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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 27, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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embassy row in d.c. and private planes and chauffeur-driven limos. there are single moms working two jobs to get their kids in school. does this sound fair to you? it doesn't to me. have a great weekend, everybody. donald trump getting ready to go hog wild in iowa at the annual roast and ride veteran bikers' event. after appearing to get tougher on immigration after softening his rhetoric. we'll ask katrina pearson all about it coming up. the state department give hillary clinton a big campaign gift? logs of all her meetings the secretary of state won't be fully released until weeks after the election. denying voters a chance 0 see how many more big-time clinton foundation donors might have gotten preferential access. police making a major arrest in the murder case of two dedicated nones in one of the poorest towns in america. we are going to get a live
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report coming up. thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann. >> i'm leland vitter. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. crowds are ready and waiting for donald trump in des moines, iowa, where he'll join senator joni ernst at her rally. last year he did not show up at the event. polls show a tight race between trump and hillary clinton. peter doocy is at the iowa state fairgroun fairgrounds, a familiar spot for him. long line behind you. >> there is a long line. people are getting ready for mr. trump's arrival a few hours from right now after he leaves las vegas to get here. this morning, even before he
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arrived, he is on social media and using a tragedy in chicago, the murder of nba star dwyane wade's cousin to make a point he's been trying to make that years of democratic politicians in charge of large cities and inner cities has left things dangerous. this morning donald trump tweeted, "dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed in chicago after i've been saying african-americans will vote trump." he spent his saturday morning on social media making sure his position on immigration is clear after confusion about comments he made earlier in the week his position on people in the country illegally who don't have long rap sheets may be softening. trump now writes, "heroin overdoses are taking over our children and others in the midwest. coming in from our southern border. we need strong order and wall." trump said this last night on fox -- >> there will be no amnesty.
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there is no legalization. we are going to build a wall that's going to be a tremendous powerful wall. we're going to have great technology along with the wall. and we're going to stop people from coming in. day one we're going to get all the gang members and gang leaders and the drug dealers and all of these people that have illegally crossed and they've been in our country, we're going to get them out very, very fast. >> today trump is coming here to the second annual roast and ride. the ride is a 42-mile trek through iowa that ends here at the iowa state fair grounds a few days after the big state fair ended. you can see the people are lined up. once they get through security, we can smell that the roast part of this event is already getting ready. we br three hours away from mr. trump and will have his remarks live later this afternoon. >> more with pastor mark burns about the tweet regarding dwyane wade's cousin.
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now we go to trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson. nice to see you. >> great to be here. thank you. >> you think about it during the primary when donald trump was speaking. immigration policy was so clear. build a wall, deport 11 million illegal immigrants and make america great again. it was simple. it was said over and over again. why are things now becoming as it relates to immigration, so much more complicated? >> well, it's not really complicated. mr. trump is simply trying to have a discussion about what needs to happen and what he wants to do. he has said many times at many rallies he doesn't want to be like barack obama and signing executive orders. he will have to work with congress to get the more complex things done. his overall message has not changed. there is no path to citizenship or path to legalization. those here illegally will have to leave. to come back, they have to pay
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fines and taxes to qualify for reentry after they get to the back of the line. this is nothing new. >> even though he said earlier he's softening, we are not hearing anything new. >> there is a job to deport illegal aliens. he is not using those words any more. he does want to work with people, which is why he says that in order to get this process done. again, this is going to have to be done in congress. mr. trump wants to make sure we have a good process in place and we have to do changing of our existing laws, not just enforce them, but we have existing laws that are keeping people who are doing things the right way. they're unable to get here. >> it would be fair to say what we are hearing from mr. trump even today or perhaps in his immigration policy speech next week that we know his plan is really sort of a starting point for negotiation or are those red
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lines for him? >> some are these issues are a red line like building a wall. there is no negotiation there. >> there is no negotiation on the wall but there is know goings on perhaps who has to leave, when they have to leave, how they are going to be quote/unquote rounded up? >> he will put forth his vision on how he thinks it should be done in his speech. we are talking about november and who is going to be leader of this country. there is the only discussion on immigration we should be having. here are your choices. you have a candidate, donald trump, who does not want amnesty, who wants to build a wall to keep drug trafficking and sex trafficking out of this country. and wants to enforce our current laws. the other option, hillary clinton has already said in her first 100 days she wants amnesty. she doesn't like the law and she is not interested in enforcing
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these laws we currently have on the books. those are the two choices people have in november. >> you think about hillary clinton's major flaws or weak spots. the list goes on. we don't have that much time left though. why not hit her consistently on those things. why as we've seen over the past week give her openings and get the press openings by going after hillary clinton on things like calling her a bigot or using these words the press uses as distraction? >> mr. trump is talking about all the above. there are so many things to talk about. many things that people don't really get to hear in the media which is one of the reasons why he discusses those things. she does have serious problems. that's why her trust numbers are
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extremely low. i think they're at 29% now. mr. trump wants to talk about everything because he wants to be president for everyone in the country. >> all right. katrina pierson, we appreciate you being here. pastor mark burns coming up in the next hour. good to see you. come back some time soon. >> great to be here. thank you. now to the other side of the aisle. in politics, timing is everything. while hillary clinton is urging voters to the polls in november, the obama administration now says the full release of clinton's daily schedules from the state department will not be available until december 30th. our own molly joins us with reaction to this recent development. >> they are saying around december 30th. that's when the state department told the associated press that the last of the daily schedule records from when hillary clinton was secretary of state will be released. this is significant because it will be after the election. the associated press will not be
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able to complete its investigation into the relationship between the clinton foundation and clinton as secretary of state if more people go to the polls. you see hillary clinton's motorcade as she was attending her first national security briefing as a presidential candidate in new york today. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month. a federal judge ordered the state department seven months ago to start releasing clinton's schedules. about half of them had been released. the a.p. found so far, "more than half the people outside the government who met or spoke by telephone with clinton while she was second of state had given money, personally or through companies or groups through the clinton foundation. clinton insists there was no pay-to-play going on here. here's the state department on the issue earlier this week. >> as we said before, the state department meets with a range of people and a wide range of
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people outside individuals and organizations contact the state department needing requests, recommendations, proposals come to the department through a range of channels. >> the trump campaign says the obama administration is shielding clinton from accountability. a spokesman said, "it is unacceptable that the state department is now refusing to release her official schedule before the election in full. voters deserve to know the truth before they cast their ballots. the a.p. says its lawyers asked state last night to move faster on this and provide all of clinton's minute by minute schedules by october 15th. >> molly henneberg, thank you so much. here to talk about all this, "wall street journal" political reporter peter nicholas. the state department halting its release of clinton's schedule on the heels of an a.p. report which shows about half of the
