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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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off his new bling to pay for a young boy's hospital bills. the. before the olympian could reach the option goal folks stepped forward to pay the difference. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in arizona where donald trump says he will give a major speech about immigration on wednesday. so will he clear up the confusion over what the -- what he plans to do with millions and millions of immigrants living illegal in this country? we're also learning more about how both donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for their first debate. four weeks from today. plus, clinton aide, huma abedin, finally dumped anthony weiner, he husband. apparently sexting in bed with their young son what's last straw, and we're watching not one but two tropical systems that could turn into storm as they head to the united states. it's hurricane season. let get to it.
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we begin with a fox urgent. the fbi warning election officials nationwide to step up security after foreign hackers apparently successfully broke into one state's board of elections web site and targeted at least one other. sources confirm to fox news the fbi sent out an alert to law enforcement a little more than a week ago, though we're just learning of it. warning about potential cyber attacks aimed at election systems. the fbi is contacting states boards of election to determine enough i illegal activity has been detected. catherine herridge is live in washington. do we not what states were affected? >> reporter: this four page alert was obtained by yahoo in news and now con confirm by fox independently. this is after foreign hackers -- we believe illinois was affected and we're working to confirm
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whether the second is arizona. the fbi reports eight ip addresses, each a the maker code, identifying a individual computer used readily available software to scan the board of election web sites to vulnerability, and then after a successful breach vote data was stolen. one ip level was used in both attacks suggesting coordination. and homeland sect jeh johnson held a conference call with officials to work to shore up the voting systems. while homeland security is upon for protecting critical instruction such at the power grid that's a growing consensus the federal government should provide some kind of safety net for the electoral process. whether it's the national committee from the dnc to the rnc to the actual voting itself. >> also today we're getting a look at e-mails between the clinton foundation and the state department while hillary clinton was in charge.
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>> reporter: the conservative group, citizens united, sued for the e-mails and is took two and a half years for the state depth to release enemy one exchange from 2010, clinton's closest aide, huma an dep is talking about an official about potential guests for a lunch with china's president, including executives from ubs, western union and the rockefeller foundation. those organizations all don't nors. a couple weeks later band writes an ememto abedin about where to sit the rockefeller. >> it's about access for big donors. donors that gave anywhere from one to ten million dollars. they were gaining access that no other american or foreign entity, individual or corporation, would be able to get if they weren't big donors to the foundation.
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>> the clinton foundation and the clinton campaign and the state department see it differently. they insist these are conservative groups that are determined to dredge up whatever they income the last couple of months before the election and also make the point that no one can prove that any laws were broken here and part of their job at the state department is to do what they call relationship building. >> all right. catherine herridge in washington for us. let's turn to john bussey. the matter of these e-mails, it was written in politico there's a drip, drip, drip of revelations from e-mails demonstrating the messy overlap between the clinton foundation and the state department, leaving many clinton inclined voters. >> and drip, driven is the right words. james grimaldi and rebecca of "the wall street journal" have been reporting on the clinton foundation for a year now and
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it's these kinds of issues which is, was access possibly sold or was access influenced by contributions to the clinton foundation or money paid for speeches. that sort of thing. it's very difficult for hillary clinton to extract herself by saying this were important people and would have had access anyway. maybe it's compelling but the closeness of the relationship with the foundation is difficult. >> it's the overlap that seems to be so hard to explain away, and i read i believe in the "wall street journal" you can prove the quid. it's the pro in the middle. the lack of being able to connect the dot which are is true with a lot of things like this, that leaves questions but dot not leave any accusations af illegal doings. >> that's the argument that hillary clinton has been making, that there's no proof she did anything wrong. she, ad, i followed policy at the state department that was in
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interests of the american people. the problem is that it looks bad, and even the manner which the family is dealing with the foundation, after she possibly gets elected. she has said if i become president i won't be involved with the foundation. bill is it going to hand it over to someone but said that chelsea will remain involved and that as close a relationship as you could possibly ask. it's a tone deafness in the need to extract themselves from the operations of the foundation. >> bigger picture, if you're the political opponent of a clinton you want to delegitimatize, just as debby stab know the democrat of michigan suggested is what they dade to barack obama. she said he ran on the message of hope and change, mitch mccome and the republicans knew if nothing changes for working people they'd lose hope. they wanted to create a scenario where people would lose hope and the suggestion is they want to
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do this with donald trump. she calls him a huckster and says he will even after the election, even if he loses, continue to cause problems for everyday americans. >> i think the trump campaign is making use of the clinton foundation problems. >> oh, yeah. >> they're focusing on that. the incline tom people say this is a foundation that is working on elimination of malaria, on treatment of aids, doing a lot of good work around the world. let's keep our eye on that. so you have two different voices coming at the electorate. and if anything, these e-mails and the quids and the quos, even if there's no connecting tissue, is a problem for hillary clinton. >> goes back to the, quote, selling of the lincoln bedroom. always been an accusation with the clintons with cash there is access, and where there is influence there is more access. and she has been fighting these accusations along with her husband for a quarter century. >> that's right, and it's once
