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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a new study using brain scans -- isn't this the cutest picture you've ever seen? it says that they do understand the meaning of many words, and the key also is how you say it. their brains process the words and the intonation separately and combine them to get the true meaning. so praising your dog actually works. that's it for me. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington, where the fbi is getting ready to release part of its report on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. the report that found she was, quote, extremely careless, but should not face criminal charges. plus, we have new details about donald trump's speech on immigration set for tomorrow. but how much detail will he give us about his deportation plans? and it's primary day for three of the biggest names in washington. we'll look at what they're phasing in the battle to hang on to their seats. let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting, live from the fox news desk. >> this tuesday afternoon, hillary clinton's e-mail
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headaches are not going away yet. with the controversy about to get another round of headlines nationwide. fox news has now confirmed the fbi will soon make public part of its report on the investigation, and we expect that will include notes from an interview with the democratic presidential nominee herself. this is all in response to freedom of information act requests from the media. last month, fbi director james comey said he would not recommend charges against hillary clinton over her use of an e-mail server, a private server when she was the secretary of state. the director comey called secretary clinton's use of that server extremely careless. but he said there is no evidence that she meant to break any laws. agents interviewed secretary clinton for hours before deciding to close the case, and soon, we might see what she had to say. her critics blasted the justice department's decision not to file charges. the republican rival donald trump tweeted the system is rigged. republicans in congress called director comey to testify and explain his decision.
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they also demanded to see copies of the fbi's notes. a lot of them, of course, are classified, so they won't be part of this coming release. for her part, secretary clinton said she regrets using that private e-mail server, but she denied that she broke any laws. still, you can bet secretary clinton's critics will comb over every word of whatever the fbi makes public. and that's fox's top story. hi, katherine. >> portions of the investigative file could be released as essentiearly as this week, possibly tomorrow. a short time ago, the white house said they are not involved. >> i've seen those reports. i can tell you that the white house did not consult with the fbi. about that decision or any of the other decisions that they've made in terms of handling some of the investigative material. >> based on the freedom of information act request, we are expecting the summary of clun's fbi interview known by agents as a 3:02. the fbi does not routinely record interviews and when
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clinton was questioned at fbi headquarters over the july 4th weekend, that was also the case. we also expect the notes from the fbi agents who did the interview, and we expect some records will have sections blacked out for security reasons. those are called redactions. a former senior fbi official said in most cases, the fbi agent's notes are very thorough and can reveal a lot about the interview as well as the subject. >> what's the catherine? >> well, republicans who read the investigative file in a security facility on capitol hill said the version also had sections blacked out. but based on what they could read, fbi agents did not press clinton very hard. remember, fbi director james comey said he did not recommend criminal charges, because there was no evidence of criminal intent to move classified records outside secure government channels. but republicans allege that line of questioning was never pursued. >> remember james comey said she was not indicted because he didn't have sufficient evidence
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on the issue of intent. i didn't see any questions on the issue of intent. there's no question she handled them negligently or extremely carelessly. he said he didn't go forward with charges because she didn't have specific criminal intent. i didn't see any questions on that. she said she did it for convenience. but i didn't see the follow-up questions in the interview i read. >> the senior democrat on the house intelligence committee adam schiff has said the republicans are desperate to keep the e-mail issue alive, given the fbi did not recommend criminal charges and the republicans cannot accept that there was no intention to break the law and that clinton and her aides were careless with government secrets. >> catherine, thank you. let's bring in john bussey. what do we expect here? >> well, the drip, drip, drip keeps on dripping. this is bad for the clinton campaign because they can't get the e-mail story out of the news. they're saying look, we're very happy that this is happening because some of the elements of the testimony have been leaked
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selectively. it's made the clinton campaign look bad. now it's going to all be out there and people can kind of make their own assessment. but it's kind of one day after another, sort of the next chapter of the e-mail story that they kind of hope would go away at this point. not going away. as you guys are reporting, there's going to be notes from the testimony that she gave. cnn says the document that was actually sent to the justice department, the 30 pages that director comey sent to the justice department, saying we're not going to pursue criminal charges, we don't recommend it. that also is going to be released, so it's beginning to be except in the news for several more news cycles. >> like 42 pages total. when do we expect it? >> some reports are saying it could be out as early as tomorrow. but whenever it is out, it's going to generate yet more news cycles on exactly what's in the reports. they're going to be read a variety of different ways. you heard the congressman say look, did they really press her
