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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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all-american concert series, twisted sister. >> congratulations to the all weather cheerleaders for coming out and the mascots for coming out. thank you. martha: donald trump is about to speak live at the top of the hour just hour after doubling down on his immigration policy. a very fiery speech in phoenix last night. leland: it's nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert in for bill hemmer. trump left little doubt about his hard-line stance on illegal immigrants. >> we'll build a great wall along the souther southern bordd
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mexico will pay for the wall. on day one, we'll begin working on an impenetrable, beautiful, southern borderer wall. there will be no amnesty. our message to the world will be this. you cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the united states by illegally herring our country. can't do it. i'm going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identify and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice just like hillary clinton has evaded justice. leland: as we wait for donald trump this morning, we have fox team coverage.
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former white house press secretary ari fleischer standing by. and john robert standing by. you have to think the campaign is happy about yesterday. >> i think you can arguably say donald trump had the best day of his campaign. he had the meeting with enrique nieto, it put donald trump on the same stain as a world leader, behind the podium giving a statement. one of the big issues regarding the immigration speech is what donald trump will do about the anies of people in the country. all criminal illegal aliens will be deported as soon as possible.
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anyone who enters the country illegally will be subject to deportation. and there will be no path to citizenship. but he left a bit of ambiguity about what will happen to non-illegal aliens. >> when we have accomplished all of our enforcement and depore take goals and truly -- deportation goals and, then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those individuals who remain. reporter: that is dialing back from his original position of everyone is going to be deported. anand coulter said she thought e
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speech was great. satisfying conservatives and leaving a little bit of ambiguity for people who are concerned he was going to throw everyone out. leland: part of the speech was doubling down on who was going to pay for the big wall. have they figured that out with mexico yet or is that still under negotiations? reporter: donald trump said the subject of the wall didn't come up during his meeting but enrique nieto tweeted out quote at the beginning of the conversation with mr. trump i made it clear mexico will not pay for the wall which prompted this comment from tim kaine. >> this is a diplomatic amateur hour by donald trump. he has been telling the american public for months now, we are building a wall and mexico is going to pay for it.
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and that did not come up in the meeting? i fiend that ridiculous. reporter: donald trump tweeting out, mexico will indeed pay for the wall. saturday in detroit, we understand donald trump will be addressing the congress grow natio -- the congregationat the. then he will take a tour with ben carson of his old neighborhood in detroit. donald trump getting some criticism that he hasn't been in the inner city, just talking about it. so he's going to make good on that promise saturday. leland: john robert, wilmington, ohio, as we await donald trump in cincinnati. martha: we are moments away from
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donald trump? in cincinnati. hillary clinton responding to trump's visit to mexico. quote trump just failed is his for test. diplomacy isn't as easy as it looks. she had a 10-point lead, and she is only up by point within the statistical margin of error. what do you make of hillary clinton's response? >> i don't think much of it at all. donald trump had an excellent day. not such a good night. but the appearance afterward is presidential looking. that's his biggest hurdle. people think he's bomb past and he can't win. the president of mexico elevated
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him on the world stage. martha: people said it was too rise by, that he would get a dressing down. none of that happened. in fact he had a very dominant position on that stable. when charles krauthammer is giving him high praise, that does not come in large measure from krauthammer. steve hayes says it's his biggest day on the trail. >> it's not the way to win a general election. and republicans are seen this movie before. mitt romney said similar things. think about the mess and that sends. we don't want you to in the united states. if you are illegal. legal immigrant said we don't want you. it's a terrible trap for republicans and trump played into it. the on way trump can win.
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he's going to get mitt romney-like numbers among hispanics. he has to run the table with whites, and there is no evidence he's doing it because he's hurting so badly will college educated whites. martha: that's an area according to prognosticators he has to work on. but one of the things that will help win those women over are performances like we saw in mexico. they don't want him to be unhinged. and he may have gone some of that distance, and it's all part of a peace. you can talk about veterans issues. then you have got saturday when he goes into detroit. >> my advice to donald trump is to be thoughtful, less bombastic and give policy speeches.
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i want to compromise and be a welcoming and inclusive country. but trump needs to continue to give policy speeches. his speech yesterday as much as there were things i didn't like. far more details and specific than anything hillary has offered on immigration. martha: he said here is what i'm offering. here is what the world looks like with hillary clinton running the country. >> that's an example of things he should continue to do. the last time he announced an energy plan he blew it by holding a news conference that took the attention away from the issues. he has to address more policy that make more people comfortable with him that sees him at that desk in the oval
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office. martha: the soft part, then the hammer, which i think he would argue that's the way things should be. leland: a great interview and another one coming up on the donald trump jr. in the next hour of america's newsroom. martha: hillary clinton slamming donald trump's meeting with the mexican president. now this. >> it takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours, then flying home again. martha: the former secretary of state questioning donald trump, but does she have credibility on her own history in office? leland: more revelations in the hillary clinton email scandal.
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oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! martha: we are waiting for donald trump in cincinnati. there are new developments in the hillary clinton email scandal. there are documents obtained by the rnc that suggest clinton
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email classified information after she left the state department, it has been asked for by judicial watch and a number of organizations. lieutenant general michael flynn the former director of the u.s. intelligence agency. and author of the book "how we can win the fight against radical islam." this is an important story and details the emails hillary clinton sent after she left office that were classified after she send the them. >> after she left that role as secretary of state. the fact she had access to classified information raises an enormous number of questions. the type of classified information, and also all of the nonsense that we have heard coming out of her and all the people around her to try to
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block what is clearly, clearly against the law, against policies, against regulations. and frankly has damaged our national security. and to continue to use or to share classified information after she left the office. for what purpose? >> there are two layers. one is she was sending classified information. which she says exonerates her. >> that -- i don't know that specifically. but if it's classified, it's classified. and she knows it. martha: director comey said you are in a position of knowing it's classified regardless of whether it's marked that way. what are they talking about?
