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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is a fox news alert. the fbi revealing shocking new information about it's investigation into hillary clinton and her private e-mail server. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly gilfoyle. today the fbi releasing dozens of pages of documents from interviews with clinton and aides. fox new chief intel yens correspondent is here. kathryn, what is the latest? >> thank you. it is summary of the fbi interview, it is known as 302. it is 11 pages long. to be clear for folks at home, the fbi doesn't routinely record interviews, there's just a summary of the agent's notes. the key take-away from the document is more than two dozen
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times on many of the key issues hillary clinton told fbi agents she simply did not remember or she could not recall. for example, she could not remember when she got a security clearance. she could not remember if she had special training for the handling of classified information, and she could not remember if she had briefings for some of the government's most closely-held secrets, known as special access programs. that's things like the drone campaign as well as human spying. she is asked about that in the interview. the key headline is she is asked why she set up the server in the first place. she says she can't remember the details surrounding the setup in 2009 but she did it for convenience. there's no follow-on from the fbi agents. they do not press her on this issue, and i'm afraid it really reinforces some of the criticism we've heard from senior republicans on the hill that the fbi investigation simply did not drill down on this issue of intent, and that was the reason they did not proceed with criminal charges, kimberly.
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>> kathryn, what did we learn about the top 22 secret e-mails? >> reporter: to refresh people's memories, there were 22 top secret e-mails that were deemed too damaging to national security to ever make public, and these are the special access programs intelligence. so the drone campaign, human spying, so operations for the cia. what we see again and again in the interview is that on the clinton e-mail server they were discussing individuals who are involved in these programs, and it teams very clear now that they did put human lives at risk. this was something that the clinton campaign pushed back on very hard when we first reported it here at "fox news." but it is really hard to see how they could have thought that it was okay to be talking about such sensitive programs on a system that was just completely unsecured, as the fbi director said. it had less security than a commercial account like g-mail.
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>> thank you for that update, especially as it relates to national security. and the "on the record" political panel is here. from the "wall street journal," don busy. thanks for joining me on this friday evening. a developing story with respect to the e-mail servers. you her fox's kathryn harris reporting on this. again, push back from the clintons saying no, it was not an issue of national security, and now we see in fact evidence, proof that there was, in fact, a compromising situation put forward in a number of different e-mails. >> right. i don't think we're seeing anything new here. we knew that the fbi called this extremely careless. guess what? it really looks extremely careless. this is a secretary of state who can't recall whether or not she got security briefings, also some details about the server. it looks really careless. it is not just her, it is her
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contrari contemporaries in the state department. we knew there was discussion of drones, that they had classified e-mails that should not have been circulated on that server. the data points we have, there's no smoking e-mail in here it seems, but it sure as heck does under score the fbi's condemnation essentially of the secretary of state as having been very careless. >> okay. but you how does it cleanse sort of the ultimate conclusion? to me as a former prosecutor, there's a lot to work with here in terms of showing her total disregard for the law, for the way she was supposed to maintain her server despite the ultimate conclusion. >> reporter: i don't think it does that. a ultimate disregard is a big term. in certain cases there was disregard and the fbi has been correct in saying it was careless. i just don't think that, look, voters have been making up their minds in this election. i don't think that these data points are going to -- because they are so similar to what we have already learned about how the e-mails were and weren't
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properly kept secure, i don't think it is going to make a huge difference in the election. what it will do, it keeps it in the new yous, and it will keep before congress which is bad for the clinton campaign. >> it is bad for the clinton campaign and for the presidency. people are looking in terms of who they can trust, reliability and credibility. i don't think her explanation is helping her politically by saying, oh, well, you know, i don't recall about all of these things. this is someone who was privy to national security clearance and served on the armed services committee as well, so she knows better. >> right, exactly. i agree, there's no, you know, incriminating evidence, but the details do kind of color the picture for us about what fbi director comey was talking about when he was describing the carelessness. you just have the images of, you know, the aides smashing these phones with a hammer and that sort of thing. again, you can see that playing out in opposition against her. >> 13 devices, right. >> if you look at what the broader implications are, i
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agree that a lot of perceptions of clinton are kind of baked into the polling that we've seen. however, we have seen this week in that abc "washington post" poll, her favorable ratings are dropping, almost rivaling trump's. now, what she has going for her, of course, is that trump has higher negative ratings. on the issue of trustworthiness, that's an issue that continues to dog hillary clinton, but you look at the issue of temperament on donald trump's side. so if you are a voter trying to parse this through it is a difficult situation to make whether they trust hillary clinton, or the question too has to be trust do they trust donald trump wouldn't do these sorts of things, too. that's not clear as we've seen in terms of what the public thinks in this poll. so unfavorable ratings all around dogging the candidates. >> ultimately, you don't think it will have a negative or lasting impact? >> 20% of the electorate haven't made up their mind.
