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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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comedian and actor gene wilder. >> they're playing some of his most beloved fills including "willy wonka and the chocolate factory and "blazing "blazing s, gene wilder died sunday, he was 38 years old. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. the feds releasing notes from their investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail setup, including details of the fbi's interview, one-on-one with hillary clinton. here's some of the highlights. secretary clinton never asked for permission to use a private server or i'm each address while the was secretary of state. however, clinton also said she wasn't trying to sidestep any laws about federal records. it was just a matter of convenience, she also turn down a state department mail account when she began her job. clinton said investigators everyone at the state department
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unlv she had a private e-mail address and nobody ever raised any concerns. we're also learning that clinton's team apparently had trouble keeping track of her many phones and the report, clinton aide said the secretary often replaced her black berry and the web site of her devices would become unknown once the transitioned to a new device. in fact, her one aide said he destroyed phones by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer. the good old-fashioned way. according to the fbi, clinton told agents she could not recall receiving any e-mails she thought should not be on an unclassified system, also she could not remember every briefing she ever received during her transition out of office because of a concussion. after a year-long investigation the fbi director said clinton and her aides were extremely careless, but officials did not have the evidence to recommend criminal charges. we also just got reaction from
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clinton's campaign spokesman, quote: while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake, and she has taken responsibility for it, these materials make clear why the department of justice believed there was no basis to move forward with this case. catherine herridge with the news now live in washington. clinton claims it seems she really didn't know how the whole setup worked. >> reporter: there were two documents released by the fbi this afternoon. the critical document is this document called the 302. that's what the fbi calls the summary of an interview. the fbi does not record interviews so in this case that was true and there's no transcript, just a summary of the fbi agent's notes who questionedder , and consistently throughout the interview, hillary clinton says that she simply cannot recall when she got her security clearance. she cannot recall any specific training or briefing for the
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handling of classified information and cannot recall any specific training for the handling of special access programs, some of the u.s. government's most closely held intelligence programs such as national security nsa tech nick cal programs and human spying. the other thing that jumped out from this 302 summary is the fact that mrs. clinton said she used the account for convenience. but there was absolutely no followup from the agents about what that exactly meant because we now understand that she had multiple devices, multiple servers, yet they don't press her on this issue and this is one of the main criticisms of the republicans who had read this document, and this criticism seems very well-founded. i hesitate to be critical of the fbi but it feels like they were almost stenographers in the case and not really probing with their questions. >> as the -- i got the same
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reaction. sounded like they were reading from a script and weren't paying attention to the answers because there were very few followups. what about these special access programs? >> reporter: special access programs, as i mentioned, are the crown jewels for the u.s. intelligence community. these are programs that are only known by a small circle of people, and the reason that's the case is because human lives are really on the line, and what we see in the fbi interview is that she is asked about the 22 top secret e-mailed that were too damaging to release for national security reasons because they relate to these programs. so we can see their questions about target selection for the drone campaign. we can also see there's a question about a human spy who was working for the cia. this was a story first reported by fox news. and we can also see that there's a discussion of a u.s. army officer who was killed in
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afghanistan but a senior aide to mrs. clinton or a long-time contact, essentially outed that person as someone would worked at the cia after their death, and really effectively put that person's family at grave risk. it's shocking to me to see that was in fact the case, and what i would add is that the document says she can't recall the briefings and the declarations she made to the government about how she understood she would handle this information in an appropriate way. and she signed two of these nondisclosure agreements within just a matter of day us of becoming secretary of state, confirming to the government under oath that she understood the rules. yet when she was questioned by the fbi, she was able to walk away from that interview saying, i don't remember, i don't recall, i didn't know the rule, and it's very hard to look at the document and not really
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understand one of the criticism is have heard consistently from people who have had security clearances is that if you had put another on the file that person we be in jail and not running for president of the united states. >> catherine herridge live in washington. thank you. let talk about it now with jamelle green, former adviser on hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and a fox news political analyst, and i read through the 60 pages and i took notes and what i wrote town the most is, could not recall, was not aware, didn't think of that. i mean, over and over she seems, i hate to use the word -- oblivious and in fact i'll be very specific. sent these to the graphics department and we'll put them up on the screen. here is her memory, which seems abysmal. could not recall training on
