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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> thank you, james. >> thank you to my panel and for all of you watching. i'll paul gigot. hope to see you all back here next week. hello. i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> and i'm patti. we have a surrogate explanation for what is described as trump's softening of the immigration plan. and there is talk about pay to play. the clinton campaign will respond. and the first major storm in years threatening the gulf of mexico and the atlantic. meteorologist janice dean is
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standing by. first, we start with donald trump's campaign. critics continue to accuse him of flip-flopping on his immigration stance to deport all illegal immigrants. he happens to be off the trail for the next couple of days and is expected to unveil his proposals during an arizona speech later this week. his team acknowledging there is work to be done in crafting strong solutions. kristin fisher has more on the trump campaign live from washington. >> trump is open to softening his stance and yesterday said he would harden back up by promising to deport criminal illegal immigrants. today, kellyanne conway
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described it as more of an approach than policy. the big question is, does that include a deportation force back in november all he would say is he will look at that. >> you're leaving the door open, that president trump would consider the possibility of giving people who have not committed more crimes to living in this country legally. >> he would say no to illegal immigration and no amnesty. >> trump's response to the murder of the cousin and posted on twitter, dwayne wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. trump's opponents are accusing him of not talking about a
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tragedy. >> donald trump is laying out in that tweet in short form, 140 characters, that we have a choice to make in the country. we can continue with the leadership that has left us with dangerous streets in our cities, failing schools, no jobs or we can go with someone who is committed to education choice for minority families. >> today pence also said that he expects trump to detail immigration plans sometime over the next two weeks. >> eric, meanwhile, hillary clinton is on the defensive over claims that the state department was essentially up for sale under her tenure after new e-mails surfaced showing what appeared to be direct communications between the clinton foundation and favors from the state department. brian llenas has that story. hi, bryan. >> newly obtained e-mails by citizens united, a conservative group, proves that hillary
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clinton's state department gave special access and favors to clinton foundation donors while she was secretary of state. the e-mails show executives from organizations that donated millions to the clinton foundation. there is also a special request to have one executive sit as vice president joe biden's table. all three executives have not said that they've attended this lunch. the state department said last week that there was nothing wrong with state department officials having contact with clinton foundation staff and the department was not aware of any policy decision influenced by donations to the clinton foundation. in a statement to fox news today, a hillary clinton campaign spokesman said, quote, state also made clear that department officials are in
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touch with a wide range of outside individuals, organizations, nonprofits, ngos, think tanks and others as part of normal business. citizens united is a right-leaning group that's been attacking the clintons since the 1990s and once again is trying to make something out of nothing. meantime, yesterday at a campaign event in miami, clinton's running mate senator tim kaine says he thinks troip's recent outrage against african-americans should not be taken seriously. >> i don't see it as that serious because if you have been out pushing and promoting and you can say, okay, i want to do outrage it's that serious. >> until wednesday in cincinnati ohio, patti ann? >> bryan llenas, thank you.
