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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: what a fun hour. thanks for being here. >> very spicy. we'll continue on "outnumbered." harris: facebook live, "outnumbered" fnc. now "happening now." have not sewn in our country. >> a wild presidential year. could the house and senate look very different next year. >> plus, stocking up on food and stocking sand bags as we track the powerful storm gathering
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strength off of the u.s. coast. and eruption and molten lava. not what you quite associate with wedding photos. but a wedding of photographer named jenna lee. that's all "happening now". >> but we begin with unprecedented poll numbers in the race for the white house. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. both presidential nominees are facing a problem with voters. 51 percent of them have a unfavorable view of hillary clinton and 57 percent feel that way about donald trump. two percent of the voter have a positive opinion of both candidates. and clinton is leading trump in the national race. trump is hoping to make up
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ground with a highly anticipated speech on immigration. carl cameron is has the latest for us now. >> reporter: mr. trump will be here for a fundraiser in northern california and spend time in beverly hill and west coast swing with phoenix. he has challenges because of his immigration utterances, there are some vague and sort of open- ended issues about what his immigration plan will be when it comes to deporting 11 million undocumented aliens. this morning, rudy guiliani who is involved with trump's debate and policy formation suggested that trump's approach is what the gang of of eight and republican senate adopted and marco rubio and others and others, even though trump critized those who supported
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that aggressively for the last couple of years. listen to rudy guiliani on fox and friends. >> he will go after the most dangerous criminal, and then less dangerous second and then we'll see what our population is of noncriminal illegal immigrants and that's the point he has to decide. >> reporter: he has to decide if it there will be a path to legalization for law- abiding immigrants and in terms of what he would do in terms was visas from other are countries. he's preparing for that. the polls shows he's down seven points in the national race and that explains why the democrat and republican nominees are looking at the libertarian candidate for possible vote and how that affects things.
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it could be we'll have a winner under 50 percent. >> immigration is a issue in my hometown. my parents live ten minutes from you, you want sea food? >> we'll take just about anything. >> tuna fish it is it. carl, thank you and enjoy the beautiful day in san francisco. hillary clinton facing new pay to play allegations. new e-mails show the clinton foundation requested invitation to high profile donors. the chair donna brazil said there is no wrongdoing. >> >> it's not pay it play unless someone gave them $0.50 to say i need to meet, no. >> republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence weighed in. >> this is a conduit for people
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to gain access and that is a favor. >> amy stoodard is here and john mccomic is here for the daily editor. amy, what is new about the batch. >> we are seeing a strong connection between the foundation and top aides of hillary clinton at the state department. it is a direct connection between the state department and foundation when requests come through into the secretary's office in the top level of her staff like uman abedin. she expressed nervousness and she would say sometimes it went to a official channels. sometimes it did or didn't. and sometimes it was personal or a visit and a lot of talk from
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doug ban, telling uman abedin, that this is a friend of ours and request or coming to a lunch or dinner and sitting next to this person or that and the vice-president. and access of information is a favor and itself. donna brazil is correct that politicians do grant visit and special time to donor and supporter and always have in both parties. she was running for president and only foundations where they would run for president again and they knew it. and mike pence is right. if you are a foreign country, it is smart to influence the next administration by giving to the foundation. >> uma, in the state department and doug with the foundation, and a couple of e-mails where they are talking about seating at a lunch that the state department is hosting, and there
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is one e-mail where uma, sends doug an rsv, list. abc said they don't have the list and it didn't come with the batch of e-mails. one assumes it was in the e-mail to the foundation and that raises security questions as well, doesn't it? >> it does. hillary clinton herself suggested that any connection of what the foundation and her role would be inappropriate. she said in july nothing she did that had going to do with the founding a. and the e-mails raise security questions and they were going back and forth about this. the state department will not say whether or not the request for donors to get seated at lunch with the chinese president or requested to be seated next to vice-president joe biden. but the fact that they existed and there was a back and forth
