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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 31, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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go their way. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for tonight. the far to starts right now. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> thanks, tom, coming up on the big show, the "new york times" says hillary clinton has an imperative to distance herself from the foundation that bears her last name. and those who bear it all are hounded by men taking pictures. could this explain tom shillue's recent mysterious absence from our show? and john kerry said they should cover terrorism less so people don't know what is going on will that's one way to keep people from the crappy
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job you do. >> thank you, andy. she is our resident bond girl. she is tall and gorgeous and secretly working for the kgb. democratic strategist jessica tarlov. guns don't kill people, his fingers do. his favorite pink floyd album is "the wall," first political message. trump's surrogate, john j jlevalle. >> and he has driven more drunks home than the staten island ferry. comedian jimmy fallah. >> hillary clinton is madly preparing for the first presidential debate in four weeks. nerd! clinton's advisors are consulting with the ghost writer of the book "the art of
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the deal" for insight of his weaknesses. even though the author has not been immersed in trump's life since the 1980s. schwartz offered this advice. quote, if trump throws out a dis don't start bugging, take a chill pill. he also suggested hillary ask questions like where's the beef and who's the boss? they said she should revise with things like what you talking about, donald? meanwhile, the gop nominee is taking a different approach. trump told the times, i believe you can prep too much for these things. you can sound scripted or phony. trump doesn't see the need for a mock debate. i know who i am and it got me here. sounds good. trump did well in the debates. he appeared to be winging it there, right? maybe that's his style and maybe it will work for him. >> it will work for him. that's what he does. off the cuff and from the
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heart and that's how he likes to speak. he is a show man. >> it, woulded for him during the primaries. first of all he is preparing a little bit. 2 makes it seem he is off the cuff. >> he will not try to give you canned answers. she has to hope she doesn't short circuit in front of america. that won't happen with donald trump. >> what is she doing that is preparing? >> she is hiring psychologists and sociologists and doing forensic analysis of donald trump. she may want to visit those psychiatrists and find out why maybe she can't tell the truth. >> she may be over thinking it, right, jessica? >> i don't think so. it is a pretty serious thing. i have heard trump is out there and having cheese burgers with his round table. rudy guiliani and chris christie.
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i love a good burger, but he should be looking at the policies. hillary clinton is a policy wonk. while it did work in the primary when's there are so many distractions and they can yell at huckabee. it can be embarrassing for him when he doesn't know the facts. he is a pants on fire liar when it comes to her. all of the panties on fire. >> he may tell it like it is in his warped reality, but that's not telling the truth jievment we all create our own reality. >> i think she will get him to snap. she will say something to get under his skin and that's the point of all of the psychology. like that movie in the suicide squad. they had to rile him up before he can get fire out. i think that's what will happen. >> who is the colonel?
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you can't handle the truth. you can't handle the truth. isn't that trump's line? we were unable to handle the truth of the country. >> he made up the truth. every claim after -- one after the other is debunked. >> he is very prominent with that hat. >> he will find a catch phrase he is comfortable with and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. >> isn't that what makes a great politician repeating the same things over and over? the american people only care about three things, right? >> the issues that trump is hammering, he is talking about immigration. that's their immigration and terrorism, a couple of their biggest concerns. i mean those are the big issues. >> well, a couple of things to hit on here. to your point in that trump doesn't know what he is talking about. i think this strategy if you
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do feel this way is bad because it does president sound like she is looking to highlight that. it looks like she is trying to antagonize him. he is treating her like walter in "something about mary." meann this. i feel like he is in her head a little bit. hear me out on this. it is a boxing analogy. debating trump is like boxing a lefty. you know how they say nobody looks good boxing a lefty? >> they call them a south has gotten into her head and to me it makes me think she will change what she is best at which is policy, and i think it is a win for him if she does this. >> jessica, look. let's talk about al gore. everyone said he was a master with the policy. he lost those debates and everyone thought bush, oh he is dumb and he is not getting through it. >> george bush is way more charming than donald trump and george bush was not a bully. i take your point and i think she is going back and forth.
