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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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greg: i didn't get to catch it last night, you did.not exactly a fan? martha: really, this is on television 9:00 at night? anyway, let me know your thoughts on that. greg: we will see you back here tomorrow. "happening now" begins right now. we begin with the republican presidential candidate donald trump during up for a major speech this week on illegal immigration. good morning, i jon scott .
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jenna: nice to have you back, do you have a good week off? come back refreshed, we want to hear all about it. i'm jenna lee. the republican presidential nominee reporting he will give that address in arizona which comes with mixed signals from the team over whether he's softening his campaign promise to deport some 11 million people estimated to be currently living illegally in the united states. the trump campaign kicking off a $10 million ad by this week inbattleground states so there are key states as you know, we continue to watch the polls and donald trump being down and many of them. correspondent john roberts is live at trump tower in new york city . reporter: interesting to note donald trump is in the five new battleground states with that ad by , up to four in his previous ad by but when it comes to immigration donald trump has been taking it from all sides. from conservatives who say oh my gosh, he's talking about amnesty from his former opponent in the primary campaign who sees flip-flops on one of the central issues of his campaign.
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the democrats say donald trump can't stay straight on any one policy,the official ward we're getting from the trump campaign is he is talking about the softening of his approach toward immigration but not the softening of his policy. even one of his closest advisers, rudy giuliani is unclear on what the policy is actually going to be, listen . >> he's going to go after the most dangerous criminals first and the less dangerous criminals second and by the time we get there we will see what our population is of non-illegal criminal immigrants. are there some that will have a path to immigration citizenship? i don't know the answer to that. reporter: donald trump getting criticized over the weekend on a tweet he sent out after nike alldredge, dwayne wade's cousin was gunned down in chicago over the weekend as she was walking her baby down the street. she was going to a local school to register some of her children for school this fall. donald trump tweeted that this is what he's talking about in regards to the dangers of the inner cities and this is why people are going to vote for donald
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trump. his opponents jumped on that politicizing the whole event and that to even gave him of his senior campaign officials a bit of heartburn, listen to kelly and conway. >> i was pleased that his next expressed his condolences to the wade family about the death of his cousin. that horrifying example of a woman who had just taken her children to school, pushing a baby stroller, that is a nonpartisan issue that should sicken us all. reporter: certainly the nation is shocked by what happened in chicago. donald trump answering back some of his critics over the weekend, donna brazil, chair of the democratic national committee criticizing donald trump are launching an outreach program to african americans and saying he has even shown up at a black church. this saturday in detroit donald trump will do exactly that, be at the great faith ministry answering questions and giving an address about he would really revitalize the inner cities and provide safety to all citizens of the united states.
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jenna: of the week ahead on the campaign trail, thank you. jon: returning to donald trump's immigration speech, the gop nominee tweeting out last night i will be making a major speech on illegal immigration on wednesday in the great state of arizona. big crowds looking for a larger venue. the speech could clear up confusion about where trump stands on the issue. here iswhat his running mate governor mike pence had to say over the weekend over whether his plans still include a deportation . >> what you heard him describe their in his usual plainspoken american way wasa mechanism, not a policy . jon: his campaign manager kelly and conway also keeping it somewhat vague. >> the softening is more approach than policy. we need to have a fair and humane way of addressing the fact that 11 million we don't even know the number, 11 million or so as is estimated illegal immigrants live among us. he wants to find a fair and humane way.
