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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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as an olympian or hospital bed or both. thanks for watching "special report." i'm doug mckelway. good night from washington. "on the record" coming up next. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. hurricane her mine is now life threatening and she is unleashing her wrath on coast. in a few minutes she will make landfall. meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking the storm's every move. hurricane coverage in minutes but right now it's all 2016 and the big news. hot off his trip to mexico city donald trump delivered a hard line speech on immigration that happened late last night. trump laid out his plans on how he says he will put an end to illegal immigration. >> mexico will pay for the wall. she doesn't know what she's doing except open borders and let everybody come in and destroy our country, by the way. there are at least 23
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countries that refuse to take their people back after they have been ordered to leave the united states. including large numbers of violent criminals. they won't take them back, so we say okay, we'll keep them. not going to happen with me, folks. not going it happen with me. between 9/11 and the end of 2014, at least 380 foreign born individuals were convicted in terror cases inside the united states. we've admitted nearly 100,000 immigrants from iraq and afghanistan in these two countries according to pew research, a majority of residents say that the barbaric practice of honor killings against women are often, or sometimes justified. >> former new york city mayor rudy giuliani traveled with donald trump to meet with the president of mexico, mayor giuliani goes "on the record."
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good evening, sir. >> hi, greta, how are you? >> good. so. mr. mayor, what do you think donald trump learned from president nieto. >> i think it was enormously instructive. first of all we found four or five areas of mutual cooperation where we can really improve our relationship with mexico. we also found a few areas where there are disagreements, but the reality is the reason to secure the border from mexico to the united states is not just because of mexico, it's because it's an open pathway for people from anywhere, including terrorists that isis might try to get in who can sneak in with the people who are coming in looking for work. and i think that what we learned is that in some of our trade problems we have very similar problems with china as mexico does.
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>> i don't mean to under estimate the importance of the south border and those issues, but one thing that sort of gets lost in sort of the discussion because everyone likes to who is paying are to the wall and who is not going to pay for the wall and how big the wall is going to be. the estimates are 11 or 12 million people in the united states who are undocumented, here illegally. about half of them have overstayed their visas. and all the concentration is on the south border. we have half of this 11 million, they got legal visas and they say i'm staying. what about those? >> those people, there has to be enforcement against them. however, i think if you listen to donald trump's speech last night, clearly what his first area of concentration is going to be is to secure the united states so that people can't come in without being identified. number two, to make sure that we focus, first, on the criminal illegal aliens. now, there are a lot of
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them. they are not the vast majority. but it's a big number. it's a big number for law enforcement. maybe it's 500,000. maybe it's a million. i don't know exactly the number. you are only going to find out when you focus on it. >> so what happened -- and he addressed that. he talked about having some sort of deportation force to go out and get those, people who have got like armed robberies and things like that in this country and here illegally as a second issue. this deportation force, are they going to go out -- do we give them due process? are we going to throw them back in? where do we get these judges? what's the plan? >> greta, it's no different than you as an attorney. you can't prosecute every crime. you have to have priorities. you have to figure out what are your priorities. and i think the speech last night was brilliant in the sense that it set out a priority. the priority is let's go after the criminals first and get them out of here. and i think what we've learned in mexico, in sitting down with president
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pina nieto is that there are a lot of common issues where they have similar problems that we have. for example, they have a tremendous illegal immigration problem from the southern part of latin america that they're dealing with. and some of the people coming over the border are not mexicans but they are people from guatemala, people from honduras, people from el salvador and other people who try to sneak in with them. so i think we found about three or four areas where we can work very, very closely in a constructive way with the mexican government. we can also -- we can also, with mexico, give them the kind of help that we gave colombia, which i'm very familiar with, from both the justice department side of my private security business, the help that we gave mexico in wiping out the cartels there. mexico is a different country today than it was 10 or 15 years ago. it's a rejuvenated country
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because they got control of it they got rid of the cartels. we can give mexico that kind of help and i think that we have to approach this from a positive point of view. and i think the thing that the american people are going to learn about donald trump, as we move along in this campaign and the debates is, this man is a ingenious negotiator. he knows how to find common ground, even where there is disagreement. and the reality is the focus here is going to be on the criminal, illegal immigrant. >> one quick question -- let me ask you one quick question and i do appreciate the danger of that southern border of mexico honduras is the most dangerous country and they have got problem there give me local color. did president nieto seem to like donald trump did he like with him. >> we had a good conversation. that's why we had a great conversation made up hats
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make mexico great also. we had 40 or 50 hats with us. we came home with only two. by the time we came home that one was taken. senator sessions and i both both wore these hats. we believe we can do this in a way in which we maximize our relationship with mexico which, after all, is one of our allies. we have a problem of illegal immigration into the united states. >> mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and last night donald trump vowed to put an end to the catch and release program. >> we will twin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. we will do the use the best technology including above and below ground sensors, tunnels. number two, we are going to end catch and release.
