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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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retire. >> make sure you tune in monday. we have a very, very special labor day special. have a great holiday weekend, everyone. stay safe. a special report, up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm doug mckelway in for bret bai baier. we are learning more tonight about what hillary clinton said and did not say in her fbi interview during the investigation of her e-mail scandal. it was an investigation that ended with a recommendation of no charges, only an admonition from the fbi director about extreme carelessness. tonight, a look at how that conclusion was reached. here's chief intelligence correspondent, katherine harris. >> reporter: the 11-page fbi summary of hillary clinton's interview shows the former secretary of state cannot remember key details about her e-mails more than two dozen times. she told fbi agents, she could
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not recall when she got a security clearance. and clinton could not recall specialized training for managing the u.s. government's most closely held secrets, known as special access programs. critics aren't buying it. >> it is implausible. not someone with her background, experience, training, as an attorney, 25 years in government, and suddenly she has selective anesthesia? it's not plausible. not believable. >> reporter: the same week clinton became secretary of state, she signed two nondisclosure agreements where she said she knew the rules and violating these agreements could bring charges. clinton told the fbi that she could not recall the details surrounding the 2009 setup of the clinton domain. she told agents, the personal e-mail account was a matter of convenience. fbi agents do not appear to press clinton on the issue. further reinforcing republican criticism of the fbi director's investigation. >> remember james comey said she was not indicted, because he
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didn't have sufficient evidence on the issue of intent. she said she did it for convenience. but i didn't see the follow-up questions in the questions i read. >> reporter: clinton was asked about the 2011 cable first reported by fox news that advised against personal e-mail use for state department employees. she said she could not recall the specific cable. the heavily redacted fbi summary also shows clinton was questioned about the 22 top-secret e-mails, too damaging to release for national security reasons, which include the drone campaign, as well as human spying for cia programs. >> leaking information about program, sources, and methods, especially the names of assets, gets people killed. >> reporter: a separate document providing a case timeline shows 13 of clinton's mobile devices are unaccounted for. without a forensic examination, the fbi could not determine if any were hacked. >> the clinton campaign released a statement that reads in part, while her use of a single e-mail account is clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it, these materials made clear
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why the justice department believe there was no basis to move forward with this case. and clinton also responded saying, i was absolutely shocked to see that her answers to the fbi stood in direct contradiction to what she told the american people. after reading these documents, i really don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. the trump campaign also said the secret e-mail server was essentially an end-run around government transparency laws. >> clinton said way back when at that press conference at the united nations that she had two mobile devices. we now know, as you just reported, that she had 13. what became of those 13 devices? >> one of the striking revelations in these documents is that at one point, an aide to bill clinton physically took a hammer to smash clinton's blackberries when she was done with them. and we don't know what happened to the 13, so there's no forensic review to determine one way or another whether it was hacked. and another revelation is three weeks after "the new york times" first reported that there was
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this secret e-mail setup, one of the i.t. management companies had an "oh, crap" moment. this is like in the fbi documents. and they did this mass deletion -- yes, i am. they did a mass deletion of these records. the other thing i would say is, unfortunately, the fbi agents in this particular case really appear to be acting like stenographers, not aggressive investigators. >> katherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. now, original fox news reporting on the crisis in military aviation. we have alarming news about how many navy jets can fly and how many cannot. plus, we have new details about a story that broke the dire conditions of the marine core air fleet. pentagon reporter lucas tomlinson has a fox news exclusive. >> reporter: 36-year-old marine major sterling norton was killed when his f-18 crashed just six weeks ago. his was one of the three f-18 fighter jets from the same squadron that have crashed since october, killing in all two marine pilots. sterling's commanding officer called him one of his best.