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on the issue of intent? it's going to generate its own kind of news foment. the clinton campaign said hey, we're happy this is happening because maybe it will let us finally put it to rest. >> the overriding accusation from the critics is here's the state department, here's the clinton foundation, can't really tell where one ends and the other begins. and the accusation is that the e-mail was her way for those in charge of the two to keep in communications without going through government servers. >> yeah. and also for private e-mails. she wanted one device so that she could get all of her e-mails. that's fine, so long as there's nothing classified that crosses those servers, which as it turns out, there was. at a minimum, you're going to get the reprising of how the fbi considered this extremely careless. those are very powerful words to carry into the months ahead of the november election. >> the other side of the political equation, the trump camp is like, this is all
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crooked, and this feels like the kind of thing -- there will be no resolution of this, those who think there was nefarious intent here will continue to believe so. if it's president clinton, we can't expect this to just melt away like butter. >> you can almost expect and count on that happening, because it's in the interest of the trump campaign to keep this in the news. in the interest of the republican party to keep this in the news. but it somehow also just manages to stay this the news independent of what they're doing. this is not the trump campaign coming after these documents, it's media organizations, like yours and mine, reuters and cnn seeking to get the documents to judge for the public -- in the interest of the public and for ourselves whether or not this was an investigation that was as aggressive as the fbi says it was. >> john bussey from "wall street journal" and thank you. clinton's running mate tim kaine on the campaign trail in
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pennsylvania today. senator kaine went after donald trump during his speech on the banks of lake erie in the northwestern part of the state. kaine criticized trump for not releasing his own tax returns, saying he's hiding something. a new survey out from monmouth university shows secretary clinton leading donald trump by eight points in pennsylvania. meantime, clinton is on a three-day fundraising campaign in the hamptons. mike emanuel is live in lancaster, pennsylvania, where kaine is scheduled to make a stop later today. what else did kaine say about donald trump? >> reporter: senator tim kaine says senator mccabe thinks they're gullible. >> it feels like his next big con. his next big con. he's hiding his tax return. he's hiding his financial bill of wealth.
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he's trying to cover up his web of foreign engagements and conflicts of interest and he won't even release credible information about his health. donald trump, it's time for you to come clean. >> reporter: trump, of course, has said he will not release his tax returns while he's being audited. his doctor also issued a letter that has gotten a lot of attention, saying that if elected, donald trump will be the healthiest person ever elected president. shep? >> and we're learning more about clinton's debate strategy today? >> reporter: that's right. a source outside the clinton campaign, a democratic source confirms to fox news that the clinton campaign is going through essentially talking to psychologists and also the co-author of trump's book, trying to find trump's greatest insecurities to use them in the first presidential debate. our democratic source notes there is a huge opposition research team at the clinton campaign going through essentially four decades worth of trump records, trying to find a few nuggets that hillary clinton can bring up in the
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first presidential debate. the thought being many americans won't remember that if clinton were to overwhelm trump with policy, what they're liking to remember, if there are moments or two when trump loses his cool, so this source confirming a report first in "the new york times" about the search for donald trump's insecurities to use it as material in that first upcoming presidential debate. >> thank you. harry reid says russia is likely tampering with u.s. elections systems and he's now asking the fbi to investigate. this request from senator reid comes one day after we reported here that the fbi had warned election officials across the country to beef up their security systems. harry reid in a letter to james comey says the threat from russia is "more extensive than is widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results." yesterday, we reported the feds say hackers broke into one
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state's board of elections website and targeted at least one other. at a cyber security conference this morning, director comey said the feds are working to figure out whether another government was involved. he also said the feds have taken the hack and potentially hack very seriously. donald trump's campaign announcing he will give his immigration speech in primetime tomorrow, a big audience for the much-awaited address. will he finally clear up where he stands after a week of shifting positions? what we're learning from his campaign, next. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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we're hoping to finally get clarity on where donald trump stands on immigration. he's set to give his long-awaited speech tomorrow night, 6:00 p.m. local time on the west coast. that's 9:00 here on the east coast. so primetime on fox news channel. it's a speech he was supposed to deliver last week, but postponed it. of course, immigration has not only been the core of trump's campaign since day one. his calls for mass deportation force helped him fend off more than a dozen challengers during the republican primaries. last week, he told hannity he was open to letting some people stay in the united states. he called it a softening of his immigration platform. although he also says he's still tough on immigration. carl cameron, everett, washington, where donald trump is set to hold a rally tonight. what are we expecting from this speech, carl? >> reporter: well, he's got a lot of work to do.
