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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 31, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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whole thing off. and the gliugly. a 700 pound alligator with the help of her husband and friends. it's the largest gator ever caught in the state. look at that monster thing. just reeled it in. >> 6:00 on the nose and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye-bye. good wednesday morning to you and your family. it's august 31st. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump heads south of the border today to meet mexico's president. this just hours before his big speech on immigration today, and we are live on the campaign trail. and if that's not enough this morning, remember when hillary clinton said this -- >> we turned over everything that was work related. >> i turned over every work related e-mail in my possession. >> we've gotten more clips just like that. it turns out none of that was true. it was a lie. we've got the proof this morning. >> change topics.
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could we not be close to truth? we could add that. did you see donald trump on "dancing with the stars"? no one did. it didn't happen. don't tell this guy. >> i just think of donald trump's spinning hillary clinton so violently during their tango when she came on? >> you know what, honestly, i saw it coming. i wasn't really that surprised honestly. i felt the energy. >> that's eye witness news. that's not all we have in mind. keep in mind, our mornings are much better because you're with friends. good morning to you and your family. look who we have on the curvy couch. >> holy smokes. i pass out in a bar last night and i woke up here. i was drag gooned. >> you have not passed out in a bar in 20 years. >> i was not. i came here voluntarily.
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>> tucker carlson, good job. >> just a few hours from now, donald trump is going to head to mexico, the country. >> the gop nominee announcing he's going to meet today with the president of mexico hours before his landmark immigration speech. >> does john robert have his passport. hey, john, things keep changing. >> reporter: good morning to you, brian, ainsley and tucker. i always carry the passport with me which is in the past proven been to be a prudent move. donald trump truly is a man who doesn't sleep. he was in everett, washington, last night. overnighted in l.a. and overnight in mexico city. to be a fly on the wall at that meeting at about midday today at the presidential palace, can you imagine? enrique pena nieto. he says, who is going to build the wall and the crowd shouts back, mexico.
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this was an invitation that came from nieto's office last friday. it was issued to donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump got the jump on hillary clinton. we talk to the mexicans all the time, we don't need to go. it's a perfect curtain razor for donald trump's big, eagerly anticipated speech here in phoenix at the convention center where he'll be talking about immigration and specifically what to do about the millions upon millions of people who enter this country illegally. here's a little bit of curtain razor from his campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> no amnesty, no legalization, no sapg two wary city. he wants to abide the law, enforce the law which is a novel concept in washington. people who have committed a crime are gone. then he wants to see what we're left with. he will address that tomorrow. i think you will see one of the toughest speeches on illegal immigration in modern political
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history. >> reporter: now a couple of big themes that donald trump is pursuing this week, immigration and outreach to african-americans. he has that speech coming up saturday at the church in detroit. last night adjusting his language on the campaign trail ever so slightly after being criticized for painting a bleak picture for most if not all african-americans in this country. listen to how he slightly adjusted the language last night. >> millions of african-americans in this country have succeeded greatly, but we must also talk about those who have been left behind. the millions suffering in disastrous conditions in so many of our inner cities and neighborhoods afflicted by total poverty, drugs, and horrible, horrible violence. >> reporter: ending at the top there, millions of african-americans who have succeeded greatly and they should be celebrated. let's not forget the problem of the people mired in the inner
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city. a huge day for donald trump. there's only one way to put it. we'll be here following it. >> i think it's great that he's going down there. the invitation was extended to hillary clinton and to donald trump. he's the only one that accepted it. they're going down to the president's residence to meet. >> in a recent interview the president of mexico said, yeah, we can't afford to pay for at that wall. i don't know what you're talking about. >> i'm not going to blank and blank pay for the wall. >> the former one did. this current one says we don't have the money to pay for that wall. i wonder how the conversation will go. >> mexico's policies are hostile to the united states. it helps mexico. this is what you do when you win, you meet with people who criticize you. i think trump should have done this to a bunch of people. i think he should have met with former president bush because it sends the message, i'm the winner. >> i have the power. i'm fine to go face to face with you. if you have an enemy, it would be very nice of you to go to their door, knock on their door
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and hash it out in person. >> it conveys strength. >> that's a good point, too. think about this, tucker, you and ainsley. you have hillary clinton who has -- it feels as though she has a secure lead in the hamptons for three straight days on the heels of spending three days in los angeles, flat out raising money. not doing anything of significance. coming out and calling donald trump a white supremist. she can't stop. i would be so much happier for her or america if she was sitting on the beach, jenga or something else. >> she's relentlessly raising money. >> for what? >> where donald trump is going to be at a black church saturday, taking questions in detroit. tonight he's got the huge meeting. i'm pretty sure it's mexico first. >> well also this morning we have learned that the fbi is now saying that there were 30 e-mails in that latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails, 30 of them that were related to
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benghazi. these are just discovered. >> just unbelievable on top of that that all of these e-mails had to be retrieved by the fbi after she said her lawyers went through and said everything not work related was there, let alone this being the content. >> i think you've totally missed it. with all respect i remember vividly hillary clinton saying she turned over all her e-mails. she said it more than once. >> i think she did. >> did you put together a montage? >> maybe our producers did. did they? oh, here it is. >> we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing. personal stuff we did not. >> all i can tell you is that i turned over every work-related e-mail in my possession. >> what we turned over were more than 30,000 e-mails that i assumed were already in the government system because they were sent to system. >> there were some that were recently discovered.
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>> that was in the state department. not me. i turned over everything. >> my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. they're so boring. so we've already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, so what's a few more. >> she swore in a federal court, she swore to you, the american public that she released all of her e-mails. guess what? we're learning this morning and we learned many mornings ago, too, because it keeps developing that that lse. >> but the state department has them and they are saying it's going to take a full month to vet 30 e-maile-mails. a federal judge has said, no. hurry up and doing it. they're dragging their feet. they're going to redact it. now keep in mind all of these e-mails were in the fbi's hopper when they decided that she should not have been indicted, right? this is all part of what the fbi already put together. what we're finding thanks to judicial watch, thanks to the fbi's work and thanks to
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citizens united is it's great interest to america if you want to know what kind of president the former secretary of state will be. this is her judgment. this is what she decided to do. this is what she decided to turn over. she's going to blame the lawyers. i'm sure she's going to say my lawyers didn't do a good job. >> the damage has been done. that's the tragedy. not even related to who wins, they have shaken the faith of the average person in the honesty of basic american institutions like the fbi and the state department. have you ever thought the fbi was not on the level? i haven't until this season. they make all of us cynical about our government. >> why is it, tucker, that the state didn't redacted information and released them a month later. why didn't they have the power? >> they're covering for hillary clinton. they have for the last year. they shouldn't be doing that. >> it doesn't even matter what's in the e-mails when it's released. many people feel like our hands are tied. >> there's a couple of things. they're going to go through them for intelligence purposes.
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i don't look at the fbi as somebody that's letting me down. they went out there and said what we were able to require, it was irresponsible. he didn't go out there and say, it looks good to me. he wrote down everything that was a problem. he answered honestly. he said i don't think there's enough there to intight but i have a problem. >> he said if someone else did this that person would be in deep trouble. >> it makes you feel like the system is not on the level. >> that's my point. >> i hate that. >> that's my point. >> good morning. >> let's hand it over to -- >> bring it to a crashing halt. heather, lift us up with some good news. >> good morning, tucker. great to see you back here. how have you been? good morning to all of you. senator john mccain and sheriff
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joe arpaio claiming victories. marco rubio winning and debbie wasserman schultz fended off her opponent as well. she defeated tim conova despite the dnc controversy. well, breaking overnight, this is a crazy story coming out of california, the singer chris brown now released from jail after posting $250,000 bail. he's accused of pulling a gun on a former beauty queen inside his l.a. home. police swarmed that l.a. compound. you can see it right there, but he refused to let them in without a warrant all while he posted this antipolice rant on instagram. listen. >> i believe and i gonna bleep. the police the worst gang in the
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world, the police. and i said it. >> the police are the worst gang in the world. bailey curran, you can see her right there, said that she got upset -- or he got upset when she admired his expensive jewelry in his home. brown known for beating his then girlfriend rihanna was eventually arrested after an 11 hour standoff. a hurricane watch is in effect for parts of florida. incredible satellite images showing a monster storm system hovering over the gulf coast. people bracing for heavy winds, rain, and a dangerous riptide which could take place. the worst of the storm is set to hit tomorrow so please be careful out there. and then hawaii, let's talk about that. look at this. those double circles right there bracing for the worst storm that that island has ever seen. twin hurricanes heading for the island for the first time in
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history. hope everyone stays safe out there. no hope for solo. the soccer goalie moments ago finding out that u.s. soccer suspended and fired her for calling swedish competitors cowards while in rio. >> terminated contract effective immediate immediately. terminated contract. that's bull. 17 [ bleep ] years and it's over. >> solo on indefinite leave for soccer. she has not apologized for that comment. those are your headlines. we'll see you back here. >> it's a post game interview and she gets suspended. >> she looks like she's upset. >> she's intense. >> i'd hire her. still ahead, we've been talking about hillary clinton's e-mail troubles and the fbi is ready to release details of information into the investigation of her e-mails. plus, how would you feel sending your kid back to school with an al qaeda terrorist. one u.s. university just hired
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in the e-mail scandal and investigation. now the bureau will make some of its investigation public as early as today. so what could it mean for the democratic nominee? let's talk to former fbi agent chad jenkins who is also a former u.s. army ranger and found beer of the jenkins group. first off, chad, what do you think we're going to learn from the notes? not a transcript. >> correct, brian. it's not. i think we're going to see a lot of the information the fbi has but they've already stated it's not going to be the entire report. it's going to be what they decide to release from that information. i think hopefully what comes of this is that we will see that the american people can decide whether probable cause was met whether hillary clinton conducted criminal activity. i think oftentimes direct oor comey said there was not beyond a reasonable doubt to submit
3:19 am
there was a crime committed. for a federal indictment the standard of proof is only probable cause. >> you know what's so interesting, chad, maybe you can shed some light into this. she was told to hand over everything that was work related. she handed over 55,000, deleted 30,000. they said i know there's more out there. went back to other things left in the frame and some cyber talk and got thousands more on their own. right there i have trouble if i'm investigating wondering if my subject is being candid with me. do you have the same feeling? >> absolutely. and when we look at that, how is that not intent to hide and mislead and flat out lie? i mean, we talk about general petraeus and him hiding the binders of classified information. how is this any different? the only difference is we haven't uncovered the 14,000 still missing. we don't know what's on there. if that's not intent to be
3:20 am
deceitful, i don't know what it is. >> now we find out amongst those e-mails are 30 that have something to do with benghazi. is there a thought in your mind, chad, that this might be good for hillary clinton the more light that's been shed? because so far it hasn't been. >> well, i mean, all the light that is permeating from this i think hopefully for the american people, the biggest thing we can take from this is getting as much knowledge as we can so that come november people -- an educated people can make the right decision to put forth honorable people in office. >> right. and people want donald trump to be candid about his taxes. first they have to find out if hillary clinton will be candid about what she did as secretary of state. chad, thanks so much. thanks for your service to the country. >> thanks, brian. coming up straight ahead, here's an interesting way to fight crime. how about put serial numbers on bullets to trace them back to the sellers. really? why aren't we tracing them back
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to the killers. >> mccain, wasserman schultz and rubio. all of them with a win.