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major norton's mother told fox news, quote, i want to wait for the investigation report. however, these jets are too old and should not be flown anymore. the head of marine corps aviation seems to share her concern. >> i worry about my young aviators that aren't getting the number of hours they need to. and so, it's the mishaps that we don't see coming right now. will they have the experience to keep that bad thing from happening? >> reporter: a fox news investigation reveals that overall, the entire u.s. military saw a 48% increase in non-combat aviation crashes between 2014 and 2015, compared to two years prior. nine more crashes already this year, four were navy jets. the admiral in charge of naval aviation denies there's a link between the crashes and the age and readiness of his branch's planes. >> i wouldn't characterize it as a crisis. i get a quality a lot, do you tie it to readiness or
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proficiency, and i can't make that connection. >> reporter: but according to the navy's own data, only 21% of f-18 hornets can fly and only 50% of new hornets can, due to critical shortage in spare parts and maintenance and congressional leaders are taking notice in the increase in crashes. >> they're going up partly because they're not getting the training this should get. they're going up because maintenance is harder and harder to accomplish. they're going up because the airlines are getting older and older. >> reporter: other branches are under the same pressure as the navy. only two of the marine's 12 f-18 hornet squadrons meet their training hours. >> i would need about another 366 airplanes in the marine corps. >> reporter: of the marine's 217 f-18s, with only 91 can fly. since 2009, the defense budget has been cut by more than $100 billion, while the high tempo of combat operations hasn't slowed. >> when the president sends more
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people to afghanistan, more people to iraq, he doesn't ask for more money. the costs just come out of the training, the maintenance, and the readiness of our force. so the problem is the getting worse. >> reporter: the pentagon disagrees. in a statement to fox news, quote, we have looked at our data and have not observed an overall trend in the increase of mishaps due to reduced training hours. any increases we have observed are too small and over too short a duration to categorize. >> reporter: f-18s were designed for 6,000 flight hours, but they've now been extended to 8,000, awaiting the new joint strike fighter. the head of marine corps aviation tells fox news, he would love to buy new jets faes if he could, but the money isn't there. doug? >> lucas tomlinson, thank you, lucas. tropical storm hermine is soaking much of the american southeast tonight, raining on
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labor day weekend plans and turning the lights out for thousands of people. tropical storm watches and warnings have been issued up and down the east coast, as far north as county. hermine made landfall early this morning in florida as a category 1 hurricane. one person has been killed thus far. there have been major flooding and property damage as well. we have fox team coverage tonight. meteorologist rick ritemute in the fox weather center tells us where the storm is headed. reporter caroline shively in kill devil hills, north carolina, where they are preparing for the worst, but we begin with phil keating in st. simon island, georgia, with a look at the damage already done. good evening, phil. >> reporter: good evening, doug, this island sits about 200 miles from where hurricane hermine slammed into the florida panhandle. still, residents here say the winds were, quote, insane throughout the day as tropical storm hermine marched knot through georgia, her ferocity felt here diminished
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dramatically. now hermine heads towards 23 million americans this holiday weekend. across the florida panhandle, evidence of hurricane hermine's impact litter town like cedar keys. flooded streets, busted doors, and broken windows. one resident taunted the storm, spray painting this boarded up window, "bring it on, hermine." and she did. >> oh, my god! i can't see! >> reporter: 80-mile-an-hour winds, heavy rains, and 5-foot storm sushlgs look the gulf coast. >> we usually have sandbags up and everything, to make sure we're prepared for it, but it came through the walls. i mean, there's no way to prepare for that much storm surge coming in. >> reporter: many people, wisely, evacuated, ahead of the storm. one who didn't, a homeless man in leon county, florida, died when a large tree crushed his tent. in tallahassee, hundreds upon hundreds of downed trees blocked roads, broke through roofs, and toppled power lines. >> this is what it is.
