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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> credit goggles? >> is that like beer goggles? i'm trying to help juan out. >> don't forget, "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. donald trump has closed the gap with hillary clinton. that's the headline from just released fox news polling. the clinton lead now stands at 41% to 39%, that's within the margin of error of plus or minus three points. head-to-head, jump has shaved four points off clinton's ten-point lead earlier this month. all this comes as trump delivers a major speech on immigration tonight. earlier today, the gop nominee made an unexpected trip to mexico to meet with that country's president. correspondent carl cameron has
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the latest tonight from phoenix. >> mexicans are just beyond reproach. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton were both invited to mexico last friday by president enrique pena nieto. trump got there first and fast. >> i shared my strong view that nafta has been a far greater benefit to mexico than it has been to the united states. and that it must be improved upon, ending illegal immigration. not just between our two countries, but including the illegal immigration and migration from central and south america. >> reporter: trump got a joint appearance on the international stage. the mexican president, who compared trump's rise to hitler, was diplomatic. >> translator: we may not agree on several issues, but your presence here, mr. trump, shows
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a fundamental coincidence. our countries are very important. i fully believe that the nafta has been good both for the united states, as well as for mexico. >> reporter: nieto acknowledged that trump's rhetoric has often offended mexicans. >> translator: i have also voiced the grievances that we have felt in mexico because of the statements that have been issued. >> reporter: trump accepted the mexican invitation to, in part, hype his immigration speech tonight in arizona. aides say the meeting had a more broad agenda. >> obviously, illegal immigration, but also trade and drugs flowing over the border. and it's important to show you're willing to work with a neighboring country. >> reporter: former president fox voiced his concerns earlier. >> let me tell you, he is not
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welcome to mexico by 130 million people, we don't like him. we don't want him. we reject his visit. >> reporter: trump quickly responded on twitter, former president fox, who is railing against my visit to mexico today, also invited me when he apologized for using the "f" bomb. fox rapidly returned fire, "i invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans. stop lies. mexico is not yours to play with. show some respect." fox once said there was no bleeping way mexico would pay for trump's wall. and donald trump and the current mexican president did talk about the wall. but not who was going to pay for it. that's one of the unanswered questions that we expect to get more enlightenment on in tonight's speech here in phoenix, which has a much, much bigger spotlight on it tonight, chris, because of trump's trip to mexico this afternoon. >> carl, thank you. let's take a moment to trace the evolution of donald trump's thinking on immigration.
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taking us on that journey is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume are good people. >> reporter: from the day donald trump launched his once improbable bid for the republican nomination, illegal immigration has been his signature issue. he promised to build a wall along the southern border. >> they built the great wall of china, 13,000 miles. here we only need 1,000. >> reporter: and to make mexico pay for it. he promised to revive the mass deportations of the eisenhower era. >> we're going to have a deportation force. we have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. they will come back, some will come back, the best, through a process. they have to come back legally. >> reporter: the proposal for
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the wall has stayed and trump, now the gop nominee, still promises to deport the criminal elements. but he appears to have backed off to deport all 11 million. >> there can be a softening, because we're not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. >> reporter: as part of that softening, trump's talk of a deportation force has yielded to proposals rather similar put forward by the gop candidates he once derided as weak, including the use of e-verification and steps that documented workers can take to stay here. >> they have to pay back taxes, there's no amnesty. but we work with them. >> reporter: most vocal in their alarm over his shifts have been supporters on the right, many who waited their adult lives to hear what trump has been saying. >> people will need to leave the
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country to obtain legal status or citizenship that's going to be very consistent with what he said throughout the course of this campaign. >> people have been coming out already and saying no, we're still going to have a deportation force. we'll see what he says. >> reporter: if trump's shifts are driven by low poll numbers, then he's headed this the right direction. 77% of registered voters supporting a system for illegal immigrants working here to become legal residents with only 19% favoring deportation. and that stays a heavy majority, even if you break it down by the two parties. >> james, thank you. hillary clinton is continuing to woo republicans and independents who are not sold on donald trump. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is with the clinton campaign tonight in cincinnati. >> reporter: after days of fund raising in the hamptons, hillary clinton returned to the swing state of ohio, as republicans launched a new line of attack,