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classified information. could not recall using her power to classify. could not recall her receiving e-mails that should not be an an unclassified system. could not recall briefings she received when she left office pause of her 2012 con -- concussion, defense attorneys tell your clients of you don't warrant to get charged just say i don't recall, and that is all over these 60 pages. >> oh, yes. these are excuses for thewoman can being completed with a complete lack of seriousness by her and builds into the narrative that hillary clinton does not think the rules apply to her and is this all coming out at a very inconvenient time for hillary clinton. 70% of americans other do not trust her, 41% view her favorably, and on top of that trump is come ought of a very, very strong week. some of the polls are showing him ahead of hillary so this will keep the security scandals on the front page and i think
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this will hurt her. >> she doesn't recall being briefed on how to classify a document or wreck noise -- recognize a classified. she is secretary of state. isn't that evidence of incompetence. >> what this is evidence of is exactly what the clean top campaign said. they wanted these notes to be released. they did not want to have a trip, drop of this coming out from republican numbers of congress who are giddy -- >> this from the fbi. >> the fbi that was lauded -- the fib director one of the most respected men until he said, we unanimously -- >> you're saying -- >> -- we are not going to pursue prosecution. >> demonstrates a lack of confidence she doesn't know how to do something as basic as classify a document or recognize a classified document and she is the top american tip polite who has to teal with it -- diplomat
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who has to deal with it constantly. >> everybody understands that hillary said she would have done this differently if she had it to do all over again. that's been addressed. what hasn't been dressed i the fact that donald trump sits on top hoff this complex business network and the same questions that have been asked of the clintons for the last 20 years, by the organization behind this, are not being asked of him. how is he going to divest from his network when hi is in debt hundreds of millions of dollars to the state bank of -- >> you're shifting it to donald trump and i wanted to focus swearly -- >> -- going after donald trump on immigration consistently every day for the last two weeks and i've been part of that. let's be fair here. and talk about hillary clinton's latest breaking news. her fbi interview and let's put up on the screen the other part of my notes as i read these 60 pains
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pages of her interview. she seems profoundly uninformed. no aware of hardware or software systems she deals with hourly. was not aware of security concerns. with private e-mails. really? could not give an example of classifying document. did not think about whether a military document on a drone being used should be classified. i mean, an eighth grader probably knows that a military document is secret. >> it's amazing. but also is crazy is of the things that the fbi released, some of these pages were redacted. there were pages missing so we don't know everything. it's incredible but the unfortunate thing is that the media does not cover these scandals with the same sort of -- >> that's laughable. >> -- the cause -- >> laugh ale. >> the american pock --
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>> whether in his tax returns-what is he hiding? how is going to divest owing the bank of china $60 million. >> i'd like to stay on clinton. >> and -- and his business interest. >> the latest news. the e-mails and comes literally just hours, about 12 hours after we learn that people at the foundation contacted the state department and asked them to engage in an illegal act by giving them diplomatic passports. >> gregg, the -- >> put up on the screen. let me finish. put up on the screen the latest fox news poll, and i wonder if this is simply baked into hillary clinton already. 66% of the voters think that it's likely that the clintons are selling influence to foundation donors. how do you respond to that. >> the former president of the united states went to north korea because two of our
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journalists were being held by the north koreans, and his team said -- >> so 66% of voters -- >> -- made this diplomatic passports. this needs to be clarified. he went there and got them back and they didn't even get the diplomatic passport because it wasn't necessary. are re seriously sit here and saying he should not have taken the trip? he was not being a diplomat on behalf of those journalists. >> -- illegal for the foundation to ask the clinton secretary of state to provide documents which would be against the law. >> yeah. clinton foundation executives and donors had access to these state department at the highest level. everybody knows that. and the ap revealed in their report that over half of hillary's meetings she had while she was secretary of state were with clinton foundation donors. >> the ap actually said that was -- the a said that was wrong, the tweet was wrong but refused to correct it. >> people donated --over cover
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cover. >> she met with world leaders. big deal. >> the headline out of today's breaking news is going to be hillary clinton's concussion being used as an excuse for not being able to remember a great many things in the fbi interview. kim, kristin, thank you for being with us. much more throughout the hour as our teams go through the documents and also talk to fox "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace, the first ever fox news journalist to moderate a presidential debate. we have not heard the last of hermine. a live look at what is left of the hurricane that made a mess in florida, now on track to become a misery for the holiday weekends for millions. forecasters warn it's going to get dangerous out there. fferent? while the other guys use frozen beef from far away.
