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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. welcome to the second hour of "hannity." we're going to begin with a fox news alert. category 1 hurricane hermine expected to make land fall on the west coast of florida shortly tonight. i'm tucker carlson sitting in for sean. the state of florida is preparing for severe flooding, rains and tornadoes. fox news weather center has been following this since inception as a rain storm, rick? what is going on? >> latest advisory just coming in about 20 seconds ago. some of that information is just going to pop up on my maps. winds still at 80 miles per hour, pressure holding steady. center of the storm getting
8:01 pm
very, very close to making land fall within the next hour or two. they begin to kind of readjust a little bit. but we have a new tornado watch box in effect for southeastern parts of georgia just south of charleston, south carolina that includes savannah and south of charleston, so tornado concerns ongoing throughout the night, still here across parts of florida as well. that right there is the center of it. it is into big bend. we have heavy rain bands about to rotate. there, you can see the center and this will be the strongest wind we can see pulling there on to shore within about the next 30 minutes or so. land fall, again, imminent. this is where it is now. and moves across the carolinas as we've been expecting and tucker, big concerns going into saturday afternoon, and sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and possibly thursday. indicating the storms thaw out here and a big weather maker, right now, it's making land fall
8:02 pm
in florida not as much of a population area, the eastern seaboard is going to have this we're going to have a major weather maker here throughout the northeast for the big holiday weekend. rough conditions at the beach and maybe some danger, maybe 6 to 8 inches of rain here in the middle end tucker? >> wow. that is not something we've expected. joining us now live at the scene, from cedar key, florida is steve harrigan. what is going on? >> reporter: cedar key, florida, 180 miles north of tampa. past half hour, wind picked up considerably. it's now heavy wind and houses getting hit by both sides of it. we've seen the same wind gusts along parts of the florida coast along 80 miles per hour. the right side of the storm
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hammering parts of florida. the concern is going to be the storm surge. you can see the water continuing to creep up. it baffles a lot of people as this storm began several days ago. people taking it for granted it's just a rain storm but it's intensity caught residents by surprise, people who planned on riding it out and making last minute decisions to leave. original projections were just three feet. now, it's 11 feet, so we can see buildings and houses completely underwater and of course, with this heavy wind, trees going down and power lines down all over the place. people right now 70,000 without power in florida. these are going to be the toughest hours when small objects are blowing around, it's dark out and you have to close your eyes because small things are hitting you in the face. tucker, back to you. >> small things are hitting me
8:04 pm
in the face sounds ominous, steve, be careful. we'll have more live coverage of hurricane hermine throughout the night. it's expected to make land fall on the west coast of florida. also tonight, donald trump is receiving high praise from a lot of people, infuriating other was a major speech on immigration that he gave last night in phoenix. here are a couple highlights. watch this. >> there are at least 2 million, 2 million, think of it, criminal aliens now, inside of our country. we will begin moving them out, day one, as soon as i take office, day one. you can call it deported if you want. the press doesn't like that term. you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. their days have run out in this country. the crime will stop. they're going to be gone. it will be over. >> here with reaction tonight,
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aj delgado and it's great to see you all. first to you, sheriff, donald trump put meat on the bone s, i thought of his immigration position. did a lot of research. numbers like this, i follow it and i was shocked by this. according to government accountability office, gao, there are 25,000 noncitizens, illegal and otherwise in jail now for homicide. 25,000. were you shocked by that number? >> not really. we've had murderers released in my county. then, they tell me, the sheriff, two weeks after the fact z all of these aren't from mexico. these are from countries all over the world. every sheriff in arizona came together when they released two murderers into arizona, and in one day.