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keeping a running tally of when she last held a press conference. december 4, according to the rnc. that's 270 days and counting. >> i think we're ready to take a few questions. >> reporter: at the national convention in cincinnati, she continued to try to appeal to republicans and independents. >> i suppose there are some of you who have never voted for a democrat before. i get that. >> reporter: she used terminology favored by republicans when talking about america's leadership role in the world. >> part of what makes america an exceptional nation is that we are also an indispensable nation. my opponent in this race has said very clearly that he thinks american exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world. in fact, when vladamir putin, of all people, criticized american exceptionalism, my opponent
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agreed with him, saying, and i quote, "if you are in russia, you don't want to hear that america is exceptional." >> reporter: another example of how her appeal may be working in some cases, clinton received the endorsement of james clad, a top defense official under george w. bush. he joins 50 other republican officials who recently said they won't support trump. but continuing questions about clinton's relationship to her family foundation as secretary of state have led to trouble in the polls. a new fox news poll shows 66% of voters think it's likely the clintons were selling influence to foreign contributors who meadmade donations to the clinton foundation. clinton used her speech today to critique donald trump's trip to mexico. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for
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a few hours, and then flying home again. >> reporter: overnight, the campaign said it also received an invitation from the mexican president and looks forward to meeting him at an appropriate time. "what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. " according to the new fox poll, 44% say both trump and clinton are "terrible candidates." only 35% say trump is honest or trustworthy. barely more than the 31% who say clinton is. chris? >> jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign in cincinnati. jennifer, thank you. we're awaiting the release, still awaiting the release of files from the fbi investigation into the clinton e-mail scandal. and we may get a look at some benghazi e-mails we have not seen before. chief intelligence correspondent
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catherine herridge tells us where we are right now. >> reporter: while the clinton campaign told reporters that some, if not all of the 30 benghazi e-mails recovered by the fbi are duplicates and already posted online, the state department has not reached the same conclusion. >> we have not confirmed that either they are actually responses to the benghazi related requests or that they are duplicates in material we've already had. >> reporter: hillary clinton signed this statement under oath last august, telling a federal court that she handed over all her federal records. but the 30 e-mails recovered raise fresh doubt. judicial watch sued for the benghazi documents. >> they can put a man on the moon but they can't release these 30 e-mails more quickly? >> reporter: fox news was told that some records come from the first week after the 2012 attack, the same week hillary clinton was at andrews air force base where the caskets of four
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americans were flown home and she blamed a video for the deaths. director james comey of the fbi confirmed thousands of new e-mails were recovered, emphasizing -- >> we found no evidence that any of the additional e-mails were deleted intentionally in an effort to conceal them. >> reporter: surrogates down played the likelihood there are new e-mails that would rekindle the benghazi debate. >> that's the same james comey that republicans like to quote when he said she was careless. >> reporter: the judge, an obama administration appointee, ordered an update next week. >> these are obama judges who are looking at secretary clinton and saying you need to provide answers and you need to do it on a timetable that the court
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wants, not whatever timetable suits you or the election calendar. >> reporter: a clinton spokesman said they were never definite with reporters today and some may be duplicates. >> catherine, this is quite remarkable. there are new reports today that clinton sent classified information after she left the state department. what do we know about that? >> reporter: the 2013 e-mail was sent by clinton four months a of she left the state department about a foreign policy deal. if you look closely, you can see several white boxes on the e-mail. these are redak shuns. the rnc says this shows another breach. a key data point is under the subject line called the declassification date, which means the full e-mail can be public ten years from the day it was sent. again, suggesting it was classified at that time. the state department insisted tonight that marking has no
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bearing on when it was classified and the clinton campaign said it's investigating the matter. chris? >> catherine, thank you. last night was a good one for the republican party establishment. two senators facing primary challenges won, and moved on to the november election. as ed henry reports, that boosts gop chances of holding on to its senate majority. >> reporter: republicans have been panicking that if hillary clinton keeps her lead over donald trump, gop control of the senate could be lost. though even democrats admit there are some signs of hope for senator mitch mcconnell to keep the title of majority leader. >> the republican incumbents have performed well. >> reporter: in the key battleground of ohio, rob portman has solidified his position enough that liberal and conservative groups have stopped pouring money into his race with