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jon: let's bring carrie pickens from the daily car a and jessica toller, senior political strategist at sean consulting, welcome to both of you. jessica, it was in donald trump's announcement speech where he said he wanted to build this wall along the us-mexico border, presumably that is still in play. >> i think that's the only remaining fact that we are clear about in the immigration policy, wall is getting built . jon: but that's something that his supporters find very satisfactory business? >> they do, absolutely. what's going on here is donald trump knows his base, 40 percent that he has is not going anywhere. there aren't other options for them. they don't want gary johnson and they start sure don't want to get hillary so they are going to be in his camp and this softer tone which is really just, the impact of
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kellyane conway, a little bit maybe mike pence. it's been thinking about what do we do to get independents and moderates? the problem is there's a total lack of clarity on what that means. pence doesn't know if there's deportation force anymore. he talked about revoking first right citizenship and this is a major policy point for him. these are the things that i'm looking forward to hear from him clearly and declaratively on wednesday. are the 11 million people getting kicked out? if they are getting kicked out when can they come back if he says the he wants the good ones to come back in that magic door or whatever he's going to create in this fantasy wall so that's what i'm looking at here. i don't think it's going to be a winning approach. donald trump on immigration is never going to get there, 65 percent of americans favor a pathway to citizenship including a majority of republicans but clearly it's the name of the game. jon: kerry, back in the reagan administration ronald reagan signed immigration reform and it was going to end this problem once and for all. we were going to have this
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situation with millions of illegal immigrants in this country. donald trump obviously appealed to the base. he was pretty strong on immigration when he won the nomination. is this a sign that he's moving more toward the center, moving away from some of his tougher positions to win the general election? >> not necessarily. remember john, when ronald reagan did that piece of legislation, hispanics and latinos really didn't go towards republicans anymore. it's still sort of at around 30 percent. donald trump really needs to assure his staunch anti-amnesty supporters that no, he's still going to build that wall and remember, this wall has essentially been going on since 2005 with the secure fence act. it's just they ended up losing funding to the obama administration when it died in committee so ultimately,
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hillary clinton is going to have to to answer questions about immigration as well, whether or not people want to see 550 percent increases in syrian refugees coming into the country and keep in mind, sanctuary cities, that's also a huge issue. there was a poll that came out at berkeley saying 74 percent of californians don't want to see sanctuary cities anymore so that the issue that hillary clinton will have to deal with as well, not justdonald trump . jon: there are many countries in the world i know of where you can sort of walk across the border or take a flight in and overstay your visa and nothing happens to you. >> that's not exactly true that that's the case here. obama earned that title the border in chief reason . jon: we got 1 million live in million at least they didn't come in during the obama ministration. this is an issue that's gone on for decades and it's donald trump! that says a lot of these people have been here for generations and they have children who are americans here. jon: i said ronald reagan
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supposedly ended the problem once and for all and it blew up in our face i wouldn't say it's blown up in our face. it's 11 million people, were not talking 320 million, it's a very small percentage. jon: it's a significant percentage, a problem that was supposed to have been fixed in the 80s. >> i don't disagree at all and i can support we talk about 40 percent of the people here illegally are not the criminals that donald trump is talking about and also in his policy, if it is as rudy giuliani said over the weekend to remove those who are criminals, that obama's policy so he's going to have to differentiate himself that way. i think he's mimicking what president obama, king liberal has done over the last eight years. but it is an issue and hillary clinton has spoken about this before and securing the border and she's even flirted with a wall there so it's not like he's making this, it comes from ronald reagan and we're talking about even before that but it's really the tone
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and tenor of what he'stalking about and the problem is when he reads a teleprompter speech, that is genuine. what's genuine ishow he's free styling at the beginning of this when you're talking about mexicans are criminals and rapists . that's was complicated for me here and for a lot of americans . >> but jessica, first of all, the whole deep order in chief title is bowl. >> it's not it is bull because the obama administration happens to be including same-day deportations. that happens to be a new way to count deportations in a way that was never counted before in past administrations so it hikes numbers in a way that hasn't ... >> so we haven't had a net outflow of immigrants? >> no, they are counting same-day deportations, that was never counted before. it ends up hiking numbers in a way that is false. other administrations never did that before so it's a to
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the way the department of labor and self dealing with the unemployment rate. [overlapping conversation] jon: where going to have to leave it there. >> never hiking the numbers, that's all. jon: we are arguingabout a policy that wehaven't even heard yet . >> maybe one day we will. jon: jessica and carrie, thank you . jenna: all the more reason to listen to the speech. before wednesday a fox weather alerts on two new storms expected to take shape hours from now. it could have an impact at home. our meteorologist live in the weather center with more the tropics are heating up, reason season. not only in the atlantic pacific. we have to hurricanes that could affect hawaii in the next couple of days so we're not ignoring you hawaii, we're going to talk about you as well but we have hurricane guest on, not to affect land
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at all. tropical depression eight and nine, first of all tropical depression eight is the closest right now to the us. we think a brush with the outer banks on tuesday and out to sea, they could get rough surf, certainly some rain bands and gusty winds but we think not a big deal, we will be tracking it. the one we are watching his tropical depression number nine as we think a window of opportunity for strengthening is going to happen within the next couple of days. there are these tropical storm models, the agreement in the next 10 to 24 hours and a bit of a spread here so we have to watch this over the next couple of days. it's going to area enter an area of warm water, sea surface temperatures so this potentially could strengthen up to a hurricane.we will have to monitor it, all along the eastern gulf coast need to watch this and we certainly will from a box extreme weather center.
