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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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prince william said last week he thinks of his mother every day. greg: hard to believe it's been 18 years. martha: and she was so young, 38 at thetime she died. greg: that wraps up our first hour, we will be back here one hour from now . martha: outnumbered starts now. >> donald trump south of the border, the republican presidential nominee who has never held back in his criticisms of mexico set to meet with that country's president in mexico city i had of what his campaign is billing as a major and historic speech on tackling illegal immigration. this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, democratic strategist holyrood in ski. rachel campos duffy and hashtag one lucky guy, political editor by benson is here and he is outnumbered and it is a big political newsday or sure. >> good day to be here, thanks for having me. >> it's a good day to have you.
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a lot expected to happen in this hour. we begin with donald trump's prize meeting with mexico's leader. expected later this hour, mister trumps first foreign trip as the republican presidential nominee. this comes out of what his campaign is calling a historic speech tonight in arizona after a week of speculation that he may be softening his hard-line position on immigration. running mate mike pence in a preview of what we can expect tonight tells fox news the candidate is not backing down. >> you should get ready for more of the same. the same principles that donald trump put the issue of illegal immigration at the center of national debate, now more than a year are going to be articulated again today. he's going to lay out a firm commitment to border security, to internal enforcement, ending sanctuary cities. >> the meantime this reaction from hillary clinton's campaign.
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quote, from the first days of his campaign donald trump has painted mexicans as racists and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million people including children and us citizens. what ultimately matters is what he says to voters in arizona, not mexico and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families in deportation of millions. this indeed will be a big moment with donald trump meeting with the mexican president. what do you think will happen, what will be discussed in that meeting? >> probably what some oftrump has said will,. it's a private meeting, we won't know what was said explicitly . there will probably be spin and counter spin. overall this is a smart move fortrump to accept this invitation. if you look at public
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opinion, donald trump faces a major gap on what i call possibility as president. people don't think he's qualified, he lacks the temperament to be president. having the opportunity to go to a foreign country, even one that he's got into a verbal fisticuffs with , show up the fetid and created by that foreign leader and have what will hopefully be some form of productive meeting. it's an opportunity for him to look like a president, looks statesmanlike so it's a risk, a good blowup in his face but overall risk reward, good move. >> surely harassed by accepting this invitation he was sensing an opportunity. there have been chores words between the two of them exchange and here they are going to sit down. what's the first thing they discussed? >> i agree, i think they go over the blotter of information donald trump has put out and some of the things he's said about the people of mexico, the criminals of mexico specifically so they probably start there and i can see him with his bold and brashness, if it doesn't go there quickly he may bring it up himself because that's an opportunity but the other opportunity is remember, he got to louisiana before
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president obama did read he's already been to the border once. now he's going south of the border and when was the last time president obama met with nieto south of the border? >> that's an excellent point. this is not just an opportunity for donald trump. this is an opportunity for nieto that latin america has been disgracefully neglected under the obama administration and under hillary clinton's state department. look at venezuela, argentina, all these things that the exception of what they did in cuba, a lot of the countries economically, we've lost our hold on free-market ideas in this country so this is a real opportunity for mexico as well. we don'tjust share 2000 miles of border . we do more exports to mexico than we do with brazil, russia, india and china combined so this is a very important economic relationship for the united states, an important relationship for mexico and i think it may be less the immigration rhetoric then
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maybe the nafta trade rhetoric. >> mike pence suggested that on america's newsroom that will be a discussion about that as well but that being said politically, will this move the needle with the hispanic community? >> it's interesting to see and to summarize nicely, it's going to be interesting to see what the take away is going to be after this is over because both these men are not popular with their own constituency. the president of mexico has as much to gain about telling donald trump to take a hike as donald trump is to tell him he's going to pay for the wall so it's going to be interesting to see what happened afterwards, whether the president of mexico stands up and says i told him under no circumstances are we paying for his wall and i told him he's a racist and i told him he disrespects the people of mexico, that helps them domestically. donald trump may benefit by saying i told him they are
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going to pay for that wall and i don't care what he says, they're going to pay for it, i'm going to put it on the rio grande. whatever he's going to say, whether that benefits his constituency as well so the readout is going to be fascinating. >> i what i want to see is trump come back stateside and hold up one of those giant cardboard checks from next the mexican government. dated january 21, 2017 red. >> former congressman walsh, i don't know if you saw that to, said what is the game set and match when trump comes back with a check from mexico. >> and he can say, you know, post factor that we negotiated a deal down there. that would be huge news whether he ends up in the white house, this is what i tried to do, got elected, didn't get elected which is interesting but from your perspective, you've been supportive of donald trump but you are also a latina and you know some of the things that he says. >> i'm more never hillary and for the record, i'm nonpartisan, that's me personally. me personally, yes. i think this is a real
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opportunity both in the meeting today because by the way, trump has been accused of being thin-skinned. the fact that he's going to nieto goes well. >> he will not hold back in his comments either. >> what if somebody called me those names, maybe i wouldn't go meet with them. this shows a real maturity on trump's part that he's willing to do that but i think tonight the important thing is his base wants to hear that he wants to secure the border and still needs it. i think there's always middle ground on what to do with the 11 million that are here and as long as he focuses on getting felons out and securing the border, everyone will be happy. what democrats want to see is this harsh language come back and i think there's a lot wanting going on but i think america, the republican party , conservatives and the general population is okay with securing the border and getting the felons out.