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democrat ted strickland. and in one of those battles in florida last night, marco rubio won by over 50 points, giving the gop more confidence about keeping his seat after he rethought plans to retire this summer. >> i just couldn't be at peace with the idea that we were going to not only lose a senate seat but lose the balance of power in the senate. >> reporter: a sharp departure from 2010, when republicans missed a shot to take control of the senate. there are danger signs for republicans amid the party's split over trump. even in arizona, where john mccain survived the toughest primary battle of his career. he immediately stressed he would be a thorn in the side of a president trump or a president clinton. >> we must be able to resist from a position of strength ideas from the next white house, whoever occupies it, that would take the country in the wrong
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track. >> reporter: if democrats flip four republican seats, there would be a 50-50 senate. a vice president tim kaine would give the party effective control. democrats already have two seats lined up in illinois and wisconsin. meanwhile, republican seats in indiana, pennsylvania, new hampshire, north carolina, and georgia are all in varying degrees of peril. >> there are a whole bunch of other races within a few points. this thing is up for grabs. >> reporter: republicans advising trump know that's true, which is why they've started playing an important card, the supreme court. >> when hillary is unchecked by a court, if she gets to appoint the judges, she will be unchecked. no one will hold her accountable. >> reporter: the possibility clinton will get several supreme court picks is something that could motivate conservatives to turn out not just for senate races but also to help trump against clinton. chris? >> ed, thank you. the u.s. supreme court is
3:16 pm
refusing to restore north carolina's voter i.d. law, and its reduction in days people can vote early. the justices denied a request by republican governor pat mccrory and state officials to delay an injunction blocking provision of the 2013 voting law. the decision means voters will not have to show one of several qualifying photo i.d.s when casting ballots. and early voting also goes back to 17 days. the people in charge of making sure you and your family do not get the zika virus say they are almost out of money. and they're putting more pressure on congress to do something about that. correspondent peter doocy has our update tonight. >> reporter: chris, we know the feds only have enough money to fight zika through the end of september. mosquito season goes through october, and even later in the gulf coast where temperatures stay above 50 degrees for longer, and that is warm enough to keep mosquitos alive. the centers for disease control
3:17 pm
says they've spent $194 million of the $222 million they had to combat the virus, so cdc director dr. thomas frieden, is warning that preventative measures may soon stop because "the cupboard is bare. and we need congress to act to allow us to respond effectively." institutes of health director, for anthony fouchy, registered this complaint. >> it is almost an explicable situation that has arisen how we're not getting funded for something that is a public health emergency in which, instead of a clean bill to worry about, it is very, very disturbing. >> reporter: congress hasn't acted yet on zika funding because of a fight over planned parenthood funding. republicans put some planned parenthood cuts into the $1.1 billion zika package they are
3:18 pm
covering, but democrats don't like that and have been blocking that. still, nancy pelosi said "expect tanlt mothers, tourists and families in florida deserve better than this continuing republican recklessness." mitch mcconnell's office says the senate will vote on the zika measure when senators return to capitol hill tuesday and the second ranking republican, senator john cornyn, said that will bring help. >> we're going to get some additional funding here by the end of september. >> reporter: to date, there have been more than 2500 confirmed cases, but that number could be close to 10,000 and many may not realize they were sick. almost all cases were acquired abroad, but 29 got it locally in florida and two dozen from a sexual parter. reuters reports there are reports of new cases in florida, including two people who may
3:19 pm
have caught zika in parts of miami-dade county where nobody has gotten sick yet, which means the number of places americans can get zika may be growing. the maine governor is apologizing again for his profane voice mail to a democratic state lawmaker. lepage get with a representative who said he still thinks lepage should serve as governor. but lepage is promising to seek spiritual guidance. up next, could college-age voters decide the presidential election? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. in milwaukee, republicans file a complaint with federal investigators over candidate russ feingold, accusing him of illegally organizing a partisan political campaign while still
3:20 pm
serving in the state department. he denies that charge. fox 11 in los angeles where authorities are seeking information on who caused a brush fire near beaumont, california. it's scorched 1,000 acres with 10% containment, and prompted mandatory evacuations. officials say the fire was man made. this is a live look at honolulu from khon. the big story there tonight, drier air and strong upper atmosphere winds are weakening a hurricane as it approaching hawaii. a forecaster says the storm has no longer -- no longer has the strong, noticeable eye that was seen tuesday. the storm is on track to skirt or hit the island's southern edge that's tonight's live look outside the beltway for "special report." we'll be right back.
