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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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facebook page. go to my facebook page and like it. see what's there up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. donald trump's immigration plan. the republican nominee announcing he will deliver a major speech on illegal immigration set for wednesday in arizona with an increasing number of questions about his stance on deportation, his campaign is delivering an outline for what may be ahead. >> first, there is still no amnesty. secondly, he is building that wall. that has been the centerpiece of his candidacy and his immigration vision from the beginning and it has not changed one inch. third, we have to end sanctuary cities. he has said if you want to
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be here legally, you have to apply to be here legally. we all learned in kindergarten to stand in line and wait our turn, he is not talking about deportation force, but he is talking about being fair and humane but also being fair to the american workers who are competing for jobs, being fair to all of us who want secure borders and want the law enforced. >> joining us from dallas with reaction can a karina pearson spokesperson from the trump campaign. that immigration plan i hear no amnesty and build the wall. let's zone in on the deportation. no deportation force but will he suggest the 1 or 12 million leave and come back? >> absolutely. that part of the policy has not changed. not using those same words. those words came from a journalist that sort of carried in to mr. trump's policies. he absolutely wants illegal aliens to leave the country and get in line as you heard kellyanne conway just state. we have to secure the border. this is not just about
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immigration. this is about human trafficking. this is about drug trafficking. these are things that affect american citizens on a daily basis. we have to enforce current laws on the books. we have ice, eric, that is the current deportation force that we have in the united states. we have to give them the ability to do their job efficiently and effectively. ending sanctuary cities is going to be key. having a functional everify system to make sure that americans are getting the jobs in this country, by the time we complete those four stages of mr. trump's plan, there is not going to be 11 million people in this country illegally. once we get to that point, mr. trump is going to lay out on wednesday what he wants to do with those 11 million or less who are going to be there by that point. >> katrina, what's interesting to me is that president obama has prided himself on deportations for the last 8 years. in fact, he calls himself the president who has deported more illegals than any other president. i think the number is almost 3 million deportations under president obama. yet, the left will point the finger at donald trump
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saying that that's cruel. >> well, and that's because it's a republican saying those things and the one thing that you won't see under a president trump that we currently see under president obama, the obama/clinton administration is that he will not be releasing criminal aliens back into the population. that would be an automatic deportation. mr. trump wants to prioritize this process. of course, we can't get all of this done in the first day of office. this is going to be a process. and in trump wants to outline his priorities because at the end of the day in november, you have two choices. you have a candidate that wants to crack down on border security, get criminal illegal aliens out of the country and focus on putting american families first or you can have hillary clinton, someone that in the first 100 days of her office wants to give amnesty, someone that's not even concerned with the borders in this country. >> katrina, last question on the immigration topic, something an issue that's near and dee and dear to this sw
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right here sanctuary cities. will mr. trump recommend no sanctuary cities in the united states? >> absolutely. we have to get rid of sanctuary cities. i'm here in texas, eric. this is something we have been talking about for a very long time. it hurts american families. mr. trump wants to make america safe again as well as great again and that is going to be one of the most critical steps is to end those sanctuary cities. >> okay. let's turn the topic to the chicago tweets. over the weekend dwyane wade's cousin nykea aldridge was murdered. she was shot. bringing her child after signing up for school. mr. trump tweet and is he getting heat for the tweet that -- here is the tweet right here. dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. but what i have been saying all along, african-americans had vote trump. now, the issue being that he tweet that first and then tweeted condolences afterwards. so this -- what is this all
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about? is this a timing issue or is this politics? >> well, it's a timing issue. and, look, this is not the first time mr. trump has pointed out senseless violence in a community like chicago. this has been ongoing discussion that he has had for a very long time. even though we have a lot of people in the mediaened a talking heads out there saying mr. trump hasn't made an attempt it go into these communities. he went to that community in march, during the primary. mr. trump is very concerned with communities like chicago and baltimore maryland simply because they have no voice. mr. trump is the first republican candidate in a very long time to ask for a chance to be that voice for them. that's what this was about. >> some of the push back has been that mr. trump will make this outreach to the african-american community, the minority communities, hispanic communities but he will do that in front of a white audience. will that change going forward? >> that will absolutely change. i will push back on that because mr. trump made an attempt to go to chicago. he spoke at the black
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chamber of commerce in south carolina. he has met with black pastors organizations. a black church just endorsed him last month. this is not brand new to mr. trump. it's just brand new to thed me extra. >> the last topic i want to get to is huma abedin announced today she was leaving her husband anthony weiner. we know the history of tony weiner. he has been sexting and caught sexting and whatnot. now yuma says they are breaking up. mr. trump released a statement on this. what's his tans on yuma be a teen. >> he wished her well why know huma abedin was one of the individuals who had a duel rule at the state department and clinton foundation handling
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sensitive information. he was concerned who else's hands that might have ended up in. >> was he concerned and is he still concerned going forward huma abedin having access to the security briefings that he as well is sewing i guess starting now? >> well, that's why he included the question mark. these are things that we don't know. we also know that thousands more emails have surfaced and we are going to find out a little bit more. hillary clinton has been in hiding, 266 days without a press conference. and she won't answer any of these questions. these are things we don'thy mr.p included that question mark. leave it right there. thank you. next on the rundown, have democratic politicians run america's largest cities into the ground with violence soaring in places like inner city chicago? that debate when we come right back. in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget.