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>> clinton's surrogate responded to me this afternoon here at election headquarters. >> can you understand where people would say, wait a minute, does the average joe get to meet mrs. clinton but you have to pony up $25,000 or $100,000 to get on the ticket. >> so what you're alleging there, in order to get the meeting, you had to give the money. that's what everybody kept saying and yet there's no proof or substantiation of it. >> there's no proof and how does this impact the race? politics reporter for roll call, simone, we're told that more elections are coming but has it affected her in the polls so far? >> no. but what we do see is this is reinforcing a narrative of an untrustworthy candidate and for the folks that don't like her, that sticks. but we haven't necessarily seen evidence that it's persuading voters in the middle of the
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road. >> and what happens because there's a drip, drip, drip, every day, new revelations, today abc news has broken the e-mails that doug band who had been a close aid to bill clinton for many years and went over to clinton's top aide, huma, to attend a state lunch for the chinese president. one of many of these allegations of chicago commodities broker gets $100,000, gets appointed to a nuclear security committee a businessman gets contracts, millions of dollars given to the clinton foundation. on and on and on. what impact do you think that could possibly have? >> it's certainly not an issue that is going to go away. there are more e-mails from the department and the issue of trustworthiness and special access will continue to dog mrs. clinton throughout the fall. of course, donald trump has his
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own issues, campaign has solicited foreign donations in the past. he has personnel who have had ties to the russians. it's not an issue that is unique uniquely peculiar to mrs. clinton. >> but you know the campaign manager and paul manafort got 86'd out the door because of supposedly what they found with those papers in ukraine. but you're dealing with the secretary of state. here you're dealing with a wall of separation, no conflicts of interest and yet on and on and on. "the wall street journal" gave $8 million, attending with the secretary of state and the iranian deal that gave the russians 20% of our reserves, a canadian company involved in that. you've got "the new york times" saying that the foundation lobbied the state department to shift an hiv/aids program in
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rwanda and on and on and on. and it's all smoke and no fire and no conflict of interest, nobody did anything wrong. you can understand why americans can say, wait a minute, this isn't supposed to happen. >> of course, the biggest issue is this is endemic of the conflict of interest part of our political system. let's not pretend this doesn't happen in congress all the time. >> it's not supposed to happen. look, the alderman in chicago who has a fund-raiser at the bar for the local community group, the asphalt contractor, donates $10,000 and then allegedly you're -- i'm making this up as an example, gets the contract to pavement streets in chicago. how do authorities go after this? how can they prove potential wrongdoing if there is any or is everyone like mo, larry and curly, they don't know anything, they don't see anything and there's nothing to see here, folks, just move along? >> i think from the perspective
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of voters, what this comes down to is trustworthiness. i think it's yet to be seen so far with no concrete evidence of quid pro quo. we're not seeing much movement in the polls. donald trump has had a very bad couple of weeks and to the extent that the republicans are ceasing on this issue, it's fair game. >> when they say no confidence of a quid pro quo, what is needed for that, with e-mails and being referred by the foundation to the state department and some people's minds, that's enough. you have access and you know what access means, it means this in this. >> right. whether that is legal or not, we have not seen an issue here. the state department and clinton foundation has said that nothing
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has gone awry but they are allowed to consult outside agencies for recommendations for whom to invite for events. so far, what we're really talking about here is access. and this particular meeting with the chinese president. >> well, more of these e-mails will come out and the schedule will supposedly come out after the election. so it's not going away anytime soon. simone, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> patti ann? >> to the fox extreme weather center, a tropical disturbance is threatening south florida. that's not the only system that could threaten the mainland. senior meteorologist janice dean is here. >> we are tracking activity in the tropics. not only the atlantic but the pacific. a tropical storm as well as a hurricane could affect hawaii in the next couple of days and then the atlantic.
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that really has blossomed over the last 12 to 24 hours. we have a tropical depression. we have hurricane gaston. td-8, very close to the coastline. we'll watch this. gaston, we're not concerned about you moving north and eastward and it looks like tropical depression 8 is going to come close to the carolina coastline but it will remain mostly offshore. we'll see rain bands with this, gusty winds and strong rip currents. be aware of that. invest 99-lc, we're watching ths very closely and it's going to make a trek into the gulf of mexico. the fuel that it will need to strengthen and here are the tropical models. you can see them making a northeast trek, whatever it is, whether it's a depression, storm or hurricane, we need to prepare. look at the sea surface temperatures. 80s and 90-degree temperatures
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in the gulf of mexico. this is the danger here and it's got a lot of fuel and no place to escape. it's got to make landfall. so what will it be? a storm or hurricane? we don't know and we don't know the exact tract either. we haven't had a major hurricane hit the coastline in over ten years. people might be complacent here. we need to have your preparation plan happening now. but there's your future radar. we're definitely going to feel the effects of this across the eastern gulf coast as well as florida right now. very strong winds. we could see heavy rainfall. there's the forecast rainfall over the next couple of days. certainly for cuba, south florida, the keys as this moves into the gulf of mexico. and it is the peek season, patti ann, as we get into september. all of this activity is anticipated. as we go through the next couple of days, be weather aware. we'll track it here and people
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along the gulf coast and atlantic coast need to monitor all of these systems very carefully. back to you. >> janice dean, thank you very much. >> of course. patti ann, there's a break in the heartbreaking case in chicago. an arrest has been made in the death of the superstar's cousin. >> she wasn't aware that her short life would stand as a an example of a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. and fans at the u.s. open in new york will notice big changes in security this year. authorities say they are working to keep the event safer after a recent terror attack at stadiums overseas. plus, we'll have this, the trump campaign says it is expanding its outreach to minority voters. what they are planning and whether it could be enough to move his numbers.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. chicago police have arrested two men in the killing of the 32-year-old who was the cousin of dwayne wade.
