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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 27, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and you could be the next winner. enter today at for your chance to win a year's worth of mortgage payments. hillary clinton's campaign is on defense again as a new batch of e-mails released this week raises fresh questions about whether clinton foundation donors got appreciable treatment from the state department during her tenure there. this comes as an analysis by the associated press found 85 of the 154 people from private interests who met with clinton in her first two years as secretary donated fo the foundation contributing $156 million to the charity. hillary clinton called the report a lot of smoke and no
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fire claiming they excluded nearly 2,000 meet gings she had with world leaders and bill clinton chaukd it up to election year politics. >> there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, i don't know what it is. hillary was meeting with noble prize winners who would have gotten meetings with any foreign secretary in the world. i just think it's election season. >> joining the panel this week wall street journal and editor and editorial board member and main street columnist. kim, what was the most important thing we learned this week in your view about the clinton
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foundation and the state department and the relationship when she was secretary. >> i think the most important thing we learned is that they we were essentially one in the same. that's the importance of these e-mails that we got from humid from the clinton aide. what they show is this constant back and forth discussion she had with one of the executives of the clinton foundation where they were keeping track of schedule addres and he was aski special audiences in front of prominent clinton foundation donors. despite her promise she was distancing herself from the foundation all this was continuing while she was secretary. >> what about the defense that she had -- the ap report is wrong because it focuses on two in a are row of a group of people who met with her and she was meeting with thousands of more people. does that wash? >> it doesn't wash because here's the thing, hillary clinton was obliged as secretary
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of state to meet with foreign dig tarries. she wasn't obliged to meet with anyone outside the state department and the majority of the people she met were clinton foundation donors. >> so do you see it this way? >> i think that the short answer is no, i don't see it that way. the number of meetings she held was 1,700 meetings. >> most of them were with diplomats. that's different than private interests is it not. >> i don't see that's the case. here is the bottom line. with all of the talk, with all of the revelations, there is one truth that stands out. you cannot find a single case of proof that any tangible anything was given, any gifts were given, anything to the detriment of the united states. >> there was no quo for the
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quid. >> not only that, all the smoke, the continuing smoke with no fire is only adding to itself. if you take that ap report, it starts off by saying more than half of the meetings that she held. that's quite an eye catcher. more than half the meetings when you have 150 people, she met 75 out of them. >> if you're a regular american and -- i'd love to talk to the secretary of state about my ideas but i haven't given $100 million to the clinton foundation, are you getting that meeting? i don't think you are. >> i think it is a thing of valuab valuable. there are people every day this washington paying a lot of money to people who can arrange meetings with the cabinet. one person wrote in this week saying why don't these donations to the clinton foundation violate the clause of the
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constitution where people like hillary clinton in the state department are not supposed to be taking gifts from foreign powers. >> what about dorothy's point there is no evidence so far of that there was anything beyond meetings that they got in return, no policy shift in -- >> certainly with the crown prince got a meeting but we don't know that anything was done on his behalf. >> i think arranging a meeting is a gift but this is false that it was only meetings. we know for example one particular case where heavy clinton foundation donors ended up getting a favorable decision on the sale of of large uranium supplies to a russian firm. now, the claim by the clintons is the state department under hillary clinton signed off on this but she wasn't very involved and that has been coming into question lately as
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more e-mails have come out. >> i say there are quids all ov and we don't know what they got. we do know after the prince there was an arms deal for bahrain. this goes back to the cattle futures when tyson foods was advising mrs. clinton when she was the first lady of arkansas and tyson foods got tax breaks. we don't know whether that was in exchange but it looks messy. we know the state department that agreement promised just no quid pro quos but we're going to separate this foundation and now the state department says we meant mrs. clinton and not her aides. we're parsing the word is and what it means by the clinton. >> you can see it doesn't look good. >> yes, let's use the phrase the optics don't look good. let's use another term, let's
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thing about the charity itself. that enterprise does enormous good and no one disputes it. it has saved millions of lives. this is a genuine charity. >> what the clintons did was they inserted themselves as the middlemen on a lot of charity going to the third world. the idea that governments cannot get money to africa without routing it through the clinton foundation in new york is absurd. >> all right. thank you very much. still ahead, the trump transformation continues as the gop nominee backing off his call to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and will the move expand his appeal or anger his core supporters.
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donald trump's transformation continued this week with the candidate
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suggesting a softening on his signature issue, illegal immigration. trump once called to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants now says he's willing to work with those that are law abiding. >> they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. but we work with them. everybody agrees we get the bad ones out, but when i go through and i meet thousands and thousands of people and i've had very strong people come up to me, really great great people come up to me and they've said mr. trump, i love you, but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and to throw them and their family out, it's so tough. it happens all the time. it's a very very hard thing. >> donald trump later told cnn that there would be no path to legalization unless they first leave. >> he's coming close to the old
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immigration reform that my former boss george w. bush was in congress. >> which is what? >> i would say it was to try to correct the system and have a legal path for immigration and have some penalties for people that were here, that came here, but not deport. >> with enhanced boarder security is this allow them to come here without citizenship. the problem is donald trump is facing the reality, you can't deport all these people and some of them are law abiding so he's coming around to reality. the problem is anyone else who did this before, the shouts were rino. >> amnesty. >> anything short of deporting these people was called amnesty. maybe now we'll get an actual conversation. >> dorothy. >> the problem with that is that donald trump is not in the normal position of somebody finally discovering the truth. he is in the position of saying i have that base out there. i cannot do this.