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in the impact segment tonight, out-of-control violence in chicago. the crisis gaining new attention after the senseless murder of nykea aldridge the cousin of dwyane wade, nba star, over the weekend. >> her life was cut short by gunfire from two convicted felons who were both out on parole. one of whom was on his daily break from electronic monitoring bracelet. this reprehensible act of violence is an example of why we need to treat habitual offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough? so far this year, murders in chicago are up an astounding 49% compared to the same period in 2015. intensifying criticism of the democratic policies that have long governed that city. joining us now with reaction from chicago hermine and author of the book con job how democrats gave us crime,
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sanctuary cities, abortion profiteering and racial division. >> murders rupp astoundingly murders up 49% over 2015 which was a high year as well. we go on to talk about the murder, the senseless murder of nykea aldridge, dwyane wade's cousin. what's happening in chicago? >> we're out of control. we had 57 shootings in the last three days. we are absolutely out-of-control. i don't think, however, that we can blame it on a party. as you just heard the superintendent say that was a young man who was out of jail, who probably should not have been out of jail. and was on a break. and he killed somebody. i don't think we can put it on a party. i think you have to put it on the person indeed there is a system here. >> look at the communities in the inner cities, poverty is soaring, wages are stagnant and falling.
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african-americans are overwhelmingly the victims of crime in these cities and these cities, chicago, baltimore, philadelphia, newark. >> milwaukee. >> and milwaukee, they're democrat-run cities. in some instances 50 years of democrat-run. >> well, i think that is an issue. i think we are giving our vote to the democrats and we're not leveraging our vote asking for something. but i also think there is media responsibility here. donald trump last week said that he talked to someone in the police department in chicago and that they could solve this problem within a week, the crime problem in chicago in a week. if that is true, that needs to come forth. not so much the person who said it but what is the solution? what america needs is a marshall plan for the inner city, for black america, to solve some of these problems. we need to stop analyzing
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these problems. we need some solutions to these problems. >> ms. wright, do you agree? i guess ms. hartman is talking about a bigger plan, a more centrally federally administered plan. i don't know, it looks like the democrats have run some of these cities into the ground. >> you know, eric, i spent the bulk of last year writing my book "con job." the last thing black people need and america needs is another plan. what black people need to do is stop voting for the democrat party. i think ms. hartman, she alluded to that. but the reality is, as you point out, chicago a predominantly black city like baltimore, we have been seeing this black-on-black genocide for decades. this isn't anything new. it's been waging under the first black president. did you know that in baltimore the last time baltimore has had a republican mayor was 1967? same thing with detroit.