8:06 pm
and another for ag assault. they were from sudan, iraq and russia. they release that had russian murderer in my county after he brutally stabbed somebody, then douse himmed with gasoline and lit him on fire to his death. when you let a guy like that out, what do you think he's going to be doing? >> exactly. and thank you for pointing out an immigrant is not a synonym for hispanic. it's a status question. >> right. >> the system is broken. >> exactly. >> aj, 25,000 murders. i've seen democratic politicians moved to tears about the dangers of e-cigarettes and i never hear anyone mention this. why is that? >> because there is a constant idea that it's something you bring up immigration, you bring up enforcing laws, it will be perceived as incorrect. and the beauty of the speech is that donald trump laid out the
8:07 pm
case that immigration isn't a political issue, or strictly economic issue, it's a safety issue. a lot of people listening last night woke up to that and started looking at it through that lens. >> so, mercedes, there are a bunch of states, texas and new mexico come to mind. there are mexican american, hispanic families whose families have been in the u.s. hundreds of years, they're in every sense more american than i i am. why would this be off putting to people like that? it's not clear why it would be. >> well, i think it's important to understand that, in the case of some of the g.o.p. hispanics, who felt that maybe have been on the fence about donald trump, and immigration might not be the top issue it's an important he megsal issue for them. >> yes. >> what is important to note is that they wanted a sense of softer tone, when it came to
8:08 pm
addressing maybe even legal immigrants who contribute and make america great. i think the speech is very important in addressing you have to enforce immigration laws, liberal pundits are pushing forward that it is a status quo, that needs to stop. i think there was a sense from many hispanics that let's talk about that we're a country of immigrants. goodness, gracious, mr. trump's mom was an immigrant. that is a missing donald trump would have included. >> if you read this speech and donald trump married a number of immigrants. he's pro immigrant. if you read the speech it's hards to see anything anybody would disagree with. thank you. we've got to go. sadly. interesting conversation. thanks for joining us. all three of you. >> thank you. >> coming up, we've got new fox news polls, polls which suddenly really close between trump and hillary clinton.
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the momentum now favor the republicans? former governor mike huckabee is here and later tonight... >> i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conpresence and talking to the press everywhere you go. >> imagine having to defend that. 270 days without a press conference. is it? we'll tell you. plus, latest on hurricane hermine, expected to make land fall in florida very soon. this show will be live when it does. so don't change that dial. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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come november, we're going to win this state. we're going to win the white
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house. we're going to bring back your jobs, which we have to have back an we want them back, soon. we're going to negotiate fair trade deals that put american workers back to work. that put america first. >> mr. donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. welcome back to "hannity" i'm tucker carlson filling in for sean. donald trump is having a good week so far and closing a gap and the latest from fox news sho shows clinton with a slim lead but within the marching wrin of error. is this a trend? joining us now with someone who has run for president, our friend, mike huckabee. great to see you. >> hi, tucker.
8:14 pm
>> it appears to be, if it is real, what to account for it? >> donald trump had a great week. the trip to mexico and manner in which he handled that, i thought was amazingly powerful. and i don't understand people on the left who don't like america very much. i thought that is what he's supposed to do. one of the things people don't understand about a poll look at polls not as a predictor of where things are going but rarj where they have just been. if you look at a poll, showing trump is closing a gap, i think it's a better indication of the fact he's having a good week, hillary clinton is having a terrible week. hillary is harder to find than amelia earhart right now.
