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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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welcome to the "hannity" tv program. it's the clinton scandal that just won't go away. i'm tucker carlson in tonight for sean. new revelations this afternoon about hillary clinton's lingering e-mail controversy. this after the fbi published brand-new documents related to its now closed investigation into the former secretary of state. joining us now with the very latest on this is our own catherine herridge. catherine. >> reporter: this 11-page fbi summary of hillary clinton's july 2nd interview shows the former secretary of state could not remember key details about her e-mails more than two dozen times. critics aren't buying it. >> it's implausible, not someone with her background, experience,
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training. she's an attorney. 25 years in government. and suddenly she has selective am knee sha? it's not plausible. it's not believable. >> reporter: clinton told fbi agents she could not recall when she got a security clearance. clinton could not recall briefings on the handling of classified information or special training for the u.s. government's most closely held secrets. the same week clinton became secretary of state, she signed two non-disclosure agreements where she said she knew the rules and that violating these agrumts could result in criminal charges. clinton also told the fbi that she could not recall the details surrounding the 2009 setup of the clinton domain, whose servers were housed at their chappaqua, new york, home. clinton said the personal e-mail account was a matter of convenience. fbi agents do not appear to press clinton on the issue, further reinforcing republican criticism of the fbi director and the investigation. >> remember james comey said she was not indicted because he
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didn't have sufficient evidence on the issue of intent. she said she did it for convenience, but i didn't see the follow-up questions in the interview i read. >> reporter: the heavily redacted fbi summary also shows clinton was questioned about the 22 top secret e-mails too damaging to release for national security reasons. and that questioning included the drone campaign as well as human spying for cia programs. tucker. >> catherine herridge, thanks a lot. here with reaction, governor mike huckabee of arkansas, and dr. ben carson. great to see you both. dr. carson, first to you. this is kind of definitive, then. hillary clinton says i didn't know the rules. that's not a plausible explanation, is it? >> it's not a plausible explanation, and her failure to remember anything certainly is not a quality that you would want to see in a president. >> i'm assuming you buy it, then. do you think she wasn't able of remembering the northwemost bass and handling classified material? >> well, it doesn't particularly matter. if she wasn't capable of
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remembering that, she definitely would not be capable of performing the duties of the president, and if she is lying, that disqualifies her too. >> governor huckabee, we're finding out about this from the fbi on the afternoon of labor day weekend, on a friday, on a holiday weekend. this is a classic way to bury news that you think is going to be damaging to the principal. the fbi is not a political organization, but this move suggests they're acting for political reasons. do you think that's true? and if so, how discouraging is that for a law enforcement agency to help a political campaign? >> well, the fbi has always been above and beyond the political ramifications. it's one of the reasons that most americans have an incredibly high respect for the fbi. this hurts the fbi's reputation. it hurts james comey's representation. but most of all, it damages hillary clinton. i mean for her to claim that she has less memory about what she was briefed on than jason boen
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knew about his past identity. i agree with ben carson. if she doesn't remember fundamental facts of national security like this, then she has no business being sworn in as president, and we need to make sure the american people don't make what could be an incredibly irrevocable mistake. >> dr. carson, these 60 pages suggest more stories to come in this way. you have hillary clinton in the fbi's account losing somehow 13 different pdas, cell phones. you have her using her device in foreign countries. you have her with a skiff, which is supposed to be a bug-proof room in her house and office that is not secure. this suggests that she was more vulnerable even than we knew to attacks by foreign intelligence agencies. do you think we're going to be hearing that story before election day? >> i hope so. but here's the other thing that we have to consider. because she had such vital information ain such insecure places, i think probably the
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chinese, the russians, and some others probably have some of that information. now, what would it be like to have a president who could be blackmailed by another nations because they have information that she doesn't want to come out? >> that is the question. that is absolutely the question. i think it's a major concern for the intelligence agencies in this country. governor huckabee, tell us -- i mean you of course are from arkansas. you're a three-term governor of arkansas. you know the clintons very well. they're smart people. they try to cover all the bases. they're paranoid, they're aware of their public perception. why would mrs. clinton behave in a manner this reckless? what would motivate her to do that? >> because for so long, tucker, she and her husband have gotten away with living by a different set of rules than everybody else. you know, we remember back in 2008 the big banks were protected because they were too big to fail. and i think what we have is a hillary clinton who thinks she's too big to jail. she thinks that these rules that