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you just listen and watch. if you get bad, you leave. if you think you can ride it out, you ride it out. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott 300,000 people lost power. many won't have electricity returned for perhaps days. >> we will spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of our communities and florida families. but the number one thing is to stay safe. >> reporter: after downgrading to a tropical storm, hermine still packs a punch. rough surf in advance of whipping winds hit the coast. for millions this holiday weekend, there is no fun in the sun. >> about every 45 minutes, transformers were blowing, until about six, four in a row, that was about it. >> reporter: just a lot of wind and 5 to 10 inches of rain bringing life-threatening flash flooding and tornado possibilities up the east coast. and tens of thousands of georgians tonight are also still without electricity, thanks to
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all of those transformers that blew up in hermine's winds and rain. doug? >> phil keating in st. simon's island tonight. thank you, phil. north carolina's barrier islands are now bracing for a heavy hit over the weekend. reporter caroline shively is in kill devil hills, north carolina. good evening, caroline. >> reporter: hi there, doug. and we're there are feeling the beginning of what florida got last night and what georgia and south carolina have been feeling throughout the day. the rain's coming at us sideways. the winds are picking up, but the biggest change i've seen since this morning are those waves. check out those white caps. the waves are getting bigger, meaner, and uglier by the hour. we're expecting a storm surge between 1 and 3 feet before this thing hits us sometime tomorrow morning. you add that with the rain totals, which had gone up over these last few hours. we were expecting 5 to 8 inches of rain. we could get up to 12 inches. and that's a problem. think of the vulnerability of
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these islands here. we have a very low-lying areas that could be overwhelmed. the winds are what we're really worried about. we could get between 35 to 40-mile-per-hour winds with gusts of even higher than that. so plenty of folks out here, taking pictures, walking around, enjoying the surf now, but things should get uglier overnight. doug, back to you. >> caroline shively on the outer banks of north carolina. thank you. let's find out what hermine will be doing this weekend. meteorologist rick ricemutes. >> it's going to be much worse across the outer banks overnight tonight. the center of the storm here over south carolina, where we've seen over 10 inches of rain. some spots have a lot of flooding and tornado concerns will continue to be the case throughout the evening, as the storm continues to rotate onshore. when that happens, that rotation from the storm causes additional rotation and we start to see a little bit of tornado activity
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with the friction of the land. this will continue to pull off towards the northeast. as it does, the heaviest of the rain is going to be across north carolina, throughout the overnight and into the start of the day tomorrow. some spots there, likely 8 to 12 inches of rain. and that is going to be causing the continued threat for flash flooding, where you see that red, we have flash flooding going on, as we speak. all right, here's track of the storm. by tomorrow afternoon, it is off the shore of the outer banks there. then it settles in across parts of the delmarva pennsylvania, just to the eastern areas of new jersey, and it settles in here for a while. some indications, we'll likely seeing this strengthen back to hurricane strength winds off the shore of jersey. not making a landfall, but bringing a lot of water in. because of that, we have tropical storm warnings in effect through the jersey shore coastline. tropical storm watches through long island. dol coastal areas of connecticut, we'll see a lot of water being pulled in here. these are wave heights. this yellow here, sunday
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evening, we'll be watching waves potential lly tha lly 25 to 30 coming in across the jersey shore. potentially a lot of damage here and a really serious situation going on for folks along areas of the mid-atlantic into the northeast for this last summer holiday weekend. >> all right. rick, thank you very much. keep us posted. we will be watching. a major slowdown last month in hiring is calling into question the federal reserve's plan to increase interest rates anytime soon. the u.s. economy added just 151,000 jobs last month and that let to surprisingly positive numbers on wall street. the dow gained 73. the s&p 500 was up 9. nasdaq finished ahead 23. and for the week, the dow, the s&p, and nasdaq were all up about a half point of a percentage point. samsung is recalling its new
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galaxy note 7 smartphone because some of its batteries are exploded or caught fire. the phones are being pulled from the shelves in the u.s. and in nine other countries, just two weeks after the launch time. samsung says there have been 35 instances of phones catching fire or exploding, but so far, no injuries. the company is not saying whether owners should stop using the phones. coming up next, donald trump targets the minority vote. but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 14 in pittsburgh, kansas, with the federal government banning more than a dozen chemicals used in anti-bacterial soaps and washes. the fda says manufacturers have failed to show that they are safe or that they prevent the spread of germs. a cleaning industry spokesman says most companies have already reformulated their products. fox 13 in salt lake city, with word that a brigham young student who disappeared in china in 2004 could be tutoring north korean dictator kim jong-un. a yahoo! japan report says that
