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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll be back in new york tomorrow night. thank you. donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. right now on "justice" -- >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> great. >> we will end illegal immigration. >> and immigration. the two topics that dominated the election this week, tonight we'll get into all of it with a panel of experts and campaigns. plus -- >> i like him because he's kind of bossy and big. >> in your face, kind of like you. >> kind of like you. >> you never know what happens when judge jeanine hits the streets. "the best of justice." tonight, "justice" starts now. hello and welcome to
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"justice." i'm melissa francis filling in for judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. the latest real clear politics average shows hillary clinton's once double-digit lead against donald trump is now just over six points. both candidates trade accusations about race. boris epshteyn jones us now. he's still not leading anywhere. what do you do about it? >> that average is over 20-plus days so that incorporates the time in august when he was not so favorable. now you look at all the polls. they're either up or tied. "l.a. times" was up in the tracking polls as well. they're seeing the binary choice
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between hillary clinton who's a livelo lifelong liar and donald trump. >> there's the shift from immigration and ugly stuff on race. how you do think that will shake out? a lot of people say the race debate doesn't turn out -- no matter what the message is or truth is, that's a conversation that benefits democrats. >> the democrats started slinging this mud at us when donald trump in ourign they reached out to the african-american community and it's a good thing. it's almost revolutionary for them to do so. the democrats are panicked, scared. tim kaine compared the trump campaign of the millions of supporters this primaries to the kkk. >> some are looking at it saying if you combine it with the
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immigration, what it's doing is calming down the fears of moderates. it's not reached out per se to the black community because it's going to be hard to get any solid votes there given where he is, that is really about making people feel better about him as being more moderate in general. >> absolutely not. this campaign is reaching out to all communities. of course, wire reaching out. donald trump will be going to detroit, the inner cities, making speeches in front of african-americans and speaking as he has been about the issues that matter. 26% of african-americans live in poverty. that'sab that's acceptable. who's responsible for that? hillary clinton. >> the strategy has been to focus on the major cities and maybe he should go focus on swing states. why is he in the inner city
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talking about that when he should be in florida. he should be in other places. >> he's in iowa today. campaigns are a busy time. you can be in three states in one day. it's part of the plan, part of the strategy. he's going all over the country. he's going to be the president for all americans. not hispanic americans or african-americans. all americans. >> do you think it's going to pafb the way for the rest of the campaigns? for those of us, he is at rallies but reading off promp r prompters. something he didn't do but he's doing better. at first it seemed stiff and he was going to maybe alienate some of the folks who liked his off-the-cuff banbanter. where do you think he is and will he continue like this? >> i think he's doing a great job. he's the most relatable candidate this country has seen
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since ronald reagan that. 's why he's doing so well at the polls. that's why he'll win november 8. >> in the beginning he talked about hillary clinton and the e-mails. the story showed that half of the people that made it to her office and got to see her as secretary of state had given money to the foundation. the clintons were able to pivot away and turn this conversation to the race thing. do you think it's important to get back to the foundation being krp corrupt? >> absolutely, 100%. >> how do you do it? >> they used beach bit. i didn't know anything about it and i'm an attorney. an obvious example of them be g
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being. the key issue, that the democrat candidate for candidate obstructed justice, lied to congress, perjured herself, and she's been hiding the truth for decades. >> and julian assange is out there as well. thank you for joining usz. >> thank as lot. >> what's a slight on the 2008 campaign. and richard goodstein. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> what do you think about the tony that the campaign took on both sides, pivoting to race. it does seem like one that nobody wins. >> i question or challenge as regards to pivot. let me tell you what i they said. >> you're going right back to what the campaign's doing at the end of the week. >> no, no, no. >> i'm just saying -- so you
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must think it helps hillary clinton and maybe it distracts from all of the evidence that's coming out and the corruption of the foundation. >> listen. let's talk about the foundation for one second. >> yeah. >> i hope this campaign is about the comparison between the carolina toon foundation which provides hiv/aids drugs. malaria, a reduction in the cost of medication, okay, child obesity, women's empowerment versus the trump foundation. >> if the clinton foundation does ought that good work, why does only 10% flow through to them. >> that's not true. >> why does 9% -- it's a. >> it's not a charity. >> listen to me, please. it's a different model. it's not like the ford foundation. they hire people to go into