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apply to everybody else in government are for them, for the little people, but not for her. and that's very troubling. and this is not a political issue. i know it's going to sound like it, and coming from me, look, i don't pretend that i'm non-partisan. i'm very partisan. i have a very particular point of view. but try to look at this objectively. and let's remember that she said, well, she only had one device. now we know that she got rid of 13 different devices. there are so many things that have just been said that are fundamentally not true, and she can't possibly say that she just didn't remember how many devices that she had when there were 13 of them. >> so dr. carson, the whole point of america, the whole reason people come here from other countries, who yearn to be americans, is because we're equal under the law, all of us. this puts a lie to that. what do you say to the numerous americans who are now doing jail time or have felony records for mishandling, in some cases they claim unintishlly, classified
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information. >> i say i'm sorry that you are the victims of an unfair system. and, you know, as governor huckabee alluded to, this kind of issue, it's really not a democrat or republican issue. this goes to the very heart of who we are as a nation, who we are as people. what do we accept? what kinds of leaders do we want to put up in front of our children as examples? if we put somebody up who lies as easily as they breathe, and this is our greatest role model, what can we expect from the next generation of americans? >> that's a deep question. i mean governor huckabee, i don't think hillary clinton is the worst person in the world at all, but i think this behavior is clearly unacceptableable. there's no defending it at all, and yet democrats are defending it. donald trump has said things that are hard to defend and republicans have said that's wrong, i'm not going to defend him. you haven't seen anything like that on the democratic side. it's been robotic, lock step
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support for their candidate. do you think you're going to see any democrats of conscience say, i'm sorry. i'm not going to defend this behavior? >> publicly, probably not. i've always admired the democrats for circling the wagons around the people they're trying to protect, no matter how ridiculous it is. we've seen that not only with hillary clinton and bill clinton, but with barack obama. i mean they just always sort of say, no, our side does nothing wrong. but this is troubling, and it needs to be to independent voters, people who really want america to be a place where everybody gets treated the same, where lady justice is blindfolded and presiding over scales that balance justice and mercy, not campaign and contributions to the clinton foundation on one side of the scale and favors on the other. and that's the kind of white house we would have with hillary clinton. >> yeah, boy, i don't admire that lockstep at all because i think it betrays the real point of democratic politics, which is not so sort of act on behalf of some principle, but to acquire
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power and use power. >> at some point we have to ask ourselves who are we? >> yeah. >> what kind of people are we, and what do we represent? and not what is politically expedient and what will help our party to do better. and if that's the road we're going to go down, we're doomed. >> man, i hope if trump ever did something like this or whatever trump does, i'm not going to be there robotically defending it. stick to your principles. thank you, gentlemen. it's great to see you both. >> absolutely. coming up right here on "hannity" next. >> i believe and have said many times that i take classified material seriously, and there were no materials that were marked classified. >> we've got more reaction to the fbi's new report on hillary's e-mail server. how damaging will these revelations be to her campaign? and then watch. >> to those suffering, i say
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what do you have to lose in trying trump? >> donald trump has been reaching out to black voters. tomorrow he's set to speak at a black church in the city of detroit. david webb, eric guster here to react to that and a whole lot more straight ahead on "hannity." don't go away. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness,
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i did not send classified material, and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified. i believe and have said many times that i take classified material seriously, and there were no materials that were marked classified. >> boy, you can just pick her statements at random, and the fbi has proved them false. welcome back to the "hannity" tv program. that was of course the former secretary of state denying over and over again that there was classified material on her private e-mail account. of course we now know that's not true at all. there are moment instances of classified material housed in her private e-mail system, and according to documents released this afternoon by the fbi, new questions are now being raised about her careless handling of state secrets. they have put this country at risk, and it's not an overstatement. it actually happened. joining us now, doug schoen and noelle nikpour. it's great to see you both. i'm not arguing that hillary clinton gave the hydrogen bomb