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she was apparently caught in cross-fire. the two were brothers. one was on patrol for gun charges and the other a known gang member. >> this is noteworthy because it's a prime example of what we're facing in chicago with repeat gun offenders who don't care who they shoot, whose lives they take and clearly don't fear the consequences of their actions. and in germany, they are weighing in on the eu and the u.s., noting 14 rounds of examination has yielded very little progress and that nobody is admitting it. in new york, they are ramping up security to tomorrow's opening day. tennis fans can expect to see a
1:20 pm
larger police presence as well as fortifying the deal and some 700,000 are expected to attend that tournament. the trump campaign is holding events in african-american communities as he works to make up ground with minority voters. >> nothing means more to me than working to make your party the home of the african-american vote once again it used to be. there are millions and millions of african-americans in this country. who have succeeded so greatly and who deserve a government that protects and honors their incredible contribution.
1:21 pm
>> so let's bring in democratic strategist holly scholman and a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> trump says most of the cities have been run for decades by democrats and he says they have run them into the ground. high crime poverty, high unemployment. they appeal to the community but their actions have harmed the african-american community. >> they have been trying to raise minimum wage and republicans have put road blocks in their past. that said, with all trump said he's going to do outreach, that's a good thing, we can all agree. and 50% of the battle is showing up. that means there's another 50%. they are not saying what they are going to do to help. he hasn't had a plan for making college more affordable. he says he wants to abolish it
1:22 pm
and other days what do you to do to help on the pay gap. so i think that he can talk him until he's blue in the face and trump says he'll raise jobs for african-americans. general cluelessness about racial dynamics will diminish any black support that could come from trump's emphasis on a job creation. what do you say to that? >> first of all, patti ann, donald trump is doing what republican politicians have failed to do and that is outreach to black voters. donald trump is being looking to empower individuals through pro growth solutions and that means cutting taxes, reducing regulations. all of these incentives will
1:23 pm
help job creation in our country but especially in urban communities that have been harmed for many, many years due to the failures of progressive policies. you look at the high taxes, the high regulations and high energy prices, a hillary clinton presidency, for example, she wants to continue president obama's war on fossil fuels that harms all hardworking americans and harms black family who is are disproportionately harmed because of high-energy prices. >> holly, there are people who say a rising tide lifts all boats and if trump is the one who can improve the economy, then the lives of african-americans will be better across the board. what about that? >> i think there's a question about how to make sure everyone shares in prosperity. what i see trump proposing is the same trickled down policy that has failed the middle class. that's what he just said,
1:24 pm
lowering taxes on corporations is what his plan does and lower taxes on millionaires like himself is what his plan says he will do. when you look at the specifics of trumps plan, that's exactly what hillary clinton has promised her campaign will be about, has proposed policies and very specific ones to help and i think we'll see that. >> what about families with small businesses, lowering taxes means more money for companies to reinvest, to invest in the technology and businesses and also to employ people. lower taxes is good for americans and especially as we're talking about black americans, it's good for the black community as well. >> you know, critics of both candidates are accusing the other of pandering to the black community. holly, what about that? is there some patronizing going
1:25 pm
on here? >> you know, i think the main question when he asks, what do you have to lose, that's the famous quote from last week. you know, the question is what do people have to gain? i don't think he's put a positive vision forward and i think that's really the issue here. but, you know, like we saw from the rnc just after the election four years ago, they put out a report and they themselves said that the republicans need to do more to reach out to people. organizations like the naacp, trump should speak there. republican candidates, no matter who they are, should be focused on this outreach and we're 70 days to the election and there's a catch-up to do on the other side. obviously taking their own advice to heart. >> naacp opposes school choice, for example. you look at disadvantaged school children in urban communities, the naacp doesn't want them -- they stand for union support more than the support from disadvantaged black children to get a great education so they can have a great future and not