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rwanda and south africa and so forth to actually deliver services, the malaria drus. >> why does charity watch say when they look at it, they can't call it a charity. they can't rate it? >> it's not the different foundations. >> robin hood in new york passes on 100% of wait gets in. for other charities, we're always advised -- >> either you don't understand what i'm saying or you don't want to believe it. >> i don't believe what you're saying because i read what charity watch said and i looked at the documents and i can do math and that's why i don't believe what you said. i looked at the irs records. they say half is going to
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charity and half is within the organization. >> because they're hiring services. >> how do you battle back -- >> 11.5 million people with hiv/aids education that wouldn't have it. >> how do you file back against the a.p. report when it shows half the money -- all the e-mails as you follow them, as they go from the head of the foundation in to the secretary of state's office and say this person had tried to get into the normal channels, they're a special it from. please see us. do you feel like when they see those, they feel leak they bought and paid for it and they're deeply concerned about it. >> they're deeply defunct. >> no, they're not. >> what it didn't include is the
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thousands of meetings she had in addition to. >> those were mandatory meetings. that was her job. those are the meetings she had to talk. the meetings are the optional ones where she had the discretion to do it or not. >> a famous holocaust survivor, do you -- >> you to that one example -- >> how about melinda gates, a world renowned philanthropist. >> those are the same three names that the kin tons saw. they knew the math doesn't help them. are you at all worried that julian assange and that he told megyn kelly he's got another shoe that's hidden.
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>> he's somebody reviled for released state documents. police -- >> a lot of people on this network think he is a criminal or bad guy. it doesn't charchl the fact that he's going to release the documents. how are you going to battle back? >> both have returns. that's the first thing. hillary clinton has had thousands of her e-mails out there and they're a big bore. >> thank you for joining us. you're a gooded a voe katd, my friend. thank you for doing it. that was fun. all right. as we mentioned, hillary clinton still holds a national lead but now it's only 6 percentage points. this is clinton's post bounce.
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here with all the details on what to look for in the weeks ahead, pollster and examiner columnist christy solstice. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> when you look at the number. does us the it tell you. >> >> that he has a long road ahead of him. just 70 days in the campaign. we settled into a new normal that's not a sunny picture for donald trump. the important thing is these swing states. sure, hillary clinton is up by six but what really matters is how they're performing in pennsylvania and ohio. the mason-dixon poll down by two. you've got to get florida if you
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want to get to the white house. that's a good sign. what's troubling. if you look at it, it should be a gimme for republicans. that's a state that has not told a particularly good story for donald trump. so if i was advising his campaign, i would tell him, look. right now it's in iowa. he's going to arizona on wednesday. that's a state where he's up by a little. i would say you need to be in north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio, and florida every day between now and november. >> is that really what makes a difference or should it be about targeting ads in those states? >> donald trump at this moment has not succeeded by putting a lot of ads on the air. >> he's way behind. >> and he's way behind. this is media attention. if you read what the obama team
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did, they went through and looked at the data of every county where they needed to pick up a couple thousand votes here and there and they use the candidate's time andal indicated it with presix. that's what the trump team needs to do. he needs to pick up a thousand votes here and there and piece together that majority. >> absolutely. that sounds exhausting. what do you think about him talk about bigger issues, talking about race. you know, some say from a polling point of view, he's not going to pick up minority votes anyway so it's a -- go ahead. >> my suspicion is it's the latter. kellyanne conway who's been brought in, she's incredibly bright. she knows it runs through, say,
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the sub areas. they may say i like him on the economy but i'm uncomfortable with the way he treats other people. this is him attempting in these last 70 or so days. again it may be a little too late. >> you're saying go in person and try to swing those particular votes? that's the way to go? >> i think in going to the markets what's important is not just showing up at your rally, you wind up on the front page. that's why they're such a valuable resource and why it needs to be manage. >> yeah.
