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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> that's fantastic. why didn't gilligan's island try that? >> they never got rescued. they came so close. >> speaking of rescue, we have "america's news headquarters next". new e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state showing donors with connections to the foundation. the head of the conservative watchdog group that blew this story wide open joins us with the latest bombshell. plus, donald trump appearing to pivot yet again on his plan to deal with illegal immigration while dealing with criticism over a controversial tweet he made this weekend saying that critics say he politicized the shooting death of an nba star's cousin. and anger grows against an nfl quarterback who refused to stand for the national anthem.
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he says it's a protest against oppression. good sunday to you. nice to be with you at home. i'm le land vittert. >> and i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's election headquarters" from washington. releasing a full criticism of hillary clinton, mike pence saying it, quote, is becoming more and more clear that state department officials under secretary of state clinton were extending access and special favors to the major members of the clinton foundation. he joins us. >> hi, elizabeth. while the clinton campaign continues to deny that the clinton foundation megadonors received favors or special treatment from the state department during hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. this despite newly obtained
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e-mails by conservative group citizens united showing what they claim is new evidence of these so-called pay for play allegations. the e-mails first published by abc news show communications between top state department aide huma abedin and doug band in which band requests invitations for foundation donors to a state department lunch with chinese president in january 2011. guests were three executives from organizations that donated millions to the clinton foundation. there was also a special request to have one executive sit at vice president joe biden's table. all three executives had not said they've attended this lunch. and earlier today on abc news this week the democratic national committee chair downplayed this as normal d.c. behavior as government officials and not criminals. >> this notion that somehow or another someone who is a supporter, someone who's a
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donor, somebody who's an activist saying i want access, i want to come into a room and i want to meet people, we all think criminalized behavior, that is normal. i don't see what the smoke is. >> meantime, yesterday at a campaign event in miami clinton's running mate senator tim kaine said he thinks donald trump's recent outreach to african-americans should not be taken seriously. >> i don't see it as that serious because if you have been out pushing, promoting the notion that president obama wasn't born in this country, then you can say, okay, well, now i want to do outreach. i just don't see it as that serious. >> hillary clinton has no public events until wednesday in cincinnati, ohio, elizabeth. >> the gloves are off. brian llenas, thanks so much. playing a key role in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal
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doggedly filed freedom of information lawsuits to uncover evidence, this includes thousands of newly found e-mails from her personal e-mail server that point to new questions about possible clinton foundation pay for play access. here to expand a little bit on that judicial watch president tom feintnton. tom, appreciate you being here. 71 days to the election. have we yet found the smoking gun that this is more than paying for meetings or paying and suddenly people get invitations to lunches but actually where there's some quid we then have the pro quo. >> again, repeatedly with the state department asking for special favors and access for clinton foundation supporters, it's absolute proof of violations of not only the ethics agreements that mrs. clinton signed onto, but arguably the ethics agreements that her officials at the state department were supposed to be
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abiding by as well. >> ethics agreements in the federal government there's referees for that, they're called the fbi. if there is so much evidence here, why hasn't the fbi, why hasn't the doj launched for lack of a better term a reco investigation into the clinton investigation. >> it's an open question. >> what's your answer? >> i don't know. there may be an investigation going on. there've been reports that there are investigations going on from individual offices. certainly this is going to lead to increased pressure to either appoint a special council or initiate an fbi investigation again. but i can tell you guys that there are going to be e-mails coming out through april 2017 in our case from huma abedin who was the key player in this foundation scandal because she was doing clinton family business which was the foundation business at the state department via her separate e-mail system. >> you said a key point, april 2017 chrks is a few months after the election. we've got 71 days until the election. from what you can see on the
