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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  August 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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or her lawyers destroyed thanks could be the atomic bomb that is really devastating to hillary as campaign. >> we'll leave it there. great panel. thanks for joining us this morning on "sunday morning futures." join me tomorrow and i'm back on "mornings with maria" on fox business network. see you then. on the media buzz, donald trump and hillary clinton trade charges of racism, new media scrutiny for the ethical clinton foundation with her team claiming distortion by the press. >> if she were running against a more credible opponent, this would be perhaps be almost death because rather than get to core rups at first, it gets to judgment. >> right. >> what were they thinking, both clintons? >> it shows poor judgment. you knew you were running for president. why did you engage in this? why didn't you disassociate yourself completely? >> how problematic is this for hillary clinton and the optics of it?
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now, the appearance of it, sure, to people who don't understand how these things work, it could be problematic. >> with some editorial pages demanding the clinton foundation be shut down, is the press right the clintons created the appearance of a pay-to-play environment or are journalists just cherry picking. they jump on donald trump for toning down rhetoric or deporting immigrants as he and his team insists he hasn't changed his position. >> one of the biggest policy shifts or flip-flops or whatever you want to call it between the primary and general. >> he says the laws are wonderful diminished by bush and obama obama, i don't want to change any of it. you have to question did he ever mean it? i think the answer is probably no. >> i just wonder why donald trump and others who go through the process of evolution and their campaigns don't get credit for doing one thing people say they should be doing, being thoughtful on the issues.
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>> should the media be portraying trump's new language as a flip-flop? and how should they handle the nastiness as the nominees denounce each other as racist and bigots? mike huckabee joins us and jorge ramos and julian asang debate. really? this is "media buzz." the media consumed with covering donald trump looked rather board with the clinton foundation mess but that slowly began to change this weeks specially with the report by the associated press that at least 85 of the 154 private people that secretary clinton met with or had scheduled calls with donated to her family foundation or pledged money to the global programs and the coverage got a boost when trump ratcheted up his attacks. >> hillary clinton ran the state
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department like a failed leader in a third world country. that's what it's done. it's run like a third world country. she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. >> clinton's campaign manager responded by calling the a.p. report distorted and bias. >> there were over 1700 other meetings that she had. she was secretary of state. she was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly. so to pull all of them out of the equation, cherry pick a very small number of meetings is pretty outrageous. >> joining us now to analyze the coverage of this controversy and the increasingly white hot rhetoric on immigration and racism, kelly rodell, joe trippi and season, chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. kelly, the media had come to consider the clinton foundation story to be old and eye glazing
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but latest revolutions, is it getting the attention it deserves? >> yes, and it deserved more throughout the campaign season. the media research center did a study that from january to may, the clinton foundation as a whole got five minutes of coverage on cbs, nbc and abc. donald trump got eight times that much by a stupid like the p.r. scandal where he posed. that got eight tyime' as much coverage that shows you high bias the press is and a lot to uncover here and it's being uncovered by citizens united and judicial watch through lawsuits not by the new york tiles and washington post. the a.p. was the exception this week but there is a lot more to be dug into and the press isn't doing it. >> joe, you're an honest democrat. i know you're going to acknowledge this is a troubling new story for the clinton campaign and the press should be agres sevgressively covering it >> it is what it is. you wonder sometimes why they
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didn't get in front of some of this. they have known it was coming for white awhile and on the other hand, it's the coverage has been, i think, like very simplistic, not really explaining a whole lot. and looking at -- i do think -- >> simplistic in a misleading way in your view? >> absolutely. there is no -- the calls for shutting down the foundation. >> yeah. >> the shut it down right now, this is a foundation that provides 11 million of the 17 million people get aids drugs come from the clinton foundation. they receive -- so how do you shut that down like tomorrow? >> okay. >> in other words, there is things like that that i think are being lost in the why don't they shut it down now. those kinds of questions. >> nobody is disputing the clinton foundation has done good work over the years but the questions are about the ties between local and state department and the foundation and her potential presidency.
