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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> that's it for us. "special report" is up next. from cold war to cyber war, the fbi says someone is trying to break into state election computers. and a lot of suspicion falls on russian-backed hackers. this is "special report." welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. it appears foreign cyber criminals are going after voting data and maybe your vote. there are concerns tonight that someone has already tried to hack into the computers that run the november election. and those concerns are setting off alarm bells here in washington, and all over the country. chief intelligence correspondent
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catherine herridge has this story. >> reporter: the four-page fbi flash alert was sent to election officials after foreign hackers targeted databases in at least two states. the fbi reports that eight ip addresses, each a code identifying an individual computer, used readily available software to scan election websites for vulnerabilities. after a successful breach, voter data was stolen. >> you're seeing more and more manifestations of cyber warfare to undermine the trust and confidence in american institutions, like the electoral system. >> reporter: the alert asks that states contact the board of elections and determine if any similar activity to their logs have been detected. jeh johnson held a conference call with election officials in mid august, offering services to scan for weakness and shore up the voting systems. the white house said it's
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considering whether the electoral process -- >> that would give the federal government more of a role in assisting the administrators of those networks as they deter intrusions. >> reporter: while the feds would not address that illinois and arizona were targeted, there seems little doubt other states are affected. >> all states should begin they've suffered such a compromise. >> reporter: the dccc that raises money for the democratic party and the clinton foundation. >> if we ended up having a razor thin election and there's any question of even a small number
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of votes that could create a crisis of confidence in the entire electoral process. >> reporter: analysts say the issues should rise above partisan politics and both parties should get behind the administration to make clear that the u.s. will not tolerate any hacking effort. >> what about the new e-mails in the clinton e-mail scandal. >> reporter: the head of investigations told fox friday that there are benghazi-related records in the 14,900 documents recovered by the fbi. and late today, the state department spokesman confirmed that they have identified a number of e-mails that are potentially related to the 2012 attack. a state department official said they will make every effort to release the records by the court imposed deadline of september 13. donald trump is getting ready to bring his case to the presidency to a television near
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you. he's hitting the airwaves with his biggest ad buy and hiding hillary clinton hard on the economy. he also prepare ascii address on his single biggest issue, immigration. carl cameron reports tonight from san francisco. >> reporter: with the election ten weeks from tomorrow, donald trump plans a major immigration speech wednesday in weex to clarify weeks of mixed messages on what was once his defining issue. >> if i win, we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: trump is off the trail today and shooting new ads in new york, before a california fund-raiser tonight. he's launching his biggest ad buy yet, $10 million across nine states where he needs to win. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. >> reporter: a new ad urges trump to drop out using his words against him. >> if i was dropping in the polls where i saw i wasn't going to win, why continue? >> reporter: trump tweeted --
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>> reporter: in addition to hiss speech wednesday in arizona, which has been postponed twice, he's begun to prepare for the upcoming debates with clinton. trump's debate rehearsals do not include a sparring partner playing the role of hillary clinton. roger ailes is an informal advise tore the debate team. rudy giuliani is playing a big role in the debate prep and suggested that trump's deportation plans are open ended when it comes to law abiding imgrants. >> he's going to go after dangerous criminals first, the less dangerous criminals second, then we'll see what our population is of non-criminal illegal immigrants. i think that's the point he has to decide. >> reporter: staff has been forwarding videos of trump of clinton's past debate performances against sanders and senator obama eight years ago.
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as part of his minority outreach efforts, trump will address the impact network at the great faith ministries in detroit, michigan this saturday. he tweeted today, african-americans will vote for trump because they know i will stop the slaughter going on. a new group calling itself republicans for clinton '16 is up on the web with a warning that if trump wins the election, it will mean that the republican party will get wrecked, individual freedom will go away, as will global stability. they are urging republicans to get out and vote for senate and house seats. >> carl, thank you. breaking this afternoon, the u.s. supreme court has turned down the libertarian party of ohio's emergency request to have the presidential ticket of gary johnson and bill weld listed as
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libertarians. instead, they will appear as independent candidates. justice kagan referred it to the full court, which denied that request. homicides in chicago are way up this year. in fact, they are greater than the numbers of murders in new york and los angeles combined. tonight, the crisis is getting new attention. as noted earlier, the gop nominee is weighing in, as well. mike tobin has the story. >> reporter: even in a city seemingly numb to skyrocketing gun violence, the mother of a 34-year-old stands out. she was struck in the head and arm by gunfire while pushing a baby stroller. two brothers are charged with first degree murder. he went to possession for possession and use of a firearm by a felon.