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so he keeps wavering in this incredible way in the way he's done in the last 24 hours because they're out there yelling build the wall. how can he go forward with even this admission of reality? so he has to do these two things. >> so kim, the economic realities are such that if he really did try to deport 11 million people in a couple of years, he probably couldn't do it, it would cost a huge amount of money to hire the judges and the police to do it and then you would take those workers out of the economy. the other reality is politics. do you think that donald trump's new advisors are telling him if you don't move this off your deportation position you're not going to win? >> look, the reality is that there are some core trump supporters for whom their number one voting priority is
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deportati deportation. no amnesty, deportation, but when you see polls that gauge republican voters, the vast majority of republican voters that's not their position on immigration. they want enhanced boarder security as you said. they want a situation in which there's a penalty or people pay some sort of price for coming here illegally but that's not their priority. those you might lose, that small sliver of trump supporters against the need for mr. trump to make progress with more educated white voters and minorities which is the coalition he has to do better with if he wants to win this election. >> do you think that trump is kind of moving to where it is a better position for him politically going into the election? >> yeah, absolutely. i know it looks messy as he makes this evolution but basically what he's getting to is i think where most people are, certainly most republicans, if he wants to tie up that
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suburban vote which is we don't want political correctness, we want screening for that and we want a culture of law. we don't want criminals to be allowed to be here but we recognize that hard working people who are making a contribution should stay and we want them here and they're valued. it kind of gets lost. there's all this negative stuff about immigration that half the billion dollar startups in the country were started by immigrants. we need immigrants. >> all this sounds very rational of political figures of which donald trump is no member. he can't have a position more than two days and he has this group to who is he beholden and he doesn't want to lose them. you cannot say these are normal strategies. here is somebody who came to power because i am not your normal politician.
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>> where are they going to go. they're not going to hillary clinton and i think now he makes it very tough for never trumpers in the republican party to have a case because you go issue after issue he's now better than hillary clinton. >> i also think look the guy is moving closer to our position on this and i think he should be applauded when he moves in the right direction. would we rather that he stuck with this position that was untenable and really hurt the republican future. >> who's fascinating is to watch the reaction of the clinton campaign. as soon as he jumped back on the cnn position to say look they may have to be deported after all, they said see, there he is again, this is the real trump. i think they want him to stay with the most extreme immigration position because they think that's better politics for them. they're afraid if he moves to the middle on immigration that somehow that they won't be able to define him as extreme. >> no, they need him to be there
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because the reality is on most big policy areas whether it's mi economics or this, donald trump has a better position than they do so they don't want to talk about position. when we come back, donald trump running strong with evangelical voters but is there support for the republican or a vote against hillary clinton. will they turn out in november? we'll ask rafl reid next. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card.
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i would like to thank the evangelical and religious community because the support that they've given me, and i'm not sure i totally deserve it,
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has been so amazing -- >> that was donald trump last month accepting the republican nomination for president and thanking evangelical voters for their support. a poll taken earlier this summer found more than three-fourths of white evangelical voters will vote for trump but they may be motivated more by their dislike of hillary clinton. we are now joined by the head of the faith and freedom center. you know that since ronald reagan evangelical voters have been a core part of the republican coalition. how is donald trump doing with those voters relative to previous republican nominees? >> i think he's hitting at the industry standard if not heading to really the highest we've ever seen. if you look at the average of the four polls that we've had,
2:22 pm
you mentioned the recent poll and three others since then that we consider to have reliable evangelical data, if you take the average of those it's 73% right now for donald trump and about 18% for hillary clinton. this is critical because it's the largest single constituency in the electorate. it's between 24 and 27% of the electorate. if you add frequently mass attending catholics it's another 9% or 10%. this is bigger than the hispanic vote and bigger than the african-american vote and bigger than the feminist and gay vote combined. the highest ever recorded for a presidential nominee was george h.w. bush's 82% in 1988. 78% was recorded by george w. bush in 2004 and matched by mitt romney. >> all right.
2:23 pm
so donald trump not a socially conservative lifestyle, i think it's fair to say traditionally. so what is resonating with those voters? what issues is he hitting that really count in this election? >> i think one thing that he's done that is important and it's sort of obvious but it gets missed a lot is he's actually shown up to their audiences and asked for the vote so that matters. the physical presence of the candidate, a rhetorical appeal, an argument rhetoricicly that i share your values and i desire to see your role in society enhanced and i'd say beyond that his position on the sanctionty of life and traditional marriage and support for israel and religious freedom, the cases before the supreme court like
2:24 pm
hobby lobby and sisters of the poor and his opposition to the nuclear deal which resonates powerfully in this community because they consider iran to be a threat to the survival of the state of israel. >> when i hear donald trump two main issues he's stressing is immigration and trade. he's not stressing social issues. it's true speaking to some of the audiences that you're talking about but on a day to day basis it's trade and immigration that hits hard. are those issues that hit with evangelicals or is this something they take for granted and let's go back to their core issues. >> i think among some it does. to the extent that it fits into a broader tapestry of him saying he's going to put america first, he's going to defend american interests, i think that does resonate, but i think if you look at the polling frankly paul not just among voters of faith but among all voters, those two issues, trade and immigration,
2:25 pm
actually rank pretty low on the high arkansas high arkansas key of voter concerns. what's highest is the economy and this jobless and recovery, this forward leaning posture that helps us combat and defeat islam terrorism and then you get into health care and others. that's the cluster of issues that people are voting on. >> so i look at the polls in the battleground states and some states that are republican in past, georgia for example, missouri, where evangelical voters are a strong part of the population and yet the election -- the election right now is a lot closer than you would expect with hillary clinton actually competitive. why? >> i can speak most intelligently about georgia but
2:26 pm
i think this applies to a lot of states. georgia has a large african-american vote. it's going to be i think 30% of the vote. >> right. >> i think you take that and a democrat's share of the white vote and it's going to be competitive. this is not news. john mccain barely beat obama here because of those african-american votes. the bottom line is and this is not exactly a news flash, donald trump has had a rough few weeks and a sinking tide that's lowered the boats so it's made a contest in a lot of places that it shouldn't be my sense is that they have turned that corner and i can the polling is going to be a lot better for him not only in those red states, but nationally and in the battleground states. >> so the last time you came up to see us you said this was a pick emrace, 50/50.
2:27 pm
do you still stand by that. >> i think if donald trump continues to stay on message and fix some of the candidate performance issues that he needed to deal with coming out of cleveland, i think this is an extremely competitive race. i'm not in the prediction business but based on what we're seeing, those voters of faith are going to turn out and they're going to turn out in huge numbers and i think he's going to get north of 75% of that vote. if that is baked into the cake, there is no way that she runs away with this election. i think it will be competitive. >> all right. thanks ralph. good to see you again. >> good to see you paul. still ahead charges of racism from both campaigns this week as donald trump continues his outreach to minority voters. i'll look at trump's attack and clinton's response when we come back. for a great used car? can you help? start with the millions for sale at the new! show me cars with no accidents.