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i heard kellyanne conway talking about it. do you feel the story about credibility is getting through or does it make republicans look bad that they keep harping on the same thing? >> i think the best angle to take on that story is the angle that hillary clinton gets to play by a different set of rules, that there are elites and average americans and clintons have been treated by a different set of rule. that sort of flips the election on its head. >> a lot of people have noted that it seems leak his tone at least on immigration has changed.
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he's trying to say, no, i'm not for academy necessity or another time, i can work with people. i feel like anything coming out of his mouth has been focused group together. is that a fair asemgs or is this intentional? >> i think donald trump would push back. he said people like me who do polling, he doesn't listen to peek li people like this. they should say, look, we should have a leak. so donald trumps with able to win. it's not the object ush that matter but i think he understands, look, we're in a general election. if i stay on the primary, i'm at 35%.
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less than 75 days to election day and an exchange of barbs. let's get to my panel. political commentator danielle mclachlin. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> it certainly seems there was a lot of bloodshed at the end of the week. what do you think. >> let's understand why we're having this conversation. hillary clinton had a bad week. we have in evidence of pay for play. new e-mails. trump is making minority outreach and this is a situation where the democrats go back to their play book, they like to play their favorite game and obviously when we're talking about racism and trump's
6:23 pm
personality, clinton is trying to right the ship. >> danielle, what is wrong what he said? >> everything is wrong with what he said, particularly the e-mails. we don't know what is in those e-mails. >> it's different from benghazi because it shows there was pay for play going on in the department. >> she does thousands of meetings -- >> that were part of her job. these were all the meetings that were not an obligation. everything she chose to do had to do with foundation donors. >> you've got 54 out of 100. so 50% of those. that's 50 meetings over four years. >> these 12. >> we turned them down but they came back and they say, this is important, please meet with them, and they do.
6:24 pm
it's like donating money and you get let in the back door. >> there's not a sickle e-mail that shows she did anything. there was no meeting with -- >> i'm sorry. hillary clinton has been shamelessly lying about lying at this time. she said colin powell advised me how to do this and i did what he did. false. i neither sent or received classified information. false, every single time she is creating her own trap and falling into it and now she realizes she wants to get her mojo together. >> danielle, you may not think there's any there, but last time around, they double ditched.
6:25 pm
would democrats do anything to keep the lid on in this? i believe they will. yowl can say she's a life for four different reasons. this is not what democrats want to hear. they want to have debates on tissue. americans want solutions. >> i think we all agree that's true, that we need to have a conversation on substance. it dumtd seem like people respond. people do respond to negativity, isn't that a fact? >> it's the clinton campaign that doesn't want to talk about issues. they don't want to talk about clinton's scandals or the record of government failure because if
6:26 pm
they do he could become the 459 president of the united states. he's dug himself a very big hole. they realize he could get some-mentum and they're trying to kneecap him rhyme out of the gate before anyone figured it out. >> i'm not sure you would disagree with that. they would like to make his personality an issue. >> he's right on his personality basically about a week ago. i'm not quite sure what his point is. i think we'll hear about that in two weeks. he has made this about being a winner. he has made this about being successful, about adjectives and she's made it about policy. that's difference. >> what advice would you give to each of your candidates? would you make it about the negative side of your opponent or would you try and focus on some of your issues? what would you tell them to do and win honestly? >> if you're donald trump you
6:27 pm
have to make this. the fact is only 20% find her honest and therefore you actually have to mesh that white working class voter with that affluent suburban voter. >> i appreciate your honesty. let's go negative on the other guy. danielle, what do you think? >> look. i think that this needs to be about ideas. i think that you will punch and counterpunch. she did well. you go low, i'll go high. >> thanks to both of you guys, appreciate your time. could a younger vote decide this election. next i'm joining to talk about what each is willing to do to get energized and later you never know what happens when judge jeanine heads outside for street justice. some of the best moments are ahead. >> do you know of any country that's been a socialist country?