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if he causes these faces is going to befine. >> your assuming people have a short memory of what he said about mexicans. the mexican legal system is corrupt as is much of mexico. that's true . >> the mexican government does have a lot of corruption. >> it may or may not be the case but if you're going go down to make mexico with that kind of rhetoric the democrats will not let people forget it. >> they are saying this is going to be hit a historic speech. trumps colleagues, republican colleagues and supporters are saying we are going to get more details and specifics as far as his plans, do you expect that to happen tonight? >> i hope so. i'd like to get clarity on the deportation issue and some clarity about what to do with that 11 or 12 million group of illegal immigrants are already here in the country. i think part of the softening we are seeing rhetorically was highlighted last night in his where he referred to at least some immigrants as quote, aspiring americans.
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that's a shift. >> and there are entrepreneurs start businesses at three times the rate of the average american so he has an opportunity as a businessman to talk to them as entrepreneurs. >> tuning tonight for that big speech. we will bring you mister trump's speech on his immigration plan at 9 pm eastern here on the fox news channel. we are awaiting remarks now from hillary clinton as new details surfaced about her email scandal. the state department saying it found 30 deleted messages that may be related to benghazi. and this drip may finally be taking its toll as a new poll finds clinton's unpopularity has reached a new high. what it could all mean for her white house run. >> plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. fox news alert, we are
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awaiting a speech from hillary clinton in the swing state of ohio as new details coming out about emails. all data merging, the state department says it has about 30 emails that may be related to benghazi and libya read and those emails are among the thousands recovered during the fbi's investigation into her private email server. remember, hillary clinton said she turned over over work-related messages. watch. >> we turned over everything that was work-related, every single thing.
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personal stuff, we did not. >> all i can tell you is i turned over every work-related email in my possession. what we turned over were more than 30,000 emails that i assumed were already in the government system brett because they were sent to addresses. >> but there were some that were just recently discovered and turned over. >> that was in the state department, not me, i turned over everything. >> my emails are so boring area i'm embarrassed about that area so we've already released, i don't know, 30,000+ so what's a few more? >> it is not likely she will bring up her emails on the campaign trail . >> because i'm moaning. >> but donald trump is talking about it, watch. >> the fbi found thousands of work-related emails she never turned over and then another 15,000 emails were just discovered a few weeks ago. now today, another 30 emails
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were discovered by the state department that hillary clinton ailed to turnover. these were emails about benghazi. it just never ends with the clintons. >> former special counsel to president bill clinton lanny davis defended hillary clinton on america's newsroom earlier. >> she's at the state department to release everything from day one, not just recently, all 30,000. she wants the 30 released immediately because for republican congressional committees who have examined the facts on benghazi said, and i'm quoting, hillary clinton did nothing wrong. >> meanwhile sources are confirming to fox news the fbi is getting ready to release some materials contained in its report on that email investigation.
