff, all right, of people to advise you and help you run the nation. now you have turned over two guys in less than six months. now, would it be fair to say your judgment about those two men wasn't good? would that be unfair? >> in my company i had people for many, many years, i have done that i just wanted to make this change. i felt very comfortable with the people that i have. i have liked them for a long time. i wanted to make this change for a while and i made it we have like three months to go and i wanted to make sure that it was something that i wanted. and i like these people. i have always felt comfortable and i decided to do it. >> okay. now the debate is going to be everything. you know that the polls now
8:33 pm
whether the "l.a. times" has you ahead by 10 or 2 or behind 85, it doesn't matter. the first debate is going to be the super bowl of debates. all right? so you and hillary clinton. all right? and everybody is going to be watching, even the pinheads who don't watch will hear about it and they will see it on the internet after the fact. >> right. >> all right. now, you understand that this is make or break, right, the debate? it's make or break? >> well, think think it's going to be very important. i don't know if it's make or break. i have done well in the debates. i had 17 people in the debates. i'm the one that survived. and i have enjoyed the debating process. i never debated before professionally or as a politician because i was never a politician before. but, we had 11 debates that i participated in. and according to everybody did i very well. >> all right, now, are you going to call her crooked hillary during the debate are yo that or are you going to keep it at a an issue-based? >> well, i'm not going to say what i'm going to be doing but i will be doing what i will be doing and she is going to do what she is
8:34 pm
going to do and we will see what happens. >> but you must be preparing. i'm sure you have got people in your organization that are preparing. you are preparing now. you are going to have stacks of research and there has got to be ways in which to go. i'm just trying to get the tone in -- and, of course, that could change in 30 days. but the tone right now is that you are going to be the guy you were in the republican, you know, boom, take no prisoners or are you going to be a little bit more measured? >> well, i don't want to really say that i'm not sure exactly which way i'm going to go. but i may be the way i was and i may be a much different person. i can't tell you. >> all right. >> i don't think i would tell you -- all right, if i knew i don't think i would tell you, frankly. it will be an interesting. >> it will i can't wait. >> pretty big audience. almost as big as "the o'reilly factor." >> you should have me moderate the debate and then -- >> -- it's okay with me. >> then it's gloves off, boy. >> i think you will be fair, too. >> i will. i would be absolutely fair to both of you as i have been in this campaign so far. my job is to let the folks
8:35 pm
see you and secretary clinton as best i can put you in focus. not to push any agenda and not to do anything. and you know that you get mad at me sometimes. but that's my job. last question for you. they have said that this has been the worst two weeks of your campaign, all right. and now you have the new management and now you are doing things a little bit differently. do you feel that the last two weeks, beginning pretty much with the muslim family were the last -- were the worst part of the campaign? >> i don't think so. i mean, they asked me a question. i gave them an answer. like, for instance, when i said that president obama was the founder of isis and he is going to get the mvp award next week. and they say well, mr. trump knows he wasn't the founder of isis. >> they take it literally. >> and chop it up and very unfair. no, i don't think so. i think i have done very well. i think, frankly, the media and you know this because
8:36 pm
you cover it all the time. in the history of politics, there has never been a more hostile media than to donald trump. so they will take a perfectly good statement that i make, dies i -- dice it , cover it up and cover it for three days on some networks. fox not too much. we did well and the last week, i think you have seen. this i think the last week has been the best week that i have ever had from the beginning. and that starts with the primaries. and most people have said that, that the last week. >> because you are doing the speeches now. and you are not calling anybody names. you always keep this in mind, the media did not like chester arthur very much. i don't think it's the level of you, but chet got hammered a little bit. all right, mr. trump, as always, thank you for your time. we appreciate you being accessible and we are hoping hillary clinton will come on the factor as well. >> up next on this special edition of the o'reilly factor. new polling on the state of the presidential race. two top experts weigh n a
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segment tonight, the state of the presidential race, a new poll out from quinnipiac university shows hillary clinton with a 7 point advantage over donald trump among likely voters. clinton has 45%. trump at 38%. libertarian gary johnson comes in at 10%. green party nominee jill stein picks up 4%. and in the key state of florida, a mason dixon poll shows clinton with a slim 2 point lead. clinton is at 44%. trump is at 42%. gary johnson is at 6%. jill stein has 2%. joining us now from d.c. washington examiner columnist and republican pollster kristin solstice anderson and in studio scott rasmussen president of the rasmussen group. you saw the polls, they seem to be tightening over the past few days. are they not? >> no. they are tightening a little bit from hillary's bounce. there is still the general range that we were seeing before the conventions. the state of the rates not
8:42 pm
worth getting up on a precise number. hillary clinton is still ahead. if nothing changes, she will be elected president. shea doesn't have a big a lead as a lot of people are implying. the load isn't all that safe. an event, a gaffe by her significant mistake, something could change. >> something big coming up, kristin. we have the debates. bill o'reilly pointed out with donald trump the debates are like the super bowl and that first one could change everything. >> the debates are going to be really important and decisive because this is a pretty -- it's not a volatile race in terms of the polls bouncing around. it's a volatile race because some voters are frustrated with both candidates. you have these national polls where hillary clinton has this lead of 6 or 7 points. that would seem to point to a pretty big landslide if that holds but then you do have states like florida which has been a bright spot in the following poor donald trump. if he can get states like north carolina to come back closer into hi his column if he can hold on to a site like ohio ohio, that's been apology bright spot for him.
