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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 27, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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invite a dog into your home. that's all we have now. monday night 7:00 p.m. eastern. never miss me and the gang on the five week nights at 5:00 p.m. i'm tv's andy levey. check in with charles cook at the desk. >> thanks, andy. coming up on the big show. mike pence used to draw political cartoons and now he is running with one. and facebook knows more about you than your family. but do they know more than my second family. a rodeo clown jokes about the gender neutral bathrooms. i am starting to second guess this whole citizen thing. >> see you at half time. let's welcome our guests. a mother knows best especially when it comes to keeping
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hardened criminals on the street. it is new mom and criminal defense attorney, remi spencer. and i asked for the dread pirate roberts, but i got him instead. it is the host of sam roberts show and sam roberts wrestling pod cast. and they ripped off his look from the bad guy in "mission impossible" rogue nation. >> and he is more excitable, comedian andrew schulz. >> a potentially embarrassing secret from mike pence's past has emerged. he was a cartoonist in college. while attending indiana university they drew political cartoons from the law school newspaper. the strip that ran in the mid80s starred the governor's alter ego law school days. itpleas enjoy.
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>> one day in criminal law doctor dash. >> i love that class. >> unlawful deviant conduct is not that funny. >> how are you this morning? >> i'm sorry, professor. i don't have my briefs with me. >> relax. i asked how you were. >> me? oh i'm fine. i think that -- >> i don't care what you think. i want to know what the court thinks. >> i can't get enough of these. one more. >> i am so glad nobody nominated me for these senior awards. really? >> sure. i guess i just don't see the point in gathering a bunch of hardware that collects dust. i am just here for the degree. i don't need the back slapping. i guess i am just above that. jay i voted for you.
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-- >> i voted for you. >> the obvious comparison here is early dunesbury. >> we don't have a zonker harris character. like every 1980s bad college comic and i repeat he's, they had to have days -- there was like five years of the shoulder pads that you had back then and everything. it was just five years where everything went wrong. >> why did you point at me? >> you had the members only jacket. >> the members only jacket? several members only jacket. there were several colors. >> did you do purple? >> i didn't have purple. i definitely had black and maybe a blue and silver. >> your career will be over by the time this episode -- >> my career was over long before tonight.
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don't worry about that. >> "esquire" tried to make a big deal out of this. the only thing that bothers me is they said "bumbed." they used a b. and then they said he was 5 knowing middle aged man. >> sam, is it just me though or pence is becoming the most fun of the four people on the tech ket. on the tech ket. >> he is and part of it is because of a lack of self-awareness happening. there is nothing creepier than unfound confidence. i can pass off why he made one of these and he said i am on a roll. the part that gives me the chills the most watching that and especially when we watch it on the screen, you can see he actually signed his name. it says pence. it is just in case anybody tries to take credit for these.
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>> it is all pence. >> remi, as a lawyer did you get a little chuckle out of these? did it bring back memories ? >> that made me laugh. they had a newspaper with cartoons in law school. i am pretty sure there was no such thing when i went to school. the cartoons are silly. you are right. he is becoming the funny one. i think it has to -- it is alt alt -- it is a little deflecting. we are taking the focus off the policies the previous decisions so we can laugh at him. >> this is like the all work and no play makes mike a dull boy. i have a fun side too, guys. >> and i think he does. if the vice president thing doesn't work out for him, does he have a future as a comedy writer? >> no. >> come on. >> he wasted a perfectly good underwear joke.
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>> he is furious. >> it started out good. it was i forgot my brief. and you would think a college professor would say something like i hope you wear your boxers . you free ball today. it is an easy underwear joke where a guy is yelling and pointing. >> i don't like him. >> you want the easy jokes. >> i want the easy joke and i don't want mike pence. i am not into this pence and i don't like the way his face looks. >> really? >> he looks like a morman colonel sanders. >> also that is understand -- also that sounds like a delightful look. >> too delight delightful. >> pence has gone places and not been recognized. he went to a barber shop. and then he was in a north carolina tavern on thursday and talking to a woman and her
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sonful -- a come and her son. i find this endearing. >> hopefully, the secretary of labor. >> he was though, wasn't he? >> he should be totally healthy. >> he talked about him for 54 words. there were two sentences and it was all along the lines of -- that's why i nominated this guy and he is a great conservative. it is mike pence. anyways -- >> it was a tweet. it was the length of a tweet. >> this is so not about mike pence. >> and this is why i like mike pence.s. >> i don't care about his policies. i just like him. >> they are hateful and mean spirited.