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those 30 or so, some among them we are learning the state department says there will be a delay because they need until the end of the month to redact and get them ready so there's pressure now. >> there should be. >> to find out what do you need the delay for? these are 30 that people need to see and they are short. >> don't take back your promise, come to me first. thanks to our producers for putting that together. those were her words and that's what we've heard all along when meanwhile republicans continue to press for any and all documents related to hillary clinton and her time as secretary of state and it's still all that email thing. i was looking at julie and i know you gestured like it's more of the same but this is what we look at. this is what we heard and were told all along and then there's more? and then there's more and donald trump, you have to reiterate what he says. it makes you wonder what is contained in the other emails she attempted to wipe from that server? you are left with more questions every time there's another email to ask words like everything, never.
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those superlatives she is using. you have everything, i would never. as somebody who's given some thought and notes to candidates on messaging, what would youtell her? >> my shrug wasn't like this is much ado about nothing, my shrub was like , wow. >> props to lanny davis for the effort to defend but i don't see how you can. it's bad and look, i like talking absolutes. >> unless you really, really didn't kill the lindbergh baby you should never say you didn't kill the lindbergh baby. there's no defense of this. the reality is there are emails she never wiped from the server, i said that over and over again area. >> but having the server can force her to not be honest about it. that was the decision. if this is in some memory lapse, if she is lying.
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>> she's lying, come on. >> having server didn't force her to do that. that was a personal move. >> absolutely and donald trump nailed it when he said you can't get acquitted in the office, this is what you're going to have her husband, the first president to ever be have his law license takenaway. she's going to have the same thing happened to her. >> i don't know where you were going with that . >> sorry about that. [overlapping conversation] this is what you're going to get if you bring hillary in. the scandal will follow her, she will not be able to attend to the needs of the american people because she will have scandal after scandal. >> i love you but i have a yes, sir no question, do you trust her? >> do i trust her more than the other guy? >> really, is that your answer? >> that's your answer. >> do i trust any politician ? no but again, i keep saying with her, people are sick of
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me saying that. i know it's a joke but in the land of the blind, a land man is king for a reason and she's running against buddy why trust even less. >> does he drive a car, the one eyed man? >> the thing that drives me racing with due respect to lanny davis, everything he said in that clip is factually wrong. this is a woman who said over and over not only did i turn over every work-related email, my workers out everything and we gave more than we possibly could have just to be safe and the fbi said no, in fact there were thousands of work-related emails you didn't turnover and it appears some of them were related to ben dossey, another subject about which she lied. >> i'm waiting for somebody to talk because all those attorneys and secretaries. those guys are not photocopying a damn thing so who was handling material that didn't have clearances and one of those people want to talk? >> after the election. >> meanwhile it looks like hillary clinton will have to answer to questions about her
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email scandal before the election. conservative watchdog group, judicial watch has submitted those 25 questions that she must answer undergo and in writing by september 29. they want to know among their list, what did she try to safeguard or why did she try to safeguard your email from hackers? if she told the archivist about her secret server, if she destroyed any work-related emails and who it was who she says recommended to use a personal email for official business? in may, state department inspector general report said department officials did not and would not approve of the setup she had so it begs the question of who would have recommended it? and the email scandal maybe taking a toll. where taking a deeper look at the numbers now. a new national poll has clintons unfavorable numbers hitting and all time high, 56
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percent. >> it's an opportunity for her to be pulling away from donald trump and she's not because she can't and she keeps lying and it's a drip, drip. there's a report on the new york post, we've seen the email apparently, months after she left the state department secretary clinton was still emailing classified information redacted by the state department. so it's just one thing after another with mrs. clinton which explains her bad unfavorable numbers, her bad honesty numbers and when it comes to judicial watch, i looked through their long list of questions. i think there's no doubt she will be surrounded by a small army of attorneys as she goes through these answers. what i'm most interested to hear from her are her is her initial explanations for the existing server was
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convenience and one device. that's been blown out of the water so there asking her again okay, now that your excuse is this, why did you do it a and b, you were warned twice about the national security implications of this server being unsecure. why did you not alter your behavior? i want to know these answers, i think the american people deserve it. >> you got her having to answer for the 30 or so that have come out, she wants to wait till the end of the month and also at the end of the month are those questions under oath do? symptom or 30th is a big week. >> these are a few delay tactics involved and it's this close to the election as possible, did we not turn that in yet? what have we said all along, there are no follow-up questions so she will have the attorneys at her side and she can answer this in the most cryptic way possible. how is it going to affect the election? there is, those numbers are unbelievable. among all adults are on favorability rating of 26 points in three weeks. that is a sharp spike, up to 56 percent and trump still at 53 percent on favorability. but registered voters are about equal as far as that. >> i didn't see he was moving further north .
