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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. we'll see you, back here, tomorrow night. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick causing a fire literally. fans, or exfans burning his jersey all because kaepernick refuses to stand for national anthem. the quarterback standing by his decision saying our country oppresses black people. as you can guess, many are outraged. [national anthem] >> there's a lot of things that need to change. one specific solid police brutality. >> very courageous act. to sit on your ass as a third string quarterback likely to be cut. very, very, very courageous. >> there are a lot of things going on that are unjust. >> i find the words of
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collin kaepernick reprehensible, disgusting. >> you, mr. kaepernick don't love our country, get the [bleep] out of it, okay? >> i understand his point of view but i don't think that was the right arena to do so. >> sit on your butt in the country that made you the star and the wealthy millionaire that you are. >> former florida congressman and executive director of the national center for policy analysis lieutenant colonel allen west goes "on the record." good evening, sir how are you. >> i'm good. how are you? >> you blasted kaepernick? >> well, look, i come from a family of servants. my father was born in 1920 and served in world war ii at a time when he truly knew what oppression meant. he was not afforded all the rights and privileges that other americans were. when he sat me down as a young man on the steps of our home in atlanta, georgia, in an inner city neighborhood, he told me there is no greater honor,
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and no greater privilege than wearing the uniform for the united states of america. when collin kaepernick sits down and does not respect the flag, the same flag that draped the coffin of my father a world war ii veteran, i do take umbrage with that. >> i suppose it did help with his fans that i don't know that he is known for doing much in the community but, you know, he is a wealthy man. is he paid a lot of money. he earns it. is he a great football player. but i think that there is -- it seems to me that he might have found a better way to express his political opinion. it might have been better if he were out in the community helping, perhaps, or at least have done something to that effect rather than sitting down. >> well, you are absolutely right. i think that when you look at the young man, he is just parroting talking points. i want to ask him how do you define oppression in the united states of america? because, as i look at what's happened in the black community, it is not the oppression coming from, you know, this great nation or this country. everyone has an equality of opportunity. but when you look at the
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ails of this community, you look at the fact that two young black men 26 and 22, two young brothers just shot the cousin of dwyane wade an nba star how do we go so wrong in the community. look at the break down of the community. look at the family. entrepreneurship in the inner city community. that's what collin should have been talking about instead of parroting these talking points that i don't know who he got them from. >> let's bring in the viewers. in now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. should the nfl punish collin kaepernick for sitting during the national anthem tweet yenders using #greta. show you live votes throhout the show. is there any way he can get i has created a lot of noise is there any way to bkac out of that and express his deep seeded feeling about what's going on in the nation? >> yea i think so. that was one of the things that i recommeed in the
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piece that i wrote. first and foremost he should give a humble alogy is country and t theen dho sve a you know, stand to mak tt lastull measure devotion. i think he should take a hiatus ay fm the nfl football season. can he go over to helmand province in afghanistan and be there wh those men and men that are protecting his rights and his freedoms and affording him the privilege to be able to be a multimillionaire 1 percenter and throw the football with them out in one of those combat zones and tell them ine som you appreciate it. like that, the american people would understandhat pbablyaw the ills of his ways and misguided comments. >> why do you think he sat down the other night night? >> well, you know, this is a very trendy thing to go on right now in the united states of america, to stand up and, you kno spe agnst you country. and lots of times these are people that have never been to any other country and they don'tnderstand how so many people wa to come to the united states of america and ear that title of
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american because of what we stand for. now, there are issues in the eak community, absolutely right. but they are not issues that are resulting from anything that the american people have done. if he has a beef with law enforcement in the united states of america, he should not speak out trying to undermine the rule of law, which means thateople have to go through a due process. you know, we saw the false narrative of hands up, don't shoot there in ferguson, missouri. and the otherhi is is the nfl needs to clarify their positions. because, here dallas, we were jt told that the dallas cowboys could not have a dn their helt to recognize those five police officers that were killed but, yet, we will see what happens with young colin. >> stay with us for a second i wanto bring in former marine bomb technician staff sergeant joni jonesho tweeted is hey kaepernick don't have legs but i will stand with enough pride for both of us every time my national anthem plays. good evening, sir. and obviously you have a strong reaction to