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horizon, forget wikileaks and things sort of unknown unknowns, is there anything that's going to come out that will materially change the conversation here from access to, wow, this was real bribery going on? >> well, obviously we can't predict what's going ob in the new e-mails, but we are going to be getting abedine e-mails once a month through the election. looks like we'll get benghazi e-mails out of the new clinton e-mails uncovered. remember, the fbi gave the state department 14,900 clinton e-mails that she had deleted or otherwise hadn't turned over to the state department. those will begin to be released next month. so who knows what's in them. but we've been told at least there's some benghazi material. and we know that abedin has more material that will come over the next month or two. >> judicial watch has been dogged in how it pursued this not only in terms of the amount of money, but terms of time and manpower poring through each and every one of these e-mails
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released. it takes time just to do that. are you disappointed what you've uncovered hasn't gotten more traction if you will in the mainstream media, that it's not a front page story in "new york times." that "new york times" reporters aren't helping you go through these e-mails. >> mainstream media believe it or not is very interested in. i think hillary clinton may beg to differ. >> so you're okay with the amount of sort of intense spotlight that's on this? >> well, most recent led to stories in "new york times" and "the washington post," not necessarily friendly to our outlook. the clintons themselves are at least pretending to change the policies of the clinton foundation where they're not accepting foreign contributions and such. and that's all in response to our revelations. >> in response to your revelations, incredible work in that respect, but at some level if the clintons are now saying we're going to change the way we do biusiness to avoid the mere
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impeerns of impropriety, doesn't that mean there was in the past? >> why doesn't she stop accepting through the foundation or clinton's speaking fee while secretary of state. right now some of these sketchy characters -- >> we were promised a chinese wall, right? remember that? >> well, chinese were giving money to -- right now the state department or clinton foundation is open to business in terms of foreign contributions from whoever. >> 71 more days to the election. if you're keeping count at home obviously we'd all like to be able to ask hillary clinton about all this stuff, 267 days since she's had a press conference. >> well, we'll be giving her questions -- >> yeah, she actually has to answer those. >> under oath. under oath about her clinton e-mail system. >> well, we'll wait for the answers too. thanks, tom. good to see you. liz. >> great interview. let's go to the other side of the aisle, donald trump talking today -- excuse me, taking the day off the trail before he heads out west for fundraisers and rallies this week. in iowa yesterday trump working
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the crowds to regain control of his immigration message, but the controversy over his dwayne wade tweet did overshadow that. kristen fisher has more on the gop nominee. >> hey, liz. really been front and center on the campaign trail after trump essentially told them what do you have to lose by voting for trump. so trump was already aggressively courting african-american voters when he posted this on twitter, quote, dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i've been saying, african-americans will vote trump. critics are accusing him of politicizing a tragedy, but this morning kellyanne conway defended him on fox news sunday. >> i was pleased that his next tweet expressed condolences to the wade family about the death of his family. but that horrifying example of a woman who had just signed up for children for school, pushing a baby stroller. that is a nonpartisan issue that
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should sicken us all. >> the other issue that every trump surrogate was asked about today on the sunday shows was immigration. everybody from his campaign manager to his running mate was consistent in saying that trump has been consistent despite all the seemingly conflicting statements that trump has made over the last week. they were also consistent in that they all declined to clarify exactly where trump stands on the use of a possible deportation force. here's mike pence on cnn's "state of the union". >> there will be no path to legalization. >> right. >> no path to citizenship. people that want to gain legal status, you heard donald trump say again and again, will have to leave the country. >> what about the millions in this country right now? what happens to them? >> i think donald trump will articulate what we do with the people who are here. >> as for when that will be, pence said today that trump will detail his immigration policy including his stance on a deportation force some time over the next two weeks. liz. >> all right, kristin fisher, thanks so much. >> thank you. trump promising a big
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immigration speech some time in the next two weeks, did he lay the right foundation in iowa where he talked about it just yesterday? let's bring in israel orteya, senior writer. thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. >> first and foremost, i've seen some of your writing. and are folks at home more receptive when his rhetoric is just a little bit softer? >> absolutely. i think you look at public opinion polls, it was about 76% of the american people, this includes both republican and democrats, sort of rejected the idea that immigrants are taking away jobs from americans. so i think that donald trump is in better footing, politically, when he has a message that affirms immigration. but he's also hitting on the little ball which is also important. >> so perhaps the stance we saw last week, but we heard him yesterday in iowa walk that back a little bit. i want you to listen to him in iowa and then get your reaction. >> sure. >> my goal is to provide good jobs and even great jobs. good schools and safety to every