8:15 pm
donald trump is everywhere. >> yes. very possible. >> so i mean, i think it's insightful that trump is making a case for america and that infuriates a certain sort of liberal. it seems to me he is making a case for democracy. you have no say in the matter. do you think it's why this resonates with people? >> it does. one of the things, trump is not being given credit for the fact that last night in that speech he was balanced in recognizing america is the land of immigrants. and when they do assimilate into the country because they want to love america and be part of america they bring great assets
8:16 pm
to us. when they come to get something out of america that we don't have a responsesibility. i think we should take a certain nfl quarterback, ask him where he would like to go and send him there with liberal that's somehow recent this country. if you're disgusted with america, tell us where you'd like to us to send your things. >> tim caine was asked, not that long ago, today, or yesterday about this. and he had an opportunity to stand up for, i don't know, america, the national anthem, basic values we share in common. he said well, it's a free country, you can do whatever you want, i'm not going to judge. why so cowardly? who he is trying not to offend? >> i guess the same people that don't want to offend a college
8:17 pm
kid and provides a safe zone. it's not because you're standing saying i agree with everything my country does. you're standing as a matter of respect for everything the country represents and the people who have given you the freedom to stand there. it's the same thing when go to a funeral, you don't go in making loud jokes and a fool of yourself. you go in with a level of respect. it has a simple, simple background, tucker. you and i and meft were raised with something called manners. it doesn't mean we want to behave properly, but we do it because we're civil. that little quarterback, that twit, that jerk, ought to stand up for the simple reason it's a respectful show of his manners, what he is showing is that he doesn't have any. >> well, he's an idiot. it's the rest of the adults in the room, do you get the feeling
8:18 pm
that the people who run the country don't really believe in the country anymore? >> yes. i do. and i think they go around the world apologizing for it. they want to talk about every sin we've ever committed. but they failed to point out that this is the country, the light on the hill, that people have been drawn to because they know what they get here, they can be free. one great experience talking to people who are driving a cab, who came here from russia or a country where they've escaped terror, and now, they've built a business and a family. and they love this country. and sometimes i say, i wish native born americans could appreciate america as much as you. >> i agree with that.
8:19 pm
starting with the obama administration. if you treated your family like the way the obama administration treats the country, your kids would be in rehab. >> thanks for joining us. >> nice to see you. >> coming up, not just next, but live on fox, her hurricane hermine and bringing you up days. >> i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking talking about everywhere you go. >> no press conferences we'll bring you the latest, continuing. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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welcome back, it has been, and we're counting, 272 days since hillary clinton held a press conference, tim caine tried to defend his running mate. watch this attempt. >> when will we see hillary opening up for questions? >> you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she talks to the press everywhere she goes. >> she doesn't do it that often. >> well, look. i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go. >> wow. joining me now with reaction is washington times columnist charlie hurt and fox news contributor daneen borelli.
8:24 pm
>> i have liked tim caine, i don't think he's having dinner with the devil at the four seasons but if you're him, go out there and defend not giving a press conference 272 days, you know what? no. why does he have to did he grade himself by giving an answer like that? >> because that is what the clintons do. if you're in clinton world you're expected to degrade yourself to make them look better and you're expected to jump on anything to elevate the clintons. a couple weeks ago, somebody dug up the recording of him talking about what a disgrace bill clinton was after the monica lewinsky thing and he should resign the presidency. tim caine walked away from that. how dare he? that was a reasonable reaction for tim caine to have had back then after the monica lewinsky scandal. he walked away from it. walked away from his morals and
8:25 pm
everything. because the clintons told him to. he think he's changing. >> what a shame. so leslie, i get where hillary clinton is not having any press conferences at all. and seems to me she's revealing herself as more fragile by not giving press conferences. >> first, i'm still stun that had satan dines at the four seasons. but look. it is not her strong point and i would like to see her get out more and i agree with you, some people think it smacks of fear or weakness. this is a presidential campaign.