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why is huma abedin and cheryl mills cc'd on this email and she doesn't told a public office anymore. you look at the server. to see that email in print. hrod. >> now this new revelation, and when we talk about the use of publicly available capability and all this stuff she had in her home for government purposes, for highly sensitive government purposes. that's so wrong and it's so damaging to our country's security. and i sit here and i know that -- i hope that she is not above the law. because there are an enormous
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amount of people who go to work every single day in our government who protect that privilege to have that clearance to be able to operate in that world. if they did a smidgen of what she did, they would lose it and that means they are losing their livelihood. >> donald trump put together a string of speeches and he will continue to do that on policy. today he will be talking about veterans issues. last night it was on immigration. you thought he did extremely well. >> what we need to see -- first of all, i think this speech last night was really great level of detail. the whole 10 points, how he laid it out and how he went back to the principle message of we have to have a strong america here right at home. it's jobs. taking care of veterans. making sure we look out for u.s.
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citizens first before we look out for all these illegal immigrants in our country. the devil in the details to do all the things that are laid out in that. this is a very complex system that we have. and it needs to be completely reformed. the point is, if you are here illegally, it's illegal. you have broken the law. the people that continue to say, these are undocumented, they are overstaying their visas. they are here illegally. we have to make sure we recognize what we have in this country. we have to take care of the other 300-plus million people we have in the united states. the veterans on his speech today. that's a big category of those people we have to take care of. martha: most of what he's talking about are laws that are still on the books and enforcing them which is a novel idea 237 thank you very much.
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>> follow the law. martha: hope you will stick around while we watch this. lieutenant general michael flynn is also one lucky guy as he joined the ladies on "outnumbered." leland: we are getting new revelations about the iran nuclear deal. remember this from president obama. >> iran's nuclear program was halted for the first time in a decade. its stockpile of nuclear material was reduced. there was no flood of money into iraq. >> a new report suggesting all those promises may not be working out.
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martha: we want to go live to cincinnati, ohio where donald trump is addressing the american
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legion. >> the best. strength, courage, selfless devotion. your organization and its members have done so much to defend our country, our flag, and to advance the cause of americanism, not globalism. remember, america first. you are one group i don't have to tell you to remember it also. you know it. we are in your debt very deeply. i will never let you down. together we are going to work on so many shared goals. but i want to begin by discussing one goal that i know is so important to you. promoting american pride and patriotism in america's schools. very important.
6:24 am
[applause] in a trump administration i plan to work directly with the american legion to uphold our common values and help insure they are taught to america's children. [applause] we want our kids to learn the incredible achievement of america's history. its institutions, and its heroes, many of whom are with us today, i can tell you. including, by the way, two special people, mayor rudolf giuliani and senator jeff sessions. they are right here. [applause] we'll stop apologizing for america, and we'll start
6:25 am
celebrating america. we'll be united by our common culture, values be and principles, becoming one american nation. one country under one constitution, saluting one american flag and always saluting it. [applause] the flag all you helped protect and preserve. that flag deserves respect and i will work with the american legion to help to strengthen respect for our flag. you see what's happening. it's very, very sad. by the way, we want young
6:26 am
americans to recite the men of allegiance. -- recite the pledge of allegiance. in addition to teaching respect for the flag, we have to make sure we give the military the tools they need to defend that flag and deter violence and aggression from our foreign adversaries which there are many. we'll rebuild our depleted military. and pursue a state of the art missile defense. we'll do it based on those three very famous words, peace through strength. [applause] we'll make sure our soldiers,
6:27 am
sailors, airmen and marines have the best equipment, trained tools, anywhere in the world, nobody will be able to compete with us. and we'll insure they have the best medical care in the world, both in service and when they return home as civilians. [applause] that will require a total reform of the veterans administration. it's in very sad shape. i deal with veterans all the time. we have tremendous veterans support and the stories i hear are so sad. we are not going to have that anymore. i laid out a 10-step va reform
6:28 am
plan and you can review on my website. here are the basics. i will appoint a secretary of veterans affairs whose personal mission will be to clean up the va. the secretary will serve our veterans. not bureaucrats and politicians, but our great veterans. [applause] i'm going to use he lawful authority to remove and discipline anyone who fails our veterans or breaches the public trust which is what it is. it's a public trust. i'll appoint a commission to investigate all the wrongdoing at the va, and there is plenty. and then present those findings to congress as the basis for reforming the entire system. we are going to get you fantastic service.
6:29 am
it's going to happen, believe me. [applause] we'll insure he veteran in america gets typely access to top quality care including the best care in the world for female veterans. the veterans health system will remain a public system because it is a public trust. but never again will we allow any veteran to suffer or die waiting for care. that means veterans will have the right to go to a va facility or the right to see a private doctor or clinic of their choice, whatever is the fastest and best for veterans. people are not going to die waiting in line to see a doctor. it's not going to happen. [applause]
6:30 am
the veterans will be in total control. should i have the honor of serving as president. we are also going to start facing the world with confidence again. we are going to uphold the laws of the nation and defend our sovereignty and security and we are going to defend our border. [applause] i just came back from a wonderful meeting with the president of mexico where i expressed my deep respect for the people of this country and for the tremendous contributions of mexican americans in our country, and they have made tremendous contributions. many are in our armed services. you know how good they are. i want to again thank him for
6:31 am
his gracious hospitality and express my belief that we can work together to accomplish great things for both countries. that's mexico and the united states. [applause] we agreed in the meeting on the need to stop the illegal flow of guns, drugs, cash, and people across the border and to take out the cartels. have to get rid of those cartels. and we have to do it quickly. our country is being poisoned. our country is being poisoned. we are also talking about and talked about the importance of working to keep jobs and wealth in our hemisphere. a more prosperous mexico means fewer illegal border crossings and a better market for products made in the united states. when i'm president i'm going to
6:32 am
look at every trade deal we have across the world and see what steps must be taken to protect american jobs and create new opportunities for the american worker. the american worker has been forgotten, and we are not going to let that happen. we'll fight for every last american jobs. and we'll have friendships with other countries, but they will not take advantage of us any longer. that i can tell you. we are going to show ourselves and the world again what a strong and growing american economy can look like. we are going to give major tax relief to every worker and small business in this country, bring thousands of new companies and millions of new jobs back to our
6:33 am
shores, and even leash an american energy revolution which we have to do. we'll also be appointing justices of the united states supreme court who you will be very proud. you will be extremely proud when we name them. you have already seen some of the people and the kind of people that we want. justice scalia passed away recently, serves as an absolute perfect focal point. he's the kind of person we want on the united states supreme court. [applause] i will nominate men and women to the court who meet the high standards of justice scalia and judges who have the wisdom and integrity to follow the law and just not make it up anyway they want to make it up.