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both were an parole last friday. one was wearing an ankle monitor. >> they are a prime example of repeat gun offenders who don't care whose life they take and clearly, clearly, don't fear the consequences of their actions. >> reporter: the case made national headlines because aldridge is the cousin of dwyane wade. he commented only over twitter, writing r.i.p., nykea aldridge. the murder became politicized with donald trump. >> failed democratic policies, the policy of hillary clinton have created this high crime and crushing poverty, absolutely crushing poverty in so many communities under democratic control. we have bad schools, no jobs,
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high crime, and no hope. it can't get any worse. >> as far as what mr. trump said, i don't have a comment on that. if you have a magic bullet to stop the violence anywhere, not just chicago, in america, please, share it with us. >> reporter: murders are up almost 50% in chicago from last year and the victim is often not the intended target. about 47 of the people shot and killed around chicago were known to police. they keep a list of 1400 individuals police say are responsible for 85% of the shootings in the city. however, a spokesman says with lax laws, they're unable to keep them behind bars. >> mike tobin, thank you. huma abedin has finally had enough. the long-time hillary clinton aide is splitting from her husband, former congressman anthony weiner, over a bad habit he just can't or won't break. correspondent ron schmidt fills
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us in. >> reporter: hillary clinton's closest aide is separating from her husband of six years. abedin released this statement today, after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. during this difficult time, i ask for respect for our privacy. this after a new york post story revealed a new scandal. he was caught sexting with a 40 something divorcee. the most jarring photo, the smaller picture, shows weiner in his underwear laying in bed next to his toddler son. he was a democratic congressman for the state of new york until 2011 when he resigned after a photo surfaced of him in his underwear he had sent to a
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college student in washington state. a documentary released in may cataloged his 2013 mayoral rain. it was supposed to be a story of redemption, but ended up being a look at a career meltdown when weiner was caught again sexting using the name "carlos danger." and the cameras kept rolling. today, donald trump released a statement injecting politics, saying, hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. it's just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. weiner lost two jobs today, one writing columns for the "new york daily news." the other as a contributor to the local station new york one. so far no response from the former politician.
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but we can tell you that his twitter account has been deactivated. >> rob, thank you. depending on whom you believe, hillary clinton is either taking time off to do debate prep, hiding from the media because of the scandals, sitting on a relatively big lead in the polls, or all of the above. mike emanuel is covering the clinton campaign tonight. >> reporter: new polling suggests hillary clinton has lost some of her dnc convention bounce, but still leads donald trump among key voting blocs. a new survey has clinton leading trump by seven points among likely voters. 7% supporting gary johnson, and 2% for the green party's jill stein. what could potentially shake up this race is the upcoming presidential debates, and campaign officials are predicting trump will go for broke. >> we have a psychopath running for president. it is going to be difficult, because you have to prepare for
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many differe trumps, kind of like well-behaved, modest trump. i doubt we'll see that. kind of off the rail trump. a trump who doesn't prepare for anything and apparently that's how they're doing it based on reports. >> reporter: clinton aides call trump a formidabled adversary, and the democratic nominee is described as intense in her preparation. brian fallon said about clinton -- she feels like it is a proving ground that this is a job interview. >> basically, hillary clinton needs to memorize lines. >> reporter: there will be debate questions over the clinton foundation and the state department during her time as secretary. 54% believe clinton gave special treatment to big donors of the clinton foundation with only 26% saying that she did nothing out of the ordinary.