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jon: in louisiana police searching for three escape inmates they described as dangerous. how those men managed to break out of a high security prison. and the controversy after an nfl player refuses to stand for the national anthem at the preseason game. the message colin kaepernick says he's trying to stand. and we want to hear from you. hillary clinton has not had a formal news conference since december 4, 2015. do you think it's time for her to hold a press conference? go to to join the conversation. better buckle up.
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plus talk, sports, comedy, news, and more. your ride has never, ever, rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! jon: for ein details on your teenager who disappeared from myrtle beach in 2009. federal officials now say and inmate told him he witnessed brittany drexel's sexual abuse inside again ãhouse. the inmate the 17-year-old was then shot and killed. her body then two alligators.
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a manhunt underway in louisiana today after three inmates escaped from prison. police say the men scale razor wire fences to get out and they are all considered dangerous. jenna: colin kaepernick this spending his choice not to stand for the national anthem before nfl games. the 49ers quarterback says the protest is on behalf of the people who been oppressed because of their race and we are live from los angeles following this re-with the latest, adam? reporter: it's been a couple weeks ago but because he was injured on the sidelines people didn't notice and the fact that an nfl writer noticed it last week and made a note to watch this week once he was suited up to play the green bay packers packers on monday, that's when he
8:18 am
noticed them not standing for the national anthem and as you might imagine, it's caused a controversy across the country. kaepernick once the star and starter for the 49ers but he said struggles last couple of years both with play and also with his health . he was trying to make this team as a starterbut this is definitely taken the forefront . it all changed friday night when it was first reported he didn't stand and kaepernick was asked about it after the game by the nfl reporter. the biracial player who was adopted by white parents said his protest was due to wrongdoings against african americans and minorities in the united states. yesterday he continued his stand to sit area . >> there's a lot of things i need to change. one specifically is police brutality. it's people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. that's not right by anyone's standards. reporter: across social media there's been quite the debate
8:19 am
if you so follow social media. there have been a number of people that have burned right not to stand and it's our right to protest you not standing. this fan burning colin kaepernick's number seven for the 49ers. it's also interesting that the 49ers and nfl and some of his teammates have also said that while they may not agree it is his right as an american not to do that. it's curious to see how this plays out. the niners have had controversy in the last couple of years. off-camera the players will tell you this doesn't help their situation and their frustrated by it. one more note, there's been some back-and-forth about how much he's going to make this year.that's been some of the controversy surrounding this also. colin kaepernick you are indeed about $12 million and if he does make the team there's been back and forth whether that was going to happen or not.
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he will get $125,000 per game on top of that, jenna? jenna: thank you. jon: governor mike pence defends donald trump's changing policy on immigration by going after the media. the vp nominee got called out on it. our media panel weighs in on this back-and-forth.