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2:32 pm
accusing him of taking hate mainstream. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and para noia. he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. his disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous. >> we're back with kim, bill and dorothy and joe also joins the panel. kim, what do you think of the strategy here by trump, both to go after minority voters in an overt explicit way and then the way he's doing it? >> he does need to do this and one thing that i think is noticeable is he has kept that over a week. he didn't just go and give one speech and be done with it, which is a problem that some republican candidates do at
2:33 pm
times. the way he's going about this he's talking about policies that he wants to offer that he thinks will help minorities in the country. his criticism of hillary clinton is something that reminds me a little bit of george w. bush, the low expectations which he used in an education context but the argument that the democratic party is low on solutions for things that are the biggest problems, a lot in inner city and among minority communities. i think this is a strong way of going about it if he can stay on message. >> dorothy, mitt romney got 6% of the african-american vote. it's hard to do worse than that. barack obama isn't at the top of the democratic ticket. it makes sense to me that try to appeal to those voters. >> it will -- he will do worse than that. yes, it makes sense if donald trump were another kind of candidate who could actually reach out. he does not go before black audiences.
2:34 pm
he says to them you live in hell. >> you mean he's been speaking -- he's been making this pitch in front of largely wide audiences. >> that is true and the portrait of black america is the same portrait that lives in the hearts of many of his white supremacist followers. the point is they are low down, they live in hell. where is the black middle class that lives in -- >> he should be addressing them? >> yes. but it's more than that. this is a false portrait of black america and the con da sengs is powerful. >> that argument is holding trump to a double standard. we've heard from the black lives matter movement for more than a year that things are going terribly in black america. so trump i agree is clumsy but you can hardly say well if he criticizes the conditions in
2:35 pm
minority communities that that's any different from people on the left. >> yeah, the people on the left have been telling us that we have to throw more money at inner cities because somehow their lives are desperate and now when trump says i have some alternative solutions, we say that's not fair? >> yeah, look i think trump has a good message and i think what have you got to lose, it's a great message for republicans. they should have been make tg earlier. he should go to a charter school. there was a study of the african-american middle class and the cities where they did better, they were all in the red states. >> i think i agree with you dorothy is when trump uses that word bigot against hillary clinton. i don't think anybody believes that it and personalizes things in a way that his argument would resonate more if he kept on the issues like educational opportunities and jobs and so on. >> he doesn't raise those issues, he says quote hillary's
2:36 pm
programs are detrimental to blacks. what programs is he talking about. there are no programs. it's name calling. >> it's talk about this alt-right argument that hillary clinton is making that trump is bringing these voters into the mainstream. what is the alt-right. >> it's a form of grievance politics and identity politics as opposed to multi culturalism and globalism. >> from the right. >> from the right. >> it's always been a tendency within. >> the right. >> conservatives in a very broadly defined going back to the conservatives, pat buchanan, the difference of the alt-right now is they've gone digital. it's a form of seeking out -- >> how strong is it? >> it's not strong at all.
2:37 pm
hillary clinton called it a fringe movement in her speech this week and saying trump is taking it mainstream gives him too much credit. >> to the democratic party the republican party is one big hate group and it doesn't start with donald trump. we had joe bidden saying that romney is going to put you in chains to a group of african-americans. they always treat -- it's smart for hillary politically for two reasons, it gets us off the subject of these e-mails and two it plays to the concerns people have about donald trump. >> all right. thank you all. still ahead, the naacp votes for a more torum on charter schools despite growing support in many black communities for education alternatives so what's behind the split. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me?
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see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. it's its convention in cincinnati last month members of
2:41 pm
the naacp called for a cease to an expansion on charter schools despite that black americans support charter schools. we are joined by a civil rights attorney and president of democrats for education reform. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> explain to me why the naacp would take this position. it's supposed to be pofor advancement and charter schools are for the advancement. >> they are changing the lives of young people and so we're disappoint with the naacp's take there. they have a legacy for fighting for people of color and we think this was a departure from that. >> how do you explain it. >> when you look at the history of the naacp.
2:42 pm
there were efforts to circumvent desegregation. some states closed their public schools and created vouchers so they came from that history and charters are a different type of history and it's the case that the naacp is a largely middle class organization, a large number of folks who work in the public sector unions so i think there's a resistance to public charter schools from that standpoint. we do work them data showing these schools are doing great things for people of color. >> do you think it's eyidea logical or is it because unions are providing financial support. >> i think there's a piece that union support. i wouldn't want to disrespect the naacp and suggest that's
2:43 pm
transactional but the economics are rooted in black community and some perceive the charters disrupting in that way. i think that is in the mix. >> we live in new york and we both know that you go to success academy, you go up to harlem and the charter schools around this city and they're predominantly minority, hispanic and african-american, they're doing phenomenally well. not in every case but by and large yes, the evidence in the study that stanford did shows it's getting great results generally speaking for charter kids. why is it so hard to sell that message of results? >> we need more leaders who are respected by black and brown folks to proper ga gate this. the families support this. hundreds of thousands of black
2:44 pm
and brown families are choosing charter schools and are fighting to protect them. we still have more work to do at the leadership level but we're going to win this fight because this is right. >> you know about the demonstrations here on behalf of charters. thousands of african-american parents out there saying give our kids the same choice that affluent americans have and the president of the united states for example had. it's fascinating to me that you see a regression despite all that among some democratic party leaders. barack obama is for charters and bill clinton has been for chartersen charters and if you look at this election campaign secretary clinton has back tracked from her husband's position. >> she's also expressed support for public charters as well. she's been for educational reform working on the children's
2:45 pm
defense fund and jump starting the health insurance program. now beyond secretary clinton who has expressed for charters the teachers unions have had influence but we have sto fight for children. so charters throughout this country are changing the lives of young people of color particularly black and brown families and i'm very confident as we continue to press that case over time the democratic party will be true to its values and fight for kids. >> there's a case this week in california where they wanted to the plaintiffs said you are denying us the right to an equal education because of the poor performance of traditional schools and yet the state democratic establishment supported the unions against their case and of course they've lost in state court. >> yeah. >> why so much opposition there? >> again, the teacher's union is
2:46 pm
a political force and they've fought for workers for educators and we love our educators and so they have significant political power within the democratic party. we find opportunities to work with them, particularly teacher prep because we have to deal with underperforming teachers, we have to create better incentives to get people in the classroom in the first place. we have to build upon president obama's legacy to fight for change for kids and we have to organize parents and families and communities to sustain the policies that work for kids. >> thanks so much more coming in. a very important debate inside the democratic party. when we come back, the epipen outrage, politicians demanding action over the rising cost of the life-saving device but what's really behind the price hike. find out after the break. working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways.