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not to brag, but we've got some headlines for you. an unlucky casino tour bus going up in flames. it all happened near san jose, california. the driver pulled over after spotting a fire spitting out of the back of the vehicle. he grabbed a fire extinguisher. thankfully all 17 people on board are okay this morning. you've got to see this amazing video. a quick thinking brave mom
3:25 am
rescues her two kids from a gas station inferno. she sprints to the car pulling her kids out just in the nick of time after another car crashed into the pump knocking it over starting all of it. this happened in the state of connecticut and miraculously thankfully nobody was hurt. ainsley? >> thank you, tucker. overnight three establishment candidates winning the primaries in their closely watched state races. senators john mccain and marco rubio and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz now gearing up for a very fierce re-election. what account results mean for the general election? let's ask gop strategist kathy lynn taylor. cliff young and democratic strategist michael tobin. thanks, guys, for being here. >> thank you. >> what do you all think? do you think you can look at what's happening in the primaries and the states and does that give you a good indication of what's happening in the general? >> it's interesting. polling data right now is kind of like play-doh. everybody is molding it to fit
3:26 am
the narrative that they want to tell. what is interesting about last night is it was the night of the incumbent. everybody's been telling this story, at least the mainstream media has, that, you know, trump is hurting down ballot candidates, they're not going to be able to win. republicans had a good night. incumbents had a good night. the trump candidates didn't necessarily prevail but strong incumbents did. it's very, very interesting. you want to tell a story from that. the story that americans may be telling us, they want change, a disrupter but they may want to surround him by strong, solid change. >> do they want change? people . john mccain, rubio, debbie wasserman schultz. >> incumbency is king. in 90% of the cases incumbents win. the only thing that's really new is now we know who will be in
3:27 am
the general election. what we need to look at when looking at the down ballot race in the house and senate is the relative performance of the presidential candidates. that's much more telling about what will happen in november than what happened yesterday. >> yeah, what are your thoughts, michael? >> i think the house race with debbie wasserman schultz we can put to the side as an outlier. she has been in the office long enough to have gerrymandered her district. >> she's the establishment. >> she certainly is despite the controversy. but florida was especially interesting because there they're saying in a presidential match-up talking about national issues, national campaign we pick trump republican primary voters. when it comes to representing our state's interests, we want our guy who we voted for previously. maybe contrary to my colleagues, there's buyers remorse. they're saying maybe we need to hedge and put in the guy we didn't choose in the primary and make sure he's in the senate.
3:28 am
>> you don't agree with that? >> i just don't think we know yet. every day we're seeing trump tighten the polls a little bit more. it's hard to say there's buyers remorse. i think people do want to hedge their bets. it's going to be very interesting to see and certainly we look forward to states like missouri who has the bell weather effect, has been known for always choosing a presidential candidate. right now they have a gubernatorial candidate who is a real disrupter, outlier like trump that they picked over three or four other candidates. it's very interesting as we start to look ahead to the other states what's going to happen. >> thank you. kathy, cliff, michael, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. how would you feel sending your kids back to school with an al qaeda terrorist? one u.s. university just hired one. seriously. and in the wake of colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem, f-16
3:29 am
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as you know, donald trump made that crazy appearance on "dancing with the stars" last night. are your friends on facebook and twitter going crazy over it? >> yeah. there's a twitter beef and it's been pretty chaotic. >> what did you think of donald trump spinning hillary clinton so violently during the tango. >> honestly i saw it coming. i wasn't really that surprised honestly. i felt the energy. >> do you want to wish hillary clinton a speedy recovery from being dropped. >> hillary clinton i hope you recover really quick and i hope bill takes good care of you.
3:33 am
yeah. go women. >> go women. just another voter. >> people say anything. >> can they say it because they don't want to look stupid so they go with it or they want to be on tv so badly? >> probably both? can i be honest? i feel so sorry. they've been outed in the most embarrassing way. >> why did they sign the release? >> i never would. that's funny. the embarrassing ones. the hardest ones are when they answer a trivia question. that is kind of funny. did you see "dancing with the stars." >> ainsley, you are too nice. they look stupid. >> who are you voting for. >> they look really stupid. >> yeah, they do. >> wouldn't your response be like, did i miss that? hillary clinton and donald trump were dancing together? that would be my response. >> let's talk to a woman that does the news on a daily basis. if someone asks you and you didn't know it, you would say, i don't know. >> usually. unless you're a politician and
3:34 am
you come up with your own answer. >> you change the subject. >> good morning. good morning to all of you. a couple of news headlines. dozens of convicted drug dealers will soon be set free as president obama shortens sentences for another 111 federal inmates. the white house announcing that he's commuting more sentences than the past ten presidents combined. in total the president cut 673 sentences including 325 this month alone. more than 1/3 of those inmates were serving life sentences. the administration is praising the move as giving criminals a second chance. what do you think about that? well, there have been more than 2800 shootings in chicago this year alone and one illinois lawmaker has a controversial plan to curb that strike in violence. they want a serial number on bullets like guns. the ammo could be traced back to the stores.
3:35 am
it will crack down on stores that illegally sell ammunition but some gun shop owners say it will create a mountain of paperwork for them. interesting debate to have. how would you feel if your child was waking up in the same halls as a former terrorist? this is reality for some students at one of the most prominent universities in the united states. a former al qaeda recruiter, name is jesse morten, says spending years in prison changed him but in a 2009 interview morten says that the koran commands him to, quote, terrorize disbelievers. listen to this. >> the koran says very clearly in arabic language. this means terrorize them. it's a command from alla. >> there you go. george washington university and our nation's capitol. he's working as a researcher for
3:36 am
cyber and homeland security at that institution. he hopes they can stop others from becoming an extremist. >> he neds to stop himself. >> happy talk. those are your headlines. >> unbelievable. >> see how that goes. >> the last time you saw major dan rooney he was changing the lives of a fallen soldier's family with the help of the country, a country star i should say, lee bryce, by returning that soldier's truck, remember that, to that soldier's family. look at this. >> this is the first time these guys are going to see it. >> i don't even have a word. >> lee, what is -- >> you can't put that into words. ♪ i drive your truck ♪ i'm afraid of saying good-bye, shook my fist and these days when i'm missing you this much ♪ >> now he's back. dan rooney is with the signature
3:37 am
program to make sure the children of fallen heroes are never left behind. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> great morning to be an american, guys. thanks for having us. >> major dan rooney. we're honored the folds of honor recipient is paige garr very. university of nebraska. >> the pride of lincoln, nebraska. >> we want to get your take quickly on a news story on this kaepernick story. you served the country for many years in uniform in danger. when you see a highly paid football player refusing to stand up for the national anthem. >> tucker, do you want to see what he said about the flag? listen. >> i'll continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppress oppressed. to me this is something that has to change. when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way that it's supposed to, i'll stand. i mean, people are dying in vein because this country isn't
3:38 am
holding their end of the bargain up. >> wow. three tours of duty. you've lost so many friends fighting for our country. you lost your dad who fought for our country. what's your response? >> i think it's so misplaced, number one. this isn't a political issue. this isn't a red issue or a blue issue, this is a red, white and blue issue. that is what he's truly missing. you look at his number one not being oppressioned because he can cisicity -- oppressed becaue can sit down. there are less than 1% of the country out defending the freedoms. i think of my dear friend major ed polido. he's my right-hand guy. he sacrificed his left leg so collin can stand up on his two legs. >> there's your friend right there, a picture of him. >> you know, it's a very emotionally charged thing. it gets me very upset and to understand that this is the most sacred thing and that red, white and blue flag stands for america and the freedoms that we all
3:39 am
enjoy and i just think it's really misplaced effort on his part. >> on thursday you'll be starting off on national television and he'll be sitting for the national anthem. what do you think of that? >> i just -- i feel a lot of what major dan just said. i don't think that he would not have served our country even with people believing this way. he fought so that they could, not that it's right, not that i agree with that, not that he would agree with that, but nonetheless, like major dan said, our men and women suit up so that he has the right to stand up and say what he wants to. as hard as that is to hear, i don't think that my -- yeah, i think that my dad still would have served our country. i think he would have gone
3:40 am
overseas and fought despite that. >> and probably help him if colin kaepernick ever needed it. >> tell us about your dad. >> wow, my dad. it's so hard to even begin to sum him up in a short amount of time. he was amazing first and foremost. he was the command master chief of carrier air wing 7 when he passed away and he was a leader. above all else he was an amazing servant of christ which is something that has inspired me in my life and so many others that he has served. he served and loved others so well. he was such a proponent for education, for respect, for leadership, for humility, for everything that i try to model my life after. and his legacy has just been an inspiration for me and for so many people. >> your father died and had a heart attack on "u.s.s. eisenhower." major dan, what's your
3:41 am
involvement? >> paige represents what now will be almost 13,000 scholarships that we've delivered thanks to great americans supporting folds of honor and to stay here -- sit here today and represent all these families that we're supporti supporting. >> you graduated two weeks ago? >> yes, sir, i did. yes. communications study major, now have that diploma which is so wonderful. >> congratulations. >> you're a great communicator. >> thank you very much. >> just five years ago when your dad passed away, i'm sure he would be quite proud of you. >> i am so fortunate that, yes, i have been able to have the support of folds of honor and attend the university -- he never got to attend the university of nebraska but was a die hard husker fan through and through. to be able to attend that school and graduate from there meant a lot for me. >> paige, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for everything you're doing. patriot golf day is happening around the country on
3:42 am
