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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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lots of green arrows on the markets today. so let's pretty good news going into the long holiday weekend. have a safe and happy holidays weekend. >> hurricane hermine heading up the east coast, right as we speak. after hitting florida head on, 30 million people are in this storm's path. now travelers heading out to the labor day weekend are bracing for the worst. welcome, i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." hurricane hermine is now a tropical storm but still a major threat as it heads east. states of emergency declared in parts of florida, georgia, and north carolina. we are all over it here. with phil keating in georgia, and rick reithmuth on where hermtime is heading next. steve harrigan is in cedar key, florida, which took the brunt of
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the storm,. let's begin with phil. >> reporter: you can certainly guarantee traveling along the eastern sea board this weekend will be problematic and maybe next to impossible in some cases. you'll have debris, downed trees blocking roads, could have flashflooding, and for airline travelers, our flight, for example, last night from miami to jacksonville was cancelled due to the weather. that's probably going to be happening all the way up the east coast, as the storm continues to move forward. so call your airline, some airlines may give you voucher. this is the st. simon island and people here as the then then-hurricane was blowing the outer banks said the winds were insane so everybody up the carolinas, delware, new jersey york got a lot of storm coming to you.
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that's jekyll island, very popular tourist island, especially on holiday weekends. however this holiday weekend, for most of the east coast is not going to be fun and sunny. it's going to be dreary, cloudy, and windy, and rainy. take a look at cedar key today. damage everywhere. broken win toes, glass everywhere, and then up in tallahassee, in fact all across the panhandle, the main story there today is still no electricity for about 300,000 people. so, that's going to take days, maybe one or two, maybe three or more, according to the governor, rick scott, until they can get the electricity returned. so not only do you have the 300,000 in florida, you've also got tens of thousands in georgia without power. so, savannah alone had 8,000 people, as well as street flooding, with lost power throughout the night.
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back to you, trish. >> thank you so much. let's go right now to meteorologist rick reithmuth who is tracking the path from the fox weather center. >> a lot still left of hermine and you can see the center of the storm here across parts of south carolina, it is dumped rain on them and we have flashflooding going on, and then toward concerns. one tornado watch box we had just expired at 4:00, and a new one until midnight tonight along the coastal areas of the casheses. we'll see towards through the evening. a lot more rain to be had here, especially across south carolina, as the storm pulls off towards the north and the immediate we have flashflooding going on in south carolina, but get ready to see that in north carolina tonight. likely during the dark. here's what we know for sure. the storm is going to pull up right here along the coast, and exit where across the outer banks by tomorrow morning, then we are also very confident this storm stalls out somewhere off the jersey shore and it is going
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to sit here for a long time. we're not sure if it will be a tropical storm. that is a meteorologistal definition by the structure of the storm. it may or may not be, doesn't really matter because we'll be seeing winds probably 75-miles-an-hour, and that is hurricane strength, with the storm right here off the coast, and think of all the population in that area. we have tropical storm warnings in effect until maryland, and then we have tropical storm watches in effect extending across the connecticut coastline. we'll be watching a monster storm brewing. this is tomorrow morning and then the storm moves slyly, starts to get stuck. the reds are winds ben 50 and 60 miles-per-hour and we'll see spots on sunday that extend probably into the 77, 75-miles-an-hour range and that goes monday, tuesday, have the storm with us on wednesday. when you eave a prolonged storm like this, bringing the northeasterly wind, it's going to pile a lot of water up here in the long island sound, to get
