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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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brian, who do we have tomorrow? >> mike pence is here. >> my first grader is going to the first day of school. i love you buddy, have a great first day. a lot of kids going to school for first time. that's a cool guy pose. i don't know where he got that. >> did you pack his lunch? martha: panic and chaos after there were reports of shots fired at lax. people were running for cover as you think they would as police came in with rifles. the f.a.a. issued a full grounds stop. a lot of reaction. and in the end it turned out to be nothing but a false alarm. police say loud noises in the terminal prompted those initial reports. then you have the domino effect. the terminal reopened.
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the passengers had to be rescreened. we saw a similar thing happen at j.f.k. just last week. how do we responds to these situations better. we start with donald trump on the defensive on claims his campaign is getting soft on immigration. people say he may be flip-flopping on his previous policies. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. trump took to twitter saying there will be a major speech on immigration set for wednesday in arizona. the rest of his team launching a full court press to defend their candidate. his campaign manager telling fox
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news sunday, no one knows immigration like trump does. >> the center piece of his campaign has always been build the wall. no amnesty, no more sanctuary cities. if you enforce the laws and deal with those agencies that already exist to enforce the law, nobody bothers to enforce the law. gregg: john: what do we know about this speech on wednesday? reporter: donald trump will be answering a lot of critics, conservatives say this ways they were worried about. now they believe he's talking about amnesty for people in this country illegally. opponents of his saying he flip flopped and donald trump saying donald trump does not have a
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coherent policy on any front, let alone immigration. he will give greater detail about what would he do about the 11 million people who entered this country illegally. he's talking about getting rid of the bad ones first, and donald trump saying this in no way, shape or form will be amnesty because none of the people who remain will be eligible to get citizenship. he says he will clearly contrast his plan with those of hillary clinton and chris christie. >> hillary clinton has a 100-day amnesty plan. everybody here whether you are a criminal or not, no matter how you got here or not le wind up becoming american citizens under hillary clinton's plan. when voters look at that they
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will say that's not what we want happening from this country. reporter: i think they will try to get as close to the bored as possible and that might be nogales but they don't know if there is a facility that could handle the crowds. gregg: supporters anxious to hear what he has to say, i understand the trump campaign has $10 million in new tv ads and his anti-clinton ad. what's the deal with that. >> they are the talking about comparing and contrasting donald trump's ad. they branched out from their initial battleground states to include five more bootle grounds across the country. here is a portion of what that ad could be.
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>> in hillary clinton's america the middle class gets crushed. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. it's more of the same but worse. reporter: donald trump will be answering critics who say you talk about rebuilding the cities. but why haven't you got into a black church to give a speech. this week in detroit he will be appearing in a black church in the inner city to talk about that. martha: trump facing a backlash on social media after sending out two tweets responding to the shooting death of nba star dwayne wade's cousin. this started avenues of the shooting broke. she was a 34-year-old mom pushing a stroller with her
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child in it on her way to register him for school. he then tweeted again saying my condolences to dew way wade and his family on the death of nykea aldridge. your reaction to the first tweet he sent out which got a storm of criticism in the media over the weekend this morning. >> it was the order of the two tweets that angered people. the first treat was vote trump. this is what i have been talking about. a number of people immediately said couldn't you offer your condolences or prayers first. then an hour later he did offer his condolences. but what you will see here is
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that when the flap over this goes away, there is a serious issue at play in this particular shooting in chicago that plays into the campaign which is arrested for this murder are two suspects who were both recently out of prison, one on. >> felony gun charge on parole. another six felony arrests. hillary clinton and many democrats are campaigning against what they call mass incarceration. what trump is going to use this episode to show is that there are many dangerous criminals being released too early and need to day in jail. martha: politically it's a classic trump example where you kind know what he meant to say, which was this is what i have been talking about. the crime we see in our inner cities leads to tragedies like
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this, and this is what i have been trying to say in my campaign. and this is just another tragic example that illustrates it. i think that's what he meant. but it gets hard for them to continue to constantly have to battle that he's tactless in the way he presents these things. >> i think we saw this immediately after the terrible mass shooting in orlando where trump's first reaction is, hey, this is what i have been talking about. but style matters in politic and all of public life. and the first thing you do is express sorrow, grief, outrain, sympathy over some sort of tragic event. then later it will become part of the political argument. but trump stepped on his own mess and by jumping up too early with his mess and.
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martha: he claims he's being misrepresented. but he has to be aware of when he puts -- when he tweets these things, he sets himself up for this. we are talking about the lander contexts of what he meant which i'm sure is the goal. but it's not politically savvy. it's not even business savvy in terms of how to get your mess and across. >> there are a lot of people who want to get donald trump. he's running for president, he should know that. what you are seeing is this lack of basic tact. and trump supporters will say look he's making substantive points, this is an issue, there is an issue with illegal immigration, there is an issue with law and order, don't peso' attention to the stylistic
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point, but style does matter. gregg: >> the round of state department staffers sos huma abedin and former top clinton foundation official doug band talking about mega donors as potential guests for lunch with the chinese president among other things. the clinton campaign denies any pay-to-play setup. but donald trump's running mate mike pence saying he's not buying it. >> she eradicated with high-tech software bleach fit which makes it impossible to reconsider them. it's becoming clear that state department officials under secretary of state clinton were extending access and special
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favors to main donors of the clinton foundation. gregg: we'll talk to the president and chairman of citizens united. that's the advocacy group that first got ahold of these emails. martha: the interim chair asked about this and she says she sees nothing wrong. >> i don't see wha smoke is. martha: is this all normal behavior for the clinton state department? gregg: a pair of monster storms moving in on the southeastern part of the united states. who is in danger now. martha: colin kaepernick speaking out on his decision to
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sit it out during "the national anthem." he says fans need to get used to it. >> i will continue to sit and stand with the people who are being oppressed. seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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gregg: forecasters keeping an eye on several stores starting to brew off the coast of north carolina.