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under my administration anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which they came. >> what do law enforcement along the border think about donald trump's plans? a special "on the record" border panel is here. vice president to the national border patrol counsel and county sheriff. nice to see both of you, gentlemen. >> nice to be on. >> thank you. >> at the speech did, donald trump say something that you found particularly instructive or helpful to your job? >> absolutely. well, i'm in law enforcement. and this novel idea of enforcing the law. to actually have consequences where the law applies for you and i and every american citizen but it doesn't appear that there is any law for illegals because there is no
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consequences. catch and release is alive and well. and then the same fact he is talking about criminal criminal illegals, the last three years, president obama has released 84,000 criminals. many of them violent offenders, and those people have no business here. and they should be deported. never to return again to america. pause our job is tough enough as cops and it just becomes far more complicated releasing these violent criminals into our communities. >> art, too the border patrol and people who have the obligation to watch that border, do they feel like they have gotten the resources and support from the obama administration and, if not, do they expect to get it from secretary hillary clinton or from donald trump? >> you know, you have somebody like donald trump that actually reached out to us. and he is actually asking us what it is we need. and, you know, there is a lot of resource was that we still need. we need more agents out there on the ground. most importantly, just like the sheriff just said, a lot of it has to da with
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enforcing the laws. we already have laws on the books right now. we need to be allowed to enforce those laws. catch and release is not part of those laws. >> is there some other way, art, that you need to enforce the law that you are not getting the authority? you pick somebody up, other than releasing them, i take it, can you do something else? >> well, i think since we are the border patrol and we are right on the border, how about sending them back to their country of origin and a lot of these people that we catch that are mexican we can take them back to mexico. the border is just down the road from where we are patrolling. we do the proper vetting. we do the proper checks on them, see if they have committed crimes in the united states and return them to their country. but allowing them to stay here without proper vetting first and foremost is a problem. second of all to just allow them to stay here is a problem all in itself. >> sheriff refresh your recollection telling me in this catch and release if you catch someone here in the united states on the border coming illegally, persons not supposed to be here that you release them here in the united states that you can't return them
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to their host, to mexico in this instance? >> yes. we work closely with our heroes in the border patrol. and basically as our -- and other border patrol agents have told me, they feel they are handcuffed. imagine a cop saying they are handcuffed because they are strped because their authority as law enforcement there is no consequences. they are literally released in some cases without any in notice to appear back into our community. >> they're not going to come back anyway. that in the to appear. >> true. >> what percentage actually appear. as a criminal defense lawyer and you get a notice to appear in n. mostit's not likele going to show up. >> that's what's so crazy about this is the president, instead of putting our citizens, our senior citizens, our military veterans first, is he literally made this his top priority. and this is upside down priorities for our country. it's got to stop. >> let's wring in the viewers to vote. viewers, now is our chance to vote at home on twitter.
