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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 30, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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tuesd -- "fox & friends first." i am heather nauert. >> let's get right to the fox news alert right now. there's a disturbing new threat. fbi warning voting systems in two states have been attacked likely by russian hackers. >> experts say this could be the tip of the iceberg as the white house scrambles to secure the electoral process. kelly wright is here with the breaking news. >> they can't escape politics in a presidential campaign. harry reid is requesting the fbi to investigate possible tampering with u.s. elections. he mentions ties between the donald trump campaign and russian interests russian meddling into the interests including hacks into the democratic party. they had a flash alert after
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johnson talked about cyber security issues. the fbi confirmed to fox news foreign hackers broke into one state's voting system and was targeting another. they urged them to determine if any similar activity to their logs in bound and outbound has been detected. >> you are seeing more and more manifestations of information warfare to destabilize public opinion and undermine u.s. constitutions for instance the electoral systems. >> the white house is looking to secure the national power grid. >> it would give access to the federal government more of a role in the administrations of
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the networks as they deter intrusions. >> the fbi views this sign cybe attack as a serious breech that would require both political parties to ensure the security of americans electoral process. foreign hackers determined as one security expert states create a crisis of confidence in the electoral process. >> what do you think about this? is it in jeopardy? >> p send us your comments on facebook, twitter or send an email at national polls show the republican nominee closing the cap as he launches attacks in
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critical states. >> clinton had a double dig get lead at 13 points now it is at 7 points. 46 percent to 49 percent. gary johnson 7 percent and green party candidate jill stein at 2 percent. johnson and stein are well below the 50 percent threshold needed to make the debate determined by five another polls. they solicited donors on how best to beat trump during the debate. she told them i don't know which donald trump will show up. maybe he will be presidential and convey a gravity and try to consult and score some points. she went on to say i am not
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taking anything, any one or any place for granted. this is the most unpredictable electoral season ever i am running against any one who will say or do anything. that includes going after clinton's brain power or lack there thereof. trump posted does any one know crooked hillary who tried so hard wasn't able to pass the bar exams in washington, d.c.? she was stored to go elsewhere. he holed out a $10 million ad campaign. >> the first presidential debate 28 days away. hillary clinton could win the white house if donald trump
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doesn't step it up. she is winning all of the classic battle ground states. if she wins the obama states 326 electoral votes. if she loses she still wins comfortably. he's ahead but it might be fragile. it is his challenge to come on stage and rattle her. you have studied hard, i didn't, you have mastered your briefing books i don't know what they are. >> that tip stopping the attacks. the fbi setting up a sting around joseph garjulo's house in
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boston where an upside down flag was hanging on the front door. the raid led to a disturbing discovery stockpile of am nation and chemicals to make explosives. also uncovered was a handwritten note prohibiting him from own be weapons and ammunition. >> a massive manhunt from three dangerous inmates who escaped over the weekend. willie etheridge, michael elliot and walshay mitchell may be traveling in this, well similar to this, a stolen white ford f250 pickup truck. that was stolen from a work site hours after the escape in louisiana. the two men scaled -- the three
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men scaled two razor wire fences at nakatosh parish detention center after serving time for murder. elliot and mitchell for armed robbery. to extreme weather now, a tropical storm warning now in effect for parts of north carolina. residents brace for impact. a tropical depression slowly creeping closer to shore. it is expected to hit the coast as early as tonight. another storm brewing off the gulf coast taking aim at florida. the tropical depression likely to strengthen into a tropical storm today. residents are warned to have a few weeks you have supplies. massive hail storm making august look more like february in colorado springs. >> rain and hail dumping huge