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forecasters saying it could lead to a tropical storm watch for the outer banks. a separate system is moving toward the gulf of mexico and could hit the coast wednesday. >> the way i look at it. i have been a government official. this notion that somehow someone who his a supporter, someone who is a donor, who is an activist, i want to come into a room and meet people, we all say criminalized behavior is normal and i don't see what the smoke is. martha: she says she doesn't understand the controversy. the dnc chair donna brazil calling it normal behavior for washington. is it?
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it raises the question. do they just think this is normal behavior because this is how they have always done business? >> maybe so, or maybe it's just the stupid things party chairmen who supposed to say in defense of their indefensible candidate. hillary clinton was asked by senator richard lugar to avoid all appearances of impropriety with her foundation. that was seconded by the john kerry. beth expressed concerns about conflicts with the foundation. we now know the foundation was intimately involved in the state department operation. there has never been a secretary of state who had this kind of outside apparatus soliciting contributions from foreign nationals and governments and having a giant influence
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peddling operation that went along with it during their years in the office. martha: if there was so much pressure on her from the obama administration and richard lugar and other to put a chinese wall up because she was secretary of state and she would be talking all the time to countries, that there was -- there needed to be a wall. why should anyone think if she is president there should be any wall. >> if she couldn't live up to her sacred promise made under oath and memorialize a memorandum of understanding. if she didn't live up to those things she promised they would vet all contributions. we now know that they set up a phoney foundation in canada in order to hide the names of i believe it's $125 million in gifts to the foundation. most of them coming from friends and associates of a canadian
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billionaire who he gets state department approval for a deal that sells 20% of america's uranium supplies to the russians. it puts it under the control of the russians. why should we trust her going forward if she couldn't live up to the agreements she made with a democrat president and democrat-controlled foreign relations committee in 2009. martha: i think people watch these discussions and wonder about the calendar. why is it okay for hillary clinton not to release her calendar until after the election? for those reporters and people who want to look at this, if there is nothing there, there is nothing there. but as a public official paid for by taxpayer dollars for your salary, why is your calendar not something you should be able to see. >> the associated press took
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three years of lawsuits to get the phone logs and calendared for three years. she borders on paranoid, that's why she set up the private email server and her people are trying to block access to public information. she has been out of office for nearly four years. those things ought to be available for public inspection and they are not because hillary clinton is afraid of us finding out pore things like the fact that's the head of the foundation leaves 148 messages for hillary clinton's chief of staff during a 2-year period. we don't know how many phone calls cheryl mills took from the head of the foundation. but we know the head of the foundation was forced to leave 148 messages. that's a lot of phone calls from the foundation. martha: what it tells me is they
6:21 am
think that's all fine. they never held anything but public office. so they say it's not a big deal. we know these people, they are our friends. they think it's all fine. >> exactly. no secretary of state is engaged in this behavior, and we know how stupid some of this stuff was. a commodities trader gives a big bunch of money to the foundation and wants to be on a special imagine to require sophisticated the understanding of the nuclear weapons policy and they put it on there and have to withdraw it quickly because he knows nothing about the issue. martha: karl, thank you very much. gregg: this is gripping videotape. an incredible close call. a police officer risking his life to save a man from being crushed by an oncoming train. martha: disgraced congressman
6:22 am
anthony wiener found sending improper text messages and this time his infant son is in the picture with him. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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martha: a new jersey transit officer hailed as a hero after saving a man on the train tracks. he was able to pull that man obviously troubled off of the tracks. the train was barreling towards him just seconds to spare. that man was taken into custody and sent to the hospital for an evaluation.
6:26 am
that police officer put himself in the line of danger. i'm sure family and friends are grateful he stepped in. gregg: it's only a matter of time. former congressman anthony weiner caught in another sexting scandal. he apparently sent explicit photos multiple times. wiener married to hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin. this is the third time weiner has been caught up in a sexting scandal. i'm guessing his favorite artist is britney spears with "oops i did it again." >> anthony weiner is back on the
6:27 am
front page of the "new york post" for sexting again. the most jarring photo taken in july of 2015. it shows him laying in bed next to his toddler son. it was sent to a 40-something divorcee who says she has been sexting with weiner for 19 months but never met him. she said you realize you can see your blank in that photo. he resigned after a photo of himself focused in his underwe are which he sent to a college student in state. he tried to revive his career by
6:28 am
running for mayor of new york city and the campaign showed promise until he was caught sctding again under the name car slows danger. gregg: has there been a response from hillary clinton or the clinton campaign. >> huma abedin has stayed with weiner through all of this. she is the vice chairwoman for hillary clinton and faced a similar embarrassment in the 1990s. now anthony weiner reactivated his twitter account. gregg: good to see you, thanks. martha: 49ers quarterback colin caber niccolin -- colin kaepernk
6:29 am
telling reporters he has no intention of standing during "the national anthem." >> i'm seeing things happen to people that don't have a voice. martha: lots of mans not buying that. they are lighting the number 7 jersey on fire. >> if you don't love our country get the [bleep] out of it. here is the jersey. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic.
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turkey is reportedly targeting some object significance groups including a u.s.-backed kurdish-led alliance. we knew this would get charactery when we heard supposedly turkey and the united states are teaming up. the defense department is calling this move unacceptable and a source of deep concern. turkey is denying any wrongdoing. gregg: colin kaepernick defending his decision not to stand for the national anthem when it's played before nfl games. the 49ers quarterback causing controversy when he stayed seated during national anthem. he says the move is to support people who have been unfairly treated because of their race. >> i'll andrew tyndall to stand
6:34 am
with the people being oppressed. this needs to change and when i feel there is significant change and that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, i'll stand. gregg: adam housley is live in los angeles with more. this stirred up not only the nfl, but fans as well. reporter: freedom of speech. this player was a bit controversial. his touchdown celebrations where he cocked his fist in his arm. the last year and a half he was battling to be a starter. someone battling for that position and somebody battling injuries. it was fir reported by an nfl reporter in a preseason game in santa clara, california.