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people are still deciding am i going to support donald trump or hillary clinton. i will tell you as a citizen one would hope that the state department would have much better procedures than this. >> absolutely. >> not just the secretary of state, but this is the bureaucracy of washington really dropping the ball. >> that's the alarming aspect. i wish we had more time. such an discussion, john, kate lynne, thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> a sthort time ago donald trump reacted with this statement that reads in part. hillary clinton's answers to the fbi about her private e-mail server defy belief. he goes on to say, after reading these documents i really don't understand you how she was able to get away from prosecution. donald trump is not the only one talking about it today. >> the fbi releasing information on their investigation into hillary clinton. >> you can always count on the fbi to, shall we say, make friday afternoon pretty interesting before holiday weekend. >> on the critical question about intent, whether she
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understood how classified information should be handled. >> mrs. clinton answered the same way every time, she could not remember. >> washington does like to take out the trash on friday. fox and friends weekend, tucker carlso is here and at 10:00 p.m. eastern. what do you make of this, what we're hearing about hillary clinton today. is it going to be enough to shave or votes, pull in independents? anything shocking to you? >> to the facts of it first. i am appalled this came out on friday of labor day weekend. >> right. >> this is the fbi, this is not the obama or the clinton political team. the fbi is not supposed to be involved in spinning the news. whenever you release sensitive materials on the friday of a holiday weekend you are trying to effect the news cycle. again, they shouldn't be in the business of doing that at all. it is a law enforcement agency. >> you meaning like document dump on a friday over a long weekend? >> it is a cliche. it is done in washington when
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you want to suppress the facts in something. it discredits a venerable agency to be involved in something like this, a. b, it is more of the same, sort of what we knew. she was reckless in handling classified material. she was lacking any knowledge of the protocol after her head injury she couldn't remember her briefings, she said to the fbi. all of that is sort of what she knew, but it is putting meat on the bones. will it affect her numbers? i wouldn't have thought so. i would think this would be be baked in. people know what they think of hillary clinton after 25 years of public life, yet if you look at the polls over the month and a half, it is real. >> it is tightening. >> and trump has remained static and she has declined since the democratic convention. i thought from the beginning the trump people were harping too much on this and less on their vision for america, but it turns out this appears to be working? tucker, shouldn't this matter? shouldn't national security and compliance with safeguards and procedures that she was well aware of, be put in place, she
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should adhere to especially if she is seeking top office of commander in chief? >> needless to say, in a fact-is baaed world it would be based on this. it gets to the argument. her argument is look, you may not like me, but i'm competent. i've been around, i'm a serious adult. really? this is not the picture of a sober, serious adult. neither are the fruits of her years as secretary of state. >> ultimately, do you think that this portends there's troubles in her campaign and she could have a problem come election day? >> of course. i think for about a three-week period the clinton people are beginning to tell themselves it is a guaranteed landslide no matter what. but the tightening in states like virginia, for example, suggest that maybe not. i think whenever you under estimate your opponent, this guy is actually a buffoon, when you start to believe your own propaganda against the person you are running, that's when you
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set yourself up for disaster. >> don't he forget to watch him on hannity tonight, in at 10:00. he is joined by dr. ben carson and mike huckabee tonight at 10:00. donald trump's main focus, his plans for immigration in mexico. today trump slamming hillary clinton over illegal immigration. >> look, we're the only ones that know what is going on with illegal immigration. hillary clinton has no clue. >> not at all. >> and doesn't care. >> also today, donald trump's son eric went on the record. take a listen. >> welcome. going "on the record" with us tonight. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you, kimberly. >> a lot to discuss because your father really has been driving the news as usual, especially the last couple of days with a bold move going to mexico to sit down with the president, pena nieto. do you think it was a good move politically?