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>> don't you like them? >> no. no. who would agree to stand in the shadows of donald trump to come come -- compromise some of his positions so he can trail behind on the coat tales of donald trump? no thank you. >> if a jerk nominates you as vice president? >> no, i would not. >> you would say no? >> i'm pretty sure your governor would do that. >> i expected that to happen. >> no i would not. >> we will move on since all of you are pence haters. >> they have 98 data points and if you're hitched it's one. >> man that's a stretch. facebook has revealed the 98 things it knows about users. information it uses to show people more targeted advertising in their feeds. the list of facts ranges from basic stuff your name, age, gender, birthday, marital status, et cetera, to things like your income and net worth, the year your home was built and your credit cards and whether there are balances
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and if you are a heavy buyer of alcohol, matt welch. this info is helpful for facebook which made $6 billion in advertising in just the second quarter of this year. but is it good for you? let's ask our panel, our pence hating panel. they said this is good that facebook knows a lot about you. she said, quote, the majority of topics i see on my facebook feed are relative to my interests are worth clocking on more often. agreed? >> i am not sure i like the advertising period. it is a necessary evil of going on a social media site and you have to accept it. i have given up the hope or the expectation that i do anything on the internet that will remain between me and my computer. it is going to be found out by facebook by amazon or yahoo!
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or any other site. it is a little embarrassing that they are looking for the product on the internet. >> pleading the fifth. >> does stuff like this worry you or is this the cost of doing business now? >> it doesn't worry me per say. it is obviously not a good thing. i don't know why people are surprised by it. when you have the con have i sayings people are taken uh back by it. when it first came out for us when it was commercially available it was 96 and 97. your mom was telling you not to shop on-line. don't put your address on the computer. we have now gotten to the point yeah, i drive a motorcycle and here is the make and model. we have decide to give up our information. that was a conscious decision. i don't know why people expect privacy at this point. >> nobody cares about privacy anymore.
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this is not even a discussion. it is a done deal. >> we have to stop pretending like we want privacy. i don't want privacy. none of us do. we give us complete stranger a home address with uber. we give them our home address. that's psychotic. >> i give them my neighbor's address. >> i give them my home address. we don't care about privacy and to that advertising thing, i don't click on things i like. i click on things i'm afraid of. so i don't know if that advertising works, right? >> do you click on ads ? >> what i see in the videos. it is a video of a guy with a comb over gets punched in the face. >> who is punching people? what happens? i don't think the advertising thing works. >> really? have you bought something on facebook? you bought something on facebook? >> say a woman is looking for a pocket book, right? you see a really expensive
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pocket book -- >> or a man. >> or a man. you say i am not going to be irresponsible with my money and i will not spend all that money the pocket book costs so you shutdown the browser and leave that site. then you are on facebook and there is that possible kill book again. pocket book. >> for everybody not from new york city a "pockebook." it is a pocket book. >> they thought you were talking about pokemon. >> we talk a lot about the information the government knows about us. sometimes people forget the private companies are also compiling their own docier. before i became editor we had an issue saying we know where you live, remi, circling your house with remi on it. you can perm -- personalize.
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imagine how much more information we have now. the story inside was like hey this isn't as bad as you may be freaking out over. you voluntarily give your information. with facebook, don't we know this? isn't it the place you want to give at -- the least amount of information or that's what it is there for and you give them everything. part is do they really know where i live? i am not sure about that. i lived in brooklyn so we had to buy everything in cash in my neighborhood for ethnic reasons. that's not leaving a paper trail. they have no kind of idea. >> you can't get the spoke toilet paper on-line. >> the thing is if mark zuckerburg decided they wanted to take over the world, couldn't he do it by black mailing everyone? >> yes, yes, absolutely. >> we don't care. >> that's what the panel is saying. we have given up any
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reasonable expectation of privacy in exchange for the convenience and the connection the internet gives us. >> we destroyed privacy, but in doing that we destroyed the idea of black mail. i could black mail anybody. >> if somebody said i will release are yo sex tape, you release the sex tape. >>, andrew schulz. >> we are moving on now. >> this wasn't his first rodeo, but it may be his last. a rodeo clown was fired after making gender identity jokes at a michigan fair. have a listen. >> here at the rodeo we are not kinder friendly. you are either -- gender friendly. you are a boy or a girl. if you are confused you need help, okay? let me give you some advice, okay? everybody here who is really
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sure they are a boy raise your hand. if you can tinkle out the fire you go to the boys room and if you can't you go to the girls's room. >> the clown is rocking robbie hodges is an independent contractor for a company that puts on the rodeos. the company said they were off script and they apologized. rocking robbie stands by his jokes. he explained i am an entertainer and i did not use the word your nate. i said tinkle on the fire. it is a comic relief joke and i didn't intend to bash anybody. he said it is comedy. we pick on everyone. does every other clown feel this way or is it just me? it is making me very jaded. do you think every other clown feel this way or is it just him? >> clowns are not allowed to feel. >> they paint the foolings and they don't get to fluctuate.