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the interim head of the dnc said credit's no big deal. >> somebody who is an activist saying i want access, i want to come into a room and meet heel, we often criminalize behavior that is normal. i don't see what the smoke is. >> reporter: a super pac backing clinton, priorities usa, has pledged $3.5 million, focused on efforts like boosting effort among latino voters in florida, nevada and colorado. as well as trying to maintain african-american support. heading into the homestretch, money is being directed toward the ground game. bret? >> mike, thank you. new indications tonight about the kind of growing challenges facing millions of americans on obamacare. the president's legacy health care law. kevin corke is live tonight at the white house with the latest disturbing news for the president's health care overhaul and the people who depend on it. good evening, kevin. >> reporter: and i can pass
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along just a bit of breaking news we have just learned that the president tomorrow will be meeting with the secretary of homeland security -- of hhs, health and human services. it's expected they will talk a great deal about some potential changes to obamacare in 2018. let me explain why. enrollment is nowhere near what the congressional budget office thought it would be. initial estimates were high. they're enrolling at half that number, so that means higher costs for those that take part and for the insurers, they're losing money. we're not talking tens of millions, but to the tune of billions with a "b." new analysis by the kaiser family foundation shows a third of obamacare exchange customers -- many insurers have stopped offering plans all together. i think this will surprise you, as well.
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united health group lost $1 billion for 2015 and 2016. health care service corp, north of $2 billion. and blue cross, blue shield of north carolina, projected loss of $400 million in two years. but the white house is pushing back, saying obamacare is still working, especially for the millions who depend on it. >> the administration is focused on making sure that we realize the potential around the marketplaces to expand choice and opportunity for people across the country. and what is clear is that the vast majority of people across the country will have access to a plan that costs $75 a month or less. >> reporter: that sounds good in theory. but here's the problem for
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consumers. as more commercial insurers bail on obamacare, they're being replaced by hmos, that means fewer choices typically. and on occasion, that means higher costs for the american people. and that's not what the president sold the american people when he was pitching this idea a few years ago. if tennessee, to give you a quick example, there is a commissioner there, julie mcpete, suggesting that the exchange in her state is "very near collapse because of the increasing rates that are being asked for and granted." some of these insurance companies are up over 60%. those are massive rate increases that get passed on to the consumer. tomorrow, the president will talk to the hhs secretary and i'll bring you all the details. >> kevin, thank you. president obama will take one of his final may josh trips
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overseas later this week. he will meet with his chinese counterpart before the start of a major international summit. >> an opportunity to once again make the case for america's focus on asia-pacific, to make the case for tpp, as a center piece for our strategic leadership in the region and address some of the pressing issues that will be on the agenda, including maritime issues and the south china sea. >> he add there is is the possibility of an encounter with russian leader vladamir putin, as well. and six democratic senators are urging president obama to make cyber security a priority at that summit. the fbi says a massachusetts man in custody tonight on a weapons charge wanted to kill president obama. a federal complaint says agents found a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition in the suspect's home.
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up next, we'll check the progress or lack of it, of president obama's promise to fix the veterans health care crisis. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles, where airport officials were still dealing with the after effects of last night's evacuation of lax. a false report of gunshots sent travelers racing out of five terminals. it happened after officers detained a masked man dressed in black and possibly carrying a plastic sword. fox 5 in new york, a new jersey transit police officer is hailed as a hero, as he pulled a man from the tracks as the train was coming. officer ortiz said the man told him, i just want to die. and one of the big stories here, the end of a year-long mission to test how people might get along on mars.
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six scientists spent a year in a dome, and could only go out wearing spis suits. it's the fourth and longest mission of its kind. that's
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news overseas. isis suicide bombers struck a wedding south of baghdad today. at least 15 people were killed and more than a dozen wounded. an iraqi official says five bombers took part in that attack, but four were killed by security forces. tomorrow, italy's government will hold a state funeral for many of the 290 victims of last week's earthquake. it will be staged at amatrice instead of in an airport hangar.
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italian officials changed the location after a public outcry. the obama administration has met its goal of taking in 10,000 syrian war refugees in the current fiscal year. the u.s. ambassador to jordan said several hundred syrians departed today from that country. critics of the program, including gop nominee donald trump, say displaced syrians pose a potential security threat to the u.s. a progress report tonight on president obama's promise to fix health care for america's heroes. doug mckelway tells us what's been done and what has not at the v.a. >> everybody on the committee has done good work on this. >> reporter: it was one of the rare instances of bipartisanship, president obama overhauling veterans health
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care. v.a. secretary bob mcdonald is touting the improvements. >> transformation is well under way, and we're seeing some results. >> reporter: tell that to vet steve cooper, frustrated with his iniability to get care for cancer, he took a recording device into a meeting. >> i was extremely heart broken that the system is just as bad as it was before the scandal broke. >> 97% of appointments are completed within 30 days of the prefed date.