6:35 am
but it was in thed i'm told the week prior at another preseason game. there was a one-time instance, but it was not as you can see by the picture. kaepernick who was adopted, is biracial and was raised by white parents. he says his protest is due to the oppression of minorities in the united states. yesterday he continued his stand to sit. >> there are people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right by anyone's standards. reporter: the niners are a team already dealing with a lot of adversity are not real happy this is enveloping their team. there are reports that kaepernick who was on the edge,
6:36 am
they tried to trade him, but there were no takers, may be released at some point. but that's some of the reports coming out. gregg: he wasn't mr. popular to begin with. now he's being excoriated not just in the community of san francisco by some, but online as well. reporter: if you follow social media, this explode on every one of my feed. there were all sorts of people who had a comment or opinion. there were people who said you have your right to not stand, i have my right to burn your jersey. there are were a number of jersey burning videos online. when you hear from fans. they were pretty upset with the idea. but we did hear from both side, take a listen. >> being a veteran.
6:37 am
i understand his point of view, but i don't believe that was the right arena to do so, especially with "the national anthem" and how much it means to a lot of people. >> it's an issue that we have that needs to be addressed in as many ways as possible and our theets have a venue to broadcast that in a broad sense. >> this is not expected to go anywhere with the preseason coming to an end. we'll see if how the preseason plays out and if he continues to make a stand. >> i think the assessment was donald trump will do some things to appeal to the middle of the electorate. suburban college educated women. but basically we have a psychopath running for path. martha: a former obama campaign
6:38 am
manager calling donald trump a psychopath. >> we see what donald trump is called by nearly everybody in clinton world including many of her supporters in the media before he gets out of bed in the morning. this man has been called everything in the book, insults routinely hurled at him. people think it's funny and they put it 0en their twitter feed even though they are supposed to be objective journalists. martha: here is another piece of this this morning from "morning joe." take a look at this. >> i think it's time to hear from somebody in the mental health community to look at this person who has been on television for months to give us
6:39 am
a sense of what we have going on here. martha: this is reaction to the news over the weekend of dwayne wade's cousin being shot over the weekend. they didn't like the way donald trump responded to that in his tweet. katie? what do you think? >> i think they have a fair point when they criticize the way donald trump responded with the political comment. but the crime in chicago is ignored. the fact that we have media figures calling for a mental evaluation of donald trump is a distraction from the hillary clinton scandals and the 15,000 emails and a distraction from the fact that the state department was used by hillary clinton, an official office, to make the clintons rich.
6:40 am
martha: donald trump is tweeting about this more this morning. he says inner city crime is reaching record levels. african-americans will vote for trump because they know i will stop the slaughter going on. he said before that. look how bad it's getting. how much more crime, how many more shootings will it take for african-americans and latinos to quote trumpequalssafe. >> it was republican presidential candidate ted cruz who looked into the camera and said donald trump is a path lodge cal liar. that was coming from. >> contender for the nomination. that came from trump saying ted cruz's father was somehow associated with the death of president kennedy. the use of liar and psycho path is nothing new. it came from republicans well
6:41 am
before it came from david plouffe. i think one has to rub the quote from the good book that says those who live by the sword will die by the sword. when donald trump uses insults or slurs to imitate a disabled reporter or gold star mother it is returned. martha: can we look at the substance of what is actually being talked about. we are talking about the woman killed on the streets of chicago. no one is talking about the murders that are being carried out. why are we not talking about the essence of it. it may have been a tactless response. but when i read it over the weekend, i thought he's saying why is nobody talking about this. we have got the colin kaepernick
6:42 am
sitting out for the pledge of he lee jones. but they are talking about one stick kind of violence and death. what about what's happening on the streets every day in chicago. why is it not okay to point that out? >> the comments about donald dod trump's behavior go well beyond what he tweets. he he talks about violence in the inner city it comes across to many as disup geneous. when an innocent african-american man is shot by police donald trump says pretty much nothing. when african-american leaders say we would like to have background checks to reduce gun violence donald trump is against it. martha: katie, go ahead. >> the number one death among african-american men ages 18-30 is homicide. and they are being killed by other young black men.
6:43 am
there were 22 people killed in chicago last weekend alone. we don't have hillary clinton talking about that. and done are is trying to get to the heart of the issue. he's trying to get to the fact that there is a very serious crime problem in the inner cities. police aren't shooting innocent black men. the narrative that you continue to push, this hands up bogus -- hands up, don't shoot bogus narrative. >> wow, there it is. ladies and gentlemen. >> you are pushing a narrative that is false and doesn't do anything to solve crime in the inner cities and prevent african-american men from being shot. martha: it's worth raising the question, is there a sickness in not recognizing in our inner cities? >> why does donald trump have
6:44 am
zero support from donald trump in this country? maybe 5% in the best poll. martha: let's talk about what's really going on. stay with us.
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and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. gregg: hillary clinton blasting donald trump for bringing hate to the mainstream. but is it fair to hold mr. trump or any candidate responsible for the views of only some of his or her supporters? and when do journalists go too far in disparaging the candidates? howie, good to see you. >> presidential candidates, a journalist ever used the harsh language they routinely hurl at donald trump.
6:48 am
donald trump can play the media game. but journalists don't like politicians are supposed to be fair. sheer they are questioning whether he's a liar or kinds of crazy. >> the country has never seen somebody so mendacious telling lies. >> it seems like a lot of people around him, even in his managerial inner circle if that isn't a country diction in terms is wondering about his sanity and his ability to control himself. >> it's the kinds of bigotry that says i'm urinating on you and telling you to dance in the rain. reporter: did martin bashereer
6:49 am
lose this job for talking about sarah palin. some journalists are suspending the usual standards because of their view of trump. the "new york times" clom tonight says objectivity has been on vacation since donald trump became the nominee. but being opposition alice not what journalism is all about and it feeds public suspicion building for years that too many reporters have a partisan agenda. gregg: i are wonder if journalists feel at libber i to be. martha: a team from new york win
6:50 am
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martha: that was last night at vmas. beyonce got good reviews of her performance. the audience loved it and they gave her a huge standing ovation.