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susan, boston globe and "huffington post" said shut it down. "usa today" and l.a. times, some would say it should be transferred foundation. these are right wing opponents of hillary clinton. >> looks terrible. this is an unparalleled situation. secretary of state running for president leading in the polls with a parallel universe of a big foundation that takes in billions of dollars from foreign countries, it just -- >> with kelly saying there should be more coverage by media and when josing it's simplistic, where do you come from. >> part of the reason there isn't a lot of coverage is the secrecy. look how hard for a.p. -- six years, six years they have been asking. her schedule -- >> where is the press' coverage of the point of life foundation when george h. herbert walker bush was running that foundation during the same time his son was running for president and serving as president? and receiving contributions from
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people who probably wanted things from the bush administration. now, i agree, part of the reason this is happening is because citizens united and judicial watch sued or pushed this, there was no such -- there was no such coverage of the points alike, which i think was a good foundation and still is a good foundation. >> hillary clinton was serving as secretary of state while her husband went out and gave paid speeches looking for deals that needed to be approved by the secretary of state. >> let's drill down the clinton campaign says this is totally off. the figure, about 85 out of 154 private people. among other things, well probably secretary clinton would have met with some of these folks. that's probably true. the campaign in my view is not really knocked down any of the facts. >> no, and i think the a.p. story was very fair. it said this wasn't a complete -- we don't know who
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she met with because their schedules haven't been released. the state department comes out and says we're not going to give you the full calendar or agenda until the full election. these are the calendars we got and evaluations and just looked at special interest groups. they didn't look at traditional business. they looked at special interest. >> let me jump in, joe, and you can respond. the a.p. did one thing wrong failing to retract a tweet, but the reason that the coverage here, the a.p. story only covers half of hillary clinton's tenure is they had access. that's in the story. so that doesn't make it inaccurate. >> no, they didn't go -- well, one, the big -- they really did make a big mistake with the tweet and haven't retracted it. that thing was like -- i still don't get that. why would the news organization not retract that tweet? the second thing is it's true
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that what you're saying about them having to fight for the information, i get that, i agree with that. >> the case is the 17 other, government officials weren't counted, the ap says they weren't counted because that's her job. >> it's more important to look she has a choice. she has more of a choice with the outside groups than the official of the state department, which is the part of the calendar the ap didn't look at. when she had a choice, who did she choose to meet with and why? you look at it and among those she received $156 million to the clinton foundation and her husband received a lot of money in speaking fees. >> correct. >> that's important. >> let me turn now to the increasingly hot rhetoric on the question of race by both candidates. here is a brief look at the speeches they gave this week.
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>> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> of course, there's always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, a lot of it arising from racial resentment but it's never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it and giving it a national megaphone until now. >> for both of you, kelly first, how did the media cover this. it seems like we're sucked into a vortex of ugliness and really charges, you're a racist, you're a bigot. >> they actually have to look at trump supporters. i give props to the washington post today actually went to a trump rally and interviewed some of his supporters this fringe of
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racist bigots and there are actually people that are concerned about the future of america. 70% don't think they are on the right track. the press should look into actually who is trump's space and not give hillary clinton a lot of headlines calling them all racists and bigots which is simply not true and on the same token, do it with her alt-left supporters. >> she said that he was stoking racist am bigotry and by the way, a lot of reporting of polls suggest that 56 or higher percent of the american people believe in trump. >> it's up to us as journalist to report the truth and we think that because a lot of reporting paints supporters in this mischaracterization. >> look, the coverage of trump for 15 months that the press is covered his words, i think have left a lot of americans with
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that impression and i think what the clinton campaign is doing is continuing to remind people as much as they can about that. >> there's a lot of -- >> that's politics. >> there's a lot of context here. for example, when donald trump says hillary clinton is a bigot, he's talking about policies. doesn't care about african americans but votes. the policies haven't worked. when clinton says trump is supported by white supremacist, we can get into that. doesn't that get lost amid the sound bytes and headlines and finger pointing? >> absolutely. what is he talking about? hard to read into that. what he's doing is conjuring a long-time narrative. democrats claim to be helping minorities and republicans are not. he's trying to counter the argue the by saying democratic policies have not helped minorities. the way he interprets that is saying they are bigots.
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that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. did the who talked about nasty deportations is using well, different language. >> i had a meeting with great people, great hispanic leaders and there certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we're going to follow the laws of this country. number one, we'll say throw out, number two we'll work with them. number one.