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chunks of ice. some piles up to 2 feet deep forcing street crews to use snowplows and residents digging out their shovels. firefighters jumping into action after flash flooding. they use a broifrj the russian water. >> mark chapman was denied parole for a nine-th time now. he shot the legendary singer the husband of yoko ono. he killed him to gain fame. he is serving 20-years to life. tributes are pouring in this morning for iconic actor and comedian gene wilder. ♪>> an outpouring of condolences from friends and colleagues. director mel brooks released a
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statement saying in part, quote, he blessed every film we did together with his special magic. after steve martin calling him original and surprising every time. jim kerry tweeting if there's a heaven he has got a golden ticket. wilder battled alzheimer's disease for the past three years. he was 84 -- 83 years old. >> we watched willie wan kau and the chocolate factory outside. it is 9 minutes after the hour. fox news alert, security flaws exposed. >> panic at two of the nation's largest airports raising brand new fears about terror attacks. why the next guest says we could have a big problem on our hands. >> anthem outrage exploding
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overnight. >> the service member ripping the envelope actinfl actions ev union weighing in, too. the stranger who plucked the woman from the burning car. organizers struggling to find a moderator because of accusations and biases of donald trump. if only we could find someone who secretly hates trump and clinton equally. oh, there it is. irl introduces w supersizer fibers mascara
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>>e police union firing off an angry letter to roger godell denouncing the polarized player and demanding an apology for statements against police. a rookie envelope player now backing down from his pledge to sit out the national an dem in solidarity of kaepernick. he says he doesn't want to be a distraction. former marine bomb technicians staff sergeant johnny jones sweeting this at colin kaepernick. hey kaepernick, i don't have legs but i will stand with enough pride for both of us every time my national anthem plays. this morning sergeant jones is ripping the nfl star for relating patriotism for bigotrb.
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>> his comments equated racism or pride in this country or that anthem to supporting oppression. by no means is our country perfect and by all means let's address the issues and solve them but when you equate my pride and my country to a bigot in some other place or the ones in this country to the 100 million that aren't that way. i take issue with that. as a service member it's offensive for people not to stand for the national anthem. equating my pride to bigots or oppression to other things wrong with this country. >> we have no information. >> get down on the ground. >> get down on the ground. >> get down. >> two separate occasions within a matter of weeks chaos at two of the nation's busiest airports both thanks to false reports.
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those incidents in new york and los angeles were using fears of big security scares. here to weigh in former military officer for the fbi joint terrorism task force steve rogers. they work for the airport essentially that are first responders. >> they send tactical units in to deal with that. the problem we are facing is in these cases in l.a. and new york what happened? complete and total chaos. there's no one in the airport that can tell people where to go, what to do, where do you run.
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i was at kennedy airport three weeks ago. >> we have the first line of offense milwaukee's airport own police security force. that is the first line of defense. they are well strained y -- wel trained you say. what you are talking about is custom officers ice agents it could be store clerks, is that righted? >> the first line of offense should be police officers and law enforcement in the buildings. i am in kennedy airport i did not see one uniformed police officer. i was looking around. i did ask some questions to people that were there that worked there. what happens if there's a fire. what happens if there's a possible terrorist attack. one person laughed at me. i am talking about employees. they are not trained to deal with this threat.
