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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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was donald trump smart to go to mexico and the numbers are 90% say yes. 10% say no. stay with fox news all night long to watch trump's big immigration speech live tonight. trump has just arrived in phoenix. that's all for now. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. donald trump's highly anticipated immigration speech set to begin in phoenix, arizona just one hour from now. earlier today donald trump made a last-minute trip to mexico city, meeting with mexican president nieto to discuss economic and immigration issues. naturally trump's proposed border wall was a central focus but who would pay for it remained unclear. >> having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial. we recognize and respect the right of either country to
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build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs, and weapons. >> we didn't discuss who pays for the wall we didn't discuss. >> late today mexican president nieto said he made it clear to trump that mexico will not pay for the wall. joining us now with a preview from phoenix of what is expected in trump's speech tonight fox news chief political correspondent carl cammeron. carl, energized crowd? any bigger or energized than normal? >> well, sure. because this has been a day of tremendous attention. trump's trip to mexico city to meet with the president there has really brightened the spotlight on tonight's speech. when you look at the preceding three weeks, the perception that he was wavering on a lot of his issues, the building of the wall, who is going to pay for it. how many of the illegal aliens in this country will be deported. how many will be alouded to
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stay with the path of legalization. they have to go back. how about those who choose not to do either. how will they be handled? the ongoing question about what to do about visa overstays and securing the non-land borders but for many people getting into the country. which is to say how to deal with what was once the ban on all muslims temporary although it was to what mr. trump now says would be extreme, extreme vetting. it's also true, eric, that one the questions that trump raised was whether or not birth right citizenship should be done away with, what he referred to as anchor babies. so all of these things have brought a big crowd here at a tremendous amount of attention and the trump campaign was particularly employeesed by the gamut they made in accepting the invitation from the mexican president, the invitation came on friday. the decision was made to go over the weekend. they announced it last night. raced down there this morning. and they were very pleased by how it went. donald trump got to stand
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next to a world leader, agreed to disagree on some issues. they clearly have differences. both men appeared to are cordial. it looked as if he made the first trip presidential nominee virtually unscathe. having answered the question down in the news conference that no they didn't discuss who was going to pay for the wall. the mexican president that actually the very beginning of the meeting, as you point out, said that actually he said that the mexicans would not pay for it the trump campaign has since issued a statement and said, look, this was not a negotiation. it would have been inappropriate to negotiate. it's not a prize that these two sides, these two leaders have differing views of some of the issues. it's very clear they are different. it's a bit of a cloud over the event today and one that democrats are likely to pound him on. john podesta of the clinton campaign said not only did trump choke he got beat in the room and lied about it
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when he said they didn't discuss this. >> right, well. >> fallout. now comes the speech. >> that's nice but hillary clinton gave him a little bit of a hard time earlier in the speech that she made. i will tell you the bottom line is he somehow figured out a way to get this trip to mexico. in he cut it pretty tight, didn't he? >> >> oh, sure. he is flying his own plane, of course. he has a house in beverly hills where he stayed last night. what it was really question of getting a flight path approved and getting the mexican president on such short notice to actually make good on the invitation. it's pretty evident from the mexican side of this that they didn't expect trump to say yeah, i will be there on tuesday or wednesday of this case having only made the invitation on friday. the speech tonight is supposed to answer a lot of these questions on what trump's immigration policies will be. it's also quite likely that he will leave a lot of unanswered questions. trump made it very clear in the early part of his candidacy that a lot of his policy utterances, his goals
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and priorities are just that, goals and priorities. they are not promises or pledges necessarily. he described them as negotiating positions. we all know that he thinks is he a great dealmaker, and politics is about deal making and the relationship that he started today with the mexican president was a big part of getting that started. >> carl, very quickly, just about a half a minute or so. the state department pushed back saying plump mr. trump shouldn't have made that trip. why do you think they did that? >> well, it did look like what in white house parlance look to as bilateral meeting of the leaders. mexican flag, united states flag two podiums. trump got very official looking. obviously is he a candidate now as is hillary clinton. what they're promising are policy aspirations not policy promises. it sounded as though the white house, the clinton campaign pushing back and saying he got tweeted too well. >> carl, leave it right there. thank you so much. now let's go to santa rosa