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again in the news. all the more important for the clintons to find a way to detach themselves from the foundation and to do that as soon as possible. so they can say, we did nothing wrong, but we have heard the public and we have extricated ourself. they it's hard to do that with the keeps programs where they're in with governments and companies doing what they say are good works. that's going to take time to do. but it's in their interests to really sharply divide, put the equivalent of a blind trust. >> the optics according even to clinton supporters are as follows: you set up on e-mail system so that you can't be tracked very easily, so that the overlap of your foundation and the state department is harder to find, then during a fishing expedition, political rivals find out about and it the coverup, if that's what you want to call it -- i'm not sure what it is -- the coverup is much bigger than -- well, there is in
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crime. >> that's the narrative her opponents are using and the state department person who did work for the foundation was doing it on a voluntary basis. these are difficult complexities and entanglements that is very much in clinton's interest to disentangle. leaving chelsea as an official with the foundation is not a way to go about this. >> john busy from "wall street journal." thank you. one of hillary clinton's top aides, huma an teen has had enough. announcing today she is separating from her disgrated ex-congress mon anthony weiner. the announcement came the say day also the new yorkers woke up to this eyeful. you can see the headline. the "new york post" reporting that anthony weiner sent racy text messages to a woman who was not his wife. a previous sexting scandal cost him his job in congress and later tanked his run for the mayor's office but the latest
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scandal come as anthony weiner's wife is the top aide to the democratic president knock neil. she started out in the first laid arey's oft, president bill clinton officated the couple's wedding, the reception was at her home. this weekend huma an deep was fundraising with hillary clinton in the hamptons in long island. this is their third time. >> this third humiliation was a deal breaker. top clinton aide huma an deep released a same saying after long and painful consideration and work on my major i made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted for dot what best for our son, during this time difficult time i ask for respect and privacy. the "new york post" breath this story. the third time anthony weiner has publicly embarrassed himself and his family, caught texting with a 40-something divorcee who
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toll the post they have been in contact 19 months and have not met in person. anthony weeper has had submitted having a problem with sectioning, saying he has a problem with his emotional wiring. >> this fall from grace has been up folding for five years. >> we have been following this since 2011. he was a democratic congressman for the state of new york until 2011 when he resigned after a photo surfaced of him in his underway he had sent to a college student in washington state. the media scrutiny began then. when weeper tried to revive his career by running for mayor of new york city and showed promise there put his numbers charged when we cast texting again, using he name carlos danger. weiner got a very small percentage of the primary vote. so far no response from anthony weiner but essence he has tee --
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deactivated his twitter conditions. >> welcome aboard good, to have you. >> thank you. >> more up speakable violence in chicago, mother of four brutally murdered while pushing a baby stroller and now there are disturbing details emerging about the two brothers who employs say are responsible. that's next on the fox news desk.
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the man investigators say has confessed to murdering two nuns amount their home in mississippi is due in court a short time from now. cops say 46-year-old rodney sanders admitted to the killings but did not say why. investigators say sanders last week stabbed to death sister marge get held and sister paula merrill at their home, one they shared in durant, mississippi, 60 miles north of jackson. they worked as nurses in holmes county, one of the poorest counties in the poorest state. mourners fathered a a memorial service for the nuns. a court date today for two brothers charged with murdering a mom of four who was the cousin of chicago bulls star dwayne wade. police say darwin and derren zorels are gangs maybes who targeted two men because the of they way looked at him. one brewers opened fire. and hit thigh kia aldridge who
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was push public baby carriage. >> wasn't bothering nobody, just going to register her kids in school and bullets that fly around and have no names, decided to find it way to her head. and so we're now in a very, very sensitive grieving place. >> chicago this third largest country the city but has had more left-hand side left-hand sides than new york and long con final. police say there were 441 homicide ander in lie -- a 50% increase from last year. what weaponed in court. >> reporter: the whole thing is pushed to september 15th but the two are deemed to be a public threat so they are held without bond. this is a very familiar process for the brothers. the oldest being 26 years old and they both bear the title now of career criminal, along with
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conviction is 'happened by a first degree murder charge. both darwin and derren are members of a gang and yet out on bond. one of them wearing an an tell monitor -- ankle monitor. one with a break from an ankle monitor intend ode give hill a chance to look for a job. they shot, according to police, 32 nykea aldridge in the head and arm as she pushed a stroller. superintendent eddie johnson of the chicago police force says this case is note worthy not bus of the connection to an nba star. because it is the kind of champ helpings the chicago police and people on the south and west side face every day. >> seems donald trump made it political and twitter blew up. >> reporter: he was tweeting about it's up weak weekend, saying things like this is the kind of slaughter that is happening because of democratic policies and he could put a stop to it.