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ready. maybe a seven to eight-foot storm surge here. we'll be storm surges across areas towards sandy hook and the entire jersey shore. we had hurricane sandy a few years ago. the beaches are freshly rebuilt. people want to be out there this last weekends. we'll get rain and wind and more beach erosion and a rough one across the northeast all weekend long. >> thank you so much, rick. i want to show you all this was the scene in cedar key, florida. wow, steve harrigan was getting whooped by the wave as hurricane hermine was bearing down. a forecast where residents said, bring it on, many refusing to evacuate. steve is back and the scene doesn't look so good the, but a little improvement over yesterday. what are you seeing, steve? >> reporter: you're right the weather is better but a tough day for many. you can see what happens when you get a nine-foot storm surge
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and 80-miles-an-hour winds against florida condominiums against the water. the storm surge was predicted to be just three feet and ended up to be nine feet so we're seeing air conditioners, satellite dishes, iron boards, percentage belongings, people even having trouble getting back to their houses in some cases because the roads are flooded. when they do get back it's very touch conditions for the cleanup. some houses, some businesses, simply won't be able to be salvaged, and more than 200,000 people without power. a lot of people without drinking water. so it's going to be a tough recovery for homeowners and businesses here along the florida coast. back to you. >> thank you so much, steve. businesses along the east coast are bracing for. hermine. retail watcher is here on how much financial damage this storm could do. good to see you. a lot of people enjoy the weekend and go out to dinner, go shopping, it's the last big
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hurrah for summer. >> 16% of americans going to go out and shop on this lab you're day weekend, and -- labor day weekend so it's going to have a massive impact. we're looking at the storms. category one storms have somewhere between 25 million to a couple billion dollars worth of damage done to areas but we saw what rick was showing how the storm was starting to kind of veer off and get a little less impactful. the real areas are going to have the impact or the ones we're saying, tampa bay. florida, the keys. they're the ones going to have the worst -- bear the worst of the brunt of the storm, meaning the restaurants are going to close down, people aren't going to go out to shop -- out to eat. they won't go out and drive around and go out and kind of frequent some of the summer places to hang out in and stuff. so, tourism will take a hit as well. >> they say that sometimes there are these storms and yet there's
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a big bounceback after. pent-up demand. people stuck at home. health got ton go out shopping and go out to eat. that then just transfers into next weekend or the following weekend. will it? >> like we saw, the storm isn't as harsh as it has been or had been predicted. so we'll see as we go up the coast, people maybe will come out a little bit more. we're seeing the storm work up the coast and maybe people go out this -- tonight, tomorrow, versus sunday and monday, but you're right, when these storms happen people think they won't be able to go out and go out even more so, and i have to add some of the grocery stores and the home improvement stores are seeing a huge impact as well. positivewise because people buy lights and water. >> baton down the hatches. >> exactly. >> we have more coming um. hillary clinton facing a storm of her own as the fbi reese leases its interview notes. the latest revelations and the potential impact coming
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advise sore i get you're saying hillary doesn't have the right plan. what do you think can do right now to create jobs. >> another dismal economic report and when you have record high number of people out of the work force. it's bill trouble for the economy. we're not producing enough jobs to get everybody back to work, and the wages just aren't keeping pace with the amount of people -- moment people are spending the problem for hilling reshe is talking about staying on the course we're on. >> maybe making it worse? >> well, first of all, can you think of a worst possible time to raise taxes right now when the economy -- in my opinion the business sector is in a soft recession so we want to cut taxes for the beens. we want to promote american ownership and get government off the backs of businesses so they can groat. >> when you look at these numbers you see some jobs were added but they're not really jobs that pay well. >> manufacturing job losses,