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beach, california where governor huckabee is sounding by. listen to this sound bite from the trump campaign manager kellyanne conway on the factor last night. listen. >> you will hear a consistent donald trump in this way, no amnesty, no legalization, no sanctuary cities. also, we want to be fair to the american worker. there are lots of folks feeling that they are competing directly with illegal immigrants as well as people abroad for these jobs now. we also want to be as he has said when dealing with the 11 million or so, he wants to abide the law, enforce the law, which is a novel concept in washington. >> all right. so, governor, given what went on today with president nieto, do you think that changesrom last night kellyanne conway expected what she expected to hear tonight versus what may now be expected after meeting with the mexican president. >> not at all, eric. in fact, i think donald trump scored an extraordinary coo today. he went to mexico and territory that is not
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friendly toward him. he didn't bow to the rural of the other country like barack obama did when he went to saudi arabia. he didn't apologize like obama did when he went to egypt or when he toured europe. he went, he maintained his positions, he didn't try to stick a finger in the eye of the president. he was a gracious guest. and the president of mexico was a gracious host. they acted like diplomats. he acted like a president. but he never wavered in his position. i think tonight what we're going to see is a reiteration of his basic premise we're going to have a border. we're not going to have amnesty. we're going to end sanctuary cities. in other words, everything that is opposite of hillary clinton who will expand sanctuary cities, won't control the border, will support amnesty, so the choice for the american people is clear. one big difference. hillary clinton traveled all over the world making deals for the clinton foundation to get contributions, donald trump showed that he went down there and he didn't ask for a doggone thing. that's kind of refreshing. >> governor, i think it was a gutsy move.
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it was a big risk that he took this morning when he announced that he was going to go down there. i thought this could go very well for him or go very badly. that's a sign of a leader you take chances, i guess. were you as a supporter of donald trump nervous about how this was going to turn out? >> not really because i feel like donald trump has been under estimated as a person who is comfortable in his own skin, who has been in high level, high pressure meetings all his adult life. so this is not something that. >> weren't you nervous, governor? weren't you nervous about protest or someone pushing back? any number of things could have happened with that meeting. >> >> sure. it was absolutely walking on the high wire no net under him. let's face it, it was a gutsy and bold thing to do. look, i think that's what americans want in a president, somebody who stands up for us, no matter where in the world he is, and he doesn't change his message. he may say the message diplomatically and carefully, but he doesn't go change it he doesn't go and pander and that was refreshing.
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i thought it was a big day for donald trump and i thought hillary clinton looked really small when she tried to be critical of him and i thought the state department was ridiculous in saying that he shouldn't have gone. why not? and who are they to determine where the republican nominee for president goes and who he talks to. >> probably upset that he beat her to the punch. i mean, they were both invited to that and he took the opportunity. she didn't. governor, very quickly, about a minute or so. donald trump came out with five shared goals he talked about ending illegal immigration and securing the border with a physical wall that is going to resonate. here is one that is going to create a headache for you and donald trump improving nafta. not getting rid of nafta, improving nafta. does that mean he is okay with this free trade agreement? >> well, he has always said, eric, that he is for free trade. i think all of us who are. >> free trade and you and i both know, governor, free trade agreements are the opposite of free trade.
5:10 pm
>> well, most free trade we're getting taken to the cleaners. and that's what he has been against. tree trade has to be fair trade or there is nothing free or fair about it he has been very clear about that. he is not antitrade. is he just anti-getting sucker punched by every country we enter into an agreement with. >> so wouldn't that mean getting rid of nafta completely? there are a lot of people who say nativity tax especially in states like ohio has driven jobs south of the border. >> part of the reason is because we don't enforce the same rules on both sides of our trade agreement. it's why tpp is such a disaster. whether it's environmental, whether it's labor law, whether it's the idea of, you know, regulatory authority. we don't have the same kind of issues. and the taxing issue is huge and that, too, is another reap we have got to renegotiate the deals. >> all right, governor. we're going to leave it right there. thank you very much. the governor will be back with us live tonight at 11:00 p.m. for powerful
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reaction after the big immigration speech. next on the rundown, would a president trump be able to deliver on the policies candidate trump lays out in tonight's immigration speech. that debate moments away.