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you know, we look at these cities. they are run by democrats. democrats every four years. they take the black vote for granted. they tell blacks lies in exchange for votes. they don't fix the problems of poverty, of crime, high unemployment, low education rates and blacks just keep voting for them. so, you know. >> let me pose a question that crystal wright just said, do democrats take the black vote for granted? >> yes. and they take it for granted because we give them the vote. we don't leverage the vote. we don't get anything for the vote. we don't negotiate the vote. we don't discuss the vote. we just keep voting the same way over and over and over again. >> right. so this is not donald trump's problem. donald trump is making the case -- >> -- it's everybody's problem. it's everybody's problem. >> okay, right. but this is black people's problems because we keep voting, not me, but majority of blacks keep voting for democrats. and like donald trump said,
5:16 pm
what do you have to dlooz? everybody hops for donald trump about a tweet about the reality what's going on in chicago. a woman let me just real quickly. >> he said what do you have to lose but he didn't say what you would gain. >> ms. hartman. >> ladies, if i may, just. >> all of these candidates are making promises but they are not telling us what they would be willing to do. >> talk about the policy force couple of minutes. the policies that donald trump has proposed. school choice, is he tough on crime. he is pro-law enforcement. hillary clinton on the other hand is against school choice. she is favor n. favor of. >> teacher union. >> teachers union, correct. she is not tough on crime and not pro-law enforcement. mrs. hartman, let me ask you, which one would be better for the african-american community. donald trump policies or hillary's? >> i don't know. i have not heard what the donald trump plan is. i have heard trump criticize. >> of course you have. eric. >> no, no.
5:17 pm
it's not just trump, ms. hartman. >> what you heard is trump say that he spoke to someone in the police department in chicago and they could stop the crime within a week. well, how would they stop it? what would they do? what is the solution. >> he said he would be the pro-law enforcement president. he is also in favor of school choice. >> you are not dealing with what i'm saying because you're going to be pro- >> thank you, eric. >> eric, here is the reality and i write about this at length in my book "con job." the democrats' policies have created and exacerbated and perpetuated all of the problems that have affected blacks over the last half century. when you talk about crime, the democrat party wants to support welfare policies that reward black women who are having babies out of wedlock at a rate of 75% disproportionate to our share of the population at 13%. those are the policies that democrats support. when it comes that don't help black americans. they keep black americans
5:18 pm
trapped in poverty. and illegal immigration. every time illegals come and flood into the country, guess who loses jobs? blacks. >> i hate to cut you off but i have a hard break. quick footnote, if you want to learn more about what is driving the high murder rate in chicago, take out the latest episode of the contributing factor podcast on bill o' or itunes, that podcast currently has a five star rating on i tiewps. nfl quarterback colin kaepernick vows to keep sitting during the national anthem and period o protests vi. should this type of dissent be taken off the field. we'll bemp right back with that i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, race relations in america. nfl quarterback colin
5:22 pm
kaepernick igniting backlash after sitting in protest in the national anthem in a preseason game last week. he explained his reason yesterday. >> a lot of things going on, unjust people aren't being held accountable for. that's something that needs to change. that's something that, you know, this country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all. and it's not happening for all right now. there's a lot of things that need to change. one specifically is police brutality, there is people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. that's not right by anyone's standards. >> and kaepernick was not done there even lashing out about donald trump and hillary clinton. >> you have hillary who has called black teens or black kids super predators. you have donald trump who is openly racist. i mean we have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails and done
5:23 pm
things illegally and is a presidential candidate. that doesn't make sense to me. if that was any other person you be in person. what is this country really standing for. >> kaepernick says he plans to keep sitting during the national anthem before upcoming nfl games. joining us now with rehabilitation scott bolden. you are going to say this guy should be thrown out of the nfl, right? >>. no i think he ought to be in politics, quite frankly. he had a little bit for everybody there i'm a big football fan just like you are. >> i'm huge football fan. i'm also a free speech advocate. but i have got to say i think he went over the line here, mr. kaepernick, here is a guy signed 6 year 114-million-dollar contract. it's pretty good in america, is it not. >> yeah. but you see when you say that you link his income, you link his opportunity and his privilege to play in the nfl with his social
5:24 pm
consciousness and belief. athletes have a consciousness and belief and they are human beings as complex as you and i are. we put them in these sports box and we don't want them to do anything about play sports, perform, get paid and provide us with enjoyment. yet, every time an throat has a social consciousness, who speaks out on politics or religion, such as muhammed ali or john carlos or others, we have a problem with that we have to stop having a problem with that. >> i don't have a problem with him speaking out against hillary clinton or donald trump or both of them. i have a problem with him sitting during the national anthem. the reason why he is able to make $114 million in six years is because tens of thousands of military personnel have died protecting our freedoms that allow for that to happen. >> absolutely. you are absolutely right. and just as you have the right to disagree, you have a right to not like him sitting. even if you find it disrespectful. his manifestation of his protest and consciousness, those same military folks have -- he has earned him
5:25 pm
the right to manifest his protest in that manner. now, granted, he can protest in any other manner, too, that would probably be less challenging, but is it comfort to be protest? with when is it ever comfortable to give your social confidence and comfortable. his manifestation is to make people like you uncomfortable and you can watch or not watch. >> i'm in favor of protests. i understand we protect that free supreme freedom and the right to protest. i understand that completely. it's just when a guy like this is so hypocritical. now here is a young man. >> what do you mean? >> here is the hypocrisy of it all. kaepernick was raised by white parents, right? isn't he a biracial black man by white parents. >> so what? don't we have a biracial african-american president? >> maybe. oh, schroll. >> have we not had two african-american attorneys general? >> does that cure every racial issue in america?