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sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. jon: now to america's election headquarters and donald trump has done it before. now his vice presidential nominee is sounding a familiar theme as he takes aim at the media while trying to defend trump's evolving stand on immigration, take a listen. >> i know the media wants to focus on that one issue. donald trump will articulate a policy about how we deal with that population but i promise you , he is going to remain completely focused on american citizens and people who are here illegally and how we get this . >> i don't understand why it's the. the media for focusing on an issue that you are crediting donald trump for bringing to the four. the idea is mister trump on the primaries in no small way because he had this very
8:24 am
forceful position, saying all 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants will be forced to leave the country. now you right this minute is not saying this is the policy . >> were saying he's goingto be unveiling it in the next few weeks, it's 72 days before the election. >> the way he will characterize his position is one thing. jake, he's been completely consistent in the principles he's articulated . jon: joining us now, alan combs, most of the alan combs show syndicated by fox news radio and jones, host of the lawrence jones show, welcome to both of you.the trump campaign lawrence, has said the media is partly to blame for fueling some of these perceived problems within the campaign. is it that or is donald trump being squishy on the immigration issue? >> john, i believe donald
8:25 am
trump is going back and forth on positions but as well as hillary clinton. we know that after every single time, whether it was when barack obama ran or hillary clinton ran the first time, that they migrate toward the center and i think the media should cover both candidates and how they changed but they are not doing that. jon: the media are not doing that? why? >> because they have a political incentive. i don't understand why they wouldn't cover this election fairly because donald trump has given them the most access but we know there's a progressive media there that are defending hillary clinton. jon: all right. it has been an awful long time since hillary clinton held an actual news conference, 339 days i think is the latest number. shouldn't she have one? >> sure, but why should she is she's doing so well and she's seeing another campaign imploded. what she's doingis working. as members of the media , i'd
8:26 am
certainly like to see her do more interviews, i'd love to get her on my show, love to see her more accessible but from a purely strategic standpoint politically, while trump is imploding and tweeting stop out that he's got the cleanup and changing his position on immigration, why not sit back and watch him implode? the one but doesn't that leave the american people starved for information? >> there not start for information. she put out a position on mental health, talking about policy where donald trump is busy in his time cleaning up. look at what mike pencejust had to do, cleaning up the mess he leaves . >> no alan, she sends out press releases and she put stuff on her website instead of facing the american people and the press and defending her policy. liberals like you want to get on tv and defend her but she can't defend herself be on
8:27 am
she doesn't let the media into her fundraising event, alan. she has according to the latest washington post poll 62 percent of the american people think she is not honest and trustworthy so why not go out there and yourself to a news conference and try to answer some busy these questions? >> i'd like to see her do these conferences but i will recuse myself from a political standpoint, why should she? the trump camp lane, you paid that clip using trump's own words, sean hannity hedging on immigration. yesterday on anderson cooper, softening on immigration. forced deportation then no forced deportation. it's incomprehensible which is why you got republicans jumping off his ship and supporting hillary clinton. he's got incomprehensible positions and since he's sucking all the oxygen out of the room and putting out to about tragedies that he takes credit for, that's what's going to get media attention. >> john, the reality is that both of these candidates . >> there's not an equivalency here hold on alan.
8:28 am
the bottom line is this. the american people don't like either of the candidates. they don't trust hillary clinton and they don't trust donald trump. why can't the media cover this fairly? >> they don't cover it equally,that's the problem. there's no equivalence on the other side, there's no equivalence . [overlapping conversation] donald trump is 100 times worse based on the way he's behaving in this campaign. >> hillary clinton is putting national security at risk. >> that's interesting because you got a bunch of bush national security advisors, people from the bush administration supporting hillary clinton, that really says a lot it doesn't matter because, go ahead . jon:final thought lawrence . >> it doesn't matter because at the end of the day we know that hillary clinton put national security at risk. >> tell me what was put at risk. >> in her private emails, if she was an average everyday
8:29 am
citizen like me and you ... [overlapping conversation] >> national security. >> how were we put at risk? can you cite what was said in an email? >> i will answer your question, don't monologue me. anytime there is intelligence in your private email where anybody, actors like the fbi director ... >> it wasn't hacked. [overlapping conversation] jon: model of us knows what was put at risk allen, partly because ... met many of them were destroyed. were going to have to leave it there, thanks very much. talk to you again. >> thanks john. jenna: focusing national attention on violence in chicago. nba star dwayne wade's cousin caught in a crossfire while pushing her newborn baby down the street in a stroller. who was arrested and why police say it means chicago's