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hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. in the impact segment tonight, would donald trump be able to achieve his immigration goals if he wins the white house? early in the campaign, bill o'reilly pressed trump on whether his proposals would actually happen. >> i think you're right about the wall. i think you're wrong about mass deportations and going in to families. i think they have to be held aaccountable. i think they have to be registered and they have to go through the process. but i can't possibly see how the courts, the federal courts are going to allow federal agents to kick coarse in and drag people
5:15 pm
out, especially when their kids are american citizens. last word? >> i don't believe it will be done that way. it will be done in a very humane way. they will come back in and they will be legal and people will be happy and we have a country again. >> but more than a year after that exchange, will trump show a change of heart on mass deportations. in his speech tonight, joining us now to analyze alfonso ago glar, president of the latino partnership for conservative principles and with us in studio michael wilds, an immigration attorney. mr. ago glar, let's talk about this, do you think he can achieve the wall he outlined with the president nieto? i think a lot of people are waiting to hear what he says about the 11 or 12 million illegals here. what does he do with them. >> first, let me address the wall. there is already legislation the secure fence act which ironically hillary clinton voted for. she says she wants to build bridges, not walls, she voted for a bill that calls for the building of not one wall but two walls.
5:16 pm
she is being hypocritical about that. in terms of undocumented from the very beginning he said he would allow people to go back to their home country and good people those without criminal record would be able to come back quickly. the question is if in his speech is he going to open himself to the idea of allowing those people, instead of having to go back to their home country to actually touch back, if you will, in an embassy or consulate within the united states, regularized within the united states. so it will be a slight adjustment from what he has said before. >> sure. >> it's a change in tone but not a major flip flop as some people are trying say. >> let's bring in michael wilds. do you agree with the wall a physical barrier wall can be built? >> first, thank you for having me, for transparency sake i have acted on behalf of trump's models and miss universe foundation i'm an avid supporter of mrs. clinton. >> you are on both sides of the wall. >> but i'm transparent.
5:17 pm
>> okay. go ahead. so wall? >> unrealistic, unamerican, unpopular. unrealistic to think that we can take that terrain and put that money and resource into it, that there is going to be a touchback. we have mechanisms. >> that's deportation. let's deal with that for a moment. >> we have mechanisms in the law, eric that would allow people to touchback. people do not have the same rights at american embassies. we don't want to overwhelm con lats and embassies and it's not practically. we are supposed to be building bridges, not walls. >> you are saying that you cannot document 12 million undocumented? >> there aren't enough handcuffs, airplanes, beds to remove them. >> i want to get to mr. aguilar in one second. understand something, under obama there has been 3 million deportations but the vast majority of them aren't physically people in the country and forced to come back in they are stopped at the border. if that's a deportation why couldn't donald trump's version or mr. aguilar's
5:18 pm
version of deportation you get to the embassy and fill out the paperwork and get deported. >> professor on this and second generation imforeign relation lawyer is simply family reunification and spiriting of economy through our immigrants. you are not going to break up families, have americans deport neighbors and then unfuel and kill an economy that's writing itself. imforeign relation is the most useful tools we have and we have to get this right. >> mr. aguilar, what about this? what about maybe doubling or tripling our legal immigration system? right now we take in about a million, make it 2 million or 3 million. >> look, i think the problem that we have is that we have a system that doesn't recognize that from time to time we need foreign workers. so we should allow, if an american company cannot find american workers, they should be able to bring in the foreign workers that they may need. the democrats historically have opposed that at this
5:19 pm
point nobody is really talking about that. we are talking really about the undocumented. to be fair to mr. trump, he has already said that he doesn't want to deport every single undocumented immigrant. he is saying we are going to deport those with criminal records. those who have no criminal record will stay here. >> quick response and i have to go. >> 5,000 ice agents. 300 immigration judges. 11 million people have been bandied about for academic indicated. assuming 15 million people and not enough resource to remove them. >> president obama got 3 million seven and a half years. >> mantra of founding fathers we have to come up with proper solutions. >> michael and steve thank you very much. we have to leave it there. >> the potential political fallout not the policy but the political fallout from donald trump's immigration speech tonight with two top experts weighing in right after this. ♪
