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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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thank you, thank you, dagen. melissa: have a wonderful holiday weekend. we're back on tv on monday at noon eastern. it's a holiday but we're here. so tune in. "happening now" starts right now. in the philippines. >> ten people are hurt and many more killed as investigators work to find out who is behind it. >> chris wallace chosen to moderate a presidential debate. >> i will be the first fox reporter to moderate a fox news debate. >> what can we expect when donald trump and hillary clinton go head and head. >> and prime real estate in downtown manhattan. >> we will have 18 people in here. >> we'll take you through the catacoms of one of the oldest
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churches in america. >> scientist confirm what man's best friend already combuchlt they understand what is happening. >> covered a lot of the ground. presidential debate organizers announcing the moderators. one of them is chris wallace. i am jenna lee. >> happy friday. i am leland vitter in for jon scott. there will be three debates. first is september 26th in new york hofstra will be moderated by lester holt. and second in st. louis washington university that will be martha raddatz and anderson
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cooper and the final in the university of nevada, las vegas will be moderated by chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. >> it is no coincidence that chris is our guest. but viewers who haven't heard the back story, what was the reaction when you found out you were a moderator? >> i was thrilled and it is a great honor and responsibility and excited for myself and proud for fox news, as you pointed out, it was the first time in our long proud history that a fox news correspondent has been asked to moderate a general election debate. it is a big honor and i am representing the company. >> tell us how one is chosen to be a moderator and how do you find out? >> i don't know that much of how you are chosen. it is a secret process. the debate commission and two
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chairman frank farren and mike mccurry who was bill clinton's first press secretary and a blue ribbon panel of former officials of both parties, let it be known you are interested. you can't lobby. and i got the call yesterday and said would you agree to be a debate moderator and i said yes before they changed their mind. >> i am glad you got the call and didn't let it go to voice mail. >> no, you want to take that call. >> what was your emotion. you were thrilled and any sort of nerve and anxiety and i know you have done it before, chris. >> yes, this is different. i have done a lot of primary debate and not done a general election debate. the last debate, in las vegas and less than three weeks before
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the presidential election and the last opportunity that millions of voters get to see these two candidates and another candidate if one of the candidates gets on the stage to do comparison shopping. i will give you a sense of how i realize it was. it is six topics. and each 115 -- one, is 15 minutes and you you facilitate a discussion of total 15 on that topic. immigration or isis and when they discussed all of this to me. i asked who decides what those six topics are are and they said you do. i do. and it was like woah. i will before hand and just me, and no committee, no bureaucracy. i will decide what the six topics are and to a certain
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degree i have no idea what they will be. i will see what is happening in the first two presidential debates or world. and sometimes in the final two weeks, i will decide what the topics are and the commission will inform the candidate and i will come up with questions on those six topics. so it is a lot of responsibility. >> we are confident. are you going to take suggestions from viewer and viewers send their opinions on this. >> they can. and colleagues are welcome. i will be seeking things out from people on both sides of the aisle and ultimately, i will have to make a decision myself. and let me say my attitude about this is different than a sunday show where you ask the killer question or great follow-up. my vow this is a debate and not a sunday show interview and what you really want to do is
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facilitate a conversation between the candidate and at the end of the whole thing. it is a great district attorney bait and i didn't remember you on the stage. >> sometimes in the past, criticisms of other debates there was not interaction with the candidate and we have sometime. october 19th when you are moderate. what are you going to wear? let's get to the important stuff, much easy tore figure that out i am sure. >> i think my dear wife lowerain will have a lot to say on what i wear and i generally take her advice. >> and speaking of everywhere. we appreciate that when our opinion matters. we are confident in you and can't wait for wednesday night in las vegas. thank you for joining us chris.
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a lot can happen between now and then. he will sit down with green party presidential joe stein and dr. ben carson who is leading a tour in detroit for donald trump. and look at the times in your area and listen to fox news sunday and fox news. >> speaking of that tour in detroit. donald trump will attend a black church in detroit this weekend. and dr. ben carson. and sit down with the church's leader in the attempt to appeal to voters. he asked what do you have to lose? suggesting that decades of democratic policies have failed minorities. peter doocey has more on what the message will be.
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>> reporter: when donald trump thinks that some part of the inner cities resemble war zones, this is a part of detroit where a lot of lots are overgrown and stores are boarded up and it is not a lot of people walking down in the day. this is where he's coming with great faith ministries. the new york times has gotten on a list of suggested answers that the trump team is putting together for their nominee and one of those gives us a big sneak peek on what he's going to say. >> coming in to a community is meaningless unless we offer a alternative to the agenda. >> that is what the republican party in the state tells us yesterday. >> hey, i may not be the person best to represent you. take a chance on you me.