12:18 pm
here is the response from superintendent eddie johnson. >> as far as what trump said i don't have a whole lot of comment on that. if you have a magic bullet to stop thieve lens anywhere, not just in chicago but america, plea, share it with us. >> johnson says police connected some 1400 individuals with 85% of the gunfire here in city of chicago but because of the laws they can't keep them behind bars. >> thank you. the u.s. cameber of commerce reports economic changes are helping create a bigger political divide between people who live in cities and rural areas. and an lists say that could -- analysts say that could be major factor in election. of course, it's the suburbs that are apparently going to be the most important places in swing states, like suburban philadelphia. the big town, little town divide, as "shepard smith reporting" continues next. the first person to survive alzheimer's disease is out there.
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sad news just coming in. it came during the commercial break. gene wilder has died. he was 83 years old. star of the big screen, of course, and was in a number of different comedies. the producers,; young frankenstein, best known maybe for will worn could factory which was back in 1971. he was marrieds at one point, his third wife was gilda radner. she died of ovarian cancer and led him to do a lot of promotions of cancer research and cancer funding. the screen actor, gene wilder, legendary figure and star of
12:23 pm
willy wonka, dead today at the age of 83. americans increased their spending in july even though they made more money. that's what the commerce department said -- the economy a big factor in the 2016 elect but there's word at that time rural areas have not seen the same kind of growth as urban areas. the federals report from 2010 to 2014, urban areas, big cities, saw a job growth of five percent but in rural areas they number was one percent, as lots of people start moving into the cities because that's milosevic -- millenials do. >> the divider is mow graphic. look at a few key tossup states. virginia, north carolina, especially colorado, have the greatest economic gap between their cities and rural areas. that's according to the economic innovation group, and bigger
12:24 pm
economies have bigger political muscle. >> i think to some extent that's why much of rural america, especially white rural america, has really been attracted to the donald trump message because through no fault of their own, they feel that they've been left behind in the globalized world. >> reporter: that's precisely what we found in otero county, colorado, folks have watched jobs disappear and their population heading to denver and that's where democrats are. we talked to a farmer are who is not a trump fan but probably going to vote for him because he doesn't think anyone else is listening. >> a lot of the laws written by our politicians are to benefit colorado but it benefits the people in city that control the votes, and a lot of times it doesn't benefit the people that are out here feeding them.
12:25 pm
>> reporter: i talked to ellen in denver. she a has seen lowered unemployment racings, zooming housing markets markets and good economic news. >> eight years ago we were in the midst of the worse economic recession i ever experienced in my lifetime, so i think definitely the last eight years things have improve. >> reporter: this division analysts say is only expected to grow. >> thank you. donald trump's campaign sent surrogates the the sunday news shows to clear up his position on immigration. didn't work. we'll play the sound and you'll decide what you believe now. also, how the candidates are getting ready for the upcoming debate and word that donald trump will not be doing any debate rehearsals. we're approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again?
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him clinch the republican pollination is set to lay out exactly what the policy is, after a week of very mixed signals, donald trump now says he will pitch his immigration policy in what he calls a major speech on wednesday. trump said he was softening his immigration policy which called for deporting 11 million people in the united states illegally. when that didn't sit well with conservative supporters donald trump told cnn some people said his position was actually hardening. now with exactly exactly 70 dayl the election some of this closest advisers don't know where the candidate standsed a all. his campaign manager talked to chris wallace on sunday. >> all 11 million people in this country illegal have to go. do they or don't they? he said now he will look that but wants to -- the softening is more approach than policy. >> the problem is that's not what he said.