8:43 pm
piece together the electoral votes rather than focus on that national number. i think the debates and what he does with his schedule over the next couple of weeks can be really critical there. >> scott, you guys are pollsters. you guys do this. >> i'm a recovering pollster. >> and you are probably going to push bam vehemently hard against what i'm about to suggest. this undercover trump voter is real. in other words, people, when they are polled, are embarrassed to say they are going to vote for donald trump but deep down, if they're waiting four or five hours to go watch a guy speak for 30 minutes, they are more energized. >> okay, some people are waiting fouror five hours and they are filling stadiums, that's not a majority of americans. what you see happening, and i don't think i would call it an undercover trump vote at all. there may be some challenges to turnout. young voters don't like the choice, maybe their turnout is down a little bit. that would hurt hillary clinton, maybe minority turnout mae maybe isn't as big as it was for barack obama. that hurts hillary clinton. what you are talking about here is a change of a point or two. now, kristin mentioned that
8:44 pm
the race in place like florida or ohio is very close. a point or two could decide it it's not enough to make up the difference. donald trump is not leading nationally right now. >> what about independence? talk about that. trump seems to do well with independents. >> he does pretty well with independence, pause you have a lot of folks who maybe 10 years ago considered themselves republican. politically they are right of center. but they are tired of considering themselves republicans. they have walked away from that label. and so in some ways they are functionally republicans. they still vote republican an awful lot. but they consider themselves, i'm not part of either party. there is lot of research that says there are people that call themselves independence. if you actually look at their vote record, they tend to break, usually for one party or the other. remember, mitt romney won independence in 2012, it wasn't enough. the makeup of the country means that not only if you are a republican do you have to win all of your party and a lot of the middle, but you have got to make sure that you win by the middle by an awful lot. >> we only have a few more seconds, scott. i have heard the white female vote is going to make
8:45 pm
or break the campaign. >> a close election, everything. >> hispanic vote. the independence. you know, the democrats come item mow trump owe boss, trump owe democrats. >> let's put this in real perspective. everybody talks about how different this is donald trump is such an unusual candidate. right now the electoral college is breaking down exactly the same way as it did with mitt romney versus barack obama and we are still talking about states like florida and ohio being decisive states if there is a tremendous political polarization and that's what is setting the staining nor this election. >> leave it right there. kristin and scott thank you so much. directly ahead on this o'reilly factor special. bill o'reilly sounds off what's going on for the church campaign this august it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria.
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in the personal story segment tonight, what donald trump needs to do to win the white house. as you may know fox news host judge jeanine pirro is an avid trump supporter. recently bill o'reilly spoke with judge on how she thinks trump can score a victory in november. >> as a trump supporter and as someone who has run for office herself, what do you think has gone wrong in the trump campaign this august? >> donald hasn't stayed on message and you are right, i know him, i love him. he has been my friend. i support him. you have got to be disciplined. no one should be surprised. donald trump has never even run for mayor. so let's not be so critical of the guy. the bottom line is that he has connected with the american people. he now needs to, as we have all said, pivot to the general. he is within 1 to 2 points after some of the worst weeks that any candidate could have, rasmussen, zogby and he needs to never mention another name again other than obama and hillary
8:50 pm
unless he wants to thank god the day after the election. >> what has he done specifically that you believe has turned some americans against him? >> it's real easy, khan, whether you agree agree with the game or you don't -- >> the khan thing, you think, hurt him? >> i think the selling of his thing being a racist and a bigot, irrespective of whether it's true has gotten legs. >> how does he fight against the label of being a bigot and a racist? >> how he does that is by staying on message. >> you'd tell him to do what? >> he gave two of the best speeches that he gave. one is on the inner cities. and for the first time, we have heard a presidential candidate really focus on the african-american community and the fact that they are victims of african-american crime. >> okay. but -- >> and poverty in the inner cities. >> you don't believe that african-americans are going to respond to that, do you?