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hispanic community, african-american community in the country. we can't do that if we don't secure our border. we can't do it. on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. the first thing i'm going to do, the first piece of paper that i'm going to sign is we're going to get rid of these people day one before the wall, before anything. >> we're going to get rid of these people day one. a little bit harsher than what we heard. >> yes, a little bit. i think he's also conflating just way too many issues in one. i think the first point was spot-on. during this great recession no one has faired worse than minority voters. >> the status quo isn't working. >> absolutely. i think donald trump is spot-onto hit that. you see more hispanics out of work, not gotten a pay raise
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since president barack obama has been in office. i think that's something that republicans and donald trump can hit on. but then the whole idea of sort of conflating illegal immigration, again going back to the jobs issue, take it step by step. especially if you're going to winover hispanic voters, more importantly it's winning over the college educated suburban voters where he has to perform well if he has any chance of winning. >> but what i heard you say is they want to hear job opportunities. >> absolutely. >> that goes not only for minority voters but also you were saying other demographics as well. >> absolutely. cuts across demographic lines. when you poll hispanics, it's not immigration, it's jobs and the economy is the number one issue. so i think if donald trump zeros in on that, he is good. and that's going to resonate. >> but we can talk about messaging all day long. what does he need to be doing? does he need to be going into these communities, reaching out to these communities, showing up and not just speaking at rallies in iowa where there's six electoral votes and mostly we're talking about a white voter? >> absolutely.
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he's actually been beginning to do that. i've been talking to folks advisors that have been in the room with donald trump. they say from what they hear from donald trump it seems like he's sincere. he wants to take on the issue of jobs and economy. i think if he continues doing that, he's got to ramp up though. obviously going to play some catchup, but i think if he does that he can cut into that lead that democrats currently have. >> a lot of groups are saying, listen, this is already on the schedule. then blow out the schedule, am i right, and talk to these people one-on-one. >> he's got a combination of both because there's not many days left of course until election day. so he's got to do both. but i think a lot of it is just really -- again, it's being sincere, it's being authentic and genuine. you can be firm on immigration because we are a country of laws, but you also have to recognize we're a country of immigrants. that's important for hispanics to hear first before the pitch on jobs and economy. >> i can't let you go without talking about the news of the day, you see him communicating quite a bit if not exclusively
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sometimes just on twitter. we saw the tweet yesterday where he spoke out about dwayne wade's cousin. what could he have done differently there? did you want to see condolences first and foremost and then say, well, listen, i'll have policies that would prevent something like this? >> precisely. that's the key thing. you know, it's leading with the compassion first. we saw this -- it was similar to what we saw in orlando, for example, where again he started getting into the politics of it first before having a conversation because we can have a conversation about gun control. but also about things that are happening in the inner city, poverty and hunger and homelessness. those are issues important too. and it's good for donald trump and republicans to bring up. >> yeah, all about the delivery. it's not always easy 140 characters. >> that's right. >> israel ortega, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. while trump and clinton hurl insults at each other, the libertarian ticket is inching up in the polls eyeing the debate stage. coming up we're going to interview half of that ticket,
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vice presidential nominee bill welch. he's going to join us live. and stay tuned right after this show for fox news sunday. chris wallace has the exclusive with his running mate gary johnson at 2:00 p.m. eastern. if you miss it, you can watch it again at 6:00 p.m. thousands of people in communities across west virginia ran for their homes because of a massive chlorine gas plant leak. the highly toxic gas traveled as far as 26 miles before hazmat crews finally sealed the leak. residents are now home following some positive air quality tests. ♪ >> serious reaction to the controversy that has football fans lighting up, quite literally. that's a 49ers fan burning colin kaepernick's jersey over his choice to sit out during the national anthem. we're going to have an update on that growing controversy.
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and just how sick are donald trump and hillary clinton? new questions over their health records. we've got some answers. his latest paranoid dream is about my health. and all i can say is, donald, dream on. and internationally war continues to devastate syria. a new wave of refugees are resettling here in the united states. we're going to have an update on president obama's promise to welcome 10,000 refugees. >> translator: at the same time there's fear and joy, fear of the unknown, but great joy for our children's lives and future.
