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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  September 3, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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year. >> jonas? >> when i was [ inaudible ] they didn't have index funds but the vanguard fund the oldest one had its 40th birthday still the best one up 10% in a year. >> younger than you. thanks for joining us. . we will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authority will not receive taxpayer dollars. >> the donald doubling down promising illegal pim grants commit -- immigrants committing crimes will be kicked out and the cities protecting them will see federal funds cut off. i'm elizabeth in for neil cavuto. a new report showing sanctuary cities across the u.s. ignoring thousands of federal requests to turn over criminal illegal immigrants. now trump saying you let them stay, we won't pay.
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to cha arlie, julie, caitlyn, a gary, and scott. now dagen mcdowell doing her usual great job, subhosting "bulls and bears" charles and ben out this week. let's get right to the story. gary, does mr. trump have it right? >> sure. anything that disincentivizes more illegal immigration is good by me. 11 million people for a reason. everybody has turned a blind eye to it. it is about time something gets done. the costs are gargantuan and there's something called the rule of law. three little words that's supposed to be followed that have not. this would be a good start. >> so scott, should we cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities then? >> yeah. i mean to the degree that the cities are violating federal law, yes. and i agree with gary's point, the risk here is too high. i think if you look at what cities have done, look at some of the incidents we've had with
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i.c.e. losing track of detainee, illegal immigrants reoffend and commit other crimes after released it's out of control. if you're an illegal you've already broken one law coming over here illegally to begin with. who's to say they're not going to commit more crimes as they already have been when they come over here. the cities should be punished for allowing that to continue to happen. >> last year nearly a million at the border illegals coming in that committed crimes. one in five convicted of at least one crime. julie, you think mr. trump has it wrong? >> well, mr. trump does have it wrong because the fact that we have -- we have federal government laws that don't get enforced all the time. colorado legalized pot. the federal government hasn't. we're not cutting off their federal funds. >> it makes it right. >> i will tell you why. you should not have local law enforcement, not coming from me, from people like the head of the nypd, safest large city in the country, saying essentially that we shouldn't have these people go in when they're trying to work with their communities, and putting them in danger and at risk saying we're going to arrest you if you're here
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illegally and trying to get them to focus on real crime going on. >> we have 50 different sets of laws -- however many sanctuary cities. do you think there should be no federal funds for cities that are defying immigration laws? do you think we should cut that back? >> we will never cut off federal funds to cities. >> i understand that. >> that's not the question. >> it is. it's an impractical way of dealing with this issue. i think there are other ways to deal with it. >> do you think it should be cut off? >> it's never going to happen. >> all right. >> do i think, you know, the world should be made a better place? yes. this will never happen. the question is what can we force cities to do? can we -- can the federal government go into cities and basically enforce the laws that the local jurisdictions won't do? and i think that's a better question. and it gets back to what you said. you know, the nypd doesn't want to start enforcing federal law. that doesn't mean federal law shouldn't be enforced by border patrol agents.