12:32 pm
what he said was there would be a deportation force and all 11 million had to go and then could come back in legally. deportation force. it's november but what he said and very helpful getting him to the primary. does that mean donald trump would still deport every undocumented principle -- immigrant? >> you're not pledging there would be a removal of all undocumented immigranted you're not saying that. >> i'm saying and said a minute ago, and i want to be clear there will be no path to legalization. >> right. >> no path to citizenship. people that want to game legal status -- you herd him say ten and again, has to leave the country. >> what about the million nets country right now? >> i think donald trump will articulate what we do with the people who are here. >> that was mike peps with jake tapper on cn. for pence did not promise deportations she says trump terrorism has stayed completely
12:33 pm
consistent, which has not. at the same time the head of the republican national committee indicated that trump los position is in fact shifting and even he wouldn't speak to the candidate's plans. >> i just don't speak for donald trump. that's what i do know. here's what i know. his position is going to be tough. his position is going to be fair. but his position is going to be humane. >> he is reflecting on it and his position will be nope. >> his position is going to be nope. reince priebus with a chuck todd on nbc over the weekend. so a lot of immigration talk but no real immigration focus no, really underring of what they immigration plan would be under a president trump. so his campaign was nope for -- known for months and the shifting position comes as the she says he will court votes in
12:34 pm
black communities. carl cameron nissan francisco where donald trump is holding fundraisers but going to black community to speak on wednesday. right? the big immigration speech inay phoenix, arizona. tonight he has fundraisers here in northern california in the bay area, and he'll start the day tomorrow in l.a. next saturday, he will go to an african-american church in detroit. the first time he does that. he has again to church before on sundays during the cam pap but the first time he'll go there to speck and take questions and talk to the parishioners. as their the immigration plan there was a new variation to the story today from rudy giuliani on fox and friend. he is a seriously top level adviser now to donald trump, and is poor tis -- participating to debate preps. today rudy giuliani said after the bad criminals are deported, and then the not so bad but still pad criminals are deported in a second wave, that it would be time for the trump administration to take a look at
12:35 pm
the remaining population of undocumented immigrants and see how they might be handled, and as you heard in earlier sound bides there the question about legalization is not one that they trump is offering left any illegal immigrant goes back to their home country and come back to the u.s. it dot leave open the question about what about those illegal aliens who don't decide to come out of the shadows and go home, and want to stay, and while they smooth not have legalization, it leaves open the question they might not be rounded up. >> we know there's going to be a big advertising campaign because we know the trump campaign spent ten million bucks on it. >> reporter: for them that's a big number but compared to what hillary clinton has put in, it's pretty small and will run in nine key battleground states likely to affect the election, and trump trails the those polls and if he lost those makes it very difficult for him to win
12:36 pm
the nomination. a lot of battleground states where trump is trailing that shouldn't be hard. northnorth carolina is a state t mitt romney rom. and there's anti-trump groups on the republican side who are urging republicans to start contributing to funds to elect the house and senate members to protect the majorities in at the two chambers for fear trump could lose a shot at the presidency and also give up the house and senate majorities in the congress. >> carl cameron on what appears to be a chamber of commerce day in san francisco. >> just letterman is with us and is live where reporters hang out. josh, something happened behind the scenes, something in polling, something with the philosophy of new people, something happened the eh decided to back off the whole deportation force thing and the 11 million, round them up and get them out. something happened.