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a growing controversy of a life-saving treatment. now it costs families more than $500 for a pack of two epipens. hillary clinton on wednesday demanded that they reduce the price of the pens calling the increase outrageous and the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers. james freeman and bill mcgern are here. the epipen has been off patent for years. what is going on? >> well, they are increasing the price by 10% to 15% every
2:51 pm
quarter. they have done this since 2008. and the reason they are able to do so is because they have a monopoly. nobody else can get into this market. you've had a string of competitors over the years trying to create a generic epipen and they have been blocked by the fda, by the food and drug administration. >> why? this is not a super complicated technology. >> no, it's a basic engineering challenge. what the fda has been -- they essentially have regulatory anxiety about allowing new products onto the market. companies have to prove that their competitor is the same as the epipen. that is very hard to do with these kind of combinations. >> the same, even if it does 85% of the job or 95% of the job? >> right. the truth is that the epipen fails all the time. it's not the gold standard of delivering doses of adrenaline. so this is completely a regulatory artifact and not what would be happening in a
2:52 pm
competitive market. >> how many competitors have been blocked by the fda? >> you had one competitor who introduced a competitor epipen. they had to withdraw it after 26 misdiagnoses probably due to the fda. then you have two companies right now that are trying to get their product onto the market. and the fda is demanding more tests and data. >> so i guess the argument would be, bill, nevermind that, i think it is irrefutable what he said, but still. >> we have to get back to the essential truth, the opposite of competition is not cooperation like the fda. it's collusion. that's what we're seeing. congress doesn't lower price as competition does. and what joe is saying, what the
2:53 pm
fda does, like the taxiing limb seen service that can't quite be cost effective like uber. the costs are so high that it may have a different idea. >> if the democrats are saying unconscionable that you would raise prices, even though you have a government protected monopoly. it is still unconscionable. and let's face it, do we really need to charge $500 for these things, james? >> well, we were talking about regulatory anxiety. there is a treatment for this. it's free markets. we don't have to rely on the ceo to be a very nice person or not. competition is discipline. and people talk, or people like hillary clinton talk so much about how she's a policy wonk. she gets to the back of every briefing. she has not studying this issue at all. valiant pharmaceuticals touring, this is just the latest. the price goes up on an old drug off patent. politicians scream and then we learn that the fda has been keeping the competitors out of
2:54 pm
the market. so she needs to study this industry. also, she's learned nothing from the failure over the 93 health care plan, the same ideological approach instead of the facts. >> why is it unconscionable for the government? this is a government created program. why is it never the government unconscionable by restricting this market? >> the problem is companyies ar willing to finance innovation. i think the danger is if the drug companies get hillary clinton's drug price controls. >> thank you, all. when we come back, the hits and misses of the week. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil?
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someone's hacked all our technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. time now for our hits and misses of the weekend. kim, start us off. >> paul, this is a hit to
2:58 pm
france's top administrative court for overturning bertini bans popping up in french coastal towns. it is not just that the bans violated constitutional rights and targeted people solely for their religious views. but this is also, it's good because it essentially holds up france's right to not tell women what they're supposed to wear. >> thank you, kim. william? >> the miss to republican john perry of louisiana proposing to regulate the cajun navy. that's the nickname for the citizens that just take their flat-bottom boats and go out to rescue other people. the cajun name is sophisticated. they are using facebook and pinpointing apps to deliver it. these are people taking the initiative. the last thing they need is regulation. >> all right, joe?
2:59 pm
>> a hit, for once, to the rare college willing to stand up for freedom, that's the university of chicago. in a letter this week the dean of students told the incoming freshmen to prepare to be challenged by their education. he wrote, our commitment to academic freedom means we do not support so-called trigger warnings. we do not condone the creation of intellectual safe spaces where individuals can retreat from perspectives that are different from their own. congratulations for treating students like the adults they are. >> james? >> more good news from campus, believe it or not. there's been a sighting of an honest liberal at prince pon university. he studied the circuit and said the irs did target the conservatives. >> who is the author of that book, james? >> kim strassel. >> thank you, james. it is a good book.