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david smith may have been kidnapped by the north korean government. china has suggested that he died while hikinehiking. and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick kneeled last night during the playing of the national anthem during a preseason game. he is peresi iprotesting what s is oppression against people of color. he has also upset the national organization of police association over socks he's worn, showing cartoons o pigs wearing police officer hats. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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and now to america's election headquarters and donald trump, shifting his emphasis from immigration to the economy and racial politics. chief political correspondent, carl cameron, begins our coverage from new york, tonight. >> after receiving his second classified national security briefing at fbi headquarters in manhattan, donald trump flew to philadelphia for a roundtable discussion with african-american community, business, and religious leaders. the latest fox poll shows trump with 12% of support among black voters, but other polls have him in the single digits. he also met today with a african-american mother, whose 21-year-old daughter was savagely murdered execution style in a newark schoolyard by a gang of illegal immigrants. >> we're the only hope -- look, we're only ones who know what's going on with illegal immigration. hillary clinton has no clue. >> not at all. >> and doesn't care. >> reporter: trump's african-american outreach takes him to philadelphia tomorrow. bishop jackson committed his questions to the campaign advance and trump aides scripted
3:21 pm
the answer. trump is also planning to address the congregation at great faith ministries international church live tomorrow, and visit inner city neighborhoods with dr. ben carson, who grew up in detroit. after his trip south of the border and his big immigration speech wednesday, he told "the wall street journal" that he toughened his speech when president pena nieto said that he would not pay for the wall. trump said he would get them to pay, despite the mexican government's adamant refusal. >> i will tell you, the united states will not be paying for the wall. mexico will be paying for the wall. now, if i become president. if somebody else becomes president, probably, you know, then it will go right down the tubes, like it always does with the politicians. >> reporter: trump's team this week warned him that his path to victory is shrinking, at times running out for him to get back on a winning track. and the trump campaign recently complained to the republican
3:22 pm
national committee that it was not opening up enough campaign field offices in the key battleground states. turns out the party was waiting for the trump campaign to sign the leases and now they're scrambling to play catch-up. doug? >> reporter: carl cameron outside trump towers in manhattan to find. thank you, carl. america's election headquarters in debt tonight. donald trump in detroit. it is part of the campaign's outreach to americans in general and african-americans in particular. peter doocy is in detroit tonight with what residents think of trump's visit. >> for decades, many detroit residents have voted democrat by default, but recently, this inner city gop office has been getting a lot of new visitors. >> we've had people coming in, looking for donald trump signs. we've had people who want to be volunteers. strictly based off of donald trump. >> reporter: michigan never got a visit from mitt romney after his 2012 convention, but trump is about to make his third trip since becoming the nominee. this time, to an inner city
3:23 pm
detroit church, and its script of suggestive remarks obtained by "the new york times" reveals that trump is being urged to say, quote, coming into a community is meaningless unless we offer an alternative to the horrible, progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in america. >> he's saying, hey, i may not be the person you thought would be best to represent you, but take a chance on me, because what you keep voting for is not doing better for your communities. >> reporter: but some say they're voting for the democrat, because that's just what they've always done. >> i'm a fourth generation democrat. i don't want have anything to lose, but with him, i don't have a lot -- i don't feel like i have a lot to gain. and you know, with the 50/50 border line, i think i'm going to stick with my past history. >> you don't think there's any kind of an appetite to see what somebody else might be able to do? >> not like that. >> we were raised like that and our parents are democrats and it's just in our blood. >> reporter: still, republicans sense an opportunity.
3:24 pm
>> a lot of people, millennials in particular, don't have the same loyalty to the party maybe their parents did. >> and just because there's deep loyalty to the democratic party here, doesn't mean there's deep loyalty to the democratic nominee. >> i'm not a hillary fan or supporter at all, but at least i can say that she has given her supporters something of substance to support. bernie all the way. >> donald trump has compared inner city neighborhoods to war zones. and tomorrow, he's coming to one where most businesses are boarded up and many lots are overgrown with brush, with a promise that all of this will get clean up if he gets elected president. doug? >> peter doocy in detroit tonight, thank you, peter. we are pleased to tell you tonight that "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace will moderate the final presidential debate on the fall. the commission on presidential debates announced its selections today. nbc's lester holt works the first debate, september 26th, from hofstra university. elaine quijano of cbs handles
3:25 pm
the vice presidential session october 4th at longwood university in virginia. cnn's anderson cooper and martha raddatz of abc will co-host the second presidential debate, a town hall from washington university in st. louis. and then chris wallace takes the final session, october 19th, from las vegas. well, we told you moments ago about the august jobs numbers. 151,000 jobs created. unemployment stays at 4.9%. let's get more on the economy now from fox business network's trish reagan. she joins us from new york today. good evening, trish. >> reporter: hi, doug. >> how would you characterize this new jobs report? >> reporter: well, you know, on the surface, it looks good, right? when you're talking about 4.9% being the unemployment rate. however, when you peel back the layers here, it's not all that good. in fact, 151,000 jobs being created, while it's something, is not the number of jobs that we need to really start to grow this economy. right now we're stuck in that 1% growth range. not a whole lot.