1:26 pm
get involved in dubious activities in order to support themselves. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> patti ann, thank you. our nato alley turkey is trying to drive the islamic radical isis out of their territory. america's role in this complex event. john deere gator xuv590i, a vehicle so versatile it owns anything outdoors. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator. so we invented a word thatuten, means that.tificial flavors. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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hillary clinton and donald trump are under pressure to release their medical records. at ages 68 and 70, both are causing controversy about their physical ability to serve as president of the understand. >> reporter: the health of presidential candidates is a notable issue in this election. donald trump would be the oldest president ever elected and if clinton is elected, she will the
1:31 pm
second oldest behind ronald reagan. both are not as forthcoming of their medical histories compared to previous candidates. >> she doesn't have the strength, the stamina or the ability to straighten out our country. >> clinton says she's in excellent health and trump has failed to provide the public with the information that every major candidate has released in the last 40 years." trump is raising questions about the four paragraph letter his personal doctor released in december which had few actual details but applauded his physical strength and stamina and declared that he would be the healthiest president ever elected. he said he put that letter
1:32 pm
together for five minutes. >> i tried to get four or five lines done in as quick as possible. in a rush, they didn't come out as i would have wanted them. >> dr. ben carson is calling on both candidates to release more medical history. trump's campaign says they'll release that information as soon as clinton does. >> gary, thanks. turkey is launching its first attack into syria since the war began five years ago. the u.s. also supporting our nato ally turkey with air strikes. this comes days after the coalition did help drive terrorists out of another border town. is this another sign of progress and has turkey had a change of heart? retired four-star general is
1:33 pm
joining us. it took turkey a long time to finally get aggressive against isis. do you if i if they moved earlier isis would have expanded as it has. >> no. absolutely not. the irony here is that there's no outside force that has had more influence on isis growing into formidable terrorist organization that it became, the most in the world, frankly. and the reason for that is, when isis expanded from several hundred fighters in iraq, hiding in the shadows in and around baghdad and occupying the northeast and in syria, the fact is that turkey did not close their border and facilitated that movement on recruits and they believe that isis would stand up against the assad regime that was the objective that turkey had and isis grew
1:34 pm
into a worldwide terrorist organization to some 30,000 conducting operations literally all over the world. so it's very late, strategic objective was off from the beginning. they are not going to defeat isis in syria. they want that border secured and they are going to help drive isis out of there and everybody has got to pay attention to this. they are clearly here making certain that the syrian kurds are not going to gain an influence in physical control of territory. >> they are doing this for their own protection, of course, after the horrible, tragic terrorist attacks, including the one at the airport in istanbul. you mentioned the kurds. so what do you sit down and tell turkey to do about the kurds? knock it off? but that hasn't worked so far. >> no, it hasn't. and while we're assisting in
1:35 pm
influencing the kurds, we really don't have control over them. they drove isis out of manbij and they went east and that got the attention of president erdogan. he doesn't want them to expand their control and threaten his regime. >> this has been an incredibly, unimaginable humidity c catastrophe. you advocated the bombings of the runways, for example, taking out assad's helicopter so they wouldn't barrel bomb their own civilians. how do we make sure this doesn't
1:36 pm
continue or is there nothing we can do? >> there's plenty that we can do and many have suggested it. but this administration is not going to do anything. they've passed defeating isis in syria where the safe to the next administration and they are not going to deal with the syrian civil war. this will absolutely be on the desk of the new president. yes, what can be done still? safe gozones in northern syria d southern syria to put the relief operation in place there, stop some of the killing, put pressure on the regime, bring them to the table. but that's going to take some force, some assistance of the syrian opposition forces to do that. the headquarters of isis is there and has been there for two-plus years now and we have not done much about it and it's got to be taken down. >> we've made some progress.
