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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we've got to get people listening to each other again. getting both parties to actually work together. let's modernize our army and marines, our navy and air force, our coast guard. we need to respond to evolving threats we need a military that is ready and age and i will operate on short notice in every domain, not just land, sea and air and space, but also cyberspace. we'll invest in new technology and new break throughs. and stealth and precision weapons did in the past. we'll make a renewed push to reduce the world's nuclear weapons because that makes us all safer and step up our efforts to secure nuclear material around the world and stop terrorist from acquiring or
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using weapons of mass destruction. one of the first things i will do as president is call for a new nuclear posture review. we have to make sure that america's arsenal is prepared to meet future threats. we'll invest in military engagement and protecting u.s. interest in outer space and cyberspace. you have seen reports. russia hacked in a lot of things and russia even hacked in the democrat national committee and maybe state election systems. we have to step up our game and make sure we are well defended and take the fight to those who go after us. as president, i will make it clear that the united states will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. we'll be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses. and we are going to invest in
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protecting our governmental network and our national infrastructure. i want us to lead the world of setting the rules of cyberspace. if america doesn't, others will. in short, we have to be ready to win today's fights and tomorrow's. but you know that the most important thing isn't the size of our military and the sophistication of our weapons, the most important thing is our people, the men and women who put on the uniform and serve. [applause] we need to -- we need to take a hard look at our military personnel policieses to make sure we are doing everything to attract and keep the pest that volunteer. support them and also their
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families. and as president i will never forget the debt we owe to the veteran and families that served. i will never, ever disrespect gold star familys who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. [applause] or prisoners of war who endured so much in our name. [applause] to insult them is just so wrong. and it says a lot about the person doing the insulting. and the senate, i worked with republicans to increase the benefits paid to gold star family and expand access to military health insurance to make sure all members of the guard and reserve and their families have access to health benefits whether they are deployed or training at home.
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i fought successfully to a mend the 2007 defense appropriations act and families helping with loved ones brain injuries. senator mccain and i joined forces to raise money for a state-of-the-art facility in san antonio to help seriously wounded service members coming home from iraq and afghanistan. like you, i was outraged by the scandals at the va hospitals. people waiting month and years for wheelchairs and basic medication. some dying waiting for an appointment. i know you heard from secretary mcdonald and i know how hard he and his team are working. we are going to build a 21st department of veterans affairs
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that delivers world class care and we are not going to let anyone privatize the va. we are are going to reform and strengthen it. not privatize it. [applause] we will ensuracess care for weapon. and identify and treat all wounds of war visible and invisibility including agent orange and gulf war syndrome and dramatic brain injure and ptsd and end the epidemic of veteran suicide by expanding access to mental health care and the stigma that isolates our veterans from getting the care they need. [applause] >> i feel passionately about this because i have looked into
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the eyes of too many family members who have lost their loved one to suicide. that's why two days ago when i released my plan to improve mental health services for all americans, i included a specific section about more help for veteran and their families because too many are not getting the help they are needing right now. we have to serve them just as they served us. we are also going to help more veterans looking for jobs with expanded tax credit and businesses that hire veteran and more support to veterans that want to start their own businesses and making it easier for veterans to get credit for the skills they learned while serving. [applause] and we will crack down on for
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profit school and companies that prey or discriminate or veterans or military service member and families. we'll hold them accountable. we'll also work closely with the american legion to clean up and expetight the appeal process. benefits should be delivered as quickly as possible and appeals should be decide expedishously as possible. a lot of what i mentioned has support from democrat and republican and maintaining our military and veterans is not a partisan issue. defending american exceptionalism is above politics. this is not a normal election. the debates are are not the
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normal disagreements between republican and democrats, and so i hope you listen carefully to what my opponent and i propose. consider our plans, and the value is the values behind them and after you give us both a fair hearing, i hope you join the growing number of americans, democrats and independents who are supporting our vision for the kind of future that we want for our country. this election shouldn't be about ideology. it's not just differences over policy. it truly is about who has the experience and the temperament to serve as president and commander in chief? just three weeks ago, 50 republican national security experts who served in prior