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the political exact of donald trump's immigration proposals. former president, mexican president vin sen a vicente fox one of trump's fiercest critics nominee to mexico. >> she is not welcome to mexico by 130 million people we don't like him. we don't want him. we reject his message. trump is using mexico, using president to boost his sinking poll numbers. >> i think it's very important to invite donald trump to come to mexico and to learn about the real mexico. that is i would think
5:24 pm
totally different. >> but now that trump has made the trip to mexico, will this provide a big political boost to trump's message on immigration? joining us now with reaction from washington fox news contributor mercedes schlapp and here michael tobin. so, the political fallout. he left that meeting. he hit the podium. he looked very presidential. i got to think that's going to help him politically, right? poll numbers should firm up? >> no, absolutely. i'm not a trump supporter. but i don't think there is any real policy substance or discussion to be had about this. i think it's all politics. the politics have really been quite brilliant. he looked presidential. he looked appropriate standing there at the podium next to a world leader discussing what i think is an unworkable and tenable and hateful policy discussion, political discussion. >> which part? >> the wall. >> the wall is >> i believe it is hateful and impractical. >> why is it hateful? you can make the case for
5:25 pm
impractical but where is the hate in the wall? >> i believe it was a sound political judgment to suggest it to get through republican presidential primaries but as a policy -- >> -- why is hate part of it? >> the hate is we are talking about crime and i believe it was a vicious code word. all of that being said, it was good politics today and it did elevate him. >> mercedes, the politics, the fallout, is he polling around 20% the last fox news poll was about 20% favorability with hispanics. do you think it goes up from there? >> you know, i think it opens the door with the possibility of more outreach towards the hispanic community. i think one of the more positive messages that donald trump can focus on is what immigrants have come to this nation, what they have contributed to. making america great. there is so many of these immigrant stories. my father's story. my parents' story are just one of them. i would like to say that, you know, i think that what donald trump did today, going to mexico, it really showed a very decisive and
5:26 pm
presidential moment. it was a point there where, actually, you are starting to seat fact that he is reaching out. it's a mutual respect of wanting to listen, having this dialogue with the foreign leader with our neighbor. and i think that was a very constructive dialogue that occurred. >> so, don't you think he beat hillary clinton to the punch? they were both invited. donald trump got on the plane and somehow squeezed the meeting in with a big policy speech tonight coming out. that sounds like fairly presidential move, no? >> oh, i think it was very savvy and i think the poll numbers will show it was also effective. and i disagree with the state department and the white house saying i wish they hadn't had done this and it shouldn't have happened. there is no incumbent that trump is running against it is an open seat in the white house. and hillary was invited and could have attended. let's remember, barack obama went to europe in july of 2008 before his general election to speak, i believe, the brandenberg
5:27 pm
gate and that was generally well-received. i think there is some hypocrisy that this candidate does something somewhat similar and is somehow held to a different threshold. >> mercedes, you agree with this? you think it's a different threshold? can you equate the two? >> well, i think that donald trump, he did this in louisiana as well. what are we looking at? we are looking at the fact that hillary clinton has spent weeks at march that's vineyard having these swanky fundraisers. compare that to the fact that donald trump, is he with the people. he goes out to louisiana to be with the flood victims. then he goes out and meets with the mexican president, all despite all the criticism of people saying oh, he has made comments about mexicans. you know, it's been incredibly effective. and you really have to hand it to the campaign and really finding these opportunities where donald trump is speaking directly, not only to hispanics but to african-americans. i mean, this is something that we don't see very much with republican leaders. they shy away from these -- talking about, for example,
5:28 pm
inner cities or hispanics. i have to till he is really becoming -- appearing very much in this leadership role which i think could work. >> mercedes and michael, got to leave it right there. coming up. the strategic consequences of donald trump's plan to secure the border. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here to weigh in. don't miss this. retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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border constructing a great big wall lies at the center of trump's plans. but can it deliver the safety and security trump promises if it's built? joining us now to analyze from washington ralph peters fox news strategic analyst and the author of "the damned petersberg." let want start with this big beautiful wall that can be built. you don't think it can be built? is that what you are saying? >> it can be built. whether it is wise to build a continuous wall for almost 2,000 miles across the southwestern border is another question. i have the misfortunate experience. i worked at the border drug czar's office. i have been there. walls work very well, in populated areas. south of san diego, nothing gal i can't sayknow gali can't s are beneficial. do we need to build big bend national park in texas. through the mountains in arizona?