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construction job losses, the labor force participation rate is still near a 40-year low. tens of millions of people have given up looking for work so there immediates to be an attitude shift. hillary clinton's plan is more of the same with a different result, which i've said before is the very definition of insanity. she wants to raise tacks and spend money because people in government know how to spend your money, your tax dollars, better than you do. >> kristi what do you see. >> we're being doom and gloom. 135,000 jobs is not bad, not amazing, not a great as the previous months where we were over 250,000. but it's really not terrible. and in general if you look at the broader picture of the economy, you're looking at an economy that, again, is also good, not great. of course there are sectors that could be doing a little bit better that are lagging behind. but even if things that the traditional -- steve pointed to people being out of work for too
1:15 pm
long. it's not really clear exactly why that is. maybe because now they have health care and don't want a new job. things like that. so overall, again, think we're being a little bit more's mess stick than we need to be here --'s mick stick than we need to be. >> 4.9% up employment rate. let's peel back the layers on that a little bit more. degan, wages have not budged for 20 years. >> the wage growth we were starting to get is up 2.6%, and the last month that actually slowed in the most recent jobs report. you have an economy that's growing at 1.1%. in the most recent quarter and one thing that neither one of these candidates talks about that really gets my goat is the fact that the national debt has doubled under president obama, it's near live $20 trillion, we spent 49% on social security, medicare, medicaid, and other entitlements and the interest on
1:16 pm
our national debt in about five years is going to top what we spend on national -- >> i just want to point out, look at this, most important issues facing the country right now. economy, overwhelmingly, according to the latest fox poll, is the number one issue. is this perhaps why we're starting to see hillary clinton's lead weaken? >> it's almost totally evaporated in the last ten days. to your point it's a fair point. why aren't these candidates talking about more debt reduction, our view is until -- we have been going at one percent for six months. that's pathetic. not good enough for -- you just ask the average american do you think the economy is healthy? the n line that the economy is good that the clinton administration -- the clinton team is talking about, people don't buy into that. >> kristi, that's the problem. people don't feel like it. >> one -- 1.5 million -- [overlapping speakers] >> they feel like it's okay.
1:17 pm
and again, if you're one of those people who actually has been looking for -- you're one of those people that clinton does want to address. but -- >> kristi, why -- [overlapping speakers] >> -- the number one issue. if things were okay -- >> the thing that concerns them the most right now. >> in the absence of anything going on in terms of national security, the economy is almost always the number one issue. think about your personal security. >> and by the we [overlapping speakers] >> we just got a poll that shows that the two of. the completely tied in and she is only one point ahead of donald trump in a two-way race. so, things might be shifting. >> clinton and trump in the fox news poll are tied in terms of what will do a better job on the economy. >> hey have -- >> a jump ball. >> if we want to win the race we should have a big lead and what
1:18 pm
trump has to do in the big debate, contrast what he wants to do on the economy, wants to cut taxes, hillary wants to raid them -- >> should be an easy thing to the do because she i taking bat continueways of obama's policies which obviously have not worked. it's in to have all of you guys here today. imagine flying threw the center of this hurricane at its peak. the guy who just did it is here and a new storm as the fbi releases documents in the clinton e-mail investigation. we have all the details. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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the fbi releasing a report on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, including notes from the fbi's private interview with secretary clinton. this comes after several freedom of information act requests.
1:22 pm
catherine herridge is in washington, dc. -- forgive me, mike emanuel is in d.c. >> reporter: the fbi says its believe the server had not been hacked but was unable to draw the same connects about the 13 black berry devices she used during her time as secretary of state. it should be noted the fbi did not have the opportunity to analyze those e-mail devices. the bureau did get to look her ipads and said there was no evidence they had been hacked. clinton said the classified information about the u.s. drone program was down at the white house in her office at the state department or on a secure phone line. there's also a fair amount of information clinton claims she could not recall. such as any briefing or training on classified information. specialized training for the handling of u.s. government's most sensitive secrets and says she could not recall when he got a security clearance.