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kaepnick refusing to sta during the national anthem. your thoughts, sir? >> absolutely, good evening, greta. yeah, i actually took issue wi his comments afterwards refusing to stand, that's one thing and it offends me it, real does. that is free speech. his comments equated operism or pride in this country or that anthem to pporting oppression. listen, by noeans is our country perfect and by all means let's address actual issues and we're to solve them. when you sit there and equate my pride in my country to a bigot in some other place or the ones that ar in this country to the 300 million that aren't that way, i take issue with that d i want to tl you about it especially when you use yourlatform that way. >> you know, sitting down was obviously a huge statement. then heug his heels in a little bit deeper with thin that he said afterwards. i don't know if upon some reflection he might want to sortf try to unbury himself from this. is there any way that he can sort restore what
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happened and try to, you know, get back your confidence in him and your admiration f him? >> absolutely. i mean, america is a country of coming together and forgiveness. that flag and that anthem, that stand for the people and united this country. that fought for the people that fought f civil rights and made this country a little bit better. stands for the people working hard every single day to fix these issues that do exist. hey, listen, i come from a smal town i gia. i have seen racism. have also seen people grow and learn. i have seen ignorance turn into compassion. you don't do it by drawing more lands in the sand. as a service member, it's offensive for people not to stand for the national anthem. but as an american, it's offensive for you to equate my pride to bigots or oppression or other things that are wrong in this country but will be fixed. >> colonel, he has now probably had a little extra time to think about it and i ask bot of you positns how he can restore himself. if he elects not to and digs
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his heels in even deeper, then what? should the nfl do something? >> well, there are cobs seences to yo actions. and, you know, i just want to say that what you have on your show tonight are two young men,oth from georgia, fro different backgrnd. guess what? we both took an oath to support andefend the nstitution of the united states of america. stand and make sure that we defend this way of life. if this young man does not understand how this is such a great nation and it affords opptunities for young johnny and allen west to be together, you know, we are missing out on wh thi country is.the l is goin to havo make a tough decision because, when you look at the st. louis rams who came out with the hands up, don't shoot. that was a false narrative. you look at the denial of the decal on the dallas cowboys helmet. what are g.e. they going to do in the instance of colin. >> staff sergeant, what should the nfl do if anything? excellt opportunity to set a policy and abide by it. i don't think they should
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ask colin kaepernick to stand. they should allow the decals on the dallasbo c helmets. that's neither here nor there. i hope' colin kaepernick comes out and explains what he is passionate about. that's not the 330 milli americans tha fall u that anthem and sport it that's the ones we are going to weed out and the ones we are going to fix. i believe that's what he will do. i pray that's what he will do. i will pray for him and i know this country is better than what we are seeing a i know we are going to get er >> and, greta, if i could say, opening day for the nfl is 9/11, i don't think the colin wants t optic of him sitting on the sideline. >> i'm sure he doesn't. i'm sure his team doesn't. i'm sure the owners don't want that. i don't think the fans want that. anyway, colonel, thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. >> and the san francisco 49ers quarterback saying this won't be the las time he refts to sta f the naon antm. >> willon ce to sit. i'm going to continue to
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stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me, this is something that has t change. and when there is significant change and feel like that flag represents what it is pposed to repsent and this country is repsenting people that it is supposed to, i'll stand. >> "u.s.a. today" sports managing editor david meeks is here. david, doesn't look like this was sort of a dumb idea one night is he digging his heel in making statements afteards. is he going farther ghe said before in talking about this he had been thinking about it for some time and talked out it with his famy os fends of his. he has not had a happy off season h some surgeries. didn't play last year and losttain j. there is more than unhappiness abthe anthem. >> wha doe thiso about thmoreafflhe team. other players know this proble isoing on with thr quarterback. maybe not the starting quarterback and backup quarterback. did he once take them to the super bowl. what's the morale like in that locker room? >> that's going to be the number one things on the minds ofhe coaching staff
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and players on this team. you can make a sech a brin the flag into it you are setting u firestorm. these other guy don't get paid $12 million a year. they pay for a living. they don't want distractions that tears the team apart or stops it from playing as well as they can. >> a possibility he could get cut without getting that money. >> he won't get cut without paying that money. he would get paid. heou te p c anyway. >> bad boy images and players and had sort of the watcng some of exciteme j namh was always excite toggle watch years ago. is there any place where he could go that heould be receivedhat theyeed a quarterback? because i don't thinis he going to stay. i don't see him staying in san francisco. >> he hasn't wand to be there. he has been soaking a trade before this. it is hd to imagine who wouldn't te himf is he a greapler at his best. at his healthiest he was electrifng player. he isn't that right now. right now the market is low for him. >> 79%f the people think the nhl shoul him. the nfl's position has been.