5:33 pm
>> yeah. do you know why? because if the wall is not continuous, then you can walk through the open and walk through, colonel. >> yeah. >> if it works in populated areas, it's got to go the full length, no? >> it's a question of cost effectiveness among other things, but, also, there are really strong practical considerations. i won't even bother with you the environmental considerations. let's look at texas. 1254 miles of our border with mexico are along the rio grande day run running through texas. where do you build that wall? on the mexican side? no, that's an act of war. on our side and give the river to mexico? i don't think so. if you try to build a wall in the middle of the river? there are a lot of practical considerations that have to be taken into account. >> can i throw something at you. >> let me state this. a partial wall but above all what trump is right about. >> let me throw you something. >> we need a wall of walls. >> we need a wall, also. let me throw something at you. president obama famously came into office and spent a
5:34 pm
trillion dollars of our money on shovel-ready jobs that happened not to be shovel ready and didn't create any jobs. what's wrong with this idea of a few dollars spent to keep our southern border secure. >> it would probably be government mandated union labor, materials, lawsuits and patriots down on the border wanting enormous amounts of money for the use of their land. >> i got better idea use mexican and american labors, share the laborers and that's a way to help defray some of the cost to mexico, use some of their labor? >> well, it would probably wind up being built by illegal immigrants anyway. eric, i strongly believe, strongly that what we need to do is first ask mr. trump has saiden force the laws on the books. get the felons out of here. we need to revamp other laws. pass new ones. when you were apprehended at the border, it shouldn't be catch and release. you go back immediately. and what we have got to do is stop sympathizing with
5:35 pm
the criminals and peoplizing the victims. so these ideas of endless appeals and anchor babies, sorry if that offends anybody, that nonsense has to stop. we need legal immigration. but we not illegal and here is my bottom line. no one who enters this country illegally ever, ever gets to vote for president, senator, representative, governor, judge, et cetera. >> colonel peters, leave it there another topic to get to. isis number two and isis being killed. we ran out of time. >> paris hilton a wall of words. >> thank you very much colonel peters. directly ahead a new fox poll has very good news for the trump campaign. what it means for the final sprint to election day in a moment. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the election 2016 segment tonight, a dead heat in the presidential race. a new fox news poll asks registered voters who they favor on election day? hillary clinton comes in at 41%. donald trump is just 2 points behind at 39% and within the margin of error. libertarian gary johnson is at 9%. grown party nominee jill
5:40 pm
stein is at 4%. joining us from boston anderson, a democratic pollster for from fox news and from washington david morris. editor of the kiplinger letter. poll is tightening 2 points within the margin of error. and swing states tightening as well. anyone's race right now? >> it is anyone's race. i think anyone who thought the race was over was just doing some wishful thinking. but you know what? it's just one poll. and it's just one day. it's a good day for trump today. but it's just one poll and we'll see what happens next week and the week after that and the week after that. >> chris, david points out, the week after that which happens to be the first debate, it puts a lot of emphasis on these debates, does it not, with such tight polls? >> it absolutely does. i want to point out on the horse race toyotaening, clinton is being hurt more by the third party candidate than trump. when we do a two way she has 6 point lead that is down
5:41 pm
from 10 points earlier. but what's happening is there are some younger voters, some hispanic voters who seem to tentatively be going to third party candidates. half of them say they might change their mind compared to just one in ten clinton and trump voters. so we will see what they do. do they get serious and stick with these third party candidates or do they gravitate back to the major party candidates in which case that would help clinton. big question is if the third third party candidates make the tee baits you are referring to. if they do, that's a game changer. >> the reason why that's important is johnson at 9% only he has to get to 15%, jill stein to 4%. the combined stottle there is 13% up for grabs if they don't make the debate stage. now it looks like it will go to trump if they don't? >> well, i'm not sure about that. i look at it not only as the 13, 9 for johnson, 4 for ms. stein, i look at the 9 points, 7 points i guess it is people who haven't picked
5:42 pm
one or the other or either of the two minor candidates. there is 20 points in play. i think they don't go for trump necessarily because they seem to have been in the two way they seem to have gone for clinton more than for trump. i think it's still a wide open race with 20 points in play and the debate is going to be crucial. there is no doubt about that. i don't think the second party, third party candidates will make it. it's too big a climb to get to 15,000 now. chris, can you hel -- get to 15. >> tracking polls, i think the "l.a. times" has the tracking poll up by 5 points. why is that vastly different than the telephone polls, the moment in time polls? >> you know, without talking about a specific poll, i don't want to speculate. i can say that our fox news poll is -- use the gold standard methodology, live interviewers, calling cell phones. so, i can't speak to tore polls. i do want to address, you