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>> 'shave stayed exactly the same. they have not moved while hers have gone up. >> that's accommodating factor because of people still don't like him, people don't like her and more people don't like her, out of that happened? >> some of this is the convention wearing off for her, her numbers spikeafter the convention and now they are settling back. >> it always does after the convention, you lose the balance. trump waters faster than she did because his condition was superseded by her conviction . he never got the balance he would have gotten if he had gone last. this is the settling you will probably see going into the fall. >> is a time for her to work? >> she is still leading. >> i hear caution in your voice.>> your caution in my voice purely because i don't think you should take anything for granted. should she be panicking? absolutely not because the polls are where they are today. >> maybe you don't always expect the mainstream media to be fair when it comes to politics depending on who you you're watching but wait till
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you hear how some of the press are defending their aggressive coverage of donald trump. the impact this could have on the democratic process we all know. plus, as more mass graves are found across iraq and syria, the growing questions about what the obama administration is doing to protect particularly christians and other religious minorities from the islamic state. is the white house turning a blind eye, are they doing enough? >>
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so much for an impartial media. according to the washington examiner, several media figures actively lobbying their peers to challenge donald trump more aggressively when interviewing him or his surrogates. univision actor jorge ramose
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who has had high profile scrapes with trump saying quote, i think in this case neutrality is really not an option. i think we have to take a stand and in this case, trump is a unique figure in american politics. we haven't seen this in decades since senator joe mccarthy and nick, correspondent brian felder, we can't just let it seat into the discourse like it's normal. we have to stop and fact check and contextualize. right now is the republican candidate for president we trying to delegitimize our democratic process without proof. it is unpatriotic for any journalist or any interviewer to help that. harris, let's go to your first >> it's uncomfortable because it tells me that first of all, everybody's looking for their moment and they're going to do it with a series of questions which is exactly why the american public said they don't trust journalists right now. they think we're all cut from the same cloth but the other thing is they're not going to apply that to both sides. if they want that kind of i call it apoplectic but i guess there's another word we could use that is nicer than that but it seems out of line, then apply it equally. if they're going to apply
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that, is there a double standard that exists? >> there's always a double standard with republicans and democrats, it may be more pronounced this year and i'm all for the media going after trump and holding him to account but they have to do it to hillary clinton as well . >> say what you will about trump, and the calendar year 2016 he has had 16 formal press conferences and is constantly doing a conga line of interviews with anyone who will sit down with him. hillary clinton has not had a press conference in 270 days and she has selected media interviews, she's cloistered and protected, she's out there talking with voters and she spends the weekend in the hamptons raising $20 million. >> she can't do that because he will get caught in a lie. you think it's bad on the english side of the media, let's talk about the spanish-language media. they are so ideologically liberal. >> you heard it from jorgewho is really the spokesperson for all the spanish media . >> and let me tell you this, there's an opening at least
9:31 am
on english side of news, we have fox news which is fair and balanced, it gives people a different perspective. there's nothing like that on the spanish side and that is why not just donald trump but all republicans have had a difficult moment. there'scapitalists out there, there's an opening to break through into spanish media . >> it could be you. >> i don't have the money, i wish i did, too many kids but let me say, this demographic is conservative. they are entrepreneurs, they careabout their family . of course they know their conservative. the only media they get is that, that's all there is. they're getting fed to stop and it's hard when that's all you get, you don't get the other side. >> donald trump has made this