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do you think our border will ever be secure? tweet yes or no using #greta. one final question to you. i have been asked about this wall. if the wall is built. you can dig under the sphwhawl we know we have seen tunnels. how effective would this wall be? a partial deterrent? >> i think it's very effective. and i put it to people this simply. do youlike your doors at night when you go to bed? and you do. can they still break in? they can still break. in just because somebody can still break in doesn't mean you don't do the effort. the effort is that wall plus other things that we have been in direct communication with donald trump. he is taking our advice and hopefully, you know, when he gets into office, he will see what we're explaining to him and he will take all the explanations, all the examples that we have given and he takes them and he uses them. the wall is a big thing. the wall is a huge thing. >> sheriff, art, thank you both. >> huge deterrent. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks, greta.
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hillary clinton is spinning off charges from many news organizations that she is hiding. secretary clinton has a light schedule and is not holding regular news conferences. the "on the record" news panel is here from "the washington post amy phillips and matt viser. is this the media annoyed they are not giving face time to the media she is giving some interviews but is this a legitimate beef. >> it is. it has been 272 days since the last time she had a press conference where she took eight questions. i think it's important for voters to have access to their candidate and to hear what people are wondering and have questions about. how damaging will it be to her in the long term, i don't know. >> is it any different than her sitting down with someone from one of the networks for an hour? is it different from reporters in the room firing questions off. >> someone who follows her on the trail every day i will tell you some the interviews and gags that they talk about are very
4:14 pm
brief, they are like four or five or six minutes long. that's not enough time to really get a substantive exchange with someone. it's very her idea. i don't think it serves her or the press for that matter. i agree with matt, i understand that voters maybe don't care too much about this, but i think they have a right to dig a little bit deeper. dig beyond the headlines and get her to sort of deliver some substantive answers answers from the people who cover her most closely and know the day-to-day and the policies that come out. >> matt, it seems like she is going to get these questions at debates. >> the bar is raised the longer she goes without it not lining she sun practiced. as secretary of state, she had press conferences in every country that she would go to and take questions. so it's not like she doesn't know how to -- >> why isn't she doing it? matt makes a good point. i have traveled with her overseas and i saw her take
4:15 pm
questions. why isn't she taking questions now. >> your guess is as food as mine. it definitely seems like the campaign is doing what all campaigns want to do which is control the message. >> which is now just emails and she is hiding. the message controlling is that she is hiding. >> to her point it's gone into unprecedented territory now. there is a story line about hillary clinton not wanting it take questions when, as everyone knows she is perfectly capable of answering questions. we will see how this shakes out. you know, we are going to get to these debates. some of these questions are going to be asked. again, the traveling press corps sees her every day. they understand what is going on day to day in this campaign, what she is doing, what her campaign is doing. >> but she won't answer the question. >> i think there is a good reason for them to want to ask her some questions. >> what do you want to ask her let's say you get one question. what do you want? >> i think the emails still raise a legitimate issue with the emails and the clinton foundation now sort of in one sort of super scandal. >> what's your one question? >> day-to-day developments.
4:16 pm
yeah. we want to know some of those answers. it's not just about the emails. it's also about what are her policies and what do they mean for the american people? >> well, at least we will hear from her on debate night. she would be wise to have a dry run and have a press conference. abby, matt, thank you both. >> this is a fox news alert. florida is bracing for hurricane hermine, the storm surge is about to slam head on into florida. first hurricane to make landfall in florida in 11 years. "on the record" has live team coverage in florida plus the forecast. first let's get to steve harrigan live in cedar key, florida. steve? >> greta, even though landfall is supposed to be six hours away, parts of the coast of florida are already getting hit very hard. over the last hour we have seen the wingsd here pick up considerably there are at least parts of five counties where there is a mandatory evacuation in effect. 51 counties where there is
4:17 pm
pedestrian evacuation in effect. real danger as the storm passes through is going to be from the sturgeon. change in update in that evaluation. they were talking about 3 to 6-foot surge. now they are saying 11 feet. that's unheard of here in this part of florida in 100 years. 11 feet would be over my head that means a lot of these buildings could be under water the next 24 hours. the hard part is, it's going hit at 1 chock in the morning. even getting people to help them [inaudible] a challenge throughout this long night ahead. greta, back to you. >> steve, thank you, and obviously stay safe. fox tampa bay reporter gomez is 130 miles away from steve in the much more populated tampa bay area. what's going on there. >> pretty i couldn't know eventful so far. we have squalls coming out where the winds pick up. nothing significant. also the flooding has not
4:18 pm