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folks she met with in some way or another ended up donating to the clinton foundation. why is it so important that voters see her entire schedule? >> the question is who did hillary clinton meet with when she was at the state department? did she meet with clinton foundation donors? the a.p. report show there were dozens and dozens of donors to the clinton foundation who got access to her. is this a pay-to-play atmosphere that was prevalent at the state department while she was there? because of this announcement, it doesn't look like we'll have the full picture of exactly who she met with until after the election. the notion is this is some important foundation for voters to evaluate before november 8th. >> we heard the trump campaign say this is the example of the obama administration shielding hillary clinton. then you have the state department. they spoke with reporters this week and they said, listen, the state department meets with a
9:12 am
range of people in a range of channels. what can we glean from these meetings thus far? at the same time, why is it important we see the additional schedule details? >> well, we reported, for example, "wall street journal" that, a for-profit network of colleges called laureate took part in a meeting at the state department hosted by hillary clinton with yale university and cornell, other nonprofit schools. laureate was a donor to the state department, employed bill clinton and paid them millions of dollars. an official was at these meetings. so there's some concerns about why they would get that access. did they get any special access or treatment that an ordinary person who wants to be with hillary clinton cannot get? that's the question here. it's liability for hillary clinton's campaign she is having to cope with. the fact that all these records won't be out until after the
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election is not necessarily good for the trump campaign which is hoping to exploit this issue and gain traction. >> you talked about laureate. at one point bill clinton was earning upwards of $16 million. since that, that's one of the reasons we heard that now chelsea is really at the helm of the clinton global initiative. does that still mean there are family ties? does that help or hurt the clinton family? >> there is a thought among people close to the clintons said this is an untenable situation. right now the foundation is saying chelsea may well be involved if hillary clinton is elected president. bill clinton said he will step down from the board. he won't raise money from the board. the question is, does that go far enough or will the conflicts of interest allegations follow hillary clinton into the white house if she wins? s there are many people who say the clintons need to cut their
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ties to the foundation entirely, shut it down or turn it over to an independent group like the gates foundation. otherwise there's going to be tremendous scrutiny of the foundation, foundation donors and overlapping interest with the clinton white house should she win that would dog her to the first term. i want to take a step back and get your perspective on the where do you see this going from here? >> i don't think these allegations are going to die out. there will be a steady drum beat of e-mails being released that are some of which were recovered by the fbi during their investigation. these have been turned over to the state department and will be released to judicial watch and advocacy groups and ultimately reviewed by the press. this is going to be happening on a rolling basis for many months.
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we'll learn more about what hillary clinton did when she was in the state department. when they show there are more donors with the clinton foundation that met with hillary clinton, that will be reported on and that will be something hillary clinton will have to answer for if she is president of the united states. what it's looking like is these controversies are going to be following her into the white house if she wins. something she is not going to be able to not put behind her, perhaps less short of a dramatic break for the clinton foundation which they are unwilling to make. >> very interesting. peter nichols, thank you for joining us. we hope to have you back as the story continues to develop. >> good to be with you. tune in tomorrow to fox news sunday. chris wallace will sit down with trump campaign manager kelly anne conway and with gary
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johnson. police in mississippi found the killer of two nuns. they dedicated their lives helping the poorest of americans working as nurse practitioners. they were stabbed to death in their home. live with more on the suspect but first on these women of god. hi, brian. >> after these two nuns failed to show up to work at the lexington health clinic thursday morning, police showed up to their home and found them murdered. last night rodney earl sanders was arrested and charges with two counts of capital murder. the 46-year-old is from mississippi. police say sanders was a person of interest early on in the investigation. after an exhaustive interview with the suspect on friday evening, they got enough information to charge him with both murders.
9:17 am
the sisters paula merril and margaret have been stabbed to death. they lived together in a house in durant. both served as nurse practitioners and failed to show up to work thursday. police say they found signs their home was broken into. they found their stolen car abandoned just a mile from their home. investigators have yet to give a motive behind the murders. sisters merril and held lived in holmes county, mississippi, population 18,000 and seventh poorest county in america. they spent their days administering flu shots and insulin and other medical care to all of those who could not afford it. doctors say both women treated patients with dignity and as children of god. others in the community say the sisters were vital to the clinic, responsible for a quarter of the county's medical
9:18 am
care. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. rivals the bottom place in all sorts of statistics. >> we see patients and do what needs to be done. >> wake services for both women will take place tomorrow followed by a memorial mass on monday, celebrating the lives of two selfless and just remarkable women. >> remarkable in so many ways. the sisters of charity of nazareth put out a statement which they asked for prayers and gratitude for the lives of these two sisters. also ask for the community to pray for the perpetrators, saying because we are gospel women. talk about living your faith, not only in good times but in the worst of times, as well. >> thanks. coming up after the break, iranian forces playing cat and mouse with the u.s. navy. that's just one of several close calls this week.
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why they are egging on american troops? the company making the epipen says they are bringing the cost back down. why the government may be getting involved. an update on a very sad story. mourning across italy as loved ones say good-bye to those killed in the devastating earthquake as rescue crews try to sift through the rubble. >> it is a great tragedy. there are no words to describe it. there are really no words. today is a day of mourning. each one of us has our pain inside. we are thinking about the families who lost relatives, who lost their homes, who lost everything. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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a country in mourning. loved ones begin burying their dead following a devastating earthquake that rocked central italy early wednesday morning, killing at least 290 people. even as recovery workers search for more bodies today, the first 35 victims were laid to rest. kitty logan is live in london with the very latest. >> well the government has declared this a national day of mourning. italy begins to bury its dead.
9:24 am
today there was an official state funeral held in the town with 35 local people killed in last wednesday's earthquake were laid to rest. two of those just young children. that funeral was attended by the italian prime minister as the bishop appealed to mourners not to lose courage and to have the strength to rebuild. hundreds of local people from this close-knit community joined grieving families to mourn those who died and sadly, there will be many more funerals to come and the death toll of 290 may not yet be the final figure as more bodies continue to be recovered. even as this funeral was being held, emergency services continue to search through the wreckage. no one has been rescued alive since the day after the quake hit. there is little hope anyone will have survived in that rubble until now. rhett cover ko
9:25 am
the he covery -- the recovery work is being hampered by aftershocks. the government promised to start rebuilding devastated communities immediately. it relieved over $50 million in emergency aid though its estimated reconstruction could cost billions. there has been criticism not enough was done to make buildings more resistant to earthquakes and there are calls now to the government to get that right this time. some even fear towns could be abandoned. many residents fear they may never live the life they once had before this tragedy happens. >> kitty logan live. thank you so much. we all know vladimir putin loves to show off his muscles and our producer loves to put this video up. his military is showing off their might as they are getting dangerously close to american troops. why is vladimir putin so
9:26 am
confident these days. donald trump along with hillary clinton continue to trade some of the nastiest words in the english language we have more than two months till the election. how much worse can it get? >> i think the people will consider the rhetoric and language that is used by the presidential candidates to draw their own conclusions about that individual's fitness for office.