8:26 pm
donald trump does press conferences very well. secondly if you're going to have a press conference, you need to have something to say and you need breaking news or information. donald trump said her wife is going to hold one, soon. donald trump has more press conferences than president obama. >> i think trump hurt himself by talking so much. you'd think someone in the press would note that hillary clinton is extending the middle finger to us by not answering questions from us. instead, virtually every outlet is busy sucking up to her. why is that? >> well, she's -- tim caine trying to defend the undefendable. that reminds me of when susan rice used to go out and hit the media circuits when that was a lie and hillary clinton didn't
8:27 pm
do media. she has the lead at the moment. slightly because numbers are changing but that is what she's trying to do. just trying to sit and hold and wait. she's in her safe space. >> it's insulting to voters. the press just to get back to the topic i'm obsessed with because i read it so much decided that donald trump is evil and they need to destroy him and that hillary clinton, whatever her faults, must be elected. can they cover the white house once this is over? now they have shown their cards? >> well, i'm sorry. when did being unbiassed become a problem with these people covering the white house? they've never been able to cover a white house, think about eight years ago, president obama came in and for about a year,
8:28 pm
everything obama did we'd sit here and say oh, my gosh, if george w. bush had done this, the media would have gone nuts. at some point you have to quit saying that and holding the press to any sort of standard of fairness. i think it's appalling hillary is not given a press conference, and the reason she doesn't is because many of the scandals that she's embroiled in now are so complex, only people who have uncovered her closely would even understand the ins and outs of it. do you think they'll grill her? i don't think they would. >> that would be sexist. you know. let's take a general observation. when you have a good thing going you want it to continue. so we're going to blow out the show and continue this panel when we come back after this commercial break. also we're going to tell but the hurricane hitting the west coast of florida called hurricane hermine, we'll be here when it
8:29 pm
does make land fall, then, more reaction to donald trump's very big week. the race for the white house now appears to be turning to his favor. we'll tell you if that is true and get reaction from rnc chairman here to weigh n stay tuned. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. starting at $38,950. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at welcome back, it has not been a good week for hillary
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clinton. every day, another damning report released. yesterday, the new york post reported hillary clinton continued to e-mail classified information even after she was no longer serving as secretary of state. where did she get that information? why was she e-mailing it? back with us is charlie hurt, and daneen borelli. why would she have access to classified information? >> because she can. the clintons get away with so much, it's just unbelievable. and the last segment, she's in hiding 270 days and yes, she's riddled with scandals. she doesn't want to answer questions. i don't think she's able to, she has to keep up with lies, tucker. i don't think she's going to answer questions from the press at this point. americans want answers if hillary clinton. and she's not being held
8:34 pm
accountable for anything she's done. she's spent millions of money on ads and polls -- she should be much further away in the polls than she is now. all the money she's spending is not helping. >> so leslie marshal you're a sincere liberal. you believe powerful should be held to the same standards as everyone else, they shouldn't have a separate and unequal justice system. you concede if she were the most famous person in the world she'd be in deep trouble. won't she? >> well, she's not a private citizen. she's not only running for president, she's former secretary of state and former senator. and former first lady. she's not just a joe and jane q public person, she isn't. let's be honest. she's a former secretary of state. would you have a problem with condy rice or colin powell, when
8:35 pm
they're private citizens having information? >> well, look. here is the point i'm making. and i would. very a problem with any powerful person getting away with behavior i won't be able to get away with or someone providing day care for my kids won't be allowed to get away with. as a liberal, i would think you should say this is wrong. what is the point of being liberal if you don't believe that. right? >> the problem is, though i know you and other desire to be dragged off in chains for this, that is not realistic. it's not going to happen. that would not happen to me, by the way if i obtained classified information as a jane qdoe. >> what happened to principle? white the obituary for principle, if you would. >> how long we heard about transparency and well, you know
8:36 pm
what? donald trump is running the most-transparent presidential campaign in history. and as you pointed out, it probably has been too transparent and probably, has taught us maybe it is too much transparency is not always a good thing. but why aren't these people lining up behind donald trump? they should be supporting donald trump. hillary clinton is running the least transparent campaign. >> there is no man behind the curtain. there is no kurt yan. here is a guy that got a nomination spending hes than we spent on spring break last year. why are not liberals jumping up in glee? >> it's interesting, this campaign. many people are supporting donald trump because he's an antiestablishment politician. you know, it's not your dad's political campaign from many, many years ago. he's turned things upside down. >> unless your dad was earl long
8:37 pm
or something. >> thank you. >> you're awesome. we're out of time. to you for coming on. coming up, my interview with rnc careman on the race for the white house, we'll get his reaction to donald trump's big speech on immigration and the latest on hurricane hermine, it is bearing down and it's a big deal, we'll be here when it makes land fall. we hope you're watching at that moment. stay with us.