2:14 am
to the soviets, but i am arguing what's obvious, which is if a normal citizen had done this, he'd be indicted, and you know that's true. so how can you look at what hillary did and the response from the justice department and not conclude the system is actually rigged in favor of people with power? >> here's what i would tell you. secretary clinton, as a democrat of conscience, clearly made profound errors. the fbi said it was extremely careless, not gross nejgligence. tucker, this is politics. you know what? i don't defend it. i was troubled, deeply troubled, by what i saw today. that being said, as a democrat, i still support secretary clinton. but these are troubling, troubling revelations, rest assured. >> i'm not even attacking hillary clinton. i think this is what hillary clinton does. i think it's what she's always done, no more than you can attack a scorpion for stinging you. that's what they do. i'm attacking the obama justice department for subverting
2:15 am
justice on behalf of the democratic nominee because i think it hurts the entire country and the system itself. >> if you look at everything she's done and you go back and look, some of the problem that she said is she was like, i don't recall. 39 times, i don't recall. and if you look back in 2012, you remember when she had the concussion, and the doctor had cleared her. the doctor had cleared her for two hours a day to be working at the state department, okay? now, here's where i lay, or you want to look at something else. where was the obama administration? where were the higher ups that allowed her to go back and be briefed on our national security and things going on with the state department when she didn't get the 100%, when she couldn't put in a full day's work. i mean this is -- somewhere there is more fault than also just hillary clinton and her i don't know, i don't know. >> that's a fair question. so, doug, all the hillary toadies in the press, and that's basically everyone, politico, "the washington post," are saying that anyone who raises questions about her health are engaged in a conspiracy theory.
2:16 am
but after reading these pages where she says, i have no memory of things a normal person would remember, why shouldn't we be concerned? >> i think those are fair questions, tucker, but you talk about the obama justice department. last i checked, james comey is an independent operator, a republican who has a reputation for probity and integrity. so i would look at him as well as the justice department. >> but i agree with you. seriously, look, you've a sophisticated political guy. you don't drop 60 pages of controversial material on the friday afternoon before labor day weekend unless you're doing it for political reasons. james comey is not supposed to be a political actor. he's the head of the fbi. why is he -- >> why don't you ask him? >> it's a great question. >> ask the fbi. >> what is going on? this is totally third world. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> well, this is an absurd world. it's the united states of america where a government of rule of law, and you should ask them those questions rather than just full minute ating about it.
2:17 am
>> i don't have access to them. just to you. tonight you're their surrogate, and i'm going to full minute ate because i can't control myself. >> this is politics. secretary clinton dodged a bullet literally and metaphorically, remains slightly ahead, and that's what this is all about. in her terms and the american people's terms. >> i don't know if she did it literally, but we can talk off air. i already said i'm not surprised by anything hillary does. i can't resist playing this following clip. it's one of a thousand we could have picked against which we are comparing reality. here's hillary clinton on the number of devices she used as secretary of state. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. i think that it might have been smarter to have those two devices from the very beginning. >> iphone or android? >> iphone. okay. in full disclosure.
2:18 am
>> blackberry. >> and a blackberry. i have an ipad, a mini ipad, an iphone and a blackberry. >> it turns out she had 13 blackberries. who asks a question about that? talk about the endless sucking up by select news figures. it turns out they should 13. >> she has ipads. she has blackberries. she has every device in the world and she still can't remember anything with the backup of all the devices she has. number two, an aide even said he saw them smashing a couple of them with a hammer. i mean you've got to look at this. this is insane. this is somebody that's running for president of the united states with this investigation that she was found clean, and she's running for our -- the highest office in the united states? >> doug, you spent a lot of time around government obviously and in washington, and you know how unbelievably uptight about
2:19 am
security. why didn't someone in the building say, whoa, whoa, whoa. we don't do that around here. your skiff, you're secure communications room has to be secure and it isn't. why doesn't this raise an alarm? >> i think these are fair questions. the problem is the obama justice department, the obama white house clearly let secretary do what she did. she's been shown by the fbi to have been extremely careless, not to have committed indictable offenses. that's the way it will be. there will be more revelations. i'll say one thing. free advice. she should get out of the clinton foundation right now. it will only help her chances of being elected. >> yeah, i don't think they will. they're very money centered, the clintons, as you know. they're greedier than any finance guy i've ever met. >> money is money. winning is winning. this is about elections. >> it's so gross. eww. thank you for coming on, doug. i appreciate it. you too, noelle.