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what you are voting for are is not better for your community and i am here to fight for and you help with job and economy and education. that is a message to be heard and i am glad he is fighting for those folks. >> the michigan republican party has an office and the director of african-american outreach wayne bradley that that office is getting foot traffic and want sign and different ways to volunteer for the campaign. we visited a barber shop and how reluctant lifelong democrats are to the idea of trump or any republican. i am a generation democrat. but with him i don't feel like i have a lot to gain.
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and a 50/50. i will stick with my past history. we have not had had encountered a large core of hillary clinton supporters but will vote democrat. >> thanks, peter. first hurricane hitting florida. hurricane hermine now a tropical storm and bringing flooding and high winds. that's what it sounded like. hermine making landfall as a category 1 storm. and hundreds of thousands are without pour in several states and we have word of one faititality, a man who died in
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northern florida when a tree fell on him. the storm is making a track in the carolina and up the coast where 30 million people are impacted this weekend. and we have live pictures in pas co county in florida. it looks like we perhaps lost the shot and the rain would not control. and we will show you live shots and the area is declared a local state of emergency. you can see the flooding so clearly from the shot. janice dean is in the area. this impacted a lot of the different state and people. >> we'll talk about the storm well until next week, jenna. we have seen two feet of rainfall in florida. we'll continue to see that video coming in from parts of florida and georgia and the carolinas, and the tornado in partses of georgia in to the carolinas and
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we'll see weak tornados with the landfall and tropical system. and monday, gaerngs incredible amounts of rainfall. and 6- 8 inches and possibly higher totals and flash flood watches and warnings are in effect. we'll talk about the storm as it exits the coast line. we think that the storm will hug the coast line here and saturday coming offshore and stalling for not just 6- 12 hours, but maybe 24- 48 or 72 hours and that means, we could see hurricane force winds off of the coast where millions of people live. this is called the cone of uncertainty here. you look to the right and left of where the storm could track. and if we have a storm sitting out in the atlantic. we'll be concerned about storm
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surge and all of the water continuously piling up across the jersey shore and long island and connecticut. here's why. there is a steering pattern in place with an area of high pressure that does not budget. this storm cannot go anywhere and past saturday, we have no clue to what will happen. so we have to be prepared all on the east coast not only for the weekend but next week. and labor day holiday, i need to pay close attention to your forecast. if this track wobbles west, we'll deal with's storm on our hands. we have tropical storm watches all the way to coastal connecticut. >> janice, thank you. >> ten people killed in a explosion in philippines. it is the home of the country's
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president. the spokesman said the president is safe and the son, the vice mayor asking people hurt. 60 people were hurt and the cause of the blast is unknown. there is increasing islamic militant activity in the philippines. and a series of terrorist attacks against the christians in pakistan. and the presidential race tightening up. can donald trump close the gap. apparently hillary clinton's team doesn't think it will come close. the fbi posting new documents relating to the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we are breaking those down. many americans show that many americans are unhappy with both candidates and both are terrible. are you satisfied with your
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back to politics now. hillary clinton lead nothing most of the battleground state and according to the real clear politics average she has a lead over donald trump in pennsylvania and two point lead in florida and more than nine points ahead in new hampshirement and the national points are tightening, we'll talk to joe trippi. and a fox news contributor and aaron brimstone. and the fbi on the website and the background for investigation for hillary clinton's server. and the pressure on them, asking
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why they decided not to charge her with any sort of a crime. that is happening right now. these are continuing questions about the e-mail and foundation. and that is coming to key battleground states. >> in the key states, obviously it's weighed on her trust and honesty numbers are bad. they're about equal though between her and trump on that measure. and look, in the end, i think people, they made their judgments about hillary clinton. and a lot of them made judgments about donald trump. i think the race will get closeener national polls. but the electoral advantage the democrats have had particularly in the last six presidential
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elections, she has to win the battleground swing states. trump has to win every one of sdmem the clinton campaign has gone on the air in arizona and try to spread those battleground out. i don't think they will win. >> they are putting investment there, eric. >> what would you tell donald trump in order to make the polls tighten in the key battleground states where he needs to win? >> look, i have to think that the clinton campaign is violating the cardinal rule of politics that you should under promise and over deliver. and instead, we are reading stories expecting a landslide. no question right now, hillary clinton is the front runner. but as we get past labor day, the gap between her and trump is going to narrow. >> why? >> people will figure out there is an election going on. and they will despite what
10:21 am
doubts they have about the nominee, they will return to their respective camps. democrats with democrat and republicans to republican and another thing to keep in mind here, low expect aegzs that the clinton campaign is creating for donald trump will help him am. we saw how that worked to his advantage. we'll go in to the first debate with low expectations for trump. if he shows up and acts presidential he will be the judged the winner. >> is that enough? >> i don't see that happening. and i am not trying to be partisan here. part of what is going on, people forget that obama beat romney only 3.9 percentage points. it was a huge electorial victory. and because it is the state by state battles.