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perug perugia. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to ""justice with judge jeanine."" >> what are the busiest issues for the younger voters in the campaign and what can be done to swayvotes. let's ask the millennials. . . . . . . . i >> how do you craft a message for millennials based on the economy if you're the democrats? >> well, thank heavens that secretary clinton has the
6:34 pm
primary she did where with bernie sanders she got to a place where now she is talking about tuition free college for the vast majority of americans and debt free college for everyone, a great thing. >> give away free stuff? this's the way do get millennials. to hell with the idea to pay for it? do you think they're a gullible? harlan? >> no. i mean, look. the reason is because -- >> they might be actually. >> the reason for that is that we came of age in obama-nomics. it's been a time of stagnant growth. people arere graduating from college with enormous student loans and can't find a job. things really bad an offering something for free, it is alluring. >> go ahead. >> we know that donald trump's economic plan is unmitigated disaster. >> how do we know that? >> the tax plan. said that it will lead to a
6:35 pm
lengthy recession and cost 3.5 million jobs. that would be a train wreck. >> i studied economics. that's about -- looking at the economy from a static perspective and assuming no growth coming when you lower taxes and of course there is. no one believes that. >> without question. >> i'm going by the analyst . experts here. that's the facts. >> over at moody's where they're known democrats and democratic donors. do you think that impacts anything? >> without question. one thing i know is hillary clinton is promising to be a continuation of eight years, we are not getting out of the mess. median household income is down. so why in -- why would you think that the track we're on makes sense? seriously. why? >> to be fair -- hang on. hang on. when hillary clinton is canned to define her own economic plan and what she's going to do differently and puts out the bullet points they're the same talking points. she tucks about the spending,
6:36 pm
spending on infrastructure. spending on green jobs. you know, and when challenged to say how's that different from what president obama did, she doesn't have an answer. so it is really more of the same. do you think thatn millennials feel like we're in a good place economically? >> right now we have unprecedented economic growth. the big problem -- >> no, we don't. where do you see that? what number have you seen that support y that is? >> we have had months and months of economic growth over the course of the obama administration. >> grew 1% in the first quarter of this year according to the government's numbers. >> the problem is not -- is not that the economy is not growing, it is not -- >> he is living in altn alterna reality. >> let him continue. the problem is what? >> we have got an income inequality issue in this country. >> we do. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> what is actually donald trump going to propose to fix and get money in people's pockets?
6:37 pm
>> i'm glad you brought that up. we do have a huge income inequality problem. the government's own statistics shows it's worse under president obama. one of the main reasons is that he's juiced the stock market. that's only benefited the rich. harlan, ast a democrat, how do you defend that now? >> i absolutely can. i supported barack obama both times. i think that it was a mistake. i think that he's doubled down on appealing to wall street. look, if you invested in the stock market back in 2008, you've done very well under barack obama. if you're a middle class or working class american, you've done terribly. jobs numbers, created jobs and the economy's not doing well. >> millions. >> if d you believe that it is, then you're not even listening to the government's own data. >> no. actually if you look at the government's data, he hasn't created a lot of jobs and show it is labor force participation at historic lows and people gave
6:38 pm
up on the under the president. go ahead. >> listen. i think when we actually look at the plans that donald trump is putting forward, there's zero proof this it's going to benefit lower and middle income americans and that's ultimately whether's going to determine where millennial votes go. is he going to help them? absolutely not. >> harlan, it is hard to make the case talking about -- you may know that taking the leash off small business and off regulation and lowering taxes does cause economies to grow. but a lot of millennials don't necessarily understand that message. it can be hard to put it together. how do you drive it home? >> talking about rhetoric, that's probably true and millennials think that regulation is a good thing and taking the regulations of cities on uber, millennials overwhelmingly don't like it. so if republicans start reframing these issuesre i thina lot of them would support it. >> great advice. talk about it in terms of uber. thanks to both of you. appreciate it.