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>> what we encourage all our players to stand for the national anthem. we do not require it big difference between sitting nor the national am a bringin flag and oppression that's what set this off. a lot of peopleeehis flag as a way to getf oppression. that's the way the country waord. >> i't see sco th pul thing. you get the idea that he had an attitude going into this. his career he had a bad off season and not a good start to this season. this seems like a bte player lonefs ntversnd tis shg it. >> lt night he made disparaging comments about donald trump and hillary clinton and morphed into something more than just the clearly as this on hisin >> who owns the 49ers, york? >> york, yh. >> i imagine they are involved in this decision whether to keep him or not? >> think they are trying to do what's best f their team overall look at the whole situation. how does he come outf ts ologize. em suggesting things he could do torien people over. winning football games also
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does. that will do what's best for the people. >> if he stays with the 49ers he depose to some stadiums tha will will be some heckling. just imagine the heckling goes on when he shows up. >> they play thursday night in final preseason game big mitary town i expect he will hear it there. >> disclosure they did lose to the packers. that may be part of my view on this. thank you, david. >> thank you. >> developing now and, yes, it is getting worse. more new emails showing the level ofomnica beheeen clint foun and secreta clinton's top advisor huma abedin. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine heid is here. >> thank you, greta. ese e eils that were obtained b the conserti group citizens united. an they had to fight for d a ha yea w st t accs to thers emails iteay is very confirmatory of what we have seen so far which is that there was this seamness relationship between the clinton aids at the state department and the clinton foundation. and there was really a very concerted effort to try and t specicc aess for some theseonor >>el the are more
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emails. it a confirmation of it. there is noig surprise. i mean, so, younow,ow >> theisld be if we sawomet slightly ffereninheay that these access to dinners were arranged or hot key players are. pretty clear right now the state department state department human that abedin.she was t pivot point for thclinto foundation and the top official there doug band. >> who she later went to work for. >> that's correct. th bthata little b cozr >>y tight technical term. >> she had a duel job. bo at the state departmt and with him. >> that's right. in fact, she had they hats that she wore at the state department for a period of time having three different sets ofmployed. the headline would be that these emailseallort of rther stngen thease that there was this very seamness relationship in terms of the sharing of information and taking these clinton foundation donors and gettingheind of access that the average
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person would not get without that kind of donation. >> and the clinton campaign >> cnton campaign says well, the state department, which, to me, part of the story is that the state department has become a defender in chief for then secretary clinton. >> which is not their job. >> this is not their job. they are paid by the taxpayer. it'snteresting toe that u have seen them take a much more political tone in their response, - at least to me in theiresponses they said no laws were broken and part of the job of being at the state department which is absolutely true is building relationships and trying to decide who is going to get access to whom. >> one quick qstn. the fbige tarng atate electi?on >> that's right. second set of documents fbi flash alert that wt out after there was a breach of a state elections board website and then also an attempted attack on another one. d our contas say that it really is the m.o. of these russian-backed cyber militias. that's important because what we have seen in the last three months is really
11:16 pm
almost a strategic gatheri of intelligence. the dnc, the dccc elects ople tthe house hee ch on theatoun a well. >> none into the rnc ar as we can see. they have a more s he first at this indicated that we haven't looked into that. >> you have go to ae they have been in the r, too but you have t bn able to identifyt yet. >> catheri, thank you. >> you'reelcome. >> a bad day for secretary clinton's top advisor besides e new emails. huma abedin h announced she is investigating? her husband former congressman anthony weiner. rob schmidt is here to explain. rob? >> real rough day former congressman weiner losing tw job i contributor to new y station one and the other writing columns ne. the new york daily's aln ha announcing e elrating fro h ying,uo: afte lg and painful consideration and won my mrie, i haade the decision to separate from myusnd anthony and i remai devoted to dng what ibestor ousonho w is the light of
11:17 pm
our le. during this difficul time i ask for respect for pracy. ,ow,s after the "new york post" revealed a new scda its the third time that anthony weiner has publicly embarrassed himself and his family. wiener was cost sectioning with a0-somethg divce say. told the posthey have been in contact for 19 months but never metn person. the starring the sma that p covr show weiner now a h sband in his underwear laying in bed next to toddler son when he took that photo. woman remaining anonymous responded to that photo you realize can you see your blank in that pick. us the former politian's last ne of co rerence to somethinge. thony wne w democraticgrsman1 e rigned photo surfac from him in his unrwear he hadent to coeglle student in washington state. weh tried to reviv his career by running in new york city in 2013.