6:54 am
>> thank you, guys. thank you, ladies. that was the only performance people are talking about today. britney spears making headlines. she performs right after beyonce. that's a tough act to follow. she returned to the vmas for the first time in three years. critics say her performance fell short. jimmy fallon was making fun of
6:55 am
ryan lochte. he had his hood on and was staring. gregg: is it a little over the top? martha: there is so much skin in that show. whatever. it's just -- there is a lot of shaking going on on that show. everybody's grabbing some part of their body. gregg: clearly you watched. martha: i knew we would talk about it this morning. i wanted to see what all the buzz is about. anyway -- gregg: how about this story? >> there it is, they did it! the perfect season. in the little league world series. gregg: that was a great moment.
6:56 am
forget about the vma awards. the boys from new york winning the little league world series. this is the first tight. win in the united states since 2011. we had to go back to 1964 for the last time a team from new york was crowned the champions. they will have a big story to tell when school begins. martha: for the rest of their lives they will have a big story to tell. those boys are so cute. what an amazing summer moment that is. good stuff. donald trump saying he will deliver a major speech on immigration. it will happen wednesday. we can now report. we'll talk to mike huckabee about whether donald trump will be softening his stance and what version of the immigration policy we'll get. gregg: new state department
6:57 am
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martha: donald trump looking to end the conversation about his immigration plans. says he will deliver a major speech and it's going to happen on wednesday. welcome, everybody, to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." glad to have you with us on this summer august monday. gregg, how are you. gregg: i'm good to be here. gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. dealing with more questions on his stance and possible softening of his original hard-line plan. rnc chairman reince priebus weighing in on his plan. >> his position is going to be tough. his position is going to be fair but his position is going to be humane. he is going to build and complete the border wall that
7:01 am
was set in place in 2006 by congress. it is going to be paid for. i believe that he is going to, when he talks about deportation he is going after people who are here that are criminals and shouldn't be here. martha: former arkansas government mike huckabee a former candidate for the republican presidential nomination and a fox news contributor. governor, welcome. good to have you here this morning. >> thank you, martha. martha: so a lot of discussion about what donald trump is going to say about his immigration plan and suggestions he is softening on it, sort of ticked off some in his base and his support. this is issue put him on the map during the primaries. what do you expect we'll hear on wednesday, governor? >> i think he is going to stick to the focus of border security, not having amnesty and making sure that people understand that we will have a country that enforces its border. one of the things we're seeing into what political candidates call the funnel. which means as you get closer to
7:02 am
the election and the primaries are over, you're not allowed the luxury of thinking out loud. so when donald trump thinks out loud and everybody jumps upon it, he is discovering he has to be very, very careful that he doesn't say something that he may be thinking or ruminating over or not necessarily a policy proposal. he will stick to fundamentals. i don't think there is any doubt about that. martha: well, because you brought it up, he was thinking out loud over the weekend and it got him in trouble. we had a heighted panel just moments ago in terms what he meant, they will vote trump, when he talked about the death, murder of this young mother in chicago over the weekend, what do you think about what he did? >> well, again i think we're seeing a side of donald trump, he is trying to be very compassionate. he is trying to show that he is sensitive to the realities of urban life and i think that's a good thing. that is what he needs to be doing. look, i don't think anybody
7:03 am
truly, there may be a few people, martha, most people realize it is not realistic nor practical to round up 11 million people nor is it financially possible, something we want to invest in, move them across the border to drop them off but i think there is intense desire to take the criminal element out, to create a system in which you say you're not going to have amnesty. there will have to be back taxes. some type of a penalty for coming here illegally. but then we recognize the reason a lot of people have come here illegally, is because our federal government's policies were a dismal failure. it was so difficult to come legally and desperate people came, often at great risk to themselves. those are kinds of things donald trump can talk to, speak to, and still be able to show he is dead serious about building a border and making it so that people just don't come across without any kind of scrutiny. martha: no doubt he will be held to the policy positions in the
7:04 am
debate environment, at least that is what you would expect. what we're told that his preparation, kellyanne conway said, it is unconventional. he is unconventional candidate. don't expect him sitting home with deep briefing books all the time digging in on the policy. that is not the way he does things. what do you expect and what do you think about the prep process? >> well i think kellyanne is right. i think it is smart for him not to get into deep, deep policy details. that is where you get trapped. tell you from the perspective somebody been a candidate, if you want to get in trouble release a 58 page economic plan. release details of your tax returns for 15, 20 years. release everything is to release. you know what you have done? you will not be applauded for your transparency. you will be knit picked everything you have released. what you have done, you just load ad gunpointed at your own head. i think donald trump needs to stick to what he knows. stay with the big things.
7:05 am
the truth is, a president go through a detailed policy plan without a lot of legislative wrangling. so leave it for that time. don't get the campaign get bogged down in minute details that only distracted at the big picture. martha: let's play this colin kaepernick sound. everybody is talking about this. i want to get your thoughts. let's play that. >> this stand wants for me. stand isn't for i feel like i'm being put down in any kind of way. this is because i'm seeing things happen to people that don't have a voice, people that don't have a platform to talk and have their voices heard and effect change. so i'm in a position where i can do that. i'm going to do that for people that can't. martha: governor, your thoughts? >> yeah, i'm going to have to get a beach towel to carry all the tears i'm shedding for colin
7:06 am
kaepernick who makes 12 million bucks a year for sitting on the bench. i think this is about him getting attention because he is certainly not getting it because of his play for the 49ers. he he wants. he has a right to sit on his butt during the national anthem. but i think the rest of america has the right to hope he sits on his butt the rest of the season and don't hear from him more. this is great country, has a flaws, if he can make that kind of money playing football on god's green earth, let him go. martha: good to see you this morning. thanks, governor. >> thanks, martha. martha: more on this ahead. former nfl wide receiver donte stallworth will join us with thoughts later in the hour on this whole thing. definitely has a lot of people talking. gregg: online he is being ripped as a privileged athlete who doesn't fundamentally understand what america is about, especially those who have served in our military and lost their
7:07 am
lives defending our freedoms. that is the chatter online seems to be considerably against him. martha: we'll see what donte stallworth has to say. another former nfl player this morning on "fox & friends" speaking very strongly about this. it clearly touches a chord when people watch him sit on the bench during the anthem when all the other teammates are standing with their hands over their hearts. tweet bit. we'll tell you more about it coming up this morning. gregg: new details on the tragic murder of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. nykea aldridge was shot and killed pushing her baby in a stroller. police say she was caught in crossfire of a turf war. both felons were on parole have been charged in the shooting. mike, so both of these suspected shooters were out on parole? reporter: >> that's right, gregg.