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ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> that's just a sampling of the accusations of racism/bigotry flying between the two presidential campaigns. both rolled out racially fueled attack ads this weekend.
9:32 am
here to help sort through all the mud slinging is editor in chief of the "washington free beacon." i want to start and take a trip down memory lane and play a quick sound byte for you. >> no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. that's what this campaign is all about. he's not. thank you. >> you see right away, john mccain correcting someone there, really in terms of today, he was being quite polite politically. we don't see that right now. >> what a difference eight year. i should say if john mccain were the nominee right now, he would probably be beating hillary clinton in these polls. >> so what has changed. why is this year so different? politics is a contact sport, but keep in mind we've been rolling
9:33 am
pictures when we saw hillary clinton and bill clinton at donald trump's wedding. at one point they were friends. >> at one point. trump says he bought her then, but that doesn't seem to have worked now. the difference is donald trump. that's clear. he's the real change element in this election. the election is now referendum on what you think of donald trump. so that's what secretary clinton was doing in the speech last week. it wasn't so much about minority voters. they are going to vote for her overwhelmingly. it was about suburban white voters who don't want to vote for someone that is called a racist. that's why she's attacking him on that. that's why donald trump is trying to swing back. he needs suburban white voters if he has any chance of winning. >> you're implying it's a reaction to donald trump entering the race. i want to play another sound byte so we'll fast forward from 2008 to now. this is a clip of recent ad from hillary clinton. we can compare the two. take a listen. >> a lot of what he believes, we
9:34 am
believe in. >> donald trump would be best for the job for president. >> i am a farmer and white nationalist. support donald trump. >> unchartered territory. >> this is much less effective than another ad hillary clinton is playing which quotes trump's words. it's unfair to attack a candidate for people he doesn't endorse but they endorse him. >> she is using it to advantage to associate him with them. >> and trump had the gaffe when he didn't disavow david duke off the bat. there is a moment where donald trump could have maybe made a real appeal to minority voters. as soon as he refused to disavow david duke on cnn there was no chance of that happening. he's trying to make a policy case. he's backed off calling hillary clinton a bigot which steps on his own agenda. if he wants to make a policy
9:35 am
case his policies will be better for minority voters than hillary clinton's, that's something republican candidates have done for decades. what they haven't done is called hillary clinton a bigot which i don't think anyone believes. >> we talked about some of the groups they're being associated with. i know you've been talking a lot about the group alt-right. when we see these parties start to fracture and we the associations take place, what does that mean come election day as we start to see the fracturing take place. >> both parties are driven by a lot of turmoil now and a real reevaluation of what it means to be a conservative, what it means to be a liberal, what it means to be a republican or democrat. we still have the bernie bros, democratic socialists on the democrat side. right now we are seeing a group of online trolls that call themselves the right -- there is no real organization there.
9:36 am
we are not sure how many of them there are. they are certainly on social media on on the web. there is no real constituency in the republican party for their white national views. what they see now is a moment of opportunity. they think donald trump is on their side even if he hasn't embraced them. they are going to try to use this moment to become a more dominant faction in internal republican and conservative politics. >> the effects on these candidates could be huge. >> right. there is no party that embraces outright racist rhetoric. the fact they seem to be associated with these alt-right groups are signing their death warrant. >> i'm not sure a year ago you thought would you be having this conversation with me. >> i didn't think any of us thought we would have any of these conversations. >> thank you for joining us. ho hopefully the next time you come on we'll be focused more.
9:37 am
>> one could hope. president obama promised grieving parents of this young woman here a donation honor of their daughter killed by isis. we ask a year later why they are waiting for a check. the world's most dangerous waters, when the standoff could turn into far more than a war of words. >> our ships were in international waters. our sailors were conducting themselves professionally as they are trained to do. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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so tune in and let's ride! we will continue to take one action step after another with a full-fledged military power show. >> very strong words coming from north korea state-run media
9:42 am
hours after the united nations security council condemns four publicistic missile launches earlier this summer. the north threatening to knock the life out of neighboring south korea. pyongyang is angry at flood lights being used along the tense border between the two nations as well as ongoing joint military exercises between south korea and the u.s. which have been going on for quite some time. >> those strong words across north korea, they face a growing list of ever-growing enemies. iranian gun boats harass u.s. navy ships. a russian attack on syrian rebel forces barely missed u.s. special operations troops there retired general fox news military analyst jack keen. general, is it getting worse or does it seem like it's getting worse? >> it's been growing worse for some time. frankly, what's happened is we
9:43 am
lost the reliability and trust of our allies because of so many foreign policy missteps. there is growing recognition the american leadership weakened the world. as a result of that, they're emboldened. >> you watched that video of those iranian gun boats harassing u.s. ships. it happened 30 times in all of 2015. already now with about 2/3 of 2016, over a third left we are over 30 plus incidents. there was one time this week that the u.s. navy fired a warning shot at one of these gun boats that could be a suicide bomb boat. the question is, when did this war of words and this brinkmanship turn into something other than a war of words? >> there was always the possibility of that. what the iranians are truly about, the tactical thing trying to intimidate a superpower like the united states, they get the visual they want out of that. >> it's a heck of a visual. >> what they are really about
9:44 am
strategically. they are sending notice since negotiations for nuclear talks are over, they are the dominant power in the region. they've got the gloves off and they are going to continue to do what they have done in the past and that is dominate the region. the fact that we don't connect the dots and what iranians have been up to last year was stunning, they convinced the russians to go into syria. they built a force in iraq of 100,000 iraqi shiia militia. they forced the retreat of the united states special operations base and closure of our embassy. they fired the three ballistic missile tests. now they captured three more americans after they released four and got money for them. >> $100 million a piece, americans become valuable in the world. after all of that and after this issue in the straits of hormuz, take a listen to what came out
9:45 am
of the state department. >> we don't know what the intentions of the iranian ships were, but that behavior is unacceptable as our ships were in international waters. we believe these type of actions are of concern. they unnecessarily escalate tension. >> that's it? we need that north korean newscaster. she laid down the law a little bit harder. >> i think a political science international relations expert who is maybe a junior or s senior in college could come up with a more sophisticated answer as to what the iranians are doing, what are their strategic objectives, even though they are using intimidation at a tactical level. >> there are smart people in the u.s. government. we realize you're retired, but there are smart ones left. why is it that they are not allowed to take the gloves off? is this solely the obama administration just being blind to it? >> president obama, i believe,
9:46 am