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watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. more now on the fbi's release of it report on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation, the so-called 302 interview, a couple hours long, and glen hall joins the u.s. editor of -- are you three-quarters of the way through. >> i got to the end. >> what do you take away from it? give me your big tackaway, so, first big takeaway is the chain of custody in terms of technology that might have housed these e-mails, might have
12:17 pm
connected to the servers, including the archives and surfers, is very, loose. >> reckless. >> a laptop that held he archives that nobody knows writ is, a thumb drive that the archives were put on. nobody knows where that was, 13 mobile mobile devices that it may have synced with it. nobody knows where they are. >> what's more than reckless other than criminal? what else do you see. >> what jumped out another me, she seems to say very often, i can't recall, i'm not aware of that, i don't know, i didn't think about it, as if she is either really informed or has serious memory problems. >> well, i think you can put it this way if you want to be general yous, working at the high level and was not concern about the details. assumed everybody else would make sure the server's skew and e-mail's right.
12:18 pm
she relied on everybody else to make sure that why their e-mails her was not classified. she wasn't taking ownership of that part of the equation and was expecting others to do that for her and relying on her aides and others to screen the e-mails for her. >> she never deleted nor instructed number to delete e-mails to avoid complying with federal records laws or the fbi state requests for information. pretty much the same explanation she gave for why she even created the server, which was out of convince, and yet catherine herridge no followup questions by the fbi. >> when you look at this in its totality you see that hillary clinton was staying as far away from responsibility as she could. she wanted 0 be focused at the high level or had safety concern for responsibility. i think what you see is other people were supposed to make sure things got done for her, and so she stepped back from that. she didn't in fact review all
12:19 pm
the e-mails he was when they were requested by the state depth. she asked her attorneys and her staff members to do that. she didn't supervise that process directly, according to these e-mails of these documents from the fbi. so all of those things she wanted to help the state department get the information and asked other people to do it. >> it is a crime to intentionally mishandle classified information. and i emphasize the word intentionally. yet nowhere during the course of this interview is hillary clinton asked about her intent, which would seem to be a fundamental question that any lawyer or the fbi or prosecutor would ask during one of these closed door sessions. >> when you look at the exchanges the fbi provided us you see them asking about specific e-mails. they would say, when you sent this i'm i'm did you think there was anything classified in their? they were trying to get it's it. she would look at it and would say, i don't see anything there that seems to be classified, even though it is now considered to be confidential or secret and in some cases top secret.