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between the two is definitely inappropriate. and clinton herself said it is inappropriate. >> inappropriate and perhaps at least of right now, not criminal. we have new e-mails that are starting off a new week again. will it matter for the election? >> i think you see democrats arguing that her untrustw numbers are so high in poll and higher than donald trump. but she is ahead of him because she is not to be trusted but she's preferable to donald trump. we may decide that that is the gamble that the american, the majority of the voters made. i don't know, i think you have spoiler candidate and so much of this is really a volatile election season and angry public looking for change, and the fact that the e-mails could be released in surprising way withes, not only the state department turns them over, but
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leaked by any number of sources, there is always a potential for a surprise. she will have to try to use surrogates since she is hiding from the press that there would never be a pattern of public corruption that is evidenced by the e-mails that a rise before the election day. the fbi field asked the doj asked the justice department to investigate the clinton foundation and it was turned down. we don't know everything about the clinton foundation now. >> two percent of the voters say that they like the candidates. that is so low. to a b's point, you think voters accepted it is part of the clinton machine and she's running against donald trump and we have to pick one or the other. how does it figure in? voters already know both of the candidate and donald trump has
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three bullion of earned media and hillary clinton has been around for days. but the drip, drip, drip. there is a pattern. my colleague steve hays, reminded everyone in 2000 that she withstand to a fundraiser and a week later bill clinton went to visit pakistan. and this is what you will get. low- level or maybe be bigger level corruption comes with with the presidency. donald trump just has to convince people he would be able to pass the commandener chief litmus tests. so far he hasn't. >> foreign entitties are not supposed to donate in the election and one wond withers if that is coming up, where the money went to. ab, john, thank you very much. great to have you both. >> we learned that top hillary
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aide uma abedin is separating from her husband after he is reportedly involved in another sexing scandal. >> huma abedin announceded she is separating from disgraced congressman anthony weiner. he said after long work on my marriage. i am separating from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son. this is the third time anthony weiner embarrassed himself sexting. saying they have been contact 19 months.
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he's a house husband laying in bed next to his toddler son. and the woman who is remaining anonymous you realize you can see your blank in that pick. using his last name to reference something else. anthony wein was a democratic congressman after he resigned after a photosurfaced of him in his underwear. he tried to run for new york city mayor in 2013. his numbers tanked when he was caught tanking under the name of carlos danger. donald trump releasing a statement on this, saying huma is making a wise decision and i know anthony weiner well and she will be far better off without him. it appears that anthony weiner deactivated his twitter account. >> anybody who saw the weiner
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documentary a few months ago may not be surprised. what a story. welcome, rob, for that report. new details on the tragic death of a mother of four who died in chicago. she was shot pushing her baby's stroller. >> she was not aware that her short life would stand as an example of what is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago. >> it is a sad story. we'll have more on that. >> and a tropical storm gaining strength as it approaches the gulf coast. and hillary clinton hasn't had a formal news conference senate december 4th, 2015.
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new storms expected to gain strength hours from now. one tropical depression 200 miles off cape haterous. and folks on the atlantic coast keeping a close eye on that fearing it could rain out one of the busiest tourist season weeks. >> new details on the fatal shooting of the mother of four on the streets of chicago. 32-year-old aldridges was shot and killed pushing her baby. her tragic death is part of a bigger problem in the city. mike to bin has more from chicago. >> reporter: jenna, any minute from now, the suspectses will appear in court. both of them with the title of career criminal.
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darwin surle. he had illegal use of a fire arm. his brother, he was also out on parole when the victim was gunned down. one had had an ankle monitor and the other had a break to give him time to look for a job. for reasons unclear, the sorrel's brothers came after him. they were armed. their intended target was not hit. nikyan aldridge was pushing a stroller with a baby not even a month old. the baby was not hit. she was shot and killed >> this is why we need to change the habitual offenders in the city of chicago. this tragedy is not only noteworthy because she had
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a famous family member, it is noteworthy because the two offenders are prime example of the problem in chicago with repeat gun offenders who don't care whose life they take and don't fear the consequences of their actions. >> reporter: 450 people have been killed on the streets of chicago from gunfire. 81 percent from 2014. recently ousted police superintendant in chicago gary mccarthy long complained that the careers didn't do their full senses. he said he's still waiting for the outrage. the current police superintendant said they have identified people who are responsible for 80 percent of the gunfire in chicago and they can't keep them behind bars. >> the number is stunning, mike.