8:17 am
[ cheers ] >> number two. [ cheers ] we go a step further. they will pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there is no amnesty as such. >> government by town hall that triggered plenty of media reports that trump did a 180 on the signature issue, reports kelly ann conway described that as distorted. >> i got to keep asking you this, though, because it is important and for those supportive of donald trump who early on loved his hard line stance of 11 million illegals, immigrants got to leave he's no longer saying that. he changed his position. >> i hope they are saying what he says, anderson, you don't just look at people and try to harm them or treat them inhumanely. he's not flip-flopping on immigration and he wants to find. >> that seems like a flip-flop. >> a way to execute on principles without hurting people. >> kelly, love that word,
8:18 am
flip-flop. it is fair in this case to use it when donald trump was annunciating one policy and seems to be moving toward another? >> i think that for everyone that does not like trump, the anti trump crowd it's a flip-flop. if you're inclined to like donald trump given the benefit of the doubt he's working out a policy. >> he's evolving. >> he's evolving. you know, he's had a lot of tough rhetoric and maintained the wall stance and mexico is going to pay for it. he's unclear in the mass deportation. he's only brought up the deportation force in interviews with msnbc and hasn't talked about it with his plan and rallies. he could be working out the issues and paracticality. >> how should he react and insist this is about words and tone and emphasis but when kelly ann was asked what about deportation force, she said to be determined. >> i think the media has done a good job honing in on a central issue trump talked about.
8:19 am
the definingi issue of the campaign and vague how he plans to implement the policy. what it's done is forced him to start to really define what he's going to do. he's gotten a lot more specific about what his plans would be on immigration, about bidding a wall, e verify, things having to do with stopping immigrants from coming illegally and i think the media played a role by really pinning him down on where he stands on this. whether you want to call it a we're op or evolving or supposed to be doing is questioning them on their stance. >> i think the media has done an amazing job of keeping it very unclear and i mean, of him, keeping it very unclear whether he's flip-flopped or not. we don't know. >> which is the amazing part? >> the part that the media has stayed on him. >> that's a good thing in your view. >> right, and forced this back and forth is it or isn't it and watch these people turn themselves into pretzels trying to explain whether he has or has
8:20 am
not changed his immigration policy. i think should leave everybody out there not knowing which is the truth, they don't know, no one out there who believes he hasn't changed his position, they are probably wrong. >> as a campaign -- >> let me jump in. don't all candidates move a bit toward the sent near a general election and if that's the case, then the say debate is because trump people insist -- >> right, they haven't changed position and also doing it with 72 days left. nobody has ever done that. >> to be fair, trump's campaign says he's going to have an immigration speech coming up. we don't know when that will be and i haven't seen any evaluation of hillary clinton's stance. there was five stories all last week in the washington post evaluating donald trump on immigration but abowhat about h catch and release and expand upon obama's executive actions. i'd like to know more about her
8:21 am
policy. >> that's a good point and the reason is this was his central being for running. this is what created him. this is his central -- >> i don't know if i agree with that, either. >> it was a key issue -- >> i think that's the reason the press coverage of it -- that's why they are so focused on him on this issue. >> she doesn't have a central issue. >> i think both candidates should be pressed on it and the few seconds we have. the journalist left and right this was such a core part of trump's identity but now essentially adopted a position of marco rubio and jeb bush and republicans he criticized. >> i don't think he has. he says he's going to build a wall. the press is trying to make it sound like he flip-flopped a bit. >> on the 11 million. >> is there a path to citizen ship? he's saying there is not. they have to leave and come back into the country. it's a logical conclusion for the media to leap to because what happened with jeb bush and marco rubio. >> more complicated, which we often end up here. great discussion. thanks very much.
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there's heavy media attention for a lawsuit filed by a former co-host and before that with the five. that's in part because the institute includes made for tv headlines calling the network a playboy-like mansion colt. they deny the organizations. the suit comes after ails resigned following a sexual harassment suit by gretchen carlson and allegations by a number of other female fox personnel interviewed during an
8:26 am
inquiry. taken off the air by breaching a contract whose provocative cover shows haerms tied up by ropes. the real reason is she complained about sexual haras harassme harassment. he once asked her to turn around so he could get a good look at her. outside counsel said the company interviewed 12 to 15 people all of whom denied everything she was alleging. charging it was created and controlled by ails which is false and currently owned by ad week. all the publicity following roger ailes departure raises the culture. a spokesman told the times we have demonstrated a willingness to act, however this lawsuit turns out, the inclusion of disparaging was designed to make fox look like a terrible place. i can tell you fox is generally
8:27 am
a rewarding place to work, at the same time, there are allegations some women in the past were put in difficult or uncomfortable situations. i'm glad the company is addressing that. coming up, former presidential candidate mike huckabee on whether the media treating his man donald trump fairly in the latest controversies over race and immigration and later, ebony williams on the coverage of trump's out reach to black voters.