8:51 pm
>> yeah. >> you do? >> i think -- >> he's polling at 2% now among african-americans. how much is that going to go higher, do you believe? >> i don't think it's going to go that much higher. >> that's what i just said. it doesn't matter. what matters is that mid point. what matters is for people to start to think that donald trump is thinking seriously about the issues that are confronting him. >> so other people other than african-americans may respond to his outreach to that -- >> right. right. >> all right. now, why do you think trump acts so impulsively, all right? because you criticize him, and he comes right back rather than saying, okay, now, maybe i want to be a little bit measured because there could be an unintended consequence if i say that mrs. khan might not have spoken because she's a muslim. >> because i think he comes from a different world? >> what world is that? >> it's the world of business where it's bare knuckles. it's all about money, and it's
8:52 pm
not about political correctness. there are certain th are appropriate to talk about, and there are things that happen in the world that we don't talk about. >> not me. i talk about everything. >> all right. >> that's why i've been successful. but when i talk about things, i always know that there could be blowback on me. so i fact-base it. i fact-base it. >> right. >> i'm wondering whether he is sophisticated enough in political terms to understand that you just can't lash. if you're going to lash, you better have facts. >> you know, it's interesting. you use the word
8:53 pm
>> the finalm$d question for yo is, you still believe trump can win? >> i do.,ux7woç&2#bo8 i do. >> i don't gamble. lazy days of summer. it will depend on external o%+a>imì(lc% it will depend on what she does. it will depend on the on donaa5 ?ump staying on message. >> ahead, tenkv between the u.s. navy and the iranicleare rapidly escalating on the high seas. which presidential candidate has the right strategy to take on the iranian regime? we'll be ri
8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
here's how the state department eescribed the iranian maneuver. unsafe. they were unprofessional. we don't know what the intentions of the iranian ships were, but that behavior is z)r unacceptable as our ships were in international we believe that3y these type of actions are of concern. they tension. >> with iran ramping up u.s., does either presidential candidate have an answer toz!=l with its radicaljln regime? joining us now from washington to-u(5h analyze, lieutenant col e5uju from thee, lieutenant col center for policy research. colonel schaffer, you heard the state department say we don't 0ñ their intentionsqz:;çare. what do you think? >> they're being aggressive. i mean come on, eric. this is silly. look, we know exactly what's ev ját everything they can to push our buttons and try to expand their influence bothek9x the region andajz#i intimidate .
8:57 pm
and this is where,m you know, w we kind of soft pedaled that. we've paid for hostages to be we're constantly showing weakness. játááñ you get people pushing your buttons and pushingi 5 harder. >> but why are theyúyxo pushingz what's the purpose? to, i don't know, create some sort of video to bring back home and say, look,$hp united states' buttons? >> that's part of it. they're trying to increase their influence across the region. eric,'x very strong in the culture is the strong horse. so if you're seen as a strong horse, it both influences your neighbors. it shows that you're willing to take on risk and doç and, you know, i'm part --e@÷vá know, my family way back when cherokee. you touch the enemy, and theñ enemy can't do anything to stop you. i think part of what we're doing is we're seeingégu the iranian push. it gives them leverage in other things as well. it's a continuation of the%mih process. >> do you think our generals are discussing whether or not we should do something more 3 tha
8:58 pm
just fire a warning shot, maybe% fast-moving boats they call them? >> the answer is yes. there's a constant review going on. i think general nómmdunford and carter are both looking at how we do this. the state department is not being helpful here. they're calling this,3m] is unsafe. it's aggressiveness. so i think we have to be(,4 muc more clear> you've got to push back. you've got to push back hard.o0ñ
8:59 pm
you cannot havea7fzg ships comi close. they had a small boat get nuu6r to it and blowvi1ñ up theúúñshi. you cannot take that risk. more precisely here, the money we gavew+nñ them onr4!) a large% we've not really>ó defunded the aé'.2uz allowed them to franch to north korea. north korea is now taking t[24v money and developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to put the weapons on. v stronger? ms. clinton, if she comes in, you're going to see the of the titanic. yo now, you'll get what you got. we don't have a record to look at foro$ trump.u"!bi
9:00 pm
thank you very much. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching this special edition7ykñ of the factor. i'm eric bollingzwc#zbmñ in forl o'reilly. pleapin stops o[l;q right here as we're lookin%cefu for you. breaking tonight, hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign tñ of troubling headlines for heru campaign pile up. welcome election i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. the ap found she met with dozen$ ñl foundatio gave some6)p(÷ $156 million to26 family's charity, raising big questions about whether@ç-y+ to her was being sold to the highest bidder. something thex5"z clintons deny. then just a day


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