6:34 am
above all, these next four years i will be uncompromising in the defense of the united states and our friends and our goodal -- ar good allies. we'll end the era of nation building and foreign policy joined by our partners in the middle east focused on destroying isis and radical islamic terrorism. [applause] we'll extend the hand of friendship to any nation that will work with us in good faith on this vital mission. and we want this mission to be accomplished quickly. at the same time, we'll change our immigration screening procedures to help keep terrorists and extremists out of our country.
6:35 am
[applause] we have enough problems. our country has enough problems. we don't need that one. that includes stopping the influx of syrian refugees. [applause] incredibly, my opponent, hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in refugees from that region. hard to believe. i on the other hand want to build a safe zone overseas and use the money saved to invest in america. [applause] we do not want to let anyone in our country who doesn't support our values and who is not capable of loving our people.
6:36 am
flawpeople. [applause] it's time to create a new american future for you, your children and all-american children yet to come. in this future we'll have an honest government that includes an honest state department, not pay-for-play. [applause] she probably didn't mention that to you yesterday. government access and favors will no longer be for sale, and important email records will no longer be deleted and digitally altered. which is something they just found out two days ago. bleached. expensive process. why? 33,000 emails bleached through a very expensive process.
6:37 am
you ask yourself, what's going on. we'll also have an efficient and responsible federal budget. no more waste, no more throwing away taxpayer dollars. once more, we'll have a government of, by and for the people. it will be. [cheers and applause] it will be an inclusive society, one that offers hope and opportunity to every part of this country including our inner cities. we'll insure that every child in this land including african-american and hispanic children are put on the american ladder of success, meaning a great education and a great job, which they are not getting now. [applause]
6:38 am
we'll follow the noble example. our military men and women working selflessley across owl different races and incomes to achieve unity and accomplish amazing things. you are amazing people, just in case you didn't know that. amazing people. ladies and gentlemen of the american legion, i ask today for the honor of your vote. work in unison we can deliver the real american change our country so desperately needs. we'll make america strong again. we'll make america proud again. we'll make america safe again. we'll make america great again.
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thank you very much and god bless you. thank you, thank you. thank you very much. martha: all right. that's donald trump in cincinnati, ohio this morning speaking to the american legion. shorter speech by donald trump's standard this morning. he basically echoed a number of the points he made last night with regard to immigration. he started off talking to this group specifically about patriotism and education in america and how he wants to make sure school curriculums include a comprehensive study of american history and american heroes, and it includes the pledge of allegiance and giving the flaght respect it deserves. colin kaepernick decided to is going to sit on the bench again in the upcoming game as they
6:40 am
play the star spangled banner. on the american legion. it's almost 100 years old. it goes back to 1919 post world war i. it's an extraordinary organization filled with a lot of veterans who give a lot to our nation. the interesting thing for all listeners is how comprehensive donald trump is being every time he speaks, whether it's to a veterans group like the american legion or last night in phoenix talking about immigration policies. but he's talking about americanism at the end of the day and how we respect our flag. how we want the pledge of of hee
6:41 am
jone -- thepledge of allegiancer school systems and making our country thrive again. he's talking to the american public saying do you want this country to continue to be as strong as it has always been as we look in the past, what we used to be? because we are changing. our country is changing. donald trump knows that. he put his finger on that. that's why he has so much support around the country. thanks for having me. martha: what's so fascinating to me. if you rewound this election cycle on the donald trump campaign. three or four weeks ago every time he would get up in front of a group it became about him. it became how he felt the press was attacking him. now every time he gets up, it's about the country. it's about his agenda. so clearly the rain reins have n
6:42 am
taken ahold of. something has set in here. what's your assessment? >> donald trump from the beginning, he looks at this as our country. we have to take our country back. we have to make our country great again. we have to make our country safe again. i think that's what this has always been about. the media still attacks him. it's extraordinary. he has got to continue to take time to go after the media in many cases because they are not telling the whole truth. and they sort of nitpick on word he says, and they take him so out of context. if you look at comprehensiveness and the word donald trump is using today at the american legion speech, last night at his
6:43 am
phoenix speech about immigration and washington state the other night. start putting it all together. this is the next president of the united states of america and this is the direction this country is going to go. i'm absolutely very happy about what i hear coming out of donald trump and frankly over the last year, not to mention the last couple weeks. the way he's piecing things together is really extraordinary. martha: that's what makes this fun to cover and fun to watch. this is a political situation that's clearly tightening as we head into labor day weekend. general michael flynn. it's good to have you here, sir. thank you very much. leland: as martha noted, a didn't donald trump the past couple week. and with the past couple weeks, what voters say about the trustworthiness of each candidate as the polls tighten. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac.
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leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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leland: brand-new fox polling show a majority of voters think hillary clinton and donald trump are dishonest, and both candidate will do anything to get elected. let's bring in doug schoen and matt schlapp. gentlemen, nice to see you here. doug, has martha noted in the past segment. the past two week we have seen a new donald trump. the unfavorables and the character trait numbers may not be that great for either ones. but donald trump is closing the gap with hillary clinton. >> that's certainly true. but it's a relatively narrow movement. the secretary of state is still ahead in virtually every swing
6:48 am
state save perhaps florida. she has got about a 75-80% chance of victory. both candidate are widely disliked. but there are more democrats than republicans and hillary outspent donald trump 20-1. i would rather be hillary clinton than donald trump as we head into labor day. >> doug is right, you would rather be up in the polls than down in the polls. there has been a narrowing in the polls. i think the masterful trip down to see the president of mexico -- i think the key in this poll is to look at the four-way race. the polls the clinton campaign are hyping. are two-way polls. you need to look at all four of those candidates. those third-party candidate take
6:49 am
more away from clinton in every single poll than they do to trump. i think it's important that they screen for people who are actually going to vote and are interested in this race. when you look at those numbers as well. they tend to tighten in donald trump's favor. >> it's absolutely clear. the enthusiasm gap is working for donald trump which is why hillary has a massive tv operation. but a close race is ensuing. leland: thanks, guys. martha: we have breaking news that just crossed moments ago. we have a live look at cape canaveral, florida. there are reports of an explosion of the spacex rocket launch happened moments ago.