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huge point of his campaign. you hear him stand up in speech after speech complaining about the treatment of the media against him and his campaign. >> i don't think it's a smart political friday whether it has merit or not, you don't run against people who have 24 hour day television in order to rebut what you are saying so i think it's kind of a waste of time. when you think is interesting is if you look at just her political versus his political act rating, she's in line with where the candidates are. he is wildly out of line with statistics. in terms of what he says so. >> is in full effect a lefty outlet? [overlapping conversation] >> regardless of whether you believe it or not, you have to concede that ... >> look where you took the conversation went by benson said hillary clinton hasn't held a press conference. >> i said she should. >> you are criticizing donald trump. where is the media paying ... >> the media has been banging the drum. >> why are you hearing these calls from the media on hillary clinton?>> oh my goodness, i can read you to after week, complaint after complaint from all these
9:33 am
journalists about the fact that she won't do a press conference. this is that a huge issue for the media and rightly so. >> i disagree a little bitguy because i don't think the narrative has been created is that you go after donald trump with hard questions. what you're saying is you disbelieve everything he says and go after him . that is completely different and i'm saying if you're going to act that way, it's untoward and you got to do it to both sides and then we have to fact check the fact checkers but to have a narrative it's driven by your own devices and your own outcome, that's not fair. >> this is the same media by the way when mitt romney was running, ran a full-page story about if he was a bully or not in high school, how he treated his dog. we saw the story on donald trump about sexual ethics that was blown out of the water, they don't put the same kind of investigative power into looking into democrats and looking into a clinton and what she's doing and calling her to the mat for not being transparent and honest .
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>> the obama administration facing newquestions about what it is doing to protect christians and other religious minorities from the atrocities of the nicest savages. the american center for law and justice filed a federal lawsuit against the state department for allegedly ignoring its freedom of information request. the group is asking for records which show the steps the administration is taking to respond to or stop the genocide. this comes in the wake of a horrific associated press survey documenting 72 separate mass graves in iraq and syria , as many as 15,000 isis victims. as you look at the situation, we know and i said the word genocide, we know secretary kerry used that word more than a year ago. it took the administration some time to get to genocide with regard to christians in particular. along with that is a moral,
9:35 am
sometimes military, oftentimes a policy driven and diplomatic threshold that we have to meet that's different when you call something a genocide. have we seen the steps that reflect that? >> i don't think so. and if so, what are they? we had secretary kerry say the other day that the media would do the world a service if we focused less and reported less on terrorism so i scratch my head sometimes listening to this administration. if in fact they are withholding documents or documents that happened to sawyer, they should be held to account, a lawsuit should move forward it's a punchline now but supposedly the most transparent demonstration in human history almost never seems to be. >> they were forced , basically they were being forced to call it genocide against christians. the administration was pushing back on that and they were forced by all kinds of groups that were pressuring them, finally they did it. there is no better example of what is happening in iraq. by theway, sex play of roles, christians as young as
9:36 am
nine-year-old , the media should also be held accountable. i have to go to the british press and the european press to read these tories of atrocity which by the way i force myself to's hard. i have little girls the same age. i have to watch it because i cannot allow myself to think it's not happening and not try to do something and this is the other example of human rights abuses, all talk and no action. >> you know what's really frustrating? we knew about these graves months ago because there were 18 photographers and others describing the hair that was sticking up out of the ground in syria. i'm going to say. that's part of being an s the ties to the issue and maybe they're not talking about it enough inside the beltway. >> let me tell you what john purdy said. he said the additional mass graves will be discovered as additional lands are liberated. then there are the graves spilling out of reach, some with several of them, some with thousand. >> may i say something as
9:37 am
somebody who comes from a part of the world affected by the holocaust? we keep talking about never again, we keep saying that over and over again but the reality is it does happen over and over again and it does happen time and again and some of the reasons people are so passionate about the refugee issue, this is why. these people are dying, literally dying and they have nowhere to go and it's predominately, even christians but also sunni and shia muslims as well. this is limited to the christian community although they've been targeted specifically and it's because of that whole concept that we talk about constantly, we will never let this happen again, never let a genocide happen again but the reality is in bosnia to africa to now, the middle east, we consistently seen it happen again in my adult lifetime, nevermind what happened in the last seven years since the holocaust.