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joining us from florida, the former presidential candidate arkansas governor and fox news contributor and governor, let's get to it. let's start with what donald trump calls a softening of his position on illegal immigration. the press is questioning whether he's changing position because he's talking about follow law and kicking out criminals and paying back taxes but not rounding up 11 million people in
8:31 am
this country illegally. your thoughts? >> i think what donald trump has done is stuck to his guns on the idea we'll have a border and enforce the border. that hasn't changed at all. i think the one thing that you can say is that he realizes that it's utterly impractical to try to deport 11 million people to round them up. it's not going to happen because we physically, i don't think, could manage that. this is not a change of his basic fund mental view that america has a right to dictate who comes into this country and to have a door that has a lock on it and that you invite people in and you know who is coming and that hasn't changed and the press making him to be a flip-flopper is frankly absurd. >> let me play for you a brief clip from the presidential debate last february when the candidate said this. >> we have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. they will come back, some will
8:32 am
come back. the best through a process. >> now that was his position when you ran against him for president. now you say it's utley unrealist unrealistic. that was criticism at the time. why does your candidate donald trump not say i consulted. i've looked into this and realize that's not realistic so i'm going to do it a different way, instead, there is insisting the position hasn't changed. >> i think in quite. >> they will come in and make sure and come back to get in the line to come back in is because deportation or is that going to the process. one of the reasons, howard, the candidates tonight like to give details and deep policy position papers that are 50 pages long. is because all it does is invite an extraordinary scrutiny and
8:33 am
anytime picking on the details. better to keep it general. i think donald trump is learning that lesson as a candidate. >> i'm in favor of scrutiny. not necessarily nitpicking -- >> i think that's -- >> let me turn you to something else. a few more questions. a few weeks ago you sat in for a show on "hannity" and interviewed donald trump and announced you're not a journalist but there as a supporter but you worked at fox and that drew criticism. >> well, look, i never pretend to be a journalist. i wish some of the other people -- how does george stbetd to be a journalist. he worked for democrat politicians. >> both of them -- >> i'm a commentator. >> that was a couple decades ago and they have since been in journalism. i understand you're a commentator. let me have you common tate on this. trump has been now talking about out reach to the black community. his poll numbers with the african american voters are not
8:34 am
very good. he's taken a lot of heat from the press, liberal pundits for saying you live in poverty. what is your thought about this out reach and why he's drawn more criticism than praise for it? >> i think he's drawing criticism because he's telling the truth. one of the reasons i ended up getting 48% of the african american vote in arkansas republican candidate was because i was very honest and blunt and i went out and said to people in the african american community, you guys 100% virtually support democrats. what comes of that? are things better for you? the answer is no. there was nothing that they could really point to and say boy, this really worked out for us. on the other hand, if you give your votes automatically to the democrats, they are not going to do a thing for you because they don't have to to get your vote and republicans won't do anything because if they do, it won't make a difference.
8:35 am
become a voting block that everybody has to work for and fight for and be part of helping and then your votes really do matter in a much bigger way. and i think that's what donald trump is saying, absolutely 100% the truth. >> we got about half a minute. let me leave you with this question, with trump down in many swing state polls in the national polls he's come back a bit and the race is tightening, most of the press now assumes hillary clinton will win and her agenda and transition team. what do you make of this attitude. there is a graphic every day. hillary clinton 90% chance of winning. >> well, if anybody denies that the main stream media is totally in the tank for hillary, they are living in a fantasy land. they probably have a unicorn ranch and believe in the tooth fairy. it's absurd for us to deny that there is a concerted effort to try and discredit donald trump. but donald trump doesn't have to win over the main stream media. donald trump has to win over a
8:36 am
lot of working class people who have been greatly hurt by the policies of barack obama and hillary clinton and that's what this race will come down to, howard. >> all right. governor mike huckabee joining us from florida. thanks for being here. >> you bet, howard. >> good to see you. >> ahead, ebony williams weighs in but first, donald trump punching back at the joe and mika morning team and it gets pretty ugly.
8:37 am
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he no longer watches "morning joe" but tuned in to see joe scar burro ripping him and they don't have much time to talk about hillary clinton's problems. >> if you're watching morning shows, you're watching our show. all we're doing is talking about donald trump. all we're doing is talking about how he can't pivot and how unbelievably flawed he is. >> we had tweets and trump may one day tell the real story about the co-host calling the two clowns watching low rated morning joe, morning mika is off the wall and numba mess.