10:22 am
trump is behind in every single one of the swing battleground states. and like i said at this point, he can close it to 3 or 4 point ps. >> i only have ten seconds. what does he have to do it tighten the polls. >> keep the focus on hillary clinton and her dishonesty bad headlines continue to pile up. eric and joe, thank you so much. >> good to be with you, jenna. >> there are are new developments in the stanford rape case. outram as a former athlete gets out of jail early. we'll tell you what is next for him.
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>> the former stanford swimmer sentenced to six months in jail
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walked through after serving only half that time. brock turner's sentence sparked outrage after he was convicted of sexual assault a woman on the campus. the judge took himself off criminal cases. and turner is expected to go to ohio where he must register as a sex offender and three years of super vised probation. >> we have breaking news this hour on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the fbi releasing a report information on how they determined whether or not to charge hillary clinton over having her own server or e-mail while secretary of state. and they chose to put out the documents. they just hit on line ten minutes ago. this is brand new information on this story. howard kurtz is host of fox
10:27 am
media buzz. the headlines from rueteres. it is just now getting them and what the fbi is describing about their investigation with hillary clinton. two headlines that are interesting for our viewers, apparently hillary clinton told the fbi that she could not give an example of classification of a document was determined. clinton told the fbi she could not recall training on handling classified information. and that is a big question of whether or not she had classified material which she had on her private e-mail and server. the question is, how does the media just like voters, how do we continue to keep a fresh eye on the story that is out there for everyone to see for month and month and months. what is a key part of the story and questions that are unconsidered. >> this is rocket fuel for the
10:28 am
story, because there was a debate on the country and media and political spear of james comey's decision not to seek criminal charges. he laid out a political indictment of how reckless and careless she was in handling the information. people thought why didn't you go to the next step. it is heightened information since the comb decision. and the trip drip, drip, drip. it is taking a toll on hillary clinton's popularity. and so i do think it is not just another story that will go away in 24 hours. >> it gives the media time to go over. >> friday after the document dump. >> we went through this before. you wrote this week about media bias and what you saw with donald trump in a 24 hour period when he visited the president of
10:29 am
mexico and give a speech. can you tell our viewers what you you observed in the 24 hour and tells us about the election? >> i know you want to get to the debate moderators. when donald trump pulled off that surprise visit. he got rare praise from fiercest critics in the media that he handled himself well and looks statesmen like and then in a matter of hours, it all trashed the fiery hard line speech he gave in arizona. and that is in part of underlying factor. mainstream mind set to favor of some kind of modest immigration reform. and trump changed his position on the mass deportations by delaying it. it brought the criticism to foreand it was praise and then bashed. >> i know you have a lot of
10:30 am
things to talk about p. including the debate moderators. it is great to have you and thank you very much. media buzz hosted by howard kurtz. >> we have a lot to talk about. we are pouring through the e-mails and we'll ponder the question in the break. do you know where you will spend eternity? how about a historic church in manhattan prime realist. jenna takes us next to the tombes beneath old st. patrick's basilica where prime real estate is for sale. >> do our dogs understand us. a new study on how we communicate with our best friends. >> it is how long works with
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>> a fox news alert in the past couple of minutes. the fbi released a report on hillary clinton's personal use of the e-mail server and all classified information on it. much of the report is redakted. but there are interesting and key points as we pour through
10:35 am
the 60 pages. among them clinton telling the fbi she could not recall training on handling classified information. and clinton told the fbi she knew she had had the power to classify information secret but could not recall using that power. there is a lot to reference that back to what hillary clinton said publicly and when she testified before congress. we'll have a lot more on that as we go through the documents with the political panel coming up, jenna? >> and now to a unique piece of new york city real estate in the basement of the basilica of the old st. patrick catheteral and the buyer will own a piece of history forever. >> under the hustle and bustle
10:36 am