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91% within 14 days, 85% within seven days and 22% are completed the very same day. >> reporter: but investigations suggest the v.a. has been slow to change. in houston, the staff was instructed to incorrectly record 223 appointment cancellations as canceled by the patient. when 94 of them were rescheduled in houston, the average wait time was 81 days. in detroit, the v.a. bought 300 tv sets for over $300,000. they were never installed because they were the wrong type. 2 1/2 years later, they're still in storage. a recent report found the v.a. spent $20 million on high-end art over the last ten years. >> all that money needs to be allocated towards the actual health care in the private sector. >> reporter: that $16 billion passed two years ago was supposed to give vets a private sector choice if wait times were too long. but the paperwork involved is so formidable, vets are coming back to v.a., flawed though it may
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be. >> doug, thank you. today is the first day of new regulations for commercial drone aircraft. the faa is regulating 600,000 drones in order to keep them from conflicting with traditional aircraft. operators of drones weighing 55 pounds or less must keep them in sight at all time, keep them from flying over people not involved in their operation, limit speed to 100 miles an hour, and altitude to 400 feet. one of professional football's most high profile players is refusing to stand for the national anthem before games. this has reignited a debate over freedom of expression versus respect for the country. adam housley has the story. >> to me this is something that has to change. >> reporter: he's not the first or likely the last to protest what he sees as social injustice. but colin kaepernick says his decision not to stand for the
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national anthem when it's played before nfl games will continue. he says it is meant to support people who have been unfairly treated because of their race. >> when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, i'll stand. >> reporter: the former starting quarterback for the 49ers had been most recently known for his struggles and injuries on the field. that changed on a friday night when his defiance was first reported during a preseason game with the packers. >> there's a lot of things that need to change. one specifically is police brutality. there's people being murdered unjustly. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. that's not right by anyone's standards. >> reporter: while some athletes and fans backed the demonstration, many do not, with some posting themselves burning kaepernick's jersey. the new york giants appeared to make their own preseason
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statement when the entire team and staff today shoulder to shoulder during sunday's anthem. >> for me, being a veteran and stuff, it's different. i don't think that was the right arena to make his point, especially with the national anthem and how that means so much more. >> what is he protesting for? if the protest is not married to what the flag represents, maybe we would have a discussion about what the flag represents. >> reporter: publicly the 49ers and nfl say they understand kaepernick's freedom of speech with. the regular season starting in over a week, the steam says kaepernick's protest won't affect their roster decision. bret? >> adam, thank you. conservatives rarely praise the leaders of higher education these days, but they are giving top grades tonight to the university of chicago over what
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appears to be a declaration of war on political correctness. james rosen reports. ♪ >> reporter: as if parting the heavens, the dean of students at the university of chicago has struck the biggest blow of the decade against the stifling effect of political correctness. in a letter, he touted the university's commitment to academic diversity, warning freshman, rigorous debate, discussion, and disagreement may challenge you and even cause discomfort. if an era when liberal students across the country have sought and received the creation of safe spaces, zones where they can be shielded from ideas they regard as hurtful and demand advance notice from professors when their curriculum could provoke an emotional response.
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the university of chicago says, we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might be controversial and we do not condone the creation of intellectual safe spaces where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives. >> this is one of the best steps i've seen. the university of chicago has been leading the way when it comes to academic freedom of speech. >> reporter: the ementire of academia strikes back. michael roth, president of wesleyan university, said the ellison letter was a publicity student designed to coddle donors and writing at the daily beast, dr. michaelson, accused ellison of suppressing free speech. >> he's creating a safe zone for racism, homophobia, sexism on
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his campus. >> reporter: administrators at the university of chicago said their embrace of free speech does not confer on anyone the freedom to threaten or harass. bret? >> james, thank you. what do you think? is this the beginning of an anti-p.c. backlash or just a publicity stunt? let me know on twitter or facebook. the maker of epipen allergy treatments will sell a generic version at a cheaper price after coming under criticism for huge price increases. now the company will offer a version for about half the price, $300 for a two-pack. the dow surged 108, the s&p 500 finished ahead 11, the nasdaq gained 13.