6:50 am
they were doing a test ahead of the weekend launch that was supposed to carry the largest payload yet. it was a test ahead of a launch this weekend. more details on that. but extraordinary pictures coming out of cape canaveral his morning. -- this morning. [ hanson ] the hartford's integrity is something that's very important to us folks over 50. i get the highest levels of coverage. i get the highest levels of service, low premiums, but when it comes time to deliver, the hartford's been there. and that's what value's about for me. [ mccoy ] only the hartford offers lifetime renewability. it's their promise not to drop you even if you're in an accident. it's a great feeling to know that they're not gonna drop you for that reason. [ mccoy ] get the level of trust, value, and service
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martha: we received moments abow report of a massive explosion that happened in cape canaveral, florida on the ground of the spacex rocket. it was being test fired before
6:54 am
the launch this weekend. spacex is the brain child of elon musk who is the private entrepreneur behind these missions. he has had some successes. space is a tricky and risky business as we all know. but this was supposed to have the heaviest payload to date. so obviously there is trouble at cape canaveral with that mission and we'll get more on it and bring it to you as we do. leland: a fox news alert. there are new allegations of back door dealing involving iran. according to reuters. record powers secretly allowed iran to dodge restrictions on sanctions relief. ed henry live in washington. >> it's a chilling report. it suggests iran is getting secret advantages that could
6:55 am
make it easier for them to build nuclear weapons it's been confirmed with james rosen and inspector albright. he's confirming the broad scope of what reuters is saying. there are at least two exemptions allowing iran to exceed the deal's limit on how much lower enriched uranium it can keep in its facility. that's the material that can be bifid into -- can be purified into enriched uranium. this deal has come under fire for months now, and the white house has been promising the american people there were no secret side deals. we went to white house website and we found this quote laying it out. there are no secret side deals in iran.
6:56 am
congress has everything that the obama administration had. this new report could have major repercussions. donald trump said if he's elected he will renegotiate that entire nuclear iran deal. leland: edhenry in washington, thanks, ed. martha: donald trump standing his ground on immigration reform. repeating his plans to build a wall and make mexico to pay for it. hillary clinton responds, launching an attack on her rival's policies. before taking his team to state for the first time...
6:57 am
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martha: tough talk on immigration last night from donald trump. the republican presidential nominee telling the american people that he will not back down on his stance on immigration or his promise to put america first. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. leland: nice to be with you. good thursday. i'm leland vittert in for bill hemmer. donald trump doubling down during last night's speech and revisiting the subject moments ago in cincinnati, slamming the open border policy marked by amnesty and illegal immigration, vowing to secure the border with a great wall just hours after meeting with the president of the mexico. >> we will build agreat awol along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. 100 percent. [shouting]
7:01 am
they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for the wall. martha: trump campaign yesterday, donald trump, jr., executive vice president of the trump organization. great to have you here. >> great to be here. martha: welcome to you. anybody who was expecting him to back down after the trip to mexico in the morning and then that forceful speech last night, he came right out of the gate with, we're going to build a wall and mexico's going to pay for it. you heard the response from the the crowd. >> he has been saying it all along. when he speaks to people, asks people, what are your guys thoughts on that? that is what is great about his campaign. he asks the people of country. i am glad last night there is not ambiguity. he asked the question, therefore he must be flip-flopping. martha: "new york times" wrote a story before he gave the speech and said he was softening his stance what he would do with 11 million immigrants are here.
7:02 am
he left some doors open in terms how he would deal with that policy, did he not. >> i don't know that he left any doors open. very clear people have to go before they can come back in. he is not anti-immigrant. i'm the son of an immigrant. he is the son of an immigrant. there has to be process. fortunate to travel the whole country with him as of late. people come up to me are immigrants. i went through the process, eight years, nine years, 11 years, whatever it may be, they're proud that they went through that process. they're proud of this country. i mean almost part of the assimulation we've been talking about, people have to feel vested interest in the country. people went through it right way, they get that. they have really become americans. that is an important component of it. martha: let's play a little bit of tim kaine, the vice-presidential candidate for hillary clinton and hear with his response to the meeting with president pena nieto. >> hear has been talking a year we'll build the wall and we'll pay for it.
7:03 am
he sits down eyeball to eyeball with the president of mexico, whether he forgets to bring it up or too afraid to bring it up or chokes in the meeting, it is incation that the guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. leland: what do you think? >> that is ridiculous. has no credence. anyone who knows anything about a deal or negotiation, you build a relationship first. you don't go with the hardest line aspect of a thing on day one. we've been very clear. we never backed away from that. there are methodologies that we can do that. chris kovacs, came up with a structure through remittances et cetera. there is legal way to make it happen, that would certainly make financial sentence. that may not be the way it happens. you don't start next when you're building relationship with someone. you build a relationship first. if hillary clinton, if tim kaine ever done a deal or maybe a good deal in their lives, if they had ever done anything in business, ever experienced the real world instead of real politicians
7:04 am
talking in theory without any actual practice maybe he would know that. because they don't. they have never built anything, they have never actually created a job, they sit there and in sound bites. hillary clinton will regurgitate sound bites someone much whit ier than her. my father has done those things. he created jobs. he has done it in the real world where real people's lives, their families, livelihoods and well-beings depend on him. trust me, he knows how to set up a negotiation and start a deal. martha: he went down there. and they shook hands. they had whatever pundit last night called a very presidential moment standing in front of the two podiums there. then, sort of like walk softly and carry a big stick. the big stick came to phoenix last night. here is my plan. he we have into this morning in the speech he wanted to graciously thank the president of mexico where their meeting yesterday. it is quite interesting.dings. it is relationship building. you have to do that.