labor day weekend. check out our blog at or folds of at every golf tournament you're suggesting the national anthem be played. >> we'll talk to you in a little while. coming up next, hillary clinton has hammered donald trump and said he hurt the middle class. >> if you look at what trump is proposing and how he wants to give huge tax breaks to people who are wealthy like him, it would cost our economy 3.4 million jobs. >> says the woman who's taken more from hedge funds than ever. our next guest says that trump will get working americans to the polls. who's right? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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3:46 am
champion of the middle class and will get people back to work. that's the whole point of his campaign, he says. will his outsider appeal actually get working class voters to the polls? here's a man to tell us, former strategy director to british prime minister david cameron. the ceo of proud pac. steve helton. >> a lot of people in the trump campaign and outside of it have drawn a connection between what happened in the brexit vote in june in the uk and what's happening in the u.s. now. this kind of revolt of ordinary people against what they perceive to be the ruling class. do you think there is something like that going on globally? >> yeah. i think there's a real connection. i don't think you can read too much into it, but i think there's a basic fact of life which is that for the last few decades actually it feels to many people, working people, whoever they vote for, whether it's in the uk, labor government, conservative government in america, if it's republicans or democrats in
3:47 am
charge, nothing seems to change in their lives. what they see is technology and globalization reducing the economic security that they've been used to. and so they're basically saying, we've had enough of it. we really want a change. that's why i think the underlying message of brexit really resonated in the uk. i think it's the same story with trump. there are different countries but the underlying resentment about the fact that lives don't seem to be getting better right across the economy i think is a really significant factor. >> not right across the economy. at least here in the last two years under obama, 90% of the income gains have gone to the top 1%. it's not like nobody's benefitting. >> yeah, very few. i think that has been the consequence of changing in the economy. go back decades now the way the economic power has been centralized in the hands of fewer and fewer big companies and giant global corporations and the way the tax rules and
3:48 am
regulations have allowed those who are the insiders to really make the most of it for themselves while star tops and entrepreneurs and school businesses really struggle. so i think that's also adding to the sense of resentment. >> do you find it striking that a billionaire is holding himself out as a champion of the middle class? >> it's interesting, actually. when you look at trump, of course he's got some of the characteristics of the very people that a lot of people really hate, but actually if you think about the business world that he's been in, construction, what that has done, i think, is brought him into contact, direct day-to-day contact with working people in a way that most people with his wealth don't normally -- don't normally get the chance to encounter. i think it has given him kind of an affinity of the lives of real working people coming out in the way he's communicating in this campaign and the way he can relate to people. >> if you were advising trump and you were trying to help him make in roads with middle class voters, what would the message
3:49 am
be? what would you recommend? >> focus on that economic message and do more of it. the fundamental components of his economic plan do represent the kind of change people want to see. i think that if he makes that clear, if you elect me we're going to have a change of direction working with a republican congress, i think that's another really important factor in all of this. remember that when it comes to economic policy, congress is really the reverse. what you might see if you have a republican in the white house and republicans controlling congress, an end to the gridlock, real progress, pro enterprise policies. if he sticks to that message, then i think he will do very well. >> no more noise. great to see you. >> thank you very much. next up, our son was murdered by an illegal immigrant. a message for donald trump. what she wants to hear him say. plus, millions of americans refusing to vaccinate their children even with the mumps
3:50 am
outbreak in this country. are your kids at risk because of this decision. what century are we in? the doctor is in next. ♪ ♪ hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
3:51 am
the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row.
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3:53 am
♪ it is a great debate that we have heard for years about vaccines and autism and even the link between the two has been disproven, a shocking new survey finds 73% think that vaccines aren't necessary. 73%. that, as a mumps outbreak is growing on long island, with at least 36 people infected now. where is the disconnect?
3:54 am
we have a doctor here who joins us to answer all of our questions. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. >> i know you'll say get vaccinated. >> what we have to remember is vaccine save lives. we know children born in the last 20 years, over 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths will be prevented by vaccines. so they literally save the lives of people. remember, vaccines are safe. they're very effective. and they really help protect not only us but other people who can't become protected, like those who are very young or have weakened immune systems and can't get vaccine. >> kids with cancer, or babies who are too young to get vaccinated. the flu shot, we don't give it to them until 6 months or older. the baby who is 2 to 3 months old is still very vulnerable. they protect the whole community and large. >> are you shocked by that
3:55 am
number, 73% of people don't think you should get vaccines. >> i really am. i really am shocked by this. this was a study, survey of pediatricians when asked why they thought their patients and parents were not getting vaccinated, they felt overwhelmingly that most people felt vaccines were unnecessary. that couldn't be further from the truth. there's an kpanl pl of it. let's take measles, for example, or whooping cough or polio, these are conditions we don't see much. >> they were eradicated. >> for the most part they were. but buy and large these have been eradicated because we have vaccines. >> what do you say to the parents who are too scared to get their kids vaccinated. what do you say to those parents that are too scared to get their kids vaccinated? how do you convince them? >> i'm a family doctor. i was seeing patients last night. i had people decline getting vaccines that i offered them. it's something i deal with on a
3:56 am
daily basis. if you're concerned about g getting vaccines, tell your doctor but tell them why you're concerned. we need to talk about fact versus fiction. i'm so glad you said it, but vaccines do not cause autism. that's very, very important. we need to have that dialogue. but the other thing is, remembering how much they save lives. some people have concerns about the immune system response and things like that, but we really know that for most people vaccines are very, very safe. the most common reactions are local reactions. you might get a sore arm, maybe a low grade fever in kids and things like that, but most people do very fine with them. >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you so much. coming up, the communist castro regime has a horrible human rights record. wait until you hear what's happening today between the u.s. and cuba. and it's child prodigy week here on "fox & friends." you'll meet a 10-year-old cellist who will get your
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good wednesday morning to you and your family, it's august 31st. we moved outside as you can see. i'm ainsley earhardt. big election news overnight. how did john mccain, debby wassermann schultz, how did they fair? we have the results. >> oh, yes we do. then, donald trump heads south of the border, the american border for a surprise meeting today with the president of mexico. this just hours before his big speech on immigration. tonight, we are live as this news unfolds. >> this is the best election season ever. hey, remember when hillary clinton said this -- >> we turned over everything that was work related. i turned over every work-related
4:01 am
e-mail in my possession. >> well, turns out that is not true. we have brand new evidence of that. keep in mind, our slogan remains, mornings even in humidity is better with friends. ♪ >> oh, look at our pint-sized prodigies out there. you have justin and his joyous ensemble rocking it out with this morning with their friends. >> they are showing us how much talent we don't have. >> they're doing it without any sheet music. >> it's not even on prompter? >> we don't know how to put notes on a prompter.
4:02 am
>> unless we'll do "fox & friends" the musical. >> we should. >> heather touched on this at the top of the hour, just a few hours from now, donald trump is going to be heading down to mexico. >> yep. get this the gop nominee announcing overnight he is going to meet today with the president of mexico just hours before his landmark detailed immigration speech in arizona. what exactly is going on here. who better to ask than our senior national correspondent john roberts live this morning in phoenix. good to see you, john. >> almost as surprising as katy perry on the fiddle. good morning. this really came as a surprise donald trump announced last night and it was something that was decided by the campaign over the weekend that he was going to accept mexican president enrique pena nieto's invitation.
4:03 am
donald trump got the jump. this is a thing that a journalist would die to be in that meeting. here is a mexicanpresident, like a donald trump to hitler, donald trump who said that mexico is taking advantage of the united states. he is going to build a big wall and in a call and response now that his audiences across the country has gotten used to -- every time he shouts out who is going to pay for the wall? the crowd shouts back mexico. this is a dove tail curtain raiser at a big speech he'll give in phoenix later on today, 9:00 a.m. eastern time, lay out a detailed plan for combatting illegal immigration. one of the big things he'll talk about is what to do with the millions upon millions of those who entered this country illegal. kellyanne conway gave us a preview. here he is. >> no a amnesty, no legalization, no sanctuary cities. dealing with 11 million or so,
4:04 am
he wants to abide the law, enforce the law which is a novel concept in washington. people who committed a crime, they're gone. then he will see one of the toughest speeches on illegal immigration in modern political history. >> kellyanne conway making the point to brett last night, these policy speeches that donald trump is giving all kind of fit in with his on going debate preparation. she says while hillary clinton is giving one speech a week in which she is talking about donald trump, trump is out there talking about the issues. you can also make the case that she is much more well versed on all of the issues, not just domestic but international as well, and that trump needs to be out there giving these speeches to lay down markers he can draw in the debates. but it certainly will be interesting on september 26th in new york when the two of them finally come together on the stage which one is better prepared to handle the issues and how will they attack each
4:05 am
other and deal with each other in terms of whose debate zingers that audiences for decades have wanted to see. those are the things really that can turn the debate more than policy ever could. back to you. >> it's so funny. such different styles, such different experiences and such different preparation. we can expect the unexpected. john roberts, great job. >> le have to be prepared for her going after him and attacking him. >> on details. >> and he's not going -- he's going to have to control himself and not fight back. that's at least what a lot of people want. >> when tucker looks up to the side in the right, he is imagining something. what do you got to say. >> i think that debates are tough. she's very experienced. i think this move going to the president of mexico is surprisingly nimble and smart and agile. this is what he didn't do after he won the primaries. he didn't go meet with a lot of his critics. this is a guy the president of mexico who liken to hitler.