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>> hillary clinton is doing fundraisers and my father is going to meet with leaders. both mexico and the united states acknowledge there's a problem. we need this wall. we need to make this country secure. we need to keep jobs in this country. we need to protect this country and keep this country safe. you look at median income in this country, it hasn't gone up in 15 years and that's because people are coming over the border for 15 years unchecked. >> and flooding the job market and making it difficult for people who abided by the laws to be able to come here and get the jobs they want to support their families. so it is oversaturation in the market, but also in this meeting you saw there was some common accord, like you said. as a former prosecutor i know the problem with drugs and gun running back and forth across the border. there seemed to be an agreement, a mutual accord this would be mutually beneficial, mexico is an ally and should partner together with them. >> there's no question about it. we have the very same objectives as mexico does.
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you know, we want to have legal immigration, we want to keep our country safe, we want to cut down on the cartels, cut down on crime. we want to cut down on drugs. i mean, we want to give our citizens a better life. i mean that's really what it is all about. my father's message is very pro-american. it is america first. take care of american citizens before you take care of others. the sad thing is there's a list and there's a lot of people trying to come into this country legally and there's a lot of people coming into this country illegally. it is not fair we put the people who are breaking laws and coming in illegally first. so my father's message is very concise, it is very, very simple. we have to know who is in this country and we have to provide safety and jobs for this country and building that wall will do both things. >> okay. now, there's also been some people, critics saying they're conflicting statements coming from your father and the mexican president about what was exactly discussed in the meeting and also as it relates to the wall. ka what can you tell us? >> i don't think there were conflicting statements. it is very clear they didn't
4:14 pm
talk about the price of the wall or who is going to pay for the quite, and it doesn't matter. that's not what two people should. you have to build a relationship first. i give my father credit for going down there, it is a tough thing to do, right? to go down there and meet with somebody like this and start the relationship, and that says a lot about his leadership style. was it proper for him to go in and say, listen, in .you are going to pay for the ul what. i think the president knows my father's stance on this, he has been talking about it for the last 14 months. i think they got along well. i think the first step was accomplished and i think accomplished really well. i think he showed true leadership, and i think that will come in the months and years to follow. >> now, your father obviously spoke and gave an immigration speech as well. in speaking to your father after he met with the mexican president, what did he tell you personally about how he thought it went? >> he thought it was a great meeting. in fact, at the press conference he goes, beginning of a great friendship. a lot of the left on the media won't spin it that way, they
4:15 pm
will try to find something to create division and that's sad. i wish people showed more leadership. again, hillary is doing $36,000 a plate fundraiser and my father is going to louisiana which is under water to help victims, going to mexico to meet with the president while our president is playing golf in martha's vineyard. it is a different form of leadership. we need people who are going to work hard, who have the energy, who have the willingness to do these things because our government has not served the american people well and we need to change that. we are going in so many wrong directions and we need to change it very, very quickly. >> eric, you talk about people working hard and those that have worked hard in this country. this is a country that is based and founded on immigrants, on hard-working families that have come here to try to make a better life for themselves and for their families. there are those that are critical of your father to say you can't do a mass deportation and kick out people and families that have been here. what is your father's understanding and sense of appreciation for that, to balance it out while still keeping a focus on deporting
4:16 pm
criminal illegals that have violated the law? >> i think that's exactly it. let's get rid of the criminals out of this country and make sure other people we don't know about aren't coming into the country. but you look at our jobs report that just came out today, right? i mean second quarter, we have 1.1% growth. think about that, 1.1% growth. we add 150,000 jobs to our labor force. that's just dismal. it is horrible. it is horrible, horrible numbers. there's 100 million people in this country out of the workforce. i mean the jobs are no longer here, they've gone to mexico, gone overseas. you look at great american companies, some of the best, ford. i mean think about ford leaving america to go to mexico. you look a makers of oreo, again, leaving america to go to mexico. carrier air conditioners, again leaves america and goes to mexico. they build the same product, put it across the border and sell it back to us. the only difference is we have tens of thousands of employees all over our nation that don't
4:17 pm
have a be jo. it is horrible. we have to take care of american citizens first. >> let's go back a second and talking to deportation and i have sound i want you to listen to and have you react. >> we are going to end catch and release. we catch them. under my administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which they came. >> okay. there's people that say your father has, you know, made conflicting statements or is he softening or pivoting on immigration. as a former prosecutor having worked at the san francisco d.a. officer where the case finally happened, i understand what he is talking about. it is a revolving door and you see people who are criminal recidivists coming back and forth, in and out of the system, crossing the border repeatedly.