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welcome back. polls are tightening and the race is heating uch. i talked to rnc chairman about donald trump, his week, and what the polls are looking like, watch this. >> thanks for joining us. i have been hearing republicans say this race is tightening. nobody follows polls more closely than you could. if you can point to surveys that indicate this race is getting tighter, what would they be? >> if looking at routers and fox news poll, they had movement that was significant. and l.a. times has trump plus two.
8:42 pm
no matter what poll, trump is moving in the right direction. and he's been doing very well across the country and i think he had a great day yesterday in mexico. so look. we had the same thing happen after the convention, tucker. when trump gave that speech, he had a convention bump because people want prot duct he's selling but like reagan in the 6 1980. people wanted to make sure this is someone i can see in white house, when people view donald trump, the numbers surge because they don't want to buy what hillary clinton is selling. >> right. >> so they -- when trump talks about issues he wins. when the race is about him. are you convinced he will keep the conversation on issues? >> i'm convinced of that, tucker. he's been doing that and i think
8:43 pm
doing a great job. i think he does have a good personality. one of the things i don't get to say a lot in public is what i say when i'm doing events. people ask me what donald trump is like in private. he's personal. he's gracious. i have never once, and we have had a lot of stressful situations in this campaign. i talk to donald trump every day. sometimes, twice a day. i never one time talked to donald trump on the phone and hung up and said what is up with this guy? i've never, ever. and there are members of my family, i'm wondering what is going on. the guy, in private is a guy that american people would buy in a heartbeat. so as you're seeing this campaigner and nominee, i feel very good about the fact that he's willing to beat hillary clinton. >> so he had this successful
8:44 pm
meeting yesterday. so in light of that, his inner personal skills why doesn't he fly to dallas and win his endorsement before the election? and maybe bring over -- >> that is a good idea. >> i think that would be a good -- a great idea. look. i think and this is -- i think folks are going to come around and they're going to support donald trump. as to the folks running for president, they all signed a pledge, of course, agreeing you'd support the nominee. some of them signed a data exchange agreement. they actually agreed to take data from the rnc and said we will support the republican so
8:45 pm
watching they should do what they promised the party to do. >> what about former president bush? most of the republicans in washington, most articulate, loudest ones making antitrump case now, worked for former president bush. and don't you think maybe to getting them to cool a little bit before election would be helpful. no? >> look. i think all republicans should support the nominee. i think in particular, people who signed an agreement, if i -- >> i just think there is another more obvious pressing issue which is people that actually agreed to availing themselves to the debates, and the space that work hard and spend money
8:46 pm
conducting caucuses and primaries rely on the fact they know there are people running that have agreed to support the nominee. g.o.p. in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina is not happy with people that ran for office said they're going to support the republican nominee, and are not. >> yes. >> well, that is news to me. i didn't know there was a person who cared what lindsey graham thought. but that, it turns out -- >> i don't believe you. i don't think there is one person who care what's lindsey graham thinks. >> i care about lindzy gram. i think he's a great guy. >> the candidates' position on immigration, yesterday, i just want to make sure i have a point clear. his position is he'll have to physically leave the country. leave our borders in order to reapply for citizenship. is that right? >> he said that during the
8:47 pm
process of, so he said a couple things. i think is a 70% issue. we're going to secure the border wall, and security and get the criminal element out of the country and have resources to make it happen. when saying number three, which people aren't discussing is that after those things are done, we're going to have an adult and humane conversation about what to do about the people that remain. so that is part of the speech. part of his message is i'm going to be tough. and he is going to be tough. what he also said is that we're going to have a humane conversation about what to do with the people that are here that are left. when he said we're going to have -- that everyone is subject to deportation, that is the current state of the law. that is what he's saying. >> right. >> if you're here illegally today you're subject to
8:48 pm
deportation. that is not a new policy position. however, what he is saying is that i'm going to try to enforce the law but it doesn't mean he's going to start mass deportations for 11 million people. he's saying go after the bad elements and then, deal with what are we going to do with people that are left. >> right. >> i thought the interesting part of the speech is when he said the united states has a right to determine what comes here. and does that suggest we're going to get a skills-based immigration system? not just based on family ties and physical proximity. >> what i is suggesting is that we can have an expansion of what exists in that math and science and engineering type test for some particular areas of immigration that we need help in areas in the work force.