2:20 am
coming up next right here on the "hannity" program. >> to those suffering, i say what do you have to lose in trying trump? >> that's the pitch. what do you have to lose? that's what he's saying to african-american voters on the campaign trail. that's what he'll be saying tomorrow at a black church in detroit. david webb and eric guster react to all of it coming up next. and then later on the show. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> the great wall of trump. the elites scoff, but most people kind of like it. why wouldn't they? this week trump unveiled his immigration plan. how does it compare to hillary clinton's? that's the question. what would she do if elected? we'll tell you, next.
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this is the legacy of president obama and hillary clinton. it can't get any worse. to those suffering, i say what do you have to lose in trying trump? what do you have to lose? >> that was of course donald trump on the campaign trail, making his pitch to black voters. tomorrow he's headed to detroit where he's going to address a black church and tour parts of the city with dr. ben carson. here with reaction, david webb and trial attorney and political commentat commentator, eric guster. welcome to you both. eric, hillary clinton said the other day that trump was racist for bringing this message before a white audience. now he's going before a black audience tomorrow and bring the same message. he's probably not going to win a huge percentage of the black vote. >> what he's saying what's the equivalent of the drunk guy at
2:24 am
last call saying, hey, you have nothing to lose, so go home with me. that is what trump was telling these voters. you have nothing to lose. >> he calls the black community at the drunk guy at the bar. >> no. he's the drunk guy at the bar trying to get the girl to go home with him. he's saying i'm the last resort. you all are in bad shape. that's what he said. [ overlapping voices ] >> can i ask you a quick question. do you think it is working in detroit and chicago? >> trump's message to black people? we're talking about trump -- [ overlapping voices ] >> i want him to say exactly what he said right there again. >> so let's go to the issue and answer your question because i was in detroit just a week ago, and i took a drive through some of these neighborhoods that are blighted and some of these beautiful neighborhoods that have been razed, buildings closed offment i look at some of the cities that have failed since the '60s like newark, new
2:25 am
jersey, fifth ward in houston, parts of east l.a. all across this country we have seen failure by the so-called promises from the democrats to the black community, and frankly the new -- let's call it what it is -- masters of the black community with the congressional black caucus, you look at the policies, you look at the failures, the failure in education, the failure in economy. you talk about urban flight where companies have fled from high-crime zones. chicago just -- >> let me finish. >> a lot of shift in the auto industry is what caused the downfall of detroit. that wasn't a democratic policy. >> let me get the facts behind this. >> you all are trying to shift it. >> i deal in facts. >> that is a fact. >> the fact behinds a fact -- >> we'll talk about it. >> yes, i will if you'll let me. the facts behind detroit is it was predictable failure with the growth of union labor rates, the cost that auto manufacturers could not maintain, the fact that -- >> i get it. but the bottom line is -- >> where did this come from is your point?