early on during the transition team before he took power after he won the election came to the grips with the reality the number one foreign policy achievement he had the potential to achieve was a nuclear deal with iran. it would lead iran to joining the international community of nations as a responsible nation. that is what he has been about. i think it has subordinated more of the initiative. >> this is more protecting the obama legacy than protecting u.s. troops. >> that's why you get that incoherent answer from somebody in the state department who is supposed to have some degree of sophistication about what's going on in the world. >> dictionary, we could come up with something different. thank you. the father of kyla mueller, an american aide worker captured and killed by isis says president obama is taking back the promise he made to donate a foundation set up in his
9:47 am
daughter's name. white house spokesperson josh earnest responded in friday's briefing. we don't have the byte. if we get it, we'll bring that to you. the president is not prohibited from making charitable donations. last year alone the obamas reportedly gave more than $64,000 in contributions to 34 different charities, and we do have that spot now. i want to play it for you. >> the president obviously is aware of the foundation that's been set up to support the life's work of kayla mueller. it is exactly the kind of organization the president and first lady have supported in the past. >> is there any reason that would prompt a delay like that? >> i can't speak to any promises or conversations between the president and the mueller family directly. >> you can see there are certainly two different story lines we are hearing. you have to remember that she was held in captivity almost 18
9:48 am
months. >> held in captivity under the worst of circumstances, went under the best of circumstances, solely to try and help the syrian people, worked in a medical clinic over there. you think about that moment of grief where a father has learned his daughter who had been raped and savagely beaten has been murdered by isis terrorists. the president of the united states says i'm going to make a donation in honor of your daughter, brings recognition to his daughter, recognition to this charity, has huge endorsement power for this charity and a year later he's waiting for a check. the best they can say is, "i can't speak to any promise." if you can't speak to a promise made by the president of the united states and you're the white house spokesman, what can you speak to? unbelievable. still ahead, outrage over a massive price increase for a life saving drug. this has liz fired up. why the epipen price hike is about more than just a pain in a lot of parents' wallets. the right things working together
9:49 am
can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day. awwhawhwhawh ... this! this is why i love it here. that fresh air all up in your face. my cousin wilbur in the city has to wear a leash just to go for a stroll. i'm sorry, but with propane, you can live where you want and how you want. and since it's both clean and reliable, you could say propane is "man's best fuel." she knows what i'm talkin' about
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9:52 am
all right. as we come back now we were talking about the tweet written by donald trump about dwyane wade's cousin who was shot and killed in chicago. peter doocy talked about it at the beginning of this show. the original tweet was taken
9:53 am
down and now has been put back up about 26 minutes ago, donald trump tweeting now with dwyane wade's name spelled correctly. his cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i had been saying, african-americans will vote truck. coming up, pastor mark byrnes, supporter of donald trump, to react about the outrage about that tweet coming up. liz? now to a story that certainly has a lot of families really upset. outrage over the rising cost of life-saving allergy drug epipen that has reached capitol hill. lawmakers demanding an investigation into a more than 500% price hike since 2007. the company's ceo says the government's role in american health care is why she has raised the price in the first place. joining us now to weigh in, founder of no nut traveler. thank you for joining us, leanne. this story has so many families upset. i want to get your rekz because the ceo of mylan was on cnbc
9:54 am
this week. this is the reason why she says there's been a rise in that price. >> but surely, heather, surely you must understand the outrage. somebody i talked to last night said people are outraged because it seems outrageous the american medical association has said this is basically the same product it was in 2009 and yet the price has gone up 3 or 400 fold. >> so, look, no one is more frustrated than me. i've been in this business -- >> but you're the one raising the price. how can you be frustrates? >> leanne, we're talking about this epipen here. gone up 542% over the course of ten years. from what you say this is stealing from families. >> this is not an optional medication. i want to stress that. this is the only treatment that will stop an flat sis.
9:55 am
we have seen the lights go out in my child's eyes until that is ministered. to have families denied access based on cost is unconscionable. i don't care what the reasons are but as parents we need to do better, as lawmakers we need to do better. this isn't a medication you have to have access to. i just don't buy any of the excuses being floated. >> i think there has to be responsibility. >> right. a lot of people are pointing to the fact that mylan, which is the drug maker, has increased a number of drug costs. so what do you want from lawmakers at this point? >> the price has to drop. the sticker price. you know, i run my website no nut traveler and huffington post. i just posted a blog and i was reading comments this morning and there are people going in to use these coupons and they're not being accepted. then people are splitting up their epipen which is just
9:56 am
dangerous behavior because they're giving one at school and one at home. it's dangerous because it's never about having one twin pack. you need to have one at school. i posed a question on no not traveler. my followers between 4 and 12 when they're flying. do the math. epipen math is not simple and it's staggering. and you have no choice. there are no options. and why in europe? i was looking at uk and the price is 30 pounds. >> leanne, i wish i had more time. we have a hard break. but we thank you so much for joining us. we'll be back right after the break. for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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10:00 am
morning, linking his outreach to the black community to the murder of a popular basketball player's cousin. we're going to talk with tump supporter pastor mark byrnes about this. hillary clinton get herg first security briefing as a presidential candidate and a gift from the state department all the logs of her meetings as secretary of state will not be released to the public until weeks after the election. brand new controversy. the san francisco 49ers, get this, are defending one of its player, star player, the quarterback, for refusing to stand during the national anthem. for what the man who makes $114 million says is racism and
10:01 am
obsession. a lot of politics. a lot of news this summer saturday. hope you're having a great weekend. >> welcome to "america's election headquarters" from washington. we begin this hour in america's heartland. donald trump is in iowa where he's going to take center stage at senator joni aerns roast and riot rally. it's only the second year but it's becoming a must do for republicans eager for hawkeye votes. peter doocy is live in des moines. peter, what point is trump trying to make -- the point, rather, of a basketball's star's cousin in chicago? >> elizabeth, chicago will guard dwyane wade's cousin was gunned down. she got caught in a cross fire
10:02 am
in a chicago neighborhood yesterday. so trump wrote this morning on social media that, quote, dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying, african-americans will vote trump. trump has been recently putting a big emphasis of the dangers in living in the inner cities because he blames decades of democratic political leadership for the rising crime rates in some places. he also tried to cast himself as the law and order candidate. now he is giving us some more specifics, more details about what he thinks is going to make him the attractive candidate in november for people in in some of america's most dangerous neighborhoods. >> what do we know about trump's visit to nevada yesterday? >> they visited in the last two day, iowa, here, will be one, nevada yesterday. we know that he sat down at the trump hotel on the vegas strip with some hispanic leaders and also with some small business leaders. we don't know a whole lot about
10:03 am
what went on in that meeting but we do know that trump told us he thinks he's doing a lot better with hispanic voters than the polls and pundits would lead you to believe. >> we're going very, very well with latinos. we have been doing amazing, far greater, far greater than anyone understands. >> reporter: that meeting came after days of confusion about trump's. immigration platform, whether or not he was softening or not. this morning he tried to clarify by tweeting, quote, heroin overdoses are taking over our children and others in the midwest. coming in from our southern border. we need strong border and wall. last night trump told us this. >> there will be no amnesty. there's no legalization. we're going the build a wall that's going to be a tremendous powerful wall. we're doing to have great