7:05 am
that is an important part of any negotiation. i think it is also interesting to see, my father, who is definitely taken a controversial stance on that, actually has the guts to go. has the guts to take the president up on his invitation to go down to mexico. martha: do you think people were surprised? >> that is pretty hostile area. martha: do you think they were surprised he took them up on it? >> no. my father is not afraid of anything. he will speak his mind as he has and speaking his mind for 18 months to the american people. he brought up all things other politicians would hide from. they are not politically correct. rather stick their head in the sand and pretend real issues are not real issues. he will do what is right for america and our grandkids and kids behind them that is because the guy who he is. martha: talk about the decision process. it had to have been a discussion. what was his stance on it? you're in the room, they say, well he issued an invitation. might feel tricky to go because this guy may, make you look bad down there. >> you know, i think my father's
7:06 am
one of those, he will take the chance. i have to be with him. this is one of our largest trading partners. our neighbor to the south. we'll eventually have to do this when he is president the united states. we have to start forming the relationship. there is clearly a risk to it. my father is not adverse to those kind of risks. we will have to deal with them one way or the other. he welcomed opportunity to do that hillary clinton is in hiding. hasn't given a press conference in what, 280 days. been in the hamptons. fundraiser. doesn't have energy to go down there to do it herself. very different person, two very different people. you see my father on the campaign trail, every day. speaking to the american people. multiple times a day. yesterday's case, in different countries, doing it all day long. where is she? she is in hiding, get her vm to make a basic response. martha: we've seen this new leadership. kellyanne conway, campaign manager, steve bannon as the chairman of the campaign.
7:07 am
we have soon a different campaign over the past couple weeks. i haven't once seen your father come out over those weeks and go after the press and hammer the press. it is not about him anymore when he is out there. he is definitely put the focus on policy and stringing together these events that are starting to show a difference in the polls. so what happened that produced that change? >> i think it's a combination, he gets it. he sees where we are. we have one opponent now. it was a lot different than in the primaries. you will never get a fair shake in the media. that is something that is still frustrating, hillary clinton can do, perpetrate fraud on the american people for decades and that's okay. it's a little bit different. trump, if there is comma in the wrong spot, like end of the world. it has gotten so ridiculous. that can be frustrating. he gets it. we're up against one last person, again, i've seen him do this time and time again in business over 40 years. he understands how to win. he understands how to fix things. he understands how to make them successful.
7:08 am
that is what he will do for this country. martha: in the weeks after the convention, there were missteps. was there a moment i felt he could lose this thing? >> there are moments of frustration. this is cyclical process. one moment everything is great. the next moment it's not. it is interesting. we're not politicians. perhaps that is the primary difference. we're not politicians. we haven't been doing this for decades. he is a real guy. he wants to speak with real people in this country, the people who have been forgotten in the country. wants to give them a voice. there is element we're ficking out this as we go along. this is his first presidential run. first, everything has been a first but he really gets it now. he understands how the game is played. i think he is playing it very well. look at all the trends. i think they're going to reaffirm that. martha: he is going to detroit this weekend. what will that be like? what will he do there? >> he will speak with the african-american community. he will speak with them.
7:09 am
he is having conversations with people all over the world, not lecturing to them, but speaking to them. i think he is going to point out some basic facts. look what liberal policies have done to the african-american community and latin community frankly, immigration being one of them. it has been frankly disasterous for them. you know, so i think he will talk about people, hey, don't blindly vote democrat because you think that's what you're supposed to do. look at what those policies have done to your families, to your neighborhoods. maybe you know, reassess that a little bit. imagine we implement what he wants to do. bring jobs back to the country. imagine everyone in the neighborhoods were employed. you ran a surplus to educate those kids well. what will that do for the future of your child. give him a much better education. this isn't rocket science, martha. martha: very striking talk about the visit, toe go into a church in coo detroit an walk the
7:10 am
streets where ben carson do that. politicians do that so few and far between, hard to conjure image in your mind. i wonder as a campaign, do you wish you had started this line of process two months ago? because you have 68 days to go. if he doesn't win, you're going to look back at this, gosh we really should have started that whole system a lot earlier? >> i don't know. i guess i understand the point. i'm not sure because you know, in the end my father, he is not panderer. well we'll just do this for this and sound bite. he doesn't go around parading his eight grandchildren around for every possible photo-op like every time they meet a camera, never met a camera they didn't love. he believes in the gravity of the situation he is n wants to talk about those issues, not necessary lit cute photo ops. this is serious one. he has been saying. his message from day one is jobs, economy, fair trade, it has been education. all of the things that are lacking and all of the things
7:11 am
that affect all communities but perhaps more so in the african american and latino communities in this country. he has been talking to them all along. the message, coming from conservative, coming from republican, they can't be talking to them. he has been talking to all american people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. martha: interesting to see that this weekend. great to have you with us this morning. >> my pleasure, thanks, martha. >> reviews are coming, many call donald trump's immigration speech and meeting with the mexican president, a game-changer. >> here he is standing on the world stage with a world leader is a big step. he not only held his own but in some way he dominated the mexican president. leland: is this a pivotal moment in the campaign. not everyone is so impressed. we'll talk about it coming up. martha: 271 days now and counting, keep are keeping track out there, hillary clinton has not held a news conference in
7:12 am
all that time. when will she face reporters, answer some questions about this election? we'll talk about that coming up. leland: pentagon staffers, using government credit cards, otherwise known as your money, at strip clubs and casinos. a report coming up will make steam coming out of your ears this thursday morning. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems
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martha: they are calling this a catastrophic explosion that happened at the spacex launch site of a rocket that was supposed to go up over the course of this weekend carrying the heaviest payload to date for that rocket. it was a satellite they were going to send into outer space. you see the black smoke. the report that there was a jolt a couple miles away and people's houses shook. they do not believe anyone is in danger. we'll keel a close eye on that. as we get more information out of it we'll bring it to you. ♪ >> it seems that this probably turned out for donald trump to be a pivotal moment, and i would argue probably the best day of his campaign. he looked presidential in mexico. he gave a powerful speech. he laid out a very powerful case. he compared and contrasts his
7:17 am
vision on immigration versus hillary's. he talked about the cost, impact, very powerful day i would argue for him. leland: zan hannity yesterday talking about donald trump's speech last night. mr. trump getting positive reviews from conservative boosters, with many calling it a game-changer. critics brashed the speech as a wish-list and said there is no pivot there. tucker carlson hosts "fox & friends weekend," editor of daily caller, fox news contributor. chris stirewalt, digital politics editor. gentlemen, do what do i owe the honor? >> you beckon, we come. leland: if only it was true. tucker to you, heard you this morning. seemed like you liked the speech last night as well. you thought trump had a pretty good day but is the people trump supposed to an speaking to, the ones he is speaking to? >> i thought it was better than pretty good. this is winning template for a campaign. trump is behind today.