1:23 pm
rnc chairman priebus tweeted. >> as for the clinton come pain the spokesman says we're pleased the fbi released the materials from hillary clinton's interview also we had requested. while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and he has taken responsibility for it, these materials make clear why the justice department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case. clinton was asked about her knowledge regarding top secret, secret, and confidential classifications of u.s. government information, and she responded that she did not pay attention to the level and took all classified information seriously. >> wow. thank you very much. mike emmanuel. looks like this scandal is starting to hit hillary clinton in the polls. a new poll out today from investors business daily shows clinton and trump tied in a 2014
1:24 pm
way race and clip -- four-way race and clinton just one point ahead of donald trump in a two-way race. larry sabato is with us. do you think this is starting to catch up with her. >> that could be part of it. let remember, always look at the polling averages. hillary clinton's up around four in the polling averages. when the polling averages change, so that it's tied, we'll talk again, but don't cherry pick polls. that's a bad practice. >> well, in -- >> -- she can't -- >> our fox news poll, they four-way race she is up three points there and there's some consistency in these have just came out and there seems to be a turn--around here. >> she was up six in the two-way and the two-way is a better measure of what happen in november because third-party
1:25 pm
candidates almost inevitably decline as you approach delex day, but be that as it may you're absolutely right to say there have been loads of controversies over the summer for both candidates, and they do take a toll, except for one thing. these two are so well-known and people have focused on them so much because this campaign has been more intense than any i can ever remember. but i think the vast majority 0 have already made their decision one way or the other. >> larry, let me ask you about the down-ballot races. a third of all clinton voters now say they'll split the ticket. how its donald trump basically affecting all the other raised out -- other races out there. >> departments on the state and district. if you have a deeply red republican state or district, the incumbent or the republican candidate is not about to put any distance between. thes and trump. but if you've got a very competitive district, some for
1:26 pm
some reason the incumbent republican senator or house member thinks that hillary clinton will carry that district, then they're going to try to put some distance between. thes and trump carefully because they don't want to alienate the trump voters. so they'll say something like, i'm running on my own record. and here's why -- what i've done and talk about supporting the nominee without naming the nominee. >> you think thed a vaccine guess to the g.o.p. in this? >> the advantage goes to the g.o.p. >> i think it depend odd then district and the state in terms of the senate, no in the house, i think republicans will hold the house. that's been my feeling all along. >> we also saw and see this when it comes to trustworthiness, hillary clinton really struggles. almost feels as though a lot of americans don't like her, don't trust her, they're looking for something else, but on the other hand, she continues to paint donald trump as a bit crazy, and occasionally he has done a few
1:27 pm
things that are giving the other side the ammunition to continue saying that. do you feel, however, in recent days -- you can use his trip to mexico as an example --e has an able to temper that so he is presenting himself in a more presidential light? >> well, certainly that trip to mexico city would suggest that. i think the new team maybe is have something influence on him. and, look, candidates learn that's go along. these are bright people. they don't get there without being bright. so, i would expect that to be the case, especially leading up to the first debate. that is a critical moment for both candidates. they have to do well. >> we'll be watching. good to see you, larry. >> thank you. >> hurricane herm afternoon -- hermine slamming florida. we'll be talking to someone who flew through the center of this and the ill pact on travelers -- impact on travelers.
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while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different, it's deliciously different. tropical storm hermine moving occupy the east coast after making landfall in florida as a category one hurricane. the storm leaving thousands
1:32 pm
without power and devastation in its wake. ian flew through the center of hermine and joins us right now. what was that like? >> it was definitely a challenge over the last few days, flying sunday through thursday, working many hours with a crew of 18 folks. our pilots and mechanics and navigators and technician, keeping us flying. it's been a real grind for everybody. >> what is it that you guys are trying to do? what are you trying to accomplish there? >> we're trying to find-where is the storm exactly so we can get the information to the national hurricane center. trying to offend out the lowest pressure and how large the wind field is, and this is allowing the national hurricane center and the local weather forecast offices to provide the best warnings and advisories for all the people who are in harm's way
1:33 pm
along the western coast of florida and now moving up the east coast. >> how dangerous is it for you to be doing this? >> you know what, we have a great group of trained pilots and people that maintain our airplane and we go in with a really good plan. i wouldn't call it dangerous but we definitely are cautious in our approach. we make sure that everything we're doing, we're doing safely and well thought out. >> is it a rocky ride. >> definitely can be a rocky ride. at times quite violent. fortunately for us most of the flights were relatively smooth. sometimes it would get a little worse than your worst commercial airline flight, but the duration of those times was relatively short. >> what can you tell us specific to this hurricane that you have found interesting as a result of your research gathering? >> this one was really interesting. we picked it up from as an invest and were following this last week as a low-level invest,
1:34 pm
and then as it struggled to maintain -- or struggled to get organization, it was not developing quickly as some of the models were predicting so we were really just trying to see how the structure of the tropical system was pulling itself together and then finally last night how it all kind of came together. >> wow. it's very interesting talking to you. certainly got an interesting job. thank you very much. >> my pleasure to be here. >> tropical storm hermine causing east coast flight delays and threatening travel plans. joining me with more on that. let me ask you. what is the travelers -- should the travelers be expecting, a lot of setbacks at the airports. >> the news is the path of the hurricane missed major airports including atlanta and orlando.