10:04 am
technology along with the wall. and we're going to stop people from coming in. day one, we're going to get all of the gang members and the gang leaders and the drug dealers and all of these people that have illegally crossed and they've been in our country, we're going to get them out very, very, very fast. >> reporter: this event that just got started with the music as we started talking, elizabeth, is organized by senator joni ernst. she was once rumored to be on the final short list as a trump running mate. she did not become the running mate but trump sitill wants her support. he is set to speak to all of these people and to 400 bikers once they get here about two hours from right now. elizabeth? >> all right. six electoral votes up for grabs in the state of iowa. peter doocy, thanks so much. trump heads to phoenix, arizona, then off to detroit. part of his ongoing appeal to minority communities and arguing democratic policies have in a
10:05 am
lot of ways failed these communities. a message that could resonate in struggling detroit perhaps but a lot of folks say his delivery is perhaps killing his message. joining us now trump supporter pastor mark byrnes. thank you for being with us. >> happy to be here. >> you might appreciate this line, my grandmother used to say it's not what you say, it's how you say it. and the reasonable people would agree that donald trump has got a lot of points that makes sense about what's happened in the black community, especially over the past couple of decades, but is the way he's saying it ali alienating a lot of folks in. >> i think this is a time where donald trump should be commended because in general, the republican party don't -- do not reach out after the african-american community. but i believe for the first time in history in the republican party you're going to see donald trump declaring to the african-american community and pointing out actual facts that has been plaguing our
10:06 am
communities under a democratic party rule. and why it's so important that we as african-americans, where our net worth is extremely low compared to other families and other ethnic groups, the welfare that is plaguing our community. the food stamps that is plaguing our communities. and even the crime rate in some communities. this is a time where donald trump is really connecting to the african-american community. >> pastor, no one would argue that the african-american community in a lot of cities in the country is struggling. it certainly is. the question is, is what policies is donald trump putting forth that promises african-americans in these communities a better future for them and their kids? >> well, see, i think it's that type of a dialogue that is really keeping our country so divided. and it is -- >> i'm not -- pastor. forgive me. i'm not trying to ask about -- >> no, no, no, no, no, no. >> -- policies. what is trump going to do? >> right. right. that's what up saying. let me get me statement out. i really think it's that type of
10:07 am
language and communication that's really keeping us divided, what donald trump has been speaking in plain language, dealing with issues that is going to impact not just african-american community but every community in this country because poverty, sir, know nos color. poverty don't care if you're african-american or hispanic-american. that's what the democratic party has been doing -- >> i'm still confused though, pastor. by asking what policies donald trump is putting forth, that's dividing america? >> hear what i'm saying. what i am simply saying is we shouldn't be talking about what is donald trump going to do for the african-american community. we should be talking about what donald trump, when he becomes president, is going to do for the united states of america. >> what's he going to do? >> every race. well, he's been speaking it from day one. number one, we need jobs but specifically within the african-american community. parents need to have the right
10:08 am
to choose the schools their children go to. there are some children born in underprivileged, underperforming neighborhoods and schools. they're automatically doomed to fail day one they enter the school system. right now donald trump is saying when i am president i am going to make sure there's policies in place that's going to allow the parents to choose schools. >> you think school choice would make a big difference? >> without question. without question, because african-americans, as soon as we get in many case, not every case, but in many cases. and we need to quit using language like every black person is the same. like every black person is in the same situation and we're not. we're a diverse group of individuals. we're only connected by the heritage of our race. we still a very diverse group. >> i want to get your thought on this tweet from donald trump. talking about dwyane wade's cousin killed tragically in chicago. here's the tweet. dwyane wade's cows vin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago.
10:09 am
just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. there's been a lot of pushback on twitter. this just came out in the past hour or two. that dmr. trump didn't offer condolences and the family and grief, having the loss of a mother of a child here. how do you feel about that? do you think that's a fair criticism or is mr. trump right to make this a political issue here? >> first of all, as a pastor, i do offer my condolences. what a tragic, tragic event that has taken place and it is obviously a sign of why the african-american communities in some of the -- in the urban c y cities of our country need a change of leadership to where, again, i'm not trying to politicize -- i don't want to do that. i think so donald trump was simply trying to point out the passion that is even in his own heart as to why african-americans who are in some desperate places, in our
10:10 am
own country. why we're spending $4 trillion overseas with wars in afghanistan, iraq. think about it. you just take $1 trillion and bring it back to our urban communities, just $1 trillion, spend it specifically just on urban communities in our country. i think we will have -- crime rate will completely drop down. without question, i think donald trump was just echoing and declaring to the country why it's so important that this crime rate, that is plaguing, that is -- it's a fact, plaguing our african-american communities come to a minimum. >> i don't know where we're going find an extra trillion when they're $17 trillion in debt. thank you, sir. thank you. >> happy to be here. liz? to the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton is dodging accusations she helped in private meetings with clinton foundation donors during her time as secretary of state as an exchange for their donations. her team blasting the associated press report saying that half of her one-on-one meetings as
10:11 am
secretary of state were with foundation donors. clinton says the investigation only looked at snippets of her calendar. the a.p. defending their story saying the reporters looked at all available documents. and have asked for more. the controversy leaves the democratic nominee vulnerable to a. attacks from across the aisle and one that donald trump has taken efforts to take advantage of. let's have a fair and balanced debate. ron meyer and democratic strategist mustafa joins us now. thank you for joining me, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> i want to start with you, mustafa. reaction has come out now that the state department is going to be withholding the other half of her calendar in december 30th. how does hillary clinton really dodge any criticism between now and november? >> well, first, a.p. should be given four pinocchios for their story. anyone looking at that story beyond that first paragraph knows it was completely false and misleading.
10:12 am
when you look at 153 people, any secretary of state, hillary clinton or otherwise, in two years, you know they've seen over a thousand folks. it was a wrong story. a.p. should be shamed of itself. >> i'm going to have to let ron react to this because you used the word false. you used the word misleading. but the a.p. has in there that 85 out of 154 meetings resulted in some type of donation to the clinton foundation. you're saying that that's not true and then i want to get ron's reaction. >> the problem is that hillary clinton and mustafa are saying there's smoke and no fire. out of these -- you're seeing a lot of meeting where's donors showed up at the state department. it happened. you're saying there's no smoke and no fire. julian assange is saying, hey, maybe i do have the fire and we have more stuff to release. so maybe the fire does exist and it's going to be a problem for hillary clinton and it's creating a bigger problem because of the fallout from it.