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the number of syrian refugees in america will hit 10,000 this week, making good on an obama administration promise to the international community. a group of refugees will travel today and tomorrow to their new homes. the group stayed in jordan for vetting and screening before coming overseas.
10:22 am
>> the main goal does not come at the cost of comprehensive and robust security measures. refugees -- category of travelers to the united states. >> more than half of incoming refugees have endured violence and torture. about two-thirds of them are under the age of 18. reaction has been swift and passionate from fans all over the country as san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick says he's sitting down is standing up for black lives. you can see him on the bench during the national anthem in the white circle in the bottom of your screen. this makes him the latest high profile athlete to invoke the black lives matter movement. kaepernick also says he won't stand for a flag that represents in his words, oppression. live in our west coast newsroom
10:23 am
as the controversy grows. hi, will. >> hey there, leland. kaepernick says not standing for the anthem is bigger than football. he's even willing to give up endorsements, his popularity with fans, potentially even his future in football to take this stand. and as you might imagine the reaction from fans is coming very quickly. some on social media are burning his jersey with the national anthem playing in the background. take a look. ♪ on twitter giants' offensive lineman tweeting, i will be standing during the national anthem. thank you to all, gender, race, religion, that put your lives on the line for that flag. dallas mavericks owner tweeting, i may not understand his perspective or agree with him, but colin kaepernick taught him we can still disagree in this country peacefully. and dr. ben carson weighing in on the controversy this morning
10:24 am
on fox & friends. >> to disrespect our national anthem and our flag after so many people have sacrificed so that he could have the freedoms that he has today, so that he could make, you know, a very, very good living in this, quote, racist, unquote, land. >> in recent years, other nfl players have exercised their first amendment rights and avoided discipline. you may remember back in 2014 five players on the rams who played in st. louis at the time walked out on to the field performing the hands up don't shoot gesture after ferguson. none were fined or punished. but at the same time the league has a very strict uniform policy. the nfl denied the dallas cowboys the ability to wear a decal honoring the five police officers who were shot and killed in july. and really the most similar comparison we've found here was back in 1996 in the nba, mahmoud abdul raul refused to stand for
10:25 am
a game when he was playing for the denver nuggets. at first he was suspended for it for one game and then came to an agreement with the league moving forward. leland. >> will carr live in los angeles. thanks, will. you have to think now the season opener is on september 11th, that's not the day you want your quarterback sitting down during the national anthem if you're the nfl. >> he certainly willingly immersed himself in the conversation and starts a national dialogue and forces other organizations to respond such as the 49ers who said we honor the national anthem but at the same time we do respect his decision. will there be any penalties is what i'm curious. >> will there be penalties? and also think about all these nfl contracts have morality clauses in them. despite the kaepernick's guaranteed $11.9 million this year, does not standing for the national anthem violate the morality clause? that's not only a moral decision for the 49ers but monetary as we see fans burning jerseys. >> we will see. still ahead, a city that's
10:26 am
home to tech giants struggles to hire enough police officers and why many of the cops they have are currently living in rvs. wait until you see this. >> you know, when your kid says, dad, are you going to work overtime tonight or stay home with us? it's heartbreaking. and in politics, gary johnson and bill weld want you to vote for a third party option this november. so are you going to? well, the libertarian vice presidential nominee is going to be joining us now. he's going to be answering your questions after the break. >> if you agree with us, we're fiscally responsible, we're socially inclusive and tolerant. if you agree with us and you want to go waste your vote on trump or clinton, be our guest. we're libertarians. the right things working together
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can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day. both major presidential candidates have struggled to stay favorable to the voters on the campaign trail. and it's got some voters looking
10:31 am
for an alternative. former new mexico governor gary johnson is at the top of the libertarian ticket. he says he's hopeful that he's going to make that debate stage in september. >> well, the object is to win outright. and it's not impossible that if we go into the presidential debates with the polarization of the clinton and trump that we might actually run the table on all this. >> former massachusetts governor bill weld is the libertarian vice presidential nominee and he joins me now live. thank you so much for joining us, governor. >> elizabeth, great pleasure. thank you. it's a beautiful day in boston. >> it's a beautiful day to talk about that debate that's coming up. how do you plan to get on that stage and of course talk about mr. johnson getting on that stage? >> you know, i think the commission will put us in the debates. it's the right thing to do. poll a couple days ago, quinnipiac said 62% of all the people in the united states think we should be in the debate
10:32 am