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brazil's president has voted to remove the president from office. >> translator: the constitution is clear. it establishes that in order to start an impeachment process, there needs to be a crime. if there is no crime, this impeachment process that is taking an innocent perp from the government is a coup d'etat. >> the vice president takes over now. her allies are vowing to repeal her removal to brazil's supreme court. the u.s. state department strong relations with brazil will continue. the first commercial flight
3:25 pm
between the u.s. and cuba flew out of florida today. the restart of commercial air travel is a key element in president obama's policy of normalizing relations with that island. however, the 55-year-old trade embargo still exists. south korean officials say the north has executed a vice premier and banished two others for re-education. two u.s. defense officials tell fox news that president obama is extending the military's combat mission in libya for another month. the decision keeps two u.s. navy warships off the coast of libya to continue striking isis, and to assist libyan ground forces fighting the terror group. one of the demographic groups that often gets lost in the shuffle when discussing the november election is young
3:26 pm
people. but there are some experts who believe that young adults still in school could swing the presidential race. >> reporter: college students could be the deciding factor in the upcoming presidential election. the youth vote could play a big role in ten states, including hard-fought pennsylvania, ohio and florida. >> college students could decide who the next president is. in key battleground states, there are more than enough to determine who wins. >> reporter: uncertain is how many will go to the polls. enthusiasm has waned without bernie sanders in the race. a group called students for trump says it has 150 chapters across the country. among its goals, winning over former bernie sanders supporters. rival college democrats of america, says it is on more than 600 campuses nationwide, trying
3:27 pm
to register voters and focusing on issues like debt free college. a recent survey found that 90% of students say the candidate's position on school debt will influence their vote. we heard a similar concern at rutgers university. >> helping out student debts and loans. >> i don't want to be defaulting on my student loans if i can't find a job right away. that's my biggest concern. >> reporter: even students who want to vote face obstacles casting a ballot. each state has rules. students no longer living at home have to determine their legal residence. >> the fact that young adults move so frequently, don't necessarily understand what the registration law is for their state. don't always understand that if you're registered in one location but you've moved to
3:28 pm
another location, you need to update your registration. >> reporter: despite various efforts to encourage students to vote, in 2008, when barack obama won his first term, 49% of 18 to 4-year-olds voted. that dropped to 41% last election. >> david lee, thank you. politicians and pundits characterize the u.s. as a divide nation. tonight, another kind of divide and how it play suppose the presidential race. >> there's not any crops worth anything decides cantaloupe or watermelon. >> reporter: for farmer eric van dyke, the economic recovery they keep hearing about hasn't happened yet. three hours away in denver, ellen dunn believes things have
3:29 pm
been headed in the right direction since president obama took office. >> we were in the midst of the worst economic recession i had ever experienced in my lifetime. so i think definitely in the last eight years things have improved. >> reporter: she says she's voting for hillary clinton. van dyke says probably donald trump. analysts say the stark difference in viewpoint from two people in the same state can be summed up in one word -- geography. colorado was the second fastest growing state in the nation between 2010 and 2015. yet almost all of the growth has been in the north. >> we've seen a decline in population between 2010 and 2015 if rural america, while cities have been growing rapidly. >> reporter: with dwindling populations and economies comes shrinking political clout. key states have the greatest economic gaps between city and
3:30 pm
country, according to the economic innovation group. in colorado, with a population less than 20,000 in one county, folks point out most state and federal government agencies are based in big cities where it's easy to forget the price of convenience. >> people in urban areas continue realize anymore where their milk and meat comes from, where their poultry, pork, grains, cereals, where it comes from. >> no matter who is in office, it's going to take a long time to start to heal some of the woulds that we have in the united states. >> reporter: and with fewer farms and coal mines on the landscape, the political shift is expected to continue. something republicans are attempting to navigate as democrats target red states. >> alicia, thank you. treasury secretary jack lew says a european union ruling that apple must pay $14.5 billion in back taxes may push congress to act on tax reform.