5:26 pm
it's because we have successful african-americans. >> he has been given so much opportunity. he is using the sitting during the national anthem to garner attention. i guess for an issue he finds important it seems so hypocritical to me. >> that's his choice. you want to connect his privilege to whether he should be protesting or how he should be protesting. let me tell you something about african-americans and police violence. class may separated us, but race ties us together. that is many african-american men whether they are rich, middle class, or poor have had bad experiences with the police. does he lose his consciousness and what he cares about mostly or his choice to even protest simply because he has got a multi-million-dollar contract and he is in the sports box he? shouldn't. >> we don't have a lot of time but how convenient is that he develops a social conscience of a year after he signs $114 million contract. i wonder where that was a year ago before he signed
5:27 pm
that deal? last thought. >> i think a couple things. one, he has been on social media, standing with black lives matter is another. that's the first thing. second of all, if he really wants to be credible with all of us on this stand that he will walk the walk versus sitting curing the national anthem he will protest and those manifestations of his protest should go beyond that. >> we have got it leave it right there, mr. bolden. thank you very much: donald trump now being called a psychopath by top democrats. will this overof the top personal attack back fire? stay tuned. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements
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in the election 2016 segment tonight. are democrats crossing the line with donald trump? effort weekend the personal attacks against donald trump intensified to outrageous new level. >> basically we have a psychopath running for president. he meets the clinical definition, okay. >> do you really think? diagnosing people on air and assume you don't have a degree in psychology. is that fair? wire jumping to conclusions. that's what gets voters -- >> -- the grandiose notion of self worth. psychological lying and empathy and self. i think he does. i don't have a degree in psychology. >> harsh to be sure. does the language alarmest language mean democrats are worried about trump than they are letting on. kristen author of the hill
5:32 pm
and the -- head of the consulting firm. scott, start with you. the democrats were all up in arms when people said on the right hey, what about hillary's health? is there a question about hillary's health? oh, they are not doctors and they are diagnosing her from division. plouffe, a major operative in the past says trump is a psychopath. >> there are a lot of things you can debate. debate zeno phone for the law. association with david duke. we can discuss whether he is sexist. >> is it okay for plouffe to go ahead and comment on that. >> sexist or misogynist because of what he has done right here on this station. we can debate whether is he psychopath or not. >> i'm asking a question is it fair tore plouffe to make that assessment. >> the real issue is he presidential? he is not presidential. >> kristin, let's go to you. is it fair tore a high democrat like that hillary camp especially in light of
5:33 pm
the push back that they gave the people on the right about diagnosing hillary's health on air, should they be doing that? >> this is the democrat party of today. and you want to talk about a psychopath? let's talk about hillary clinton because all -- >> -- ouch. >> the symptoms that he listed distroy hillary 100 percent. >> that doesn't really raise the level of debate. >> self-worth. hillary clinton believes she deserves to be president just because of her last name. this is a woman who has not driven a car since 1996. she lectures the middle class. she is a loyer. >> this is actually prime for the debate. we're going to have a presidential campaign. maybe we should raise the level of discourse in this country. >> two seconds ago you didn't have any problem with plouffe saying what he said and now you have a problem saying exactly what plouffe said. >> in general i said there are real issues to debate in this campaign. and i raised specifically what they were. the hyperbole doesn't help anybody. >> shouldn't have done what
5:34 pm
he had done. >> in general he doesn't have a medical degree. >> shouldn't have done it but if anyone is a psychopath it's hillary clinton. >> why don't we have. >> i don't have a problem with you diagnosing hillary whether she is a psychopath. >> why don't we have a little discussion about whether donald trump's behavior is in any way presidential? because that's -- >> -- that's not what this is about. the ratcheted up rhetoric by high level democrats. my question and i will start with you, kristen, is it because they are worried they haven't put donald trump away yet? his poll numbers the hill pointed thought a week he has cut the lead that hillary had in half. >> of course. this just shows they are kind of panicking here, right? again, this is the democrat party of today. i don't know what happened to the party of jfk. the democrat party at this point is just run by incompetent thugs and special interests and trump but the democrat party has become so dangerous that i personally have had to put
5:35 pm