3:00 pm
that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you right here next week. donald trump in the midwest bringing his message to the heartland this afternoon. the republican nominee is speaking at the annual roast and ride event that's held at the iowa state fairgrounds. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. welcome to the brand new hour of "election headquarters." >> and idonald trump is criticizing past comments and democratic policies. and promising to improve life in the inner cities. trump also promising to help american farmers by lowering the tax rate on family farms. peter doocy is live in des
3:01 pm
moines, iowa, with the latest. peter? >> reporter: and melissa, today donald trump blamed policies that hillary clinton supports for high crime rate and high poverty rates that plague inner cities across the country. then he reminded any african-american voters that may be listening about something hillary clinton said two decades ago. >> by the way, how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton called black youth super predators. remember that? super predators. and they were very, very insulted. but now people have forgot. i'm running to offer a better future to the citizens of detroit, of baltimore, of chicago, all across this great land. >> reporter: this afternoon trump also may have revealed a personal touch. he could put on his immigration policy. when reveal in a big speech within the next two weeks bringing the family of sarah
3:02 pm
rube killed bay drunk driving illegal immigrant and later released from prison up on stage with him. trump also assured the crowd that before he built a border wall as president, he would fine and remove illegal immigrants like that who have long criminal records. the crowd in iowa was very excited to see mr. trump today and had a lot of farmers in it. and trump did make sure to tailor some of his remarks to them. >> hillary clinton wants to shut down family farms just like she wants to shut down the miners and the steel workers, you have to shut temperature down. that i can tell you. she will do this not only through radical regulation, but also by raising taxes on family farms as high as, and i think actually higher, than 50%. >> reporter: and today trump had a lot of back yum from powerful republican establishment types
3:03 pm
from iowa. both senators, ernst and grassley were here, so was the governor terry branstad, and they're backing could prove very important down the line because this is obviously a very important swing state to trump. he keeps coming back to iowa. back to you, melissa. >> peter, thank you so much. now to the other side of the aisle and hillary clinton attending her first national security briefing as the presidential nominee at the fbi office in westchester county near her chappaqua hope north of new york city today. this comes amid increasing questions over the running of her family's foundation during her tenure of secretary of state. molly hennenburg is live in washington with more details on this. molly, fill us in. >> reporter: hi, melissa. the state department has told the associated press it will not be able to release all of hillary clinton's daily schedule
3:04 pm
records from when clinton was secretary of state until the end of the year. so the associated press will not be able to complete its investigation into the relationship between the clinton foundation and clinton as secretary of state before the election. here you see video of clinton's motorcade as she was attending her first national security briefing in new york today. the federal judge ordered the state department seven months ago to start releasing clinton's schedule. about half of them have been released the state department says. the associated press found so far that, quote, more than half the people outside the government who met or spoke by telephone with clinton while she was secretary of state had given money either personally or through companies or groups to the clinton foundation. clinton insists there was no pay to play going on and here's how the state department addressed the issue earlier this week. >> as we said previously, state department officials are seeing
3:05 pm
organizations, nonprofits, foundations, academics. this is normal. this is part of how the state department gathers information and informs our thoughts, pro and con, on any particulars. >> reporter: the trump campaign says the obama administration is shielding clinton from accountability. a spokesperson said, quo, it is unacceptable that the state department is now refusing to release her official schedule before the election in full. voters deserve to know the truth before they cast their ballots. the state department has declined to comment further. but the a.p. has asked the state department to speed up the process and release all of clinton's schedule by october 15th. melissa? >> wow. all right. molly, thank you for that report there. eric? now to overseas where italy is observing a national day of mourning. that after that devastating earthquake on wednesday. there's now a tally of 291
3:06 pm
people for the death toll. here is the latest from london. >> reporter: italy is beginning to bury its dead, but sadly this is only the start as many more funerals are to come. 35 of those killed in last wednesday's earthquake were laid to rest today in a formal state-held service. italy's prime minister matteo renzi was at the service in the town of norcia. he appealed to the community not to lose courage. hundreds of local people joined grieving families to mourn those who died and firefighters who tried so hard to rescue survivors comforting people who lost loved ones. two of those were just young children. one firefighter left a heartbreaking note on the coffin of a little girl apologizing for arriving too late to save her life. and even at the funeral as it was being held, emergency services continued to search
3:07 pm
through the wreckage. but there's little hope that anyone could have survived in the rubble until now. the last survivor was rescued several days ago and today only more bodies were recovered. now the government has promised to start rebuilding straightaway. it's giving $50 million in emergency aid although reconstruction could cost billions. with over a thousand aftershocks, there are calls for better building safety standards to prevent a similar track academy the future in this earthquake-prone zone. and the death toll from this earthquake continues to rise as survivors begin to wonder if their lives will ever be the same again after this tragedy. eric? >> thank you, kitty. melissa? now to a tragic murder in chicago where a cousin of dwyane wade was shot and killed while pushing her baby in a stroller. she was caught in the crossfire of an altercation in which she
3:08 pm
was not involved. wade reacting on twitter writing, quote, my cousin was killed today in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. #enoughisenough. today mourners gathered at a vigil to honor the mother of four and grieve for family that she left behind. and there is a grievance over san francisco 49ers quarterback as he refused to stand for "the national anthem" before the game. will carr has the details. will? >> reporter: hi, eric. kaepernick started this firestorm and said he'll accept any backlash that goes with it. take a look, we have a picture of kaepernick sitting on the bench yesterday when his teammates were standing for the
3:09 pm
national anthem when san francisco was about to play the green bay packers. kaepernick later told nfl media he's not going to show pride in the flag for a country that oppresses blacks and the people of color. the nfl released a statement saying players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of "the national anthem." the 49ers then releasing a statement saying in respecting such american principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate or not in our celebration of "the national anthem." you may remember kaepernick was the starting 49ers quarterback when they were in the super bowl in 2014. he's biracial and been outspoken over civil rights issues. there's no word yet on what this will have on his career. >> to sit down during "the national anthem," while it is your right and you have the
3:10 pm
freedom because it's the country you live in, that's a major front to a lot of people who see this as a behavior that should not be going on. there's a big, big difference between a social conscious and offending people. >> reporter: in july, dwyane wade and lebron james among with two others opened the espys talking about this very thing. and hope solo has been granted a personal leave of absence from her team, the seattle reign. this comes less than a week after the u.s. national team suspended the goalie for six months for calling the swedish team cowards at the olympics. her seattle reign coach calling that suspension, quote, life-changing for ms. solo.
3:11 pm
new developments in the killing of two religious sisters in mississippi. authorities arresting 46-year-old rodney earl sanders in connection with their death. saying they believe he acted alone. ryan yennis is live in the new york city newsroom. ryan, such a sad story. >> reporter: so sad. these two religious sisters worked for years at the lexington health clinic providing medical care to the poor. but when they did not show up to work thursday morning, police went to their home and found them murdered. and rodney earl sanders was arrested and charged by the mississippi bureau of investigation last night with two counts of capital murder. the 46-year-old is from mississippi. police say sanders was a person of interest early on in this investigation. and after a, quote, exhaustive interview with the suspect on friday evening, they got enough information to charge him with both murders. sisters paula merrill and margaret held are believed to
3:12 pm
have been stabbed to death, although police have yet to give an official cause of death. the 68-year-old catholic sisters lived together in a house in durant. there were signs of a break-in at the home. their car was found stolen a mile away but police have not given a motive. sisters merrill and held lived and worked in holmes county, mississippi. population, 18,000. and the seventh poorest county in america according to the census bureau. >> naturally, we're deeply hurting on this, but these were two women of great faith who lived the gospel. and they came here to mississippi to outreach to the poor using their medical services. >> reporter: listen to the two sisters speak about their ministry. >> this is one of the poorest places in our statistics. >> we just see patients and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: we are waiting to
3:13 pm
hear in a court appearance date for sanders in a memorial mass on monday. it will celebrate the lives of two selfless and remarkable catholic sisters. melissa? >> they were doing so much good. it's so heartbreaking. thank you for bringing us that update. thank you. wow. >> just terrible. >> yeah. some pollsters are predicting a landslide this november, but one influential website says not so fast! the historical evidence it has against the blowout. plus, police arrest a pilot just before he was about to take off in a private jet. what the captain says he saw that prompted him to alert police. >> that is a very high blood alcohol level. i can honestly say in 15 years of law enforcement this is the first time that i'm aware that the city of police is arrested somebody that was piloting a plane.