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she uses the policy speeches and they are just an attack on him to get comfortable with playing not on the policy wonk space and to get into the, you know, whatever his nicknames are. they call him crooked donald and that's her name. >> it is on her birth certificate and it says crooked hillary. i think you are right and she has to do both. but i think she has been preparing for this her whole life. >> that's true. i agree with you there. i want to talk more about hillary. they are cutting ties with the clinton foundation. it is just another example of their anti-hillary bias, right? the times editorial board writes that while the pay for play allegations have not been proven still the e-mails and the previous reporting suggests mr. trump has reason to say that while mrs. clinton was secretary it was hard to tell where the foundation ended and the state department began. the editors conclude that
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achieving true distance from the foundation is an ethical imperative for mrs. clinton. what does this mean? we have a trump surrogate and a hillary supporter on the panel let's give them each equal time. what does it mean? >> it means get your money in now. this is the clinton's version of christmas in august. get your contributions in now. you can no longer pay by e-mail. >> time is up and it appears that way. get ready for 30 seconds on the clock. >> it means the clintons have a problem and the media is not so biased. did i win? >> thank you. >> fabulous.
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>> since they both had equal time turn to the rest of the panel now. >> what do you think? who has a persuasive argument? do you think she can separate herself from the clinton foundation? >> you went on for way too long. >> women just talk and talk and talk. >> it is not warrantied. let's relax. that's an admission of guilt. we were doing the wrong thing as secretary of state and now you can't do that anymore. i think she has to stick with it and ride it out double down. >> if the foundation does good throughout the world it does good things, right? it helps people in certain countries that need help. >> yeah, they need help with government favors.
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>> you can't be a president -- you know they burn gay people alive. >> you can see absolute proof she is using her position. >> it does not even say that. first of all the clinton foundation does a ton of good. charity watch has an a and the red cross has an a minus. >> i don't know if they are a fan of charity. >> that does president explain the conflict of interest and the appearance and there is a reality of impropriety. >> it is a fact that there is an appearance of impropriety. >> we are not saying something has happened, but it is complicating the election. the best suggestion came out from the "washington post" and figure out someway to beat clinton programs.
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it is to education programs et cetera. if donald can't have a tv show she can't have a foundation. >> fair is fair. >> he has a turn. who did he turn his tv show over to? >> the former governor of california, right? >> it was so funny. i love that they were going to give it to george lopez. if you thought trump told a lot of mexican jokes, oh my god. give me a break. >> moving on, last sunday was international go topless day which honors women's equal right to shed their top in public. there is a large number of curious men. go topless day is, of course, organized by the aralians. they believe aliens created human life in a high-tech lab in the garden of eden. that's 100% true. look it up. a photo journalist described the scene. they were men with cameras and
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iphones chasing after the topless ladies like they have never seen breasts in their lives. the crowd grew thicker with every passing block. as more and more men jumped in on the parade it is an opportunity to look at real breasts up close. jessica, i can hardly blame your men. every day you see a breast is like the first day. >> this whole topless equality thing is i feel terrible. you are sitting there and being like oh one is a little bigger than the other and it is uncomfortable. i did a topless beach once on the entire time laying on my stomach. i said i wish i looked like her. >> really? at least in new york city they didn't seem to me to be -- they weren't -- i don't know. i don't know how to say this.
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they were not a grade a. >> it is going to hurt the mom and pop strip clubs. >> i just want to know why anthony wiener was the grand marshall. >> we knew it would come up. >> we thought we wouldn't mention him. >> first of all in the article she said they acted like they have never seen a breast before. have you seen the guys in the picture? they have never seen a breast before. never. >> it said may -- mayflower. there were other guys who got topless next to the women to show their support. they are the biggest creeps there. that was a trojan horse move there. >> that's right. it is creep yes, sir to walk beside them than it is to hold out yo iphone. >> and t.o. your point because
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it was lost on the panel they weren't great looking. you hear new york. >> i completed the mad rib. madlib. >> well at nudity colonies it is never attractive. >> for a girl who only went once you are dyeville knowledging -- divulging more and more detail. >> have i to go in shame to live it down. >> what is -- what do they gain by this? i don't understand what they are looking for. they want to go topless all the time or they want it to be more acceptable. >> they want to draw attention to the fact that there are certain gender norms they feel are unfair about the extra layer that we have to wear with a bra. you have to wear a shirt. >> most women wouldn't want a topless world, would they? >> i explained absolutely not.