4:18 pm
ice is there to do the job to deport, but the system as we have it isn't working because people are not even enforcing the laws. >> ice is handcuffed. they're not allowed to do their job and that's sad because they're amazing men and women who do that, border patrol, law enforcement, amazing people. i'm a civilian in this process, but the one thing that moved me as i go around the country with my father is seeing the angel mothers. the other night seven or eight women brought tears to my eyes when you see them. they've lost their kids, daughters, sons, in the hands of illegal immigrants. he's been pushed out of the country five times. it is amazing, he comes right back in. he is thrown out again and comes right back. that emphasizes why you need a wall. you want good people coming into this country. this country is made up of immigrants. my mom is an immigrant, she wasn't born in the united states. >> right. >> but you can't have criminals walking across the border five times only to murder a beautiful
4:19 pm
girl, you know, who is trying to enjoy a beautiful sunday or whatever it was. >> yeah, it is a public safety mandate at this point in terms of being able to protect the people that are here and to, you know, separate them out from the criminals that the would do them harm. >> and it is a quality of life mandate. we are stagnant in this country. our jobs are gone. people are unemployed. people working three, four, five jobs. people are 40 years old and making the same amount of money as they were when they were 20 years old. it is not right. american citizens have to come first, and that's my father's message, america first. >> that's your father's message, and will he be able to get into the white house. we'll talk about the polls and his ability to do some outreach and get into the crucial groups like hispanic americans. >> well, hispanic americans, african-americans, he is speaking in detroit tomorrow to an amazing group of african-americans, and it is sad. you look at so many of the communities. african-american yugouths in inr city, 60% unemployment. teachers have to walk through metal detectors to get into an
4:20 pm
under funded school and it is not serving the children well. not only do they not have the jobs in those communities because industry has left the country, but they can't get the education because their school system system is failing them. it creates a void for the community, and the communities are hurt the worst. by my father reaching out to him, i was so proud when he started reaching out to african-american. it is not a community that the republicans have done well reaching out to. and on the democratic side, it is not a community the democrats have served well. i think we're going to do tremendous with them. i think we will do tremendous with the latino community. honestly i'm really proud. i think it is progressive of him to put the time and effort he is into it. >> lastly i want to touch on briefly the swing states because, you know, if any u.s. presidential election it comes down to a few states that really matter and can deliver the white house. your thoughts and strategy? >> the poll came out today we're plus five in iowa, amazing. we are plus one in virginia, which is incredible. l.a. times, which is one of the largest polls out there, plus one nationwide.
4:21 pm
hillary never thought it would happy. she has come off two of worst weeks of her campaign. she is not happy going into a holiday weekend we are doing as well as we are and have the trajectory we do. we have going to work tirelessly to make this happen and we have to make america great again. my father is an amazing man and he will do that. >> fantastic. pleasure to have you here. >> great to be here. thank you. >> tomorrow donald trump heads to detroit trying to win over voters in the african-american community. up close, trump family friend who will be at that event here next.
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>> at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote, i promise you. >> that was donald trump promising that if he wins the white house he will get 95% of the african-american vote in four years. some critics however, they don't believe that. tomorrow donald trump is is heading to detroit to visit an african-american church. vice president of the eric trump foundation and family ambassador of minority engagement of the trump campaign is here to go on the record. lynn will be attending that important event tomorrow. thank you for coming on the program tonight. >> thank you for having me, kimberly. a pleasure to be here. >> thank you. a lot to talk about because this is really important. all eyes on trump as usual, but it is a crucial, impactful group and moment for him to do outreach. how will he be able to accomplish this? there are reports there are scripted comments but will there be an open dialogue?