12:20 pm
what she was saying to the fbi i received these e-mails and looked at them. i was not supposed to receive confidential e-mail and i don't see anything in there that should have been marked confidential. she said before she thinks the state department and others retroactively looking at these things are being much more ridge ed about -- rigid and confidential. >> except satellite pictures of the enemy and drone strikes is a no-brainer in terms of top secret and confidential. >> that getting back to director comey's view of all of this as being reckless and careless. >> yeah. which seems like the same thing is a grossly negligent, which is a crime all. all right, thank you for being with us. we'll check in with our teams for more from the document dump. first, world that hundreds of thousands of people are now without any power in florida. likely a preview of folk's
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a fox news weather alert. what is left of hurricane hermine barreling across the southeastern united states. battering millions of americans with blistering winds and pounding rain and damaging floods. the storm now lashing georgia and the carolinas after slamming into florida overnight. it was the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade. forecasters have downgraded hermine to a tropical storm but say make no mistake it is still very dangerous and potentially deadly threat. even say it could strengthen yet again to a hurricane as it tracks north in the. coming days, pummeling folks and undown the east coat. the governors of north carolina,
12:25 pm
georgia have declared states of emergency and north carolina's governor says officials have extra responders prepared to help people in need and clear the downed trees trees and power lines. utility officials in south carolina report 10,000 people are without any electricity in charleston. officials in georgia report the weather there has knocked out pour to thens of thousands and florida's governor says 300,000 people are without power across the northern part of the state. also says one man died when a tree came crashing down on a homeless camp south of gainesville. the storm has caused serious damage in florida, toppling trees, scattering debris and areas where the flood waters half now receded. some amateur videotape showing the storm tearing across tampa bay. emergency officials as far north as new england, already now are bracing for a nasty labor day weekend. new york's mayor has closed city beaches on sunday. he has warned of extremely dangerous and potentially deadly
12:26 pm
rip tides. we have fox team coverage. caroline is in kill devil hills on the outer banks and first to phil keating in st. mary's, goes, north of jackson krill. what's it -- jacksonville. what's it like there. >> reporter: at the end of the peer -- pier, people saying the wind was insane last night it but as was the forecast here today, that's throughout the day in northern florida and georgia, the ferocity of hermine was dim minimum erred and the weather improved. clearly it is. youthful see the blue skies, hasn't rained in a while. that an island across the way which is popular during the summertime, especially holiday weekends. may actually be salvageable come sunday and monday in cedar key
12:27 pm
florida today, which was on the dirty side of this hurricane last night and this morning, you can see all the damage in the streets, a lot of tree debris some flooded roads, broken windows and busted doors. up in tallahassee and across the panhandle the big story here today is that's where all the people lost power. some counties have 99% of the residents, no electricity. 70,000, 70,000 people in leon county, that's in the surrounding areas of tallahassee, no power, and the governor spoke today saying it may be a while, days at least, before many people get their power back. here is the -- this morning. -- the governor his morning. >> spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of our communities and florida families. but the number one thing is to stay safe. do not drive in standing water. stay away from downed power
12:28 pm
lines. just because it's clear outside does not mean it's safe. >> reporter: and the upside for northern florida and southeastern georgia is, the weather really is starting to improve, but of course, about 23 million people up the east coast that are going to have a little taste of this tropical storm this weekend. >> phil keeting, stay safe. continuing now the fox team coverage, care line is live from kitty hawk on the outer banks of north carolina. what is happening where you are now? >> reporter: we're just getting our first taste of what they felled in florida and feeling in georgia throughout the day. the rain started to come in sideways and the winds have picked up. look at the white caps. we did not have those earlier this morning. i'm looking at a sand castle, a toddler and her dad were building this morning. we had folks surfing and walking but things have started to deteriorate here. before this hit we're told to expect 45 miles-per-hour sustained winds.
12:29 pm
dusts up to 55 miles-per-hour. the storm surge could be one to three feet. when you ad that together, it could be flashflooding throughout the weekend, and maybe on into the week next week as the part pushes interest this river -- the water pushes inland. you have to think about the lay of the land. the outer banks is a skinny little finger of land that could be overwhelmed. we have the atlantic at our backs, the sound to the front. the north carolina governor declared 33 different counties as a state of emergency. he is prepared. has the national guard with their humvees. swift boat rescue teams and all of these teams poised and ready for rescues. he has helicopters but you have to think they're not sending a helicopter out in this. they're not sending a bet out in that. so telling residents to be smart, let's make it through the next 24 hours together because it is going to be a rough one. >> sure will be. thank you very much. updating our breaking news next. what we're learning from the
12:30 pm
fbi's report on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we'll talk "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace and what is hi planning when he moderates the third and final presidential debate. the first and last time we see the candidates before voters pick the next president. first, jaw-dropping video tape showing the dangers of crossing the street. what is most amazing, nobody seriously injured. we'll show you what happened next.