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republican administrations wrote a letter saying they will not vote for donald trump because he would be in their words, the most reckless president in american history. by contrast, i am deeply honored to have so many retired military leaders backing me along with these republican experts. i am supported by people on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the debates that have definded our foreign policy for the last 30 years, they know i believe in a bipartisan foreign policy p. they know i believe we should be finding ways to bring our country together around national security and our roll in the world and our values. and they know they can count on me to do that. and what matters to them, is
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that we make the right choice in november. the stakes this fall are high as any election in our lifetime. and so i am going to keep raising the issues, keep telling people where i stand and laying out plans for what i do if i am elected. it is a little funny to me. i get critized for having so many plans. oh, there she goes another plan about mental health and veterans. i have an old fashioned idea. if i am asking for your vote for president, i should tell you what i will do as president. yes, i have plan and i will work hard to implement the plans and if i work this fall, no one will work harder for our troops and veteran and military families. this is personal to me. starting with my dad. his name was hugh rodham and
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enlisted in the navy shortly after pearl harbor. he became a chief petty officer at great lakes, north of chicago. responsible for training thousands of young sailors before they shipped out to sea, mostly to the pacific theater. after my dad died, i received letters from men who had served under him. i treasure them to this day. my father told me, how emotional he got when he accompanied his trainees to the west coast and saw those young sailors get on board their ships. he knew some of them wouldn't survive. but he believed in their cause. he believeded in them and they
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went to serve to protect our country. they knew their country needed them. over the course of the last years, i have always also had the privilege of working with, helping and supporting so many active doubt and retired military members and families, first as first lady and then senator and secretary of state. where i would go anywhere representing you you. and be privlemminged to meet with the men and women who serve ised our country. i would have a chance to sit down and hear what is on their minds and shake hands and bring messages back to their loved ones. and i, too, knew, that some of
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those young men and women wouldn't come home either. it's that kind of courage and honor that our men and women in uniform demonstrate every single day. [applause] and i will never forget that. and i would expect the american legion to be be my partner in the white house to make sure i never do. you and all our veterans deserve nothing less. our respect, our thanks, and you also deserve a country that it honors your service, not just with words, but with deeds. that's why the american legion
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is so critical working every day to make sure america lives up to that standard. i will be doing that work right alongside you if i am given the great honor to serve as your president and commander in chief. thank you all. and god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you. ♪ >> hillary clinton speaking for 35 minutes or so on a variety of different issues, mostly having to do with national security and veteran affairs. and she finishes up her visit there. and our national security correspondent jennifer griff ep has been watching theentious vent. your observations? >> reporter: what was really interesting, hillary clinton came out recognizing that the
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audience of american legion veterans do not necessarily vote democratic and she acknowledged that up front and she used words that are familiar with republican and talking about why america is an exceptional place. she never mentioned donald trump by name. she did not mention his mexico trip. but laid out point after point of ways his temperament may be alienating to building a liiances and going to drop in on a neighbor, referenced to donald trump's mexico trip would not be enough to undo the insults he had basically delivered not only to mexicans but gold star families. she hit a lot of points talking about the senate armed service committee and talked about being in the situation room in the bin
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laden raid. and part of the argument that america is exceptional. and described how the navy seals separated out osama bin laden's family and protected them before loving the compound and it was a very attentive audience and few applause lines and she made the case for are why she would be a good commander in chief if she is electeded president. and there seemed to be a warm resnepthz american ledgion hall. >> she is finishing her time this. and with hillary clinton speaking about national security and we'll hear from donald trump on immigration. >> we are joined by juan williams, fox news analyst and author of "we the people" and ford oconle in the gw graduate school of political management.
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i hate to disagree with jennifer griffin. i did hear donald trump's name mentioned once fairly late in the speech. but i do agree with her, ford, that this speech seemed to be aimed at republicans and independents. did what she said there bring them to her side is. >> not anything new here. i heard trump is a reckless hot head and shouldn't be commander in chief and congress is responsible for spending cut and she will not put troops in harm's way and revamp the va. i didn't hear anything new here. she tried to console voters on the fence between her and trump. >> juan, she is trying to convince voters she would be the steady hand on the tiller and she has commercials suggesting that donald trump would not be.