4:26 pm
>> that's right, kimberly. i have the honor of going to detroit with my boss tomorrow, donald trump, to go to pastor wayne jackson's church. it is the an example of my boss continuing the dialogue with the african-american and latino community he has been doing since day one. we are looking forward to it. as pertains to this, quote, unquote, scripted dialogue, i can only say that, you know, the "new york times" has been attacking my bosh frs from daye wou one. the donald trump i know is anything by scripted. >> you felt compelled personally to tell the truth about him as you have known. how many years have you known him? >> i have been working with the trump family seven years. i know in trump, i know his heart and passion for this country to be true. i am with this family each and every day. eric trump has truly become a brother to me. i know he was on your show today. you know, ivank, laura trump is
4:27 pm
one of my best friends, we are traveling the country speaking out about women issues, minority issues because we truly know this man. we believe in this man, we believe in his message. he has been nothing but above reproach. >> let me ask, what is his method? how is he going to connect with the african-american community? traditionally this is a community that voted in heavy numbers for democrats, putting barak obama in office and hillary clinton is counting on that vote. what's the message from trump to get them to join him? >> you mentioned numbers. quite frankly, i'm hoping as an african-american myself that the numbers resonate with my fellow minorities because, quite frankly, since president obama has taken office the amount of african-americans living in poverty has risen by 1.4 million. black homeownership dropped nearly 7%. my boss has been talking and engaging with the african-american and minority community, with the latino community since day one. he has a bold initiative for
4:28 pm
education reform, all policies that directly impact the quality of life in minority communities. when illegal labor crosses the border it directly affects competitive american wages. quite frankly, my boss is going to change that. >> and you believe in him because you have been working beside him? >> 100%. my family raised me to speak up when i see an injustice. what is happening to this family, it was tearing me apart day if and day out. i am daughter of a man born in birmingham, alabama, and there's literally no amount of money that could get me to come on your show, release a viral video, speak before people at the rnc if i didn't believe in this man. >> fantastic. i'm proud of you for participating as a woman and a minority. >> thank you so much for having me. >> very powerful. thank you very much. >> detroit, here we come. >> all right. the 2016 presidential debate
4:29 pm
moderators announced. for first debate on september 26th, nbc lester holt. second debate on october 9 go beings abc marktha rad its. for the vice presidential debate on october 4th, cbs elaie quina will moderate. not done there. live reports from the storm's path next. >> the new 20 >> the new 20
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. this is a fox news alert. tropical storm hermine moving up the east coast after making landfall in florida as a category one hurricane. on the record has live team coverage up and down the east coast, plus the forecast. begin with caroline shively live in kill devil hills, nor north carolina. caroline. >> reporter: hi there. this is definitely the worst we have seen it throughout the day. i don't know if you can see the rain, but it is coming at us side ways. the biggest change we noticed throughout the day are the waves. they are absolutely huge. we took our other camera and put it on the top floor of our hotel. i know it is getting dark, but take a close look if you can at those waves. before this is all said and done we are expecting between one to 3 feet of storm surge, at the same time five to 8 inches coming down, perhaps as many as 12 inches as part of north carolina. that will be a terrible kbrings,
4:34 pm
perhaps resulting in flooding deeper into the state. it is a vulnerable area. think about this pencil thin area. we have the the atlantic to our back, sound to our front, but vulnerable here. there are 33 counties in the state where they have declared a state of emergency. the governor has things ready to go. he has the national guard, humvees, helicopters, swift boat rescue teams. they are stationed inland at this hour ready to roll, but you have to be smart and think that the helicopters can't go up in this, boats certainly can't go on water in these conditions. he is asking people to stay safe, shelter in place when you can, because it is most likely too late to get out of here. kimberly, back to you. >> caroline, thank you for the important update. hermine leaves thousands without power and a trail of devastation in its week. fox's steve aragan live in cedar key, florida. >> we had a combination along parts of the florida coast of 80
4:35 pm
mile per hour winds with nine-foot storm surge. it left houses, businesses devastated. you can walk through from one side to the other, no doors or walls in your way. these condominiums hit hard by the storm surge, a lot higher than predict. personal belongings, air conditions, satellite dishes everywhere. ordinarily after a disaster the day after is full of bus will and movement. people trying to repair what they can. that's not happening here thes a dead zone either because it is not worth recover or conditions not worth coming back to. kimberly, back to you. >> steve, thank you so much. where is hermine headed next? fox new chief meteorologist is tracking it all with the latest details. rick. >> hey, kimberly. so many of us have to deal with this storm, and pretty much the entire eastern seaboard will get
