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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 30, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and jana -- >> we like everybody on that. >> and we'll be able to bowl on the "after the show show.." >> you'll be improving your score. >> i don't think so. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. we have tom finton and jim jordan. thank you so much. martha: we have new details on the genocide being perpetrated by isis in iraq and syria. 72 mass gravesites have been found containing the bodies of thousands. these pictures were taken in sinjar, iraq and and yazidis are thought to be buried there.
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we have a live report on this breaking news later this hour. back here at home in the presidential race. brand-new polls show the race is tightening. the big lead hillary clinton had against donald trump has been cut in half as we head into the fall stretch to election day. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. martha: clinton leads trump by 7 points, that's down from a 13-point lead that she had when she came out of the dnc. on immigration the hardliners have accused him of softening his stance. he tweeted out this. from day won i said i'm going to build a wall on the southern borderer.
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stop illegal immigration. watch wednesday. gregg: john, what else do the latest polls tell us? report around quoted the monmouth poll that shows a 50% reduction in hillary clinton's lead. there are other polls showing a similar tightening as kellyanne conway suggested. an emerson college poll shows a similar tightening. in ohio where clinton was leading by 4 points, it has donald trump in the lead. in michigan she is ahead by 5 where she had been ahead by as much as 10. why is donald trump surging in the polls? it's because of independents.
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in ohio he leads by 17 points. in pennsylvania he will lead by six. they pretty much split the young voter among the two. in michigan donald trump is up by 12. in pennsylvania she leads by 3. we'll see if this data is born out in other polls. we have more including fox news polls coming up this week. the early indication is as the trump campaign predicted as things are beginning to tighten as we head towards the labor day weekends, it's labor day when voters begin to pay attention to the race. but it's safe to say a lot of people have been paying attention all along with this. gregg: some of donald trump's comments led critics to say he had been backtracking on
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immigration. but he made it clear overall, he's not going soft on immigration? reporter: this a soften approach but not going soft on immigration. he was up at 3:27 this morning tweeting out that tweet about the fact he's going to continue with his signature issues of building the wall. but he will give that big speech in phoenix where he will lay out what he's going to do with millions people in this country illegally. but according to rick perry, this is not any huge change in policy. listen. >> donald trump is not softening his position on immigration. donald trump is going to secure that border in all the different ways you have to do that. he's committed to immigration reform that lets the people in we want in this country but those who have come in and overstayed their visas, those
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who have come in that are criminal elements. they will be rounded up and dealt with appropriately. reporter: the donald trump campaign not giving a tip of the hand on what they have in store. he has a big rally tonight at everett, washington. gregg: it looks like the sun is about to come up behind you at the beach in california. thanks very much. martha: clinton aide huma abedin announcing her separation from her husband after the latest sexting scandal. donald trump released a statement. here is what it says. hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to
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have close proximity to such sensitive information. who knows what he learned and who he told. byron, good morning. so your reaction to that story first. >> it's a huge headache for the clinton campaign. two of the three traditional broadcast newscasts led with the story last night. the clinton campaign would like to act like it doesn't exist. but it does. trump's strategy is to try to link the and continue-weiner split to the leak of classified information. we know hillary clinton handled classified information in a careless and negligent way. we know huma abedin, one of her closest parades was in on that
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secret email system in which classified information was handled carelessly. what trump is trying to say without explicitly saying so, somehow huma abedin shared classified information with her husband, anthony weiner who we know is probably one of the most indiscreet men on the planet and national security might have been compromised. martha: any opportunity like this to create those potential licks and the way you mate out, it's a reasonable question to be raised give what we know about the way these emails were treated. what the impact was and whether voters care about this part of the story, we are finding out what voters say because we are seeing some of the polls coming out. let's put the monmouth poll up on the screen. this 13-point lead has been cut
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to 7%. what do you take away from that? >> we have had a steady stream of bad news for hillary clinton in the last week, disclosures about the clinton foundation and emails. also donald trump has had a lot of trouble on the issue of immigration. he has been some what confused in his public statements. but on the stump he's been making fewer mistakes. he's been more disciplined on his speeches and has shot himself in the foot a lot less. go back to when the polls were at their lowest. trump seemed to be setting off a controversy every single day with something indiscreet he said on the stump. it's a combination of trouble for hillary clinton and trump performing better on the strum'. gregg: donald trump is getting
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in on the colorad consider on tn kaepernick controversy. >> i think it's a terrible thing. maybe he should find a country that works better for him. let him try. it won't happen. gregg: a wounded warrior who lost his legs overseas telling greta that kaepernick's actions are a bit of a slap in the face. >> his comment equated pride in the country and the anthem as oppression. by no means is our country perfect. let's address issues and solve them. but to equate pride in my country to a bigot.
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i thick issue with that. gregg: one player who previously said he would join kaepernick in protesting the national even them is now taking back his offer. martha: under arrest for an edly planning to kill the president. gregg: donald trump supporters in hot water for what some are calling an offensive remark. martha: remember the life and amazing work of a comedic icon as we say good-bye to gene wilder. >> maybe a couple years ago i could have shown you something. but today look at that. steady as a rock. >> yeah, but i shoot with this
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craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. gregg: a massachusetts man under arrest for an edly plotting to kill the president. police arrested this man after receiving a tip in july. he had a large stockpile of ammunition, weapons and
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explosive material. according to court the document he expressed a desire to kill president obama more than once. he also wanted to target homeland security. martha: a donald trump supporter is apologizing after retweeting a cartoon of hillary clinton in black face. pastor mark burns saying he regrets the retweet picture but not the underlying criticism he made of hillary clinton and democratic policies in general. heather mcdonald who has written extensively about the inner city situation in this country wrote this in the "wall street journal." hillary clinton tried to tar donald trump as a racist by associating him with the alt-right and it's mr. trump who has decried the loss of black lives to violent crime.