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this is my issue. as a woman i would be offended by saying that i couldn't put out a fire. i don't know if you have seen a woman pea, -- pee, but that looks be for putting out a fire. we have a thin stream. a woman goes like somebody popped a balloon and that's how you put out a fire. remi, if you would like to comment. >> i was about to say to the people at home, sometimes the conversation goes places you are not something tig. that's good. remi, is this guy a hateful bigot or is he just a simple rodeo clown trying to make a living and doing the west he can? >> he is definitely not the ladder. it is about tolerance and information. if he has a personal opinion
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about these things that's fine. but he is a clown. kids are already scared of clowns. that's what would put a kid into therapy for years. especially if they have gender identity issues. >> you said the word tinkle. >> i am more intrigued by streams. >> it is like opening a fire hydrant as opposed to a hose. >> you watch way too many weird videos. >> every time i see a girl pee i am in "do the right thing." >> but, the point is, i feel like this goes back -- >> guys grow up. >> it goes back to the sorell media -- the social media thing i think. the social media generation has made it so everybody is entitled to have a voice.
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that's not the case. not everybody has a voice. knob is interested -- nobody is interested in the political musings of a rodeo clown. nobody is saying, oh, but who is that rodeo clown going to vote for? all you have to do is get the bull set. while we are worried about making sure everybody's feelings are okay did everybody check out how angry the bulls are that are in the cages? let's make sure the transgender people at the rodeo are feeling okay. let's poke the bull with some hot sticks. >> is this obama? >> first when will we allow the rodeo clowns to talk? >> i thought they were mime acrobats. and i was totally going to be in his favor. but there is a little bit of an edge to him. he was really mad. any 11-year-old kid there -- how many 11-year-olds are
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actually confused about where they are going to go -- >> at a rodeo. >> the guy who posted the video said the people at the crowd -- a lot of people were mad and left. i was surprised the crowd at a rodeo was that woke. i did not expect that. i learned something today. >> are kids too distracted by their devices at the dinner table.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. major developments in the case of two murdered nuns in mississippi. they have a 46-year-old in custody.
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they were nurse practitioners who provided health care to the poor. they failed to show up for work. powerful aftershocks continue to hamper rescue efforts. there have been more than 1,000 of them so far. one was so strong it shutdown two vital roads. it was rising since wednesday's 6.2 quake northeast of rome. it stands at 281 this morning. the number could continue to rise with some people unaccounted for. >> the secretary of state john kerry reporting that there has been progress in the u.s.-russia talks. kerry has been meeting with his counterpart to discuss conditions for a truce. a cease-fire was announced in february, but it collapsed because the international community collapsed.