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did he dut recess that reputation here? >> the most powerful story was the one about the seals going into the compound to assassinate bin laden, and what she talked about there in separation of his family, i really was to the idea that trump said you know wipe them all out. he department have trouble with going after the families of terrorist. she was speaking on the subconscious level that she is rash reasonable ones that represents american values. and portrayed trump not consistent. to speak to ford's point. it was not to all republicans, but specifically the 25 percent or so of republicans who are not backing donald trump and she's looking at college educated white women and thinking about
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value and someone who would be reasonable and not put troops in harm's way unnecessarily and not temperamental and someone to trust with your family look to me. >> i see that being a triangulation and trying to get moderate republicans that are affluent. the question is, will she pull veterans over in her camp that she didn't have. it was a different audience and about married women and a flu ept white voters. >> 52 percent of the republicans said they would like to have someone else be the standard bearer and 37 percent of the democrats would like someone other than hillary clinton. it is going to be an interesting election. labor day around the corner and that marks the beginning of high gear effort of the campaigns. headline in national review
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caught an eye and i want to talk about it. does donald trump have a path to 270. that is a number of electoral votes and the answer said quote the question is labor day, isn't who has the poll position, but whether donald trump has any realistic path to defeating hillary clinton on november 8th. and the answer bargain unforeseen developments, is no. ford, they are counting him out basically now. we can get in to the math of it in a minute. >> it is way too early to write trump off. a lot can happen. he could do well in the debates or a terrorist attack or act of god or economic collapse. i will say this, trump has dug himself a big hole and it is
10:21 am
daunting and the path to win the election to get to the 206 and add florida, ohio and pennsylvania and that would give him 273 and he could be the first presidential candidate since 1960 to win ohio and lose the presidential election. >> six state it is that voted democrat. 242 electoral votes. where else does donald trump pick up enough votes to potentially try to get to 270? >> ford just laid it out for you. it is a daunting task. even if you are looking for positives. at this moment, the most positive place is ohio and he trails slightly and it is within the margin of error. it is where he could come in and no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio in many moons.
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but look at the other states, he has to retain every state that mitt romney is retaining and the numbers don't look good. >> we have to say good bye. juan williams and ford oconle. thank you. over time, they get even better. that's why more people stick with humana medicare advantage. we work together with you to find the best plan, however your needs might change. because great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything!
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>> fox news alert. donald trump planning to meet with mexico president by invitation. there is mixed messages that left voters confused about the signature issue of immigration. trump is looking to clear up the question with a speech in weeks from now. it is challenging to get a surrogate to spell out positions to whether it is including a deportation force. >> what you heard him describe
10:26 am
in his usual plain spoken american way was a mechanism and not a policy. >> you need a fair and humane way of addressing the fact that 11 million or live among us. >> go after the most dangerous and less dangerous second and by the time we get there. we'll see the population of noncriminal illegal immigrants. would they have a status well short of path to citizenship and legalization, i don't know the answer to that. >> joining us now is the attorney from fort worth. and spanish language media. great to have you. we had an unexpected twist to our panel with donald trump's
10:27 am
visit to mexico. we want to share if he is in mexico or not. i am checking his twitter account which is usually a reliable source and there is nothing there yet. tina you describe yourself in the category of undecided voter. how do you feel about this trip to mexico may sway voters or not. >> it is to be determined. i am lifelong republican and undecided voter. but the things that donald trump has said and done is made me uncomfortable. his trip to mexico is smart and nothing to lose. and he can address the issues of temperament that voters like me are are concerned about. it is a lost opportunity for hillary clinton to set the stage and talk about his national
10:28 am
platform. >> you are not voting for trump, but you say it is a good surprise. and you thought it was a good move by the candidate. >> it is it a desperation move and only thing he can do. hail mary and down in texas. crawfished on the anchor issue. and he's got nothing to gain or loedz but create more headlines and they are lame ducks both. your segment previously noted he has 0 chance of beating with hillary clinton. and i am with garye johnson. he can't be elected so what is the point? >> what is the point? and do you think this ahead of the immigration speech changes things and what is the impact of the whole day and what it means for trump strategy on the crucial labor day weekend. >> it is a presidential move by donald trump. the mex an president invited
10:29 am
trump and clinton to go to mexico. trump recognizes the fact that it is important to have a dialogue on critical issues of drug trafficking and trade issues to be renegotiated and the immigration problem. and for donald trump, this shows when he went down to louisiana, he's not hanging out at martha vineyards in swanky fundraisers. and he's doing donald trump in action in terms of leadership. his speech last night he is appealing to african-american and hispanic on improving the lives of our children. and we saw under president obama and hillary clinton it is more of the same. hispanics and african-american have suffered under president obama. >> it say trap. >> quite frankly anything that
10:30 am
politicians do is political. it is not like they are going to come out and build a wall. >> we'll take a quick commercial break and what we will talk about. what defines success for donald trump and what do you want to hear and what difference can it make. we'll be right back. for lower back pain sufferers,
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okay, it is political the move he is making to have this visit and we'll see the headlines. talk about policy. what policy specifics are are you looking for as an undecided voter in his speech tonight. >> i am looking for clarity. he jumps everywhere with it and one of those issues that trump understands how difficult immigration reform is. what i am looking for is more clarity and stop vilifying people and there is three things trump to do from now on. one stop insulting people. i am a woman, hispanic and woman and he has characterized all of the these groups and provide a positive experience for america. and he needs to make references to hillary clinton.