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a fox report. shocking new videotape showing a truck plowing into a student as he gets off a school bus in texas. i want to emphasize the child is fine. the truck does not stop. even though you can see the bus has its stop sign out and lights flashing. happened in austin where police say a camera caught 900 people approximately driving by stopped
12:33 pm
buss in just the first week of school. a massive storm covered phoenix, blinding drivers last night. the national weather service issuing a dust advisory. reported visibility are in one mile. the former luxury cruise ship costa concordia can do the -- took the last trip before it is pulled apart in 2012 the ship crashed off the west coast of italy. the captain faces 16 years in prison. we'll be right back.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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[ crowd noisewhoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. updating fox top story. at the fbi releasing documents from its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server, including notes from its closed door interview with clinton. mike emanuel is live in the d.c. newsroom. what else were learning from the notes? >> reporter: hillary clinton was asked about her knowledge regarding this different levels of classification of u.s. government information. clip top told the nib she did
12:36 pm
not pay attention to the level of classified information and that she took all classified information seriously. the fbi notes clinton was aware there was a private e-mail servern her chappaqua new york basement but did not know of the various server systems until being made aware recently. the interview notes clinton did not ask for permission to use a private server or e-mail address. >> donald trump's campaign just released a statement. tell us about it. >> jason miller, senior communications adviser to the trump campaign says, quote, hillary clinton is applying for a job that begins each day with a top secret intelligence briefing and the notes from her fbi interview reinforce her tremendously bad judgment and dishonesty. the trump advisers goes on to say she can note be trusted with the presidency and its chief obligation as commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces. clinton campaign spokesman brian
12:37 pm
fallon says the campaign is pleased the fbi released the materials from clinton's interview which her team had requested. he notes her use of a single e-mail condition was keirly a mistake and she haslity for it e clinton campaign concludes, these materials make clear why the justice department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case. however, should note some republicans and democrats are calling for all of the relevant materials to be released. >> mike emanuel, thank you. let's bring in fox news anchor chris wallace. chris will be moderating the third and final presidential debate on october 19th. congratulations again. we talked earlier, chris, but this is something i think to be proud of, at the same time i -- you're looking at certainly as a real challenge, aren't you? >> oh, a real challenge and a big responsibility. first of all, i can't even begin
12:38 pm
to write questions because we're talking six, seven weeks from now. i have to watch what happens in the first couple of debates, she whatground is covered what isn't. you have to see what's going on in the campaign and the world. so it will only be in last week or ten days i'll try to come up with the right topic areas and the right questions to ask about those topics. >> and the six different topics -- those are not settled by both sides. that's simply what in the end you decide on, right? >> yeah. that was the most daunting moment yesterday when they called and asked me if i wanted to do it. they being the commission on presidential debates. the way it's divided is there will be six buckets, six topics, isis, immigration, whatever, and i said who decided what those are? and hey -- they said, you do. that will be an interesting thing to decide but a lot will be what ground has already been covered and what i think are the
12:39 pm
most fertile areas to still be discussing less than three weeks before voter goes to the polls and choose the next president. >> now, on sunday, on "fox news sunday," you usually have a guest or two, and you go through what is topical and you challenge them, quite often, but this is different, isn't it? >> absolutely. and i'm keenly aware of that. "fox news sunday" i do a lot of research. have a great team, and we try to come up with very pointed questions, and very strong followups. this is not a sunday show interview. this always debate. so, to a large degree i want to just be able to throw the piece of meat into the cave and let the two lions go at it, and to the degree you don't even see i'm there, that's the mark of how successful a moderator i'll be.