lies a hidden treasure few have ever seen. beneath the oldest church in the nation. catacomand series of crypts with fascinating stories. >> the oconner vault. he was a presidential candidate. >> and if you were to open the door and we will not do it. what would we see? >> it's interesting. if you were to open the door with the key. we don't have the key? >> no one can open it. >> no one knows where the key is. >> these are elaborate vaults. and if you open the door, there would be stairs that go back and you could have 18 different caskets. >> and who else is down here. who is john kelly. >> honest john kelly was the
10:37 am
city sheriff and also a member of the house of representatives. this is an interesting name someone that not everyone knows but an important person to our history. >> general thomas ekert was a important to president lincoln. >> and there is room for one more family. the church's offering a unique opportunity to the public. 7 million which donation secures your own private resting place. >> this is the location of the family script. dimensions are still worked out. we have a good idea what is looked like. >> rod iran brass door and open up and there would be six areas with full body burial and then perhaps two banks of niches
10:38 am
where future generations could be buried. >> tell us about the price. how did you you arrive at 7 million. >> 7 million was a wish, prayer number. and of course, we would entertain any reasonable offer. >> really, it is open for negotiation? >> we would, you know, oh. listen. >> got you wondering how much flexibility. >> how much would you pay. >> how much will people pay for it. >> we came up with that number because we have a number of things to do. we need to finish the restoration down here and in the cemeteries. and more importantly we wanted to earmark money for the restoration of the oregon. if you think about it. if you amortize it. it would be a low payment. >> a low payment?
10:39 am
>> you you will be dead for eternity. nice. >> and so if you took that amount and kind of put it over 10000 years. >> fair point. >> what they are getting is they rest in peace in one of the most historical catholic spots in new york city. >> historical and famous. >> michael, you believe in god almighty of head and earth. >> over looking the spot is the only pipe organ of its kind in the country. put in place after the sieve issil war. the organ needs to be taken apart and repaired. the renovation is happening outside of the church. it is dating back to 1836 a time when parishoner ares had to often defend themselves in the
10:40 am
infamous slum of new york city. >> who holds sway over the five point, us natives born to this fine land or the fallen horredes defiling it. >> and then the gangs in new york. we have all seen the scenes of the fighting in the streets. >> you had men with muskets protecting the church. >> why did they have to protect the church? >> they were burning down catholic churches. >> who will own the piece for eternity. this question remains. >> we are dealing with people with eternal rest. have you been down here at night by yourself and feel like you are not alone. >> absolutely not. i would not come down here. >> they say the crypt is still
10:41 am
available if you are interested. >> would they take a check. >> frank is reasonable. >> negotiate a payment plan. and can you go visit your relatives. >> i actually asked them that. the families are so old and do they have family members that come and visit. >> but they don't visit face-to-face with the cask. but they come and pay respect. for a few thousand, you can purchase a place to put family ashes in the wall and there is an uptake of interest in that but so far, no buyer for the script. >> get in touch with jenna. >> no finder's fee for me. it was an interesting piece of american industry. >> the movies were great too. great piece. fbi releasing documents on a friday before holiday weekend. imagine that.
10:42 am
that relates on how the fbi handled the information on hillary clinton's private e-mail server and we have them. and working our way through the stack and share brand new information and many of the things that hillary clinton says she can't remember coming up after the break. terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. soon, she'll be binge-studying.. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. >> good nows this hour. the latest of hillary clinton's use of private server and e-mail address. catherine herridge has led the report on the story and joins us with what we know at this hour. what stands out to you? >> reporter: there are two documents, a summary of the fbi investigation in to the mishandling of classified information. that is 47 pages and then there is the 302 which i have right here. about a dozen page and this is what the fbi calls the summary
10:46 am
of an interview, the fbi does not traditionally record the introduce it is si summary. and i am halfway through the 302 and what you conclude here, on the critical conditions of intent, whether she understood how classified information was handled she answered that she could not remember or she could be not recall and i want to give you a couple of xchs right here. she's asked when she first got security claerance and carried it from the senate to the state department. clinton could not when she first received security clearance and if it was carried from the senate to the state department. and then she said clinton being not recall briefing or training with the release of federal records or handling of classified information.