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oh oo there are folks that don't know where the exits are. >> the police are the first line of defense. what i am sharing with you is your first line of defense are the people who work in the airport, they tell you where to go where to run, where to hide. they get there westbound a reasonable amount of time but what happens is a lot of people could be killed. >> the folks who work in big office buildings you are telling me the people who work there they don't? >> we get training in junior
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high school. you go to a bus terminal there are armed police officer there is, there are military people there at times. there are dogs. i didn't see any canine units in the airport. if somebody walked in with explosives how on earth are you going to prevent these things from happening. >> why is that? >> i tell you why i believe it is. our government leaders can't come to the reality that we are at war. they fall asleep on this and god forbid we get hit because we are going to get hit hard. >> when you pull up to the airport in your car they let you linger for a bit. >> you could linger and do whatever you want. the enemy is probing us. >> know where the exits are if you are a passenger. time now is 20 minutes after
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>> the tick kata air bag disaster. this time in texas. a truck carrying air bag parks exploding killing the woman inside the house and four others
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were hurt. takata exploding air bags forced a massive global recall. >> the epi pen. they want to know why joe mansion's daughter heather bresh spiked the laugh saving allergy drug to $600 per dose. congress is demanding she cough up documents regarding the costs, the sales and the revenues. this coming hours after they announced it would be rolling out a generic epi pen for half of the costs. parents will be interested in knowing that one. >> take a look at this picture. do you see a dress code violation? a kansas mom is outraged at her daughter's school claiming she was embarrassed for waring legings. >> i told bell you are not alloweded to call your mom and
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you are not allowed to change. she cannot bring you clothes. you need to go back to class and you have to ware the borrowed sweat pants. >> the 11-year-old new to the neighborhood and school left sobbinger her shirt wasn't long enough to ware the legings. legings and yoga pants are now banned all together. a victory for old glory under the friday night lights. south carolina high school principal sparking outrage after banning students from ringing american flags to a football game. the principal saying he taught them to use hispanic players on the opposing team. >> disappointed in the fact that i was expected to be disrespectful. >> the students saying they only wanted to use the flag to honor veterans. yesterday the principal lifted the ban. >> living laugh vishly like the
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>> it is tuesday august 30th. fears of election chaos in november. voting systems in two states hacked overnight. amid fears russia trying to medal into the presidential elections. >> the incredible dashcam video capturing a horrific ten car pile up caused by a out of control truck. ♪ >> stars they are just like us, right? taylor swift reporting for jury duty. "fox & friends first" starting right now. ♪
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>> good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends first." i am heather nauert. >> i am patricia stark. let's get right to the fox news alert. the fbi sending out a new warning about a disturbing threat to policies. >> russian operatives likely the culprit behind the attack. >> kelly wright is here with the latest. >> one security expert says foreigners are attempting to disrupt americans electoral process through the hacks. harry reid is requesting the fbi to investigate possible tampering. they mention ties between the donald trump campaign and russian interests and russians meddling into the elections including hacks into the democratic party.
2:32 am
the fbi issued a flash alert on august 18th after homeland security secretary jay johnson talked to various state officials about cyber security issues. the fbi would not confirm if the state was in arizona or illinois but statesermined activity to their logs inbound and outbound were protected. >> we ended up having razor elections and if there is any question of even a small number of votes that could create a crisis of confidence in the entire electoral process. >> you can see the threat is securing the national power grid. >> it would give the federal government more of a role in
2:33 am
assisting the administrators of those networks as they deter intrusions. >> the fbi views this cyber attack as a serious breech that would require both political parties to work together across their political divisions to ensure the security of america's electoral process. >> is our presidential election possibly in jeopardy? your comments are pouring in this morning. what are folks saying? >> jenny writes on facebook i would not trust anything harry read chimed in on. it is time to go back to using paper pallets. >> remember those days with the hanging chads. >> peggy says i think this preach dem crates why the ability would alter the election process should not be accessible. >> the thing you would want to do is not have white house as
2:34 am
the overseer. maggie writes the federal government should not be allowed to usurp the elections in the states this would endanger the integrity of the voting process. they show the gop nominee closing the attacks. >> good morning patricia. according to the same monday moth university poll to the lead who slunk to the next point. it has clinton at 46 percent trump at 39 percent officially
2:35 am
it is determined by an average of 5 other polls. but for clinton debate prep is already underway. how best to beat trump in a debate. i don't know which donald trump showed up. maybe will he come in and try to insult or try to score some points? trump tried to score points by posting this on twitter. does any one know that crooked hillary who tried so hard was unable to pass bar exams in washington, d.c. she was forced to go elsewhere. her brain power is highly over rated. it essentially claims clinton
2:36 am
will enter the same with the same worth. this is a major ad buy for trump. they said they wish it would have happened a little bit sooner like when clinton did over the summer. another fox news alert i think he's going to snap. the tip lead to police to a man dramatic raid unfolded. jessica what can you tell us about this? >> you can see the suspect's house on a quiet street in massachusetts. they took a in court documents
2:37 am
they investigated him as an extremist. he talked about bombing police stations killing homeland security officers and burning down mosques. in this video of his house you can see there is an american flag hanging upside down outside of his front door. neighbors became concerned about his behavior and a tipster did eventually contact the fbi saying he was afraid he was going to snap. another district told authorities he was angry that he didn't try to assassinate the president during the trip to marsha's vineyard. federal agents did raid the house on friday and they arrested him on saturday morning. he was arraigned in federal court in boston yesterday and was ordered held without bail. we know he has another bail hearing tomorrow morning and that is when we will find out if he is going to be held until his trial. in massachusetts i am jessica
2:38 am
rey reyes. you can see him if he is taken off in handcuffs on an emergency landing. the alaskan airline flight was headed from new york to seattle when the man started shouting after he was offered a drink. he walked to the back of the plane and tried to ordpen one o the doors. that man was taken to the hospital. >> facing the music ryan lochte says no way i am not going back to rio. he told paparazzi he would like to go back to the country one day if they will have him but said he is not facing charges if put on trial. he was charged with filing a false police report about an armed robbery after surveillance video showed a very different story. superstars. they are just like us, right?