12:15 pm
a lot of the conservative base that has been supporting him was a little bit alarmed to hear him say he was softening his immigration positions, and a lot of the swing voters and the more moderate republicans who may have misgivings with the bombastic rhetoric are looking to appeal as well, and mr. trump has basically put himself in a box. of the three main issues of his immigration position, he's said that all of them amount to negotiating positions. he'll make a big deal when the time comes, but that suggests that compromise is possible. he started saying there was going to be a ban on muslims. but visitors and new immigrants would not be allowed. that's been changed to extreme vetting. then he started talking about building a wall. one that was going to go from the pacific to the gulf and was going to be a great wall, a high wall with a beautiful golden door. now he's acknowledged there's mountains where it makes it impractical to build a wall in some places and it would be more practical to use technology. so that sort of has modified the
12:16 pm
whole idea of a great, big beautiful wall. and then comes the deportation of the 11 million illegal immigrants, undocumented aliens who are already here. and while he said he might soften that, then he said there would be no legalization, which means if somebody wants to be a legal citizen or just legalize, they would have to leave the country and come back. but what if they don't? that's an unanswered question. would they be rounded up? he has not completely obliter e obliterated the idea of softening. those are questions that have to be resolved tomorrow night in order to get any indication as to who he's going to be more whetted to, the conservative base of the republican party, or will he really do that outreach and appeal for those voters who can help him get over the top and win the 270 electoral college votes that it takes to win, which neither party can do by itself. you have to go outside the boundaries of your own tents. >> carl cameron, live, everett, washington. thank you. a surrogate for donald trump's campaign says he's sorry for tweeting a cartoon of hillary clinton in black face. the cartoon accuses hit-and-run
12:17 pm
of pandering to black voters. the surrogate who sent it is pastor mark burns, he is black. after coming under fire for the controversial image, burns apologized last night. he apologized again today, but said he stands by the message he intended to send. he tweeted, i'm so sorry for the offensive blackface image of hillary clinton, but i stand by the message that we blacks are being used by democrats for votes. continuing coverage of the immigration speech, can he stick to one message on this topic? the u.s. editor for "the wall street journal" joins us live. plus, more trouble for the teenager accused of posing as a doctor. wait until you hear what cops say he did now. that's coming up. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? (crunch) what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease, pneumococcal pneumonia.
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we know donald trump will deliver his immigration speech. glen hall is the u.s. editor for "the wall street journal." what are we hearing about what details we're going to get? >> precious little, right? i have seen in other cases where information started to trickle out by now. it may be that they're still working out some of the details, but i think it's all going to come down to one basic issue that needs to be figured out. mass deportation or not. >> and if so, how? >> that's right. >> he had previously said, and he was very emphatic about it, this was in november, there will be mass deportation squads. it won't be pretty, it won't be easy, but we're going to kick them out. it played beautifully in the primary. it's not working well politically now. but you abandon that, and the wall, which carl cameron just reported he's vacillating on the wall now. they said that's a cornerstone of the immigration policy. you know, i don't know what they're going to do. but if they back away from that,
12:22 pm
it leaves part of this base, this nationalist base in a world of hurt. >> yeah, sometimes you get confused between what donald trump is saying metaphorically, as in i will start here and this will be my negotiating position, and other times where it was a firm line in the sand that his supporters really, really wanted him to keep. and we're trying to see where does he come out with this new immigration policy? the things that he said in the last couple of weeks, his surrogates sticking to the idea that the border must be secured as a core principle. then after that, any bad actors that are illegal in this country have to be out of the country right away. >> deported. >> and what do you do with the rest? this has been the big question. it could be that it comes down to a timeline scenario, where he says you don't have to, and it's not practical to deport them all at once. we can do this in a more humane way, but if they want citizenship, they're going to have to leave and come back. so you can imagine that some kind of nuance like that to allow both sides of this equation, those voters he's reach out to and those he wants
12:23 pm
to keep to see themselves under the same tent. >> a little something for everyone. >> it might be something like that. >> sometimes foreign leaders give us some things for domestic consumption and some things for international consumption. here, it's almost like we're talking about two different worlds. there's this largely white nationalist group that's with them on those immigration matters. and then there's the rest of the country that reads the constitution and goes, we can't really do that. and realizes we let all those people in here to do work that americans wouldn't do. and that americans still won't do. so constructing this policy in a way that works against secretary clinton is a formidable challenge, and i wonder if you're right, that they haven't really come up with the whole thing yet. he said the policy a million times, but now he's changing it. >> it's all down to the specifics, which is something that donald trump has typically avoided. in this particular issue, he has been very specific and very strident, and how far back he can walk without losing voters that have been with him all along and how far out he can