8:30 am
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8:34 am
area as i'm sure you're aware, congressman weiner went through a huge scandal involving 16, pictures of himself over social media to strangers, two other women. many years ago. the new york post broke a story this morning that showed perhaps alleging that he is doing it yet again. unfortunately one of the pictures that apparently he sent to another woman also included his son in that picture which made it even more outrageous. as i'm sure if you haven't seen the cover you can imagine. here's the statement coming from huma abedin. after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage i made the decision to separate from my husband area anthony and i name devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life during this difficult time and we ask for respect for our privacy. regardless of political affiliation, i'm sure we can all imagine how difficult it is to see a marriage dissolved. we will wait and watch for more news from the clinton
8:35 am
campaign if there is any. in the meantime a fatal shooting in chicago renewing focus on the city's escalating gun violence. two brothers now charged with murder after a mother of four was gunned down on the sidewalk while pushing her baby in a stroller. 32-year-old nykea aldridge is nba star dwayne wade's cousin. she died late friday of multiple gunshot wounds. on sunday police arrested two suspects who they say were targeting someone else when they shot nykea aldridge. both are convicted felons. >> her life was cut short by gunfire from two convicted felons who were both out on parole. one of whom was on his daily break from electronic monitoring bracelet. this reprehensible act of violence is an example of why we need to change the way we treat have actual offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough? this tragedy isn't just noteworthy because miss nykea
8:36 am
aldridge has a famous family member. it's noteworthy because these two offenders are the prime example of the challenge we face in chicago with repeat gun offenders that don't care who they shoot, don't care whose life they take and clearly, clearly don't fear the consequences of their actions. jenna: former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, bob yockey is former head county prosecutor and trial attorney. the shooting happened on friday. since friday according to the local abc station in chicago nine people were killed in chicago, 50 others shot. so the question we are posing today is, what do we do about this? it's a question for candidates but we are curious of your perspective having worked in the legal system. what do you think of what was said there? >> jenna, i was in charge of gangs and drugs as the head county prosecutor and their
8:37 am
intelligence led policing mechanisms we can follow to limit this kind of activity that starts with police who do a very good job. note the identified working hundred violent criminal gang offenders who use drugs. these two individuals i believe got out of prison way too early, were placed on parole, electronic monitoring and here's what the biggest problem is. with intelligence led policing, they actually took one of them off the monitoring to quote unquote, look for a job. that was a mistake. the second thing we do is that these individuals so that if you are under electronic monitoring and you are close to somebody who else who's been identified, one of those people that could further flock together, parole could a law enforcement and they should interdict and if they did in this particular case and i'm not suggesting law enforcement data better job of using technology they may have copies guys with those and that would have been a
8:38 am
ticket right there. jenna: all i can think about is $, how much that's going to cost in some of these troubling police departments that are already overextended. >> how much value do we place on innocent loss of life? we do have a revolving door policy imprisons and it's the fact that one of these criminals was out to look for a job not on his electronic monitoring so he could do a job. he's a 26-year-old career felon. what kind of job is he going to get? letting him off his monitoring to look for a job as a joke. jenna: how did that happen because there had to be some legal maneuvering? >> it it's in the administration. jenna: totally bad administration. >> he had been connected convicted before for violating his electronic monitoring on another instance. jenna: who's at fault because that's the question? >> from my opinion, from what i've dealt with, there were people that had the ability to do aggressive law
8:39 am
enforcement balancing civil rights, protecting our police officers but also ferreting out police misconduct but when we get into a room and the people that know when they're talking about come up with answers, by the time it goes back out as policy, it gets ripped apart by the politicians. these good, decent people whose kids are going to school, these people who want to live a good life are being ravaged by a whole other group of people. it doesn't cost more money, these technologies actually save money but also jenna, some of these in prison for a six-year sentence on a gun charge, let them stay in prison for six years on the gun charge. don't let them out with good time credit. if that happened here, we would have one less life that wasn't lost. we have to keep the violent criminals behind bars and the nonviolent criminals shouldn't be behind bars. they can be rehabilitated.