aside my libertarian beliefs to support trump because i want to do everything possible to get hillary out of office. >> my question to you, scott, is it the ratcheted up rhetoric from the democrats because they are nervous they haven't put donald trump away. >> there is no doubt away. we should be afraid of a donald trump presidency. there is a lot to be afraid of. i'm afraid of a donald trump presidency. i think americans who are smart-minded and sane should be. >> so call him a psychopath. >> again, the hyperbole doesn't help anybody raises this discourse. the one thing we can agree on he is not presidential. that's clear. >> this is not going to help the democrats at the end of the day. they are trying to get the 10% of undecided voters here. and when people hear these things stlon around is he a psychopath people begin to roll their eyes and gilg and lack of seriousness. you will lose credibility with your arguments if you start getting this absurd with your attack. >> leave it right there. chris and scott. new batch of hillary clinton emails is believed to be
5:36 pm
raising questions about whether special favors were done for big donors. the clinton foundation right back with that
5:37 pm
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thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly.
5:40 pm
and in the factor follow-up segment tonight, a new batch of emails creating fresh problems for hillary clinton. they show efforts buy the head of the clinton foundation in 2010 to have the state department give throw executives from groups that were big foundation donors access to a high profile lunch with china's president. joining us now with more from washington, david bossy, the heads of citizens united, which have obtained these emails through a freedom of information act. you pushed very hard to get these. had you to fight for these in court. tell us about what you found. what did you get? >> eric, that's a great question. because obviously it was not a foia request. once we did the request, they were ignored and we did about 40-plus foia requests over the last two and a half years. this is a litigation strategy that we had to undertake because we knew the state department would act as an arm of the clinton administration, of the clinton campaign. and so we have been dogged in our approach, as well as
5:41 pm
judicial watch and i have got to be honest with you without the two organizations i don't think the american people would know very much about what's going on at the foundation. >> did you find actual play, in other words pay-to-play or did you find they were trying to buy their way into sitting with a chinese diplomat at lunch. >> we just received these documents in the last week. what we have been able to do is identify the donors that got the favors, what we haven't been able to do is do the analysis on the policy or what they may have requested yet. >> okay. so, transparency, they prided themselves on transparency even though her transparent numbers are in the tank. what was the role? was there clinton foundation push back on this? are they trying to suppress any of this evidence? >> look, the suppression effort is the low walk. we're going to get -- eric, i have got to be honest with you. we have court ordered document dumps from the state department to us that go in to 2017 and 2018.
5:42 pm
we are not -- the american people are not going to know the relevant information before the election. and this is starting two and a half years ago. >> dave, i want to talk a little bit about huma abedin. what was her role? can you clarify her role both state department and clinton foundation? >> well, that's a big question. in washington, she has been for over 20 years, one of hillary clinton's top lieutenants, her and cheryl mills are really the two best known top staffers. she worked at the white house. then she went to work at the state department as a top aide. and then she went to work at this tenio company as well as the clinton foundation. it's in that role where she was an employee of multiple organizations at the same time. did she really start to get herself into some trouble here, i think with the actions taking part, knowing
5:43 pm
that she is a state department employee and working with a private organization? >> i want to talk about tenio, i'm not sure how you pronounce it. let's talk a little bit about that. it seems like it was almost a broker for bill clinton. in other words, he would do some arrangements to go speak somewhere. the money would flow into the clinton foundation and into the clintons themselves. >> yes. >> all these arrangements are they all above board? on top of the table and legal and ethical? >> yeah, you know, the "the washington post" has written extensively on this company. and it's a company that was founded by a bunch of clinton -- former clinton employees, really because that's the way things are done in washington, right? that's the reason that the american people are so upset is that there is the pay-to-play, the revolving door of politics and then going out to make a lot of money. that's really what bill clinton was into. look, bill and hillary clinton let me say, this need to have a joint press conference. they need have a press conference to answer
5:44 pm
questions about teno and about the clinton foundation about where the state department ended and where the clinton foundation began. nowhere are the people getting the facts. >> do you know where the biggest press conference of all time comes? on the debate stage coming on next month. we will leave it right there. david bossy, thank you very much. >> was beyonce's performance at the vma performance last night antipolice? why some critics are in an uproar. that debate in a moment. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac.