12:24 pm
reach to bring in those new voters, that's the nuance, and this has not been a campaign built on nuance so far. >> no. this will be 9:00 eastern time tomorrow. so in megyn kelly's hour from coast to coast here on fox news channel. we'll have live team coverage of that and hannity will follow as always. more legal trouble for a teenager accused of posing as a doctor in florida. malachi love robinson now facing charges of larceny and theft. deputies arrested him yesterday during a court hearing on the original case. officers first arrested love robinson in february when he was 18 years old. investigators say he set up a fake medical practice and ripped off an elderly woman for 34,000 tlr. earlier this year, the teen turned down a plea deal to serve three years in prison. he's now facing at least eight years behind bars. some of our most prominent politicians in the middle of some heated primary battles. senator john mccain, senator marco rubio, and the former head
12:25 pm
of the dnc congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz all fighting to stay in the d.c. and voters in those state gs goo the polls today. we'll have the latest on those races, plus breaking news in the war on isis. and word that one of the terror group's top men, a spokesperson, is dead. what he was accused of, next. in. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. even if you're trying your a daily struggle, along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar.
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12:28 pm
that's dash cam video, about 180 miles out of manhattan. the car lit up in flames right after the crash, but the mayor says everybody did survive. and vlad putin is behind bars in florida. a different vlad putin. cops say they arrested this vladimir putin at a supermarket because he was screaming at employees who refused to leave. they also say he wouldn't tell them his name.
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three of the biggest names in politics in america fighting to hang on to their seats in washington. voters in florida and arizona heading to the polls for primaries today. let's start in arizona, where john mccain is aiming for his sixth term in the senate. his opponent in the primary here is a doctor and former state senator named kelly ward. she's attacked mccain over his age, saying he's too old to be in office. senator mccain just turned 80. mccain is leading in the polls. meantime, in florida, senator marco rubio changed his mind and
12:31 pm
decided he is running for a second term after his failed bid for the white house. he's in a primary as well but he'll face a tough general election opponent. congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz looking for her seventh term in the house. she stepped down as chair of the dnc last month after lieaked e-mails. phil keating, let's start with the democrats. >> wasserman-schultz is facing her toughest primary challenge. for years, maybe even decades, never this strong of a candidate. 90% of the money that's been spent against her has come in from out of state. pry merely from the feel the bern crowd. the congresswoman has been forced to spend about three million of her own dollars, mostly in tv ad buys, versus previous years where she's coasted to victory. hillary clinton supports her, but after she had to resign as chairman of the democratic
12:32 pm
national convention, political newbie and law professor tim kenoba believes wasserman-schultz is vulnerable and can be beaten many this democratic primary. he is backed by bernie sanders and that's why many people are observing this race in florida as a proxy rematch of the sanders-clinton fight all yearlong. >> what about marco rubio? >> well, a lot of republicans in florida are dissatisfied with his performance the past sucks years, primarily his high absentee rate while he was running for the presidency. he has actually four republican challengers he's facing off on primary day today. but the strongest challenge is coming from conservative developer carlos baruff. the florida atlantic university poll shows beruff at 8%, and rubio polling 69%. which democrat faces rubio likely in november includes alex
12:33 pm
grauson and congressman patrick murphy, who's been accused of exaggerating his resume and job experience. murphy is favored to win, and the partisan attacks already under way. >> time and again he's been wrong on the issues. number two, he's incredibly unaccomplished. >> and the latest quinnipiac poll between murphy and rubio, expecting that to be the match-up in november. we have that? we'll just keep moving. here's patrick murphy this morning. >> i was shocked, a loft people i spoke with were shocked about the support that marco rubio has trump. donald trump is perhaps the most bigoted person to ever make it this far. >> they're ignoring their
12:34 pm
primary challengers, focusing on the opposite party and both attacking each other daily. the latest quinnipiac poll shows in a murphy-rubio match-up, rubio leads currently by three points, but it's within the margin of error, so this is expected to be a costly race, and very competitive. >> phil keating on what i thought was a sunny day in south florida, but apparently it's not anymore. >> terrible. >> okay. it's going to get worse. there's a tropical storm, but it's not coming to you. that's the tampa area. let's bring in james arkan. this marco rubio race, i guess the primary challenge is proving to be a bit of a bust, right? >> yeah. that's what it's turned out. carlos beruff is sort of a donald trump-esque candidate. he's a businessman. he's very wealthy. a lot of people early on thought he was going to be able to tap into the support that donald trump got in the state. but it seems like voters in florida who weren't really willing to support marco rubio