3:31 pm
>> i've been concerned that it reflected an attempt to reach in to the u.s. tax base to tax neil cavuto that oug-- tax income sh income taxed in the united states. >> both apple and the government of ireland say they will appeal the eu decision. stocks were down today. the dow lost 53. the s&p 500 was off 5. nasdaq dipped 10. president obama is talking conservation and climate change ahead of one of his last major international events. the president was in reno, nevada this afternoon on his way to hawaii. hello, william. >> reporter: chris, the president has five months left to finish what he started eight
3:32 pm
years ago, which is to slow global warming. and to put in place the policies that will carry out that legacy. today, he helped do that, by committing millions of federal dollars to help clean up salt and sea and develop geothermal energy. the president is now in route to hawaii where he'll speak to the world conservation council and tomorrow he will visit midway to show how rising oceans threaten to make millions homeless around the globe. while many support protecting the environment, some disagree how the president did it, using the absolute authority of the 1906 antiquities act to create or expand 26 national monuments, more than any other president. and he's not done, according to the white house. he's considering one site in
3:33 pm
nevada, home to retiring senator harry reid, who he praised today. but locking away huge chunks of land from future development, mining, drilling, ranching, with zero public hearings is opposed by many state and industry officials. >> very, very disappointed. and the hardship on families and the reduction of our timber industry, we've seen sawmills go away, school money go away, hospitals, roads, police, fire departments. >> reporter: friday, the president flies to beijing where he's expected to adopt the paris agreement, to cut u.s. fossil fuels 26% in the next nine years, even though congress and the courts stopped the president from capping carbon emissions. >> the president and the administration have the constitutional responsibility to negotiate treaties. but the senate has the responsibility to ratify treaties. >> reporter: that is open to
3:34 pm
debate. the administration says it doesn't need senate approval. critics obviously believe that he does. but that is, of course, why many people he's abused his executive authority on these climate change issues but to the president, that is a threat, of course, to the planet's future. back to you. >> william, thanks for that. when someone says pass the tomatoes in spain, watch out. this is the annual street battle in the city. 160 tons of tomatoes are flying for the hour-long food fight. so 20,000 people separate. they're encouraged to squish the tomatoes before throwing them. many wear swimming goggles to protect their eyes. that's something charles krauthammer and i would do. what will donald trump say tonight, and what about his visit today with mexico's
3:35 pm
president? we'll get some thoughts from our panel when we come right back.
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mexicans and the united states are honest and hardworking people. they're persons that are decent, that respect life and community and respect the law. as such, mexicans deserve everyone's respect. >> we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its boarders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs, and weapons. >> donald trump and mexican president pena nieto after their meeting today. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, amy walter, fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz howard kurtz,
3:39 pm
and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, it seems to me that trump was taking quite a risk today hold thing meeting with the mexican president with so little preparation. pena nieto could have roasted him, but in fact, it was respectful, it was diplomatic, and it put trump on the international stage. do you think it will help him? >> yes. he took a risk and he pulled it off. look, the big negative about trump, the thing that the clinton campaign plays on, is the fact that it's hard to imagine him as president. being presidential is a thing he's been trying to do. his staff has been trying to get from him for the last six months. now here he is, standing on the world stage, with a world leader. this is a big step. he not only held his own, i think in some ways he sort of dominated the mexican president was rather defensive, asking for respect. trump, i thought, spoke well. and then if you noticed at the very end when they took
3:40 pm
questions, it was trump who took charge. he is sitting in the palace of the president of mexico. this never happens. normally, it's the host who picks the journalists. trump took charge, walked off the stage as the dominant guy. he pulled it off. i think he really helped himself. >> i'm going to ask the control room, put up the still picture i asked for. it seems to me this is one of the big takeaways from this meeting today. there it goes. and it seems to me that this is kind of worth its weight in gold, steve. there you have president pena nieto, and as charles says, almost like an equal, donald trump on a presidential stage. interestingly enough, after the meeting in the news conference, trump said that, yes, they discussed the wall, they did not discuss how to pay for it. on the other hand, i will tell you that the presidential spokesman for pena nieto said that, in fact, the mexican
3:41 pm
president told him mexico would not pay for that. having said that, your reaction? >> i agree with charles. this is the single best day of the general election campaign for donald trump, because as charles said, this was hillary clinton's goal to otherwise donald trump. she attacked him more or less as a typical republican, he's going to lower your taxes, he favors the wealthy, bad supreme court choices, women's choice will be taken away. then she turned at the democratic convention and decided to make donald trump unacceptable. he's unfit to serve as president, trying to make him look dangerous. a threat really to the future of the republic. and what you saw today was trump, not only standing with a would-be ally or a traditional ally, but an ally whose citizens he basically attacked again and again and again for the better part of the last year, and to pull it off. and to seem calm and rational.