12:37 pm
do you have reporting on that. >> reporter: you're absolutely right that something changed and i think what we're seeing is the largest example of the trump campaign trying to figure out what their position is going to be on a major policy issue with that debate basically taking place out in the open. advisers saying he is considering this, considering that. acknowledging the policy isn't settled. the rope we're saying that is us because the trump campaign realized this is going to be a defining issue if not the defining issue of the election for donald trump. so they really want to get this one right. now, what is right is either going to offend trump's core base, the people for mom his hard stands on immigration was the whole reason they war attracted to him in the beginning or going to turn off the people in the middle of electorate trump is trying to pedestrian to heading into the general election against
12:38 pm
clinton. we'll fine out more clarity, hopefully, next wednesday, from trump, but they're trying to thread a needle. >> the internet, thanks to a certain morning show host, attached this amnesty don label to him. itch he gets tagged with an amnesty label whether accurate or inaccurate, this part of his base, it won't be pleased. >> reporter: that's right. what this speaks to is the fact that trump went so hard after his republican competitors in the primary on this issue of amnesty, really saying he had a stark contrast to people like marco rubio, jeb bush, other candidates that talked about pact for legalization or not deporting all of the some 11 million people here illegally. so, for trump, we see him now trying to shift the conversation to other parts of his immigration policy. border security, the wall. but at the center, the big question everyone wants to know about immigration is, what do you do with those millions and millions of people here
12:39 pm
illegally? and if you are thing to allow them to stay in some capacity, trump says they have to go back first. if they're going to be able to do what they came here to accomplish, which is live here, you will have people criticizing him for amnesty. >> hillary clinton said that he is trading in racism, that that is what has gotten him here and sort of eviscerated him and then there was this silence from republican. to paul ryan no mitch mcconnell, nobody standing up to defend him, and i mean no establishment republican loaders. what are we to make of that? >> i think we're to take them at face value. look back at the comments the same leaders you mentioned, for instance, paul ryan, saying after the to bait about muslims that -- as examine example of a textbook comment on racism you see republicans trying not to abandon their nominee that ill peril them and not to set a precedent that the republican party stands for the divisive
12:40 pm
comment that hillary clinton called billingotted and racially motivated, and that republicans don't want to see around their neck for men a electrics to come. >> josh letterman, reporter from the "associated press" and live at the white house. thank you. >> thank you. >> wednesday is the day for what they're billing as a major speech. donald trump has been tweeting today that he is out looking for a bigger venue because so many people want to come to this. again, it's in arizona, and we'll find out are all muslims banned? are people from terrorist sponsoring states banned? are refugees from syria banned? are people who are here now going to be tossed, and if so, what way, and what happened to deportation force independent presumably we'll hear something to clarify all that. so far, we don't have it. we don't have it from donald trump who was off the campaign yesterday and getting ready for the first presidential debate next month.
12:41 pm
that's what we read. trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway says his debate smile makes them the unpredictability x factor, "washington post" reports the republican nominee is not doing any hearers shalls and won't, quoting, trump is not holding any mock debates. proudly boasting that a performer with his talent does not need that sort of prepping. a spokesman for hillary clinton says her aides are aware that donald trump is capable of anything, and that's a quote, and adding we're fully expecting to have our hands full. mike emanuel is live in the d.c. newsroom. we read about people with him and your home state of new jersey and his country club there with cheeseburgers and coca-cola, names we all know, but no real debate preparation. no real -- new run-through, no pepper drills. >> and quite a contrast on the democratic side where i'm told hillary clinton is engage net
12:42 pm
expense preparation, trying be ready for anything coming from the up predictable donald trump. senior clinton campaign officials say trump will likely go for broke, as the last best opportunity to turn the race around so trying to prepare her for that. her spokesman says.clinton, quote, she feels like it is a proving ground that this is a job interview. i think she will approach the debate with a great deal of seriousness and a sense of purpose, and also keeply aware that donald trump is capable of anything. a veteran of the obama presidential campaign says it's going to be challenging. >> itself is going to be difficult you have to prepare for many different trumps. kind of like, well-be ahead, mod resident trump. a trump prepared for anything and that's how they'ring too it. i think actually the job or preparing for trump is difficult. >> other trump aides fire back that hillary clinton is too scripted and has as you heard at the top, essentially donald
12:43 pm
trump is the exciting x factor in the whole debate. >> her opponents are giving her grief over her campaign schedule. >> reporter: one day with a public appearance last week in their schedule so far this week is more fundraising but we don't expect a lot of public events. clinton gave a speech on thursday in reno, accusing trump of taking a hate movement mainstream but it's been a quieter stretch these days. her spokesman says when many americans are enjoying the final days of summer vacation and less focused on politics she has been working hard to make sure the campaign will have the money and resources it need to execute it strategy during the home stretch, to doubt also some debate prep as well. >> if your opponent is seen to be going off the track, get out of the way. that politics from a long time ago. >> just got easier to make money using a drone. we'll complain how the new faa rules are helping businesses and what you need to know if you're night one.