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mr. trump exposed the hypocrisy of the black lives matter movement, she writes. pastor mark burns, welcome back to the show. good to have you here this morning. so, i watched a couple of these interviews, and i saw the comments that were made about you this morning on another network, everybody shaking their head, they are just appalled that you would retweet this cartoon that shows hillary clinton in black face. what was your intention when you did that, and when you spoke out about her policies? >> obviously it was never my intention to cause some type of a controversy or to cause offense as it has to many people in this country, those in the african-american community and just people who think it's offensive. the black face imagery has been
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used in the past and it is offensive to african-americans. but my message i stand behind it. the methodology i would do differently. but the mess and is still my belief. i believe hillary clinton and the democratic party has pandered after the african-american community. and has -- was used that voting bloc just to get elected with policies that are color specific but not policies that will create possible prayer in these community. that's the real offense. that's the real problem. we want to draw all attention in the world due to a cartoon, but a reality, many african-americans can't afford to send their children to college. many minorities in this country, hispanic minorities.
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appalachian white families can't afford to -- don't know where the next meal is coming from from day to day, can't afford to pay their mort game. this is the real offense we have as americans, and especially to the voting bloc of the african-american community. many of our own families are in this status. yet we have been voting en masse in the democratic party. i believe hillary clinton will say and do everything she needs to say and do to win the vote, but then disappear the next four years. martha: in those interviews you did subsequent to this cartoon, all they wanted to talk about was the black face part. you used that black face which you explained to say that you thought that she in this case is pandering to black voters and that's a pandering image which has a lot of negative
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connotations. thened lying stuff you are talking about, the violence that exists in our cities. more black people are killed by members of their own black community. that's the issue that plagues them more than any other. this is a quote from the convention. he says our job is to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent who want their kid to safely walk the streets or walk to school, or senior citizens or young child walking home from school. fourth sake of us all and those living in the affected community, even that comment got jumped all over by van jones who called it despicable. what is the disconnect between what you are discussing and donald trump is discussion and democrats coming back at you with this divisive, hateful language? >> i think it's oh amazing and horrible that it seems like
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anyone that's a trump supporter. anything we say is offensive. anything that we declare is offensive, we don't have a right to our own opinions. and that's not true. we all have the first amendment right. but liberals will treat us as though -- they are playing the race card. that's the only way to control that african-american voting bloc. it happens every two to four years. they play on what's taking place during the civil rights movement and connect it up to today and keep focusing on race issues and not the real issues. here we are discussing a cartoon. where the cartoon can't feed nobody. it can't pay for nobody's education. martha: there are channels in the this country where you are
6:21 am
not allowed to speak your find as a member of the black community. they have written you off and decided anything you have to say is not worthwhile. let's put up on the screen the number of murders in chicago in the month of august. it's the highest in 20 years. 78 in the month of august. the spike in chicago murders is up 49% over the course of the year. something is clearly going on in chicago, and many other cities as heather mcdonald points out in her "wall street journal" piece have seen huge spikes in violence. and the numbers are starkly strong for black unemployment than white unemployment. the leadership has not served the community well. >> we don't want to deal with the real issues. we want to continuously be politically correct while given
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6:26 am
confirming at least two state computers were compromised by outside forces. the cyber attack is believed to be coming from russia. what do we know about which states are involved and how they might be involved in tonight's primary races? reporter: a critical story come november with the integrity of our federal election. it impact could be felt tonight. in florida debbie wasserman-schultz is trying to survive a tough challenge after stepping down from the dnc. and in arizona senator john mccain in the toughest primary battle of his career. arizona is one of those two states where the f.b.i. alerted officials that russian hackers could be behind recent data breaches of voter registration systems. in arizona an official said this
6:27 am
was a credible and significant threat. an 8 on a scale of 1-10. we are told it involved a county election official having their user name and pass word stolen. martha: f.b.i. director james comey is weighing in on this? reporter: he's delivering a speak this morning in washington on cyber-security. while he's speak in general rattles, it's clear he left the door open to russian intrusion. >> russia, iran, china, entities getting much more aggressive and sophisticated in state-sponsored activity. reporter: harry reid is demanding that comey open an f.b.i. probe of donald trump's ties to russian president vladimir putin.
6:28 am
reid saying the evidence of a direct connection to putin from donald trump's campaign. he's called an unwitting agent of russia. donald trump has completely refuted those allegations. but this whole issue of russia having a major impact on the election goes on. gregg: donald trump fine-tuning his immigration plan. >> we are going to build the wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall 100%. gregg: what about deporting all people here illegally? a major address planned for tomorrow. martha: we'll look back pat gene wilder's iconic career as his if he throw comedians remember the legendary actor.
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martha: five people are dead after a suicide bombing in somalia near the presidential palace in mogadishu. somalia's islamic extremist group al-shabaab is claiming responsibility for this attack. gregg: donald trump preparing for a major speech on immigration tomorrow.
6:33 am
he's saying he will deported illegal immigrants who are criminals. trump tweeting out a preview of what to expect. from day one i said i would build a great wall on the southern border and much more. stop illegal immigration. watch, wednesday! scott brown joins us, and former massachusetts senator, a fox news contributor. senator, in recent days trump seems to have backed off his vow to deport every single one of the 11 million people here illegally talking instead only deporting those with criminal records, which is a small percentage, just 13%. which means more than 9 million would get to stay. if he backs off his initial promise, won't his supporters feel betrayed?
6:34 am
>> i don't view it as backing off. i have known of his position. according to hillary clinton's policies, bringing in more refugees it's night and day. he's talking about e-verification. by taking away any and all benefits which they now get, it will force a lot of those people to make tough decisions. if you can't hire somebody and they are not getting free benefits, they are not going to stay. you have got to get them out of here. but what people need to realize. there is a process that involves congress. you will need congress, the president and interested parties to come up with a thoughtful, orderly process to get the people here illegally out of the country. is there a process for them to come back? that's up to congress and the president to determine.