10:13 am
especially with the key part of the democrat base. millennials. right now she's around 40%. president obama got 50%. getting to the data. it's because they think she's dishonest. this backs up that point, that people think she's dishonest. she did things in the state department for her own personal gain. name me somebody in congress who has a personal charity that people donate to. you donate to campaigns but a personal private charity is different. it backs up this view that she's corrupt, that she's dishonest. that's why she's not running away with this election. that's why it's still very close and donald trump has a chance. >> mustafa, i want you to respond to that. >> look. one, she's a double digit lead. very far away from donald trump. look at the evidence that they pointed out. they said there was a meeting with mohammed eunice who is a nobel peace prize winner who founded microlending across the world and they said there was a meeting with the banker and a
10:14 am
donor. this is ridiculous. and once you read beyond that, the first paragraph of a.p., you realize it. and i think that, again, i think a.p. should be ashame and i know they're rolling back their story quite a bit from where they started. hillary clinton has been working on this her entire career and the chair city is not taking any money from it, personal money from the charity. doing good around the world. to denigrate the work they've been saving lives, lifting people out of poverty. important things that have to be done. >> okay. >> so you're saying the fact that hillary clinton, you know, under her state department rule bill clinton got $5 million from a for-profit college. you're saying that money was free and clear? now she's saying -- >> former president of the united states. he was the former president of the united states who started this charity m. you make it sound like hillary clinton was, you know, this is a pay to play type of scenario. this is manufactured outrage. >> those are the accusations. at the same time, we're learning the state department is withholding the other half of
10:15 am
her calendar when this is all supposed to be about transparency. if she wants to earn the trust of the american people then why isn't she okay with the calendar being released? >> the state department has to go through the process. they have to make sure there's not classified information in those calendars. those meetings affect people that are representing our government around the world and we want to -- >> now they -- >> last word. >> now they care about classified information, hillary clinton. now they do, right? nothing mattered when she had her own private e-mail server. now they want to make sure. hold on. >> as soon as possible. >> ron, you can have the last word and wrap it up. >> thank you. this is why jason is saying when he is getting documents from the state department most of the stuff has been redacted. stuff from the phish has been redacted. mustafa, you might be one of the one in three americans who think she's honest. 33%. that's not very much. and here's the thing, is that, you know what, donald trump is staying closer in the race and because of this issue. it's because people don't think she's honest.
10:16 am
it's a sad state for american politics when it's a race to see who is disliked or distrusted the most. the stats say to american politics she should be above this if she thinks she's going to be the next president of the united states. >> thank you for joining us. hope to continue this conversation. and for our viewers am we home, tune in tomorrow to fox news sunday. chris wallace will be sitting down with kellyanne conway and exclusive interview with gary johnson. of course, check your local listings and stick around after fox news sunday because right here on america's election headquarters the other half of the libertarian ticket, bill well, joins us. you don't want to miss that. fox news alert on the spread of zika and new dangers facing you and your family from this virus that we know so little about. we of course have heard about the cases in florida but now the obama administration is treating the zika virus as a nationwide health threat.
10:17 am
seems like they're not taking any chances. >> they're not. a big part of that reason is because there's still a lot we don't know about zika. everything from what the long hempl i term impacts are to how this virus is spread and transferred from person to person. while mosquitos are still the largest threat, they're concerned the nation's good supply could become tainted as well. yesterday the food and drug administration announced it wants blood banks across the country to begin testing blood donations for zika. the concern is that because the virus doesn't cause any symptoms someone who is infected would unknowingly transmit it by donating blood and then could be transferred to a pregnant woman. this new recommendation comes amid nationwide. more than 2,000 cases have been reported including 584 pregnant women. here in washington, though, the fight against zika has become a
10:18 am
major political football. today president obama again blamed republicans for not passing legislation to help fund the fight. >> every day that republican leaders in congress wait to do their job, every day our experts have to wait to get the resources they need. and that has real life consequences. it means weaker mosquito control effort, longer wait times to get back your diagnostic result, delayed vaccines. it puts more americans at risk. >> it was senate democrats who back in june filibustered and blocked a republican backed fill to fight zika. that was due to language that would have excluded parenthood parenthood from receiving any function. congress is askscheduled to be session. >> in the middle of back and forth the help of so many pregnant women and thenesss a to those questions. they said they don't even know
10:19 am
what the chances are with a woman infect we'd zika than will have the baby with the birth defects. >> a lot of questions. >> takes a lot of money to answer them. thanks. >> see you, garrett. after the break, torrential rains in the midwest putting residents in danger. janice dean has the latest. hi, janice. >> hi, liz. watching a couple years of disturbed weather across the midwest, gulf coast, and the tropics are active. we're going to talk about it after the break. back to you, liz. and swiking from the fences in a political turn. they court voters into mid rest battleground states. taking an academic stand on political correctness gone wild. being thoeld there's no hiding from the real world. there's no the real world. t there's no hid the real world. o there's no hid the real world. l there's no hidm the real world. d there's no hid from the real world. al is touch
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10:23 am
m. hey ve rain pounded kansas city, missouri, flash flood emergency and closed down several roads. unclear why this person was driving in this storm. police warned people to avoid
10:24 am
driving and emergency crews have been busy rescuing people stranded in their cars. hopefully they didn't have to rescue this guy as the rain continued. our own meteorologist janice dee is at the fox extreme weather center with more on this. what can you tell us? what can people expect? >> we have a couple of things we're watch og the map today. this is the satellite radar imagery showing you a distu disturbance across the great lakes. bringing severe weather as well some moisture getting in from the gulf of mexico, into texas and louisiana. that's the last place we need to see any more rainfall with historic rainfall over the last couple of months. you see the showers and thunderstorms erupting across the upper midwest. and we are watching this tropical disturbance. we've been watching this thing for over a week in thinking that it might develop. right now not happening. we are seeing this area of low pressure and not a lot going on with a flare-up of thunderstorm activities around the ba hhamas
10:25 am
and cuba but it's still what we calling an invest, something we're investigating. it's an area of low pressure that could get into the gulf of mexico sometime next week. but we still don't know what form. could it be just an area of low pressure? could it be depression or even a storm? time will tell. but for now you can see we don't have a good grasp on this. but it is the time of year. we're getting into peak season where we've got to watch these area of low pressure. so there's the euro. our tropical model. a few days ago we were talking about a tropical storm in this region but now not much. but the one thing we're going to see is the potential for heavy rain and gusty winds across cuba and the bahamas and south florida. eventually perhaps getting into the gulf of mexico. so again, this is something we have to watch because this time of year this waters are very warm. anything that gets in there could have the potential to develop. and so that's why we are paying very close attention and of course you will be the first to know if it does develop. elizabeth and leland, back to
10:26 am
you. >> janice dean, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you got it. millions of students nationwide are heading to college for the first time. and the university of chicago has a message for its freshmen. prepare get uncomfortable. in a letter the dean of students at the university does not condone, quote, safe spaces or support, quote, trigger warnings. if its commitment to academic freedom. yes, that means as they continue in this letter, you may have to listen to a speaker you may not agree with. wow. >> the opposite of other colleges. >> what a change. the fellow who is the president of chicago university is guy named robert zimmer. he pointed out in the "wall street journal" that gave him a big pat on the back for this. he said, wait a second, academic freedom is not only ability conservative view or talking about generals or those kinds of things or race, but also it goes right down to the core of science. you think about charles darwin