3:26 pm
and 4.9%, while that seems like it's a low unemployment rate, you know, doug, you've got to look at the labor participation rate. this is the number of people that are getting into the workforce. we saw that in the month of august, more than 500,000, 576,000 people, actually, gave up looking for work altogether, said it's not worth it. so now the labor force participation rate, the number of people that are actually going to work every day or looking to go to work every day, it is at a level, doug, that we haven't seen since the 70s. and we've been stuck there now for a while. so, overall, you know, look, it's not a good report. the economy is not in a good spot. and we need to start adding real jobs that are paying real wages if we're going to start growing things again. >> if they're out there, trish, this raises the question, if the job market and the outlook are so higher, why are investors keep bidding the market higher? >> it's a good question and i'll tell you why, the federal reserve. janet yellin and company. they have left rates at record
3:27 pm
lows for a record amount of time, and so, doug, investors are saying, where can we put our money? where are we going to get some kind of a return? you can't put it in a treasury bond or put it in the local bank and put any kind of return in a cd, so they are pushed into riskier assets, in this case, the stock market. what's remarkable about all of this, many say, we need to do more about income inequality in the united states of america. well, the federal reserve has inadvertently, through law of unintended consequences, helped actually create bigger disparities in wealth by enabling the wealthier to get wealthier, and the poor to really continue their struggle. >> trish reagan from fox business network, thank you very much, trish. good to see you. >> you bet, doug. good to see you. president obama is participating in his final g-20 summit over the weekend in china. and it is the american relationship with the world's most populist country that will
3:28 pm
be the u.s. leader's focus. correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president and reports tonight from hong xu, china. >> reporter: it was supposed to showcase china's emergence as a world power, even president obama's valedictory tour of thes ago pacific region. but this year's g-20 summit in china may well most be remembered for what was not on the official agenda at the meetings. >> the chinese have scrubbed the meeting of any controversial. south china sea, north korea, you name it. so i think what president obama is going to do, talk about the issue, but on the sidelines of the event. >> reporter: but talking has yielded precious little when it comes to china. despite a u.n. ruling that his activities were unlawful, the chinese have continued to expand claims in the disputed south china sea. with what became as the construction of artificial islands in the spratly chain have now grown to include the
3:29 pm
contested scarborough shoal. >> we'll have a discussion about areas where we have certain differences, cyber, and maritime issues. >> reporter: that was the president back in march and little has changed since. experts say his tone won't change much here at the g-20, but they do believe a newly forged relationship between the u.s. and india may give washington the upper hand, long after the president has left office. >> the chinese are an plek tick about this, and this is a indication that they're going to work very closely on the south china sea. >> we see this trip as really bringing together a number of the president's top priorities really for the last 7 1/2 years. >> reporter: priorities including the ongoing fight against chinese cyberintrusions. the leaders of both countries agreed to avoid economic cyberespionage in september of last year. the president says those crimes not on drive up consumer costs, but left uncheck, could place american service personnel at risk. doug, that's because often,
3:30 pm
economic espionage is really u.s. military espionage by any other name. let me give you a very quick example of that. drone technology, yes, there are commercial and military applications for drones. and let's say a country is stealing proprietary intelligence on commercial drone delivery systems. certainly, that could have a military implication as well and that's one quick example. doug? >> kevin corke in china tonight. thank you. officials in england are joining counterpart in other european countries and taking radical islamic prisoners out of the general ranks. it has to do with radicalization and it's a problem in this country, as well. correspondent benjamin hall explains tonight from london. >> prisons in the uk have been called jihadi training camps, as new government research shows the extent of islamic radicalization. in terror attack after terror attack across europe, one thing has been constant. many of the attackers were radicalized behind bars.