for obvious reasons. there's a lot of unrest with both the major candidates. and it's not like we're chop liver. we're a pair of two-term republican governors in blue states who were re-elected by wide margins as a result of our performance. and we reached across the aisle to balance the budget, cut spending, cut taxes. that's what's required in washington. and we're not saying trust us or we promise, we're saying we've already done it. that's really the bedrock argument for including us in those debates. >> okay. but that magic number is 15%. and in order to get to that 15% you really have to get your message out to voters. there's a number of different demographics -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say absolutely. we've been crisscrossing the country. we had a four-day swing out west. last week we just finished a four-day swing rallies in new england this week in maine, new hampshire, vermont, ending in boston yesterday. today very good reception, very good feel on the ground. many, many young people --
10:33 am
>> that's what i was going to ask you, who are you looking to court the most? who are you putting all your effort in? is it that young group? that young group of millennials who were so enthusiastic for let's saberny say bernie sander? >> well, johnson does poll number one voters 18 to 21 and number two among voters to 31. anyone who feels a responsibility to think for themselves this year as opposed to be frankly brainwashed by washington into thinking that they have to cast the ballot that has an r or d next to it. i mean, that's yesterday's news, i think. almost half the voters in the united states now are independent, register as unenrolled as opposed to an r or d. you're disfranchising half the voters in the united states if you're the commission. and you say, oh, no, we have to have exclusively an r and a d. they're a tax exempt
10:34 am
organization. they shouldn't be able to do that. >> so what i'm hearing this is the year you can capitalize. this is the year we see a lot of voters express some serious discontent for both options. you're saying, here, we have a third party that presents you the best platform. that being said, a lot of your promises are dismantling huge entities of government. how are you going to do that? how can you promise to voters you're going to be able to do that? >> it's not a promise. we've done it. i mean, i came -- >> you've done it at the state level. the federal level though there's checks and balances. there's other people that have to approve that. there's congress. >> well, same thing's true at the state level, there's the legislature. the missing ingredient often is political will. and gary and i have the political will. both of us had governors our first elected office, so we didn't know there were sacred cows in the budget. we didn't even know there were cows much less that they were sacred. so we were -- i mean, i furloughed 8,000 state workers out of 72,000 my first day in
10:35 am
office. i never got a postcard about where those essential workers. you know, we eliminated entire cabinet agencies. that's what we need to do in washington in whole or in part while preserving essential functions. but gary and i have the will to do it. both major party candidates have said we're not going to touch entitlements. we think that's just fine. the democrats in particular, you know, the national debt is going to be $20 trillion when president obama leaves office. half of that his. and if the democrats are elected, they've shown that they think, you know, everything's going to be free. well, one of my slogans is there's no such thing as government money. there's only taxpayers money. and that's how we would be guided. >> okay. one of the biggest concerns and one of the biggest topics of conversation is jobs. why do you trust the private sector over bigger government? >> well, look what happened when i cut spending and taxes in massachusetts. when i came into office we had the highest unemployment rate of
10:36 am
the then-eleven industrial states. at the end of my first term we had the lowest unemployment rate. if we get to implement our tax cutting policies, both governor johnson and i think that will create tens of millions of jobs because the private sector will have the confidence to expand. they don't need huge tax cuts. they just need the certainty that taxes are on a one-way ratchet and there's only one direction they're going to go, and that's down. and if small and medium businesses know that, they'll build that plant next door and hire those 9 to 15 more workers. and that's where job growth comes from, small and medium size businesses. >> all right. governor weld, thank you so much for joining us. we wish you the very best and hope to see governor johnson on that debate stage so we can have you back to talk about it. thank you. >> me too. thanks a lot. >> thanks. donald trump's health and campaign under question today following new revelations about that doctor's letter he produced last december which declared the 70-year-old medical profile, and i'm quoting now, astonishingly
10:37 am
excellent. gary tenny here with more on that. hi, gary. >> it's funny. go through this election we continue to get time and time again these kind of off -- these strange side stories in the election. this is just another one. it is typical though in presidential campaigns that candidates will try and disclose as little information as possible. but just enough so they can claim they're being transparent. and we've seen that plenty of times in this election, including with medical records. back in december donald trump released a widely criticized letter from his doctor which shared few real details on the candidate's health but memorably lotted his physical strength and stamina while declaring he would be the healthiest individual ever elected president. well, now dr. harold bornstein threw that letter together in five minutes while the campaign had a limo waiting outside to pick it up. he still stands by his diagnosis, but not everything came out the way he meant it to.