12:35 pm
when he was running for president, at least republican primary voters are still pretty much behind him, at least to return to the senate. >> rubio has called him a con man, and his opponent in the general election, once we get there, he just ripped trump ten ways from sunday. you saw that. is that expected to be a heated battle then? >> absolutely. this is going to be one of the most heated senate battles we're going to see this year. both candidates are complete pl ignoring their primary opponents. they've already started running the general election, and rubio has not held back attacks on patrick murphy and murphy has criticized rubio over some of the same attacks that were against him in the presidential primary, missing votes in the senate, his absenteeism, and he's really attacked him for his decision to endorse donald trump. so it's been a very negative campaign already before the primary is even done. you think we can expect it to stay that way for the next ten weeks. >> debbie wasserman-schultz, she's in a primary down there as
12:36 pm
well. there were questions about whether she'd be able to survive it after stepping down from the head of the dnc. do the numbers look okay for her? >> the numbers look pretty good for her. it's an interesting thing. this race really is sort of a proxy between the battle with the d.c. establishment at the democratic party or sanders. sanders supporters gave a lot of money to him in this race and wanted to see debbie wasserman-schultz not just step down from the dnc. what i wrote about this raus last month in the heat of the e-mail problem, a lot of florida democrats said that she's still very well supported in her district. she's done a great job of keeping close ties with her district while running the dnc. even a couple democrats who supported him conceded to me that wasserman-schultz is really well-regarded in the district. i think she'll be able to survive the challenge. the question is going to be how big is the margin, how much support did she lose because of the way the primary went? >> out in arizona, it looks like
12:37 pm
the latest poll is out from cnn. it looks like at latest look, he was up -- john mccain was up 30 points over his challenger. but he had to spend a boat load of money. >> absolutely. this is a similar thing that happened to john mccain six years ago. he's got a conservative challenger from the right. he's having to spend. but it doesn't seem like he has that much to worry about. i mean, six years ago, he spent $20 million on his primary challenge. this year, it's closer to five or six million. kelly ward is just not very well-known around the state. and her attempts to tie herself to donald trump have not really been particularly effective. mccain is still leading, as you said, in the polls by a lot. but he's not getting an overwhelming majority of the support from gop primary voters. and so that's going to be a real problem for him, even if he does win the primary today, whether or not he has the ability to consolidate those supporters who didn't back him in the primary for his general election. >> and we'll see how the
12:38 pm
response is, his position on donald trump going forward. james, thanks a lot. >> thank you. islamic state claiming its spokesman and a senior commander has been killed in northern syria. we've got this word in the last, i don't know, 45 minutes or so. isis claims he died in the war-torn city of aleppo. the group is threatening to avenge his death, whatever that means. analysts say if his death is confirmed, this would be the latest blow to the islamic state group. meantime, we're learning disturbing details about mass graves. isis mass graves. the group reportedly dumped more than -- get this -- 15,000 of its victims in dozens of mass graves across iraq and syria. trace gallagher is with us. what else do we know about the death of the senior commander first, trace? >> isis says that abu mohammed al adnani was killed in aleppo,
12:39 pm
which means he was killed in battle. he was becoming well-known for his repeated calls for attacking the west. experts say this is yet another major blow to isis leadership, but the terror group is trying to refute that, saying the killing of jihad leaders will not affect jihad, but only increases the group's determination to seek vengeance. we can expect in the coming hours and days to see isis call on its followers to retaliate, which in the past has resulted in some terror attacks in western countries. >> now to the mass graves. what else have we learned about the existence of these? >> the 72 graves that have so far been mapped by the associated press is really the most extensive survey we have seen. most of the graves are in territories that isis has been pushed out of, so it's safe to go in there and excavate. the fear is there are dozens, if not hundreds of other mass graves in areas that are still under isis control. the graves are being discovered through a combination of
12:40 pm
satellite imagery and the accounts of those who survived the mass killing, like this boy. watch. >> translator: they lined us up in front of the stable and they started to shoot over our heads. there were too many of us there, so they forced some of us to lie down on the ground, and it was then when my uncle told us to run because they were going to kill all of us. >> of the 72 graves uncovered so far, the smallest contained three bodies. the largest is believed to hold thousands. one grave in syria had hundreds of members from the very same tribe, meaning generations of multiple families were wiped out. and isis has never tray tried te any of this. they actually bragged about the killings, filming themselves committing the atrocities, though experts say preserving and prosecuting the crimes will be very difficult. >> thank you. the top law enforcement official in all of mexico is out of a job now after in a report it is claimed the police killed at least 22 suspected drug cartel members for no reason.