been really bad here. mostly been a day off for kids to kind of just enjoy the scenery. step out of the way. show you. we have had kids canoeing. mothers bringing out their babies in strollers. it's just almost been an event to take a look at. nothing significant. the flooding has been very limited. you will see that once in a while the tampa bay area here where bayshore boulevard have you runners here, they have been jogging and working out. you will see the waves crashing up against the wall here but pretty uneventful here and the residents out here are enjoying it so far. let's just keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way here in the tampa bay area. back to you, greta. >> gloria, thank you, and also stay safe. rick reichmuth is chak tracking it all. rick? >> first of all, tampa is not at the center of that that's why we are seeing conditions better. they do have tropical storm warning in effect. we will see bands come through bring winds in effect of 40 miles per hour. worst is to the north of
4:19 pm
that appear latcapalachicola ci. north of cape hatteras all the way up through new jersey. we are going to be watching a prolonged event. we won't be done with this until maybe thursday of this coming week. in the short-term, take a look of this the last few images on satellite getting much better organized and strengthening storm getting close to land. when you have a strengthening storm that usual solid much more damaging and that's what we're watching. so while we have a 75 mile-per-hour category hurricane we will likely see this strengthening and seeing winds gusting probably in excess of 90 miles per hour. tallahassee i'm concerned with. we will see a lot of wind damage and wind damage in tallahassee. greta, as i was mentioning here we go the georgia, carolina coast line are going to be dealing with this tomorrow and by saturday and sunday this storm stalls out here we could be talking about major coastal erosion and beach damage along new jersey and long island in a storm that sits out here potentially
4:20 pm
wednesday into thursday, battering parts of the northeast. greta? >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> and, of course, stay with fox news. we will keep checking on this dangerous hurricane. and a u.s. sailor used sect clinton as a courtroom defense for mishandling courtroom information. it didn't work. the judge put him behind bars. that sailor's mother is here next. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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this is a fox news alert. hurricane hermine is bringing heavy rain, flooding and wind along the gulf coast and potentially life threatening hurricane is now going to hit florida tonight. tens of millions of people are in her path, and after florida, she is headed up
4:24 pm
the east coast. "on the record" will take you back to florida with any breaking news. and do you remember christian, the u.s. navy sailor who tried to use hillary clinton as a defense. he was sentenced to one year in prison for using his cell phone to take these pictures in the classified engine room of a nuclear sub. now, those pictures are now declassified. his lawyers argued that what hillary clinton did was far worse and secretary clinton received no punishment. his mother and greg rinky both go "on the record." good evening to both of you. kathleen, first to you, why do you think your son got treated unfairly? >> well, it seems to me there is a clear double standard. i think he was treated unfairly because his name is not clinton. >> and the judge said, what? i mean, raised in court. what did the judge say? >> as far as what the judge
4:25 pm
said? the judge said he felt he had no intent to do any harm. he had no mistake as a 22-year-old man. and that he order the least possible sentence he could under the charges that my son was facing which was mishandling classified information. >> greg, this is a young man, a sailor who, from all accounts, was looking forward i mean, he was very excited about being in the military. he was inspired by 9/11 to serve his country. when he went into court, the federal prosecutor wanted him to get five or six years. he only got a year. do you think that there is a double standard like his mother since secretary clinton obviously didn't get charged and this young man did, he pled guilty, he has got a year in prison? >> yelle, yeah, absolutely i do. i believe that the justice department is politicized in this country. and, you know, if your name is -- if you're powerful and you have a name recognition, your not going to be
4:26 pm
prosecuted. >> kathleen, were you questioned during the investigation? >> yes, i was. i was. >> what are they asking you about? >> actually, they were implying that i was a coconspirator to take photos and sell photos to the russians at which point i actually laughed during that part of the investigation because i spent probably the last 25 years of my life devoted to community service and particularly the last nine years to military and veterans and it was far from the truth they weren't willing to listen involve in that. this was something a little bit greater than my son taking six photos. >> you know, greg, when you listen to this story and this man and allegation,
4:27 pm
they think the mother is doing something sinister as well. what was with this prosecution? do they generally believe this justice department gunning for them? will they fair what your overall thought. >> i really don't understand what took the prosecution so long in this case and also the fact that the navy declined to prosecuted this case. and yet the assistant united states attorney in connecticut took it i don't understand why they were so hard pressed to go after my client. clearly he was not a spy. these photographs were taken seven years ago by a young man who was looking take photographs to have mementos to show his kids where he worked on the sub. i really don't have the answer to that. >> thank you both for joining us obviously i know it's a tough time for your family, kathleen. >> yes. and i would like to just say one last thing, greta, to get it in.