6:35 am
so that's why i look forward to hearing his speech tomorrow. gregg: here is donald trump last week with sean hannity. >> there certainly can be a softening. we are not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. but we are going to follow the laws of this country. let me go a step further, they will pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes. there is no amnesty. but we work -- but we work with them. gregg: it sounds like what he's saying is no more deportation of 11 million, it would be more like 9 million get to stay because that's the 87% who don't have criminal records. won't his supporters who were trusting him feel betrayed? >> if you look at the exit polls
6:36 am
from the republican primary from states like florida, south carolina, states that donald trump did well in that were a big piece of of how he wound up becoming the republican nominee. a majority of the voters in the state when asked would you rather see all of those folks deported or see a pathway to legal status. a lot of donald trump supporters, this isn't their number one issue. having a pathway to keep some of these folks here if they have otherwise played by the rules and are willing to contribute, i don't know if that would turn off a ton of their supporters. but saying we'll prioritize criminals at the front of the line. that's similar to president obama's strategy. if you listen to what senator brown said about them choosing to leave them selves.
6:37 am
so up to now donald trump's position has not been crystal clear. as donald trump puts more meat on the bones of what will happen to those 11 million, it's unfortunateley for him politically we have spent the last week and a half debating without real clarity. gregg: maybe donald trump figured out or somebody told him, deporting 11 million people would be impossible. even if you do find them, they are required by law to have a hearing, and the current backlog is so severe, the waiting period is two years for a court hearing. there is only 34,000 beds in current facility. you are talking about 11 million people. somebody might have told him you can't do it. >> it's a logistical problem. there has to be a will by congress and the president to get it done. this president and presidents
6:38 am
prior have not had the will to fiction this problem. there is a logistical and funding problem. with regard to the self depore take, the biggest challenge and the reason there is not that particular issue is they are til getting the benefit. any plan that's being moved forward, the key to that plan, that's why rubio and schumer have failed is they continue to provide benefits for those here illegally. people will have no choice but to leave or find a legal process in which to become part of this country whether it's through a work program or the like. people are here many of them because they overstayed their legitimate and legal right to be here. but i'm excited to hear what he has to say tomorrow. when you compare it to hillary clinton, give away everything. no border issues, sanctuary
6:39 am
cities, more refugees. it's night and day. >> are you saying that i put an abnormal brain into a 7 1/2 foot long, 54 inch life? is that what you are telling me? martha: actor gene wilder has died at the age of 83. our producers spent a good part of the morning debating which of his many clips many people had fast it on should be shown as representing his career. here are some of them. >> you seem unusually upset. >> not in the least. >> i find it extremely amusing, that's all.
6:40 am
>> well, this was fun. i hereby sentence you to serve 125 years in the department of corrections. what? what? >> don't just stand there, do something. >> help, police, murder. >> there i was, face to face with a-year-old kid. well, i just threw my guns down and walked away. little [bleep] shot me in the ... >> don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted. >> what happened?
6:41 am
>> he lived happily ever after. martha: you see his work with mel brooks, "blazing saddles." , his chemistry with the late richard pryor. steve martin said this. good-bye, gene wilder. you were one of the great screen comedians, original and surprising every time. carl reiner saying au revoir. wilder co-founded gilda's club after she lost her battle with
6:42 am
disease at a very young age in 1989. wilder was diagnosed with alzheimer's three years ago. he wanted to keep his disease private because he didn't want kids who equated him with willy wonka to be sad. we all grew up watching those movies. and "willy wonks" was a classic. gregg: he enriched our lives by making us laugh. each of those mel brooks movies are really special. martha: there is nobody like gene wilder. i can't manage anybody else playing any of those roles. gregg: even his smile made us laugh. new comment from john kerry on the war on terror.
6:43 am
he says the problem with the terror attacks isn't necessarily the terror but the media reporting on the terrorism attacks. martha: all that orange and yellow on the right side of the screen is something to watch. we'll tell you what's going on out there. two separate storm systems are working their ways to slam the coast in the carolinas. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information
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6:47 am
us a service by not covering it so much. he said it encouraged others to commit terrorist acts when they read about it or saw others were doing it. john bolton, a senior fellow at the enterprise institute. president obama made similar comments and said the problem wasn't as big as it appears. fit bleeds it leads is what he said. >> thi embodiment of how they see the terrorist threat. a series of unrelated, unfortunate incidents that don't amount to a coherent threat and precisely things like publicity and attention that inspires other people who are robbery economically downtrodden to commit a terrorist act. if you believe everything is unrelated to any ideology, this
6:48 am
makes sense to them. this is the farthest thing from the truth. jordan's king abdullah has called this a war. if you think less publicity would help reduce the terrorist threat, you should apply after your term as secretary of state as an editor for "the onion." martha: there have been twice the number of incursions at ar - at sea between iranian ships and the u.s. >> speaking of things the media doesn't cover. we have seen intensive coverage of two specific incidents where small iranian boats capable of
6:49 am
carrying torpedoes and laying mines approached american destroyers and warships, but what this new report indicates is that this level of threatening provocative dangerous incident is much higher than was publicly known before. and that is significant. it's significant particularly because it shows that post the nuclear deal in the summer of 2015, not only did iran's behavior internationally not get better, not having been able to take advantage of the deal, it's gotten worse. and it's gotten worse in a whole range of issues with their ballistic missile testing and continued progress on their nuclear program, all of which gives the lie to the fundamental basis for the deal which was not simply to resolve iran's nuclear weapons threat but to change their behavior more broadly.
6:50 am
it is as of the data we have this moment a resounding failure on every count. martha: many people wanted to see those behavioral changes to be a precedent. the money we gave them back which as you ostensibly their money, they have now bought a missile shield from russia with that money. gregg: investigators uncovering multiple mass graves believed to be only a small glimpse into the savagery of the islamic state. pretty far back. that makes you more proud to be an american and more proud to be a veteran. i served in iraq in tikrit in 2009. when i took the ancestry dna test, i mean a few results came up that were really shocking. 11% of me comes from the part where i had served.