10:27 am
who was of course censored so long ago in the academic world and that what means. >> you certainly see so many people applauded but at the same time you see people pulling their donations to the university of chicago. you're seeing reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> and a number of donors at northwestern university threatened to pull their money when they decided not to hire a retired general. it cuts both ways. you have to wonder how much the money has to do with it in addition to academic freedom. for those freshmen. coming up after the break, remember the game frogger? well, this is kind of like that but with a cat and it's real. this crazy story coming up. you can't look away. plus, politics, they're all converging in iowa. we're going to check in in that battleground state coming up. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
10:28 am
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all right. back to politics. it's a tight race in iowa where donald trump is going good old-fashioned retail politicking today. you may remember trump lost the iowa caucuses to ted cruz. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders but only barely. it was decided by a coin flip. brianne is a political reporter for the des moines register and joins us now. thank you of much for joining us. i want to start off by saying, listen, the polls there really show the two neck and neck. there's only six electoral votes up for grabs. why are both candidates looking to iowa right now? >> both candidates are looking to iowa right now because it is so close. there's a lot of states where hillary clinton is pulling away but here the polls are within the margin of error so donald trump has a chance to win iowa. so he's been here quite a bit
10:33 am
already in the last couple of weeks. he will be here again this afternoon. >> you say there are a number of states where hillary clinton is pulling away. iowa historically has gone blue. so there is some criticism that donald trump is spending so much time there. do you think he really has a chance to win iowa and what evidence do you have of that? >> sure. in iowa we don't have the m large minority populations that a lot of other states do. hillary clinton is really targeting african-american community, latino communities. so iowa has a lot of white middle class, blue collar workers that really are tuning in to donald trump's message right now. >> all right. give us a sense of donald trump's ground game in the state of iowa, has he had a big presence there? does he have folks who work for him that have been on the ground? >> sure, he does. just this past week they announced a new round of field directors that they've hired. a lot of them are people who have been in the game for a long time. they really know the lay of the
10:34 am
land. donald trump is starting to ramp up his ground game now going into labor day. i think we will see more of that going forward. >> tell me about what iowa voters care about. does it reflect a lot of other voters across the u.s.? >> yeah, iowa voters are similar to voters across the country and they care about the economy, they care about their jobs. but iowa's agricultural industry really is big here so a lot of strategists are telling us that donald trump is going to need to tap into that to really convince people here that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to agriculture and he can advocate for their interests. >> so you said what you feel that donald trump needs to tap in to. like we mentioned earlier in an interview that the state has typically gone blue. what does hillary clinton need to do going forward? how can she combat the fact that donald trump does seem to have a pretty organized ground game in iowa? >> well, hillary clinton is just as organized. i think she will be competing for those votes, too. strategists are telling us to
10:35 am
look to the suburbs where hillary clinton will try to win over upper class, middle class white women particularly. you will see that but she's got just as great a ground game and she's been here as well. if you look at the electoral math she maybe doesn't need to make as big a play for iowa so we might not see her here as much as donald trump. >> when they look at their ground game across the state of iowa and the different sects, the different suburb, how do they tackle all of those different demographics? >> you know what i that i have people on the ground. it's their job to be out knocking on doors, talking to people, doing local retail politics like what we will see today. at this event i think we've got a lot of people maybe sitting on fence. this is a good opportunity for donald trump to kind of tap into some people still making up their minds who still want to be persuaded. >> thank you for joining us. iowa's known for retail politics and it's not giving up on that. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. it's not just iowa that's up
10:36 am
for grabs. just ahead, our political panel looks at a neighboring state that both candidates would like to have in their win column. ♪ we down in missouri where i heard this melody ♪ for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it is a tradition as america is as apple pie. standing for the national anthem before a sports game. football of course included. so when san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick, the quarterback, stayed seated for the singing of the "star-spangled banner" during last night's game, there were a lot of questions. kaepernick told nfl media he won't show pride for the flag of the country that, quote, op presses black people and people of color. you can see him sitting there on the bench in that shadow, lower part of the screen.
10:41 am
kaepernick, biracial, says it would be selfish of him to look the other way. our fox new contributor joins us in los angeles for perspective on all this. jim, nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> i don't know if mr. kaepernick knows much about oppression, $114 million, six-year contract. doesn't sound like he's doing too bad to me. >> none of us can tell anybody how to feel. it's a free country. if he doesn't want to participate in the national a them he doesn't have to. many years ago the former chris jackson didn't want to stand for the national anthem because it went against what we h said was his religion of islam so he sat during the anthem for the den jer nuggets. the nba took action. briefly suspended him. they work out a compromise where he ended up leaving the court for the anthem and then eventually he did stand for the national anthem. if this is what kaepernick wants to do, then he's entitled to.
10:42 am
it's a free country. >> he's entitled to do whatever he wants. backlash and repercussions. the 49ers did issue a statement. they said here, the national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. respecting such american principles of freedom of religion and freedom of expression we recognize the right of an individual to participate or not in the celebration of our national anthem. the 49ers agree with you. will the fans agree with the 49ers? >> well, i think we're going to be all over the map. if you look at the reaction. and i think the reaction is going to be very difficult for him because the fans do come and stand up. on the other hand, maybe the nba and the nfl and these -- all of these leagues should take another look at this. when you go to a concert for adele or jay-z you don't stabbed for a national anthem. yes, it is tradition. by the same tone we just had 46 gold medal winners in the united states at the olympics and 121
10:43 am
medals and i didn't see any kind of demonstration and i'm not aware of a demonstration that took place during the victory platforms during the national anthem. he's going to face a tough road here for these actions. by the way, he is biracial. he was raised by white parents and adopted by white parents and white siblings. so he definitely has, you know, a view of both sides here and his -- >> can the nfl do anything in specific? they have all sorts of rules. i remember tim tebow, controversy because he had bible verses there where they put black paint under their eye. the nfl wanted to fine him or do other things to him. this would seem to be making an equal kind of statement in one way or the other. >> i think the nfl will look at this. they have yet to deliver a response. i think they will ask him probably to leave the field much like the nba did many years ago. and if he's not going to want to stand up for the national anthem, just don't be present because it's going to be an
10:44 am
embarrassment for the national football league and it could spread. you could have several other guys who want to do this in concert with him who are sympathetic to his views and take those views and it could spread. i think the national football league is going to adopt a policy and they're going to have to it in a big hurry. >> you think about the big hurry because last season the nfl got up in that huge controversy of whether they were taking money from various military branches for these ceremonies, enlistment ceremonies. fans of the nfl did not like that. you can imagine that's the kind of demographic that may not like mr. kaepernick's behavior. >> yeah. i think it's going to be problematic. they did not like the fact that they were taking money for these ceremonies and for pledging allegiance to the flag and for showing patriotism when in fact they were being paid for it. it had a major backlash. i think the same thing here. you know, colin kaepernick is free to do whatever he wants. right now he's fighting for his football life.