2:39 am
taylor swift reporting to jury duty in nashville. she took selfies with other potential jurors and autographs. when the judge asked what she did for a living swift says song writer. he was she was ultimately dismissed from the case. >> i bet they see lots of celebrities in nashville. oo a 39 minutes after the hour. a delicate rescue. the dramatic video showing two workers saved from a boom truck dangling off of a bridge. >> bias alert. notice anything missing from the trump tweet aired by cnn? how about the word crooked. are you paying education for your kid's party? the top party school in the country has been revealed. i have been there. we will tell you about it when we come back. >> first a look at the weather across the country. hey, jesse.
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>> the family of a marine veteran who died from a foxic mix of drugs at a va center in wisconsin now suing the federal government. his family claims the va improperly prescribed him medication and the medications led to his death. the new data claims it shows how far the agency has come since a major overall two years ago. as doug mcelway shows us our vets may not be better off. >> it was one of the rare instances of bipartisanship president obama signed a bill for better treatment of vets.
2:44 am
>> the transformation is well underway and we are already seeing some results. >> tell that to army vet steve cooper were yofrustrated with h inability to get care for stage 4 prostate cancer. >> this is a nightmare. >> yeah, there's no number for primary care. >> it irritates the living hell out of me. >> is the va the best system in the world. obviously but i can only do what i can do. i ha i am given 500 patients on may 23rd. 500. it is almost impossible. >> the system is as bad as it was. >> it is ktypical improvements sited this month. >> 97 percent of the appointments for veteran's preferred date.
2:45 am
91 percent within 14 days, 85 percent within 7 days and 22 percent are completed the same day. >> but recent inspector investigations says the va is slow to change. the staff was instructed to incorrectly record 223 cancellations as canceled by the patient when 94 wausz rescheduled. in houston the average wait time was 81 days. the bill passed two years ago was supposed to give vets wait times proved to be too long but the paperwork involved is so permitable they are coming back to the va flawed as it may be. heather, patricia, back to you. secretary of state john kerry's solution to end deadly terror attacks? tell the media to stop covering them. secretary kerry making the statement during his first official visit to bangladesh saying no country is immune to terrorism if you decide to be a
2:46 am
terrorist and you are willing to kill yourself you can kill some people and make some noise. perhaps the media would do a service if they didn't cover it quite as much people wouldn't know what was going on. mainstream media bias. >> yeah, mainstream media bias alert we are talking about right now. cnn censoring a tweet on air to avoid calling hillary clinton crooked. the original tweet was sent by donald trump and it read this, i think that both candidates crooked hillary and myself should release details of med rale recor -- medical records i have no problem doing so. hillary? >> when cnn aired the story the word crooked was missing from the graphic. the anchor didn't use the word to say it on air so they choose themselves to take it out. >> dreaming of vacation? you can playoff plain tickets like a credit card.