1:37 pm
clearly not at all enough. general jack keane, thank you for your insight, as always, and for joining us this sunday afternoon. >> thank you. the university of chicago calling out the culture of political correctness on campuses, essentially telling its class man class it values free speech over safe spaces. too harsh for the class of 2020? we'll ask our legal panel when we come back. searching for a great used car? can you help? start with the millions for sale at the new! show me cars with no accidents. that's awesome. plus you get a free carfax® report. start your search at!
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♪ ♪ survivors of the devastating earthquake in central italy coming together for a catholic mass held inside a tent. the makeshift structure giving the faithful a place to worship after the quake leveled a number of churches.
1:42 pm
firefighters' ladders formed a cross behind the altar. meanwhile, authorities are opening an investigation into whether anyone there bears criminal guilt to ensure that the buildings and schools were apparently not up to the building code. the death toll currently stands at 290 people. the university of chicago is getting some praise and some backlash over a blunt welcome letter to its incoming freshman class. while political correctness is all of the rage, this letter reads in part, quote, our commitment to academic freedom means we do not support trigger warnings, we did not cancel invited speakers because their topics prove controversial and do not create safe spaces where individuals can retreat from ideas that are at odds with their own. here's our legal panel. david bruno, criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor and trial attorney and robert
1:43 pm
schalk, a former defense attorney. welcome to you both. president obama told students at howard university there's been a trend around the country of trying to get colleges to disinvite speakers with a different point of view or disrupt a politician's rally. don't do that. no matter how ridiculous or offensive you might find the things come out of their mouths. david, isn't dean ellison saying the same thing? >> i thought he does, in essence, put in a one-page letter and personally i think it's very reckless. this comes down to very complex first amendment speech and how it's applied to the universities. and what they tried to do in this letter is basically summarize it in one page saying we welcome all speech and it's not consistent with our laws. >> i disagree that this was not a reasonable approach that the university took. they had a law professor, jeffrey stone, who led a panel that was feedback from students,
1:44 pm
from faculty as to how we wanted to approach lectures and speeches on campus and i respect the way it was handled. two of the things we want to do when we send children to college is encourage them to learn, encourage them to accept the differences of one another and to understand the constitution and their constitutional rights to free speech and their free speech is something that they can say and if they don't like what someone else says, they can debate it or walk away from it. >> david, you know, to robert's point, the university of chicago put together this whole panel, studied the issue, put out a report and concluded it is not the proper role of the university to shield individuals who they find unwelcome and this was after studying the whole issue. other universities enacted similar policies. they say based on what the university of chicago -- >> i don't disagree with the way
1:45 pm
they went about it. this is relevant to me being in orientation or a class for freshmen. there is very, very concerning language in here. let's just think, if you're in the lbg community and you get a letter that says there's no safe places where individuals are at odds with their own, that is scary language. it's problematic. i just think there needs to be explanation behind it. >> what is interesting, the university of chicago has a safe space for the lgbt community and also they clarified this letter after the fact, robert, and said we don't want our professors to do a trigger warning if it's warranted. is this inconsistent or reassuring that they are not going crazy with this. they are just letting you know they don't want it to take it too far the other way. >> right. i think it will be left up to
1:46 pm
each individual professor and it may offend a few. they are going to allow students to potentially walk away from the situation and create the safe spaces. the university as a whole is not going to make the announcement. they will leave it up to the professors and that's what they said as to how they think we should handle this. >> david, we keep hearing from critics of this culture that these kids are being coddled, they are eventually going to get out into the real world, people are going to say things and not going to run into the bathroom and hide. what about that whole coddle and millennial argument. >> when we see a letter come through like this, i have to question the motivation. why? this is a hot issue but also a political one. and these presidents and the deans are out there to get
1:47 pm
donations and i have to ask the question about why this was done. >> that's what people are saying, a lot of parents are against these safe spaces and then this was really more a letter to the donors than to the kids to say, hey, keep supporting our school, you think that's part of this, is there a political motivation here? >> there could be. the most important thing is that they are telling students now and in the future, this is the place where you want to be and you want to be a free and engage in debate and challenge yourself and your fellow classmates to have open discussion and dialogue. this is the university for you. they are putting it out there that this is who we are about. it's a good message to send. >> robert, david, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> eric? >> thank you, patti ann. the spread of the so-called superbug is causing problems in our nation's hospital but the survey has come up with a unique solution. it's the first of it is kind. a four-legged specialist is joining us next and you don't
1:48 pm
want to miss it.