4:06 am
that's like the most over the top, repulsive unfair thing to say. it's so awful to say something like that and trump meeting with him, i think, is a sign that trump him being magnanimous, this is what you do when you win, you meet people you vanquished. >> the invitation was extended to hillary clinton and donald trump. he is going to meet at the president's residence and rudy giuliani is going and so is jeff sessions. >> yeah. and you know, interesting -- i guess governor pence will introduce him tonight in arizona. >> at 6:00 p.m. >> you noi know what i found fascinating over the past two weeks, it's been a lot, you look at the demographics, not many people said max out the african-american votes and minorities, you know what's happened, he is focussing like doggedly on the african-american vote, talking about them in their communities, going to do it saturday as well as the hispanic vote.
4:07 am
>> maybe that's one of the reasons that we're seeing the polls narrowing and the immigration stance. the far right is going to vote for him no matter what. many of that group want to see illegal immigrants being deported, but i think the people in the middle, they like the fact that there's going to be a wall. however, they don't want families separated. they want children that are born here to stay with their moms. >> mass, low wage immigration hurts everyone at the bottom of the income scale. trump will not win a lot of black voters. >> he's doing -- romney won 6% of the african-american vote. the nbc poll has trump 8%. it's low, it's better than romney. there's perspective for you. the immigration issue i really think is a real winner for him among black voters if he can sell it. why is it good for black voters! it's not. it's terrible. they know that. >> kellyanne conway told us on the radio yesterday, it's more important for the voters to see
4:08 am
the wall built up and enforcement done than it is for those here illegally who have not broken any laws to be deported. that's what he'll talk about tonight. >> the illegal immigration. democrats have been selling this lie to working class americans. we're all in it together. no, unemployment rates are really high in certain communities partly because we're importing tons of cheap labor. it's supply and demand. it's really simple. >> are y'all shocked that there's another e-mail controversy this morning? >> hasn't stopped. it has not stopped. >> i'm enjoying it. >> there were 30 e-mails recovered from the fbi we're being told that involve or related to benghazi and these are hillary clinton's state department e-mails. >> if you're trey gowdy and you sat there in the select committee trying to investigate for over a year what the bottom line is and what the truth is behind that and came up with their conclusions and interviewed hillary clinton and you think you have all there is or you think that that's all you can get, and then this emerges
4:09 am
what are you thinking? >> you would be pretty surprised. didn't she promise us in explicit terms she turned over every single e-mail. >> you go to the tape or turn on fox and friends and see this -- >> we turned over everything that was work related, every single thing. personal stuff, we did not. all i can tell you is that i turned over every work-related e-mail in my possession. what we turned over were more than 30,000 e-mails that i assumed were already in the government system, brett, because they were sent to addresses. >> sure. but there were some that were recently discovered and turned over. >> that was the state department, not me. i turned over everything. >> my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. they're so boring. we already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, so what's a few more? >> wow.
4:10 am
>> 15,000 more. 15,000, what's a few more? 30 of which related to benghazi, which has been a constant source of conversation and inquiry for those who fought over there, those who lost loved ones. when our ambassador gets assassinated. >> right. i don't think those e-mails are boring to those family members. >> they don't belong to hillary clinton. these are government e-mails. they belong to us, the taxpayer. they do and they're being held by the state department which says it will take months to declassify them and get them ready for public consumption. >> they're saying they're going to release her schedule after the elections. well, thank goodness now a federal judge is making these e-mails be released before the election. >> judicial watch is submitting questions she has to answer in writing. with a team of lawyers, she'll find a way to get around them. meanwhile, where is heather now? >> she's inside. >> where am i?
4:11 am
i'm here inside, guys. good morning to all of you. i have big election news that came in overnight. senator john mccain and sheriff joe arpaio claiming primary victories in the state of arizona and then in florida, a big race there, senator marco rubio and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz both fending off their primary race opponents. she defeated bernie sanders's supporter tim ka nova despite that dnc e-mail controversy. this is the first time that anyone had challenged wassermann schultz in a primary. also, breaking overnight, let's talk about what happened to singer chris brown, now posting $250,000 bail and he got out of jail following a nearly day-long standoff with police in los angeles. he was accused of pulling a gun on a former beauty queen. brown refused to let police into his l.a. home without a warrant. there's his big house right there. he then posted -- you have to watch this. this anti-police rant on
4:12 am
instagram. listen. >> i ain't did [ bleep ]. i ain't going to do [ bleep ]. and it's all going to be [ bleep ] the police. black lives matter. the police and i said it. [ bleep ] you. >> the police are the worst gang in the world. what do you think about that? well, this lady seen right here is brown's accuser. her name is bailey curren. she says brown became upset when she admired his expensive jewelry in his home and then he pulled a gun on her. this isn't brown's first run-in with the law. you may remember he was charged with felony assault on his former girlfriendee anna. monster storm hovering over the gulf coast and also on the atlantic. the outer banks expected to be the first area to get hit. of course that's north carolina area. and then in florida a hurricane watch is now in effect along several areas of the gulf coast.
4:13 am
plus, out west, twin hurricanes now heading straight toward hawaii for the first time in history. take a look at these satellite imagines right here, those storms likely to bring drenching rains high winds and the churning of the saes. we'll watch all of those as they develop. just hours from now, an american flight will land in cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. it's a jetblue flight scheduled to take off from ft. lauderdale. 150 people including the transportation secretary anthony fox will be on that plane. ten other flights, including delta and southwest have also been approved to fly there in the future. this after president obama normized relations with the communist country. those are your headlines. let's head outside. >> thank you, heather. >> ainsley, brian and tucker. had to think about that. back out to you. >> heather, ladies and gentlemen. >> tucker in for steve. steve would be proud of you knowing that you're going to read right noi.
4:14 am
>> thank you. yes, i am. coming up, her son was murdered by an illegal alien. this morning, her mom has advice for donald trump what she wants to hear and see in his big immigration speech tonight. . get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. is important to everyone. it's especially important to military people
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4:16 am
4:17 am
donald trump is set to
4:18 am
deliver a major immigration speech in arizona tonight, saying he is ready to respond to critics who accuse him of softening his stance. his campaign manager says that is not the case -- >> you'll hear consistent donald trump in this way, no amnesty, no legalization, no sanctuary cities. so these parents, these angels moms and dads we've seen up on the stage with him, laura and michelle and jamele anding a nus and julie, these are real people whose children were killed by illegal immigrants who should not have been here. no more sanctuary cities. >> mentioned in that clip and she said she'll be listening very careful to the speech tonight. >> julie's 25-year-old son spencer was murdered by a criminal criminal, illegal alien, known gang member, deportded four times, served time in federal prison but still managed to stay in this country. julie joins us now. thank you for joining us this morning. so, a lot of dus.
4:19 am
>> thank you very much. >> lot of us are confused about what mr. trump's position is on some of these issues. he'll lay it down in stone for the country tonight. what do you want to hear him say? >> i want to hear him continue to stay on message, that he is going to secure the border, he is going to enforce the laws which includes e-verify, not allowing sanctuary cities and having law enforcement turn over illegal aliens to i-c-e. >> are you disappointed with the current administration and if you think hillary clinton gets office it's more of the same and do you blame your son's death on the administration? >> absolutely. the policies that have continued in this country for years, hillary clinton has on her website that she's going to allow amnesty within the first 100 days. i think it will be detrimental to this country if she actually becomes president. >> what do you make of the response to you and families like yours who basically been dismissed by the left as
4:20 am
irrelevant, your stories don't seem to matter? why do you think that is? >> it doesn't fit the narrative. i'm very disappointed. we've reached out both sides of the aisle and only mr. trump is the one who responded to our call out around illegal immigrants and the impact they're having on our families. >> julie, i'm so sorry for the loss of your son. he was a beautiful child, 25 years old, too young to lose his life. god bless you. >> thank you, julie. why is our homeland security team patting themselves on the back? are those 10,000 syrian refugees being vetted? it's child prodigy week on "fox & friends." those kids are here to get your morning started on the right note. don't go away. energy is a complex challenge.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
news by the numbers then we go outside again. first $305,000, that's how much a va is offering to pay one of its employees to just go away. that offer comes after attempts to fire the woman for refusing to lie in a report that would have gotten another co-worker fired. next $16 million, that's how much taxpayer money more than a dozen baltimore stores cheated taxpayers out of in a food stamp fraud. and 10,000, that's how much syrian refugees were left in the u.s. in a single year, fiscal year and homeland security is so proud when it was bhet a fury of outrage after tweeting out #refugeeswelcome.
4:25 am
many says we should welcome in taking in christians and helping the homeless in america. ainsley? >> thank you, brian. well, all week we are showcasing pint-sized prodigies whose talent, much bigger than they actually are. our next skilled kid has been playing the cello since he was 3 years old and just wowing audiences, even at carnegie hall and all over the world and now he is 10 years old and he is showing no signs of slowing down as they move justin ryu, the lead member of this joyous string ensemble. hey, justin, thanks for being with us. >> hi. >> where do you live, justin? >> i live in long island. >> you parents have a music school? >> yeah. >> how old were you when you started playing the cello. >> i started when i was 3 years old. i started the piano first and then later picked up cello. >> 3 years old. >> yeah, from a young age. >> you play the piano. you play the cello.
4:26 am
do you play anything else? >> the sax phone. >> will you introduce your ensemble here? >> okay. >> we'll start over there in the blue. >> this is tiffany. she plays the violin and she's 9 years old. this is grend lin, she plays the cello. >> and they play at your parent's school? >> yeah. we work as a team. >> that's awesome. who is behind you? >> that is brendan. >> that's your cousin. >> yeah. he is 11 years old. >> he is really cool. i like the glasses. >> he plays the base. >> he is the oldest of the group. >> actually, no, gwendlyn. >> she is 12. >> how about this cutie? >> tyler is my cousin, he is 10 years old and he plays the violin. >> i love the haircut. y'all are so cool. >> what are you going to play for us? >> we're going to play "fireworks by katy perry. >> take it away.