12:44 pm
new drone rule us just came out. brand new. wonder how many drones there will now be and what time of day can they fly? we have answers. for we are the news. n: i'm hilly clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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12:47 pm
a big day if you're into flying things because today the federal government came outtive new rules on drones in america. the new rules go into effect today. they eliminate red tape owner have to deal with. but there are to some row distributions. you know, aerial photographers and real estate agents and news people and folks like that, they all want some drone action. >> they certainly do, even people who work on construction, want to use drones as a videographer, take pictures of bridges and size up construction projects. >> amazon. >> and walmart. you cannot have fun with drones
12:48 pm
at night. so no nighttime flying. you also really can't get in the way of smallcraft which makes sense but you cannot fly your drone higher than 400 people and you can't be where there's a lot of people who are not involve in your project because there irsome big privacy concerns. looking to australia and new zealand, if you live there you can get a pizza delivered via drone because they have a looser restrictions but in the u.s. this is new and we're still working out the difference between having fun, yet still protecting privacy and being safe. >> there are some waivers out there. you can't fly above 400 feet, have to keep your drone in eyesight. so to do bigger things you need a waiver. >> you do, and this is part thereof clunkiness being worked out. companies like amazon, walmart, google lobbying the u.s. government because they want to deliver whatever books you order
12:49 pm
it. so that's still a few years away, these companies are spending time on k street and d.c. trying to get that passed. that said, walmart is trying to do something actually pretty incredible within their warehousing because they're like, okay, maybe the faa will take too long out but in this building they can do the work. one drone can do the work of one worker that would take a work for days, drone can do it any one as far as taking pictures of inventory. >> i want drones on the news deck. i don't know what we'll use them for. >> some good peas say,. >> more licensed drone operators than licensed smallcraft pilots in america. >> that is true. 600,000 commercial drone aircraft operating in the u.s. and 3,000 remote pilot certificates have been issued as of today. >> a lot of flying around. >> that's right. >> deidre. see you there. the final days of caught the
12:50 pm
tropics are heating up. we're watching two systems in atlantic and down by cuba. the latest from the extreme weather center about wet weather on the way. its it's hurricane season. better get ready.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
a lightning storm killed more than 300 wild reindeer. what we should have done is said, what would kill 300 reindeer? it was lightning in norway. the picture shows the animals piled on top of each other. a spokesman says it's normal for lightning to kill wildlife but this is up usual. one theory why many dade is reindeer stick together during bad weather now. they're trying to figure out
12:54 pm
what to do with the carcasses. they'll either let nature take its course. there are pictures now and they're all over the enter webs and you have to do something now. because pictures change everything. >> in florida they're prepping for a tropical depression that could bring flashflooding, a tropical depression formed south of key west yesterday and could strengthen into a tropical storm. forecasters predict another tropical depression off the coast of north carolina could become a tropical storm later today. you can see both systems on the radar here, and janice dean the weather machine, light in the weather center. >> the reindeer story was very sad, very sad use, question didn't tease it right but we did it. so that's a start. >> if we'll talk about depressions, let's talk about depression. we have a couple of them here in the east coast, as well want to make mexico we have a couple of hurricanes that could affect hawai'i over the next couple of
12:55 pm
days. so, we're watching the tropicness the pacific and things are active. peak season. this is gaston, the hurricane in the atlantic, not going to affect land. we're watching two areas of depressed weather. tropical depression number 8, and we think it could come very close to the outer banks here as perhaps a tropical storm is kind of getting its act together here. the worst is we'll see some gust request weather, some gusty winds, some rain and rough surf along the coast. this is the one we're watching care any. tropical depression number nine, starting to see convective activity and thunderstorms around what we think is the center of circulation here. winds 50 miles-per-hour. once it gets up to 39 miles-per-hour it will be named and we think that's going to happen in the next 12 to 24 hours and then perhaps making a lanfall as either a strong tropical storm or a minimal hurricane. so watch this very carefully thursday and friday.
12:56 pm
back to you. >> thank you, ma'am. appreciate it. one final blow to the red menace that brought the close to the cold war and it happened on this day in hoyt. before taking his team to state for the first time...
12:57 pm
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don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. >> this day in 1991 the soviet union panned the communist party. ten days earlier officials staged a coup to remove mikhail gorbachev from office. it failed. and he returned. months later gorbachev resigned. the next day the soviet union came to an end but parliament kicked out the communists, or at least the party. 25 years ago today. should news break out we'll bleak because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" is coming up. first a look at the end of the dow's day. we're up 108 on the session. it seems stocks rebounded. they were led by financial
1:00 pm
shares today because somebody at the fed spoke and the prospect of higher interest rates makes the bank stock very happy. they'll explain it all coming up. have a great afternoon. >> an uproar in south carolina after a high school bans the american flag from a football game. welcome. this is "your world." it happened over the weekend. travelers rest high school opposing rival beret ya hi which has a large hispanic population. the principle of travelers defending the decision to ban the flag saying, quote, any decision to not allow the american flag to be used in an unproper, taunting, unsportsmanlike manner is first and for most in the interests of promoting the safety and will being of all in attendance, students who try to enter the stadium with the american flag were


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