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it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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5:47 pm
personal story segment tonight. uproar over upon say before performing at last night's video music awards. the mom raised eye bras walking the red carpet with four moms from black men killed by police.
5:48 pm
the stage people shot down by police. ♪ ♪ >> some of beyonce's critics were not amused by the symbolism. >> i ran the largest and best police department in the world. the new york city police department. and i saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime. if you're going to do that. then you also should symbolize why the police officers are in those neighborhoods and what are you going to do about that? and what are you doing about it? >> joining us now with reaction from washington katie pavlich a fox news
5:49 pm
contributor and with us in the studio cathy larue. cathy, you don't think beyonce did anything wrong with that performance. >> i don't think she did anything wrong. she is bringing about a social issue quite a big deal right now. gun violence in america. for giuliani to shame her in to bringing up such an important issue, as a celebrity, saying that gun i have lens is running rampant in this country is a shame. it's a shame what giuliani said. the shame is with him. >> katie, some are saying it wasn't just gun violence she was pointing out. she walked the red carpet with mothers of mother african-n mothers killed by police. hat tip to the black lives matter. >> she has a history of doing. this can we please stop with this bogus unarmed narrative. one of the mothers on the red carpet with beyonce and it's fine that they are there, her son was michael brown. michael brown was killed because he tried to take possession of officer darren
5:50 pm
wilson's handgun and that's why he was shot and killed. let's not act like this is unarmed conversation. second, beyonce is perpetuating this myth that young black men are being gunned down, hunted in the streets by white police officers. that is not only false, there is harvard study released this year by an african-american professor showing that police officers actually just as likely to use lethal force on black suspects as they are on white suspects. and for beyonce to continue to perpetuate this myth is not only false but it's also harmful to community policing inside the communities that need the police the most that are crime ridden and whose communities have been destroyed by criminals. >> okay, cathy, your thoughts, you are saying it's straight gun violence and katie points out that a lot of these acts that we were watching had specifics about police violence. >> trayvon martin's mother was there that had nothing to do with police violence. that wasn't a police
5:51 pm
shooting down an unarmed. >> it's a self-defense case. >> it has nothing to do with blue lives matter it has to do with the black lives matter movement. >> it has nothing to do with gun violence either. >> it was gun violence. >> it was a self-defense. >> that's a whole different story. but she was bringing to issue the gun violence in america. and what giuliani is interpreting is what everybody is interpreting i think is a little bit beyond what she was trying to make a statement. making a statement that innocent people are being shot. >> when you have a strong law enforcement community, these -- the communities, especially for african-americans and minorities is a safer place. what i saw angels on a stage being shot. innocent people being shot. that was the symbolism from it on the stage. that's as simple as it was. for others to be reading so much into it like rudy giuliani. he sounded like angry grandpa putting down beyonce which we all love queen b and she won eight awards and made history. for angry grandpa to be.
5:52 pm
silly. innocent people being murder gherd america. >> not the first time beyonce use the stage pointing fingers at and law enforcement. remember the super bowl halftime act. do you remember that one? >> yes, i remember that one. >> it's incredible that the opposition in this debate is calling rudy giuliani had actually took the crime rate down in new york city and actually saved black lives. calling him an angry grandfather even though him an grandfather, even though he's the one who actually has real solutions to solving crime in these neighborhoods that need it the most while praising beyonce for perpetuating a myth that is not only detrimental to community policing but those who live in the areas that need the police the most. that is amazing to me. beyonce has a choice here. she can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. right now she's part of the problem in continuing to perpetuate this myth that young black men are being hunted down in the streets. the number one cause of death among young black men 18 to 34 is homicide, and it's young
5:53 pm
black men killing each other. it's not the bliss who are racking up thoeth statistics. she has a choice here, and she's on the wrong side of this. >> kathy, last word. >> nothing wrong with supporting innocent lives and supporting the mothers of those who have lost their loved ones. nothing wrong with that. >> i'm going to leave it right there. up ahead, mass chaos at los angeles art last night over a false alarm following a similar incident in new york this month. are we unprepared to face the threats to our security?