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>> right now the u.s. is welcoming the 10000 refugee for syria the white house said it reached the goal a month early & 10000 coming in to our country. in the meantime hundreds of refugees rescueded in the
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mediterranean sea. a spanish charity came to their aid. they were transferred to the coastal authorities and it underscores the issue with the refugees takes place today. >> democrats are hoping to win the white house in november. that's not all. they are also making a play for the houses representative. they are trying to capitalize on donald trump's unpopularity. emboldened by donald trump's struggles. democrats are expanding the list of house republicans they will target for defeat to slash the 30 seat majority and reclaim control if mr. trump falls further. talking about these prospects with ed rollins. he is part of the great american
10:25 am
pack. and shane hancock. former democratic consultant for the clinton/gore campaign. hank, in simple terms, explain why it is that an unpopular canidate might affect your local congressional race. >> cross over voting is not common. they tend to vote in a straight line. it is just complicated and with a trump that is unpopular. people say let's come down that colun. there are 9 or 10 races that are marginal. and the house is another story, the house is not likely to turn republican. but the numbers may grow. >> hank said donald trump is unpopular. and so is hillary clinton. >> i used to be chairman of the committee and i know a lot about the house races.
10:26 am
sometimes it is splitting votes. vote for president and another parrott. now it is 90 percent. if you are republican, you vote for the senate and house candidate. and the drop off in terms of republicans f. he gets off ten of- 15 percent of the republican vote tell impact the field. but there is enough time for the republicans in the districts, they will run independently of him and there is sufficient resources. but if they lose 15 or 20 they will have a tough time making the game work. >> you have seen prominent republicans saying, i am not going to vote for trump. and mike coughman in colorado take out ads and he will stand up against him if need be. is that part of what is going on here and part of an attempt to
10:27 am
insulate. >> it is. in previous cases it is not successful when you have controversial running. and then on democrats, wipe outs. people tend to react when they are are given information and protecting yourself from a tidal wave is difficult. >> talk to us, ed about the prospects. i think it will be closer than the polls indicate. and if it is a 3 or 4 percent race, a lot of incumbents can save themselves. if trump loses by five points, probably everybody can make it. if he loses by ten points, it will be hard. and if he wins, the game is different. >> but obviously at the same time, the house and senate are different animals. are you making projections about the democrats. >> senate is a fair fight and the house is challenging for
10:28 am
democrats because the republicans were wise enough to elect the state houses and senates where decisions were made. and the lines were drawn for republicans. it is a indication of how serious the trump is over all. >> republicans will have to fill time in the house if they don't vote. >> he is not a traditional republican. does he reflect the republican voters? >> absentee ballots start next week. they do that before they see the final ads. it depends on get-out-the-vote. both sides have a lot of money and they are not dependent on trump for the money. you know you are polling, you will make all kinds of alterations to the came pain. subbushes will come. rural areas, but if they say trump is too much.
10:29 am
and they are independents, they are the ones who decide the outcome here. >> especially in ohio and florida. >> even if we lose 15 seats in the house. we have 30 seat and that will change dramatically. >> a new element for the trump and clinton campaign to watch. population shift. what is sparking it and how it is creating a new political divide. and new concerns about iran after series of unnerving development and a growing number of confrontations with the u.s. ships in the persian gulf. and how the u.s. should respond, next.
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>> taking a look at politics right now and population shifts taking place in states in our country. that could play a key role in the presidential election. the economy is driving folks from rural to urban. they are live in denver with the latest. >> reporter: hi, jenna, we have known for a long time in the rural areas, you will find more republicans and the city democrats, but it is becoming more so. and the cities are growing and rural america is shrinking. virginia, north carl xarl and colorado have the greatest economic gap between the city and country according to the report from the economic
10:34 am
invasion group and the economies are more probust you have political clout. >> we are seeing negative aspects happen in rural america and urban is leading the growth. we have seen a decline in 2010 and 2015 in rural america and cities are growing rapidly. >> reporter: in colorado, all of the growth is the north/south urban corridor where there is a lot of democrats and voter registration is shifting from purple to more blue. and you can see the county on the map, we found a farmer and rancher who told us that folks don't feel the current administration is listening and he's voting trump.
10:35 am
>> a lot of laws are to benefit colorado. and it benefits the people in the city that controls the vote. and a lot of time its doesn't benefit the people out here feeding them. and a democrat is voting for hillary clinton. >> eight years ago, we inspector the midst of the worst economic recession that i had in my lifetime. and the last eight years, things have improved. >> jenna, just to be used. and another example of how polarized we have in the country.