11:18 pm
his numbers tanked when he was caught sexting yet again under carlos danger. right now weiner is not talking about this. his twitter account has been deache activated. greta? >> that comes under the title finally he is deactivated. thank you for the record and welcome to the fox news channel. >> thank you. see you later. >> secretary clinton may be leadinin many polls news out today cld give donald trump fresh ammunition. "on the record" political panel is here. massive manhunt underway. murder suspect confessing to murder on facebook and t going onheun.
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that? have they released any information about the vehicle he might be driving? >> yes, he might be driving in a volkswagen jetta accordg to vehicle registration data, he owns one. >> and of course, any corol and idea -- i assume it's north carolinaag, plates? any idea on the color? >>o. all we have is the type of car he has. aight. so is a jea and t picres on the reen if anyonha
11:25 pm
seen this m, is wanted for er andeonhe runnd thought to be armed and dangerous. call the police if you see him driving a jet attachment monica, thank you. >> thank you. >> andore new trouble for the clinton campaign. the political panel is next. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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the hits keep coming for the clinton campaign. new released emails show a direct connection between the clinton foundation and the hillary clinton led state department. top donors tried to get specia favors and some donors did, in fac get them. chairman of the oversight committee congressman ron saos goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >>ell, we have heard this before that therere emails connecting the clinton foundation with staff over at the state documt who worked directly with secretary of state hillary clinton. then secretary of state hillary clinton. what are you going to do about it, if anythg? >> well, i have sd for over a year that we need to have a special counsel investigate not only the email and top secret information but also the clton foundation because whether you have is a lot of money going into this foundation. some of it was from american citizens but a lot of it was from foreign citizens and even foreign governments and then you had actions that the state department took in different instances and those need to be vetted and see whether there was a
11:30 pm
pay-to-play going on. emails were disturbing. want to lock further. i would also say the fact that she didn't turn over the clinton foundation, many of the clintonemails and the far attorneys used bleach bit to wipe the server, to m that dicates thathere is ere there skee. >> there are a couple issues on the table there first of all, aso secretary clinton herself, the fbi director comey has said that he does not recommend going any further, he does not recommend, for instance, sending it to a grand jury. as to whether or not the clinton foundation should be investigated, you say that might need a special prosecutor but the fact is that you have got a u.s. attorney in the southern or eastern district of new york. you have prosecutors there who are perfectly able to do that. i imagine if you thought that had merit that youight make a commendaon oebod too that. tt e a means to do that. is that fair? >> it would be if that were what were hpening.