9:38 am
>> the islamic state is genocidal by self proclamation, by ideology and actions and what it does. naming these crimes was important but what is essential to stop them so what we are looking for now, what we are asking for mister secretary with the obama administration is what you are doing in action? i will move on. a clinton running may be taking on the attack dog. he's going after donald everything from his tax returns to his alleged dealings with russia. how effective is tim kaine? and this is a sign of what's to come? i do like this song.
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9:43 am
elected this fall will be commander-in-chief. there are democrats and republicans in the audience she recognized, we now watch hillary clinton >> today i want you to know a little bit about where i stand and how i see the world and america's place in it. i spent four years as your secretary of state . eight years before that, as senator from the greatstate of new york . six years on the senate armed services committee. if there is one core belief that has guided and inspired me every step ofthe way it is this . the united states is an exceptional nation. i believe we are still lincolns last, best hope for earth. we are still reagan's shining city on a hill. we are still robert kennedy's rate unselfish, compassionate
9:44 am
country. and it's not just that we have the greatest military or that our economy is larger than any on earth. it's also the strength of our values. the strength of the american people. everyone who works harder, dreams bigger and never ever stops trying to make our country and the world a better place. and part of what makes america an exceptional nation is that we are also an indispensable nation. in fact, we are the indispensable nation. people all over the world look to us and follow our lead. my friends, we are so lucky to be americans. it is an extraordinary blessing. it's why so many people from so many places want to be
9:45 am
americans too. but it's also a serious responsibility. the decision to remake and the actions we take, even the actions we don't take affect millions, even billions of lives. you know that, you seen it area now all of this may seem evident, especially to men and women who have worn the uniform. you may wonder how anyone could disagree. but in fact, my opponent in this race has said very clearly that he thinks american exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world. in fact, when vladimir putin of all people criticized american exceptionalism, my opponent agreed with him.
9:46 am
saying and i quote, if you are in russia, you don't want to hear that america is exceptional. well maybe you don't want to hear it but that doesn't mean it's not true. my opponent misses something important. when we say america is exceptional, it doesn't mean that people from other places don't feel deep national pride just like we do. it means that we recognize america's unique and unparalleled ability to be a force for peace and progress, a champion for freedom and opportunity. our power comes with a responsibility to lead. humbly, thoughtfully and with a fierce commitment to our values.
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because when america fails to lead, we leave a vacuum that either causes chaos or other countries or networks, russia to fill the void so no matter how hard it gets, no matter how great the challenge, america must lead. the question is how will we lead? what kind of ideas, strategies and tactics we bring to our leadership area american leadership means standing with our allies because our network of allies is part of what makes us exceptional. no other country in the world has alliances like ours. russia and china have nothing close. we stand with our allies because generations of american troops fought and died to secure those bonds and because they deliver for
9:48 am
us every day. our allies share intelligence on terrorists. they provide staging areas for our military so we can respond quickly to events on the other side of the world. other nations soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines often cite side-by-side with ours. some of you may have served and fought alongside men and women from other countries. you saw them in action. you know how important these bombs are to our security. threatening to walk away from our alliances, ignoring the importance that they still are to us is not only wrong, it's dangerous.
9:49 am
if i'm your president, our friends will always know america will have your back and we expect you to have ours. american leadership means bringing the world together to solve global problems as the united states built the international coalition against isis. now we are working with partners to take back territory and defeat them without getting drawn in to a ground war. we brought the world together to impose sanctions on iran and secure a deal that puts a lead on iran's nuclear program without firing a single shot. you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships.
9:50 am
getting countries working together with my job every day as your secretary of state. more than a photo op, it takes consistency and reliability. actually, it's just like building personal relationships. people have to get to know that they can count on you, that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. and it's certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. and then flying home again, that is not how it works. american leadership means leading with our values in pursuance of their interests, in protection of our security . at our best, the united states is the global force for freedom, justice and
9:51 am
human dignity. we celebrate our diversity. [applause] as a source of nationalstrength . just look at our armed forces. which represents all races, religions, ethnicities. and yes, immigrants from other countries. all fighting for the red white and blue. we stand up to regimes that abuse human rights. we stand up for religions and ethnic minorities, for women, for people with disabilities and we comport ourselves with honor. there's no better proof of that than what our navy seals did during the raid to kill osama bin laden. [applause] i was deeply
9:52 am
honored to be part of that small group advising the president area i bought to those discussions my experience as a senator from new york on 9/11. and my commitment to do whatever i could and whatever role i had to bring bin laden to justice. you've all seen the picture of us crowded in to the smaller situation room watching the video screen. every second counted. one of the copters miss gauge how high the wall was around the courtyard, clipped the tail, getting disabled. it didn't stop the seals from rushing out, getting into the countdown, returning fire against bin laden and his bodyguards, taking on his adult son and finally bin laden himself.