6:39 pm
>> all right. more on the issue of race center stage in the campaign this week. we'll talk about that.ay and more with the next guest. stay with us. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. choose effortless glide from choosside to side. choose knee-loving, underarm-caring, bikini line-baring. choose venus swirl. with five contour blades and a flexi-ball,
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. all right. welcome back to all rightment welcome back. the issue of race and prejudice dominating the campaign headlines as the candidates attack each other over the topic. so what kind of impact will race play in the general election? and who americans vote for on november 8th. let's ask my next guest from st. louis, radio host and author of "the big black lie" kevin jackson and a fox news contributor. how does donald trump win this debate in particular? it seems like a tough one for him to pick up and run with. >> i don't think it's tough at all for donald trump to resonate
6:44 pm
with black voters. i think the pivot he made a week or so ago has been -- has got the democrats on tilt as we say in the black community. look. the democrats have held dominion over blacks for a long time and despite the pros tesations that everything is rosy in the black community and donald trump is talking down to blacks explaining what's going on, donald trump is saying what millions of americans witness day in and day out and the idea that there's the black community or black neighborhoods or black schools. you start to get an understanding of it so the democrats are very afraid of a businessman who has a track record and will resonate. >> ben carson is eloquent making the point in communities and he makes the point that the democrats have taken these votes for granted. and that a lot of the handouts come down to really not even good intentions but almost
6:45 pm
intentional subjugation and keeping people under control. >> correct. >> that's a tough and controversial point to make and coming from someone like dr. ben carson with history of overcoming things in his life and is black himself, people tend to listen. it's -- you know, it's hard to make that much of a turn hearing it from donald trump. i mean, how can he achieve that? go ahead. >> i don't agree with that. i think that people recognize when's going on in the black community. they have seen decades of this. if you look at all of the statistics of blacks, again, i watched eugene robinson talk about how great it was for blacks under -- when trump decides he wants to talk to blacks and he talked about how many blacks are employed and the great things, the democrats can't have their cake and eat it. can't lament the plight of the black community to address the issues and then when donald trump comes in, suddenly everything's roses. it is not. black unemployment is higher.
6:46 pm
we lose more businesses, more homes under obama. we have more people incarcerated. on and on. all the problems that donald trump is highlighting are things that people recognize. >> when he makes a big speech and calls hillary clinton a bigot and if you listen to the whole speech what he was talking about was school of choice and the fact that she's against school of choice and he was saying why do rich kids and white kids get choice and hillary clinton is against inner city black kids from having a choice on schools? which is a fantastic point and a really valid point. but all the media picked up on was the idea that he called her a bigot. is it more effective to have people like ben carson, you know, or like sheriff clarke go to communities where they're known and talk to people and carry this same message? but do they hear it more from someone like that, someone of color and who's lived through it in the community? >> well, the short answer would
6:47 pm
be, sure, it's better to have people that -- because, unfortunately, blacks have been trained to respond to other blacks but if you think that sheriff clarke and ben carson are well received in the black community they're no better received than donald trump. >> really? sheriff clarke? >> he is not -- look. sheriff clarke and people like myself, star parker, the handful of black conservatives to name it isn't like the people are trying to get us into the black community. the naacp, the congressional black caucus, the circus that's black leadership keeps our voices out of the black community. what should happen? everybody in america should be talking about the issues. when you look at everything you just described and all the things that dr. carson and myself and allen west and many others are talking about, they need white folks to say, enough is enough. we're not going to play this victimization game because white people are not doing it. the people victimizing blacks are other blacks. the cities are run by blacks.