11:31 pm
we have had reports that the fbi has tried to investigate the foundation and attorney general lynch put the gobash on it they won't comnt on at's goi on. we'tnow whether this is bei investid at all. ifou have aattorney gel who is wilngo let the u.s. attorneys do their jobs, then, yeah, you don't maybe need one. but i wou say though given th's happened wh attorney general lynch, meeting with bil clinton, the way she performedn front the jiciary committee, refusedo answer questions, i don't think a lot of us have confidence in her handling anything more with the clinton case. and, remember, comey did not recommend prosecution for elassie infmation mishandling. but he did s ty no tl t tth wn her wk-retedmails. they found thousands of emails and obviously were getting thousands more now. many of them had to do with thelinton foundatio >> now, in terms of director
11:32 pm
doou t thaasisirec opio hing precutim hea the fbi or do you think t fbi using a crass term that the fix was inomething sinister a his recommendation. >> i thi the justice department told him, look, we have concerns about usi gross negligence even though that's the standard, even though the justice department will prosecute simple negligence in things environmental c. i thi they said wean you to bacts tha sclose tnforma or arhentanf c that' not what 18 usb 7 is tryingo protect dependence. there are other statutes that can get that conduct. they wanted to impose a duty on high public officials to behave themselves in a way that's appropriate and not be extremely careless. so i think he interpreted a different statute than the one congress enacted and i think part of that was because of the prosecutors at the justice department
11:33 pm
and their guidance to him. >> and you don't think that he would overrule that if in his judgment he thought that was wrong? >> well, look, if they are telling him theyentntend tothe itedly wks. wher have the crimina instigators will defer to therosetor. now, oiously heas extensive experience himself. >> here is the thing, congressman, you know what though? if the fbi director thinks that he is getting some sort of command influence from the justice department or some bad direction, i would hope that he would have a stiff enough spine to make his own decisions, own recommendations. i don't know that it is. that's where this discussion is. either he was right in his recommendation or he is caving to the justice department. right? >> well, or he is just wrong on the law. maybe he agrees with the justice item. the bottom line is he said she was effectively grossly gligent in how she handled this. that's what the statute requires. loretta lynch, when we asked her about it, she wouldn't
11:34 pm
even talk about how they view the law generally, much less the facts ofsas soeot no insig from attorney generalyn l at all to try to clarify it. >> i think yr best chance if y are going to get a whistle blowerf you are going to get information if there is more it be happen had. >> thank you for joining us. >> happy to. >> annie linskey and from "fortune magazine" nina easton. is any of this email stuff at this point going to have any impact on e ectn? i guesst's gng to impact democrats? it's not going to impact republicans. but on independents and undecides. >> it hasn't impacted the race so far. there have been dramatic developments. have you had the fbi director show that she has exposed confidential information, national serity iormation. we have seenhat she didt tell the tru. we have seen now tha there is porous borders between the clinton foundation and the state department. the polling that really is fascinating is that right
11:35 pm
after comey came out and said, you know, she was reckless, careless with this information, a majority of the public thought he should have taken action, even though he didn't. yet, polls that came out just a week later showed her still ahead of donald trump in the cpaign. you're getting down to what's the alternative. >> you know, i find, this i was off for a couple days last week so this morning when i came in a question about the emails. i said are these new emails or different emails? i'm so confused now whether we have new emails showing more connection or ls connection? dote already know about this connection and so what does this all mean? >> that's pof the problem with this story, right? is that it just le tnk it absolutely will never go away because there is always going -- we are going to get probably another 15,000 emails. people are going to scroll through those emails for any name that's linked to the thousands and thousands of donors the clinton foundation or the people connected to thoseonors.
11:36 pm
i don't aagree it'sg no impact. ounk abo hi clinton has s many things going for her right now. yet, we are all tal about thi and, y know,f donald trumas h any chance at this electionitt t this kind of thing keeps going andonneio becom even more clear. i ink that'she thinge l hen't had that email from hillary clinton just saying a milon dollars and i will get your visa taken care of. >> i think thathe only impact itight have is when she is on that debe stage and she is asked the questions about that. she gng to be prered for it but if the question -- there may be some tough questions about those. >> she will be prepared. >> again, it depose back to i agree it's definitely keeping her numbers low th they would be otherwise. you go into this race with a republican nominee who has got a lot of flaws, and with the demographics working in favor of the democrats, not the republicans, you cou gu she should be much higher. >> but it doesn't matter if
11:37 pm
her numbers are lower if she is still winning. it doesn't matter if she wins by a little bit or a whole bunch recommendation it kind of does. if it's a landslide, that's going cause real serious rethinkingithin the republic party. if it's a weeker, the dynamics are going to be different. going back to your debate question, okay, she answers an email question. she answers a clinton foundation question. she will be very practiced if in how she does it something happen like donald trump doesn't know somethg. that's not gng b the headline out of the debate, i b. we will see b i bet. >> let say youre right and that the poll numbers today are the same that they are november. but we're already talng about a special prosecutor for another clinton administration. i mean, you know, it is going to effect. >> clinton administration there will be a no special prosecutor. it will be her attorney general who will have to appoint one. >> that's a good point. >> annie and nina, thank you both for joining us. super star dwyane wade's cousin, a mother of four,
11:38 pm
viciously murdered while pushing a baby stroller. now donald trump is gting involved in the chicago violence. also, we investigate why her murder couldave been prevented. th's next. plus, a fox weather alert. dangerous a poo poo tinel tenly deadly weather headed her way. two major storm systems barreling down on the united states. states. and fox news you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your r. liberty stands with you™.