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video from norway. officials say lightning killed about 300 wild reindeer. it happened friday. experts do not know if it was one strike or several. the animals tend to stay very close together in bad weather. a spokesman says it is not unusual for animals to be killed by lightning. but this was an unusually large number. actor gene wilder has died. he's best remembered as the star of comedy classics such as "blazing saddles" and "willie wonka and the chocolate factory." gene wilder was 83.
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in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed, spending and taxes go
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up. in donald trump's america, working families get tax relief. millions of new jobs create, wages go up. small businesses thrive. the american dream achievable. change that makes america great again. >> he wears it like a crown. make america great again. but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. >> two ads going head to head. donald trump with a new ad and hillary clinton's ad of the past weekend, the new ad buy for the trump campaign is said to be about $10 million in battleground states. this is a new poll out hillary clinton with a seven-point lead over donald trump with the four candidates there. and that tracks roughly where our average of polls that we trust that we call the "special report" average of polls, the
1:38 am
five most recent polls. it has that almost exactly the same number for all four, seven points. let's bring in our panel, george will, tucker carlson. mara, where do you put this race right now? as we head into post labor day, ahead of the first debate, september 26, where is this race? >> i think that's where it is. she's got a substantial lead, five, six, seven points. that's where it's been. there is a theory about presidential campaigns that once you get into this part of the summer, the dynamic is pretty well set. only a spectacular collapse or a fabulous performance in the debates or october surprise can change it. that's where i think the race is. >> tucker? >> surprisingly close. given that we used to say in campaigns, one candidate won the day. i can't remember the last day
1:39 am
that donald trump can claim to have won. he's had an awful lot of self-inflicted wounds, yet he's still close. she's definitely winning, but their theory that there's this large pool of secret trump voters, that becomes real if it gets within three points, i think. and we're not that far from it. i'm just saying she is stubbornly below 50. that tells you a lot. >> there are negatives on both candidates, and they're very high. how much does that mean the impact of these debates will have, george? >> well, the debates are everything for donald trump, because he has to change the arithmetic. at this point, she's winning all 11 of the classic battleground states. if she wins, the obama states, 326 electoral votes. she's ahead, but it might be
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fragile and his challenge is to come on stage and rattle her by saying that you studied hard, i didn't. you have mastered your briefing books, i don't know what they are. let's rumble. >> and that will make a difference in people's perception? >> i think it could make a difference. donald trump has to pass the plausibility test for people. he has to reassure people that they can imagine him being president and beyond his base. those people are not leaving him, no matter what he does or says. they are very loyal. he has to expand. that's what all of the indications coming out of the trump campaign have said, that he wants to soften his stand on immigration, that's a recognition that the base is not enough for him. he's got to make it beggaigger. >> we mentioned other things can happen. we have this e-mail release
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scheduled for september 13. over the weekend, both sides were talking about the e-mails and their impact. maybe we don't. but they did talk about it. we did have a sound bite. it was citizens united saying these e-mails -- donna brazile saying this is no big deal, i can't even see where the smoke is, even though hillary clinton said i know there's smoke but no fire. >> i don't know where they get their metaphors. >> you heard what we already knew. there was actually one of hillary's employees working at the state department and foundation. but you saw doug band, the president's body man, calling and asking for special treatment of clinton donors and getting them. what you didn't see is any democratic saying this is bad, it's unethical. it reflects poorly on hillary clinton and the u.s. government
1:42 am
on its competence and ethics and i'm out. you haven't seen what you've seen on the republican side, life-long republicans saying i'm not for this anymore. this candidate is too flawed. why not? because the democratic party is a party whose only concern is wielding and acquiring power. >> george? >> the clintons have been in politics sense they got out of law school, which means they spent their entire adult life asking rich people for money. that is over 20, 30, 40 years corrosive. it corrodes among other things their sense of the little line that gets blurred to the point between public and private interests. get used to it. >> do you think this story has -- that the public has now fully digested the e-mail story to the point where even if some e-mail comes out september 13,
1:43 am
that they're going to be able to plow through it, depending on what it says? >> the e-mails are going to have to show a quid pro quo, it will have to show government action, not seating someone next to joe biden, but government action that looks corrupt. >> but hundreds of hits on benghazi, e-mails she said they were personal. none of it is falling under just the yoga and wedding planning. >> no, it's had an effect. why do you think her numbers on honesty are as bad as they are? this is what's causing that. i do think for it to change the dynamic of the race, to flip what's happening, not only would it have to be a quid pro quo, it would have to be something otherwise contrary to u.s. policy, or she would have to meet with a secretary of state, her or her predecessors would have met with.