3:31 pm
they went in as petty criminals, they came out at terrorists. one reformed jihadi explained why prisoners are such a target for radical muslims. >> what makes a good recruit is someone who is already disenfranchised, who's anti-establishment, who holds some kind of a resentment. >> reporter: easy pickings for some muslims. now the uk government is indicating new laws, which will keep people like choudary away from other inmates. >> we can't have a situation where we have extremist prisoners influencing others who are vulnerable to those messages. >> reporter: the u.s. prison system is also facing this problem, with splmuslim groups acting like gangs, recruiting people and protecting their own. according to a former al qaeda recruiter working at a think tank at george washington
3:32 pm
university. >> the charismatic creature that radicalized me while i was incarcerated became like a father. >> reporter: the recruiter saw 30 to 40 prisoners radicalized around him in the three years while he was in u.s. jail and many of the radical preachers have not been identified by the authorities. >> it goes on very frequently in general mainstream or what you call medium or high-security prisons as well. >> reporter: and this point will resonate strongly with those who are against guantanamo detainees being transferred to u.s. prisons, where they might also be seen as celebrities, able to influence other prisoners. here in the learned the hard way how numerous terrorist attacks were carried out by people radicalized in prison. it remains to be seen whether these new measures are enough or too little, too late. >> benjamin hall, thank you. cleanliness is definitely not next to godliness tonight in houston. hundreds of criminal cases are in jep after a deputy constable
3:33 pm
destroyed more than 20,000 pieces of evidence while cleaning a property room. the d.a. says nearly 150 cases have been dismissed already. more than a thousand others are being reviewed. the deputy has been fired. we now no what hillary clinton said to the fbi during its investigation of her e-mail scandal. we'll talk about it with our panel, when we come back. miss ion allergy escape. for those who've gone to extremes to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪ welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray.
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3:37 pm
investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> well, you've seen in of those clips or at least portions of them before, but doubters are looking at them in a whole new light now that the fbi in a classic friday holiday document dump has released its report on its investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail practices. it shows a degree of carelessness, her critics would say, that we have not seen before. let's bring in our panel now, charles hurt, columnist "the washington times," charles lane, opinion writer for "the washington post," and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. charlie, any observations? >> well, now we realize that james comey delivered such a scathing non-indictment when he delivered the news that they weren't going to press charges against her. but this is a real problem for hillary clinton. you know, if she's going to be running a campaign as, you know,
3:38 pm
i might be the dishonest one, or i might be dishonest, i might be, you know, have been around forever, but i'm the competent one, this thing, the ineptitude that is revealed here and the forgetfulness, which i don't really believe, and then the idea -- the degree to which the people, those around her, gave her bad advice, and yet none of them have been fired. she's not, you know, throwing any of them under the bus over this. something has to give. the incompetence here, undermines any assertion she could ever make that she is prepared to be president. >> chuck, does anything in this report change your mind? >> well, i don't think it changes -- let's put it more broadly. i don't think it's going to change anybody's mind. i think it's going to sort of reinforce pre-existing conditions. and you know, right now, the american people sort of have a negative opinion of hillary clinton. she's showing up in the latest "usa today" poll at 55%, finding
3:39 pm
her not honest and trustworthy, which you would think is a terrible number. but you go a little further in the same poll and you see donald trump is at 61%, honest and trustworthy. so she has been very lucky in her political opponents. and every time i see something new come out about this e-mail issue. which just seems to sort of eat away at her all the time, i keep thinking to myself, what if the republicans had nominated someone else for president, how would this be playing out? because trump's negatives are even higher than hers. and if the only thing -- and it's one of the main things holding her up right now. >> i think what's striking about what came out today is the brazenness. i mean, everyone knows she lied. william sapphire wrote 20 years ago that she was a congenital liar. so we've had 20 years of lies in the interim. but when you -- you remember that you said originally she did
3:40 pm
it for convenience and said it with a straight face, now it turns out that she had 13 devices. she didn't want to carry two, but she actually had 13, many of which, i think most of which, in fact, are unaccounted for. but in the end, i think what's going to hurt her, yes, it reinforces the idea of her being untrustworthy and living by a different set of rules, but that's known. andic it's baked in. i think the effect of this is, that nothing can penetrate out of her campaign, into the general public want who she is, what she stands for, and what she would do as president. there's no message. this is completely smothering her campaign. can anyone remember anything she has said or done in the last week or two or three since the convention that has been news other than some new leak, some drip, drip, drip, or some weak campaign response to yet another piece of news? >> you talked about the brazenness of it.
3:41 pm
let's delve into a little bit of it. full screen, number one, this shows the carelessness here and the propensity for being subject to hacking. quote, from the report, clinton received another phishing e-mail, purportedly sent from the personal e-mail account of a state official. the e-mail contained a potentially malicious link. clinton replied to the e-mail stating, quote, is this really from you? i was worried about opening it. everybody knows if you have a phishing expedition like this, don't open it. it's unclear whether she opened the link, which is a whole different matter. full screen number two, a porn e-mail, in a separate incident, abidine sent an e-mail, given that she received an e-mail from a known associate containing a link to a website with pornographic material. this is the stuff you watch out for. >> this is anthony weiner at work again. >> that's not what i meant. >> he mislabeled the e-mail
3:42 pm
address. she he's done that before. >> there are also questions and i'll call up one more full screen from the report itself, about her health. i know that the campaign and many democrats are completely dismissed this and call it completely out of bounds. but listen to this. based on her doctor's advice, she could only work at state for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received. >> that was apparently during december of 2012. and that's been known, they've talked about that. i learned all about that on twitter today, myself. but nevertheless, to have it come up in the middle of the campaign, again, and to have her sort of pleading bad health, right, to sort of cite that as a reason she couldn't remember this information or shouldn't be held accountable for that particular moment in the story, it's not a great moment for her, because, again, it, a, reinforces this sort of meme that's out there that she's somehow got something wrong with her health.