3:14 pm
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. residents return home after a gas leak prompting an evacuation in central pennsylvania. a truck driver caused that leak on thursday by backing up and simply hitting a pipe. two of the crews have restored electric service to the area. a couple wanted in connection with a kidnapping of three california children have been arrested in colorado. the couple are also persons of interest say police in the death of the children's mother. police say the children are now back in california after they were found safe in new mexico. and a co-pilot of a charter pilot jet has been arrested on suspicion of being drunk
3:19 pm
before taking off from the northern michigan airport. he was bound for massachusetts. the plane's captain alerted police and authorities say the co-pilot's blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal threshold for driving. the new york-based charter company that owns that plane says the co-pilot was immediately terminated. hillary clinton leading multiple polls right now sparking more and more talk of a landslide victory for the former secretary of state. but new reporting by explaining that landslides really don't happen in presidential elections anymore because our country is so divided along party lines. let's talk about all that with colleen nelson, white house correspondent for "the wall street journal." what do you think about this theory? are we too set in our parties, whether we are left or right to really have a landslide? people really aren't willing to go over to the other side? >> well, that's right. i mean, the za a backs this up.
3:20 pm
and just looking back through history, we haven't seen a landslide victory for any presidential candidate in a very long time. it's been more than three decades since a presidential candidate won by double digit percentages. and you look back to 2008 when president barack obama won his first election to the white house. he won by a pretty commanding margin in the electoral college but only won 53% of the popular vote. so we are a country divided. we have reached a point in the political dynamic that there are relatively few voter who is identify themselves as republicans or democrats who are willing to crossover. so we have seen hillary clinton climb in the polls over the last few weeks, and you have heard some people start to talk about her pulling away, that's a fairly unlikely scenario, even if she wins convincingly, it's not likely to be a landslide in the end. >> but in terms of the electoral college, when you think back, i guess the most recent one would have been 32 years ago, walter mondale, and i think in the
3:21 pm
electoral college he wonl won two states, maybe minnesota and the district of columbia. i think that's the kind of thing that some people are either hoping for on the democratic side, think could possibly happen if things continue to slide in that direction. you don't think so. >> right. it's unlikely. i mean, you never say never in politics. and we have 72 days to go and certainly this campaign has taught us that normal rules don't apply. but just looking at the map, the electoral map favors hillary clinton at this point. but looking at the map, democrats have a certain number of states that they pretty much have locked up. and the republicans have fewer states locked up but they still have a lot of states that they most inevitably will win. so even if hillary clinton manages to win all the swing states, there still are a lot of states very red that donald trump most certainly will win. >> is there a historical precedent, a lot of people talk about what happens once the candidates hit their stride coming off of their own
3:22 pm
conventions. is there a historical precedent for somebody pulling ahead being down at the point they are like donald trump? >> there is not a lot of precedent for someone to make a comeback like donald trump would need to make at this moment. but again, if he is within striking distance at this point, he has a narrow path to the presidency. but the road is not completely closed. he needs a lot of things to go his way. he needs to stop making unforced errors. and he also needs to see clinton stumble at this point to make up some ground. so it's possible that donald trump could keep it close. it's going to be tough for him to overcome her at this point. so he needs to find a way to change the trajectory in this race. >> well, one of those ways could be the debates. i mean, that's something that had a very big impact during the primary season for sure. but it sounds like based on your data it's mostly set by then. i mean, what do you think, could the debates make a big
3:23 pm
difference or no? >> they could make a difference. it's unlikely they would make a big difference. and obviously we have questions about how donald trump is going to do in the debates. he's a little bit of a wild card. he's even thrown out the possibility he might not show up to the debates, he may not lobby to have the rules changed for the debates, and is not showing an inclination to prepare for the debates or dive into the policy of the debates. so it is very difficult to debate how donald trump will play out on the stage and questions of whether or not donald trump will be on the stage. >> i think in the past couple of weeks he's done nothing but surprise people with his predictability. and think about that for a second, and that is a change for him. so, i don't know, it makes you wonder even more about what is coming in the debates. he could be very solid and that would shock everyone. so there you go. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. melissa, florida has been bracing for some heavy rain as a
3:24 pm
tropical disturbance is moving in. that means the start of the hurricane season. but wait, we are not there yet. we are still in tropical disturbance territory. we'll have a full report what those folks will be feeling over the next couple of days and across the country coming up. and donald trump is talking immigration policy. is it a pivot, is it a flip-flop or an evolution? hmm. our next guest talks about how this may affect his campaign. >> there certainly could be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. we want people -- we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. so we're going to follow the laws of this country.