6:48 pm
there's hardly a white person and certainly no republican in sight when you talk about the issues plaguing the so-called black community. >> given all that, there have been people that give the talk of a past few days isn't about getting minority votes because that's a tough road ahead, how many could he pick up? it's more about soothing the fears of moderates on the right or even independents that he's racist or crazy or too fringe or this whole alt-right thing and what do you think? >> i dis'gree. i disagree. trump can't go far enough in describing the bigotry of the left. >> all right. we have do go. kevin, i'm so sorry to cut you off. you ire a fantastic guest. thank you. the best of "street justice" is moments away. back after this. existential poe. and uncle john was an explorer.
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it is called street justice when judge jeanine heads outside to talk politics and just about anything else that comes to mind with folks justice" talking politics and just about anything else that comes to mind with the folks on street. it is never dull. here tonight are some of the best highlights from the last few months. enjoy. >> you don't know who that person? >> what's her name. >> who is it? >> hillary?
6:53 pm
clinton? >> she is likable. >> she is likable? what has she done for you? >> nothing. >> you want her to be the president? >> why not? i'm not a cameraman. >> you have a warpt outstanding? ted cruz. ted cruz. >> judge pirro! >> what's the rest -- >> i probably did arrest him. >> i like him, too. he's a little -- i like him because he's bossy and big -- >> in your face. >> a good mobster. >> like you. >> vote for her? >> no. that's me. >> oh. did you know that? what about the fact that the president saying that mentally instable people should have a gun. >> i have a hammer right here. 21 ounces. >> do you know of any country been a socialist country? >> no. >> no? >> i wasn't great in history class. >> well, it is happening now. have you heard that socialism is a political and economic organization where the government pretty much owns all
6:54 pm
the methods of production? >> say that again. >> you have a very big truck. >> hello. >> is america ready for a woman president? >> yes, we are. we are definitely ready. >> who should that be? >> ms. hillary clinton. >> don't take off until i get off this -- how many wheels do you have on this truck? come on, teddy! teddy roosevelt. is america ready for a woman president? >> why isn't the white house ready? >> i'm a male shauf vis. >> there's a lot of tough women throughout. >> sure are. you're one of them. >> why are you staring? >> scott baio. >> this is the judge. you see her go after people? how amazing she is? >> with the shirt on right now. >> this is hillary clinton's headquarters. >> i've heard this. >> you scared when you come in and the people are here? >> yes, yes, i am. >> what are you scared of? >> i'm scared she might win. >> trump stands for what i came
6:55 pm
here for 35 years ago. i feel everything is going down the tubes. >> what do you think about the wall? >> well, i think i have a lock on my front door and a fence around my house so i believe that, yeah, having a wall for security is a good idea. >> he's concerned about the 2nd amendment. >> we can't bring guns in here. >> i don't mean do you have a gun here. but do you own a gun? >> absolutely. >> why did that not surprise me? why? >> because it's our right and fun. >> what do you do? >> i'm a hairdresser. >> hah! >> a sanctuary city is where the locals decide that illegal immigrants are not turned over to the feds even if the feds say we want them. is that right or wrong? >> hmm? let me think about this for a couple seconds. >> are you in agreement that they should hand over the doing you criminals? to the feds. >> that's -- that's a toughie.
6:56 pm
>> no it isn't. >> i feel i have to know more about this. >> the woman's dead. he was illegal. they protengted him. >> it's awful that people die. >> do you have a weapon? >> i do not but i trained in martial arts for many years so -- >> but you know, you may have a black belt but at the end of the day if he's got a black belt, who wins? >> the gun wins. that's for i'm for legal gun rights. >> there's the rub. >> hey, you know cakarate. i know crazy. >> you point at me when you said that? >> absolutely not. >> i love your speeches. on -- >> my big mouth. >> of course! >> i think she missed her calling as a stand-up. that's it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. see you next week. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event?
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her gold medals. how cool. all right, see ya. i'm chris wallace, it's still august, but the presidential race hits a n i'm chris wallace, it's still august, but the presidential race hits a new low as donald trump and hillary clinton trade blistering accusations over race. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> today, donald trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway on clinton tying trump to the alt-right and the effort to keep trump on message. then, the libertarian party's presidential nominee, gary johnson.


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