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take a lk at this. th is not what you want to see outside your airplane window. an explosion ripping off part of a southwest jet's engine. the boeing 757 was flying from new orleans to orlando when passengers heard a loud boom. terrified passengers put on oxygen mask while quick thinking pilot made emergency landing. pilot was able to land the plane in pensacola. miralously nof the 99 passengers and crew on board was injured. d quick-tnkin pilo to drinking pilot o itedli pilots yanked from the flight for
11:43 pm
beg drunk. the flight was about to take from scotland headed to newark, fugitive, and united airlines saying the two pilots have also been removed from all flying duties it n known how police disceredhathe pilots were dru after a0-urho d t lo are 521 passengers took off with new and sober pilots. violence in chicago spinning more and more out of control. this weekend alone in o, 10 people were killed and 57 were wounded. one of those murdered was the cousin of nba super star dwyane wade. nykea aldridge. mike tobin is live on t streets of chicago. mike? and, gre, the politicos e getting inv jesse jackson just weighed in saying chicago is in a stat of undeclared it's really donald trump who dragged thisnt the political arena ove twitter. his first tweet on saturday reading dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying african-americans will vote trump. this morning wrote look how bad it's getting. how many more shootings will
11:44 pm
it take for african-americans and latinos to vote trump equals safe? the chicago police superintendent somewhat dismissed trump's statement saying if he has a ha jik bullet solve the problems in chicago or anywhere please share it however, chicago police are campaigning about the laws and using the aldridge murder as an example. the suspects were well-known to police and the justice system. the oldest 26 years old. both of them slapped with the title career criminal. documeed gang members, coicted felons, least oneith a gun cvictio ouon ttrt having th senteesa portion of aldridge was not the target. a man who apparently looked at the brother, dw eirggn beas not hit. the 32-year-old mother pushing a newborn was struck in the head and arm. the police superintendent says this case is note worthy, not because ofhe connection to an nba super star, because it's an example of what police are up against. now, a spokesman tells me that some 64 people were shot over the weekend in chicago. 86 them died of their wounds and police knew an
11:45 pm
overwhelming majority of them. people who engage in gunfire ar often the targets of gunfire. but the spokesman complains that cops can only arrest olent people. they can't make them serve eihole sennce. greta? >> mike, thank y. andhat a tri story that p wanustushing hean in aoller. >> yh. >> noe eangew californ lmarsad sure le broke tner will not get a lht seen f rape. turner a former stanford immerpaed national outrage whene w given just six months in jail for raping unconscious e. leadersh that allowed the judge to go easy on turner turner will be relsed o fridayfter serving just three months behind bars. severe weather looming for several parts of the country. are you in the path of a storm or the potential flooding? that forecast straight ahead. and don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne con v.a. manager kellyanne con v.a. joins tonight at 10:00 p.m.