1:44 am
>> what is the hillary campaign about? seriously, is it about infrastructure? no. it's about getting power and passing around the fruits oh of that power to our friends and wielding it for good. that's it. that's not a rational for a presidential campaign. if she had any scrutiny at all, i'm not sayi ining trump would but the message of her campaign is indefensible. >> her message is i'm not donald trump and he's really dangerous and scary. >> technically, george, this is a change election, it should be a change election if you look at the dynamics of election after election after election. >> it is. and it's a wonder at this point that mr. trump hasn't been able to take advantage of that. we just finished a lost decade in this country, a decade which we had not one year of 3% economic growth. the economy is not growing at all right now. in this atmosphere, which cries out for change, the candidate
1:45 am
has been a national figure now for 20, 30 years, is ahead. it makes no sense. >> we'll see what happens after labor day. next up, freedom of expression versus respect for your country. plus, what is happening in higher education?
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i'm really proud of the university of chicago, because for years, universities have been creating a problem for themselves by creating an expectation for students saying oh, it's harmonious, you're never going to be offended. then they're shocked, because students think they have a right not to be offended. >> racism, homophobia, they're going to be part of the college campuses already.
1:49 am
part of these initiatives is to figure out ways to address them. and by not addressing them, you're just creating a safe zone for them. in many respects, it's like shooting the messenger. >> university of chicago, in a letter to the class of 2020, the dean of students there, jay ellison, writes guess what? rigorous debate, discussion, even disagreement is okay. you may get challenged here, an even cause you discomfort. jay ellison is now a hero for some, wanting to push back on political correctness. this is something we've talked about a lot, george. what about this move? >> as someone who's been disinvited from a college campus, i'm delighted to say, hooray for the university of chicago. anyone who has experienced a chicago winter knows chicago is not for the fainthearted. but it's also not for these
1:50 am
students we call snowflakes, those who melt at the first sign of controversy. yale was convulsed by trying to appease students upset by hypothetical halloween costumes. appropriation by wearing a some barrow of that sort. it's infectious. takes the strong example of the university of chicago. then chris i chris iceberger got princeton to endorse. this mitch daniels president of purdue university. princeton undergraduate then institutes it at purdue. it radiates out. take as few people to push back. >> mara? >> i think it's going to radiate even more. even president obama has talked about this in one of his commencement addresses sometimes you are going to come up against ideas that you are -- that don't make you feel comfortable. >> you concede there has been a trend the other way. >> no doubt about it and it went too far and this is the corrective. and even the president has
1:51 am
talked about how he didn't use these words but how ridiculous some of the safe spaces and trigger warnings got and, guess what? free speech is about confronting ideas that maybe make you uncomfortable or you disagree with. and that's the whole idea of going to college. >> nobody has done more to create the environment that made this possible, i would say, than president obama by constantly accusing middle america as racism. someone paying two college twigs i brooded on this a lot. if i were a college lobbyist and running a big college i would be worried about this. the only way it changes is when middle and upper class parents say education level. it's not worked to pay for this nonsense. not making our kids smarter and preparing them for life and not making them better citizens and taxpayers are subsidizing and so are we. the whole thing is a joke. based on preconceptions from the 1950s and not worth it to send my kids to college. i'm almost there, actually. and i think a lot of other people are, too. >> there was this push about any tie to the confederacy,
1:52 am
any tie to anything tied to slavery, they were starting to take down buildings, and statues and there were questions about what was going to happen with the jefferson memorial here. all kinds of things. is this the beginning of the puck bash, i guess? >> the city of washington was named after a shay holder who some people think even worse grew tobacco. you cannot find someone in america who is not tainted by something. to which the answer is get over it. >> next question on this kind of topic, cultural social issues, the quarterback for the san francisco 49ers on his reason why he is sitting down during the national anthem. >> things are going on unjust. people aren't being held accountable for. that's something that needs to change. that's something that, you know, this country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all. and it's not happening for all right now. when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is