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>> they did a great job and it quadrupled. >> we came from european and we want to sleep late and we want to take a nap in the middle of the day and eat a lot of boobs. >> are you europeans? are you talking about the comedy community i stress like an -- i dress like an exotic dancer. john kerry wants the media to spend less time covering terrorism and more time covering this dude's truck.
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live from america's news
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headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. donald trump is heading south of the border today. in a surprise move trump tweeted last night he has accepted an invitation to meet with mexico's president. the meeting with president enrique-nieto is taking place ahead of his speech on immigration. high-profile incumbents can breathe a sigh of relief after winning their primary races. john mccain beat out tea party activist and former state senator kelly ward and two other republicans. in florida, the republican senator marco rubio won his primary. he jumped back into the race at the last minute after his failed presidential campaign. most of the opposition dropped out after rubio changed his mind. and florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz turned back a challenge. wasserman schultz was forced to resign as the nc chair after the leaked e-mails show she gave preferential
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treatment to hillary clinton in the primaries. chris brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. it followed a lengthy standoff with police which started with the woman calling for help from inside the singer's home. a model claiming to be the victim told the los angeles times that brown pointed a gun at her face. brown has been in legal trouble since his felony conviction. a dramatic rescue in the hudson river. they are springing into action after several kayakers were hit by a ferry. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel.
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terrorism? what terrorism? i don't see any terrorism? when he first ran for president, barack obama knew americans were weary of color coated domestic terror alerts so he decided on a new approach. just keep saying everything is okay. and when evidence of the contrary arrives in the form of a terror attack just look the other way and say something about global warming or gun control. well, now john kerry has taken it a step further. he would like the media to join in on the charade. speaking in bang bangladesh they said the following. i want to read the whole quote to show it is not out of context. it is easy to terrorize. the government and law enforcement have to be correct 365 days a year. if you decide one day you are going to be a terrorist and you are willing to kill yourself you can go out and kill people. you can make some noise. perhaps the media will do us all a service if they didn't cover it quite as much. people wouldn't know what is
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going on. that's the administration, that's the approach and that's what they like, for an american to not know what is going on. it distracts from the things they really believe are important. things like as kerry said, president obama's signature development initiative. health care, food security and the issue of climate change. i guess those things are an issue if you are not dead. let's see. who should we start with? you seem to agree. were you nodding your head? john kerry -- i was going to say he puts his footed in his mouth. >> he only wind up with it when he is riding a bicycle. >> you actually look at the words and it looks like he is an inspirational speaker for isis. >> if you want to go out --
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>> i get the nuance. how about just creating the perception that you know what you are doing. the country does president believe we know what we are doing. when he got to the point of yeah, their top priorities are climate change. if you are speaking to isis they say no they are not worried about you. >> look, john, why shouldn't people be scared? should they be scared to an appropriate degree? >> they are always better when they don't know what is going on. remember the media stopped covering his 2004 presidential campaign? the voters got to vote for him. look at hillary clinton. 269 days they didn't have a press conference. they don't want the public to know the economy is failing. they don't wnt the public to know -- they don't want the public to know anything. >> you have a point.
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>> i have another quote. before i go to you, look at this quote. >> democracy provides the most resilient and reliable platform for preventing violent extremism. when they are less vulnerable for being with islam. the san berna the orlando masacre. virtually every domestic attack and in france and in england. it is people raised in democracy. they had more than a passing familiarity with the idea. democracy doesn't help, does it? >> we need to articulate our values. if you look at at the freedom house rating -- everybody's eyes have glazed over.
12:25 am
it is not the time or place for it. >> the point is, it is a similar point that barack obama made when he said i didn't know how upset people were. everybody is watching cable news. they are covering terrorism all the time. partly because there are a lot of treys attacks, but because there is a sensationalization of this. there was a french journalist talking about how the european channels are covering the attack and i think the administration wants you to feel calmer. because they are watching these channels they need to know that we have a plan to combat terrorism.