8:41 am
what does it tell us the new scripted trump is punching back? >> you have a media that aided and abedded trump when he was running the nomination. once he wins they turn to attacking him. joe is an extreme example of this having become the vp or flirting with that. >> no proof of that. >> not refusing to be considered to brutally attacking him. it shows the media are extremely emotional how they cover this race. whether donald trump is wise to be attacking the media is a different question but there is something highly emotional and not unwise to point that out. >> let me play another clip on friday. interviewing and with others interviewing pastor mark burns, trump supporter. and she was pressing him about
8:42 am
trump's k078comments. >> were the comments racist or not. >> asking for the answer to the question. could i have an answer to the question? >> let me give you the answer at the way i would give it to you so we can move forward. we're telling the stories. >> yes or no? >> i think if i was in mr. trump's shoes, i don't think it was racist. >> a statement by trump called that whole interview appalling and disgusting and the "morning show" show is the propaganda arm to the campaign. >> listen, this is no secret here this has been a very hard race to cover for most journalist. i used to work for abc news. i came out of this business and went into the political side and i think donald trump pushed the boundaries of discourse in ways that made it hard for reporters to manage the race. this isn't a normal race. people are struggling with i think how to cover it. i think "morning joe" clearly, let's be clear, morning joe is now clearly going after trump in ways to make up for sort of this dance that they did last year. >> sometimes scarborough this
8:43 am
week trying to tar trump alternative and by the trump campaign. and he said that's coverage. >> that's a campaign tactic for hillary clinton and how much of the media participate in that campaign tactic. if they want to uncover, they can do that. they should not look at one campaign exclusion of another. people supporting hillary clinton from the head of the communist party usa and radical abortion extremist, sidney blumenthal who was advising hillary clinton on invading libya while he was paid by the clinton foundation. there are all sorts of people
8:44 am
you can look at. totally normal negative campaign trick but the media should think how much they want to participate in that campaign. >> i don't like when the media say this crazy person, whether david duke with trump or the orlando shooter's father with hillary, they want their ten seconds of fame and we tie it around but is there a balance the way this is being done? >> i don't know that this one there will be balance because as a democrat, we don't see this as an even-handed thing. the clinton campaign to their credit is careful to use donald trump's own words or the words of the people supporting him, right? it's not been insinuation. it's been the -- look at the videos. it's almost every time all the videos are released, the actual words of trump and the people. >> when you get into the position, it's not trump's words but words of other people. >> when he hired, right, steve bannon to go in there, that was the thing that crossed over for democrats to say this is fair game. >> quick point, new york times and others reporting on bannon
8:45 am
being charged. charges were dropped. should this be a major story 20 years ago? >> steve bannon is a major figure and unsavory character and tons of information out there you can go after. i think it kind of crosses the line for instance bringing up divorce proceedings. i have yet to hear of a divorce proceeding that didn't involve allegations that you can get really extreme rhetoric. we should be cautious or it should be a more universely applied journalist trick to bring up divorce papers. >> he's a new guy and there is -- this is what happens, right? everyone gets vetted in this business. >> i know, but it feels a little -- it just feels a little over lined to me to make a major issue out of something that p hah happened 20 years ago. the clinton foundation should be fai phased out. i guess you were right. [ laughter ] >> what took so long? >> listen, it clear they are
8:46 am
making dramatic changes in the foundation. i wish personally, i wish this had happened a year ago, they removed -- >> why didn't the campaign listen to you? >> they don't listen about many things. in this one, i think they got the message, right? they are making significant changes and heading in the right direction. >> but not shutting it down or phasing it out. a lot of people are calling for. got to go. molly hemingway, great to see you this sunday. after the break, trump calls clinton a bigot and stoking racism. is the press picking sides in this fight?