10:38 am
>> at the end i get a rush and i get anxious when i get rushed. so i try to get as fast as possible so they would be happy. in a rush i think some of those words -- >> the clinton campaign is still dealing with blowback from donald trump's repeated and ongoing attack though on hillary clinton's overall health. and particularly her mental and physical stamina. in a statement the campaign says in part, trump is desperately trying to give life to already-busted myths about the health of a woman whose stamina and focus was publicly lauded following an 11-hour hearing about the tragedy in benghazi. donald trump and hillary clinton are two of the oldest major party candidates in history, and that has contributed to a growing chorus calling for both nominees to release more of their medical histories before the election, including from former candidate and current trump advisor dr. ben carson.
10:39 am
>> i think the american people have a right to know because wo we're dealing with two older candidates what their health status is because it's a very intense job. it's not, you know, eight hours a day. it's 24/7 with constant stress. we need to know that we have a leader who can withstand that. >> don't hold your breath for that to happen though. neither campaign says they have any plans to release more information before the election. >> all right. thank you so much. keep on it. still ahead, after all that destruction in italy, some officials say there may be more than just mother nature to blame for the high death toll. and our political panel weighs in on trump's tweet following the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin. >> donald trump has a plain spoken way about him. and the tragedy of a mother pushing her child on the streets of chicago being shot and killed as nikea aldridge was, just
10:40 am
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priority: you being called shameful by the city's police department. too many shifts and not enough officers to cover them, so many officers are working in nearly round-the-clock shifts, sleeping in patrol cars or rvs or at the police station instead of heading home to their families. >> i know something's got to give before, you know, we start getting in accidents because we fall asleep at the wheel or somebody gets hurt because they weren't paying attention. >> san jose's mayor says the situation highlights a larger problem of inadequate staffing. donald trump is not backing down from politicizing the chicago shooting death of basketball star dwyane wade's cousin. in fact, he's doubling down on using it as an example of
10:45 am
democratic policies failing in major u.s. cities. >> it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's horrible. it's horrible. and it's only getting wors happ country. this shouldn't happen in america. >> trump's iowa remarks were a toned down version of an earlier tweet that referenced the murder and ended with, african-americans will vote trump, in capital letters. the republican nominee received a lot of backlash for the tweet and is also receiving criticism for making his pitch to african-americans in front of largely crowds of white voters. here for our fair and balanced debate, alexander smith, steve mercy, democratic strategist and managing partner with vrar media. appreciate you guys being here. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> alexandra, i know a lot of
10:46 am
trump supporters who scratch their head and go why does he do this to himself? >> yeah, this is an issue i feel particularly passionate about. something we know from our research matters in these situations when we're talking about reaching out to voters who don't always feel connected with the republican party or welcome in the republican party is that tone matters and showing up matters. and so, you know, i think it's important that he's raising these issues. i mean, 19% youth unemployment in the black community, there is 26% of african-americans who are living in poverty right now. these are important issues that he's raising. i would like to see a little bit less of it being raised perhaps in front of white audiences and more going directly to these voters in these cities. >> go inner city detroit coming up this week. does that make a difference? worry you a little bit, steve? >> absolutely not. he hasn't -- donald trump hasn't said one word to the african-american community or to latinos.