12:26 am
the media is worse than they are here. they are trying to follow the line of the obama administration and we are worrying too much. >> we put the boston bomber on rolling stone magazine. >> if we only put terrorism on public access -- nobody wants to do public access. just cover it there and then maybe they won't do it. >> you either netflix and chill or you profile. you knew what to do. >> it was so much easier, wasn't it? >> how could the secretary of state of the united states of america say that we shouldn't be covering this? that people shouldn't know about this. this is a real threat. this is serious stuff. they want to kill us. they do not like our way of life. they have these rallies with thousands of people and they say we want to kill them.
12:27 am
they will do this on our homeland. vee to identify it and we have to acknowledge it. it is like an aa meeting. you have to admit you have a problem first. >> houston, we have a problem. >> for me the sad thing is the marketing has worked. the marketing has worked. i feel like obama gets good marks. they love the no drama obama thing. >> to your point, look how big isis has gotten. i write for them during the day. >> you are one of those? >> there are no prank phone calls or war of the roses. i was covering isis five years
12:28 am
ago. you know when you get snobby about a band and you are like i knew them when they were living in their car? i was covering isis when it was two guys in a mini-van trying to get something going. i am blown away. obama says they are the jv team and that was the moneyline. >> so isis is like u-2 for you? >> i remember boy, what an album that was. >> that's funny, actually. >> you said other funny things, but i find that particularly funny. >> i think they have gotten big. but everyone will admit we have taken back territory, but we have lead attacks around the world. just today we took out their chief propogandist.
12:29 am
equal time i guess? >> you made a good point. >> interesting symetry. that's one for every e-mail she deleted. >> i thought i liked you. and now. >> just make them bigger. he is trying to get out of this. >> he is pointing at the camera. coming up, he spews more fire than an active volcano. the "red a eye" -- the" red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> what was that? >> we are having a good time over here. debate prep stuff. you said trump is at his best when he is off the cuff. isn't he at his worst when he is off the cuff? >> think about all of the good moments he has. >> as a surrogate you are not carrying his baby, are you? >> no, no, no. >> someone told me you were. >> who is that? >> jessica you said hill ay is not over think -- hillary is not over thinking it and the debates are a serious thing. are they?
12:34 am
don't they think it is the best zinger and not the best command at their fingertips? >> i am not sure that will be the same in this election. they have such high unfavorables they will go to policy and temperament to see who they want to be the next president of the united states. it will matter more. >> i will take that out of context and make a giff of it. >> i am ready. >> you said you think hillary will aisle up trump and then made a suicide squad reference. >> i want to make it clear that tom has not seen suicide squad. >> she will get under her skin. he may see the c-word on national television. >> i think he will snap. >> isn't what makes a great poll session the ability to repeat the same stuff over and
12:35 am
over? ask marco rubio. you said trump is in hillary's head. hitting him is like boxing a lefty and nobody looks good fighting a lefty because of their unor that you dock style. it means trump will lose the debate, but gain the respect of hillary and then will come out fighting the right ay and then have command of the facts. and then at the end he will go back to a south paw and then win by a knockout. >> he is making a rocky reference. >> i thought that was funny. >> it also means that 20 years from now trump will be hired to give chelsea debate prep. >> that's so funny. >> if you are going to say that's so funny, laugh while you say it. >> i did like it though.