4:28 pm
i would gladly sit in the front row of a presidential debate and look right at hillary clinton while she tries to explain to the american public why she is not held to the same standard that my son, a united states navy sailor is. >> thank you both for joining us. thank you. >> thank you. >> and who is going to have to break out his wallet? donald trump or the president of mexico in the two men are battling over who will pay for trump's border wall? dr. ben carson is here next. plus, hurricane hermine is getting close to slamming florida. when will it hit? we will go back to florida straight ahead.
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you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. who is requesting it pick up the tab? donald trump says mexico. the president of mexico says no way. mexico is not paying for trump's proposed border wall. and yesterday, in mexico, donald trump said he and president nieto did not discuss who would pay for the wall, but later president nieto tweeted that he did not tell trump mexico would not pay for the wall. so, someone lying? the answer is. no the president of mexico, the spokesperson clarifying to the "wall street journal" that trump was not lying because trump never responded to the president's comments. there was no actual discussion. today, after some back and forth. trump tweeted. this mexico will pay for the wall. but president nieto firing right back with this tweet that we have now translated into english. i repeat what i said personally, mr. trump. mexico would never pay for a wall. former presidential candidate and donald trump
4:33 pm
supporter dr. ben carson joins us. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> we are a long way off to the wall being built if one is going to be bill the question of who is going to pay for it. how is donald trump going to get mexico to pay for this? >> well, recognize that a lot of money is going to be saved by enforcing our borders and not giving various types of benefits who people who are here illegally. that money is money that we otherwise would not have had and that can be applied to the wall and various other things. i believe that's the spirit in which that comment is made. i don't think mexico is going to write a check out and say here, pay for the wall. >> if you talk to the trump presidential candidate i don't think he thinks that either. you got some bandit coming
4:34 pm
over the border or some grandmother coming over 30 or 40 years and grandchildren born here a long spectrum of who is here. how is donald trump going to decide who stays and who goes? i know he says is he going to go after the bandits first? what about the grand mother with all the grandchildren and they have been working here for years? >> well, recognize that once we secure the border and begin to apply the laws that we have had on the books which we have not done with republican and democrat administrations in the past we may have a very different situation here. also, when we enforce everify and oversay staying the visa and shutting down sanctuary cities, it's going to be a completely different picture. so to try to determine on the basis of what is going on today in this functional immigration system doesn't
4:35 pm
make any sense. hispanics, maybe hispanic family worried about their grand mother sitting in the other room who is not appear american but they are because they have been born here in the united states. they are worried about it i assume they want to know if donald trump is going to deport that person. know the details rather than the wall and the bandit. nobody wants armed robber from any nation, any place. >> well, recognize what he said is that if they want to become american citizens and they want to have voting rights, then they are going to have to basically go through the same process that anybody else would have to go through. nobody else guess to come here and get special privileges. they have to go through the same things. now, those who don't want to go through that, you know, there is potential that they could become guest workers or something of that nature. but they won't be official american citizens. >> i think the guest worker program is one that is hotly
4:36 pm
debate the democrats don't want guest workers. maybe the solution is whoever is president to work with congress and finally get us some union. >> it works very well with canada. canada works it very well. we could learn from them. >> indeed. we ought to bring them down here and talk to them because we certain solid a mess. anyway, dr. car some, thank you for talking to us. and this is crazy video. a spacex rocket exploding on the launch pad. what went wrong? that's next. plus, this is frightening. tens of millions of people right now are in the path of hurricane hermine, florida governor rick scott saying it could be life-threatening. the forecast coming up. ♪ some relationships you stick with.