10:47 am
he's never gone and spoken to a crowd. he's turned down every single invitation. and he didn't -- >> well, he had a hispanic round table a couple days ago. >> five latinos doesn't count as a crowd of latinos he's speaking to. >> i want to make one other point here. he said in his speech, donald trump said in his speech on race that 59% of african-american youth were out of work. he tilted the numbers to include every single minority person who is actually in school. as opposed to those who are in the workforce. you're right, the number of 19% is way too high, but what is he doing speaking with numbers like that that are totally false? >> look, i think anyone could look at our major cities today and see just the utter failure of democratic policies in those cities. you have nine out of ten cities run by democrats today where the income inequality gap is the highest. unfortunately this
10:48 am
disproportionately effects minority communities. these are important issues that need raised. but on the republican side there are great examples to lead by. look at senator rand paul who went actively to african-american churches in baltimore and chicago. he speaks about criminal justice reform. you can look at senator tim scott and the incredible speech he gave on the house floor about his concerns about policing and the black community. so there are a lot of -- >> there's ways to do it is what you're saying. >> absolutely. >> donald trump is not doing it. >> well, interesting. if you listen to his campaign and sort of his surrogates chris christie included, they'll say, look, he is doing it. he's just talking bluntly about it and it's the media's fault. take a listen. >> you all focus on process. but you won't focus on process more than the message. the message is that that type of thing happening. let's focus on what happened. what happened was the murder, the murder of this person pushing the stroller. it's unacceptable in an american city to continue to have this level of violence. and the level of violence in
10:49 am
chicago is unacceptable. that's what donald trump has said and that's what he'll change when he's president of the united states. >> he hasn't talked to one audience of people of color. >> alexandra, 15 seconds. >> we know that various communities out there are actively seeking an alternative from the democratic party whether it's young voters or minority voters or young minority voters out there and i think hillary clinton has done nothing to show she's an agent of change that these audiences are desperately seeking. >> no question polling from both camps say the change is something people desperately, to use your words, do seek. appreciate you guys being here. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> liz. coming up after the break, rescue crews are searching for survivors and families search for answers after italy's destructive earthquake. why they say someone is to blame for the high death toll. we're going to explain. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms.
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there's a massive recovery effort still under way in italy. five days after a devastating earthquake claimed more than 20d lyes. investigators are working to learn to know why new buildings that should withstand a 6.2 quake toppled just like the older structures.
10:54 am
we have not had a major hurricane strike the united states in years. but three storms churning out in the atlantic ocean could change all of that. janice dean live in the fox news extreme weather center with where these are headed. >> hi. lots to get to. so this is hurricane gaston. tropical depression eight may come close to the north carolina coastline over the next couple days. and invest 99-l. we think that could develop in the gulf of mexico over the next couple days. there's hurricane gaston, not worried about that. we are going to watch tropical depression number eight. which we think will become our next named storm. coming to the north carolina coastline as a tropical storm. invest 99-l, though, watching
10:55 am
this very carefully. we think it has the potential to develop in the gulf of mexico over the next couple of days. a couple of reliable forecast models predicting this could become a hurricane, perhaps a strong one. this is the euro tropical model that we watch. so florida, all along the gulf coast need to pay close attention to this system. we're still days out. the bottom line is, if you live along the gulf coast or the atlantic coastline, you need to be making your preparations now, know what to do, where to go, what to have in your -- you know, in your stash if you need to prepare for a hurricane perhaps making landfall sometime this week along the gulf coast or atlantic coast. back to you leland. >> thanks, janice. we're going to show you one hometown rolling out the carpet for a two-time olympian. a look at a hero's homecoming still ahead. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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11:00 am
ledecky is back home after winning five medals. she stopped by "fox news sunday." that interview with chris wallace is up next. >> love that picture with all of her gold medals. how cool. all right, see ya. i'm chris wallace, it's still august, but the presidential race hits a new low as donald trump and hillary clinton trade blistering accusations over race. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> today, donald trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway on clinton tieing trump to the alt-right and the effort to keep trump on message. then, the libertarian party's presidential nominee, gary johnson.


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