7:08 am
the brothers were very well-known to police and judicial system. should be noted on top of everything else, one of the brother rolled on the other blaming him for the shoeing but sorrell brothers were convicts in their 20s. darwin went to prison among other things unlawful use and possession of a firearm by a felon. darren is a documented member of gangster dissign es -- disciples. one was on break from the monitor apparently to look for a job. according to surveillance video both the sorrells were armed. intended target was not hit. nykea aldridge the cousin of basketball star dwyane wade was pushing a baby born on august 1st. the baby was not hit. she was hit four times. >> this tragedy isn't just noteworthy because miss aldridge has a famous family member. it is noteworthy because these two offenders are the prime
7:09 am
example of challenge we face here in chicago with repeat gun offenders that don't care who they shoot, don't care whose life they take and clearly, clearly don't fear the consequences of their actions. reporter: now of course it does attention because of the connection to the bulls star, nba star. these shootings happen all the time in chicago. just yesterday two people were killed by gunfire, several shot in the city of chicago. gregg? gregg: so incredibly sad for the family and friends. what is dwyane wade saying? reporter: so far the only public statements from dwyane wade have come over twitter. they read as follows. rip, nykea aldridge, #enough is enough. city of chicago is hurting. we need more help and enough is enough. gregg, back to you. gregg: mike tobin live in chicago. thanks. martha: donald trump taking heat for politicized tweet about that
7:10 am
shooting but is the point being missed? we'll talk to sheriff david clarke coming up. gregg: the embattled drug company that makes the epipen reacting to the outrage over its $600 price tag. what the ceo heather bresch, is now saying. >> more allegations of pay to play between the state department and the clinton foundation. what newly-released documents are reportedly revealing about those donors. >> americans have a right to be concerned. this is our state department. this is our public entity. we don't want a straight line between the clinton bank account, the state department, the clinton foundation and it doesn't, it shows americans how she may do business if she were elected in the white house. the . gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ]
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7:14 am
gregg: coming under fire after commenting on the death of an nba player's relatives. critics say he politicized a family tragedy with this tweet, quote, dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walk being her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying african-americans will vote trump. he later tweeted his condolences, considerably later, saying the family are in his thoughts and praise. new jersey governor chris christie coming to trump's defense. >> if people want safer streets, they want police supported, then they should vote for donald trump because that is
7:15 am
what el do. focus on what happened. what happened was the murder, the murder of this person pushing a stroller. it is unacceptable in the american city to continue to have this level of violence and the level of violence is unacceptable. that is what donald trump has said, and that's what he will change as president of the united states. gregg: joining us now to talk about, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. sheriff, thanks for being with us. was this smacking of exploitation, an overly political response to a tragic killing, or was donald trump really making a valid point that this is another senseless killing, an example of indiscriminate violence in the inner cities? >> good for donald trump. the only reason he is taking heat for this from the left and from democrats and from mrs. bill clinton because he is putting focus and spotlight where it should be the hell holes called american goat toe here in the united states. we heard nothing from barack obama with all the
7:16 am
cannage taking place, not just in chicago but all across the american ghetto. nothing in chicago from rahm emanuel. nothing from the governor browner. nothing from clinton on the carnage. 460 people have been murdered, most of those black people by other black purple, just like miss aldridge, god rest her soul. nobody wants to talk about. don't like behind the curtain over here stuff. over 2700 people have been shot in the great city of chicago this year in non-fatal shootings. 455 people have been murdered in chicago against, here is another statistic, about 275 coalition forces in afghanistan have been killed since the start of barack obama's second term. think about that for a minute. that is staggering. so the more that donald trump continues to focus on, we'll finally get to where we need to be and get rid of these american ghettos and improve lives for black people. gregg: all right. donald trump tweeted out yet
7:17 am
again several tweets this morning. i will just read his first one. now that african-americans are seeing what a bad job, hillary policy and management has done to the inner cities they want trump. a few days ago he said that african-americans will vote trump. that is a direct quote. why isn't that reflected in any of the polling data where he consistently stands at about one to 2% among black voters? >> well, look this is a recent strategic move on the part of donald trump. i think it is brilliant though because democrats and mrs. bill clinton never saw this coming. they have had to spend money and resources putting out ads to fight off the attempt by donald trump to plead for the, of the black american vote. so, you know, if they're reacting to it, that is where you want them to be. they know that they have a problem if people start to open their eyes, black people, it will not happen overnight. everybody wants instantaneous
7:18 am
movement of the needle. i'm not predicting any seismic shift here. now we're talking about what we need to be talking about in terms of the american ghetto, cities like baltimore, chicago, st. louis, los angeles, milwaukee. we have to do something about this we have to improve the quality of life for black people. i don't care how uneducated or impoverished they are, we still have to do something about it. donald trump is only one wants to talk about it. gregg: do you really think donald trump can do that? it was just last week, essentially he could solve the gun violence in chicago within a week. i mean do you really believe that? >> well not a week. some of these things are figure of speech. what i term that is, very quickly because that is what we have to do. keep an eye on the amount of murders that have happened in some of these cities across america. it is on an uptick. here is how he can help. appoint the attorney general that will look as the american police officer as ally in the pursuit of justice and pursuit
7:19 am
of criminal behavior, not to be seen as adversary, almost hostility toward the american police officer. that alone will make a difference because the police will become assertive again. look at what rudy giuliani did in the city of new york. didn't take a decade. some smart police policies and smart strategies. gregg: it took years -- >> you can make a difference. gregg: you know, and, well, the problem -- >> it's a figure of speech. give me a break. gregg: donald trump says i can do it in a week, you know, people tune out because they just realize that is nonsense. let me ask you about something else that occurred that some people are saying, you know, was inappropriate. other people are applauding it. the mtv-vma awards last night. beyonce was there. she brought to the red carpet, there they are, the mothers of people killed in interactions with police. then during the show she had her backup dancers create an image of being shot down with red
7:20 am
lights flooding the stage. what is your reaction to all of that? >> nothing. look, i don't listen to beyonce. i don't buy her music. i'm a country music fan. pretty obvious she used them as backdrop. we love moms. moms are great. those moms, many of their sons were involved in behavior contributed to their own demise. that doesn't mean we should come down on moms. beyonce is one percenter, trying to get her book stamped she is down with the struggle f doesn't care about the people. how much money has she donated to any causes she claims to support? like any other hollywood elitist. it is all theater. gregg: right. sheriff david clarke, pleasure to have you with us today, thanks for being here. >> thank you. thank you. gregg: a bus crash leaving two dead as new details emerge about the driver. he was in the country illegally. had no driver's license. what was he doing behind the
7:21 am
wheel? martha: go back to the 49ers story of the quarterback colin kaepernick taking a stand on race relations he says, choosing to sit during the national anthem while the rest of his teammates stood at attention. was he right? what is behind all of this? a good panel coming up after this. >> people are dying in vain because this country isn't holding their end of the bargain up, as far as, nope, giving freedom and injustice and liberty to everybody. that is something that is not happening.