12:41 pm
the president says that he fired the head of the federal police to make sure the investigation is transparent. the top cop is named enrique galindo. it is reported the killings happened last year on a ranch west of mexico city. police say a car chase led them to that ranch, but the commission reports witnesses say the officers sneaked on to the ranch. it also reports police planted guns on some of the bodies to make it look like there had been a gunfight. the american dream of owning a home may be out of the reach for one generation of americans. coming up, we'll take a look at the details of a new study published in "the wall street journal." plus, creepy clowns are reportedly a menace in one city in south carolina. the problem with creepy clowns and kids. that's next.
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this will leave you fighting nightmares for years to come. creepy clowns armed with knives and chains, waving dollar bills at children and promising them candy if they follow them into the woods. that's what some parents say is happening in greenville, south carolina. they went to the cops, who say they're upping patrols to hunt down the creepy clowns. in another sighting, a woman described a real world horror show as parents rush to save their children. she told a local news station, and i quote, my grandchildren's experience was the clown was at the bottom of a hill and they started running at the top of the hill and there was a lady running and saying get the kids in the house. in another sighting, one mom said she thought at first that her kid was making the whole thing up. >> turn around, the next day, i had about 30 kids come and say miss donna, there's clowns in the woods, there's clowns in the woods. and then it's been every day since. >> according to a police report, another woman says she saw several clowns in the woods pushing green laser lights.
12:46 pm
she claims the next night, her son heard the sound of chains and banging coming from outside the front door. and yet another person said a creepy clown with a large winking nose was stalking around her apartment's dumpster early in the morning. avoid the creepy clowns. home prices are up slightly in june, but they rose at the slowest pace in ten months, according to the standard and poors index. lots of millennials say they're concerned about the cost of buying a home. millennials made up 35% of home buyers last year, but a new study from the realty group red fin shows 1/3 of people age 18 to 35 -- 18? say their biggest concern about house hunting is that prices are rising or are too high. the rent is too damn high. the fox business network's deirdre bolton is here. any bright spots? >> well, let me tell you about the bright spots before we tell
12:47 pm
you about millennials being too scared if they can afford a house or not. on the northwest coast, even though prices overall are holding steady, portland, seattle, denver, these are cities where you have a lot of growth. especially jobs. this is what is getting people out there. smaller tech firms. california holding steady. portland and seattle especially growing. and prices in denver, bolder being a pretty big tech hub. other bright spots, not surprisingly, baby boomers are going south. they are buying in warm, sunny spots. you're not surprised, i'm sure. dallas, tampa, and atlanta. this is another region where price gains are seeing at least 5.5%. holding steady in the northeast, new york, and d.c. and boston. >> millennials don't want to buy homes. they don't want to be tied down for a long time. that's not how millennials roll. >> is that right, shep? >> that is right. >> well, they do, it seems like, want to own a home, they are just really scared about what
12:48 pm
they call affordability. so there's a third that say, you're a millennial, how come you don't own a home? they're worried they can't afford it. they are buying, they're just complaining about buying, and the ones who don't have a house are saying what if the rates go up? what if my mortgage rates go up? >> mortgages are at an all-time low. >> they are, but if we listen to the fed chair, chances are rates are going to go higher, and on the 30-year, your monthly payment could change as much as 13%. but to a point, you have to keep it in context. three-decade low, most people my age will still take it. just remember that banks, with all this legislation, all these restrictions, they've actually started -- >> they need more legislation and more restrictions. >> they've been slowing down. >> break 'em up. break 'em up. >> all right, shep. >> do the right thing. stay away from the clowns. that's insane. i've got to go over here. >> all right. there's a new study that show dogs actually know what you're saying. >> i believe it. >> well, i don't know.