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you buy tickets on cheap and select monthly payments. you enter all of your information so they can run a credit check. approval takes seconds. it is only available for tickets over $100. you can choose 3, 6 and 12 month purchase plans. >> results are now in. the university of wisconsin madison getting an a in partying. it's a great time school. i have been there. my husband went there as well. the princeton review rated it the number one party school in the united states famous for halloween bashes and end of the year block party. >> others west virginia university, university ch illinois at urbana, lehigh university and bucknell university. >> check in with brian kilmeade. he knows all about party schools because he has a kid in college
2:48 am
now. >> sadly my school was ranked. we have to do something about that. >> so proud. >> not yet but soon. let me tell you what we have planned. laura ingram is going to be on. as you know she is going to be playing hillary clinton. that's the rumor as daybreak onp tries to get his prep in. he will be talking about the immigration plan as well as saturday's address in an all black church in detroit. and we are also going to have governor rick perry on. stunning news for governor rick perry. he might or may not be joining dancing with the stars. that's a tease. he's going to be joining dancing the stars. we will talk about his work with donald trump's big immigration speech. that's what we have on tap. do you have any problem with that? >> you have enough, brian. oo and we are also bowling. heather, i am going to need you down here.
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>> no problem. see you soon, brian. we will be right back. my bladder leakage made me feel like i couldn't be the father that i wanted to be. now i use depend. i can move the way i really want. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at reconnect with the life hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing
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a woman saved by strangers in a heroic act all caught on camera. one car bursting into flames after a ten-car pile up in upstate new york. watch people frantically rush to help realizing that there is a woman trapped inside. a man with a fire extinguisher putting out the growing inferno while others worked to save the woman. they're trying to track down the heroes to honor them. another daring rescue saving lives of two construction workers after their boom truck tipped over. the workers tranded for hours
2:53 am
dangling 100 feet above the river in rhode island before being pulled to safety. they were doing routine maintenance on the bridge when something went wrong and they tipped. a second crew came swooping in to save the workers. thank goodness. a smoothie shop worker accused of disrespecting police officers and that person is out of a job. a florida cop posting this picture of the tropical smoothie employee online describing the incident. one officer was in plain clothes, another in uniform when employee said, quote, it's the cops, i refuse to serve them. the shop in winter haven florida firing the employee saying that the company does not tolerate discrimination. call back later. a major city left without 911 for nearly two hours. in washington, d.c., say it's due to a clumsy maintenance worker. he hit a switch.
2:54 am
the backup center failed. that contractor is now banned from all district buildings. seems like a good idea to fwhba that guy or gal. do you ever feel like your pooch knows exactly what they're saying but they choose not to listen? >> all the time. >> yeah. march. march. miley. miley! >> apparently they really do know. a new report shows that dogs care both about what we say and how we say it. >> yeah. the left side of their brain processes what words mean and the right side of the brain can tell whether you're praising them or if they're in the dog house. >> i've got a puppy who's also in the dog house, sawyer. he's wild. >> the time is 54 minutes after the hour. think you're doing yourself a favor by switching from cigarettes to ecigs.
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northern florida. the storms are creating dangerous surf in the gulf and the atlantic. senate minority leader harry reid saying two systems were hacked. and two big named politicians face tough primary votes. debbie wasserman schultz is fighting to keep her seat in florida today. we'll watch that. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. a texas student and her grandpa are in college together. the 82-year-old is finishing his associates degree in economics while granddaughter studies liberal arts. put down the ecigarettes. it damages the heart's main blood vessel which could cause heart disease. finally, the ugly. he almost got away with it.
3:00 am
the car thief hit a roadblock because the car he stole was a stick shift. he couldn't drive it. we'll be back again tomorrow, right? >> you will be. >> okay. >> we'll see you very soon. >> friday. >> perfect. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. thank you, ladies. it is tuesday, august 30th. i'm ainsley earhardt. start with a fox news alert. a federal judge now ordering the state department to turn over all e-mails from hillary clinton's top aide, hum huma abedine. this as we get an exclusive look stating huma knew clinton's server was not secure. voter systems in two states are hacked. and wait until you hear who's behind those hackings. then colin kaepernick still says he plans to sit out the national anthem. he'll sit through the enbe tire song even though the nfl sso


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