1:53 am
supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it's supposed to, i will stand. >> collin cab enter nic, mara saying social justice issue. donald trump said if he wants to find another country where he can makes a much country as he is doing what he is doing he should go after it. >> not saying he wants to leave the country. is he using freedom of speech just as those people on the university of campus are going to be able to do without hinderance. is he sitting down. to me, no big deal. he sex pressing his freedom of speech now, happily, show will everyone on the campus of chicago. what's the difference? >> tucker. >> so if he got up there and shout racial epitaphs you would defend that, too? >> no i wouldn't say that. >> why should he be required to stand up? not shouting racial epitaphs. >> and i'm hardly endorsing that either. i'm saying you are taking a pass on the question saying it's freedom of speech it? >> is. >> no, one, you have to have never left our borders to say something like this.
1:54 am
because you have no perspective at all not claiming america is perfect, obviously not. compared to what? when did rich people become victims? when did people stop laughing at the idea that someone who makes $10 million a year can get up i'm a victim. the president i'm a victim. oprah. >> he said. >> protesting. felt the sting of it too. now are overpaid athlete. the next time some overpaid entertainer, athlete or politician says boohoo people are mean to you because of yx, y and z laugh in their face including this guy. >> this is the new national past time. signaling, strike a pose and some kind of gesture that calls attention to yourself and your supposed virtue. the problem is is he a better quarterback than is he a social thinker. because what he is saying is and i won't relent until america is, what? perfect? of course it's flawed. the question is, again, as tucker says, compared to what? compared to where? and, therefore, the question is he says america has got
1:55 am
to change and someone has to say how is this going to promote the kind of change you supposedly want. >> i don't think anybody is saying he doesn't have the right to do what is he doing. the question is he as good a quarterback as the 49ers are willing to put up with what he is doing. >> that's another question. >> one correction tonight in our story about the university of chicago. we said hillary clinton's alma mater was wesleyan university. it was not. it was wellesley college. of course we wanted to make sure we got that right. up next, the debut of something we may see from time to time. monday mean tweets.
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... flush time now fora feature we may bring in from time to time mean tweet monday. my twitter feed can be an interesting place almost ever show. new barbaro after senate races, quote: >> just a map where the polls stood that day not a definitive prediction but, thanks. >> neal tweets: >> i doubt promos department will be going with that slogan but you never know. we'll see.
1:58 am
zach, it all depends on whether you watch in hd or 3-d, percentages actually change. last but not least. tommy lee: >> graphics gave this one a shot, tommy lee, and there you go. it's always fun. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. twitter can be a dangerous place. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> good morning. it is tuesday august the 30th. this is a fox news alert. fears of election chaos in november. voting in two states hacked. the urgent warning of the fbi
1:59 am
amid fears russia is trying to meddle in our presidential election. >> a terror plot thwarted. the man with a plan to plot police stations and president obama. the chilling step that stopped a horrific attack. queen elizabeth is hiring right now. it could land you in buckingham palace. i was just there. it is awesome. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fov of on this
2:00 am
tuesd -- "fox & friends first." i am heather nauert. >> let's get right to the fox news alert right now. there's a disturbing new threat. fbi warning voting systems in two states have been attacked likely by russian hackers. >> experts say this could be the tip of the iceberg as the white house scrambles to secure the electoral process. kelly wright is here with the breaking news. >> they can't escape politics in a presidential campaign. harry reid is requesting the fbi to investigate possible tampering with u.s. elections. he mentions ties between the donald trump campaign and russian interests russian meddling into the interests including hacks into the democratic party. they had a flash


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