7:22 am
7:24 am
martha: there is something to think about on this monday morning. heartbreaking new video of the toll, the civil war in syria is taking on innocent children and families.
7:25 am
this is two little boys crying inconsolably after learning their brother was killed in an airstrike in aleppo. the victim was one of 11 children confirmed dead. four adults were killed. activists say president assad's regime barrel bombed their neighborhood last week. look at these boys. they're targeting rebel forces in the area. after this photo of a five-year-old boy who survived a similar attack in that area. that drew attention to some in the world. more than 400,000 people have been killed in the syrian civil war since the conflict began five years ago. it's a story we'll continue to bring to you, to show you images of to keep in mind. gregg: brand new bombshell rocking the clinton campaign. hillary clinton fighting off fresh allegations of pay for play as newly-exposed emails appear to show big donors to the
7:26 am
clinton foundation were indeed getting special access to the state department. the new evidence of donors getting favors revealed in a series of emails between secretary clinton's closest aide, and a top official at the clinton foundation. donald trump's campaign manager slamming clinton over the weekend. >> i know she is trying to divert attention away from her campaign and her state department email scandals, clinton foundation, foreign donations and tens of millions of dollars by talking about consultants but the fact is that the hot mess that has become the hillary candidacy can not escape the fact that majority of americans think she is corrupt and rigged. they are not going to want that in their next president. gregg: former new hampshire governor john sununu joins us. he was the chief of staff under president george h.w. bush. governor, always a pleasure to have you. >> good morning, gregg. gregg: this may not technically be illegal but does it smack of
7:27 am
corruption and malfeasance that doesn't rise to the level of criminality but does underscore why 2/3 of americans believe that hillary clinton is dishonest? >> of course it does and, bill clinton has acknowledged it. he has said that if she gets elected president they won't do it anymore. but the fact that it's bad to be done means it was bad to be done when she was secretary of state. i think they have develop ad tin ear on their own venality. this makes it easy for trump surrogates to pound her while donald trump correctally focuses on agenda getting things done dealing with the immigration issue. creating jobs and getting growth back in america. the trump campaign is being smart talking about those things and clinton campaign is stuck in the mud. gregg: donna brazile who is the new dnc chair, well, we tend to
7:28 am
criminalize normal behavior. is this really normal behavior? i mean that is a pretty stunning statement, isn't it? >> that is self-acknowledgement by the democratic party that for them this is normal, and if donna donna brazile feels it is normal, then she too is complicit in it. mrs. clinton really has a serious problem here, the fact that they go up to the line of criminality and eventually i think somebody is going to find someone who crossed that line. gregg: donald trump has denounced this cozy relationship. in fact he said it is hard to know where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. is that a fair statement especially when you consider that the person who was the go between for both the clinton foundation and the state department, huma abedin, was getting paid by both simultaneously?
7:29 am
>> look, one of the things donald trump does well is identify the weak underbelly of issues in his opponents and that is the weak underbelly here. the fact that the clintons again were so immune to criticism that they felt no discomfort in setting things up that way so that huma was with one foot in the foundation and one foot in the state department, a clear and unambiguous conduit for what had to go between the state department and the foundation and vice versa. gregg: she was also on the payroll of a big corporation that was connected to the clinton foundation and bill and hillary clinton. really mind-boggling to try to keep track of all connections here. governor john sununu, good to see you, sir. thank you, sir. >> thanks, gregg. take care. martha: brand new reaction coming in to an nfl player's refusal to stand during the national anthem. the league and fans responding
7:30 am
some of them in a big way as colin kaepernick says he will continue to sit during the national anthem. we'll talk to a super bowl champion, donte stallworth, when we come back. >> everybody is entitled to the their opinion, but at same time you can respect the nation that gives you allotted freedoms to be a professional athlete. start the interview with a firm handshake.