3:42 pm
>> does the fact that trump said they didn't discuss who was going to pay for it and pena nieto's spokesman says they did, does that make a difference? >> of course, but it doesn't matter nearly as much as the picture you showed and the broader news coming out of there. this appearance down there will end up mattering a lot more than what we hear tonight in the speech. >> let's talk about that, because trump's hard line on immigration helped him big-time during the republican primaries. but i want to put up some numbers from this new fox poll which may indicate why there's such an effort to pivot on this. what should happen to illegal immigrants working in the u.s.? 77% said legalize them. 19% said deport them. amy, is that what trump's apparent softening on this issue is all about? >> certainly. this is the pivoting that we've been hearing he was going to be making since may. and every time there was a pivot then there was a -- i guess i'm
3:43 pm
going to mix my metaphors, but he would shoot himself in his pivot foot. and then he would -- we would make the case that, well, the next time he's going to make the pivot and the next time this is going to stick and he's going to be a general election candidate. then he went into the convention and he basically went on a message that was all about the primary. he was doing nothing to suggest that he was speaking to general election voters. now, finally, this many weeks after the convention, he is trying to talk to general election voters. i agree with both of my colleagues here that going down there was a big risk, but a risk that looks like it's paid off. the question that so many voters i have is whether this is going to stick. is the donald trump we saw in mexico the one who seemed to be commanding the stage, the same person we'll see a week from now? and many voters have concluded that it's just not going to
3:44 pm
change. ultimately, the person that we saw before this meeting, before the primaries, during the primaries, is the person that we're going to see throughout the rest of the campaign. >> what we're going to see first is a speech later tonight, in which trump is going to lay out his immigration plan. howie, from what we've heard over the haste week, not only from trump, but from all of his top advisers, his running mate, what do you expect to hear tonight? >> first of all, i'm trying not to fall off my chair hearing charles and steve saying positive things about donald trump. he had a good day. as far as his speech tonight, i think even though there's been a lot of messiness, mike huckabee is not a top trump surrogate said on saturday, trump realizes it's impractical to deport 11 million people. i think we'll hear a lot of
3:45 pm
tough talk about the wall and this isn't amnesty. but by meeting with pena nieto today and pull thing off, the fact that trump will, in effect, probably in my view confirm that there isn't going to be any mass deportations will become the secondary story. >> i want to ask about that, when i was talking to kellyann conway, she was saying look, we're going the build the wall, we're going to set up e-verify, we're going to get rid of the bad guys, almost like we're going to put off the issue of what happens to legal immigrants until we see where we are. will that work and be enough for his base support? >> i'm not sure that his base has anywhere else to go at this point. at the same time, what he's trying to do is expand that base to people that think the idea of kicking 11 million people out
3:46 pm
was crazy, who were fearful of donald trump being a hot head on the national stage. >> real quick, steve? >> i think he's not likely to lose a ton of people, but i think it will matter to some people in the base. the bigger question is whether he erodes his brand as being this tough guy, outspoken, say anything, sort of damn the consequences guy. that's probably the bigger risk. >> we have to step aside for a moment. next up, hillary clinton's e-mails and her slipping poll numbers. ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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people have to get to know that they can count on you, that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next.
3:50 pm
and it' it certainly takes more than to try to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> hillary clinton today casting doubt on donald trump's trip to mexico, even before he arrived there. we're back now with our panel. so let's put up some of these latest fox news polls. let's start with the horse race. in a two way race. clinton now leads trump by 6 points. 48% to 42%. that's down from a 10 point lead earlier this month. and in a four-way race, including gary johnson and jill stein, clinton's lead over trump is now just 2 points, 41% to 39%. amy, how big a role do you think the continuing controversy over the emails and the clinton foundation play in the tightening in these polls? >> i think that's absolutely a big piece of this.