3:25 pm
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a powerful storm dumping three days of heavy rain on kansas city causing flash flooding. and forcing emergency crews to conduct at least ten water rescues in the city. meantime, southern florida is bracing for heavy rain from a tropical disturbance. senior meteorologist janet is here. >> the twitter is abuzz with the computer models we are watching over the next couple of days. so this is still what we call invest 99-l. it has not gotten its act together. we have been watching this for over a week, but we think it
3:30 pm
could develop in the next couple of days as this low moves into the gulf of mexico. so tropical models, this is what we look for in terms of that cone of uncertainty. again, this is not even a depression or a storm yet. if it gets named, it will be hermine. there are the models all over the place. the problem is the waters are very warm across the florida straits and into the gulf of mexico. if we get a low in here, we'll be concerned. here's the euro, this is the new model forecast. a couple of hours ago it wasn't showing much of anything. let's go ahead wednesday, thursday, friday. that, my friends, would be a hurricane. but again, this is eight days out. a week out. but if this comes through, this will be a hurricane in the panhandle of florida. but we can't rely on this because the gfs model, the other reliable forecast model, is not giving us anything right now. let's watch the computer models over the next 24 to 36 hours to
3:31 pm
see if they come into agreement. that's not to say we shouldn't have a preparation plan in place. if you live across florida or the gulf coast, you need to be making your preparations now just in case. there's the future radar tuesday. watching a little something-something right now in the gulf of mexico. so preparation is key, melissa and eric. we're going to be watching this, especially tomorrow and monday. people need to be on alert and you'll be seeing a lot of me in your forecast. >> you know, i'm laughing to myself because i'm thinking that freddie the frogcaster would say to be prepared, your good friend, be prepared. you have to be ready no matter what. thank you so much for that. >> of course. we have no choice. we either have a country or we don't. we either have authority or we don't. the wall is very important, but i'll be making a speech on that, i would say, over the next week.
3:32 pm
>> that's donald trump at the republican leadership initiative. that was on thursday at trump tower. where he addressed a group of minority republicans. you know, the deportation effort was the plan of his immigration plan. now trump is backing away from that plan. what will he propose? and how will it hurt or help his chances? here's brad blackman, deputy assistant to george w. bush. brad, to some it sounds like mr. trump is doing the proverbial flip-flop, even though he says no. is he? >> yes, he's changing his position. you call it a flip-flop as a democrat. i would like to say he's learning how to be a candidate and a president. he's going around the country listening to hispanics, talking to mayors in border states, sheriffs, and he's come up with
3:33 pm
a plan to announce plans to require a legalization of those who are here. not a mass deportation. eric, we were complacent in the illegals coming here. it is inhumane to round them up. first of all, we don't have the money or the manpower, but it is just not the right thing to do. >> a deportation force, we are going to kick everyone out and eventually you're gone. that seems to be gone although he's said he's not for legalization but will have a speech, perhaps this week in arizona. >> well, of course. you know, i agree with brad. i think we need to understand that running for the nomination and running as the nominee are two completely different propositions, right? i mean, the first time, the first phase of the campaign you are trying to state your case to your base and then you have to coalesce the party and the country. that's what he's doing now and he has a lot of work to do.
3:34 pm
correct me if i'm wrong, brad, 45.5% of the republican electorate, even though, hey, he has a lot to be proud of. he won more votes than any republican nominee in history. but still he's got a lot of people to add into, add onto the trump train, if you will. i hope as he privets he will take this time as all nominees do to show more of the compl complexities of the issue. brad is right, you can't throw out 40 million of the people and 40% of them are visa overstates. >> what is this going to do to the base? let me read you something from steve king, the congressman in iowa, where donald trump is campaigning today in the hawkeye state. if trump should pivot on immigration or try to redefine amnesty, he will begin to lose support from his original core
3:35 pm
base. so he can alienate people, but then again today, this is what "the wall street journal" writes. quote, some rank-in-file supporters of donald trump reacted with a shrug. their faith in the candidate hasn't been shaken. they care more about defeating democratic rival hillary clinton than about any particular stance. brad, do you think he can sell this to the base? >> yes, i do. here's the difference, there's such a chasm between where hillary clinton wants, what is basically amnesty, and taking in people who are not properly vetted, and donald trump who is going to make sure we have a vetting process that's reliable and not take people into america who want to come here but people who need to come here. big difference. and donald trump is going to be able, i believe, to solidify the base. why? because it's a common sense approach. it's the right thing to do. >> what about those who will be mad for not going and being more aggressive of kicking people out? >> you know what? you can't be liked by everybody. and the bottom line is you have to be selective by the party before you're elected by the
3:36 pm
people. and donald trump just can't rely on the base to be the president. he has to reach beyond that. >> brad, what do you expect -- >> we do have a process of vetting that is solid. but we don't have people following the rules. look at this, brad, the fact is -- we have companies that are bringing these people into work. we have students who are coming in to work. we have tourists who are coming in to see the country. so it's not as simple as people who are just being lured into the united states. i mean, they are being lured into the united states. we have a lot of our own votes and iconic companies bringing people in, h1b workforce. you're using the legal system, but is that ethical? it's wrong. we are replacing american workers with those we can pay less. that's not right. >> what do you expect he will say? how will he change?
3:37 pm
legalize some, not legalization, take the bad ones out first. i mean, what do you preponderate him to say in arizona? >> you know, i expect him to say all of that. i don't expect him to change his views. him to change his position. if he wants to get more hispanic, more african-american voters and more of the republican base. >> brad, what do you think he'll say? >> well, what i hope he'll say is i hope he'll create a pathway to legalization for those who are here and those who have jobs and families. and then perhaps a pathway to citizenship for people who lead this country and come back to get to the back of the line to pay fines and back taxes. we have to have it fair and equitable. that's what america is about. and we lead when we follow our own rules and make others do the same. >> all right, we'll see you when mr. trump does give the speech expected in arizona perhaps this coming week. thank you, both. >> happy labor day. god bless. >> of course, you, too. a programming note for you
3:38 pm
tomorrow on "fox news sunday," chris wallace goes one-on-one with kellyanne conway. she's donald trump's campaign manager. a fascinating program. "fox news sunday" is on your local fox channel and here on fox news channel at 2:00 p.m. stay home and watch us and see what miss conway has to say. meanwhile, critics accuse hillary clinton of her own flip-flop of the topic of for-profit schools. the money trail that has some of her opponents fuming. and speaking of profit, how much is too much when it comes to an epipen? you know the epipens so important if you have an allergy against food or hornets or wasps like i do. i have to carry one. it could mean the difference between life and death. >> you have to have the life-saving devices in order to keep you safe. so you have to have, now, the only device that we have left is the epipen. clean food.