9:53 am
but the seals do that they had to destroy the helicopter before they left. i was holding my breath through the entire operation. because at any time, pakistani soldiers could have arrived. this compound was in a military garrison city, actually the whole of their military academy. so yes, every second counted. but still, our seals took the time to move the women and children, bin laden's family members, to safety before destroying the helicopter. that is what honor looks like. that is america at our best. [applause] maybe the soldiers
9:54 am
of other nations wouldn't have bothered or maybe they'd have taken revenge on those family members of terrorists. but that is not who we are. and anyone who doesn't understand that doesn't understand what makes our nation great. and let me say something else about american greatness. there's no question that we face real threats and real enemies, that we need to confront and defeat. but my opponent is wrong when he says america is no longer great. consider the record of the past eight years. in 2009, our global economy was collapsing. osama bin laden was plotting.
9:55 am
we had more than 180,000 troops fighting two wars. iran was racing toward a nuclear weapon. many of our allies were less supportive of american leadership than they had been in decades. look where we are now. we pulled the global economy out of freefall thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the american people. we redeployed well over 100,000 troops to iraq and afghanistan so they can go home, rest and train for future contingencies. we cut off their hands path do a nuclear weapon. we convinced russia to reduce their nuclear weapons arsenal . we protected our israel and
9:56 am
balking osama bin laden to justice. we americans did all of that working together working together across party lines. there's no question we have more work to do but let's be clear, we are stronger together and it will be my goal if i am fortunate enough should i be your president to bring people back together again to set our goals and move forward to achieve them. [applause] i know we can't cozy up to dictators. we have to stand up to them. we can't contain isis. we must defeat them and we will. we will do whatever is necessary for as long as it takes to bring them to justice and end their reign of terror once and for all. this election is about how to make things better.
9:57 am
now make no mistake, i believe we do have better days ahead. but things could also get worse. if more companies get nuclear weapons, if we abandon our allies, our commander-in-chief orders are military to break the laws and commit torture or murder terrorist family members. that's why it is so critical we get this right. and let me underscore what i have said throughout this campaign. we must only send our troops into harms way as a last resort, not the first choice. that must be our bedrock principle. [applause] but we must be able to act decisively on our
9:58 am
own when we need to. i completely reject anyone including my opponent who calls the american military and i quote, a disaster. that is an insult to the men and women serving today and all who have served before who put their lives on the line. it's just not true. we do have more work to do to continue to have the strongest, most effective military in the world. i know this is something that matters a great deal to everyone in this room. and here's what we have to do. we can't lose our military edge. that means giving the pentagon the stable, predictable funding it needs to make smart investments. you've heard ... [applause] you heard of the questions,
9:59 am
the arbitrary caps that congress has imposed on our entire government for the past several years. i am all for cutting the fat out of the budget and making sure we stretch our dollars and i'm proud of the fact that when my husband left office we had a balanced budget and the surplus and i hope that someday we can get back to doing that but we cannot impose arbitrary limits on something as important as our military. that makes no sense at all. the sequester makes our country less secure. let's ended and get a budget deal that supports america's military, our families and our country and let's make reform a priority so the defense department spends its budget on the right things. and by the way, the last thing we need is a president who brings more name-calling and temper tantrums to washington.
10:00 am
we've got to get people listening to each other again. getting both parties to actually work together. let's modernize our army and marines, our navy and air force, our coast guard. we need to respond to evolving threats we need a military that is ready and age and i will operate on short notice in every domain, not just land, sea and air and space, but also cyberspace. we'll invest in new technology and new break throughs. and stealth and precision weapons did in the past. we'll make a renewed push to reduce the world's nuclear weapons because that makes us all safer and step up our efforts to secure nuclear material around the world and


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