7:31 am
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which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ martha: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he will continue to sit during the national anthem until there is change in this country. he sparked a firestorm over the weekend, refused to stand during the national anthem at a preseason game. that is spotlighted on your screen. he said he can not show pride in a country he believes oppresses people of color. >> this stand wasn't for me. this stand wasn't because i feel like i'm being put down in any kind of way. this is because i'm seeing things happen to people that don't have a voice, people that
7:34 am
don't have a platform to talk and have their voices heard and effect change. so i'm in a position where i can do that, and i'm going to do that for people that can't. martha: joined by donte stallworth, former nfl wide receiver who helped new england patriots win an afc title going to super bowl xlii which we all remember well. great to have you with us. good morning, donte. >> good morning, martha. thanks for having me. martha: when you hear what he has to say there and hear the back and forth going on what do you make of this? do you think he is right to the do this. >> everyone is talking about, what we proudly do as americans is exercising hills first right amendment, people will have their different thoughts and ideas on what he's saying or how he is trying to get the message out about widespread brutality in this country amongst minorities but, you know, i
7:35 am
think, i think there is another thing to do, that kind of bothered me when all this first started to happen, people were equating the fact that he didn't stand for the national anthem, they were saying that that was basically him showing contempt for servicemembers of our country, and i don't believe that was his intent. i think he clarified that yesterday, speaking on it and more particular fashion but, you know, as professional athlete and former professional athlete, what i do know, whether i agree with him or not, people don't like to hear professional athletes thoughts. they say they do, when it is something they don't agree with it, hey, stick to football or in his case now that he is not even supposed to be the starting quarterback for the start of the season, it is, how are you being oppressed. you're making all this money and you're a multimillionaire superstar athlete but you know, me for one, i do enjoy the fact that he is speaking out on
7:36 am
something that he believes in, whether i agree with what he said or not. i think to me i would like to see more athletes speaking out on issues they believe in and again you looked at mixed reaction from nfl players, some agreed with his rights not to stand up, but some didn't like it but acknowledged the fact he is has the right to stand up and speak out. head coaches from number of different teams all my players will stand up but the nfl at the end of day i don't think they can fine him. i don't think they want to do back and forth for players to be able to exercise free speech. one thing i would like to see colin do and i think he has done that past couple days, tried in an attempt expound what he means a little bit and not really give blanket statement but again this is an issue that is obviously, it is a, it's a controversial subject in this country and i think that the more we can have
7:37 am
a dialogue and honest dialogue with each other i think better off things will be. but at the end of the day you have to be able to have the dialogue and both sides have to be willing to listen to one another. martha: i appreciate what you're saying. it is nfl rules say you have an option, you can either stand or not stand during the anthem. the nba interestingly does not. all players have to stand during the national anthem. and to me, one of the things that i guess stands out is that it makes, sets him apart from his team, you know? now the discussion is all about him. so you have got all these guys out there working hard every day. they're part of a team and by sort of making it, putting the spotlight and literally as we just saw there on you, you're detracting from the team effort. is that, what do you think about that? >> well, the one big worry that nfl players in particular but probably all sports, professional athletes, you don't want to be a distraction and
7:38 am
think, you know, colin, again, this is something that has not been very popular amongst a lot of people in this country with him speaking out and saying the things that he said but, you know, and obviously i'm not trying to equate this with ali and his stance with vietnam, think there is issue when professional athletes do tend to speak out on these issues that people don't want professional athletes to speak out but to speak to your question, i believe that, you know, when i was in the nfl and i was playing, for me the flag and the national anthem is not a specific thing. it is what you take from it. i personally would always salute the flag after the national anthem, because that was me, my personal respect for our servicemembers. my father served. i had uncles and lots of cousins that served but for everyone it is totally dip.
7:39 am
again i think -- totally different. when would there be a time for colin to speak out this has been unpopular amongst a lot of people but he felt the need to do so. i'm with him as far as being able to speak out in what sense he feels is necessary for him. martha: donte stallworth, great career in the nfl. good to have you with us today. thanks very much. >> thanks, martha. martha: joining us with more thoughts on this, lisa booth, gop strategist and radio show host richard fowler. good to have you here today. lisa, let me give you the first take on this. what is your response. >> well, look, obviously he clearly has the right to express his freedom of speech. i mean that is a right that has been given to him by people who have also warn ad uniform, did not get paid millions of dollars to wear the uniform and put their lives on the line and many died protecting those freedoms to give him the right. i find it disrespectful for those individuals for him not to stand during the national anthem.
7:40 am
there is nobody who is more emblematic of the freedoms of that country offers to people of all races this is someone who was actually adopted by two white parents who adopted him. did not see race, saw a baby of deserving of love and in need of love. this is someone who has been able to get paid millions of dollars to play a sport that he loves, demonstrating the economic mobility in this country and those freedoms that we are all able to enjoy about brave people that put their lives on the line. martha: that's a good point. you have this, clearly he is really pointing the finger what he says as police brutality and, we saw it last night again in the vmas with, beyonce coming out there having dancers be shot and go down in pools of red. richard, it seems like that, you know, that's the focus. that is where everything is. that is the violence. that is what represents what is wrong with this country. you hear so much about it. despite the fact that in most of
7:41 am
these cases police who are unjust are prosecuted and the department of justice found that in the michael brown case the officer was not at fault. so it is like, the reality and the process gets completely lost but everybody is grabbing on to this if it is only problem they can see. >> well, thanks for having me, martha, and agree with lisa booth, our armed services do great job to protect our freedoms. if you listen to the quarterback very carefully and interview with mr. stallworth he said before this, he said carefully he is not disrespecting our veterans, he appreciates our veterans what he is speakingingo the oppression that exists in the united states of america. department of justice, both the cops were prosecuted but we saw the department of justice do in first quarter son and baltimore, say both of these police departments have practices an principles that lead to oppression and discrimination. and that is what this quarterback is speaking out against. we have more segregated schools than ever before.