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humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. so the company that makes epipen now doing massive damage control after criticism about the drug soaring prices. mylan pharmaceutical raising epipen prices 900% over the last few years. and domenick sabella is a financial advisor and president of diversified financial consultants. one of the points the ceo tried to make, which was so poorly, but she tried to make the point that there are so many hands in it by the time it gets to the end. if you ever looked at your bill after you have been at the hospital, it says your procedure was $10 million but they negotiated a special rate with your insurance company that was $5,000. and then you only pay 20% of that. so it's a much lower number.
3:44 pm
the consumer is so far away from the point of service with so many hands in it, she was saying nobody was ever meant to pay $600. that's sort of the retail top -- >> many times they stick a ceo out on the front line. and that usually is not very good marketing and she did a poor job. i think what she was trying to say is, look, we give these away in school districts and people who can't afford it. some people pay the top prices. there are a lot of people in the middle. she should have talked about what the average price was and then went out with the high number. but she didn't come off very well. >> and she was trying to make a point about the system. it is convoluted and complicated. i, for example, buy blood pressure medicine from the manufacturer. the middleman can't agree on a price, so this manufacturer decided to sell directly to a consumer to avoid this very problem. it speaks to -- while i'm not defending what they did at all, but i'm just saying it's one of
3:45 pm
the problems. >> the system is indicative of the system. if they have no competition, the fda at this point has a number of pipeline systems in place to try to compete with this, but there is nothing on the market today. look, the companies -- i'm not defending them either, obviously, but they are not charity. they are going to try to make as many dollars as they can before they come off patent. but this clearly has done a tremendous amount of damage to the company's reputation. >> and another example of overregulation, possibly, when they talk about the other companies that have tried to make a similar product and bring it to market. the epinephrine, the drug inside costs so little, it's the delivery system. and in order to have a generic of this, regulators are afraid to approve it to say it has to operate exactly the same way. that's not going to happen unless epipen reveals its source, which they have a patent. it is regulation. >> there are other systems like this around the world. in europe they were perfectly fine. but with a lot of people are
3:46 pm
pointing at the fda. but here we have a company generally speaking that had a pretty good reputation, the product with phenomenal reputation. people love the product and yet the stock price went down by over $6, it closed at $43 on friday. plus or minus. but $3 billion in market cap because this company really mishandled the price increases. this is indicative of what companies do out there. >> it is also interesting to see what the response has been. they said we have this buyer program, we have a coupon, there are many different ways to give this, we give it away. they did not lower that top price because, again, she said this is how this system works. and that price has kept up with what's going on in the industry and, by the way, almost no one pays that $600. should she have lowered the top price for now? >> here they tried to do the positive thing and just got crushed. the reputational risk this company suffered, think about when somebody gives you a
3:47 pm
coupon. why didn't they just lower the price instead of giving me the coupon? because a lot of people say forget the coupon, this is similar to that, right? a lot of people can't, won't or aren't able to use that discount. so at the end of the day, they are trying to entertain their margins but they are really hurting their reputation. >> one other problem because this is really the perfect storm, is this idea that in large part because of obamacare, health care prices have gone up and people are switching the plans that have higher deductibles. as a result, you could have said before, my epipen is getting ready to expire. this is what the company was counting on, let me wait until i hit that deductible, cross it and then will refill my epipens. instead, you may, in some cases, never get to your deductible. >> and the real significant problem is -- >> this is an important point. a lot of people are dealing with high deductibles. it could be a family deductible. you're dealing with, oh, my god, before i get to the 2,000, 3,000 threshold, i'm paying 100%.
3:48 pm
yes, the coupon is helping me, but you buy two of these and your child is in school or going to camp, you could be buying six of these and the numbers get astronomical. >> out of control. >> the regulators are clearly getting involved now. >> but they were there in the first place. let's not get them more involved. domenick, thank you so much for your help. really the perfect storm there. thank you so much, melissa and domenick. hillary clinton is a well-known credit for for-profit education, but it turns out she and her husband have a connection to the industry. how the clinton family is tied to one of the fastest growing for-profit education firms in the world. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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>> hillary clinton has been pushing for a complete overhaul for the for profit school system. but it turns out she and her husband had a major tie at this time industry. jim rosen explains. >> and august 17, 2009, lists a small private dinner in the state department for experts in higher education. according to an e-mail inside of higher ed, mrs. clinton e-mailed
3:53 pm
cheryl mills ordering her to invite someone from the institution that was the fastest growing college network in the world. lauret university. it is a for profit model that should be represented. lauret had donated money to at this time clinton foundation. it was attended by joseph duffy who awarded president clinton an honorary doctorate. >> lauret hired former president clinton as an honorary chancellor. and he touted the company along with prince felipe of spain. it paid him over 7 million. he stepped down from it 12 at as before his wife launched her campaign. >> she intervened on behalf of
3:54 pm
a for profit and her family benefitted to the tune of $17 million. they got wealthy off what appears to be her intervention and including this organization in an exclusive club. >> the former president visited 19 lauriet schools in foreign countries. the state department couldn't say what was going through mrs. clinton's mind when she made a point of including them. >> the state department regularly arranges meetings with business leader and think tank and speaker and comment attors on a range of issues. >> a spokesman for the clinton campaign said any linkage between president clinton's hiring and the dinner is absurd. mrs. clinton took a tough stand
3:55 pm
on predatory colleges saddling students with student debt. >> a navy veteran who survived a dark day of our nation's history, gets a tribute of officers of another generation. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you can give you ans advantage.gether
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a group of navy officers sinking "anchors away" to a very special sailor in california. ♪ until we meet once more. here's wishing you a happy." this happen after earnest thompson, the 98th survivor of pearl harbor was unable to keep up his visits to the memorial nearby because of health issues. officers one by one shook the veteran's hands in tribute. it was one of the best days of his life. just spectacular. >> so moving and thoughtful.
4:00 pm
>> we thank him for his service. >> we'll be back tomorrow at noon at the fox news channel. i am eric shaun. >> donald trump asks voters, what do you have to lose today in the iowa state fairgrounds? i am patty ann brown and this is the fox report. the republican presidential nom no bringing his message to the swing state as joni ernst. he promiseed to make life better for every day american and painted hillary clinton establishment candidate that created conditions that couldn't be worse. >> the secret scheduleses and lying to congress, it's all just to which. we'll have a great victory on november 8th. i can tell you. hillary clinton thinks she's


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