2:26 am
it came from the liberal alignment with a lot of these unions, a lot of these companies that -- >> you can't look at detroit or chicago or gary, indiana, or cleveland and say, you know, good job, democratic leadership. why does hillary clinton think she has an absolute moral claim on all black votes? she's basically said that. it turns out hillary clinton is from the mississippi delta. she grew up poor there. how do i know that? you thought she was from suburban schicchicago. list ton her talk and you'll know her roots. >> i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. now, let me tell you i'm aware i may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but i have won big advantage. i've been coloring my hair for years. >> now, i'm sure there's more patronizing tape we could find,
2:27 am
but i can't imagine what it would look like. this is the single most patronizing awkward thing i've seen. >> i doubt if you'll find more because those are the only two clips that are being shown. >> but they're unbelievable. if trump had talked that way, i wouldn't defend it. i would be like that's nauseating. >> well, that's not a good tape. that's a bad clip. i'll give you that. i'll give you that. but we're talking about two candidates where trump has 43% of white people think he's a racist. that is a problem for him. so if 43% of white people think you're racist, you have a -- >> it doesn't mean you are racist. >> let's get back to the core issue of what we're here to talk about. [ overlapping voices ] >> eric, i'd love to spend time on this election, but i want to go to the issue here, which is the black community. we have gone from a community back in the days of civil rights that had strong family structure, a growing middle class, fastest growing middle
2:28 am
class in the early '90s because of college graduation with black males. we have gone to a community that has got a higher unemployment rate, a lower education rate, and the young millennials -- let me finish. >> i'm asking you. >> stop interrupting my point. >> let's go. >> when all those factors and more combine, you have failure in a community, and what donald trump is saying, shouldn't you consider another choice? and it's this simple reason. blacks have given their unyielding support to the democrats for 50 years, and there's a split. it's not a monolithic block, but look at the urban blacks and where they are economically. >> one last question, and it's this. when you listen to hillary talk and you listen to obama talk, i'm listening to you and you really get the impression that the democrats believe the single biggest impediment to success in the inner city is white racism from conservatives. do you believe that? do you really believe that? >> no, that's not the single largest impediment. >> what is? >> proper funding for education among other issues. job creation.
2:29 am
[ overlapping voices ] >> let me finish. in reference to trump versus hillary, hillary wasn't my first choice. but looking at trump versus hillary, she is clearly the choice in this race. >> can we just use the point eric guster made which is completely wrong. the cost of education, which i have been reporting on for years now, has increased to some averages of 24 to $28,000 per student in these urban environments where -- let me finish -- where the money going into the education system has not been applied to education but the growth of the administration. >> there's clearly not a direct correlation between the amount we spend and the results. it's not that simple obviously. >> one last point. this was the election that the gop could have attracted the black vote, but trump is definitely not the candidate. >> anyone who runs is going to be racist because he has to be. they have to call you a racist, period. >> on my radio show, i've encouraged people to split their ticket for years. trump is not the candidate. >> that's why you're sitting here because you're a beacon
2:30 am
reasonableness in a sea of nutiness. >> let me say this to the black community. stop giving away your political power to any party, in this case, the democrats, because they have nothing to gain and nothing they want but your vote. >> i'm being told we're out of time. >> don't vote for the liar, hillary clinton. >> and mr. trump. >> coming up next right here on the "hannity" tv show. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border, and mexico will pay for the wall. >> he's going to build a wall. you can hear morning joe scoffing, but it turns out people kind of want a wall actually. how does his plan compare to hillary clinton's? she's against a wall, except when it'shite house. we're going to break down her plan coming up next. >> secretary clinton, any comment on your husband --
2:31 am
>> she's not really in the mood to answer questions. she hasn't really been m the mood for 273 days because she's just busy. ak0rding to a new report, clinton will begin letting members of the press fly on her campaign plane. the question is will they be given access? do they need access? will it affect their continuous suck-up to hillary clinton? it's nauseating and we're going to chronicle it in excruciating ♪ my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all.
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welcome back to "hannity." donald trump delivered a major immigration policy speech earlier this week in phoenix. here's some of the highlights in case you missed it. watch. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border, and mexico will pay for the wall. we are going to suspend the issuance of visas to anyplace
2:37 am
where adequate screening cannot occur. within i.c.e., i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice just like hillary clinton has evaded justice. okay? >> so the speech went on for over an hour but the core promise was trump said he's going to put americans first with his immigration policy. he's not going to do anything except to the extent it benefits americans. does hillary have the same guiding spirit in her immigration plan? here to tell us, american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. gina loudoun, and dr. jessica tar wahl lof, trump said i'm pu
2:38 am
americans first. i heard hillary clinton say a lot about it. i didn't hear her say one thing, not one thing ever about the effects of immigration, legal or illegal on american citizens, people who live here. why? >> well, it's a different focus of the message. obviously the core of her plan is there's a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country right now, which actually seems like it's donald trump's plan as well if you look at what he said the morning after his speech. he's waffling a bit at this. >> it's certainly not the core of his plan or his main concern. the main concern of morning joe but -- >> he didn't say it to morning joe. yes the truth of the matter what he says on wednesday night is not the thing he said on thursday morning. but what hillary clinton talk bsz is american exceptionalism and what america is founded on, which is being a melting pot of people from all over the world.