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martha: facebook creator mark zuckerberg came face to face with the pope at the vatican monday. zuckerberg says the meeting is one that they will never forget. no doubt. gregg: i wonder what he will use that drone for. martha: taking pictures over st. peter's square. gregg: it seems like the pope would enjoy that. new evidence on the malls murders being carried out by iraq in syria. associated press mapping out 72 graves containing the bodies of thousands of victims. sinjar montana the site of multiple graves. conor powell has the story. reporter: with isis losing
6:55 am
territory in iraq and syria, the brutal aftermath is becoming clear. the video and pictures are disturbing that were released by the a.p. estimates are 5,000 to 15,000. of the 72 malls graves. the smallest included 3 people and the largest several thousand. many of the malls graves are out of the reach of experts. many of these malls graves are expected to be discovered in raqqa and mosul where isis is fully in control. isis has made no attempt to hide atrocity. they publicized beheading and executions. but as isis loses territory we are getting fuller pictures of
6:56 am
the atrocity. the a.p. said this is a drop in the ocean of what we expect to find in the future. martha: new breaking details on hillary clinton's controversial association with her family's foundation. new calls for the democratic nominee to cut ties now and not later are coming from a somewhat surprising place. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation
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for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. martha: this is brand new just moments ago. "new york times" warning hillary clinton big changes are needed at the clinton foundation according to a brand new editorial and they say that needs to happen now and not wait
7:00 am
until if and when she becomes president. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'mi'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. "the times" editorial board voicing major concerns after new emails exposed evidence of pay for play, giving big donors preferential treatment at the state department. "the new york times" is calling for president bill clinton to cut all ties to the foundation. here is a quote. the clinton foundation has become a symbol of the clinton's laudable ambitions but of their tangled alliances and their operational opacity. if mrs. clinton wins, it could prove a target for her political adversaries achieving true distance from the foundation not only necessary to insure its effectiveness, it is an ethical imperative for mrs. clinton. martha: bret baier joins us now from "special report." bret, just going over some of the details in here, you know, i
7:01 am
mean for a long time this was considered sort of something that, you know, conservatives were piping up about and making a big deal about. but now with this "new york times" editorial this morning on their op-ed page it is essentially saying there is absolutely no way she can continue without cutting off complete ties at the foundation in this election. what do you make of it? >> this is a big deal, for "the new york times" to have this thoughtful approach in this editorial to say, this is a problem, and it has been a problem. democrats haven't talked a lot about it. you heard donna brazile over the weekend trying to say there is not even smoke here, and i think that a lot of democrats say the election is in her possibility. she is leading obviously currently but they don't want to see something trip her up and they see this foundation and the possible release of additional emails, the september 13th release of new emails as a
7:02 am
possible trip-up for hillary clinton. martha: we know that the judge says they have to come out over the next couple of weeks. just you know, taking a look at some of what is looking in the editorial, mrs. clinton involved in state department deals and negotiations that also involved foundation donors or board members. she prompted multiple investigations with an arrangement that allowed, huma abedin her deputy chief of staff and vice chairman of her campaign to be paid simultaneously by the state department and now vice woman of her campaign and paid by the state department consulting firm that involves doug band, another name that comes up throughout on this whole thing. bret, it is interesting point that you make. they want her to put this behind her so that it doesn't continue to dog her in this election. >> that is what is kind of hanging over the rest of this election, is what is the thing that potentially is the problem for hillary clinton beyond the honest and trustworthy numbers we see in the polls.
7:03 am
beyond whatever is going to happen in the debates that go forward, i think the question is, not only did the foundation say we're going to move on and leave chelsea clinton as the head, even if hillary clinton gets the presidency, but we're going to continue to take foreign donations in the health initiative and that is a disconnect for a lot of people if she takes office. martha: so as you point out we're heading into debate season. you can easily imagine the questions that should be, should be asked about the foundation, about her connections to the foundation and then the possible rebuttal by donald trump up there if she tries to say, you know, that there was no connection, that there is no smoke there as you say donna brazile said. let's put up some polls, we've seen the discussion about this and reporting in the past couple weeks appears to have impacted her somewhat. her lead was 13%, bret and is now at 7% in this particular national poll.
7:04 am
>> i think if you look at battleground states it is also very tight, a number tightening in recent days. i think that the concern on the clinton folks is that she is not leading by more at this point considering the coverage of donald trump, considering the past, before the last week, the weeks before that he had a couple bad weeks in a row. arguably the trump people would say he is back on track, giving these speeches and is making some headway. i think they see this, and obviously "the new york times" as a reflection of the a democratic point of view, seize it as a concern and something they have to put behind them. martha: that period after the dnc when donald trump ran into a lot of trouble with some things that he said, took the focus off where his campaign wanted it to be, he gave a number of policy speeches, tried to set the course. you do that by doing that and hillary clinton hasn't really done that she hasn't made the conversation about her policies what her plans are for the next
7:05 am
four years, where she wants to take the country. seems like it would be high time to do that if she wants to get attention off that. >> exactly right, martha. what is the clinton campaign? what is she running on? she is mostly running i'm not donald trump and you can't afford to have donald trump. but what is she really running on? i think that is the thing that the debates possibly are going to illuminate, the difference between the two candidates. martha: we'll see. good to have you in new york. thanks for being here, bret. see you soon. gregg: there is growing concern that russia may try to rig u.s. elections by tampering with the results in november. senate minority leader harry reid now asking the fbi to investigate recent cyber attacks targeting state election data. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington with more. what are you hearing from the fbi? reporter: well, thanks, gregg. speaking in washington this morning at a cybersecurity
7:06 am
conference the fbi director said the u.s. government must make clear to foreign adversaries that it will have a zero tolerance policy. >> we take very seriously, any effort, by any actor including nation states, maybe especially nation states that moves beyond the collection of information about our country. and that offers the prospect of an effort to influence the conduct of affairs in our country. whether that is an election or something else. reporter: this four-page fbi flash alert was sent a few days ago to election officials across the country after foreign hackers targeted voter registration databases in at least two states. we believe illinois was affected and also arizona. what stands out here according to fbi report that eight i.p. addresses using an unique identifying individual computer used readily available software to scan the board of election websites. once inside, they were able to
7:07 am
breach and then they were able to take off with voter registration data. the use of one i.p. address in both of these hacks suggest experts there was coordination. >> there are no doubt in my mind that the russian underground itself, whether criminals paying homage to the regime or state actors themselves have leveraged this attack in conjunction with a larger campaign of attacks that began last summer in ernest called pawn storm. reporter: kellermann says boards of election in all the states and territories need to operate from the assumption they were breached and find information that in fact their systems are still secure, greg. gregg: we mentioned the senate minority leader. what exactly is harry reid saying? reporter: senate minority leader harry reid wants the fbi director to open investigation of donald trump's alleged ties to russian president vladmir putin. he talks about mike morel to justify this request.