10:36 am
>> and it is a warning and that drone reportedly left. >> there is confrontation and first half of this year compared to last year. and joining us now jennifer swift. we also had an incident earlier in which thoseus navy sailors were detained and humiliated by the iranians. is it pointing to a hot war. and in terms of the number of encounters like this they are significantly come up. and one is international and one
10:37 am
is domestic and look at the regional environment around iran, there is isis and syria and iraq. and the iranian state has a state in asserting itself. and showing and expressing through the use of proveication and other ininstruments that it will defend its quarters and we have to remember, jon, that there is interesting political dynamics in iran right now and one of those things is the hard liners and the folks associated with the iranian guard corps. and you can see the hard line factions trying to get one up over the moderate factions in their country. >> but iran just got the nuclear
10:38 am
deal with the united states and other nations. why does it not behoove them to be on the best behavior so they can be disciplined player on the world stage? >> from the legal perspective that makes a lot of sense, jon. but not everyone in the united states was for the nuclear sdpeechlt hard liners in iran were against it. and there is for naval confrontations and deploying of s300 air interceptor missiles around the nuclear facilities, those kinds of actions are designed to make things more difficult for their political adversaris in iran who signed the deal. it is domestic politics shaping
10:39 am
international behavior. and that happens in the united states and iran and russia, too. >> talking about the sa 300s. that is a russian missile system. very sophisticated and if the united states tried to take it out, they would have difficulty getting past the missile interceptors. and how significant is it that they are deployed there? >> it is part of the posturing and fits in the pattern of the posturing coming out of iran since the beginning of the year. it is one of of several things they are doing to turn up the temperature. but it is driven by the internal domestic political dispute. in terms of the nuclear facility, the reality that facility is difficult for anyone to target under any circumstances regardless of whether they have defense, in fact because it is 300 feet
10:40 am
below ground. the israelis can't target it and the united states would have is difficulties as well. adding the s300s to it is putting icing on top of a cake and not much of a big change, but designed to show that the iran revolutionary guard corps is in charge and poke the international community in the eye and in the process embarrass and make things harder for the moderate factions that are trying to find a motus oprandi with the rest of the world. >> when they send small inceptor ships in front of the u.s. ships that could easy leblow them out of the water. is that designed for domestic consumption? >> the two things going on, the iranians view the persian gulf as their lake. and resent the fact that the
10:41 am
u.s. navy and other navies are there. this is part of the usual testing. the u.s. and chinese have difficulties in the south china sea. and the russian and britain had difficulties in the northern sea. sometimes they test one another. sometimes they are friendly and sometimes unfriendly. when they are in an unfriendly period they test the boundary and remember the fast boats are not controlled by the navy. they are controlled bite revolutionary guard corps. the irans have two institutions. one for the hard liner and one for everybody else. >> chris swift, georgetown university, thank you. coast guard rescued a couple from a deserted island in the
10:42 am
pacific ocean. and newly weds braving an active volcano pose for unforgettable wedding photos. and we'll talk to her are, first on "happening now" for a good reason. you will see why, next. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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a couple in hawaii, getting spectacular wedding photos, by posing on an active volcano. and these photographs have become a viral sensation and you will see why. they are braving the hot rocks to stand their foot bite molten lava. and a photographer gen lee. this is the first, jenna leely
10:46 am
interviewing jenna leely. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about how the session came about and how did you choose to take them on an active volcano. >> when i heard the lava, was flowing and i knew i had to experience it. and i am always looking for just something beautiful for my couples to experience and i connected with lauren and alex they were all for it. >> so how did you do it? >> it took planning. our first shoot, we had to do another siting. but it took a little bit of playplanning and we staked out a cool location and we had to fly in.
10:47 am
and it was like camping the night before. we had had no running water. lauren had to to the make up before the sun went down and we hiked out under the amazing meter shower. >> why are they barefoot. >> good question. i love for my couple to be be connected with the earth. it is special. it was safer for them to be barefoot because they were able to gauge the safe areas. if it was too hot to accept on they would know before income a dangerer zone. >> was there a moment that you thought to yourself. we can actually die taking the photographs. or felt nervous because it is not the easiest place to photograph anyone? >> absolutely. it was pitch dark when we first got there.