5:43 pm
know, this idea that this poll is really good news for trump. i still there is there is are in clinton'synamics favor. we knew this election wasn't going to be won by likability. we have known that for a while. there is some candidate qualities that really overwhelmingly still favor clinton, specifically on temperament. our last poll, two thirds of voters said they think clinton has the temperament to be president. two thirds said trump does not. two thirds said they thought clinton had the right knowledge and capabilities to be president. two thirds said trump did not. until those numbers start to come in to line, i still think, you know, yes, maybe the ballot test is giving the appearance that this race is tightening. it's certainly in play. but there is still some fundamentals that really. >> tell me about this undercover trump vote that kellyanne conway has talked about where people don't say they will vote for trump because they are embarrassed
5:44 pm
or whatever and are really going to vote for trump. let's start with you, david. >> it's a great story. but i don't see anything in polling data past, present at all that supports it. i think it's wishful thinking. >> what about you, chris? is that potentially there. >> it's completely wishful thinking. we have seen exactly the opposite. we talked to our interviewers in our phone bank. they tell us when they get a trump supporter on the phone. they are louder and more enthusiastic. we are not seeing anything like that? very good, gentlemen. thank you very much. when we come right back, hillary clinton releasing a tough ad against hillary clinton's illegal immigration rhetoric. her own policy is nothing more than doe facto amnesty. right back with that seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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in the second factor follow-up segment tonight, hillary clinton and immigration. the clinton campaign is putting out a new web ad attempting to paint trump as an extremist on immigration. >> you're going to have a deportation force. ♪ >> we have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. >> they have to go. they have to go. >> i will build a great, great wall. ♪ >> we will call it the great wall of trump. >> and clinton isn't letting up there going after trump's visit with mexican president nieto earlier today. >> and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works.
5:49 pm
>> mrs. clinton is spending plenty of energy going after trump but do her own proposals do anything to actually solve the immigration crisis? joining us now with reaction from washington ric grenell, former u.s. spokesman at the u.n. and a fox news contributor along with david goodfriend attorney and sur gat for the clinton campaign. david, i have got to think, you know, i see a little sweat on your brow there. you are worried. that was pretty presidential by donald trump. was it not? >> well, it was a very presidential image of having donald trump stand next to a foreign leader in the foreign leader's country at a podium. i think donald trump is the master of stage craft. he was able to have all of us all day today talking about his visit to mexico. here is what i found really interesting, the substance of his comments were very telling to me. he was, in effect, saying to the mexican people we're in this together, you have to protect your borders to the south as we to awe. we want to preserve jobs in the americas and the western hemisphere. this was very conciliatory
5:50 pm
language which really flies in the face of him calling mexicans rapists and murderers or calling mexican-american judge unfit to serve. that's going to be the hard part for donald trump reconciling what appears to be an effort to soften his approach and still maintain enthusiasm on his base. he got a lot of anger from his supporters when it looked like he was softening his position. >> let's talk about hillary clinton's immigration proposal. is it de facto amnesty and when you let 11 million people stay here and find some way for citizenship, aren't those 11 million democrat votes waiting to be had? >> well, let's hope not because i don't think that you can guarantee them citizenship or at least say that they get to vote for the rest of their life. look, hillary clinton mocks enforcing the law. she mocks border security. she mocks this assault on sanction area cities. i hate this name sanctuary
5:51 pm
cities because really what it is the democrats labeling of telling law enforcement officials in certain cities to ignore the law. we saw how disastrous that was in brussels. we saw that when law enforcement officials are not allowed to enforce the law and you somehow make the entire area kind of fearful of law enforcement officials what that leads to. so, i think that when hillary clinton embraces sanctuary cities, when she i th clinton embraces sanctuary cities, when she embraces the fact that there shouldn't be any border, serious border security, she is on the wrong side. i think americans absolutely want to see these policies implemented and trump -- >> can i respond? >> please do. i think the polling proves out what he is suggesting. >> when you ask about amnesty, it was ronald reagan who really did real amnesty as president and also as governor of
5:52 pm