7:08 am
he was critized after endorsing clinton in "the new york times" because he works for clinton aligned consulting firm, beacon global strategies, first documented by fox news and morel did heavy editing on the benghazi talking points that wrongly blamed the demonstration for the 2012 terrorist attacks. critics say he is clearly not an objective observer in all of this. gregg: catherine herridge live in washington. thanks. martha: a pair of tropical storms threatening the united states ahead of the labor day weekend a big storm gathering steam in the gulf of mexico. forecasters watching powerful category 4 hurricane near hawaii's big island. janice dean is busy with all of this. she is in the fox weather center hi, january sis. >> hi, martha. it is peak season. this is gaston our hurricane in the atlantic, not going to affect land which is good news. we're tracking a couple of
7:09 am
tropical depressions. this is tropical depression 8. we don't think it will make landfall across the outer banks. might come close or brush the carolina coastline as tropical storm next six to 12 hours but it will go out to sea. we're seeing rough weather. could see outer rain bands, gusty winds, high waves, rough, that kind of a thing but not a big deal. tropical depression number 9. this could get a name in maybe next advisory comes out live ven okay. sometimes we get it a little earlier. we'll let you know. looking rather healthy on satellite imagery. you can see colder cloud tops here. we still don't think it is getting its act together. we have hurricane hunters flying inside. we'll get an update. we'll give it to you. sea surface temperatures. point out this is very warm. this is bath water and fuel it needs however upper level winds
7:10 am
are not that conducive for rapid development. we'll still watch it. we could see a strong tropical storm making landfall wednesday or thursday. perhaps a minimal hurricane. we need to watch this heavy rainfall for the sunshine state. we'll see tropical storm force winds along the big bend very least. and storm surge. this is big deal thursday into friday for florida. make mention double hurricanes across the pacific. madelyn and lester. category 4 for mad din, coming close to the big island on wednesday as perhaps a minimal hurricane. we're watching the tropics. we'll keep it alerting especially if the advisor comes early. gregg: rush limbaugh calling on colin kaepernick. >> kaepernick can do what he wants, everybody applauding him, he has the right to, he has got the right to do it, that is everybody's copout. gregg: that is not all he had it
7:11 am
say about 49ers quarterback. how will this indfor the embattled nfl star? martha: big day for john mccain. he faces a primary battle in his home state of arizona but next year, next here, why his real challenge could be in november. gregg: donald trump preparing to deliver a major immigration speech after a week of mixed messages. so will trump finally settle the issue? >> everything needs to be examined and looked upon but give donald trump credit for at least trying to address a complex issue and not pretending like hillary clinton does, we don't have these problems. try a. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ ♪ martha: today is a big day for senator john mccain. he is looking for a big win in his home state as he faces a challenge in the arizona gop primary for his senate seat. polls show mccain has pretty comfortable lead over republican rival, kelly ward. his team is hoping for a wide margin of victory to propel him in the general election. he faces a much bigger challenge in november against arizona congresswoman ann kirkpatrick. democrats looking to regain five seats that would help them gain majority in the senate. boy, these races are ones to watch as we head into november. gregg: donald trump preparing to deliver a big speech on illegal immigration tomorrow. it comes after many accused the republican nominee of
7:16 am
flip-flopping on the issue of deportation. earlier this morning he tried to set the record straight, sort of, on twitter by saying this. from day one i said i was going to build a great wall on the southern border and much more. stop illegal immigration. watch wednesday. jeff dewitt, arizona state treasurer and campaign chairman for trump arizona. jeff, thanks for being with us. this is sort of classic trump. what his supporters are angry about is the issue of deportation. what does he talk about? he talks about the wall and security and sanctuary cities but he is not making it clear whether he will fulfill his original promise to deport every single of the 11 million people here illegally. doesn't he owe it to voters, in his speech, to make it a abundantly clear whether he is going to fulfill the promise or not? >> i think you will see that addressed in the speech.