10:47 am
clinton recalled to be the crown jewels of the intelligence community. she could not recall specific briefing on how to handle information associated with special access programs and that is a big problem and i will tell you why, in 2009, within days of becoming secretary of state she signed two nondisclosure agreement. one about classified information and provides very specific steps if you will for the hand upon leling of the information and special access program and when you sign these documents, you are are confirming to the u.s. government that you understand what classified information is and understand what a special access program is. you understand that this is some of the government's closely held secret and understand how it is supposed to be handled. she signed the document and told the fbi she could not remember
10:48 am
the briefing or training or remember how to handle this information and that trusted people at the state department toous their judgment and not send going to her that was classified. she dumped the importance on the subis ordinates. >> we'll be back with you with more information. a lot there. thank you. >> and now we'll bring you eric and alexis. nice to have both of you with us. alexis. you heard catherine herridge's reporting. how do you square the nondisclosure agreement that his hillary clinton's signature on it and her inability to remember much of anything interviewed by the fbi. >> i haven't had a chance to look at these things and i do think that it presents probably the big pest hurdle in the election. these fbi documents keep coming
10:49 am
out and bringing the story back. and that is a big problem for her moving in the final 68 days until the election. >> eric, as you hear all of this, what is striking, it comes out on a friday before a holiday weekend. and it would be damming, but this is the woman who the fbi director said was careless and negligent in handling all of the classified. and then she was nominated for president and leading in the polls, is all of the information about the e-mail servers baked in to the electorate and all of us just sitting here talking about it. >> i don't know that it is baked it. it is a problem and continue to be a problem. and the fact that it is dripping will depress her numbers and why we are seeing the closure. it is not trump moving up as clinton moving down.
10:50 am
and they have to get in front of it. likely a press conference or something to open up. but right now to stay invisible and behind the scene and have the drips it will continue her. >> alexis, you said the magic word, press conference. 273 days since she's had a press conference. has it become almost now comprehensively harder to have one now that there's all these documents sitting out here from the fbi and reporters being able to read from her fbi investigation? >> i think the problem with the fact that she hasn't had a press conference in a while is that no matter when she does it, no matter what just came, it's always going to be a really loaded thing. reporters haven't gotten a chance to ask her a lot of things. as soon as she holds a press conference, it will take over the news cycle. it's not necessarily the fbi documents, it's the fact that
10:51 am
she hasn't had one in a while. >> when she was pressed about the server, she said, what do you mean, wipe it with a cloth. it turns out they used bleach bits to wipe it. was her e-mail compromised by foreign powers like russia? then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. 80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. ♪my friends know me so well.s they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes.
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we of course all talk to our dogs. but it turns out a new study shows the dog understands a lot more than we originally thought. and get this. dogs prefer praise to treats. you're watching how they found this out, in a mri machine, giving mris to dogs. pet expert wendy diamond is here with baby hope. so how much do you think baby really understands? >> 100%. >> really? >> honestly. if i say i love you, she goes on
10:55 am
her back and rolled over. >> is that because you trained her to do that? >> it's because it's positive reenforcement. i don't give her any treats. well, of course i give her treats, but if i talk to her, her face moves, it's always positive, it's always happy. just like people, if you say hey, how are you, people will respond with a positive hello, right? if you talk really slow and down, they're going to talk to you that way. they absolutely understand what we're saying. >> baby is kind of confused by the lights. we have another expert in nashville, do you have any furry friends with you? >> just myself. >> just yourself. okay. you've got a mustache so that works. as you learn about this study and think about things, does it make sense to you, what we're hearing, the dog goes into a mri and you can figure out what the dog is thinking? >> i don't know so much about that. i think if people work past the dramatic headline and get into the body of the study, there's
10:56 am
not a ton of new information there. we've known that dogs can learn a lot of different commands and amass a pretty decent vocabulary. but that's very different from spoken language and being able to look at your dog and say, hey, i've got to work three hours late tonight, i won't be back until 9:00 instead of 6:00. >> dogs won't understand "i've got to work late," but if you sound sad, they clearly get that, right? >> right. situational tonality has a lot more weight than the actual words. tonality projects the mood to the dog. >> my grandmother used to say, it's not what you say, it's how you say it. >> there you go. >> hope, i don't understand if you understand me, we love you, you're very cute. we saved the best for last with
10:57 am
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a fox news alert. a stunning friday afternoon before a holiday weekend document dump comes out from the fbi, just now releasing documents about what they learned during their investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server. and these 60 pages are indeed stunning. this is a third hour of "happening now." i'm leland vittert in for jon scott. >> i'm laura ingle in for jenna lee. the documents include their recommendation


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