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>> amazing development in the fight against the super bugs. according to the centers for disease control, the antibiotic resistant bacteria responsible for the deaths of 23,000 patients a year, a serious problem for a last hospitals. what facility in canada is calling in a specialist who is the first of his kind, a springer spaniel named angus trained and certified to sniff out the most common super bugs plaguing hospitals. here to take bout angu is, is himself, along withdrew, both from vancouver by skype. great to see you. if you can push angus toward you. he is great. >> you came up with this idea because you came down with the super bug and you had trained dog before and you said, gee i can train a dog to sniff out bombs i can written a dog to
1:53 pm
sniff out the bacteria. >> correct. i almost died from this three years ago. my husband who is a nurse in patient safety and quality care saw an article about a dog in amsterdam named cliff. they put the dog on the odor and he checked patients so angus does not do patients but he does environment situations, because it is nearly impossible. >> so he can sniff the rooms, the hospital rooms, the corridor and the surface. tell us how sensitive dogs, the snouts, are to find this stuff? >> he likes being on tv. he lies to be the star. >> if you thing about pit be a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee we can smell the sugar added to the coffee, it changes the
1:54 pm
smell. you add the same sugar to an olympic sized swimming pool he can tell and the other detection talks can temperature because they are so sensitive. what is the signal? and how do you know when he finds something? >> he has passive alert and lays down or sits down and stays where the odor is and says, i find it time to pay me. >> adorable photograph, he is in the office right new sniffing it out. how do they get rid of it? what dot hospitals do? >> i notify the cleaning staff, and they will depending on the area, they bring in the uv step -- sterilizing, or they go to manual cleaning with special cleaners that eradicate the spores. >> this has affected so men in the hospital. will it video? angus has a brother, dodger who
1:55 pm
is being trained? >> dodger is next. so far in last in, this has again public, i have had inquiries from all over the world. angus has a facebook page with more trend than i do and he is fold on every continent other than antarctica. his facebook is angus k-9. >> when will the hospitals in the word potentially can have this serious? >> it should not take very long. you have to get the right dog and get the training. we can train a dog in six months. >> help any we get a lot of more dogs. it is a serious problem with this super bug. thank you for joining us on the
1:56 pm
pocket. we are glad you could develop this with angus. we will be right back. iabetes. steady is exciting. iabetes. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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2:00 pm
>> angus, the wonder dog and doing good service. >> dogs are great. >> that does it for us. >> "media buzz" is mention we are back in an hour with all the latest news from the campaign trail. and updates on angus. >> donald trump and hillary clinton trade charges of racism new media scrutiny for theth california questions swirling around the clinton foundation. with her team complaining of distortion by the press. >> in she were running against a more credible opponent this would perhaps be almost a death snell because rather than get to corruption at first, it gets to judgment. what were they thinking, both clintons? >> and it shows poor judgment. you running for president, why engage in this? why not disaassociate yourself from it? how much of a remember is? for hillary clinton and the optics? the appearance, sure, to people who do not understand how this works it could be


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