7:17 am
you will see a lot addressed in the speech. i can tell you nothing has changed at all commitment to put america first and enforce the laws we have. i live wit myself being here in arizona, being a border state, we see the problems first-hand. we see the drugs and see how much it cost. gregg: would it matter to you, would it matter to you if instead of deporting 11 million people he lets all of those who don't have criminal records stay, which would mean more than nine million would get to stay because 87% of the people here don't have criminal records? >> well, again i don't think he is flip-flopped at all on the issue. gregg: would it matter to you is what i'm asking? >> i look at, it's a choice between two sides. when you look at the other side, what is the other choice? the other choice hillary clinton that wants unchecked immigration. they actually show by obama's policies, she could bring in over 650,000 syrians in her
7:18 am
first four years. based on the expansion of obama's policies, which she is already talked about she wants to do. that is an area roughly the size of baltimore. gregg: i get it. sounds to me like it wouldn't matter to you if he backtracks. but look, a lot of his core supporters would be angry. they're dubbing him on line, #am necessaritydon. could he lose sport if he doesn't fulfill the original promise? >> he hasn't said anything about amnesty. he is very firm on the stance of no citizenship and making sure we enforce the laws on the books. gregg: i'm not talking about amnesty or citizenship. i'm talking about getting stay here without getting deported more than nine million argueally would get to stay. >> again i don't think the stance has changed. i think he will address that tomorrow night in phoenix, which is one of epicenters -- gregg: why has he said all the things, i want to be humane and
7:19 am
people come to me and you can't rip apart families, which means people who haven't committed crimes arguably would get to stay? >> you know, part of the problem that any new president faces is that you don't just implement every policy that you want. you have to work with congress and you have to work with the senate to get these laws in place. now we have a current president loves to use the power of executive order in very overreaching fashion, but donald trump has said he wants to work within the system. part of the system is appeasing you know, speaker other power sent -- centers we have to. you don't get to. gregg: i realize, he made a solemn promise to the supporters would do this and maybe reality is setting in, those people would be disappointed. whether reflected in their votes is another issue. jeff dewitt, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. martha: donald trump responding to anthony weiner's sexting
7:20 am
scandal again, this time with attack on hillary clinton. why he says the situation could pose a security threat he believes. we'll tell you what he is talking about there. gregg: the threats from isis. why secretary of state john kerry says the media should do less reporting on terrorism. ♪
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
gregg: welcome back. a southwest airlines flight evacuated after a suspicious device found on board. it happened in albuquerque. it was headed to denver. the airline spokesperson said the passengers were taken to a
7:24 am
where they were rescreened and allowed to reboard a few hours later. still unclear what led to the scare. nobody was injured. martha: donald trump weighing in on huma abedin's separation from her husband anthony weiner after the former congressman's latest sexting scandal hit the newspapers. he claims as abedine's status as long time hillary clinton aide could have given weiner to access to classified information when they were married. he said this in a statement. just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this rough lowery, editor of "national review" and fox news contributor. good to see you this morning. >> thank you, martha. martha: everybody is looking at this relationship, huma abedin her relationship to the clintons and her foundation, all of that. so donald trumpobviously sees this as an opportunity to draw a link that could create a national security concern.
7:25 am
is he barking up the wrong tree or is he right? >> well, i think the main thing going on here, martha, no way there would be another anthony weiner sexting scandal without donald trump commenting on it one way or the other. his campaign i imagine kept him from sending out series of tweets. made it into more conventional statement. part of the statement, huma made a wise choice. i don't think as presidential candidate he really needs to be commenting on houle hume marital choices but there is no doubt she is becoming a radioactive figure. this is not the entirety of it. but it doesn't help. the main problem is that she had this dual role that was wildly inappropriate by any standard, where she was serving the both the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. martha: the most recent emails that came out this morning are about her blackberry and blackberries left on the plane in russia because they were afraid of security concern.
7:26 am
she basically said i can't use that here and can't use my clinton foundation email in russia. i want to make sure i keep both of those uncompromised. a lot of people say this points how close of a relationship she had with both entities. some could read that saying she was being careful. how do you read it? >> her role alone, even if we didn't know any of these emails, even if we don't know she was extremely responsive, doug band the clinton foundation official who wanted to get meetings and other favors for clinton donors, just her role in itself, i don't know how it possibly passed ethical muster. to be an official at the state department, very close to the secretary of state, and have a role with this private foundation, and have a role by the way with doug band consultancy? how does ma make any sense. she embodies interwoven
7:27 am
connections that don't -- martha: "new york times" editorial page is calling for a complete separation for the clinton foundation of hillary clinton. do you expect a scenario where huma abedin leaves campaign. goes over to that side or cuts any ties with the foundation? will anything happen as a result of editorial? >> i find it hard to believe she will leave hillary clinton's side unless there is some real bombshell that forces it. the drumbeat on the foundation is beginning. not that conservative outside groups are hitting this or the trump campaign is. you're beginning to see establishment media, "boston globe" couple weeks ago, now "the new york times." so it wouldn't surprise me if they are forced, the clintons, to really change or perhaps shut down the:ton foundation. -- the clinton foundation. they will do it over their dead bodies. they will do everything they can to save this entity and their connection to it. martha: rich, thank you very
7:28 am
much. more to come on all of that. good to see you. >> thanks, martha. gregg: critics of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick continue to slam his decision to sit during the national anthem. >> now there doesn't seem to be a single aspect of life in the united states that is not touched, that does not become controversial because of race. gregg: why limbaugh says the nfl has a double-standard when it comes to free speech. martha: the taxman is looking to take a big bite out of apple. why the tech giant is now on the hook to the u.s. government for billions of dollars. we'll be right back. ♪ what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this?
7:29 am
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gregg: multiple explosions today near turkey's border with syria.
7:32 am
turkish forces continue the first major ground assault since the beginning of the syrian civil war. turkey is sending tanks and u.s. forced backed by airstrikes to help syrian rebels retake a border town from isis militants. yesterday the united states urged turkish troops and kurdish forces in northern syria to halt the fighting saying it hinders efforts to defeat isis. martha: san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick in middle after growing firestorm. this story is still going on, because of refusing to stand before the national anthem before sunday's game. he called it a protest on racism. rush limbaugh unloaded on all of that yesterday. here he is. >> it is ironic we have a quarterback who was adopted and raised by a white family. who was scouted and signed by white scouts the was employed by white owners.