10:35 am
and mistakes and put his money where his mouth is. he has to fund the presidential campaign and make sure he can have a successful campaign not only for him but republicans. >> mereddies, it is an interesting point. one and done. can he erase the controversial comments in the year and half with with the one speech or will that haunt him. >> it is a tough call. as a mom, and latina and insulted by the fact that hillary clinton has been careless with how she managed the e-mail and the scandals with the clinton foundation. we have to talk about what speaker paul ryan said. this is between hillary clinton and donald trump. i know it has been a tough road. for donald trump, it is what you are starting to hear of reaching out to the the hispanic community knowing that the
10:36 am
hispanic community you should obama and hillary clinton would be the same old playbook. they are are not growing and we have seen poverty rates go up. >> franciso. i know you are for gary johnson. republican and democrats, they haven't been successful on immigration policy. and trying to get credit for hitting the issue dead on and going to mexico and giving a speech. >> but he's not hitting on anything. he has nothing to gain. if he goes softer on immigration he is crawfishing and he has nothing to gain by going to meet the pinneto. >> and can i say something. republicans and patanno be knows. republicans had a tough time trying to figure out what to did
10:37 am
with the 11 million illegals. that is discussion within a family. and for donald trump that is the area to address it. this falls along the lines of republicans, secure the border and ensure you get rid of the illegals out of the country. it is clear. >> but donald trump can't do anything about imgrigz. >> are you kidding me? with congress he can. >> trump cannot do it. >> >> let me interject. president obama had a democratic congress and he didn't do anything. >> he used campaign cash on the health care reform. >> you and mercedes have made interesting points and then i am curious with with your observations. what are the republicans missing? if they had you two on their
10:38 am
side why are they not getting it right? >> on immigration it is complicated and too much is not focusing on talking points and not enough about policy. it is important to talk about policy and we focus on it and too many people are using it as a political football and throwing it down the football field instead of addressing it. i give donald trump credit for addressing it and understand how complicated it is. >> we'll see if he does it. we are talking about the candidate and then the politics within the party. it is great to have you. we'll have you back after the speech. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, things are are heating up on the campaign trail between donald trump and hillary clinton. they are hurling insults and
10:39 am
could the nasty tone turn off the voters. the unfavorable numbers for clinton and trump are at highs. mrs. clinton's increasing 56 percent. up six percentage points in 3 point and 63 percent have an unfavorable view of trump. joining us is the washington bureau chief for the wall street journal. that's the all adult's numbers. jerry. but voters are tied. 59 percent for hillary clinton and 60 is percent for donald trump inside of the margin of error. is that going to potentially leave us in an election where people just stay home? and is that potentially able to throw the election one way or the other? >> that is a key question. we are basically in unchartered
10:40 am
waters here. we never been in a place with two candidates with this level of unpopularity. it is not a popularity contest or they would both lose. how many will turn out to vote against the other candidate. that's the voting you will see this fall. there is a core of hard-core trump supporters and a core of hillary clinton supporters who will show up to it vote for them. but there is a group in the middle that is not thrilled and persuaded to come out and vote and despite the distaste and vote against the other guy. >> don't you have to give people something to vote for? if these two candidates ever so loathed by the voting public, are supporters necessarily say i am going to go vote against the other person? >> if conventional wisdom that
10:41 am
is a big problem. conventional wisdom drives down turn out. and people are disgusted and find something else to do. that it may be the exception of the rule this year. fear and hatred are are two powerful emotions in politics. and people hate and fear the candidates for wildly different reasons. fear of the other candidate and hate of the other candidate. we'll see. in the primary season, there was high turn out on the republican side and democratic side in a climate where there is a fair amount of negativity in the primary season. maybe that will be the way it works this year. >> the national journal article suggests that donald trump has no path to victory because of the lay out of the electoral college and states that support
10:42 am
him. hillary clinton, has lost so much support, you know six points in the last six weeks in terms of her favorability numbers, i mean, this election is not decided yet? >> no, it is not. on the other hand hillary clinton leading nationally. and she had her convention bump and he had had his convention bump. 5 or 6 lead nationally. that is a significant number. but you have to remember it is a 50 state election and the problem for donald trump or any republican this year, you look at battleground state and you wonder where are the states that barak obama turn republican? maybe ohio and florida is there. but you have to have a bunch of them to get over the 270 college vote barrier. it is early.