4:36 pm
something from this. tonight heavy rain across the carolinas, moving across north carolina. will begin to die down in south carolina, but we have a tornado watch in effect until midnight. the chance for rotation moving on shore as bands pull on in, but the rainfall amounts will be very extreme. in some spots here across north carolina likely eight to 10 inches of additional rain. that means flooding concerns will be with us everywhere here across the carolinas, and then into the chess peek bay. tonight the center of the storm continues to pull to the northeast, and by morning it will be here just off the shore. that rotation will pull a lot of water into the chesapeake bay, and we will look at potential flooding. we have a problem on our hands for the next four to five days. the storm stalls here and we will see a continual pummelling of water kind of like you get with a nor' easter but hurricane force winds likely by monday, closer to the shore, new jersey,
4:37 pm
down across the del marva and all pulling in here. we are looking at a four to five day event with water coming in here, with a big storm surge and coastal erosion. we have tropical storm warnings across the south, but we will turn our attention across del marva, jersey with tropical stormwaters and now new york city as well as long island and long island sound into connecticut. we have a long ways to go. it is probably not out of here, kimberly, by wednesday or thursday of next week. >> thank you so much. >> you bet. >> more nfl players sitting in solidarity with colin c kaepernick. a former nfl star is standing by to go on the record. brock turner is out of prison, after serving three months for rain. a fired up katie feng coming up.
4:38 pm
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4:42 pm indic ♪ for the land >> i think it is a misunderstanding. you know, the media painted this as i'm anti-american, anti-men and women of the military, and that's not the case at all. >> you, from kaepernick, if you don't love our country, get out of it. >> doesn't have to apologize for a bleep thing. >> colin, here is my salute to you. >> he is bringing awareness to the situation. >> i think what i did was taken out of context and spun a different way. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick once again refusing to stand during the national anthem. during the anthem at last night's game he took a knee along with fellow 49er eric
4:43 pm
reed. seattle seahawks jeremy lane sat through the national anthem. and last year, who last took the field for washington goes on the record. dante, thank you for joining us. some fired up. some saying, yes, it is his first amendment right to do so, but was it the right, place, time and manner in which to express his personal opinion? >> you know, i think it is interesting for a lot of players, a lot of professional athletes. we kind of get into this cocoon of not being able to speak out and actually make political statements during your respective season. usually, you know, it is not well-received. you saw that, you know, with a lot that went on with eric gardner situation, you know, the "i can't breathe" tee shirts worn baugh lebron and the rest of the cavaliers. for me it seems people don't
4:44 pm
like to hear athletes' perspective on social issues, which i understand but at the same time we are citizens of the country so we feel we have the right to be able to speak on social issues, you know, no matter how they are. but to kaepernick's point, he wants to bring awareness to it. i think if that's what his -- one of his main goals was, was to bring awareness, then to do it on a national stage, you know, during a football game i think was -- was really effective. people are talking, we've been talking about it for a week straight, right? >> certainly. and as former first lady of san francisco i've watched 49ers played since i was five years of age. but it is tough because i played team sports and i understand your actions can impact the team as a whole. perhaps some of the players don't feel like being interjected into the national debate and not having the focus on the game but on one individual's personal statement, especially people might think it is disrespectful to the
4:45 pm
military, for those who fought hard and lost their lives serving this country to fight or our liberties and people, that perhaps people feel kaepernick is taking it too far? >> i think that was one of the -- probably the worst thing of the whole situation, was that kind of -- that came across wrong. and obviously it wasn't his intention, he's expressed his admiration for the military, for the men and women of the military, even actually went so far as to talk about the vets that come home, how they have issues that are not being taken care of. you know, to me that is one of the things that we have a big problem in this country with, is our veterans. for him to bring light to it, especially when he was attacked for not respecting the military, i don't think that was his intentions at all. matter of fact, i can say i know that wasn't his intention. his intention was to bring some kind of awareness and light to what is going on, you know, in the african-american communities. but also to, you know, as a professional athlete it is harder, as you said, kimberly,
4:46 pm