10:45 am
he's going to be a backup quarterback. he's lost his starting job. he's going to make a $14 million guarantee this year. so he is financially secure. so he wants to make a statement. he's going to make this statement. i just think that this is going to have large reaching and ranging repercussion because there are a lot of players, we saw with chris paul and lebron james and carmelo anthony and dwyane wade who unfortunately just lost his cousin yesterday in chicago. we saw what they did at the espy awards celebrating espn about a month ago. and we've seen a lot of athletes come forward talk ug about tha particularly since the death of mohammed ali, that they must be more socially active and in this environment, it's going to create a huge issue. >> i don't think anyone can argue that mr. kaepernick became socially active last night. jim gray, appreciate you joining us. as you said, the story will continue. i'll be back to talk about it. >> thanks, leland.
10:46 am
>> football season is a long season coming up. after the break, good intentions lead to some bad decision making. what on earth is this woman doing on a busy texas highway? we'll explain. >> she wasn't paying attention to the traffic a whatever. she could have gotten hit. fortunately the other motorists were paying attention to her. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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missouri went from mitt romney by nine points in the 2012 presidential election. but this year all bets are off as polls show the show me state now up for grabs. latest poll has trump up by one point. that is well within the margin of error. here for a fair and balanced debate, john hancock, former missouri republican party executive director and michael kelly, former executive director of the missouri democratic party. i feel like you guys are sitting next to each other. no referee in the middle. i feel like saying let's get ready to rumble. let's start off with that, mike. mike, as you look at this race, are you surprised by how well hillary clinton is doing in missouri versus donald trump? >> no, of course. look, this has not been a
10:51 am
competitive seat since 2000 for the electoral college votes. we're seeing donald trump happy to spend time in states that should be a slam dunk like mississippi where he was yesterday, states like missouri that have in the past gone democrat, this is one that's in play and he has to be extremely nervous that these ten electoral votes could potential by go for hillary clinton. >> a lot of happy pills going on over here. you know, donald trump is going to be fine in missouri. he's gone to arguably one of roughest stretches the campaign has. he's back on message now. he's on track. the numbers are going to rehabilitate. he had a ten-point lead. >> celebrate that we h kt as like a normal presidential candidate for three days is celebration. shows the reason that missouri is in play. >> i'm interested in that. what demographic within missouri that was so hard right and you think about st. louis, you think about kansas city, the suburbs outside, especially the evangelical vote in missouri.
10:52 am
is that the vote that's now starting to slip away from donald trump and going over to hillary clinton, the white suburban vote? what is it? >> leland, listen, you know, missouri is a state that's had the democrats controlling the governor's office for 20 of the last 24 years. there's more democrats than republicans in the state of missouri. the place where donald trump is most vulnerable are in those counties to st. louis and kansas city where we're starting to see in particular females trend back towards the democrats. that smells disaster not only for donald trump in missouri but the incumbent united states roy blunt. >> there's a whole lot of wrong that you packed in that 20 seconds. it's more republican when you cut it up in congressional districts an state legislative districts. statewide it is more competitive. what hillary clinton has got to do to win the state, which she will not, they've got to elevate the african-american turnout in the inner cities. that takes millions of dollar on the ground.
10:53 am
i don't see the campaign putting those kind of resources -- >> do either campaigns have a lot of offices open? anybody on television there? >> hillary clinton has offices open. we haven't seen any investment in television yet. but with them putting this together it's likely we're going to see that here shortly. it's going to help democrats up and down the ticket. >> whole lot of waste. the problem with missouri and what makes it challenging to play in is that the two big media markets bleed into noncompetitive states. the st. market bleeds into illinois. not competitive for the democrats. the kansas city market bleeds into kansas. that's not competitive because republicans win it. so it's a difficult decision to put those kinds of resources in to missouri. i'll be surprised if at the end of the day the clinton campaign really does make a play here. >> you guys mentioned down ballot races. that's something a lot of folks are talking about, republicans especially in washington are talking a it. the gop. i want to put up this quote from the "new york times" today. asked how fellow republicans could win election to statewide
10:54 am
office in the west, missouri was the gateway to the west. senator jeff flake of arizona offered some blunt advice. quote, distance yourself from donald trump, that's difficult, he add we, but i think we've got to do it if we're concerned. not just about the election but elections to come. john, then mike, you both got 15 seconds. >> well, that's the exact case that roy blunt finds himself in. incumbent united states senator who has money, great name id, now in trouble because the top of his ticket is an absolute circus. we could see the senate seat in missouri go to jason candor. >> michael is going to have a rough night on november 8th. donald trump is going to carry missouri. blunt is going to carry missouri. we're going to win the governor. it's going to be a great night. >> the tape is marked. and the bet is marked as well. i'm coming to st. louis sometime. whichever one of you guys loses is buying me ted drus, fair? >> we're? >> thanks for being here.
10:55 am
talk to you soon. all right. coming up after the break, we are showing you this video. one texas woman's attempt to be a good scitizen is not quite getting the cat's meow from this community. fiery rhetoric and insults flying fast and furious between hillary clinton and donald trump's campaigns. we'll update you on the impact it's having with voters and whether it's helping or hurting vote. and todd brown on concerns about whether trump is profiting his stand on illegal immigration. hillary clinton xwets her first intel briefing as a candidate. ol voer north will join me to weigh in. all that and more in less than ten minutes at the top of the hour.
10:56 am
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hurti herds cattles but may not so much sea lions. a wandering kitty cat found itself crossing a busy highway trailed by a well meaning if not a clueless woman trying to rescue it. it did all end very happily thanks to laumt. one officer used his vehicle to shield the motorist and animal from traffic. so everyone is safe and sound. the lesson here i'm not quite sure what the lesson is. >> watch the guy in the truck though. the officer is there. replay the tape. there was a guy in a truck, okay? who like trying to get by as the officer and the woman are there. this guy in a duly truck just
11:00 am
couldn't wait. >> you have such a big heart. >> you know, i think that is an excellent note to end this show on. i like that. thank you very much. it's good being with you. and we begin this hour with an update from the campaign trail as donald trump heads to the hawkeye state. hello and welcome to" america's election headquarters in new york." trufr pl trump planning to speak to iowa this afternoon. and reacting to her accusations that trump has built a campaign on, quote, paranoia. with just 72 days to election day the attacks between both campaigns intensifying. making it clear that the fiery rhetoric we've been hearing out on the stump will not be


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