8:49 pm
but the thing that is clear is that he wants to enforce the laws in place and secure the border, which, by the way, the congress passed the border fence in 2006, they didn't pay for it. it's been part of the republican party platform many years. we have a candidate willing to bring this case to the american people at the center point of his campaign. which i think is a great thing. but it's not the sacrifice humanity along the way. i think the media hasn't been talking about that enough today. he said we're going to have a conversation about the disposition of what to do with everyone that is remaining. that is often defeated. >> great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> there is a lot going on this
8:50 pm
special two-hour hannity. coming up next, hurricane hermine will make land fall soon in the state of florida. we'll tell you what that means for people that live there. stay with us. ♪ hey, stop by bass pro shops this week for clearance savings of up to 35% on camo clothing, accessories, cold weather gear and hunting boots to match every outdoor condition. and check out the fall hunting classic online sale, going on now at
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welcome back. category 1 hurricane hermine is on the verge of making hand fall in florida. steve? >>. >> reporter: tucker we have had the rain this afternoon, then, we had the winds, now we're having wind and rain together. and coming in and pounding away here. there are five county as long the coast of florida that are mandatory evacuation zones.
8:54 pm
most people left, it's december yoel -- desolate. streets are just disappearing behind me. and stop signs are underwater, locals looked at levels and say they've never seen anything like this. it's talked about as a possible three-foot surge could be an 11 foot surnl here on parts of the coast of florida. we'll see tomorrow morning we're going to see a lot of houses and stores and businesses underwater. 70,000 people without power, no electricity. no power, no running water. winds more than 40 miles per hour. you're not going to see rescue workers going out there. it's going to be a tough time for people trying to ride along
8:55 pm
florida's coast in the storm. >> you're one of the people, steve, thank you. >> we go to rick following this storm since it was fog. he's in the fox news extreme weather center, rick? what do you know? >> where steven is experiencing the highest-ever water level and high tide at 3:00 in the morning. we're going to continue to see more water. this is a look at the storm. the majority of this is in the center off towards east. so northern part of florida and southern georgia. there land fall is the lowest area of pressure moving on shore. you can see it's a wide-reaching storm. tornado watch all night long from parts of southeastern, southern parts of south carolina throughout florida and here is the center of the storm, we'll move in closer so you can see
8:56 pm
what is going on. there you go. we're almost going to get land fall within the next 30 minutes. there is tallahassee. and winds probably 70-80 miles per hour over the next 3 to 4 hours. there is where we are now. a really fascinating storm and now we have a hurricane and it's going to move up across the southeastern seaboard and into saturday morning. take a look at what happens. here is saturday's location. here is tuesday's location. we're going to have days of water pulling in across the post here.
8:57 pm
and one of the big beach weekends is going to be impacted with a lot of beach erosion. we're not sure what kind of a storm it will be. it's the warmest storm and the important part is that this is the gulf stream and waters are warm. water temperatures 70 degrees off of long island. 80s south of new jersey. we've got very warm water that could strengthen into a tropical system not out of the question. you can see a minor hurricane across parts of the northeast that is unbelievable. thank you. well, thanks for watching. it's been an honor and pleasure to be here. set your alarm tomorrow to tune in to "fox and friends".
8:58 pm
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breaking tonight, new suggestions donald trump could be making the biggest gamble of his 2016 campaign. the question now, will it pay off? welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. next wednesday, donald trump and hillary clinton will take part in a discussion that's being billed as the first joint candidate event of the general election. nbc's matt lauer will individually question them on national security, military affairs, and veterans' issues in what's being called the commander-in-chief forum. it comes at a crucial time for mr. trump as some top generals have lined up behind hillary clinton, new ones today, raising questions about his support among the military ranks. what's more, unlike


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