3:51 pm
i think there are probably three things going on. the focus on her weaknesses. the fact that donald trump himself has not gotten himself into hot water this week. has had a pretty decent week. we can go about his stumbling around about making immigration position. the fact is there hasn't been anything dramatic that he has done. third party candidates he didn't put those numbers up but even bigger tightening 13 points in your poll, 8 points, 10 points in other polls. this is where they drop off and getting 3, 4 points. they are continuing to stay up that level. that's a tightening. the race at the end of the day this is a 4 or 5 point race is what most of the polls are showing. remember it was a 4 point race in 2012. barack obama, mitt romney had a competitive race but at the end of the day it was 4 points and obviously a big electoral college win. he has to do more than tighten. he has to figure out a way to get over that hump that mitt romney wasn't able to could. >> i want to put up one more
3:52 pm
number from the latest fox news poll. the likelihood that the clintons were the selling influence to those who donated to the clinton foundation. very or somewhat likely 66%. not likely or not at all 30%, which basically is 2 to 1. howie, folks believe this was pay-to-play,. >> you have the drip, drip, drip allegations of every day. the allegations of the new email. people aren't following all the details. the race was always going to tighten. hillary wasn't going to sail with a 10 point lead. obscure the fact these are two unpopular candidates. look at fox news poll hillary's unfavorable 53%. donald trump is 56%. that's down from 63% in early august. so it seems to me that this is important psychologically because a lot of people in the media were declaring this race over. but, of course, the battleground states is where this is going to be decided. at least for now, hillary clinton is still putting in to play or making competitive some reliably
3:53 pm
red states, north carolina, virginia, georgia. >> the fact that donald trump is going to be speaking in arizona is an indication of that. >> he has yet to show though it could change that he could put reliably blue rust belt states into play. >> the fbi has turned over 15,000 new emails either that they recovered from the server that supposedly had been deleted or from other accounts, 15,000 new clinton emails turned them over to the state department is there a particular area that you are especially interested? something that you are particularly looking to see what's going to come out of these and what do you think is the likelihood of a game changer? i mean, this scandal has been going on, controversy has been going on for more than a year now. do you think it has the capacity to change people's minds? >> look, for i have thought and i have said that i think the real hidden story in the emails, the reason she probably set it up in the first place, the reason it was all concealed, the reason so many were
3:54 pm
deleted, probably has to do with the foundation. and with the fact that it is an extrickably bound with her tenure at the state department and however whether this there is a smoking gun or not, there is a lot of smoke. look at the numbers you showed. two thirds of americans assume there was influence that was sold. and the problem is that there are the 15,000. look at what happened today. she gives a speech in cincinnati, supposed to be a big speech. foreign affairs, supposed to stakeout her ground, completely ignored. the only story that you really hear about her is the more email story. the 15,000. all of this stuff. every day the story is the emails. every day is this story about her honesty. i think that's the threat. that's why her numbers have shrunk and that's what she has to look ahead to for the next 70 days. >> steven, got a little bit of time left. today marks 270 days since hillary clinton held a news conference, december 4th
3:55 pm
2015. does it matter? she has had 300 plus interviews do spokes care or what does it show. >> they made a calculation the question she would have to ape in that press conference could potentially do more damage to her than this continuing story that she is not doing press conferences. i think actually their calculation is correct. if you look at not only is the email story continuing, i would argue it's growing and it's growing in its seriousness. she did sign this document in august of last year, about this time last year under penalty of perjury saying she turned over all her work related emails. we very emails between hillary clinton and david petraeus. sidney blumenthal about libya. and potentially about benghazi which is why this whole thing got started in the first place. >> stay tuned for the panel. see what happens when a candidate meet some strangers. (vo) maybe it was here,
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>> we'll, we do now. >> okay, good. >> your name? >> mike pence. >> mike pence? >> yes, sir. >> i'm the governor of the state of indiana. i'm running for vice president of the united states. >> oh, vice president? >> yes, sir. >> oh, boy. >> i'm running with donald trump. so i'm you his running mate. >> okay. all right. >> and he just cut his hair. i'm not sure if it's any better for clinton's running mate senator tim kaine. that's "special report" for tonight. chris wallace from washington. no online show tonight. "on the record" with greta van susteren is up next.
4:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> "on the record" tonight, in just seconds, you will see donald trump's entire speech side by side with the president of mexico. pay close attention to this one because some are saying the joint statement is making trump look presidential. right after that joint statement trump crossing the border to arizona where he will tonight deliver his full border immigration plan live right here on the fox news channel. and also, did secretary clinton make a major blunder by not accepting the mexican president's invitation to come see him like trump did? also more trouble tonight for clinton. new evidence is surfacing showing she sent classified emails on her personal server after leaving the state department. but right now the only candidate who did accept a meeting with the president of mexico, lite


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