8:40 am
>> how do you fix it and that was a very good point. we are warehousing people in prison with these mandatory sentencing laws that are nonviolent offenders were mentally ill or addicted and we should be taking those resources out towards rehabilitation, not putting them in the prison system and most prosecutors and police in this country would all say we need to take these violent offenders, these people that represent what these two individuals represent and put all our resources into them . this is the way you fix it. you don't put good people that made a mistake and hit them with a sledgehammer. these guys are the flies that should have been hit with a sledgehammer they were, they were allowed to go back on the street and commit another crime. >> it also begs the question why are we raising career criminals in this country with everybody should have the same resources to not do that, had to have a 23-year-old and a 26-year-old with six or seven felony convictions is not acceptable. this is america, we need to do more to prevent that from happening and then we can hopefully and the cycle 100 years from now. jenna: that's really the next question that brings usinto another territory, the timeline of all this including the resources.
8:41 am
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jon: here's the good news. operations getting back to normal this morning at los angeles international airport after false reports of an active shooter cause chaos there last night for hours. years of a shooting caused the airport to shut down as travelers ran out of terminals and out onto the tarmac. police later said the chaos was caused by loud noises that were not gunshot. let's bring in mike boyd, an aviation security analyst. i brought the good news mike. nobody hurts, nobody with a gun apparently but you say
8:45 am
this is a very serious situation and really not one that should be tolerated? >> look, this politically packed homeland security organization needs to get cleaned out. the fact is we have no plan to evacuate a terminal, it's all run for your lives. a terrorist would love that. it's one thing to evacuate terminal but all they did is treats scream out like they have a bunch of scared gazelles. after a bunch of billion dollars, that's the best we have? we are not safer than we were before with 9/11 and it happened with kennedy two. jon: we saw what happened at the airport in turkey. they have become a favorite spot for terrorists and the weird thing to me is so far nobody had any indication as to what these loud noises were. it could have been some kind of a dry run with firecrackers for all we know it could have. here's the problem. i was in a meeting earlier this year when i heard the number two guy at homeland security was asked if the 90 percent failure rate of
8:46 am
testing with the tsa report, looked at now? he didn't know. we have to do better than we don't know. we don't have better security, i'm sorry. this is nothing more than a show we are going through and a terrorist could do anything. if this is the only evacuation plan we have, the only remediation plan that we have, we are in a world of hurt the one i landed at laguardia on saturday and i was thinking to myself as i came through those very narrow concourses , there was hardly room just to walk with your luggage and if you had a stampede, it could have been fatal for slower people or the young, that kind of thing. you are saying there needs to be a planet every airport to get people out of harm's way if there is this kind of problem or perceived danger . >> precisely. if there's a problem or a security threats, or perceived threat terminal a, what do you do at terminal b and terminal a? you don't just have them run around. homeland security is a joke area and i love the people in
8:47 am
blue at the airport that but they are working for an incompetent path of people in washington be on wow. let's see if they can get that turned around. another story that caught our attention over the weekend, that southwest airlines jet that had an engine basically blow apart in midair, the whole front end of the engine appeared to come off. obviously that's every travelers worst nightmare. here's what it looked like, the oxygen masks came down. apparently there was some piercing of the cockpit or something that caused the pressurization system to drop those oxygen masks. what do you say to people nervous about a situation like this? >> put it this way. if you have a lottery that had on like that happening, you would never buy a ticket. i tried to do a search of how many uncontained or contained engine failures, it's hard to find. there are very few of them
8:48 am
but the things we miss is the airman ship that went on in the cockpit of that airplane. getting an airplane down safely with 99 people, one engine nothing more than a giant drag, they got that airplane down safety so you're looking airman ship at southwest and other airlines to be proud of. jon: there are otherairlines, maybe other nations where this would not have turned out so well given the amount of training they go through. mike boyd, thanks very much . >> thank you. jenna: up news next, an exclusive on what the us should be doing going forward in turkey and it concerns our military bases there and servicemen and women. recommendations in a new report and the possible fallout next. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at .