4:27 am
>> one, two, three --. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:29 am
>> wow. that is so great. justin, gwenglyn, brendan, tiffany, you did a wonderful job. thank you. >> thank you. >> i like the head bobbing. >> thank you. >> i love it. look at their cute clothes. you are so hip and cool. thank you so much. you're wonderful. big election news over night with four seats up for grabs. how did debbyie wasserman sch z schultz, marco rubio and john mccain fair? plus, he won theize man trophy as a player at the university of florida. what does legendary steve spurrier think of colin kaepernick sitting down during the national anthem? we'll ask him. there he is in the hallway. ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
she knows what i'm talkin' about
4:34 am
maintain our majorities in congress. it's important to america's future that we have a say over the next president's appointments to this united states supreme court. >> and mccain right there hinting at another big question looming over this election, if clinton keeps her lead, is she able to flip control of the
4:35 am
senate as well from republican to democratic hands as mccain noted, there's a possibility of two, three, even four supreme court nominations for the next president to control the senate will be critical. republicans may start shifting their argument in the weeks ahead to rally conservative voters behind the idea that they need a gop senate to make sure they have a check on the possibility of a clinton push to reshape the supreme court, guys. back to you. >> thank you, ed. >> live from washington. >> thanks, ed. >> no big surprises last night. we'll see what happens in the general. heather? >> she is inside. >> so humid out here, be glad you're inside, heather. >> it's nice and cool inside. good morning, everybody. good morning to all of you. news coming in from overseas, this is a disturbing one. an american who has been held captive by the taliban pleading for her life in a new video. coleman and her canadian husband are warning that the terror group will kill them and their
4:36 am
children unless the government of afghanistan stops killing taliban prisoners. they were taken captive in afghanistan back in 2012. they've given birth to two boys with her husband, she has since then. the state department is looking over that video right now. that's the information we have. we'll bring you more as we get it. 15 months later, a law that was meant to keep our boys in blue safe from ambush-style attacks has been stalled in the justice department. president obama signed the blue alert bill into law last may. they have yet to implement a single plan for it. even after the recent attacks on police and violent riots like this one, the justice department said it took more than a year to figure out which office would be responsible for enforcing the law. outfit outrage, a mother furious after a teacher forced her daughter to throw her shoes away and then walk around barefoot. this happened in simpsonville, south carolina and parents say the teacher got mad because their 6-year-old was playing
4:37 am
with her sandals. that little girl reduced to tears before being forced to dig them out of the trash. the district says it, quote, does not tolerate embarrassment or humiliation as a form of punishment. tom brady may want to spend his four-game suspension getting hair style advice from his wife gisele. check out his new hair-do. he unveiled it during a press conference. that looks nice. clean cut. and then it had the internet in an absolute field day. one person tweeting tom brady got his haircut like a '90s power ranger. another says brady may want to pick up on molly ringwald because it looks '80s and another comparison to matt damon in "goodwill hunting." he will spend september proving theer rums as part of the janitorial staff. what do you think of the haircut? brian used to have a mullet, was
4:38 am
that, brian? >> a rat tail. >> everybody looks at tom brady and goes, what can't he do? he looks good in every haircut. jet fans hate to say that, too. he is suspended for six games to start the year. thanks, heather. let me tell you what's coming up now -- he coached more than 400 football games, leading a national championship as well and the only person to win the heisman twice both as a player and coached the heisman trophy winner ch steve spurrier last season hung up his iconic visor and catalogs his career in his brand new book, joining us now is head ball coach himself, steve purrier and here is his great book. coach, great to see you. >> thank you, brian. >> coach, lot of times life slips into football and it happened before we started talking about what you experienced in college. let's talk about the pros. the team you used to play for for many years, you had colin kaepernick say i'm not standing for the national anthem.
4:39 am
coach steve spurrier coaching the 49ers, what do you do? >> if i was coaching, i would probably try not to make that big a deal of it. people have a right to express whatever their feelings are. we may not agree with it, but i think he has the right to do that. but again, i wish maybe he were to express it in a different way. we all love the flag and it represents more than i think the issue he was talking about. but again, i don't know sometimes when something happens you just let it go away. >> if you'ret's not starting anymore and then you create this kind of controversy and you're a first-year head coach like the san francisco 49ers in chip kelly, do you just cut that problem? >> no. i think he hopes it just goes away in a week or two. but time will tell, i think. >> coach, i loved reading your book from day one. first time i saw you, wiping the heisman as a young guy and say
4:40 am
your going to fight john brody for the starting job in san francisco. you play over ten years in the nfl. because you were a backup, that helped you become a great coach. how? >> i think it definitely helped me the last ten years in the nfl, the backup quarterbacks, they don't have to play. we don't -- >> you don't get beat up. >> best job in pro football, by the way backup quarterback. but watching from the sidelines and sort of watching the coverages and things like that, i think maybe helped me later as a coach. especially coaching quarterbacks, you know, give the quarterback a play that somebody is open and things like that is important. >> what struck me about your career is that you're always learning and admitting mistakes. you're at duke, turn that program around. after the bowl game is played, you're getting blown out and one of your players went you coach him said you're not my coach anymore. >> that was true. i told the guys right before the bowl game i was going to florida to take the head job down there.
4:41 am
i think a lot of them probably knew it. i hadn't announced it. later. i should have waited until after the bowl game because. but texas tech would have beaten us any way. they were better prepared and they were more ready than we were. >> university of florida means what to you? >> it's my alma mater. it's where i met my wife 50 years ago. and we had tremendous success there those 12 years and now i'm back as ambassador/consultant, so i get to hang around the team, try to help out any way i can. >> what are you going to be doing this weekend? >> i'll be down there in the swamp. for some reason they want to put my name on the stadium, so we'll have the dedication and hopefully a big win. >> what's trending right now? you're going to be? >> mr. two bit. two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar. they have a former player usually come do that before each game. >> coach steve spurrier, remarkable career as a player
4:42 am
and heisman trophy winner of course and tremendous coach in many different areas from south carolina to duke over to florida and of course with the redskins. congratulations on the book, coach. we'll talk more on the radio. >> you care about leadership, you'll pick this up. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, hillary clinton trying to see what makes donald trump tick hoping to get under his skin at the debate. dr. keith ablow is here. look how happy he issing loose. the amazing story behind this photo. this has all of america rooting for florida state this morning. ♪ you got a friend in me ♪ if you got trouble, i got them too ♪ ♪ you stick together and see it through cause you got a friend in me ♪ ♪ yeah, you got a friend in me tablets. so now, there are more ways,
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saw this little girl playing outside her house, her house was nearly destroyed so he stopped to give her a new stuffed animal. her mom snapped this picture of the two hugging. it has now gone viral not surprisingly. this picture of a college football star will bring you to tears. florida state's travis rudolph sitting by the boy by himself. he eats alone nearly everyday and has autism. the boy's mom posted the picture on facebook. you made us fans for life, she wrote. ainsley? >> tucker, we are less than a month away from the first presidential debate and this morning we're learning exactly how hillary clinton is planning to get under donald trump's skin. >> the democratic nominee is consulting psychologists about trump's biggest insecurities to bait him into making mistakes on the debate stage.
4:47 am
well, psychiatrist and fox news medical dr. keith ablow is here to assess the strategy. it's great to see you this morning, doctor. this doesn't sound like a crazy strategy. it's something every presidential candidate does and try to pick apart the other guy's weaknesses. will this work with trump? >> well, sure. it's something that every candidate probably does, probably should do, psychology is a very powerful tool to unearth what does get under people's skin, if you will. listen, with donald trump, kind of what you see is what you get. i have to say, when the small hands issue was raised during the debate, supposedly this got the clinton campaign very excited. man, he is off his game. he wasn't off his game at all. floyd would be standing like applauding standing ovation. to be able to address such an intensely personal issue and say, listen, there's no problem in that department, to me that showed an incredible degree of psychological strength. with donald trump he may make errors in saying what he thinks,
4:48 am
telling us the truth, saying things that are gritty, perhaps attacking with some unkind words, which you can scale back, but you know what, his demons are on his sleeve. there's not a lot of psycho analysis that hasn't been presented already. >> dr. ablow, i was reading this morning that one of the psychologists that they're consulting, hillary clinton's camp is consulting is one of the guys that helped donald trump write "art of the deal" someone that knows him well. >> well, and so good for them, if you will. but listen, i think americans know donald trump pretty well. he's brash. he will tell you what he thinks. he will go to war over an issue he believes in. and he will posture in the deal making. yes, listen, he'll say the mexicans, they're going to pay for every cent of that wall. well, he knows the mexicans are listening and frankly if they pay 68%, it may be a good deal in his mind but he won't show the cards. >> the risk with donald trump,
4:49 am
he's never been in a one on one debate. but he's never been in a one on one. that could be a little different. there's no time to rest. they think he could fatigue. >> yeah. good luck. here is the thing, this guy talks about his childhood, he has four adoring children, he's been married more than once, he says that his life has been somewhat messy, hillary clinton, we know literally almost nothing about the pain she may have experienced in childhood or what her real life story has been. we know only one thing, she's addicted to power she is on steroids. use that as your bell weather. anything that gives hillary clinton more power, she does. stays in a marriage with multiple affairs, doesn't matter to her, she is closer to power. >> thank you so much, dr. ablow. >> her shoes aren't nearly as good. >> and not as many. >> i don't know about that. >> they're all lefties. >> thank you, dr. ablow.