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look at this. a spacex rocket exploding on the launch pad. you can see the rocket and the satellite on board. engulfed in flames as they are completely destroyed. fox orlando reporter is live in cape canaveral, florida. darrell, tell me what happened. >> well, spacex says at the moment they don't know the root cause of what happened to this rocket and they are still investigating. but case xceo elon musk says the explosion originated in the upper portion of the rocket where the second stage is and specifically the propellant tanks and that objection january tax that helps fuel it in space where there is no oxygen. take again at a look at that video and that's what you see in this incredible visual of the powerful explosion and fire then gulfed the rocket and launch pad this morning just after 9:00 a.m. eastern at the cape canaveral station in florida. so intense it sent it
4:42 pm
falling several 100 feet to fiery destruction on the ground. that second stage oxygen tank that i mentioned earlier is also whattics employed in june of 2015 from the same location. completely destroying this case x falcon rocket two minutes into flight. case x engineering determined a faulty strut inside the oxygen tank broke loose during flight and caused the explosion. spacex upgraded that component and flew nine successful missions afterwards. this represents a huge set back for a company that was on the leading edge of the commercialization of space but late today, nasa issuing a statement that they stand fully behind their commercial partner, case x which they have a multibillion-dollar contract with to eventually launch human astronauts into space on the iss on that falcon 9 rocket. >> darryl, thank you.
4:43 pm
get ready to speed read the news. tonight the 49ers are facing off the chargers. colin kaepernick says he refuses to stand during national anthem tonight. is he protesting the treatment of african-americans but kaepernick might run into some trouble. san diego is a big military town and tonight is the charger's 28th annual salute to the military. take a look at this massive crocodile in australia. wrangling this 13-foot crocodile the croc put up a fight before they were able to tape his or her jaw shut. he was eating cows. searching for another crocodile that is even bigger. and, now much cuter animals, three bears spotted roaming around pass deanna, california. the bears took a dip in someone's pool. two of the bears were hungry. they wanted a snack. they headed to a dumpster.
4:44 pm
a brave dog started barking and chased the bears away. they are monitoring the bears and hope they will wander away on their own. three minutes, getting closer to hurricane her mine blasting florida. heavy rains are are already there. tucker carlson is in for sean and joined by republican national committee chairman reince priebus. that's tonight 10:00 p.m. on hannity. poor mouth breather.
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this is a fox news alert. hurricane hermine burring did you know on the gulf coast. she is fierce. she is expected to make landfall tonight and florida's first hurricane landfall in 11 years. "on the record" has live team coverage in florida.
4:49 pm
let's start with steve harrigan who has been battling rain all day. steve? >> greta, that landfall is still five hours out. all right we are seeing the line between the gulf of mexico and the streets here in florida beginning to blur. the water keeps creeping up. it's about chin level now. the real question is how high is it going to get? the winds we know already hurricane strength. over 75 miles per hour. and the part of the storm to the right or to the east is really going to get hit hard. that's where we are now in cedar key, florida about 140 miles north of tampa. bigger problem over the next 12 hours is the storm surge. that's the danger of what we're seeing. a slow meandering rainstorm and it just turned into a hurricane. we have seen revived predictions over the last few hours. originally people were planning on 3 to 6-foot storm surge and now they are talking 11 feet that would be well over my head. look across the area over all these stores and houses 800 people that live here they could very much be
4:50 pm
under water in the next 12 hours. the scene has changed. there has been a mandatory evacuation here in effect this afternoon. and governor rick scott of florida has been warning over and over again this is a life-threatening storm and it could turn very well to be just that in the next 12 hours. greta. >> you know, steve, the pictures behind you is just unbelievable. it looks incredibly dangerous. i think of all the people down there who might need extra care, early people down there who might not have evacuated, even those mandatory evacuation. there is a lot of potential heartache that could happen in the next 12 hours. >> potential heartache and a real challenge on all sides for those who might be trapped and those trying to rescue them. already the sheriff here has said if the winds are over 40 miles per hour, which, you know, it certainly will be very soon, emts, emergency rescuers are not going to go out. even if they can go out, if the water is over my head, it's going to be an amazing