7:18 am
if he has number of more days he talks about policy, rather than himself, policies majority of the public agree with in his immigration stance, i think he wins. this really is the path to victory. not assured he can do it or wants to do it or will do it but it is pretty clear a lot of what trump says represents a majority opinion. not the majority of opinion on most tv news sets. certainly not most newsrooms, not washington. what is the argument against building a wall for example, or having skills-based immigration policy? he is right on those issues. when he talks about them it works. leland: chris, are we seeing a new donald trump in the past two weeks? >> i think we can definitely say the change has come to the trump campaign. he had two messages today and has two new campaign leaders. he has a pollster now his campaign manager, kellyanne conway. he has steve bannon head of the "breitbart news" site, who is campaign ceo. both of those influences were on display yesterday.
7:19 am
you had a trump that could be an acceptable choice for suburban, college educated voters on display in mexico. you had a guy who was solemn, dignified on the, international stage and did a good job in that way. you can see the outreach to make up for some of the deficits he has in the polls. comes back across the u.s. border goes full ted nugent, trump nugent. cat scratch fever speech and mad and yelling and murder and rape and all of this the stuff and full dispopian version of illegal immigrants in the united states that resonates for his core voters. we saw both trumps on display, it is not a pivot. it is duality. leland: duality, a new political word from chris stirewalt we'll premier in today's "halftime report.." tucker, as you look what is going on here, how much is showing up? martha had don, jr., on earlier
7:20 am
that trump is in multiple cities, multiple speeches every day, hosting rallies. hillary clinton gave one speech yesterday and not scheduled to give another public speech until labor day? >> entirely what he says. trump's public appearances have hurt him where he scared people. the content of his message is responsible for his victory in the primaries and responsible for narrowing, to the extent we've seen it last couple weeks. there has never been a presidential candidate to make the explicit case our immigration policy should be based on what is good for united states. people who live here, born here and work here. that is kind of a no-brainer to the average person. most people agree with that. not just, illegals are killing your children. it's a rationale defense of a rationale policy on immigration. i think it comes right from jeff sessions. good for him for mouthing those words. leland: more from chris stirewalt in the "halftime
7:21 am
report." wish we could get more right now. thanks so much. >> you bet. leland: martha? martha: so the mainstream media is unloaded on donald trump calling him a flip-flopper on immigration. we'll look at what he has said and whether or not there is truth to that, or is this a case of media bias? howard kurtz on that. leland: imagine this. brand new evidence that hillary clinton ignoring security rules, using her personal email to send top secret information after stepping down as secretary of state. >> to continue to use or to share classified information after she left the office, i mean, for what purpose? the run o
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
donald trump's mexican visit and speech of immigration there was avalanche whether he was guilty of the dreaded media term flip-flop. it seemed trump was backing away
7:26 am
from the stance he took during the primaries. all 11 million immigrants would be deported and would be vetted before they return. at one point during a town hall in sean hannity. trump asked the crowd's opinion. that -- >> number one, throw out. number two we work with them. number one? [shouting] number two? [cheering] >> one of the biggest policy shifts or flip-flops or whatever you want to call it between the primary and general election we've ever seen. >> that undermines anything he ever said. you have to question, did he ever mean it? i think the answer is probably no. >> trump's running mate complained that the press kept harping on the subject of mass deportations. >> i know the media wants to focus on that one issue. donald trump will articulate a policy how we deal with that population. >> i don't understand why it is the fault of the media for focusing on an issue that you're
7:27 am
crediting donald trump for bringing to the fore? >> but trump said last night, in arizona that he wouldn't move against most of the 11 million illegal immigrants, those without criminal records, until the rest of his plan was carried out which would take several years. was the press biased he flipped flopped? not really. he change ad position on one key part. trump's surprise visit with the mexico's president, overshadowed details of the shift, and providing vision of him on world stage and prompting phrase from some of his fiercest critics. as politicians manuever around the issue the president is not always consist applying flip in label. hillary clinton opposed same-sex marriage in her first presidential campaign. changed her view after president obama did three years ago. that was widely described as an evolution. martha: i remember. martha? martha: howard, thank you very much. >> good to see you. leland: hillary clinton had yet to hold a single news conference
7:28 am
this year. so why is mrs. clinton not facing reporters? her republican rival says it is because she doesn't have any answers. martha: speaking of donald trump, he is on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to the media. will his speeches last night and today help his campaign? the political panel evaluates the last 24 hours of trump coming up. >> it's our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us. [cheering]
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: a few updates following a spacex rocket, explosion at cape canaveral. there are no injuries reported. spacex says an anomaly occurred, clearly, during the launchpad testing. vehicle and payload are a loss. there they go again. it takes a long time to get this stuff right. they are at it.