2:39 am
her core argument is immigrants make us better as a nation. they're not here just to take our jobs, to kill our children. >> but that's a bumper sticker, not a policy. it's a nice spirit. i mean i like immigrants. they work super hard. they're really nice. i think most of them are great actually. but doesn't a president have to take into account the effects of immigration on people who were born here, who live here, who are american citizens? i don't get a sense hillary clinton cares at all, and if she does, i'll stand corrected, but show me the evidence. >> look, it's all politics, right? she was against illegals againstiagains getting drive licenses. you know, taking on her own president. she votes for a fence, what she calls a fence. i don't know whether it's a wall or a fence or just a barrier. she voted for that when she thought it was good for her
2:40 am
politically. she's all over the map. at the end of the day for hillary clinton, she's going to do or say anything to her party in order to have the cohesion she needs to keep the bernie sanders and hopefully the jill stein people at bay. at the end of the day, donald trump has this right. when 75% of the american public think -- and authenticate democrats and republicans by the way -- thinks we're on the wrong track and when our economy is as weak and soft as it is where people haven't seen increases in their take home pay, it's right to put american citizens first. >> so, gina, last year, 2015, fully one-half of all driver licenses issued in the state of cal went to illegal aliens. hillary clinton supports that. why would she support that? it seems pretty clear that democrats are intent on erasing the distinction between citizen and non-citizen in the expectation that non-citizens will vote. i mean -- >> there's no evidence of that. >> really? >> that illegals are voting? >> gina, let me ask you this. why wouldn't they vote in states
2:41 am
with no requirement for i.d., why wouldn't illegal aliens vote? >> of course they vote, and that honestly is my biggest fear about the next election. it isn't that mr. trump will lose. i live right on the mexican border, and i can tell you my friends and neighbors by and large, hispanic immigrants will be voting for mr. trump because they don't like what's happening in their own neighborhoods. i love jessica, but i cannot understand how anyone can sit there with a straight face and defend what hillary is proi posing. she's essentially saying, hey, jessica, tonight when you go to bed, leave your doors open. set a pot of cash out on your sidewalk because that's what she wants us to do with our country. most americans can see right through this. they know it's all about votes, tucker, and that's why they like mr. trump's plan, that is actually a plan. >> well, they don't like trump's plan. >> hillary clinton is saying my campaign is about wages, middle class wages. how can you simultaneously say that and encourage a continuation of a massive
2:42 am
importation of low-end labor into the labor pool which depresses wages? >> well, we have a net outflow of immigrants from mexico. >> no. >> yes we do. >> from mexico, but not net. we are approaching the highest levels of foreign born people in this country we've had ever. you can't look me in the eye and tells any that raises wages. it does the opposite. >> we've talked about this. >> so how can she say both? >> her main argument is about these 11 million people who are here. yes, there's a visa program, but it's about the good people who talk about donald trump talks about have been here 20, 30, 40 years working for their families. what about the 65% that favor a pathway to citizenship? over 50% of the gop is now behind it. 77% for legal zagsz. >> what about americans, matt? [ overlapping voices ] >> whatever the number is of illegals in this country, i'm sure a lot of them are nice people. >> 11 million. >> we don't know that.