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more than one million people have been injured. the food and drug administration has told them to test for zika. the discovery of infections are within the continental u.s. florida has connish ifed 43 nontravel-related cases of the 345u ski toe-born virus. zika can cause severe birth defects in babies. now back to a spirited version of "red eye." >> step away from the trs80. it is tech time with tv's andy levey. >> best graphic in television. >> the people today are distracted by their
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smartphones. life is passing us by. we took a video from a pasta saw to help real -- sauce to help with that. it shows how distracted kids can be at the dinner table. >> the family photo was exchanged for a rub bish -- rubbish painting. who is coming in here? it is a viking. look at this. look at this. lovely. how long has she been crashed under there. he does not notice any of these things. a new sister arrived behind the football helmet. here comes a little fellow with a tiny tree. nice. the brother leaves and in comes a massive new brother. >> sure, when i set up hidden
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cameras to spy on kids people frown on it. watch the let's disconnect the i with the pepper hacker. who is that? who is that fella? who are you? who are these people in my house? he has seen enough and he's off. i don't blame you, fella. >> in case it wasn't clear they have a pepper shaker that shuts off your wi-fi, so it is supposed to be so your kids can't use it at the dinner table. you have seven children. is this something you would use at the dinner table? >> here is the thing about the commercial. only since ipads have the kids not paid attention at the dinner table. before the ipads the dinner table was a foundation. the kids have never paid attention. >> well kids that don't care
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what adults say at the dinner table, at least now when i was growing up we didn't have screens. i would zone out and stair at the wall until the adults were done talking. charlie brown did a whole cartoon series about the fact that kids don't listen to adults. this idea that now because there are tablets that's what is happening is complete insanity. >> getting back to that point i was not allowed to read at the dinner table. i thought that was unfair because i would have rather read than dissen -- listen to that part of the conversation. i didn't read because my parents said i couldn't and they were the bosses. these parents are saying we can't get our kids to stop using the tablet so we need to shut off the wi-fi. why can't you tell the kids put your damn tablets away or you are not eating ever? >> you can. it is easy. the truth is parents use things like -- i have an
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18-month-old and when you actually have friends over and you are exhausted you will watch this and you will love it and i don't want to hear from you for 30 minutes. that's totally normal. but i want to talk about -- >> quickly. we are running out of time. >> how messed up it is to do that to a 6-year-old or 8-year-old. >> should those parents go to jail? >> no, i saw the rest. the parents rushed in. it was only a few seconds. that's traumatizing to look up in your home and not see the people you expect to see. >> andrew, five seconds. >> i love kids. >> coming up he bathes in tea and he is about to shower the panel with truth. the pod cast is back.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from boy wizard charles cook on the "red eye" news deck. how are you charles? >> i'm doing well, thank you. >> andy, you said mike pence is the most fun candidate. >> yes. >> have you ever had any fun? >> no. i'm not saying he is fun. look at the other choices, charles. tell me i'm wrong. >> later. you said these cartoons are funny? there is no such thing as a
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funny law school cartoon. >> who said that? >> i said that? >> you said you didn't like their face either. >> i'm sorry. you may not read a lot of cartoons so let's talk about what you know. >> you said there is nothing creep yes, sir -- creepier than unfounded confidence. on monday he said he would show millions of americans the hair on his back. so qed. you seem to think a college professor would ask if you are wearing underwear. >> would it be odd? >> no, that's what you said. i'm thinking you should have been at oxford with me. >> i want to go there. where is it? calabasas? >> you said you were proud of
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america because you didn't know where it was. only three can name the branches of government. winning. 41% can't name the vice president, the current vice president and 70% don't know the constitution is binding law. >> are you trying to make me sad? it is almost working. it did work. >> i thought you were proud of this trend. >> you are kind of a jerk. [laughing]. >> andy, you are -- you said giving it up may be the cost of doing business. there is a mark on anonymity. some people use it for things other than porn. >> i threw it out as a question for someone. second of all incognito mode
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is highly, highly over rated. it just stops your browser history. >> andrew, we have to stop wanting privacy. >> first of all, i don't know what that is. i need you to speak english. >> well i just wanted you to know that the restraining order my wife took out was surreal. she isn't pretending. she does want her privacy. >> from you? >> from you. >> oh from me. she can't stop me from googling. >> i'm all about it. >> you said you have to buy everything in cash because of historical reasons. would you like to clarify your racism? >> i live in a part of
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brooklyn that was run by the italian mofia. >> well recovered. >> you referred to the rodeo clown as he and you used the word his. that's pretty offensive. >> that's how he self- self-identifies. >> sam, you said the sentence all of the transgender people at the rodeo. i was just wondering if you had ever been to the united states. >> that's the stereo type. >> sorry i didn't hear that. >> that's a stereo type. >> how many rodeos have you
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been to recently? >> this is not a rodeo show. let's keep it moving. >> that's pretty much it. you guys are on point tonight. >> thank you, charles. >> you're welcome. it is time to take a break. when we come back, one of the stars of the pilot "the particular." -- "the tick."