4:50 am
>> we'll be watching for sure. how would you feel sending your kids back to school with an al qaeda terrorist. one u.s. university just hired one. >> remember watching folds of honor -- ♪ these days when i'm missing you this much ♪ ♪ i drive your truck >> they refurbished their dad truck. >> make sure no hero's family is left behind and how you can help this labor day. ♪ she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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4:54 am
challenge accepted. one of america's favorite restaurants has teamed up with folds of honor to pay tribute to our troops and their families with a time-honored tradition. >> here to tell us more is folds of honor dan rooney and dan cook. >> major dan, tell me the meaning behind this coin you're holding and what the public needs to know. >> the challenge coin is a great fighter pilot tradition that started back in world war i, but all the services have a coin and we have given outbackers the opportunity to be a part of this great military tradition. they can go to an outback or carabba's, $15 goes back to benefit folds of honor and great partnership they have donated over half a million dollars the last three years, funded 26 scholarships just this year alone so it's the great way to go back and you get free
4:55 am
coca-cola products when you go back in. super cool. >> when we go in, we want to contribute, we'll get a free coke product if we go to outback? >> that's absolutely right. >> fantastic. why this foundation? >> you know, we think it's important to give back to the families that are serving our country and outback is always supported our armed services. so it's a great honor for us to give back to those who served us so well. >> dan, tell us a little bit about that. people who aren't watching that aren't familiar with folds of honor. >> yeah. this weekend is a huge weekend. it's labor day weekend. you can go eat at outback, purchase a coin. you can go play at one of a 5,000 golf courses across america for patriot golf day. last year we raised $6 million on this weekend. we need golfers to go eat and tee it up over labor day weekend. >> how do you get it? the green fees or fees you pay that day go to you guys? >> absolutely. they go back to benefit folds of honor. we ask people to make a donation when they go play golf and $15 coin at outback steakhouse is a way to give back.
4:56 am
>> national anthem or pledge will be recited or sung at each golf course. >> we are pushing to get the national anthem a part of the game of golf forever. >> steaks medium rare? >> i'm ready to talk about steaks. i have steaks ready to go and ready to eat. >> any quick tips for labor day? >> absolutely. it's our third largest grilling day in america, right behind fourth of july and memorial day. five important things that will make your -- number one, i like a cut like a ribeye for grilling. it's nice, thick, well marbled. that's the second thing you want to look for is marbling. little bit of fat that runs through the meat and keeps it nice and moist. and really important thing to do is also let your steaks come to room temperature before you grill it. it will cook really evenly. >> chef, can you go help brian.
4:57 am
>> if you want more information about folds of honor, please donate. awesome organization. more fox and friends in two minutes. i have asthma...
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good morning to you and your family. it is wednesday, only two more alarm clocks, guys. it's august 31st, the last day of the month. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have big i election news overnight about debbie wasserman schultz, john mccain, marco rubio. we'll bring you the results. then he compared donald trump to hitler and mussolini, so why is trump about to meet with the president of the mexico in just a few hours? an amazing development. we've got details. >> unbelievable. reporters are going crazy on this and so is secret service. remember when hillary clinton said this -- >> we turned over everything that was work related, every single thing. >> no, you didn't. that's not true. new e-mails uncovered because
5:01 am
the fbi is very diligent and now we're going to get the benefits of finding out what exactly she didn't want included in the 55,000. let me remind you, inside or outside, your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ or-e the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> some where in america colin kaepernick is sitting. >> you know what, we're not going to ban that. we welcome that. this is a safe space for the national anthem. >> they're going to join us this hour. you have to stay tuned.
5:02 am
that is children's choir from ps 174 is a school district here in new york. >> in queens. >> yeah. >> that's a special treat for you. we incorporate kids into this wonderful labor day leadup to the big weekend. meanwhile, big news last night. >> just a few hours, donald trump is going to head down to mexico and he did make that announcement last night. >> it was a counterintuitive move. meeting with the president of mexico hours before he gives his big immigration speech tonight. what's going to be behind closed doors and what's not? >> joining us from phoenix, john roberts. john? >> reporter: hey, brian, tucker, ainsley, good morning to you. we don't know what's going to be behind closed doors and what is not at this point. here is another thing, donald trump at this moment, not planning to take any u.s. media with him. so, at this time we have to rely on the mexicans for any coverage that we get. he should be leaving his house in beverly hills because he
5:03 am
wants to get there by 12:00 p.m. eastern time. it's little more than a three-hour flight. counterintuitive, you said it, this invitation went out on friday to both donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump was the first one to accept it. hillary clinton saying, we don't need to meet with pena nieto because we talk with the mexicans all the time. hillary clinton's campaign now saying we look forward to meeting them. wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall? here is a mexican president who likened donald trump to mussolini and hitler and candidate who has been very critical of mexico for taking advantage of the united states as he wants to renegotiate the nafta deal, accuses mexico of sending criminals and others across the border and insists that he'll build a huge wall between the united states and mexico and that mexico is going to pay for it. all of this, of course, a curtain raiser for donald trump's big immigration speech today in phoenix at the convention center behind me. got a curtain raiser on that in terms of what he'll say from kellyanne conway on the o'reilly factor last night. listen. >> no amnesty, no legalization,
5:04 am
no sanctuary cities. when dealing with 11 million or so, he wants to abide the law, enforce the law which is a novel concept in washington, people committed a crime are gone. and then he wants to see what we're left with. he'll address that tomorrow and i think you'll see one of the toughest speeches on illegal immigration in modern political history. >> and new polls out this morning, abc news washington post little bit of mix of good and bad news for donald trump. bad news all around for hillary clinton. take a look at this, unfavorable ratings, her unfavorable rating now at 59%. pretty much even with donald trump. that is an increase of 6 points from early august, an indication that all these scandals dogging her about te mails and the clinton foundation have been taking hold among women. she has gone up 9 points in her unfavorable ratings while donald trump is actually gone down from 70 points to 65% among women. that's an improvement for him,
5:05 am
though there's a commensurate increase in his unfavorable ratings among men he is now 60%. take a look at this african-american voters donald trump's unfavorable ratings now stand at 84%. wow, that's bad. it's down seven points from 91% in early august. so, in some of these numbers he is actually moving in the right direction while hillary clinton is moving in the wrong direction. ainsley, brian, tucker? >> i wonder why that is. his campaign team changed, john, recently. kellyanne conway, you showed us a clip of her. we'll have her at 8:30 and talk about these issues and the speech tonight. >> trump is going to mexico. the government of mexico is hostile to the united states. very hostile to the united states. do you think there's any chance that hillary clinton will go to mexico and plead america's case, stand up for the united states? there's literally no chance. there is a chance donald trump will plead america's case. >> hillary clinton wouldn't go to baton rouge when her own people -- >> to stand up for our interests? >> not going to do it. she didn't go. she was invited.
5:06 am
donald trump went. >> she said the last time she was in mexico that i can remember speaking publicly she blamed us for the us wanting drugs not because the drugs were coming across the border. >> really? >> i do think this is going to be important because it's unscripted. age which everything is scripted, everything is on the prompted, we have somebody going over to mexico with a president that said compared him to mussolini and hitler, what they'll say together. we know that donald trump said you'll build the wall and pay for it. how is that going to go? >> well, it can only be productive, right? you have two leaders of the countries that need to work together to build this wall, to decide who is going to pay for it and i think it's a great move on donald trump's part. i think you go face to face with your enemies. someone says something about you or your family, it's better to address it head on, clear the air, fix the problem and move on. >> to stand up for our interests. illegal immigration is a pressure relief vafl for mexico. it's a corrupt government. its economy does not serve it own citizens. that country would collapse.
5:07 am
for their president to refer to one of our -- either one of our presidential candidates as hitler is too much. >> right. >> it's outrageous actually. >> by the way, it's not just mexicans, it's other central and south american naxs with people come right to mexico and don't stay in mexico. let's talk about hillary clinton. we know 14,000900 e-mails were released that the fbi had a chance to look at because they retrieved themselves, they said the clinton did not hand over, the state department did not screen. we know that. now we find out that at least 30 of those e-mails contain information about benghazi. >> so you're saying she didn't release 15,000 e-mails, even though she said she turned over all of her e-mails. >> did she really say that? >> i don't know. let's listen. let's play it back. >> we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing. personal stuff, we did not. all i can tell you is that i turned over every work-related e-mail in my possession. what we turned over were more
5:08 am
than 30,000 e-mails that i assumed were already in the government system, brett, because they were sent to addresses. >> sure. there were some that were recently discovered and turned over. >> that was in the state department, not me. i turned over everything. >> my e-mails are so boring. >> mine aren't. >> i'm embarrassed about that. they're so boring. we released 30,000 plus what a few more? >> what's 15,000 more. that's unbelievable. on top of that, it shows less than candid approach in terms of what this means, among the people condemning not only are lack of transparency there but the comingling with the clinton foundation, huffing on the post, "the boston globe" and new york times editorial page. >> you know when "the new york times" etor yal page or left wing media outlets are going after her. >> where were they when she was the secretary of state representing our government, all of us, abroad and the clinton
5:09 am
foundation was soliciting money from people with whom the u.s. government does business. it was an open conflict then and we looked overit. >> cheryl atkinson was on special report last night and said this about the connections -- >> when she's talk about separating herself from the clinton foundation, just to bridge over there for just a moment, if "the new york times" is right and there are these troubled entanglements, how does the separation now really solve that problem if she were to become president? that's water under the bridge where she's already taken money through a foundation from domestic and foreign interests that she will be making decisions about if she's president of the united states and i'm not sure how logical it is say separation now would even solve that. >> she's saying the damage is already done. bill clinton and hillary say if they do win the white house and i say they because they go together, they're saying they're going to cut ties with the clinton foundation. but not until she wins. >> no news organization has sucked up to a politician the way the times has sucked up to
5:10 am
hillary. this is significant. this is like one of the dallas cowboys cheerleaders criticizing jerry jones. this is a big deal. nothing she can do that they would criticize yet they're criticizing this. >> nothing a cowboy cheerleader could criticize of jerry jones. >> wouldn't that be news. >> exactly. >> certainly. absolutely. i also think, too, in the big picture when you have a sunday new york times over the weekend, they focussed on donald trump and his dad in the 1970s about their policies when it comes to tenants in queens as opposed to all this clear linkage that was featured on all the sunday shows hillary clinton and her foundation. >> it would be like if we did a story how hillary clinton's dad once got drunk and told an off color joke. we would be mocked for doing that, wouldn't we? >> does he have one more analogy? >> it's analogy wednesday. we'll hand it over to heather. i want to play so badly. heather, do you have one? >> thank you. we love you, tucker.