3:43 pm
and it shows her in a way hiding behind it to protect herself. >> but claiming with the other hand, that to raise the issue of her healthy is somehow illegitimate. >> it's precisely the notion that the normal laws of anything simply don't ever apply to them. and they be the other thing, you know, going back to the thing about the classification. you know, she's, in government for a long time. she was in the u.s. senate for a long time. these things, she couldn't have been oblivious to all of these thing. she had to know exactly what she was doing, or a friend of mine was joking at the time, over comey's announcement, that basically she was too dumb to prosecute. well, if she really is that stupid, then, that excludes her from being president, you know, just on those grounds. >> she also said, initially, at that press conference last year, at the united nations, that she had two mobile devices. we returned in this report that
3:44 pm
she had 13, in all. granted, it could be that some of them broke, she may be dropped one, had a broken screen or whatever, maybe they weren't functioning properly. but then we learned from katridge herridge, that an aide to bill clinton smashed some of them with a hammer. completely innocent person does that kind of a thing? i don't know. next up, the crisis in military aviation. nexium 24hr is now the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night make nexium 24hr your #1 choice.
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test. test. this is a test. test. this is a test. test. this is a test. test. this is a all of the services, the accident rates are going up. and they're going up partly because they're not getting the training they should get. they're going up because maintenance is harder and harder to accomplish.
3:48 pm
they're going up because the airplanes are getting older and older. and what really ought to bother us is the administration has really re fused to take action to do something about it. >> house armed services committee chairman, max thornberg, talking about why we're seeing so many accidents in military aviation right now. fox news investigation by our pentagon producer, lucas tomlinson, says the entire u.s. military saw a 48% increase in accidents last year over the past two previous years. according to the navy's own data, 21% of early model f-18 hornets are capable of fry ilyi with, that's one out of five capable of flying. super hornets, only 50% of them are capable of flying. and right now of the marine's 278 f-18s, only 91 can fly. let's bring back the panel now. charles? >> well, look, this is, i think, beyond the danger it poses to
3:49 pm
our airmen, our soldiers, our marines and the fact that we are really not treating them, but not equipping them, there's the larger issue of, this is a sign of decay and decadence for a great power. we are projecting our power around the world, or we had since the second world war. and now we are allowing the decay of the instruments to carry it out. look, where's the next crisis going to be? it will likely be in the pacific rim. we're going to need the navy and naval aviation. it will be probably in the middle east, the persian gulf, we don't know where. i think no matter who wins the election, there has to be some term of renewal in terms of our appropriations. we cannot continue to have this sequester holding back our spending on our military that is
3:50 pm
shrunking at a time the threats growing. i think it has a lot to do with obama. the withdrawal is going to stop either under trump or under clinton. we're going to have to the military. and the first order of business is going to be to rebalance our military spending. >> chuck, how much responsibility lies with the president? how much with congress? >> well, i think to the extent this goes to the sequestration issue. it was a shared responsibility. it was triggered the sequestration. you could argue it was the obama administration that thought up sequestration using the defense budget as leverage politically, and i think that's the way that goes. it is clear now that what a lot of people predicted, whether the actual causation of the accidents is what the pentagon says or sources of the fox news story say is a little unclear, but obviously there was going to be trouble with the maintenance and training budgets throughout the services under sequestration. people were projecting that.