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>> but he has a drive and no ability to do about it and has been told his entire life he has no ability. and this crazy guy shows up and says you are supposed to be my sidekick. >> arthur believes that the super villain who the world believes is dead is alive and basically running crime in the city. >> which is not a popular opinion to have. >> he is the only guy he meets and he says you are right. i think you can do something about it. >> the guy is saying that's clearly insane as well and looks like a giant blue bug. >> the tick himself. >> there is a counter imbalance of who he should listen to. >> there are times when the delivery channeled adam west's
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batman. did you give him notes? >> i did. when people are interested in hiring me i don't take direction and i offer direction to co stars. i am surprised they hire me. i am difficult and open. >> you get 10 comedy points for that. >> thank you very much. >> i don't know if i can talk about it. the pilot is great. you have to watch it. there are hints in pilot. i don't think it is spoiler. that the tick may not be real and that he is a figment of his imagination. is that a running mystery through the series? >> i think so. he is cryptic and mysterious and he speaks like the tick. he speaks in these monologues and you have to parse out what he is saying sometimes. that is a central conceit. it is a guy having an opportunity to prove he is not crazy for once. everybody told him you are insane and you have to drop
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the theory that he is alive. and you are saying i can do something and prove you are right, but there is a chance this is the greatest proof that he is crazy. they will continue to fight in the balance. >> so the pilot is on amazon video. and how do they decide if it is a series? >> they lick their finger and hold it up to the wind. they blow into a conch shell and see which birds fly to them. they are mistake and in touch with the elements. >> but you have to get people to see it. that's what i'm trying to say. >> it is free on amazon and whether or not you have prime until september 19th and then they look at how many people watch it and the social media. you can filliout a survey. they are like big brother. >> you are not doing a good
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job. >> i think i am doing a great job. it takes a lot of work. netflix is not listening to our phone calls. i am happy to have them. >> thank you so much. i am out of time. go watch "the tick" on amazon. it is great. we'll be back with more "red eye."
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coming up on the next "red eye" kt mcfarland and tim dillon and steven cruiser and the return of tom shillue. join me, panel, boo. jay which saw -- >> which sorority should i join? we get it a lot. few sororities can match the spirit and enthusiasm of alpha delta pi at the university of texas at austin. meet maddie, hayley and gene e. enjoy the recruitment video.. >> we've been waiting for you all um iser and we're so -- all summer and we're so glad are you finally here.
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[chiefing]. ♪ >> any thoughts? >> first of all maddie's voice, did you hear that? i love that like horse rasp. oh my gosh, there is nothing hotter than that. if she would just pee, that would be the ultimate. you. >> it looks like a bunch of them are waiting for plan b. >> this was scarier than the -- than "the shining." it was "shining" with the
12:54 am
doors. >> and i felt like when they were waiving their fingers it was like arachnaphobia. i don't know. i felt there is something genius about this. maybe we are not the target. >> probably not. >> if i am 17 years old and me when i was 17 which i will tell you something in confidence i was not getting laid a lot, i feel like this is a great recruitment tool. >> for 17-year-old boys? >> yes, all of the girls are waiting for you. >> they are trying to recruit girls. >> the college is putting it out so the guys that can't get laid know there are houses that are like come and join us. all of the girls look like they are from texas. it is an exciting thing. >> would you want them as your
12:55 am
sorority sisters. >> i never connected with sororities. >> there was no greek life at boston college which is where i went under grad. i don't get it. it spooked me out a little bit. i was not sure what i was looking at. i thought it was a joke at first. but i think you are on to something. this is about getting guy. >> by the way, there are blondes and brunettes in the house. >> it is diverse. they have people of hair color. >> somebody for everyone, blonde, brunette, who ever you like. >> do you want to go back to college? >> very happy i was kick i -- i can ked out for that grade. >> going back to "the shining" i thought there must be a second take where they look at the camera and can we see maddie?
12:56 am
i don't like to talk about people's physical appearances because that is rude, but she was a strange creature. like her head and neck worked funny. >> how dare you? >> i loved it. >> how do you go from i don't like to talk about people's personal appearance to she is a creature. >> do you think it was cgi? >> it was the moon landing and it was suspect. >> they should get credit and nobody making a joke about the house and the first scene where the blood comes out. >> nobody did that. jay are we good people? we are good people. how many times a day do you eat chick-fil-a? >> at least three. >> we see you walking down the
12:57 am
block all the time. >> it is good to be known. >> that does it for tonight. >> see you next week. report" is.
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the muddled and mixed messages on the u.s. economy. the administration, the fed, and the markets all weigh in. we unpack how it could all affect you. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. one thing is clear tonight. the u.s. economy is growing very slowly. in fact, by only 1% in the first half of 2016. that said, the signals coming from the financial community on this friday night are confusing to say the least. the gdp, the governor's best indicator of economic growth, is practically at a


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