12:36 am
>> "new york times" said hillary should distance herself from the foundation. she can't leave the foundation because that would be an admission of guilt. she said while there was no impropriety whatsoever in the interest of being fully transparent, blah, blah, blah. >> oh yeah she will get away with it and she will say i know some on the right or vast -- she says everything the same. it drives me crazy. i want to rock and roll all night. and party every day. >> if trump can't have a tv show clinton can't have a foundation. i think the difference is trump's tv show did a lot of good for a lot of people. >> if you are uh sin -- arsenio hall. >> you noted that they believe aliens came to earth and created all life here. this is a classic science fiction conceit. it is not dissimilar from the space odyssey that came out
12:37 am
the year before he released the true masterpiece the moon landing. >> i met buzz aldrin when he was here and i do believe he went to the moon, but i don't believe he came back. >> by the way, i think we did this story two years ago. and i will say now what i said then. whatever you think of the belief system whether you think it is nutty or not, it lead to a lot of topless women walking around. layoff. >> we tried a lot of different methods too. >> absolutely. they went with religion. >> you called the topless man the creepy part because they were doing it to be close to the topless women. or maybe they are more awoke than you. >> it is a total trojan horse move. did you see that?
12:38 am
>> you asked what they gained by this. i don't know about the women, but they say there must be absolute equality between men and women to ensure the preservation of society and that centuries of gender of equality has created imbalances that could prove fatal to society. that's why they are doing it. >> we'll show you guys. we'll take our tops off and how will you like it then? >> john kerry's dumb statement. in your monologue you said you wanted to read the long quote so people could see you are not taking it out of context. is that the real reason? >> i i -- i won't say i have never done that. in this case i didn't want to be accused. when you tease it, i bet the folks at home said that can't be. i have to stick around just to hear if that is really true. >> really? i just wanted you to admit you
12:39 am
have done it. >> i have done it. >> jimmy, you said he only puts his foot in his mouth when he rides his bicycle. >> he is bad at riding bike. >> it is good you explain your own jokes. >> that's funny. ha-ha. >> jessica, you said everything kerry said was kind of crappy. he is not wrong. when he says no country is immune from terrorism and if you wake up one day and decide you are willing to kill sors you can kill some people. he is not wrong about that. it is the part about the media not covering it to do -- so people won't know what is going on. that's the embarrassing part. >> how about i change it to the grand conclusions of his statement were crappy. the cogs in the wheel or whatever were not that bad. >> you can make an argument that giving terrorists coverage is what they want. >> absolutely. that's what it is 100%. he jumped i am not
12:40 am
particularly comfortable with or announcing public looy is the feeling of the add -- announcing publicly is the feeling of the administration. they shouldn't say there is less coverage to keep the american people in the dark. >> it is not ideal. >> a freudian slip. >> couldn't you make the argument what if you substituted gun crime for terrorism in kerry's speech? >> let's talk about gun crime. >> that's the point, they want the media to play up gun crime because that plays into the anti-gun agenda. >> and also there are far more gun deaths than there are deaths of terrorists. >> except if you wouldn't know from listening to the administration it is on a downward slope.. >> i was with you, but now i am not anymore. >> i get that a lot. >> thank you, andy. coming up, what is so controversial about this photo? it appeared in the "new york times" wedding section.
12:41 am
yes, that man and the fish are getting married.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. a new twist in the agenda. the nominee will head south of the border today at the invitation of mexico's president. trump says on twitter he is looking forward to the meeting. the president has invited hillary clinton to come as well. no word if she will go.
12:45 am
trump will deliver a highly anticipated speech on immigration. some feel he may be softening his hard line stance on the issue. but trump insists he intends to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. in other political news senator john mccain has easily defeated three fellow republicans in a primary challenged in his home state ofs arizona. they warn the general election race may not go as easy for the 80-year-old lawmaker. he is expected to face stiff opposition from demeanor cat particular congress -- congresswoman anne kirkpatrick. she vows to make donald trump a major issue in the race. and an emergency proclamation in effect in hawaii as hurricane mad tau line barrels -- madeline. they are stockpiling water for what could be the first hurricane to make landfall in their state in decades. madeline is expected to hit the island in about 30 hours from now. at the same time parts of florida are under a hurricane watch.