7:32 am
a tough day this morning for spacex. leland: it has been 272 days since hillary clinton's last news conference. the democratic nominee choosing to forego any media events, even as questions and controversy continue to swirl around her campaign and over her tenure as secretary of state. senior political correspondent mike emanuel live from our d.c. bureau with more. good morning, mike. reporter: leland, good morning. the scene for the last news conference, for the dodge, iowa, before any americans voted or caucused in the 2016 campaign. and it started with a question on gun control. >> you know how do you prove a negative. i don't, i don't, know exactly what it would have or could have prevented. reporter: no surprise her critics accused clinton from hiding from reporters. donald trump says doing news
7:33 am
conferences isn't necessarily fun, and he recently offered this explanation about clinton. >> so just ask yourself, why she doesn't have news conferences and honestly, the reason is because there is no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad. reporter: in the past week or so clinton has done interviews by phone with cnn and msnbc and she was asked about the lack of taking reporter questions. >> i have got a lot, a lot that i have been sharing with the press, talking to the press, as i'm doing with you right now. so you know, stay tuned. there will be a lot of different opportunities for me to talk to the press and as well as continuing to talk to the american public. reporter: just this morning clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine was asked about trump taking reporter questions, why not the democratic nominee? >> you see hillary take
7:34 am
questions from reporters every day. she does, she talks to the press everywhere she goes. she did a press conference. >> really? reporter: clinton's traveling press secretary told fox yesterday, she will do a news conference, quote, soon. leland? leland: meanwhile the rnc will keep counting the days. mike emanuel live in washington. thanks, mike. martha: get some analysis of all of that from mike emanuel's report. steve hilton, former strategy director for david cameron, founder and ceo of crowd pac a political technology startup. julie roginsky, fox news contributor. democratic strategist. you know her well. welcome to both of you. julie, let me start with you as a democratic strategist. mike's report, is that going to change? they seem to be on a bit defensive posture as moment? >> as democratic strategist i would advise her not to do it. you're only opening up to questions you don't want to answer. somebody who thinks we deserve a robust discussion between the
7:35 am
public which is what the press represents, interests of the public and our potential future president i think she should do press conference. those are two things being balanced media right to have access to both candidates which has been curtailed by both candidates this year in unprecedented ways. some ways not allowing them to travel on planes with them, so on. on other hand, somebody advising her in campaign capacity, safer route to take to continue doing what she is doing. martha: that is been safe, steve, for past month or some she hung back and let him fall in different ways, you know. say things that got him in trouble but that has changed. >> yes. martha: what does she have to do now if she wants to change that dynamic where he is owning the airwaves? >> i think that is exactly right and it seems to me that's the reason, julie's right, they think it's a risk they don't need to take. what that reveals i think fundamental overconfidence in their campaign the feels to me like they're so blinded by their
7:36 am
hatred of trump and their refusal to even take him seriously as potential president that they can't understand his message, particularly when he really sticks to it, as he did yesterday, has really strong appeal. i think they need to correct that overconfidence in their campaign. martha: i'm curious, being from england, originally, what you think about the sort of shy tory potential vote in this country? because we saw what happened with "brexit." donald trump believes that there are a lot of voters out there who are not being reflected in the polls. what do you think? >> i think there could be. i wouldn't count on it but actually, reminds me of something that came up in an interview i saw earlier on your show with ari fleischer. he said something interesting. he liked what trump did with the mexican president. didn't agree with the speech and didn't like the immigration policy. he thought our policy should be welcoming and inclusive. he put that point if there is contradiction between being
7:37 am
welcoming and inclusive and having control of your borders. there is no contradiction there. we can be a welcoming country and control our borders. that is the message that trump's putting out there. i think it is not unreasonable position. that is not racist or xenophobic you want to control the people coming into your country. i think to dismiss all that and assume that it's not the going to appeal really again a sign of overconfidence on the part of clinton. martha: i mean we've seen a number of editorials this morning, julie, that make exactly the point that ari fleischer made and steve points out. it was bombastic last night. they wanted more softening from him and they didn't get it. yet most of what he is talking about, if you look at the policies are just applying law that already exists in this country. >> that has already been applied in many ways by this president i might add. martha: why is that so controversial? >> it is controversial of trump's tone. elements. policy are controversial. remittances aspect is obviously
7:38 am
very controversial. sending people back regardless of what crimes they committed which could include traffic tickets. he never specified they wouldn't be deported. that way you break up families. that is obviously very controversial. what is controversial is insistence mexico would pay for wall, despite not bringing up with the mexican president yesterday. despite all of that. what is fascinating about our original point of hillary clinton not doing press conferences, she is dominating airwaves. she is dominating airwaves paying for it. martha: it doesn't work anymore. that is one of the big questions. >> it does work. advertising continues to work. she continues to have huge money advantage. she is advertising on fox news, you now turn on fox news and see hillary clinton commercials. fairly unprecedented for democratic candidate to do. i think in that sentence they're confident. they're reaching out to voters they never would have assumed voting democratic before. they are pushing their message, in much safer confine than press conference. martha: i think you will hear a
7:39 am
lot more of compassion component. trump did interview with laura ingraham this morning. there was no softening last night. >> oh, there is softening. we're going to deal with people in compassionate manner. when you boil through some of this, you know, if i build a wall first, right. then start to deal with people ho have committed egregious crimes and who are here illegally, does that work and can you sort of, you know, come out with that very strong speech last night and get people to read between your tea leaves in you don't lay it out clearly? >> i think he clade it out clearly. seems that is reasonable position most americans would a agree with. we should control the borders and deal in a logical way once we've done that with people who shouldn't be here. but at same time we should have a say over kind ever people come to the country. people that benefit our society and economy.
7:40 am
that is completely sensible and commands majority support. martha: if he continues sensible route and doesn't trip up, what will you be advising democrats to do if people become no longer convinced the stuff he is saying is wacky and out of line? >> if i had a dollar every time i have sat in this building we anticipated the big trump pivot that would happen any day now, he would consistently hold on to pivot and be reasonable for longer than 48 hours, i would be richest person. martha: three weeks though. >> since his last crazy statement, more like go days. don't forget -- martha: which statement are you referring to? >> consistently, even yesterday he was busted saying that i never discussed payment of the wall for the wall with mexican president. martha: i don't think anybody really expected him to go in there with pena nieto to talk about paying for the wall. >> you don't? martha: that visit was clearly designed to show him as presidential and diplomatic. donald trump, jr., sat here moments ago, in opening of negotiation you never walk in
7:41 am
with the toughest line. walk in, hey let's get to know each other. that is all he was ever going to do. >> except he was not consistent. it was never discussed. mexican president. martha: you know how often people walk out meetings with slightly different version what went on. >> first meeting. >> both people saying two wildly inconsistent things. the thing if you get on same page, going to be statesman, presidential, you have presidents -- >> that is what negotiation is. i think that, first of all the meeting with the president was a huge coup for trump because it put him, for first time in people's eyes on same level as clinton as potential president. but finally, there is no need for us to wait for pivot. i thought that the speech last night was consist tent with what he said before and it was reasonable and it was popular because that's what people want to see in this country. >> what is popular in poll something pathway to citizenship which he has absolutely rejected. what is popular, unpopular is
7:42 am
self deportation model, that mitt romney espouse, if you want to come back in here go back home. people saying how will you get them to do that? never did it when romney suggested it. >> in a way that actually really will lead to success. martha: we will see. numbers are moving, and we'll see if that continues. julie, thank you. steve, thank you. good to have you with us, you guys. leland? leland: newly-released documents suggesting another top secret security breach by hillary clinton and this time it happened after she left the state department. martha: plus you know what they say. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. how ryan lochte turning his sour situation into perhaps a sweet comeback. ♪ to win at the olympic games, allyson felix needs to... quicker than everybody. to win at home, she needs to be quicker than...