california. he took real actions to pardon in effect and allow people who did arrive illegally to stay here. that's very, very different than saying someone has to earn citizenship. >> let's stay on hillary clinton and donald trump. that was 36 years ago. >> hillary clinton is in effect saying -- okay. but my point is saying hillary clinton is to the right of ronald reagan on this. >> but, david, here's the difference -- >> hold on. i let you finish. hillary clinton is saying we need a pathway to citizenships. >> what's the difference? no. no. what's the difference between amnesty and a path to citizenship? frankly, i don't get it. go ahead, rick. >> there's not a huge difference here. the fact of the matter is hillary clinton ran this commercial that literally mocks donald trump for enforcing the law. that's just the fact. she's not talking about her policies. she's mocking those that want to
5:53 pm
enforce the law that is we have on the books and by the way, the commercial i think is a total waste of money. it is not effective. it's clearly was focus grouped and consultant to death and with the average american they don't even understand what all those images are. >> right. i know. a little weird with all that -- yeah. that ink thing going on. guys, i have to leave it there. i'm up against the break. hide the children. geraldo rivera with his predictions on the donald trump immigration speech set to start moments from now. don't go away. alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy,
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hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. in the back of the book segment, the guest i'm resting my voice for all day, geraldo rivera joins us with his take on what donald trump should say tonight and his prediction on what donald trump will say tonight in the speech. he's the author of two books on immigration and the impact hispanics are having on the
5:56 pm
united states. let's start with what he should say tonight. >> it was a better day for donald trump than the president of mention co. i think donald trump walked over him in a respectful way. i think trmp was presidential, measured in the tone. he did not back down. there's a bit of a flap over whether the president of mexico and he discussed the who's going to pay for the wall. >> why bad for pena nieto? sounds like they got along famously. >> he was comparing trump to mussolini and hitler. mexican media is chopping up the mexican president right now saying that he -- >> jorge ramos. >> not just jorge -- >> are you sure -- >> mexican media generally speaking i guarantee you, this guy 20% approval before trump's visit. now i think he is in single digits. as to tonight, i thought that donald trump's tone magnificence.
5:57 pm
if the new team is responsible for this smart ballsy trip if i may say to mexico -- >> you did. live. >> congratulations to them. i think it came off well. >> what does he do? >> not what -- he has to maintain a same tone. what did he mention? border fence? sure. every country has a right to be sovereign. breaking up the drug cartels, manufacturing, the western hemisphere. all great. what he did not mention is deportation force or rounding up 11 million undocumented -- >> should he tonight? >> absolutely not. if he mentions it, he should say it in the same way that he has been in the last two days. we're going after the felons, the vicious, the murderers, the robbers, the people really hurting americans. but the families juan and maria and the children, citizen children, will be very, very low in terms of priority of law enforcement. and, you know, let's kind of a kumbaya. get together and renegotiate
5:58 pm
nafta and the people here obeyed our laws -- >> you know donald trump. he should. what will he do? will he be able to hold back? >> if he can taste his own success today, then he'll listen to me. >> prompter or off prompter? >> definitely on the prompter. stay on message. keep the same tone of today. he was up there. he looked like a leader. they gave him absolute parody with the national leader of the republic of mexico, a country of 130 million odd souls. i think that he did a great job. let him continue in that manner. the worst thing he could do is to be strident, to be nationalistic in a way that offends mexicans. >> how does this whole day end for donald trump? does he -- so he's pulling around 20% with hispanics rg right? ballpark. does he go up from there? >> native-born hispanics see him
5:59 pm
the same. it's the immigrants and recent arrivals, the spanish dominant part of the latino population that really has a very, very negative view of him. i don't think it meaningfully changes their opinion of donald trump. >> does this change the undecided? >> maybe. >> even not hispanic. white vote? women's vote. >> college educated women's vote might be affected if he keeps to this tone. remember, you're going to vote for him no matter. if he wants my wife to consider voting for him, he has to be measured, compassionate, pragmatic, open minded, inclusive. >> did he accomplish that today so far? >> he was great in mexico city. you cannot take it away from him. >> duplicate that tonight. >> my advice, donald, should have listened to me a year ago. my advice, keep it cool. >> come back after the speech at 11:00 and a report card. a grade at 11:00. >> i'll be here. >> make sure you check that out.
6:00 pm
thank you very much. the factor live at 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight with reaction to donald trump's immigration address. until then, we'll all be pounding red bulls in the green room. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. millions awaiting answers sitting minutes away from a major speech by donald trump. focusing on a cornerstone of his campaign. immigration and border security. welcome to "the kelly file." tonight's speech will take place in the border state of arizona and comes just hours after mr. trump made a short and controversial trip to mexico to meet with mexican president enrique pena nieto. they delivered remarks afterwards, addressed key policy differences and agreed that working together to stop illegal activity benefits both of our countries.


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