3:51 pm
democrats and republicans all the way through. now we may be starting to see it. there's something else going on here. charles made a good reference to rebalancing defense spending. one of the fastest growing items in defense budget has nothing to do with military readiness at all. it is healthcare costs for members of the military and families and retirees. if you talk about reforming that, by the way, you get your head cut off politically in this town. until we deal with that, until we deal with other aspects of the defense budget that are under this tough sequestration ceiling, are starting to eat up operation readiness, these kind of problems will come up. >> charlie, you could make the case services are awaiting the arrival of the f-35, the new fighter, and they don't want to throw money into older fighters while awaiting the arrival. we heard from a marine general in lucas's piece who said he doesn't have the money to buy the new f-35s. >> i think it is a much larger problem and i put much more of the blame at the feet of the
3:52 pm
president. you know, for eight years he has undermined the military in psychological ways, in terms of trimming the mission and, you know, giving up, you know, hard-won victories in places like iraq and then later deciding, okay, actually we do need to retake that land. now we are seeing it in terms of the hardware. i think it will be 10, 15 years, optimistically i think it will be 10 or 15 years of a new -- you know, a new approach before, you know, woo e repair the dama that's been done. >> our adversaries are fully aware of this, if not from watching congressional testimony, they have satellite recon sauns they can see the idle planes. >> when you look at the actions of the chinese in south china sea, they're braze en. they have no fear about the united states. the u.s. you is the only country that could in any way deter them. china's neighbors are too weak
3:53 pm
an foolish to challenge china. they see the united states neglecting its military, under a president who doesn't want to act anyway. so it sort of makes sense. but in the end we are going to have to be reactive again. we are going to have to either assert ourselves or withdraw entirely from the world, and we're going to end up with what whitman called insolvency, a country that will not will the means to achieve the ends. if the end is protecting our allies, keeping open the sea lanes and preventing aggression abroad, we have to have a military that will do it. it doesn't have to be an aggressive one, but it simply has one that works, and we have one now that is really teetering on the edge. if this continues, the decay and the neglect of the infrastructure, it won't work and all of our enemies will know it. >> and we've seen this repeated in history in the 1930s with the west unpreparedness for the rise of nazi germany and what it led to. hopefully that won't be the case this time around many winners and losers with we come back.
3:54 pm
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and we're back with the panel for a look at winners and loses for the week. charlie, start with you. >> my winner was the usa for the first time in eight years we had an american leader go to foreign soil and not apologize for america and not denigrate what we stand for. loser is tim kaine. last week we saw him walk back his denunciation of bill clinton for the monica lewinsky scandal, and this week he was trotted out to defend the fact she has not given a press conference in 210 days. >> i wish i hadn't said that, right. chuck. >> my winners, the incumbent establishment politicians, john mccain, marco rubio, incumbent
3:58 pm
senators, who all won their primaries despite challenges from within their parties this week. my loser of the week -- >> handily in all cases, right? >> yes, better than expected. loser of the week is donald trump who got off to a pretty reasonable start by standing up to president of mexico and making a good representation of himself, and then turned it all into political sludge as soon as he got back by delivering and inflammatory speech that caused his major hispanic advisers to leave his campaign. >> i think he might get push back on charles from that because there was a more nuanced speech you were talking about last night. >> it is in my column, you will find it in "the washington post." >> i've read it. >> my loser of the week is the president of the mexico, which is quite an achievement considering it is the same week that the president of brazil was impeached, but he was more of a loser because what he did was the dumbest political act for sure, or he ought to get the loser of the year award.
3:59 pm
it makes absolutely no sense for him to invite trump, and he looked small, looked defensive, and ended up with a pathetic little tweet afterwards defending himself. my winner of the week is chris wallace, who has been chosen to be one of the moderators for the presidential debate, for the first time it has happened to fox. i think it is clearly a recognition of excellence. i have no idea why i'm being nice to chris, but maybe because he actually deserves it. >> and you say he will be batting cleanup in effect because it is the last of the presidential debates, one closest to the election, i think october 18th if i'm not mistaken. >> yeah. he will be -- i think he's already practicing. >> the yeah, yeah. the chips will be on the table. congratulations to chris. thanks for watching "special report" tonight. good night from washington. "on the record" coming up next.
4:00 pm
this is a fox news alert. the fbi revealing shocking new information about it's investigation into hillary clinton and her private e-mail server. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly gilfoyle. today the fbi releasing dozens of pages of documents from interviews with clinton and aides. fox new chief intel yens correspondent is here. kathryn, what is the latest? >> thank you. it is summary of the fbi interview, it is known as 302. it is 11 pages long. to be clear for folks at home, the fbi doesn't routinely record interviews, there's just a summary of the agent's notes. the key take-away from the document is more t


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