7:42 am
we have more illegal guns in you are our community more than ever before. the ropings on the ladder to the american dream are broken for black and brown children. martha: but the question -- >> we have real problems in this country. >> question now being raised in the political election season is what policies led to that? everybody wants to turn a blind eye towards everything else going on out there. at vma there was not mention of dwyane wade's cousin, that is different kind of violence a lot of people don't seem to walk to talk about. >> we'll have that conversation about dwyane wade's cousin, dying awful thing and reason why because of proliferation of illegal guns in our streets, thanks to straw purchasers. >> richard, if i can get back in here for a minute. look, the problem is, is that he is speaking about oppression where we live in a country allows like him, despite his race to be making millions of dollars doing something he wants or to have the first black president, i disagree with his
7:43 am
policies but that is great thing but the problem here richard, he is pedaling a narrative that has been disproven by fact. look even harvard university study came out not too long ago looked at over 1000 different cases with 10 large police departments across the country found black people are not necessarily targeted by police shootings. white people are being shot by police officers -- martha: citing facts richard. >> i will cite facts. one candidate running for office who wants to build a wall and deport 11 million people. >> this football player -- >> make bigot the statements against african-americans. martha: these are all generalities. it is very difficult when you try to get people to talk about the specifics in this country. >> african-americans are more summarily stopped by police officers. their rights are being infringed upon. the justice department -- and in ferguson. those are policies. martha: most of those reports were disputed in both of those communities. >> no, no the not justice department -- martha: painted with broad brush
7:44 am
not fair. law enforcement officers go out there every day and -- >> leads to discrimination and oppression. in baltimore and ferguson. martha: i'm way over, way, way over. we'll hit the brakes. thank you, everybody. we'll be right back. mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime
7:45 am
and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean!
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7:47 am
♪ gregg: the clinton campaign trying to shake off yet another damaging report about how hillary clinton ran the state department specifically. top donors literally got a seat at a table at a state-sponsored event, multiple events. david bossie, joins us, president chairman of citizen united. which is the group that got its hands on email. let's talk about them. clearly big donors were expecting favors but is there any evidence that they were able to influence policy which of course would be illegal? >> well, first of all, gregg, you, i appreciate you having me to talk about this.
7:48 am
this has been a 2 1/2-year litigation effort by citizens united to uncover these documents. so what we don't know yet is what policies were influenced. that will take -- gregg: -- policies were influenced, you just haven't seen it yet? >> we have to do the analysis. we just got these documents just in the last week. it has taken us 2 1/2 years to uncover them but we need a little time on that question but it is a very good one and appropriate one. gregg: right. >> look, the clintons sell being access. they were selling access since the '90s. you recall the fame most memo, terry mcauliffe, he wrote, start selling lincoln overnights. the lincoln bedroom in 1990s sold access. gregg: which smacks of propriety but not illegality. what may be illegal is if benefits that were significant were conferred.
7:49 am
now many solve these emails show messages were passed from donors to clinton. do we know the content of those messages which could be evidence of illegality? >> not yet, but we're still digging. we will be getting two or three document productions this week alone, gregg. we're getting documents every week, week in, week out. we'll be making them available to the american people consistently between now and election day. look, hillary clinton and bill clinton, they need to hold a joint press conference to answer questions about what was going on at the foundation and where the state department enand the foundation begins. gregg: yeah. >> they need to answer about uranium one. they need to answer about going to north korea for a speech or being offered a paid gig in north korea. this goes far and deep. we don't have any of the answers. gregg: let me -- clinton said this, and by the way it was before you obtained these documents this was kind of days ago. quote, neither my husband nor
7:50 am
daughter nor i have ever taken a penny of salary from the foundation. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. are you skeptical of that claim? >> well, you know of course i am. we have uncovered emails previously which you guys have covered talking about, you know, bill clinton wanting to do a paid speech, when told it being a political problem, saying in the email they would put the money into the foundation. they know they spent $50 million, in former president clinton es and hillary clinton's travel and chelsea clinton's travel expenses over time. this is exactly what they think it is. that is were the foundation is a slush fund. gregg: keep in touch as you continue to go through the emails. like to have you back on, depending what you find. thanks very much. >> thanks, gregg. martha: death spiral and total collapse. that is you how one major economist is describing obamacare.
7:51 am
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gregg: princeton university health economist issuing a dire warning on obamacare saying the marketplaces are already in a death spiral. melissa francis joins us, co-host of "after the bell" on the fox business network. all right. any evidence of total collapse? >> well it was funny, so when i was reading this article, he said one of the places where the death spiral has already happened was in new york. i went and logged on, put in my zip code, five members of my family. i would accept any plan at all. clicked go, there is nothing meeting your criteria. there is no plan for you. so in my case as an example, then it for sure is already happening in a lot of places around the country.
7:55 am
he says it's here. gregg: you know, everybody knew, i must say, that it was an unbalanced model. you're talking about healthy, young people supporting older, sick americans. that doesn't balance out. >> no, it doesn't. it is because they made the law, that you can't charge the older sick people for how much health insurance they are going to use. they will consume more than they pay for. someone will have to pay for it. it will be the young, healthy people. in germany and switzerland they took the approach, this mandatory coverage we'll go out and really enforce it. they haven't done that here. they told people it was civic duty, if you were a citizen even though you were healthy you would buy insurance to support other people. that is your duty as human being. a lot of young americans, forget it. if the penalty is lower than the cost of the policy, why in the world would i spend money on a policy i'm not going to use? gregg: we've seen double-digit increases, skyrocketing deductible out-of-pocket.
7:56 am
only half of projected people even signed up. >> absolutely. health care companies are exiting because they're losing money hand over fist. you say what comes next. people say if hillary clinton is elected we'll turn into a system, it is corporate welfare. where we are paying large insurance companies directly from the tax payer to cover people with these plans. that is you out there, you the taxpayer. you will be supporting these health care companies paying for everybody else. gregg: melissa francis thanks very much. >> yep. gregg: martha? martha: thanks, gregg. so donald trump set the date for the long-awaited speech on immigration as his team tries to explain his quote, softening, on hot-button issues. they say that is not what is happening. will his plan involve deporting millions of people or will it not. the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this?
7:57 am
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8:00 am
greg: i didn't get to catch it last night, you did.not exactly a fan? martha: really, this is on television 9:00 at night? anyway, let me know your thoughts on that. greg: we will see you back here tomorrow. "happening now" begins right now. we begin with the republican presidential candidate donald trump during up for a major speech this week on illegal immigration. good morning, i jon scott


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