12:46 am
that's because of a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico. it is expected to turn northeast and become a tropical storm later today. and farther north people are keeping a close eye on yet another storm. that's one threatening north carolina. the system is expected to bring rough search to the region. i'm jackie ibanez. log on to and you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> the internet sharks are circling after new york governor andrew cuomo posted this photo of himself boasting today's catch. a 154 and a half pound thrasher shark off the south shore of long island. >> they are legal to catch, but they are listed as vulnerable. a vulnerable species which is
12:47 am
right below endangered. social media users were horrified and they went in for the kill. one guy tweeted, you are a real piece of trash boasting about killing a shark listed as vulnerable on the conserve list. and lewis pew, the patron of the oceans, said apex predators are crucial for the ocean ecosystem. to kill such an animal and boast about it on social media is dangerously irresponsible. i believe we have a peck tour of him. i believe we have a picture of him. a rep for cuomo responded. this is an edible game fish that is indigenous to the new york waters. wow, jessica, why do the democrats hate animals so much? >> how do you know that biden was a democrat? >> i am talking about cuomo who murders animals.
12:48 am
>> it is an edible game fish. >> i don't think it is edible. >> it is listed as edible. >> i think you can eat anything. it may just not sit well with you. >> if the meat is not something you would normally -- >> i just hope they don't close -- i hope they close the beaches for the holiday. that's not the shark we are looking for. >> you look like you've been around. >> there is nothing wrong with catching a fish and bragging about it. >> this is what you do. you catch a fish and you brag about it. now that's not allowed. >> welcome to the republican party, governor cuomo. go out and fish. >> i am proud of cuomo. >> i think it is great. and his brother is there and his brother is so hot. >> he is hot. >> i don't want to talk about the hotness of the cuomo clan i am proud that the staff they
12:49 am
back down so these animal right nuts. i love that we are all now purporting to give a [bleep], sorry, about sharks. think about the good thing they did to lions. think about how good the gorillas are doing. >> i am just talking to the sharks who are watching right now. it is nice that they took a stand. the whole thing is stupid. >> it is still -- >> i got information from my producer according to google. >> are you a fisherman? >> from long island.
12:50 am
>> does that qualify new. >> apparently not. >> that was a trump statement. no, but i live on long island. i should talk about this. >> come on. >> do you eat the sea robin too? >> i don't eat the bottom feeders. >> thanks for not saying me. >> this is my good friend. >> coming up, why are people offended by this shoe? i'm sure they have their reasons. hey gary, what'd you got here?
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this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go!
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the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" alley green and kristen tate and john tierney. >> and now it is time for shu news. barney's new york is selling dirty sneakers patched up with duct tape for $620. the golden goose distressed superstar sneakers are made in italy and perfect for rich people who want to look like rich people who don't want to look like rich people. the pre-worn kicks look like something from the sheik line. what do average americans think about the sneaks?
12:55 am
the look of poverty shouldn't be seen or sold as fashion. wtf is wrong with some people? jessica, come on. what is going on here? it is getting -- we can't appropriate poverty now? why not? >> we can. i own two pairs of the sneakers. they were on sale. it is not the ones with the duct tape. they are 70% off. >> give me insight into why you wanted to own sneakers? >> the ones we have have studs on them and they don't look like they are falling apart at all. i think it came from brad pitt in the 90s. remember when he used to have the hat on all the time and i think it came from that dirty sheik thing and now it is just run a muck. the studs i have, not ridiculous. >> i donated my clothes to four people. why can't i buy their clothes
12:56 am
for myself. >> i think it is more of an anti-mugging outfit. nobody will mug you unless it is another homeless guy. >> if they are going to pay $585 for a pair of duct tape sneakers then maybe we win a little. maybe those factory kids, maybe they win. >> it will spur the economy. you are spending $600 on something, right? >> i am speechless on this one. are the poor going to walk around? >> wouldn't that be nice. >> i think it is bizarre and i am not buying a pair. >> help me out. >> i think it actually shows acceptance. remember when billy madison peed his pants and then he did it so he wouldn't be
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new deleted benghazi e-mails. new deleted clinton foundation e-mails and some of the fbi's work product that led to the decision not to charge hillary clinton with a crime. all set to be released in coming days. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. when the head of the fbi said he would not recommend charges against hillary clinton over her e-mail scandal, there were a lot of questions. now the public will see some of the raw fbi notes that led to that decision. portions of the fbi reportits i released very soon. possibly in a day. tonight, we he


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