12:49 pm
i think i'm getting a dog. i think. lillian is here. they did a scientific study, like a real science study. >> yes. and here were the participants in that study. >> will you look at those? >> it was at a university in budapest. what they did was have a bunch of dogs sit in the mri machines while trainers talked to them. and they found that dogs care not only what you say, but how you say it. and their brains do a similar thing to human brains. the leftside lights up with meaning and the right side lights up with your tone of voice. so if you're telling your dog, hey, we're going to go to the vet, and the dog hates the vet, they're not really fooled. they'll look at you a little skeptically. the same thing if they're like, other, you're stinky and messy, aren't you? they kind of get that you're not meaning what you're saying. >> right. >> so the rewards part of their brain pops up only when you do both. so you have to say something
12:50 pm
nice in a nice way for the dog to really appreciate it. so if you have one, that's a good thing to note. here is them looking at some of the photos. >> i've found that if you feed them, they like you. >> that is true. that's the easiest way. >> and got to walk them. unless you live in the south where dogs live outside. you have to walk them. >> yeah. >> pea e on the sidewalks and y have to pick up the poop. >> easier to have the backyard. >> that would be a different world. thank you, lillian. a storm in colorado dropping so much hail, the crews had to break out the snowplows. some dramatic images in our slide show. plus, we're following two tropical depressions and a hurricane, all headed for the united states. out and hawaii, mahalo for your cooperation. at places like the batting cages.
12:51 pm
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still summer but snow plows are on the ground on the streets of colorado precipitation. a powerful storm dropped a lot of rain and hail on the city. we have some images to show you. the hail fell it looked like snow. i went through one of these in orlando. it was a horrible mess. this particular one plugged up the drains. this city worker reacting to the icy water to find the drain. the fire department says the streets were so clogged with hail the water wouldn't go down and that's caused the flooding. you see an abandoned car submerged in a combination of hail and water. look at this one. crews had to rescue people here too. an officer helps carry a man to safety. so far no reports of any injuries. colorado spring could get more storms this afternoon. we're watching a storm headed for north carolina's outer banks.
12:55 pm
forecasters predicting heavy rain and rough seas. that's not this one. that's another storm. anyway according to local reports beaches are already empty. this is the second storm. that's one that's already there. that first one, this is the second one. this is all wrong now. the next one is here. it's at 35 miles per hour. it's tropical storm nine. you can see where it's going. somewhere between tampa and appalachacola and head up the eastern seaboard. it will get stronger. doesn't appear it will get up to hurricane strength. we're up toe 60 miles per hour. this is thursday morning. today is tuesday. by thursday morning it should be coming ashore somewhere right around there. by friday it's up here off the coast of georgia and south carolina. by saturday it's up here off cape hatteras and on sunday stronger at 8:00 in the morning
12:56 pm
on sunday 70 mile-per-hour winds but off the east coast and kind of a fish storm. let's get to janice decent the weather machine. this tropical storm yagt is the first one. wind shear. >> there's the track of eight. it will become a tropical storm. it's moving out to sea, a little squally weather along the coast. not a big deal. the one you were alluding to, the one you showed the track of this, is tropical depression number nine it could get its name at 5:00 p.m. you can see showers and thunderstorms start to really collect around the center of circulation. it has time to strengthen. there are indications we could have a minimal hurricane upon landfall on thursday and also watching the potential for it to strengthen as it gets off the east coast. so that's something to watch for labor day weekend off the coast of the carolinas right there, my friend. >> so we'll watch it. what about out in hawaii. a mess out there too? >> absolutely. we have two hurricanes out in
12:57 pm
hawaii both of which could come very close to the big island. there's madeleine and lester moving very close to the big island. we'll watch it for you. >> thank you, ma'am. the president is supposed to be there tomorrow. breaking news changes everything. "your world with neil cavuto" after this. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. secretary of state john kerry says the media should go quiet on terror. well now the white house is responding. welcome everyone i'm stewart va barney in for neil cavuto. john kerry created a firestorm when he said this, no country is immune from terrorism, perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn't cover it quite as much. people wouldn't know what's going on. to kevin cork on what the white house is saying about that. >> reporter: every now and again the secretary of state can be a bit inartful in the way he's trng


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