1:35 pm
the smaller airports, including jacksonville, savannah, which don't see the volume of flights so that's good news for travelers heading to the south. what folks can expect as we head into the weekend is this is moving north up the coast, and because the hurricane center hasn't predicted the exact path of this storm, travelers should kind of be cautious, even if you're traveling to places as far north as virginia beach and new york. we're seeing that the airlines are even pro-actively offering -- waiving change and cancellation fees for night farces north as new york. >> what's the most tricky, people trying to get back on monday? >> it could be, depending on where you are flying out of and flying back to. right now what we're telling travelers is to check with your airlines, see what your options are. if you want to change flights and fly back later or earlier because they arewaving the change fees and allowing you to do that pro-actively.
1:36 pm
also itself you're planning on staying at hotel, tall your hotel directly. a lot of areas are seeing flooding so find out what the impact is there locally so you can change your travel plans accordingly. >> all right. well, some good advice there. thank you so much. good to have your here. new fears, everyone, that the heavy rainfall and debris left by hermine could hurt florida's fight against the zika virus. officials warning the public right now to steer clear of any standing water. dr. debbie is on set with me on how people can protect themselves against the virus. florida is struggling with this. how does the weather affect it? >> the more standing water you have the more likelihood you have mosquitoes breeding. this mosquito that gets infected with the zika virus can breed in just enough water to fill a bottle cap. that all it needs.
1:37 pm
>> my good ms.. talking bat square mile in miami as being the area that you needed to stay away from if you were pregnant woman, for example. will that expand to more as a result of the hurricane. >> it could potentially. so it's better to be cautious. so the more mosquitoes you have, especially inover in an -- you don't have local transmission yet, the more mosquitoes you have this mow likely one will get infected with zika and start transmitting. >> what do you tell women of child-bearing age about going to florida. >> my sister is there also, actually. so if you're pregnant you have to be very concerned. so you want to try to avoid the areas that the cdc issued a travel alert against. if you trying to get pregnant and you're going to an area like that, be cautious. protect yourself from mosquitoes in terms of trying to protect yourself, especially with the hurricane, the best thing is to stay away from standing water. so for the folks in the hurricane path, for example, we're used to can thing abouted
1:38 pm
the water flooding the street or swimming pool us but with the debel, bottle cans, spare tires, gutters, pool covers, get rid of all of those of things, and then if you do get bitten bay mosquito in an area that might be high risk ilks if you're -- if you're a woman trying to get pregnant, wait eight peeks and if you're a man, trying to get one pregnant, you want to wait six months. >> civics -- six months. are you worried about this becoming a epidemic. >> i have some worries. we had the ebola situation a couple years ago and people got very worried about that and now because we tended to get through that relatively safely we're not taking this as seriously as we should. and on top of that with ebola it was more a matter of supportive treatment. if you got through it you would be okay. here we don't have a vaccine, so if a baby gets infected, that's a lifetime that's going to
1:39 pm
affect that child and the family. >> dr. debbie, thank you for explaining it's all. hillary clinton releasing her plans for price controls on drugs. is it the right prescription or is it actually going to mean more trouble in the industry? we'll debate and you'll decide coming up. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at burning, pins-and-needles of beforediabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain
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>> samsung recalling millions of new galaxy note 7s smart phones. the battery on some phones exploded when they were being charged. samsung will offer customers a new phone free of charge in the coming weeks. sparked by the outrage over epipen price spike, hillary clinton is cracking down on the drug companies and their price hikes. will their plan help or make things worse. good to see all of you here,