8:47 am
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letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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trump is calling hillary clinton a bigot and anderson cooper tested him. >> she's not doing anything for those communities. she talks a good game. >> so she has hatred. >> her policies are bigoted. >> she is. >> i spoke with ebony williams, lawyer and fox news contributor. >> welcome. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> clinton accuses trump of fostering racism. trump calls clinton a bigot, ties it to policies, true or not, most of the main stream media do not believe hillary clinton is a bigot but believe trump made racist appeals. >> is that true? look, i really can't tell you if main stream media is picking up on it but i can tell you certainly within some black press units, people are calling hillary clinton out on her things that she's had in her past, whether calling people super predators or policy that
8:51 am
her husband and herself have advocated for but adversely affected the black community. i think people are aware of that and starting to call her out on that. >> what about the ugliness on both of them in. how does the press cover that? >> it's not being well received. i can pretty much guess that they are each trying to out slander the other. what they are doing is making a mockery of the actual black community and brown community, too. they are using it as a pond and political ex pa political expedia and serving the true need. >> when democratic policies fail, they are left with this one tired argument.
8:52 am
you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. they keep saying it. it's a tired disgusting argument. >> it's hard to defend yourself against charges of racism and trump is calling this an old democratic playbook. >> you know, david webb a colleague of ours often said that that's kind of the go-to card for them when they don't have anything else to say. i agree it's overused. i've been a vocal and staunch critic of the overuse of the term racism. it's deep seeded. it's a serious charge. and in my book, howard, when you pull the card you need to have a lot of evidence to back it up. are there things in donald trump's past, the central part five and having discrimination that legitimately warrant questions around his position and race and equality. absolutely. to kind of put this blatant charge of racist on him constantly again to the mouth of hillary clinton, the mess sanger matters.
8:53 am
hillary clinton is not a saint is hugely problematic to me. >> donald trump is trying to do out reach to the african american community but also got hit. accused of pandering and the line what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. schools are no good. what do you think of his attempt to do that in a way he's not really getting credit for trying, it's being portrayed as a tactic because he is behind in the election. >> i think that i will never criticize anyone for making effort to engage in the political agenda of part of this country. that includes donald trump. making out reach and inquirienq. i'll applaud that as a good faith effort. pandering, i don't understand why people give people such a hard time about it. everybody panlde panders. >> does he need to go into the communities of color. >> 100%. >> and largely wide audiences.
8:54 am
>> 100%. this is an intention issue i spoke about on fox news that donald trump is having to deal with. certainly he's saying a lot of things that are peaking curiosity and interest but will play better in front of audiences that look diverse. audiences that are not 90, 95% white and audience with people of color, black people, brown people, so there is authenticity presumed because he's not only talking about brown people but talking to them. >> thanks for the authentic commentary. good to see you. >> thanks. julian assange is shoucoul the press. why i'm buzzed about that next. .
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
i'm buzzed off about julian assan assange. >> i would like to believe that no organization, no media organization in the united states would not have published
8:58 am
the dnc e-mails and i don't think that's true. i don't think msnbc and the new york types wouldn't publish most of them. that's sad. it's the organization in the election of the media. >> this is a foreigner meddling in an election and complaining. e-mails are obtained by hackers illegally. i don't knee if we need to take advice to avoid facing criminal charges. i'm buzzed off on jorge ramos. we'll be judged how we responded to trump. trump forced to revisit rules of objectivity. >> it's not an option. when you were a journalist are confronted with racist and dim crimination, corruption, or violations of human rights. i don't know if donald trump is a racist. i don't know what is in his head but i do know what is coming out
8:59 am
of his mouth. >> it's a bit rich to hear ramos talk about objectivity and fairness this is a guy that stage that confrontation with trump shouting you can't build a wall and continuing to yell security escorted him out. hey, jorge, if you want to warn the world about donald trump, fine. quit your job and go campaign against him. but stop using the clock of an anchor to disguise your advocacy as journalism. that's it this edition of "media buzz." a little breaking news, charles osgood announcing he's retiring as the coast of cbs sunday morning after a 22-year run on that program. we'll continue on the radio but charles osgood stepping down confirming the rumors he is gone. he hope you like your facebook page. we post a lot of original content. write to us at, you could be part of the your buzz feature where i respond to your questions this is an interactive conversation and conversation we would like to have on twitter and we will try to respond to as much of that as we can, as well.
9:00 am
we crammed a lot in today which is why i'm out of breath. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. join us then for the latest buzz. deportation, coming together today as donald trump polishes policy plans. hello, welcome to america's head quarters. >> i'm patty ann brown. trump is doubling down vowing to hold the line against illegal immigration as he meanwhile appeals for support from minority voters. >> my goal is to provide good jobs and even great jobs, good schools and safety to every hispanic community, african american community in the country. but really, what is it? it's to every co


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