12:40 pm
at the end of the debate folks say i learn a lot about trump and clinton and if there's a third party candidate, that one as well and i don't remember you were on he stage, then i'll have done a real request good job. >> i'm sure it will happen just like that. let me switch subjects. almost every day seems to be a new revelation with regard to hillary clinton either her foundation, and accusations that donors are buying access or influence or her e-mail server, and today of course the fbi releasing the notes from its interview of hillary clinton that saturday just before james comey, the fbi director, announced that he was not referring any criminal charges. what's your reaction to this today? >> well, i would pick up on your last point. comey did not recommend any criminal charges against her. i think this was heavily lawyered.
12:41 pm
she has very good lawyers. and, look, the notes aren't the most impressive. don't make her look great in the sense she doesn't recall a lot of stuff, she was relying on her aides and their judgment as to whether something was sensitive or not. didn't know when it was a "c" on a document that meant it was classified. may have have been erroneous. so she doesn't look like she was completely in command or in control, but that wasn't the point. she was trying to get through that three-hour interview without a criminal referral and she succeeded in that. so even if this document dump at the very beginning of labor day weekend doesn't make her look good the bottom line, i'm sure as the clinton campaign is concern there was no criminal charges, she has gone on and she is going to be participating the the presidential debated. >> but the political cost at the top of the show, we put up on the screen her memory problems
12:42 pm
in the interview, couldn't recall training on classified information, cooperate recall using her power -- couldn't recall using her power to classify, couldn't recall receiving e-mails that should not be in an unclassified system. could not recall briefings she received when leaving office because of her 2012 concussion. there they are back on our screen. this is fodder for her opponent in this presidential race, donald trump, to say, you see, there are serious questions about not just judgment but competence. would you expect trump to go there? >> well, sure. of course he will. and as i say it doesn't make her look particularly good but that wasn't job one. job one in the interview was to get out of it without being indicted, and that's what she succeeded at and i suspect that if she had it to do all over again she would do the same thing. i'm not saying she is lying. may well be she didn't recall but i don't think the question
12:43 pm
of her concerns as to how it would look if it was made public and the didn't know it was going to be made public -- that was very much a secondary concern, her prime concern was to not end inwith an indictment. >> i don't recall, certainly helps in that regard, but perhaps at a political cost. we'll wait and see. chris, thank you very much, and thanks for your thoughts on the upcoming debate. we wide-you well as the moderator. you'll be terrific, i'm sure. >> well, thank you, and we'll be talking a lot between now -- i don't get to good on stage until october 19th, so it's a long was. >> i don't think i want to be in your shoes, but good luck to you: thanks. this weekend "fox news sunday" chris will be talking with dr. ben carson, former rival and new adviser to donald trump, and dr. jill stein, the green party presidential nominee. that's coming up sunday. check your local fox station for
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we're continuing to keep a close i'm on hermine after it slapped into florida, bringing dangerous flooding. the first hurricane to main make landfall there in more than a decade. governor rick so the said one man died when a tree fell on top of him. hundreds of thousands of people lost power. folks in georgia and the carolinas feeling the impact of waves picking up now on the outer banks. forecasters say they will not be the only ones feeling it. meteorologist like reithmuth is in the weather center. rick? >> so many people thinking, last weekend of summer, going to go to the each on the eastern seaboard. florida is having incredible amounts of rain from the storm. lake tarp, over 22-inches of rain. that's the bull's eye so far. now also coastal areas of
12:48 pm
georgia and in towards the carolinas and we still have a lot of wayne to be -- rain to be had. tornado watch until midnight tonight across the easternshore of the cares but the heaviest rain so far has been across parts of south carolina, and it is now going to move in across areas of north carolina tonight. so get ready for big flooding concerns across the eastern parts of north carolina moving over the next, say, 12 to 24 hours. in fact, flashflooding going on just around columbia and points south in south carolina. here's what we know the track is very consistent here over the next, say, 12, 24, maybe up to 36 hours. heading out across the outer banks and then things get interesting. one track has a big bubble here. means our steering currents are not clear and it's going to get stuck here. that's the saturday position. that's your wednesday position. so, a very long duration storm here, right across parts of the northeast. really the mid-atlantic, and