1:43 pm
kathy lynn, i'll start with you, so, she wants to come up with some kind of rule and regulation that will prevent these drug companies from hiking prices. is that okay? >> it's not okay. and it's just another example of hillary clinton trying to run our lives when government isn't proving to be very eeffective at winning things. his going to come over and clean up and took dinner? we know two things about regulation and financial markets -- one thing and that is they work better when there's not a lot of regulation, and companies have responsibility to shareholders and employees and consumers and the community, and mylan is figuring that out right now and already facing tremendous consumer pressure, tremendous competitive pressure and it will work itself out. >> you look at mylan, and i don't begrudge a company the opportunity to make as much money as they can but i don't like the idea of the fact that the fda made it so impossible for anybody else to be in their
1:44 pm
to compete because it looks like that regulation effectively is handing a monopoly to mylan. would you agree with that. patrice? did they basically have full authorization effectively from the government in the way of all this regulation from the fda to move forward with price hikes? >> absolutely. this is an example when big business and big government work together and apart from the fda which has a lot of responsibility here, let's look at the obama administration. in 2013, passing bipartisan legislation to ensure that appear by -- epipens were in school, and big business and cronyism has us here. mylan is on the hook for increasing prices but let's not let washington off the hook either. >> that's a very good point. kristi, they spend money, $4 million, in lobbying money is what mylan spent in order to secure that contract, and once they secured the contract,
1:45 pm
suddenly the epipen went from $59 back in day to 600 for a package of two. something awfully wrong with that. how do we prevent that crony capital limp. >> there's men components to the clinton plan. some aimed at helping consumers and some amendment at helping behavior of big drug companies. so in general we're looking -- she is looking to have them spend morf their time on research and developing good drugs and less time in marketing and selling drugs that people don't actually need out there. so, i agree with you there's a larger cultural problem in washington right now as to how big money and big lobbying can secure things in government. that's certainly not a partisan issue. but i think this plan will solve important problems. >> it is a partisan issue because when you have a government such as the one we have seen that want's to put more and more regulation into an
1:46 pm
industry, that tends to benefit some of the players already there in the space, and, kathy lynn, tends to also benefit the lobbying companies that are active live doing this. they're making a lot of money on this. >> that's right. it benefits them and is a partisan issue. i agree with you, trish. at the end of the day hillary clinton is not in a position nor the background to be telling companies how to run their business. what happen when he overregulate companies is what we have today. fewer companies -- fewer new businesses starting and they employ most of the people in this country so that means fewer jobs being created. more and more people leaving the work force, altogether. one in stenpeople living in poverty. so that's not the right answer to add more regulation. >> i'm not sure how that applies here. the issue of high drug prices is something we have been addressing because we overregulate companies and push them out of the country or have them spend so much money on regulations like the banks and
1:47 pm
the drug companies are doing -- >> net pot what happened here in 2002 when i was working in med we would run bus tours up to canada, where people had to -- they were able to get cheaper prescription drugs. this is something that we have been trying to address for years and years and years. i do think unfortunately that the way to get at this is to put some regulations against these companies that are obviously having this outrageous behavior, and this -- >> give one example. >> these large executives who have free rein to do what they want. >> that's executive -- >> the big contributeor to none other than the clinton foundation. in the economics 101 textbook will say the more competition you have the lower the prices will be. thank you, ladies. with the fences by iran mounting did the majority of americans just out the white house on defense?