11:46 pm
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this is a fox news alert. dangerous tropical storms threatening parts of the unitedtates. who is about to get hit? fox news senior meteorogt janice dean is tracking it a. ce? >> hi, greta. yeah, we a watchin rasyem nnl o e atlanc but the pacific. this is hurricane gaston, not going to effect land, but we have two tropical depressions that could be named within the next 12 hours. tralepression number 8 and tropical depre numb s talkbo number 8. close to the coast line here. the outer banks coming very close or brushing the outer banks and moving north and east out to sea. outer bands and gust request winds as well as rip current. people are urged to stay out of theater. we are not talking a big
11:51 pm
major storm across the het coa le. take a loo at tpical depression numbe 9 this is probably going to be nad be with the next 12 hour here is the official tract from the national hurrica center. as we go further out in time wednesday and thursday we will watch this very carefully. some of theorecast models show thi becoming a minimal hurrice. the one thing is for certain much of the sunshine state going to get a lot of rain. the potential for very gusty winds, tropical storm force winds or hurricane force winds as well as the threat for tornadoes. watching thatarticu landfall possible wednesday into thursday. also want to make mentne havewima hricanes in theacific. this hurricane, this is madeline, it's aatory 3 stor geing very close to hawaii over the next couple of days. and the one bind i as well watching the hain islands veryarefly this week. greta, a lot to wch and ainl keep u up to te fm e fox ereme weher center. back to you. >> janice, thank you.
11:52 pm
the news.ed read an alleged nun kler is behind bars. rodney sdersrresd a arged with the vicious murders of two mississippi nuns. he facesapital murder charges means the death penalty son the take. he is alleged to have stabd both ns to death their home and then steang their car. nothing else was taken from the home. epipen maker mylan is trying to offer relief to allergy sufferers. the company responding to national outrage over a giant price hike. so now mylan is offering a generic version of the ipen. the generic version will cost about $300. at's pcey. half of the price o the now $600ife-savingevice. in 2009 that treatment cost only $100. panic and chaos at l anles international airport aft reports of shots fired. people running for cover as police armed with rifles stormed the airport. the faa divertedor than
11:53 pm
20 incoming flights. itllurned out to be a false alarm. police now sayhere were no gunshots and some kind of loud noise sparked the pani sad news tonight actor gene wilder dn't died tonight. he starred along were brooks in frankenstein and he is best known for playing willy wonka in the willy wonka and the chocolate factory ♪ come and soar with me in a worlofur imagination. ♪ into your imagination. gene wilder dead and coming up. a shocking video that shows just how far police will go to protect you. my off-the-record is next. and time is almost up to vote on twitter. should the nfl punish colin kaepernick for sitting down during the national anthem? tweet yes or no using
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les all g off-the-record. i often wait until friday to show you something inexpiring because i figure after a week of politics and a full week's menu of bad news that you need your spirits lifted a want be inspired. ll, i know i needt. weodsn frida but i can't wait. i love and admire great peoplend jersey transit police officer victorr tease, yeah, a cop, a selfless cop is a great person. here is he risking his own life pulling another man, somebody he doesn't know from the train trackst a terminal just i the nick of time. savinghatan's le. amazing, isn't it? the next time you hear someone say something rotten about a cop. make sure you remind that person of officer
11:59 pm
tis. ce a thater ashalkingld av toura to . is that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and time for campaign flash. secretary hillary clinton taking the day offromhe campaign trail. she will h therail again tomorrow. donald trump has been working to reach out to minority voters and on saturday trump will head to predominantly african-american church in detroit. and governor mike pence, donald trump's running mate just wrapping up a rally in atlanta, georgia. eaier in the d governor pence about 100 miles away in per, georgia. that is your campan flash. live twitter voting results or your screen right now. should the nfl punish colin kaepernick for sitting during the national anthem and the results are 81% say yes punish and 19% no, don't push. dot forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. makeure you go to my facebookage there is a lot going othouon't see "on the record" or evenn awire. totawi and to my facebook page. go to my facebook page a
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ke it. see what's there up next, "the o'rll factor." good night from washgton, d.c. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. andy? >> hi, tom. welcome back. i'm kigd, of course. coming up on the big show after another 6ing scandal huma separates from her husband, anthony wiener. funny thing is now that they e n together wiener will probably start to sext her. and colin kaepernick is sitting during theational anthem. he is so committed to his cause he will probably sit the benchost of the season. and gene wilder has died and we willoo lk a his comedic genius.


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