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jenna: a 60 year relationship with one of the key members of nato maybe in peril based on the anti-american sentiment growing in turkey as of late.a relationship detailed in our exclusive new look at a report by the foundation for defense of democracy which is now advising the us military and nato to come up with contingency plans for losing our military bases out of turkey. joining us now, one of the authors of that report, senior counselor or the defense of democracy. he's also vice cheney's security advisor and has advised both republican and democratic administrations. why at this point have contingency plans and why is that such big news? >> i think two reasons jenna. the first is that the tensions between turkey and the united states over real policy differences have been growing the past several years. you got an increasingly authoritarian islamist government in turkey that has
8:53 am
been pedaling very heavily and anti-americanism but not only at home is it destroying the free press and rule of law but abroad. there are an awful lot of troubling relationships with terrorist groups the united states have to be concerned about. jenna: give us an example of one clearly in the war in syria, turkey has in fact become the main hub and safe haven for a whole load of jihadist groups including groups affiliated with al qaeda, including isis as well as the palestinian terror group hamas. jenna: so what is the calculation than for us military men and women? we have about 3000 in turkey at this time, also nuclear weapons inside turkey. how vulnerable do you think they are? >> we got to be increasingly concerned because terrorism attacks both by islamic jihadists as well as by kurdish militants inside turkey have been dramatically on the uptake so we've got to be concerned about the security of our forces in
8:54 am
those bases. turkish military and turkish security forces are responsible for those and as i said, anti-americanism in turkey is dramatically on the increase . jenna: you're worried they're not going to be there. you're worried some of those servicemen and women may be without helpinside that country . >> there's a lot of turmoil. turkey having attempted to, the military has been through lots of purges, is going to be weekend. whether or not they can live up to that, we want to see these bases stay in our access. turkey is the second largest military inside of nato, it's been a nato ally for more than 60 years. we want to keep that but on the off chance turkeydecided doesn't want the united states there anymore which is an increasing likelihood unfortunately or simply because the united states
8:55 am
wants to send a message to turkey that you actually need the united states more than the united states needs you and rightnow that relationship is reversed in erdogan's mind . jenna: to understand we have to understand the context. turkey became a member of nato after the korean war and was a good partner for us during the cold war so talk to us about that background and what a dramatic reversal it is . >> for more than 60 years, turkey really has been nato's secure southern flank, standing in between nato and a volatile middle east as well as being a critical ally in deterring soviet aggression and resurgent russian aggression, to absolutely vital roles but now turkey increasingly is islamist and is increasingly becoming a safe harbor for all kindsof islamic jihadists. turkey has in fact become nato's unstable southern flank increasingly . jenna: say we do withdraw from our bases in turkey and lose that key strategic geographic place to launch attacks inside syria, to run intelligence missions over the middle east?
8:56 am
>> it would be a big loss. which is why we first say that shouldn't be nato's priority. the united states should want to stay in turkey if we can but if against our will we are forced to leave turkey, now is the time for the united states to begin looking what are the alternatives, what other bases in the region exist and in this new report, the foundation for defense of democracy has identified a number of other bases that may not be ideal but would allow us to continue particularly in the fight against the islamic state. jenna: the military to caught some by surprise so you are raising a red flag saying we need to pay attention to what's happening there. great to have you on the program, thank you. jon: new in our next hour of "happening now", it's been two years since the president and congress moved to overhaul the veterans administration but our bets are still struggling to get the medical care they need. what happened in those two years?
8:57 am
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>> what's jenna lee saying about jenna lee. >> jenna: this will be blockbuster. >> next hour. jenna: we'll find another jon scott next week. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: happy monday, this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, democratic strategist, julie roginsky, radio talk show host meghan mccain, today's #oneluckyguy, judge alex ferrer bringing florida up in the house. he is outnumbered. >> good to be here, thanks. harris: we'll lean heavily on your legal expertise. >> i will hold you up. harris: thank you, we appreciate that. let's get to the first one. donald trump gets set to make the speech he promised on illegal immigration. its


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