10:43 am
but the path is a tough one for him. >> north carolina may hold the key. that went for obama and romney and right now they are tide in north carolina. >> yes, that is a good point. hillary clinton's spokes person spoke before the event in cincinnati and said the 30 e-mails that the fbi found and provideed to the department of state is not new and she will be holding a new a conference soon. maybe you will get a question in. >> i will give it a shot. >> i guess that's how you define soon. >> right. >> there is that. >> it could be next week or a few weeks. >> and that is moving at a glacial space. >> and president obama's environmental agenda is not sitting well with law makers.
10:44 am
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steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. >> new information on elephants in the wild with a new study you showing that the african elephant is in a cast tropic decline. there were 20 million in africa in the early 1900s before european colonization. that went down 1.3 million and now estimated than more than 350000 elephants in africa. poacher looking for ivory and poaching our living dinosaur. >> and a final trip to asia as
10:48 am
a commander in chief. he will also stop in nevada and hawaii as part of the environmental legacy that is causing controversy. william is live in honolulu. >> reporter: it is the controversial where he's going but what it repreponderates. to some it is protecting the president's record. but others say it is abuse of power. the president left for lake tahoe and then upon go to/beijing on friday. he created and expanded 26 national monument using a 1906 law that gives him authority to it lock up land from development and mining and ranching and farming with no hearing. and he created one in maine and
10:49 am
a marine preserve in hawaii twice the size of texas and four under krrgdz in nevada and utah where the law makers asked the president not to declare a national monument. >> it is all of the heavy handed regalways and environmentalist and litigation, locking up the public land. >> twice congress and the cowers stopped the courts for regulating fossil fuel emissions and yet the pares agreement cuts emissions 26 percent by 2025. he's expected to ratify that in china next week. critics say he doesn't have the authority to commit the u.s. without the two-thirds summit of approving it and the administration said it can. >> the president and administration have the constitutional responsibility to
10:50 am
negotiate treaties but the september has the responsiblity to ratify treaties. >> legal or not. obligating u.s. business and consumers to those cut . well, here's another thing president obama did, change u.s. relations with cuba. now the first commercial flight from the u.s. since the cold war, touching down on that island. we'll have more on this historic trip next. put some distance between you and temptation with...
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hi, earn. i'm martha mccallum, busy
10:54 am
afternoon as we wait for live statements from donald trump and the president of mexico any minute. we're going to take you there live. and hillary clinton goes after the trump trip, summarizing it, saying it this way, he's dropping in on them for a few hours after insulting them for over a year. and the 300 so-called sanctuary cities which protect thousands of immigrants from arrest and deportation. where are those cities in america? we'll show you when we come back on america's election headquarters. >> fox news alert. jetblue making history. fight 387 taking off from ft. lauderdale, florida, and touching down a short time ago in the cuban city of santa clara, about 175 miles east of havana. they're allowed to schedule flights the first since 1961, this trip another sign of
10:55 am
efforts from the white house to try to open up trade and travel. phillip keating with more. phil? >> absolutely, jon. 55 years later, travel from florida to cuba has returned and the excitement was absolutely abundant. ♪ the cuban band and the coffee provided the flavor and the historic excitement was clear among everyone's faces. >> our commit front from today is to continue to serve the market between u.s. and cuba as best we can, keeps our fares low, keeping our service friendly, keeping it safe and secure, and just making travel between u.s. and cuba much more affordable and fun.
10:56 am
>> today's santa clara. soon they'll fly elsewhere. silver airlines and american begin their service in the next few days and eventually there will be 110 daily flights into cuba. as of now carnival cruises to cuba and for many years people could travel on a charter plane as long ads they had permission from the government but more expensive. >> the big news is it's easier to get on board. you can buy a ticket now. you used to always be able to buy a ticket, but there were more hurdles to jump through. it's easier to get through. you can self-certify as opposed to applying and waiting for the paperwork to come back. those make it easier. >> remember, it is entirely against the law for americans to go to cuba for tourist reasons. you have to meet cultural
10:57 am
reasons. >> all right. phil keating. back in a moment.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
interesting day in politics. thanks for joining us. >> it's about to get more interesting. america's headquarters returns right now. >> any minute we expect donald trump to cross the border for a high-profile meeting with the president of mexico. hello, everybody. i eek martha maccallum. this considering a bold move. this is going to happen at 9:00 p.m. this evening. mr. trump accepted the invitation that was delivered to both the candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump, but donald trump when he found out a couple of days ago said, yes, actually i will take you up on that invitation to meet you in mexico. the president of mexico


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