1:48 pm
we'll explain.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
new reports of secret deals for iran during the nuclear talks in the wake of the iranian vessels harassing our navy ships, and the controversy over americans and $400 million cash payment, general keene said it
1:52 pm
is no surprise that half of americans believe the iran nuke deal has made america less safe. the general is joining me now. are they right? >> they are absolutely right. they are right on the money with this thing. this nuclear deal, who's intended purpose was to prevent the iranians from ever having a nuclear weapon as we are painfully aware of now, it permits them to have a nuclear weapon in 15 years a threshold capability in ten years and equally disastrous we are giving them $150 billion to return to their aggressive behavior. i think that is truly what spooked the american people. you mentioned in the introduction they are watching us harass our u.s. navy ships in the straits, they have seen four missile tests gone off in the last year. they have taken the gloves off and returned to their aggressive behavior, which makes the middle east and therefore us more
1:53 pm
unsecure and less safe. >> you worry, general, that we basically, given them effectively whatever they wanted. i just spoke in an interview a short time ago, and he confirmed to me he was one of the hostages held over in iran trying to get back to the u.s. that he was held and told he could not leave until the plane with the money landed. he was told this by an intelligence official. he thought, well, our government doesn't pay ransom, why would they be doing that? he firm my believes it was in fact a case of ransom. as the iranians continue to push this administration and this administration says okay, here, whatever you want, are we setting an incredibly bad precedent for all future dealings there with the middle east? >> certainly is.
1:54 pm
our arab allies are so frustrated with us, trish, having watched us bend over backwards to accommodate this nuclear deal and therefore make all accommodations and concessions to the iranians over the last eight years. they are fed up with us. they are waiting for gnaw american president who they hope will be allied with them. but the truth is, it is clearly more dangerous. this idea we would pay a debt of 1.3 billion that goes back to the shah of iran's time after 35 years of iranians sponsoring the killing of americans for those years and we would feel an obligation to pay that debt? that is outrageous. the 400 million is part of that. none of this makes any sense. >> general, why do you think the president did it? why was this so important to him? >> he made it the centerpiece of
1:55 pm
his foreign policy initiative as president of the united states. he wanted to echo what nixon had done, least in talking to his advisers, nixon had done with china. he thought it would elevate him to a special status as being a president who changed the world to a certain degree and wanted this and what he has got is a rogue state, thugs and killers and they are going to continue to do that and middle east will suffer and so will u.s. national security and the american people. they are right on it, trish. they got it. >> general, thank you so much. scary stuff. we're going to be right back. >> good talking to you. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
1:56 pm
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>> you and the police department and the national guard to get me out of here. >> now, now, now. >> all right. a little inspiration, little laugh there. seriously, we are all so excited for tuesday, september 6th. neil will be kicking off his return at 12 p.m. right on the fox news network and then again here at 4:00 p.m. on "your world" with mark cuban, dr. carson, former speaker newt gingrich and senator mark warner joining neil next week. it's a big week and we can't wait to have him back. right, guys? [ applause ] >> that's great. we miss him a lot and it's going to be terrific having neil back in the house. i can say that for everybody here at fox news and fox business. we are thrilled. good stuff.
2:00 pm
i promise, they are thrilled. we will see him back here on thursday. he's got a great lineup. i will see you on the fox business network, as well. have a terrific labor day weekend, everybody. you guys, too. hello, everyone. breaking news tonight, a big document released on hillary clinton just before everyone gets out of dodge for the holiday weekend. the fbi released the long-awaited report on its investigation of the former secretary of state's private e-mail server and it will make your head spin. you'll want to wait for that in just a minute. but first, i want to get an update on the dangerous storm posing a threat to the atlantic coast on this labor day weekend. tropical storm hermine is moving after slamming in to in florida as a hurricane. we have the latest on


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