7:33 am
the national football league. decides now to steal the stage of the national football league to make personal statements during the week he is about to be cut. martha: dineen borelli, chief political correspondent for conservative review, julie roginsky a democratic strategist. both are fox news contributors. wow, rush is clearly fired up in that statement. he obviously follows nfl extremely closely and he is very unhappy with what kaepernick is doing. what do you think, julie. >> i don't follow the nfl closely. i know nothing about football. martha: full disclosure. >> i stand up at national anthem when i go to yankees games which is sport i care about because i believe what this country stands for. if you don't, i get it, don't stand up for the anthem. i may not agree with him, but i will defend to the death the right he wants to do which is free speech issue. if you don't want to stand up
7:34 am
for the anthem, why be a hypocrite? martha: seems if you will protest, dineen, you should stand up for the anthem. you should be saying i live in a country that allows me to speak my mind and i am glad that i live in one of of the countries in the world where i can pledge allegiance to my flag and then in an interview in the locker room, say what i think about what is going on in my country currently. >> sure. that is the great point. listen there is a time and a place for someone to promote their personal views and doing it on the football field when you're supposed to be representing the nfl, the team, the organization, your teammates, that is not the time or place to do so. i do agree with rush limbaugh. i think there is significant political correctness within the nfl and i do follow football. i can't wait until football sunday starts. martha: you and me both. >> political correctness, when you think about how they're like, kid gloves, treating colin
7:35 am
kaepernick, but think about when the players in dallas wanted to honor the slain police officers with a decal on their helmets and they were he denied that right to do so. there was a huge dynamic here and i think the nfl really needs to impose a code of policy, code of conduct, for the players to stand for the national anthem. martha: i think rush spoke out about the point that you made as well. let's listen to that. here we go. >> the dallas cowboys were denied by the national football league their request to put a sticker on their helmet this is season to honor the five police officers killed in dallas. so the cowboys can't do that. too provocative but kaepernick can do whatever he is doing to plaudits, to acclaim, to cheers. martha: pretty unbelievable that you can't put a decal on your helmet to honor those slain
7:36 am
police officers. >> rush is right about that. martha: how is that controversial. >> dineen is 100% right about that. i can't believe i'm saying rush limbaugh is right about that. if nfl allowing a policy people to honor one component and not another that is wrong. the nfl, the anthem to me is little different. it is to me a personal thing. if you believe the anthem stands for as we do, we stand for the anthem, if you don't, why be a hypocrite. don't stand. martha: i go back to my other point, if you want to speak out and speak your mind you have absolute right to do that. the reason you have the right to do that because the country that you live in and so stand for the anthem and then say whatever is on your mind. i also think that as a teammate, you don't want to separate yourself from the team. >> sure. martha: making it all about him. so you know, and i find that, you know, as somebody -- >> boycott him. martha: here is the other thing egregious. >> opening day is september 11th.
7:37 am
there will be a lot of emotion thinking about what happened on that date years ago. and cameras will be on the sidelines to see who was standing, who was not standing. that is why it is so important for the nfl to implement a code of conduct policy for everyone to stand for the national anthem. martha: you know, i have to tell you at the end of the day if he doesn't want to stand and you don't agree with what he is doing, obviously the three of us don't, boycott whatever he is promoting. martha: he has the right to do it. nfl rules say it is optional according to nfl rules but one of the things we've been talk about a lot the past couple days here, it seems like there is an environment, saw it at vmas, seeing it here from colin kaepernick, only a allowed to be supportive of one piece of the violence pie in this country. that's the only thing you're allowed to speak out about right now, is the .5, half a percent of people who are killed by police officers in this country. if you open your mouth and you talk about what is going on in i
7:38 am
of our inner cities, pastor mark burns tried to do that he was shut down. there is only one kind of violence you are politically correctly able to speak about in this country right now in open forum. i find that unbelievable. >> i agree. again i go back to the dallas cowboys and the decision by the nfl not to allow them to have that decal. that is obscene. i say that as a liberal. i think it is obscene we don't spend enough time talking about what is going on in places like chicago. i say that as liberal. i care about -- martha: dwyane wade's cousin. who is talking about her. >> all of us now because of recent tweeting going on. at the end i keep going back to this, if you want to stand for what this country stands for you have to freedom to -- martha: final thought, real quick, dineen. we have to go. >> i think the climate has happened because of obama. i do blame him in terms of the racial tension that has been heightened in our country.
7:39 am
people think that it is okay to blame everything on racism and set as slippery slope for anything that goes wrong in our country. martha: thank you very much, ladies. good to have you both as always. greg, back to you. gregg: and now to the state of florida. voters there are heading to the polls today for the state's primary. several high-profile candidates taking center stage. debbie wasserman schultz fighting for a primary win, just weeks after she lost her position as the dnc chair. senator marco rubio facing a challenge from his own party to decide whether he will take on a democratic rival in november. phil keating is live in miami with the latest. phil? reporter: florida voters are weighing in on six congressional races as well as that u.s. senate seat and plenty of local offices that are up for grabs. historically though on primary day in the sunshine state, voter turn out is low, 18 or 20%. today's full day of rain and dreariness forecasts certainly
7:40 am
won't help. 1.7 million floridians have already cast their ballots. 2/3 by mail, the rest early voting. despite the weather there is some turnout happening in person across the state today. the biggest national attention and out-of-state money has gone to the democratic challenge of former dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz by law school professor and political newcomer, tim can nova. he is endorsed by bernie sanders, she by hillary clinton. this race is often seen as proxy rematch between those two. competing for republican marco rubio's senate seat are two democratic congressman, alan grayson from orlando and congressman patrick murphy from palm beach county. grayson is subject of ethics accusations and murphy is accused of inflating his resume' and experience. rubio's primary challenger is west coast conservative
7:41 am
developer carlos beruff. but polling indicates this will be a rubio and murphy matchup in november. >> how can patrick murphy support hillary clinton? how can he stand with hillary clinton when over and over again she has proven to be untrustworthy. >> i was shocked as lot of people i spoke to were shocked by the support donald trump given to rubio. donald trump is most racist bigoted person whoever make it this far. reporter: there is a little bit of the flavor we can all expect in florida next couple months as we head to election day in november. in fact both murphy and rubio have been looking beyond today's primary for the past two weeks, issuing pretty much negative attacks on each other already for the past two weeks. pretty much every day. back to you in new york. gregg: another day, another attack. phil keating live in florida. phil, thanks. martha: isis terrorists are gaining a foothold in the middle east and threatening to destroy western civilization as we know it.
7:42 am
but next here why secretary of state john kerry thinks the solution would be for the media to cover this whole thing a lot less. really? plus this.t is. it is up to their bumpers. look at that. >> it is like a lake. >> like you're inside of a lake. gregg: flash flooding sweeping through one community. we'll tell you where this is taking place. better buckle up.