5:11 am
some big election news coming in over night. senator john mccain and sheriff joe arpaio claiming primary victories in the state of arizona then in florida senator marco rubio and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz both fending off their primary opponents. she defeated tim canova who was a bernie sanders' supporter all this despite the dnc e-mail controversy she managed to win. this is the first time anyone had challenged her. isis says one of its top leaders is dead. they say that muhammad adnani, told them to kill americans including rocks and cars died in around air strike. they do say he was the target of that same strike that took place over night. we'll keep you posted. while you were sleeping at least 16 people rushed to the hospital after united airlines flight hit severe and unexpected turbulence
5:12 am
over the atlantic. witnesses say the people were flying over their seats on board that plane. it was a flight that was headed from houston to london. the pilot touched down in ireland to get help for the passengers and crew members injured. some were reported to have broken bones and also head injuries. no word yet what caused that turbulence. tim tebow back on the field but we're talking about the baseball diamond. watch. >> we don't have the pictures of that, but we have the audio. the former heisman trophy winning quarterback working out in front of dozens of major league baseball scouts in california. the reviews coming in are a bit mixed. one scout compared him to an actor trying to play baseball calling it a complete waste of time, but others complimented his speed and his power. and those are your headlines. let's head back outside. tim tebow should go to canada and play football. he would be back in the nfl in two years.
5:13 am
>> that's an idea. >> that was my plan of attack. >> anything he does turns to gold. he'll be just fine. >> not really. >> you watch. i put my money on tim tebow. for the rest of his life. >> playing baseball. >> yes, he could. i hear he is really good. >> coming up straight ahead, how would you feel sending your kids back to school with an al qaeda terrorist? well, a scholar in this country, a college just hired that clown. >> and ladies, here is a news flash, this woman said she found the key to a happy marriage. stay home, don't get a job. she'll explain when she joins us live in the most controversial setting in the morning. >> i quit. i quit. i'm going to walk off and stay off. ♪ can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. it just kind of like, wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. crest [hd]. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening.
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5:17 am
♪ well, big election news from overnight, four political power houses gearing up for the fierce general elections after winning their primaries overnight. >> all of the winners soundly beating their outside opponent, so what does this mean -- i can't talk. i almost bit my tongue. what does it mean for the overall general election? >> this is the wrong job if you can't talk.
5:18 am
>> i've been doing it for 2:15. i think i need a break. >> bite your tongue, ainsley. we keep hearing voters are angry and want to throw the bums out. marco rubio won by over 50 points in his battle. lot closer for debbie wasserman schultz. she won by 13 points after the dnc scandal and tough challenge from a bernie sanders supporter. in arizona, sheriff joe arpaio won by double digits. john mccain survives the toughest battle by about a dozen points. mccain made clear last night he is planning to win the general, be back in the senate in january. he'll be a thorn in the side of president clinton or president trump. sheriff joe arpaio, who i mentioned survived his primary, he is 84 years old and said age is simply not a factor. >> i want to say i'm too old, i'm not too old. okay? i work 14 hours a day.
5:19 am
all right? you know it. you guys have been following me around for years and years. so i am going -- age means nothing. >> so, you know, tucker and ainsley, this is obviously a central question for republican donald trump, how does he thread that needle of tapping into voter anger but still beating somebody, hillary clinton, who has a lead right now en though she's the ultimate government insider in a year of outsider. this whole idea that old guys can win and age is not a factor, this is good news for brian. >> that is not right and that was not in the prompter. >> it is in the prompter. i wrote it. >> that's in the prompter. i can see it. >> i'm 47 and i feel worn out. how do you do it at 84? >> old guy is doing great. >> not you. i meant joe arpaio. come on back, brian. >> what does your generation think about certain things. >> thank you, ed. >> thank you, ed, very much.
5:20 am
>> you're only as old as you feel. you're very young. meanwhile, let me tell you what's coming up and let you have a different rundown at home. here is an interesting way to fight crime. put serial numbers on bullets. let's track the criminals instead and stop letting them out of prison. >> here is a news flash, this woman said she found the key to a happy marriage -- stay home. don't get a job. she'll explain coming up next. >> just spend all of his money. ♪ ♪ keep us together
5:21 am
♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy.
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and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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and now some quick headlines for you. breaking over night, singer
5:24 am
chris brown infamously beat up rihanna in 2009, just getting out of jail for allegedly pulling a gun on a former beauty queen in his los angeles home. he was arrested after an 11-hour standoff. he denies all allegations. a former cop now this little baby's guardian angel after saving her from a sweltering car. the temperature inside the vehicle 120 degrees. the policeman saw the baby girl sweating and alone. he didn't think twice before grabbing a sledge hammer and shattering the window. police in new jersey arrested her mother who was shopping for clothes at the time. >> husbands as heroes. one woman sleting the world know how is grateful she is for her spouse. >> in an open letter to her husband, our next guest writes -- it is the breadwinner husband, men like you, who allow women like me to live such comfortable lives. those words getting overwhelming support and ton of hostility, too from people who they threaten. joining us is suzanne varnker.
5:25 am
she joins us live. >> tell us your message. what are you saying here about your husband? >> well, several things. the main thing, of course, is that husbands, in my opinion, get very little to no appreciation for the work that they do on a daily basis to support their families and to do what's needed to be done on the home front as well, just like wives and mothers do. and they get -- when they don't get the appreciation that they deserve and quite frankly need, it wares on them. we have an issue here, i believe, where we have the spotlight too much on all of the difficulties and stresses that women, specifically mothers, face, but virtually no spotlight on men and fathers in particular. this was just my way of in a rather public way, i guess, honoring the work that he does and that we do together as
5:26 am
partners. you guys opened this segment in a very funny way. i was a little surprised how you opened it. i represent what i think is an underrepresented group in america, i call it the 1 1/2 income family. we talk about two income families or single parent families but we don't talk about that group of parents for whom one of the parents moves in and out of the work force over the course of her children's lives to be able to manage some part-time work or owning your own business or in my case i'm self employed. i write. so the life i have in being able to be there for my kids and also have carved out this path is because of my husband, because people who do that have to depend on someone else to lead a very different kind of life that's very steady. and that's what i wanted the focus to be on. >> you might not -- >> does that make sense? >> absolutely. >> you might not go to an office job either, but being a stay at home mom, that is a full-time
5:27 am
job and, in fact, i believe it's harder than going to work everyday. suzanne, i want to show you the audience some of your article. this is the article that you posted online. a lot of people are responding to it. >> it's on fox, too. >> that's right. all we ever hear in the media is what life is like for the hairied working mother. for the working mother. marriages that are more traditional in nature with a primary breadwinner and primary parent are viewed as a thing of the past. and you're getting some criticism, too. you want to respond to that? >> sure. couple things. so this is what's really important to note about that. is that we hear often that there's quote unquote 70% of working mothers in america today. what the media does not share is that half of those mothers are people like myself who really can't be classified as at home mothers or working mothers, we are, as i said before, moving in and out of the work force, we might have stayed home for a few year when the kids were young, then we went back. there are all these other
5:28 am
options that are completely overlooked. but in order to have that life, which i think is the best one working part time or working for yourself, you have to depend on a breadwinner husband to do that. now, that means that there are still -- by the way, there are currently 29% of married mothers who are staying home currently and they're not employed at all. and then there's another half of that 70 that are like myself. when you lump the people like myself in with those real stay at homers who are completely nonemployed, you have basically the majority of married mothers who are -- >> gotch ya. >> okay. >> suzanne, thanks so much. your perspective can be found on it's called a letter to my breadwinner husband. >> by the way, god bleds you. >> thank you. >> think it's great, suzanne. >> you both need to hear praise and tell each other what they bring to the table and you have to work together as a team. >> men aren't evil. >> i get a lot of praise from our producers. >> a ton. >> that's a joke. coming up -- >> it's not.
5:29 am
they praise me. they don't praise you. kidding. >> he was an islamic extremist, recruiter. good news, he is reformed. now he is teaching in an american university. we'll tell you where. he compared to donald trump to hitler and mussolini, so why is trump about to meet with the president of mexico? we'll ask trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway is here next. >> next. ♪ born free ♪ i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear has allowed me to fully engage in my life and i'm meeting people. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at craso come dive into disheser like the new reconnect with the life you've been missing. alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream
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5:33 am
anne as we welcome you to the couch to go to mexico? >> this is mr. trump's decision, as are all the decisions in the campaign and messaging. he really appreciated being invited by the president of mexico to go down. these two would be leaders talking about the shared concerns between our two nations. obviously illegal immigration but also trades, drugs flowing over the border and it's very important to show that you're willing to work with a neighboring country before you're president. i would contrast this again to hillary clinton's schedule. yesterday she raised a gazillion more news in the hamptons. today we are visiting with the mexican president and going to arizona to give an immigration speech. >> is trump going to bring up the fact that he encourages immigration? >> it will be informational.
5:34 am
these are two strong personalities. i can't imagine they won't be yourself. you can be cordial and still have a productive conversation. this is what leaders do. governor pence and mr. trump went right down to louisiana when they saw people in need. now he is being invited by the president of mexico to have a conversation. not talking about who doesn't like whom and who said what about who three years ago, to discuss the issues that affect both of us on both sides of the border. >> kellyanne, the polls are narrowing, four points -- hillary has maybe a four point lead in some of polls this morning. is that because he brought you on board? >> no. >> is he staying more on point? what do you give credit to? >> no. i think people are seeing more of mr. trump out on the stump and give actual policy speeches, ainsley. you have the scarcity strategy of the clinton campaign, less is supposed to be more. we don't see her. she doesn't talk to the press. she totally disrespects you and your profession.