12:49 pm
across jersey long island sound. so the tropical storm warnings now have been extended to the north good we have tropical storm watches in effect, including coastal areas of connecticut and the long island sound. but i think potentially is going to see quite a big storm surge from this, maybe seven to nine feet and that will cause damage. models, it's consistent and then they get ugly here and that's what we'll see this storm waddle around. this is one of the forecast models. just want to show you what happens here. going towards saturday and sunday, a monster tomorrow here. not sure if it will be tropical as in a hurricane but it will likely pack winds at least 75-miles-an-hour. that's hurricane strength, and look at sunday. strengthens and cuts back towards the coast here. so get ready for major flooding and coastal erosion event across the northeast for sunday, and gregg, we'll have this with us likely until wednesday or thursday. >> charge up the generator and get out the galoshes and baton
12:50 pm
down the hatches. >> and get the bread. >> thank you. there's word one of the most popular cell phones in the world can spontaneously explode. we'll have details on the major re-call stretching around the globe. coming up next.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
samsung recalling 2-1/2 million phones because of the batteries are exploding and catching fire. one woman bolted out of bed after he new phone burt into names, filling her room with smoke and the smell of chemicalled of it's the galaxy note 7. sam sunning released it a couple of weeks ago. company reps say people have reported 35 phones blowing up or
12:54 pm
catching fire. they say they're investigating the issue. so what's the deal with this? >> ing this i the worth possible moment for sam -- sums sung, this was supposed to be the iphone killer. apple has been criticized for not making iphones with group grades to run to the store and by new foe. this galaxy was supposed to be the bee's knees. this even had a styleus, whatever people wanted this was it. so this is extraordinarily bad timing for the company and the fact it is a fault in the battery and it makes them smoke and catch fire. to be fair to samsung, it's not the only company that has glitches. >> we have heard this before. there have been other makers of smart fops -- >> nokia had issues with batteries that overheated. this particular fire, this
12:55 pm
particular incident, waltz bit more remarkable unfortunate for samsung. even apple had one death in china because somebody had used a knockoff charger, and apple -- so apple didn't take any litigation over it because it wasn't an approved charger, but that being said, obviously for that person who died because of it, i'm sure her family doesn't feel any better. so as far as the apple versus sumsong wore, this is a one for apple. >> apple has another big event where it will be unveiling the iphone 7. >> i just got the 6. >> you're going to get there gregg. >> hough does that happen? i'm like a day late and a dollar short always. thank you for being with us. coming up a look back at the time when the united states and russia put aside competition for a common cause, the groundbreaking moment for
12:56 pm
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so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different, it's deliciously different. on this day in 1993 the space race ended win the united states and russia agreed to work together above earth. nor decades the two nations had been trying to outdo one another in space. but by the time the '90s rolled around the soviet union was gone and nasa had its own money problems. both sides agreed to build a space station in 1998 a russian rocket took up the first piece. the crew arrived a couple years later and ever since the astronauts have had a place to stay up in orbit thanks to also cooperation that began 23 years ago today. congratulations. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. "your world" is next with trish regan. and we're looking at the dow right now. up 73 points.
1:00 pm
lots of green arrows on the markets today. so let's pretty good news going into the long holiday weekend. have a safe and happy holidays weekend. >> hurricane hermine heading up the east coast, right as we speak. after hitting florida head on, 30 million people are in this storm's path. now travelers heading out to the labor day weekend are bracing for the worst. welcome, i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." hurricane hermine is now a tropical storm but still a major threat as it heads east. states of emergency declared in parts of florida, georgia, and north carolina. we are all over it here. with phil keating in georgia, and rick reithmuth on where hermtime is heading next. steve harrigan is in cedar key, florida, whichoo


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