10:48 am
and the crew had gone on ahead and my friend and hind say had shots of the sky and when we arrived on the scene. we had to hike and there were cracks. and you can see the lava, below your feet in the crack and feel the heat radiating and it was so surreal. and you could see like oh, my god. i could fall through. it is eerie. >> and this couple is it a special couple. you can tell by the photographs. and what makes them so unique? >> they are beautiful. lauren is a wedding coordinator and has bridal connections. and for me to connect with this couple. lauren is part of -- beth is the
10:49 am
hearing. and they were able to sign to each other. and it was special and a beautiful thing to experience. >> you can tell it through the photograph. and your talent to take an amazing photograph. and it is it a viral sensation. i have a feeling i will get phone calls asking me to take photographs. people are reaching out me to photograph. i would accept but it wouldn't. >> we'll go on an adventure. >> i am ready for that. this might be the start of something beautiful. jon, you are nodding your head. >> she might get calls for script approval. jenna lee, that is a first jenna lee interviewing jenna lee. >> i was out there on the big
10:50 am
island. the lavawas flowing and not down to the ocean. >> i like the barefoot and it is too hot, it is probably dangerous. >> and long wait times for veterans. we'll tell that story in a moment. and have the time for the final 30 coming up next. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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hi, everyone, i'm heather nauert. can the federal election be hacked? a lot of questions after hackers successfully infiltrated one state election and started another. we have the breaking details on a new fbi warning to states. a manhunt under way for three dangerous escapees, one
10:54 am
serving time for murder. how did they get out? and pilots arrested before they could take off for their scheduled flight to the united states. we'll have the latest on that and more on "america's election headquarters," just minutes from now. stick around. president obama signing a massive bill to overhaul the veterans affairs department two years ago this month. the measure passed with support from both sides of congress. but how much has really changed when it comes to federal health care? doug mckelway is live from the white house. >> reporter: this was a bill that was done with tremendous urgency because both sides of the aisle saw the need to change the va. what kind of progress has been made? not much, if you ask retired army sergeant steve cooper. he's been diagnosed recently with stage 4 prostate cancer. in his frustration to try to see
10:55 am
doctors and nurses in a timely fashion, he wore a recording device to a meeting with doctors and nurses. here is a little bit of what he recorded. >> it irritates the living hell out of me. >> is the va the best system in the world? no. i can only do what i can do. i'm given 500 patients on may 23rd, 500. so it's impossible. >> we know that this type of behavior, this type of care, this inability for the government to effectively manage its health care, is happening constantly throughout the country. >> reporter: now, in contrast to that, veterans secretary bob mcdonald spoke earlier this month and cited tremendous improvements. here is what he had to say. >> 97% of appointments are now complete within 30 days of veterans' confirmed date. 91% within 14 days. 85% within seven days.
10:56 am
and 22% are completed the very same day. >> reporter: but the va continues to demonstrate mismanagement and inefficiencies in a variety of other ways post in a recent inspector general report. among a view fights, in houston supervisors instructed staff to record cancellations as cancelled by the patient. 94 of them were rescheduled but with an average wait time of 81 days. in little rock, $8 million was spent on solar panels that are still not finished. in virginia, 300 tvs were bought and never installed. >> thanks, doug. we'll be right back. for lower back pain sufferers,
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what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? understanding your options? or, if you're getting the care you need? at, you can find helpful information about healthcare options. leaving you more time to think about more important things. like not having to think about healthcare at all. surround yourself with healthy advantages at s.o.s. in the sand. saving the lives of a couple stranded on an island in the pacific ocean. >> they were selling their 18-foot boat from one island to
11:00 am
another. a ship later saw flashing lights from the deserted island and spotted the s.o.s., that's how they were saved. >> that's how it works. >> the old fashioned way. >> thanks for joining us. "america's election headquarters "starts right now. good afternoon. starting out with a flash alert from the fbi. after foreign hackers break into state election systems right here at home. hello, everyone, i'm heather nauert. the fbi cyber division now warning election officials nationwide after discovering that hackers penetrated election databases in two states. the urgent bulletin asking for help from cybersecurity professionals and system administrators, stating the information in this product is only for members of their own organization and those with direct need to know. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is dialed in on this one, she has more from washington. catherine, tell us what hackers were able to get.


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