5:54 pm
test test test test
5:55 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight, the bedlam at los angeles airport. last night, chaos engulfed lax following reports of an active shooter. it was all thankfully a false alarm, but it caused travelers to flee terminals in a panic, some even running out to the tarmac and halted all flights to and from the airport. last night's incident comes on the heels of a similar situation at new york's jfk airport earlier this month following false reports of gunfire.
5:56 pm
the incident is raising questions about serious gaps in security and whether we're properly prepared to deal with potential threats. joining us now with reaction, michael balance bony, the former director of homeland security for new york state. michael, two in the same month. two airports literally halted to almost a pure halt over false reports of gunfire. what's going on? >> so it demonstrates that we in our nation, after all the attacks that have happened across europe and the three attacks in the united states recently, that we are a nation concerned, of fear. when you have this happen, you're going to get this response. what's causing people concern, of course, is the reaction of folks who were there in the tsa, folks there in the security perspective, as to whether or not they're part of the response or part of the panic. >> what were they in these cases? >> some of the eyewitness accounts say they were running away and saying run, run. what you need there is you need that calm, that center. people have the expectation they're going to be told where
5:57 pm
to go because these folks have more information than the general public. >> we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on security, on preparing for this, and now we have two of the busiest airports in the world shutting down because false reports of shots fired. are we wasting our money? >> a lot of questions that are raised are what's the training? the key to any type of security system is to refresh it, to not just have it static. we also need to include the public in this. the public has an awareness. one of the things we're talking about is social media. is there a role? could we monitor social media? could we pick up the tweets or words that are out there and perhaps -- >> why does a whole airport go panic? is there not communication by the tsa and the police and the security in these airports saying, hey, there's nothing here, come people down. do we have tsa and police running away from a threat? >> here's what happened. you had 100 calls received at the port authority. you were chasing a ghost. the problem is what do you tell
5:58 pm
people. if you could stop the people and say there is no threat -- >> why didn't they? what about an announcement over the -- that you can locate a passenger. can't you say there's no threat here, calm down? >> here's the challenge. most active shooters are down within five minutes. it happened so fast. so the question is if you don't know specifically where the problem is, how do you respond? how do you make sure it's not a problem? >> so ordinarily in the day i believe there was a man in a costume that was arrested at lax. do you think there was tightened tension among security and law enforcement all day because of that? >> unfortunately, yes. the question becomes what's the flying public think about this and how do you give them reassurance that, yes, we are more secure than they think we are and can text tullize a threat. you and i both know the chance of you being in a terrorist event -- >> michael, you were there at 9/11. we heard about first responders running towards the threat. >> exactly. >> we're not hearing that in these cases. >> that's what you're supposed to do. that's why there are
5:59 pm
investigations in jfk and lak going on right now where they're going to take a look at who responded and how. if there was a problem where they ran away and didn't contribute to the spoens, then it's going to be hell to pay. >> hell to pay how? >> you may let people go, rethink the entire security system. >> i got to tell you, i'm in an airport, and i see a cop running this way, i'm running the same direction he is. >> that's the problem. everybody assumes they know more than everybody else. that may not actually be the case, particularly when there's a non-specific threat like this that's out there. >> quickly is this a money issue? >> it's a training issue. >> training equals money, right. >> it sure does. we'll leave it right there. before we go tonight, a quick reminder from bill that his upcoming book, killing the rising sun will be out september 13th. get your preorders in now. if you sign up for a premiere membership, you'll get that book free. also, i have a really, really good idea. if you need a good book to kick back this labor day weekend, you can check out that best-seller
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right there, wake up, america. it's pretty good. i wrote it. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, newly released e-mails about the clinton foundation are leading to some serious new allegations, suggestions that the foundation was collecting millions in a cash for favors setup during mrs. clinton's time at state. and tonight a former justice department lawyer is telling us the new revelations suggest some legal lines may have been crossed. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. new details emerging now after a federal court ordered the release of more e-mails from clinton's private server. these are documents recovered by the fbi that mrs. clinton may have tried to destroy, and they are just the latest drip in what's becoming a steady stream of


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