5:35 am
we're out there giving speeches on law enforcement, defeating radical islam, middle class tax relief, meeting with the president of mexico today and giving speech on immigration. people are seeing the contrast. everybody's polling, voters don't say, hey, i like a presidential candidate to ignore the press, ignore louisiana, raise money. talk to me about health care. talk to me about the economy. talk to me about isis. >> there is a fox poll coming out today. i'm curious to see how it goes, most people are focussing on the battleground states and less about the national poll. quickly on the format, kellyane they'll meet behind closed doors. will we see anything like them acting together? >> it will look like a president meeting with a world leader. in terms of what we expect and planned, brian. that's up to them if they make a joint statement. >> will they take questions from the press? >> there will be press
5:36 am
availability. mexican press, american press. thanks for mentioning the tightening poll. look at the swing states, it's really amazing what happened in the last two weeks. three weeks ago, everybody's hair was on fire. look at the polls. the race is over. the race is over. he can't recover. hillary clinton's number has stayed the same, static. trump is incrementally catching up to her again. we were a little behind there for a while. it lit a fire under the campaign. had us treat ourselves like the underdog. there's nothing that will sharpen the minds, stiffen the spine much like you're losing to hillary clinton. >> i'm amazed by the numbers in black voters. which improved, not dramatically but noticeably in a real way the very same week that hillary clinton basically tries to tie donald trump to the kkk. what is going on there? that's not expected? >> that conversation didn't create a single job, didn't give health insurance to single uninsured person, didn't deter one more radical terrorist from
5:37 am
doing their dirty work. they also look at trump taking his case directly to the voters. you have to give the guy credit. he will be in detroit. he's taking the case directly to the communities of color, but if you give voice, leadership, it's showing up and giving people the voice and listening to their concerns. he's even done that in round tables. we have just the trump tower we've been talking to other places, hispanic leaders, african-american leaders. it's just fascinating to watch how much he loves listening to them. it's not all about grievances. they're talking about their accomplishments and what motivates people in a positive fashion. we'll be the optimist you can, forward looking inspirational campaign that talks about substance. >> kellyann e, how prepared is he? we're getting word this morning that hillary clinton hired a psychologist and talked to some psychologists, one that helped him where his book. so that they -- so she can go head to head with him and maybe get under his skin.
5:38 am
>> hillary hired a psychologist. i won't touch that. but if it's to help get under donald trump's skin, ainsley, why can't she just -- what is she afraid? i'm going to defend obama care. i'm going to explain what i meant last month in my convention speech referring to terrorists as enemies. she can explain why she is not for school choice and charters. doesn't respect home schools. why not show up and have debate on the issues. why all this psychological warfare. she knows the issues don't favor her and it tells you that the only way she can actually win is by trying to make donald trump seem so unpalettablunpalettable >> after tim kaine last week, a governor, a senator, mayor, former head of the dnc now running for vp, just really doing the dirty work. i think of the clinton lexicon and also referring -- i don't like to repeat the criticisms,
5:39 am
but also i think shadowing hillary clinton's slurs about donald trump and some people who we disavowed completely. but that doesn't help anybody. the voters expect and demand a conversation. so, if they want -- look, i think what happens ainsley in these debates is the one thing the american people can see right away is if you're yourself. are you authentic? are you trying to be somebody you're not. in not accepting the invitation to see the president of mexico, hillary -- mr. trump didn't ask me to go survey people to see what they thought. leaders make decisions and they show up. >> kellyanne conway. >> thank you. >> great to' you this morning. >> let's hand it over to heather who has headlines for us. >> good morning, good morning to all of you. dozens of convicted drug dealers will soon be set free as president obama makes the decision to shorten sentences for another 111 federal inmates. he so far commuted more
5:40 am
sentences than the past 0 presidents combined. he cut 673 sentences, including 325 this month alone. more than one third of those inmates were serving life sentences. the administration praising that move is giving criminals a second chance. he was an islamic extremist to say the least and a recruiter for al qaeda, but good news, he's reformed. and now he's teaching at george washington university in washington, d.c. in his 2009 interview, jessie morton said the koran commands him to, quote, terrorize disbelievers. listen -- >> terrorize the disbelievers, this is a religion like i said. the koran says very clearly in the arabic language -- this means terror rise them. it's a command. >> it's a command from ala. but morton says spending years in prison has now changed him.
5:41 am
he is now working as a researcher for homeland security at the university. school officials hope that he can stop others from becoming extremists. do you buy that? well, violence in chicago at a 20-year high leading to a controversial new proposal from lawmakers. a new bill would label every bullet with a serial number. the ammo would then be traced back to the store where it was purchased. it will crack down on stores that are selling ammo illegally. gun shop owners say more regulations will create a mountain of paperwork. those are your headlines. pretty controversial among gun owners. >> yes, it will. >> see you soon. >> that will save millions of lives. thanks a lot. hillary clinton's support for huma abedin's mother is now under fire. new radical ties revealed. the reporter digging into that story joins us next. and you know her from outnumbered. this morning, harris faulkner is making sure kids across america
5:42 am
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new controversies swirling around the clinton campaign this morning around hillary clinton's support for huma abedin's mother. it's under fire because she has apparently some radical ties and they have been exposed mostly by the man we're talking to now. his name is paul sparery, new york post columnist, author of a book called "infiltration" how muslim spies have penetrated washington. thanks for joining us this
5:46 am
morning, paul. >> good morning. >> summarize why voters ought to be concerned about huma abedin's mother and what her ties are to hillary clinton. >> okay. so the latest is -- you know about the radical journal that huma worked for, her mother's radical journal for nearly 13 years. now it turns out there's a book she published through the same institute that huma worked for all those years that actually puts out this religious justification for really medieval treatment of women, including stoning adult resz wives, marital rape, killing women who have left the faith and even female genital mutilation of young girls. so some really vile stuff. then i found a video of the mother actually sympathizing with men who beat their wives. i mean, she was on tape. there's footage of her excusing domestic battery and saying that
5:47 am
men are the real victims in the household. >> i'm a little confused here. the one thing we know about hillary clinton is that she is a sincere feminist. she cares and talks an awful lot about the rights and women and girls. here she is in effect making an excuse for system that makes women as property. what is this about? >> yeah, it's really getting harder and harder for hillary to reconcile this, but far from distancing herself from the radical mother, who basically could be the woman could be a spokeswoman for the taliban in afghanistan with some of this radical stuff she is preaching, but far from distancing herself from huma's radical's mother, she turned out -- hillary had an active relationship with this mother. visiting her over in saudi arabia and even inviting her back into the states in washington at the state department for functioning,
5:48 am
including forrums on women's issues as a leading thinker. >> if a republican got up and said i don't think women should be allowed to vote or drive, they have to cover themselves, they're not fully humans or citizens, hillary would denounce a person. but if it's a muslim who says that, it's another form of worship? >> i've given the clinton campaign a chance to -- for her to renounce this relationship and they have declined comment, although they did confirm that huma abedin did work for that radical journal for nearly 13 years burks there's also a national security implication here that's very serious, and it turns out that she was actually over there promising in saudi arabia, the mother, that she would reverse the post 9/11 restrictions on saudi student visas. and she delivered on that promise big time. the number of saudi visas skyrocketed since she made that promise to the mother over there
5:49 am
in saudi arabia. >> thank you so much for your work and for bringing this to our attention. we appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> you know her from outnumber and you love her as everybody does. harris is in the studio helping to make sure kids across the country are singing the national anthem. good morning to you, tucker. it's a very big day for donald trump. despite some dissension in the ranks over this plan, he will head to mexico to meet with the president. mike pence joins us this morning to talk about that and also the immigration speech which is expected to be a landmark moment in the campaign. that happens in arizona at 9:00 p.m. tonts. we'll talk to mike pence in a moment. rick perry here with his thoughts as a border governor and a trump supporter when we see you at the top of the hour. ♪
5:50 am
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♪ nearly 15 years since the september 11th attacks, we are reminded about the power of our national anthem. >> that's why after nearly 1 million children will sing it next friday. joining us now the host of outnumbered and favorite here at the fox news channel harris faulkner and students from pf 174 school in queens. >> good morning. >> these guys are the stars. practicing at ps 174 they have their whole school singing and we'll go by simulcast. it's a national sing along leading up to our observance of 15 years since i should say september 11th. and what this group, the american public education foundation has done is to get 1 million kids to sing all at the
5:54 am
same time across the country. and so they'll give me a 30 second countdown friday september 9th at 1:00 p.m. eastern and then everybody will sing at the same time. can you imagine? we do talk at the same time. >> in queens you don't have to be told about 9/11. the people were hit hard, the family the faculty. >> the woman who started this she is in the studio this morning with us. she started it four years ago. she wanted a way to explain the importance of 9/11 of kids. she lost nine close loved ones on 9/11. this is near and dear to her heart. they're giving me a countdown in my ear. >> which means? >> are you going to sing with us? >> of course. >> we're not trained. >> ready? >> i'm not trained either. >> one, two, three -- ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪
5:55 am
♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪
5:56 am
♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [ cheers and applause ]. >> we'll be right back. back in a moment. 1 million kids. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. ♪ back now the host of outnumbered the great harris faulkner and students from ps 174 school in queens. >> i'm going to put you on my outgoing message. let me tell you how great these kids are. they practiced since you were in elementary, right? every single morning they would practice and learn the words. most americans are just shy of knowing all the words to the song. >> some choose not to. >> well, then there's that. but for those of us who do stand at attention and put our hands over our hearts, these words have a lot of meaning. so we're able to teach them the idea of togetherness as we head
6:00 am
into 9/11. >> harris, stick around for the after the show, show. go online, go to and click on the after the show, show and we'll talk to some of the children. have a great day. >> see you tomorrow. >> bye. martha: thank you very much, you guys. today donald trump heads south of the border. he will meet with the president of mexico before giving what is being billed as an historic speech, laying out his immigration plan as he now sees it. vice presidential candidate mike pence is here to talk with us about it. that interview in just a moment. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. gregg: the republican presidential nominee accepting an invitation by


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