4:51 pm
challenge just to reach the people. factor into that if phone lines are down and electricity is out and sewage and water are out, it's really going to be a very difficult scenario. even the roads in and out of some places on islands like this could be shut down very soon. moving around, finding people, rescuing them is going to be a real challenge. that's by we have heard all the warnings from florida's governor today of life-threatening storm. what looked like a rainstorm now could be a real challenge for the people in at least five counties along florida's coast. greta? >> steve, thank you. you and your cameraman be safe. how bad could this get? fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it all. we have seen steve show the horrible pictures there and the danger. tell me what you know. >> i will tell you it's looking actually scarier on satellite representation. the latest from the hurricane center has it as 75 mile-per-hour storm. take a look at this satellite image. we have been watching it a long time. it hasn't been much of a storm but it strengthened to a hurricane and take a look
4:52 pm
at these last couple of images right there we have a very distinct center and eye forming. it's a strengthening storm as it's moving closer to shore. where cedar key town of 800 people. not a lot of population here and that's good news for the storm surge. tallahassee is sitting 350,000 and we are going to potentially be watching a hurricane go right over that city. and it a town with a lot of big live oak trees that are very susceptible to wind damage. a lot of tree damage and power damages and dangerous situation in heavily populated area of tallahassee tonight. this is a radar picture. tornado concerns anywhere you see this red box where the tornado watch we will see that extended throughout the evening here as the storm moves on shore. these bands of heavy rain are going to pack a lot of rain and flooding and the rain will continue to get worse. the center of the storm likely consult here right just to the east of apalachicola and making landfall and then probably the center of it cutting right over the tallahassee
4:53 pm
area. i want to show you one last thing. we're not done with this storm once it moves on shore. it brings very heavy rain and flooding across the carolina coast line. tomorrow in to tomorrow night. and then saturday afternoon in to sunday and maybe as far away as wednesday and thursday, we are going to watch this storm here. don't know exactly what kind of shape it will be in, greta, a tropical storm, a hurricane, or some sort of a hybrid storm. we are going to be talking about potentially major damage to the beaches across the northeast. this is the big weekend everybody is trying to sneak out a last little bit of summer. this will be a dangerous one at the beaches up and down the eastern seaboard. hate to bring you that kind of news. immediately florida and all weekend long we have it across the eastern seaboard. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> take a look at this. this is what hurricanes look like from space. nasa releasing this video showing the spectacular views 257 miles above the earth. cameras outside the international space station capturing three different hurricanes.
4:54 pm
hurricane lester, hurricane madeline in the pacific ocean and hurricane gaston in the atlantic ocean. and, coming up, who is the real pig? one hint. he they throws a pig skin. start guessing. i will tell you off the record. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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4:59 pm
if you were on the fence about this one. check out these photos. that is kaepernick wearing socks depicting cops as pigs. that was august 10th training camp. put on pig socks. do you think he was thinking about the five dallas cops gunned down thinking about the first amendment right to period of time cops or victor or tease rescu rest riskd his life to rescue a stranger. not likely. it's time for him to get cut for one season. give him a time-out because right now is he a disgrace to the nfl. is he no role model. actually, he is the pig. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting rights, voting results on your screen right now. do you think our border will ever be secure? and the results are 67% say yes and 33% say no. don't forget, vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see you right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor." and make sure you go to my
5:00 pm
facebook page and like it. there is so much going on beyond "on the record." so go to my page. i have a special page did i today. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story, donald trump enters the no spin zone we have a lot to get to with the republican presidential nominee. he joins us on the phone from new york hot off his big meeting with president pin i can'pina nietowith mexico. diplomacy isn't as easy as it seems, is it, donald? i think she is taking a little bit of a shot at you.


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