from a team standpoint and especially an nfl team, which is probably the ultimate team game. a lot of players honestly have backed him in this, and i think, you know, one of his other teammates said he thinks this will bring the team closer together. so there are some things that can happen in professional sports where they'll rally around the guy, rally around his cause and, you know, again, there was another one of his teammates that said i didn't agree with it at first, but when i actually listened to what he was saying it made sense. so they're standing in solidarity with him, but, again, you have other players across the nfl who don't agree with what he did. so it is not just among people on the outside, it is also nfl players. everyone has the right i believe to express what they believe is right or wrong. that's what makes this country great. >> we'll see. as long as he keeps his head in the game and puts up the point and delivers an offense that they can be proud of too, because that matters a well for the team. >> that's right. >> donte, thank you. always a class act. a pleasure. >> appreciate it. >> after three months in jail,
4:47 pm
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convicted rapist brock turner back out on the streets. turner a former stanford swimmer was found guilty of raping an unconscious woman. the california judge aaron persky only gave turner six months but because of good behavior in prison turner was released this morning after just three months behind bars. former prosecutor katie fan goes on the record. two prosecutors on the screen right now, myself, yourself. this is so outrageous. we've been following this story all along. what do you make of it? >> three months in jail for sexually assaulting -- and let's just call it what it is. raping a woman who was
4:52 pm
intoxicated and unconscious behind a dumpster at stanford. and the outrageous thing is, kimberly, i've got bad dye jobs that last longer than three months. this kid does three months in jail and because he's registering as a sex offender for the next three years or the rest of his life, like that's supposed to mitigate what's happened in this case? absolutely not. good for california. there's a bill that's waiting to be signed by governor brown that basically says the judge is like aaron persky, they can't do this anymore. if you sexually assault somebody, then you're going to be doing time in jail and it's going to be mandatory prison. >> now, persky is no longer presiding over these criminal cases from what i've learned. he's been booted over, i guess, to civil court. he agreed to go and be reassigned. but what about the damage that he's done? such a chilling effect on victims of sexual assault and even, you know, victims of domestic violence. women that have suffered across this country, even children. what kind of message does this send that there is just a revolving door, a get out of jail free pass for people who would commit these heinous acts.
4:53 pm
>> you're exactly right, kimberly. it does send an incredibly chilling effect on everybody who's the victim in this case. but again, in california they've also recently passed laws to eliminate a statute of limitations for crimes like rape and to make sure that all forms of sexual assault are deemed to be rape. as of right now california laws do not protect and do not support the victims. so the good news, if there's a silver lining out of this horrific situation involving brock turner, is that it stimulated the legislatures to get involved and to actually rally behind the victims. >> yeah, you just can't believe that it even takes this long or another act of horrific violence like this, especially with rapists and people who commit acts of sexual assault. they are recidivists. they are habitual offenders that tend to repeat. and when you see someone like this out, everybody beware about this individual because he is somebody who has some serious sickness in him and he could prey on someone else again. and that's a problem. and take a look at him right there, brock turner. but you know, katie, for all the victims and everything out
4:54 pm
there, listen, be strong. come forward. tell your story and the truth. you have nothing to be ashamed of. it's this criminal scum like this guy. >> that's right. >> unbelievable. >> that's right. >> all right. always a pleasure to have you here. go ahead. >> not a problem. thanks. >> okay. take care. katie, always a pleasure. and coming up, a daring rescue caught on camera. you have to see this incredible video. it's all next. energy is a complex challenge. people want power. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here.
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4:59 pm
at first athens county, georgia police officer daniel whitney tried to put out these flames. but when that failed, he jumped into action, saving the life of the passenger who was trapped inside. >> i need a fire extinguisher or a garden hose! get a garden hose! >> it was exceptional. it was amazing, the circumstances that i ended up being in. but it's nothing that officers don't do across the country all the time. >> well, a life saved thanks to this quick-thinking officer whitney. incredible story. and so many like that across the country. that's all for us for now. and do not miss the "on the record" special. it's "the trump life." no two women know donald trump better than his daughter ivanka and his wife melania. they're going to share with you intimate details about what it is like to live the trump life. you can catch it all monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. and take a break, why don't you, from your labor day barbecues
5:00 pm
and catch our five labor-day special. don't forget about it, 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor" hosted by eric bolling. good night. ♪ hi. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. the fbi today made public dozens of pages of documents from its investigation into hillary clinton's personal e-mail use while secretary of state. fbi director james comey announced on july 5th that he wasn't recommending any charges against hillary but said she was "extremely careless" in handling of "very sensitive highly classified information." joining us now from washington is fox


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