7:43 am
7:44 am
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martha: so heavy rain causing major flash flooding in parts of colorado. take a look what is going on the streets in this area. >> look at that. >> it is like a lake, seriously. martha: wow. awful. the flooding burying cars, flooding roads around colorado springs. police coming to rescue after several intersections quickly filled up with water. the thunderstorm bringing hail to some neighborhoods, forcing the city to bring out snowplows
7:46 am
in august, folks. wow. gregg: as we're seeing new pictures of mass graves in iraq an interesting take on the war on terror from secretary of state john kerry saying the media should cover terrorism less. the secretary making comments on the first official visit to bank la telling reporters, if you decide one day you're want to be be a terrorist and willing to kill yourself, you can go out kill some people, make some noise. perhaps the media would do all a service if they didn't cover quite as much, people wouldn't know what is going on. kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst and former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. so, secretary kerry wants the media, as i suppose the administration as well, to stick their head in the sand like an ostrich? >> my response to him, if you do your job and keep us safe, and destroy isis and stop terrorism
7:47 am
in the united states, and worldwide, we'll report on it a lot less because there will be nothing left to report. but as long as the administration fails and refuses to recognize the problem and as long as isis and radical islam grows exponentially, then yes the media is doing its job by letting the american people know. gregg: now we have discovered thousands of people are buryied in 72 isis mass graves. does that simply underscore the threat and the savagery of isis? and also underscore, secretary of state john kerry is kind of got it wrong? >> you know, this is the face of evil and isis, and we're just seeing the beginning of these mass graves as territory is being retaken. there will be more and more of it. it is genocide in the middle east. this is not a group you can deter or give jobs to or convince they should stop their evil ways. this in their minds, not only do they have the right to kill others who disagree with them,
7:48 am
they have the responsibility. so this is a group -- gregg: because allah tells them. >> because allah tells them, absolutely justified to kill the unbelievers. this is not a group that can be, only way to stop them is to destroy them. only way to do that is have comprehensive approach and understand, this is their attack against all of western civilization. stop fighting this war with hand behind your back. gregg: last year, the president of the united states, barack obama, seemed to say the same thing as secretary kerry said today. it is media's fault, the media overstates the terrorists threat. is this a president who doesn't perhaps himself understand the terrorist threat? >> i think it is, it's a law enforcement issue. gregg: to him? >> to him. how he wanted to solve terrorism was have a jobs summit. look, this is a war that needs to have the comprehensive approach we had during world war ii to defeat the nazis. isis is like the nazis.
7:49 am
the mass graves you're seeing are like the nazi death camps. we need to fight it with economic tool, idealogical tool, a moral tool as well as military tool. this administration keeps arguing about, well no boots on the ground or a few thousand. it's a bigger problem than that, because it is spreading worldwide. they have opened a second front in europe and in north africa. gregg: trump's plan by care son? >> i liked it. he is first guy saying this is war against western civilization. we might have allies we might not otherwise like. we need economic warfare and idealogical component. this that is missing from the clinton, kerry, obama approach, they don't want to call it what it is. how is their solution going to work out for you? stop reporting about it. gregg: kt mcfarland. thanks for being with us as always. martha. martha: let's go to jon scott to find out what is happening on "happening now." >> hey, martha. it is fairly quiet day on campaign trail.
7:50 am
we have seen few events from hillary clinton donald trump or president obama. is president obama going to be more frequent campaigner? we'll get into that question. donald trump's outreach to minority voters. new battleground polling data and debate prep. today the destroyed archaeological sites of the middle east and how some looted treasures are funding terrorism. all ahead, "happening now." martha? martha: jon, we'll look forward to that. thank you. >> thank you. >> a court ruling means that apple will have to shell out. why the company owes more than $14 billion in back taxes. ♪
7:51 am
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♪ martha: so a very big bill may
7:54 am
be coming due for apple. the european union ruled that the company owes back taxes in ireland and they have pay more than 14 billion, with a "b," dollars. even for apple that is a lot of cash to come up with. melissa francis joins us now. she is coy anchor of "after the bell" on the fox business network. they said they made $22 billion of profits in ireland and managed to pay only $55 million in taxes? >> you know what? that's ireland's business. this the e.u. commissioner coming in they're called the competition commissioner, the woman came in to pay the ruling. keep "brexit" in your mind. european commissioner told ireland, a sovereign nation they aren't taxing apple at an appropriate rate. that is kind of their business. i mean they gave them a low tax break to bring apple in to provide thousands of jobs. why else would apple have huge facilities and be incorporated? they wouldn't.
7:55 am
they have been paying tiny tax rate. it was 510,000ths of a percent. why even bother. eu says it is not fair to other countries in europe, you're giving apple a huge break and hogging their business. as a result, we, the e.u., ireland, must be paid $14.5 billion by apple. martha: when you look at that with "brexit," you wonder if ireland and other countries will go the way the uk went, you know what? forget it. >> yeah. martha: they don't want them to have to pay the taxes, right? apple is already threatening to cut jobs in ireland. >> they don't want to pay the money. money goes where it is treated best. that ask why they have the low tax rate. they have the jobs and u.s. treasury department will fight on sides of apple, that it is quote deeply troubling european union has different set of rules for american companies. what a joke. bottom line is, donald trump remember, wants to reduce the
7:56 am
corporate tax rate to 15%? not .000 a 5% like ireland is doing. he wants to lure jobs in the u.s. next time they tell you how low corporate taxes are in the u.s. remember this whole story and put it in context. martha: melissa, that amazing. thank you very much. >> there you go. gregg: donald trump is campaigning on the west coast as he puts finishing touches on the big speech tomorrow addressing illegal immigration but what do hispanic voters think of trump's hard-line immigration policies?
7:57 am
>> ... >> ... >> ...
7:58 am
>> ... she spent summer binge-watching.
7:59 am
soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. a very happy homecoming for the little league world series champs. family, friends, fans lining the streets of and well new york, the main and well want is the first team to win the title since 2011. with the world series
8:00 am
victory, and well finishes the season with a 20 20 record isn't that great? martha: what a great team. they should feel fantastic, what a great way to end the summer be ate everybody in town showed up. martha: have a great day, i will see you back at 2:00. jon: hillary clinton and donald trump on opposite sides of the country today as the presidential race approaches its final phase. good morning, i'm jon scott . jenna: i'm jenna lee and labor day traditionally kicks the white house rays into high gear with the campaigns


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