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♪ martha: good excuse to hear a little johnny cash. blazing ring of fire moving across the central african sky. here is what it looked like. like many eclipses the moon doesn't completely cover the sun. wow, look at that that is pretty cool. it leaves a halo around the mon's silhouette. it is called an annular eclipse. sometimes it is closer to earth, sometimes farther away. leaves edges of the sun visible. i love looking at the sky. leland: can't go wrong there. brand new information shows hillary clinton used her personal email to send classified information. we knew about that. but now, we're learning she sent classified information after leaving the state department. the trump campaign saying this proves clinton can't be trusted with national security secrets.
7:47 am
chris farrell, director of research and investigations for "judicial watch" joins us now. correct me if i'm wrong here, chris, seeps as though this is more of her doing the same thing she has done and fbi said, never mind, we'll not investigate her or charge her for? >> sadly a pattern of reckless conduct she engaged in both in and out of government and frankly it makes worse the decision of the now disgraced fbi director, mr. comey, because this just compound violations of law, national security crime law, that any other government employee would be dragged out of their building in cuffs over. and i say that because i'm a former special agent of army counter intelligence. i've done national security crime investigations and any of your viewers in law enforcement, intelligence world, or the armed forces no they could never get away with a fraction of what mrs. clinton has done.
7:48 am
leland: you say would be dragged out, but correct me if i'm wrong, seems as though in many cases there have been former government officials charged with crimes for doing the same thing. think about david petraeus, who kept binders and showed them to somebody who doesn't have security clearances. what is different about that than keeping information own your server and emailing it around? >> police clinton's violations of the u.s. code are exponentially graver than what general petraeus did. mr. comey admitted in his press briefing that hostile foreign actors are believed to have all of mrs. clinton's email. general petraeus did something objectively wrong and unlawful but the disclosure was to a reserve army lieutenant colonel, military intelligence officer, paula broadwell. the likelihood of compromise was extremely small. the likelihood of compromise with mrs. clinton is virtually guaranteed.
7:49 am
the harm to the united states is extremely grave based on mrs. clinton's personal conduct. leland: in no way am i impugning the good work judicial watch and you broken and uncovered a incredible amount of information, but how does this story move forward? every time we hear mrs. clinton having more classified information, her being less than truthful, someone from "judicial watch" comes on and says largely same things you're saying today. how does this narrative change or perhaps it doesn't? >> it will be interesting to compare the variety of things mrs. clinton said over the last year and what she will swear under oath to us in written interrogtoresries she must swear to. not even the fbi got her under oath. "judicial watch" will get her under oath. it will be interesting to look ahead the next few weeks or months to see what other documents are produced to see what whistle-blowers come forward to congress out of both the fbi and the state department. and then there is other kind of
7:50 am
wildcard things, things like wikileaks, julian assange, who knows what he will publish. leland: right. >> i think when you look at all three pieces -- leland: assange promised a lot. we've got to run. as you point out a lot of surprises could happen between now and november. >> thanks,. martha: find out with jenna lee what she has cooking on "happening now." >> i don't cook real well. the news is coming up. breaking news out of florida. we'll continue to follow breaking news you guys had on your show where the spacex rocket apparently exploded. we'll have more information. we have brand new fox polls show a tightening of race of white house. larry sabato is here with that. what is going on with the race for the senate. this is big story not a lot of folks are paying attention to. russian troops in a part of the world no one seems to be watching. the latest at top of the hour. and i will work on my recipes. leland: i was saying i should
7:51 am
come over for dinner some time. martha: jenna and i making take-out. thank you, jenna. fox news alert with two states under tropical storm warnings right now. we have a brand new update on their path which you'll want to see ahead of the weekend. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes.
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reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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>> back to this for you, two big storms we're watching. a tropical storm warning for much of the east coast as hermine moves closer to florida from the gulf. you can see pretty closely, even if you're not meteorologist that you have trouble out there. over on the pacific, other side of the united states you have madeline downgraded to tropical storm. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us because knows what is happening. >> i can't hear you i have no idea what you said to me. tell you what is happening in the weather. this is hermine, looking a
7:55 am
little bit ragged in its satellite representation. we know it was stronger than it was yesterday. it is up to 65 miles an hour. now we're forecasting a hurricane at landfall, at least national hurricane center is. center of the storm still offshore. a lot of rain pulling up in apalachicola. that is the southern most point here in the panhandle. right there, maybe east of it where we're expecting to see landfall. hurricane warnings in effect. we expect this to be up to 75 mile-an-hour storm upon landfall this is kind of a wind forecast. where you see this purple, those are hurricane-force winds. you see that right there just to the each of apalachicola. in the big bend we'll see worst of all of this weather come onshore. we'll watch a big storm surge, again not a lot of population here. that may be one bright side. we expect a lot of rain and a big rainmaker for the weekend up and down the eastern seaboard. this storm potentially stalls
7:56 am
out in areas of the northeast. we'll talk about that throughout the day. martha, i can't hear you. martha: can't hear that nasty thing i said about rick reichmuth moments ago. just kidding rick. we'll see you throughout the day no doubt. leland: all right. donald trump has been spending quite a bit of time in ohio. he will hold another rally in about an hour. we're going there live as it happens
7:57 am
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8:00 am
portland oregon. the city department of transportation behind the stunt to let drivers know they need to stop for pedestrians, especially children. where'd you get a suit like that? martha: there's so much regulation about whether sauce watch exists and there he is walking across the city. greg: if he's anywhere, it's in portland oregon for sure. it's a great way to get attention for sure. enjoy your long weekend . martha: thank you very much, i will be back at 2:00. "happening now" starts right now, see you soon everybody. jon: donald trump in the crucial battleground state of ohio where he wrapped up and address focusing on national security and military one day after a major immigration speech and his quick trip to mexico. good morning, i'm sure on the seven


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