2:43 am
that's not a real number. >> it is a -- >> it's a census number. we don't know what the number is. here's the point. what about the effect on americans? whatever trump's faults, he's the only person i've ever heard ask that question. >> they talk about the fact we're having illegal mexican immigrants go back to mexico. even they're indicting the obama economy. even they can't find what they need with the wages they've been able to get in the past. >> hilarious point. >> what about the debt? [ overlapping voices ] >> come on, guys. >> let me try here. let me try. the fact is that putting america first, people say it's racist. they say it's nativist. no, it's not. it just makes sense. by the way, it's connecting to people, be they republican, democrat, independent, whatever they are. they're like why shouldn't i be first? >> that's a great question. gina, we're almost out of time. sum it up for me, would you. >> tucker, when you put all the noise aside, all americans care about is being provide for their families and be able to keep them safe. mr. trump's ten-point plan
2:44 am
addresses that. hillary hasn't even addressed the debt, her incompetence as secretary of state or any of the mistakes she's made so far. >> stay tuned. gina, matt, dr. tarloff, it's great to see you all. coming up next, there is still more on the "hannity" program, including this. >> secretary clinton, any comment on your -- >> you've love this. >> secretary clinton, any comment on your husband leaving -- >> she's got no comment. she's not interested in talking to you, but that hasn't diminished the love that the press brings to hillary clinton. they're in awe of her. she's a great person. will they ever get to ask a question, though? that is the meta question, and we're going to have reaction to that and more as "hannity" continues. ♪
2:45 am
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welcome back to "hannity." it has been and we are counting here, 273 days since hillary clinton last held a legitimate press conference after pressure from the press, abc news is reporting that clinton will start using a larger campaign plane to allow the press to travel with her. the question is will she let them up front to ask questions, or will she treat them like this? >> secretary clinton, any comment on your -- >> you'll love this.
2:50 am
>> secretary clinton, any comment on your husband leaving -- >> everybody try one. >> secretary clinton, should your campaign have known that omar mateen father was at your campaign rally yesterday? secretary clinton? a few personal questions. >> thank you all very much. >> that the clinton cabinet was a distraction. can you comment on the specific allegations, though? >> as in a bad marriage, she's not even hearing them. she stopped listening. what, were you talking? joining us now, two of our old friends, lee carter. she's the famous pollster, and fox news contributor, and political legend, pat ca del. great to see you both. pat, to you. this is a middle finger in the face of the press obviously, and yet they continue to love her, continue to love her. is there anything hillary clinton could do, could she spit
2:51 am
in the face of a "new york times" reporter? is there anything she can do? could you murder one of them to have them turn against her? >> no. i think they'd have a festival if she did. no. this is in my lifetime, the greatest bias i have ever seen, the jihad, i call it. i have never seen anything like it. here is the problem with it. what's happening when they're not calling her out on it. she's smart not to do it politically, i guess now it will start working against her badly. she is doing this in a way that is so contemptious of the american people, it's the institutional abuse of an institution whose job it is to
2:52 am
protect the american people. >> they're working on behalf of the establishment which is not what they're supposed to be doing. i think hillary's hide strategy works if the campaign is about donald trump's personality. it helps her. if the campaign is about issues like immigration, or trade, does it help her to hide? >> it doesn't help her to hide. she feels the best thing to do is ride it out. put her head down and not say anything except to try to use donald trump's words against him, the problem is that it's way too long. we've got 70 or 80 days until the election this, is too long to just ride it out. people are seeing through what she's trying to do. when we see this, it's just to inviet the press in. it doesn't seem authentic. people are saying this isn't authentic. this isn't real. she doesn't open up, then people are going to say we see you're being calculated and a lot of
2:53 am
the decisions that are going to be made are about authen auth e. >> the american people understand that. >> they do. >> that raises a question what is going to happen after the election? we will be credibly covering the government after this? >> they won't be covering. barack obama doesn't like the press, despises them. they have protected him on more things. no president ever had lap dogs like them in the modern era. you know. it is when john kennedy had a friendly press corps, he had hostile editors. they'd want to take an example, someone who is a darling of the press. this is different, from top to
2:54 am
bottom. and their decision, what is going to happen with her, i believe, is when all of the revelations like today's which is criminal behavior in my opinion of the highest of people, in jail for doing much less. the -- what she's doing is thumbing her nose at the american people. when they get that point, that point starts getting made, and the press comes under what i call institutional attacks, they should be, they will panic to cover. >> i hope so. >> liam, i will see you on "fox and friends". >> yes. great to see you. >> thank you, pat. >> coming up we'll be back right after the break. there is a lot more to stay wit i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered,
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good morning, everybody. it's september 3, 2016. we have a fox news alert. hurricane hermine thrashes the east coast flooding neighborhoods and homes and now the tropical storm is heading north. is it regaining strength. don't ask hillary clinton why she e-mailed confidential information, she blames it on a brain injury. that's true. and he says, hey, i'm not saying i did it, but if i did, would it really be such a bad thing? close t


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