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>> yeah. >> caitlyn, there is a federal force that's i.c.e. that could be enforcing it. >> it's a controversial issue on the campaign trail. hillary clinton has been supportive of these things. to your point in a lot of cases, this -- having a relationship with the community is better, you know, better to have these people identify crimes in their areas and report them and would be less inclined to do so. donald trump and lots of republicans have been arguing against that. and so really depends on what your approach is to undocumented immigrants while they're here. i think there needs to be reform. what we saw in san francisco, of course. if there's reform efforts for sure. but this is a really polarizing issue. >> weigh in on this next video sound bite. you're never going to guess who also vowed to crack down on criminal illegal immigrants with the exact same policies that donald trump is talking about today. watch this. >> and the budget i will present to you we will try to do more to
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speed the deportation of illegal aliens arrested for crimes. it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years. >> so let me also just point out, what else bill clinton said. he said, he wanted to double down on deportation of illegal immigrants who commit crimes and also said take the jobs away interest them, the welfare benefits and wanted civil rights activist barbara jordan to head a commission to stop it. what do you make? >> barack obama has deported more than any other. >> the why is donald trump called a racist now? >> he's not -- >> nobody opposes deporting criminals, people who commit real crimes. >> why do we have sanctuary cities then. >> ice should be doing its job. >> the federal government under president obama is not doing its job. that's when you said that that's not what i said. let me clarify for you, if you are here illegally and commit a
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crime murder somebody, the nypd living here in new york will arrest you. ice will deport you. >> but -- >> i got to -- >> they will -- >> ice will not -- >> because this guy kept coming across the border. >> the obama administration won't enforce the law. >> gary, come in. >> more people [ inaudible ]. hang on. gary, come in here. >> listen, ice just state there's 172,000 criminal illegals here that they don't even know where they are. so all this talk about ice getting the job done, ain't happening. and look, let me just say another thing, politics. when a democrat says something, even if it's controversial, it's a-okay. if a republican says something they're racist. this is going on forever when it comes to immigration and all we've been seeing for years is flapping gums from both sides of the aisle and stuck at 11 million and counting. >> hold on. scott, come in here.
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what changed in the 20 years from bill clinton saying the same thing donald trump is advocating today but people are blasting donald trump for his ideas? go ahead. >> well, more illegals came over and i think maybe that the public, at least rhetoric turned more in their favor. i can't let you get away with the fact that obama has had all these deportations because [ inaudible ] in the last couple years. congress tried to put bills forth to get the spending or the spending for the sanctuary cities taken away but won't get it through because obama will veto it. >> one what president deported more? >> [ inaudible ]. >> donald trump is being accused of being accused of is not because of the criminals being deported. it's because at one point, as recently as today or yesterday until he changes his mind in the next five minutes he wanted to support everybody including people who were born here but -- >> julie, kate steinle is not an isolated incident. >> hang on.
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>> enforce our laws -- >> hang on. let's get back to the issue at hand. and that is, supporting illegal immigrants. caitlyn, get back to that clinton sound bite. all right. so the exact same ideas what is bill clinton was talking about and to charlie's point, you know, we have had people killed by illegal immigrants here not to mention child abuse and rape. so why is this a problem today when it wasn't back then? in terms of the response from bill clinton and donald trump. now advocating it and getting criticized for his ideas. >> it has everything to do with the tone and rhetoric. you saw people from the hispanic leadership council really supportive of a lot of things he said regarding his approach to immigration policy, but when it comes to the tone and tenor of the conversation, it's very different from what democrats have been talking about. we saw that debate, too, it's not just from republicans. we saw republicans take a more compassionate we should say approach. >> charlie, final word. >> you're giving clinton way too much credit.
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put it in context. that speech given in 1994? >> he gave the same ideas for about three years running. >> it was during a massive boom in our economy. clearly we let a lot of people in during that time that shouldn't have been here that came in illegally. no one really cared because the economy was booming. fast forward to now, there is a reason why working-class people don't like illegal immigration. they see their wages -- >> that's a good point. i'm not giving mr. clinton credit. i'm reporting what he says. i appreciate that. >> that was a fiery one. next up did you see this? >> how do i feel about it. it's incredible. i mean it truly is amazing. >> i'm thrilled. >> i have a lot of respect for him. [ inaudible ]. >> the bang i got for my buck, i mean, as an audience was really exceptional. >> exciting. >> so happy. so proud. >> guess what? not raving about the new movies, raving about neil cavuto's return is back after labor day. julie is happy about that. so is charlie.
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after a really amazing recovery, cavuto will be joined by jack welch, it has an all-star lineup. dr. ben carson. mark cuban, senator mark warner, newt gingrich and many, many more. i know this gang here missed neil. did you miss him? >> i missed my mentor so much that -- >> cried every night? >> i mean, listen, one of the reasons i'm here is because of that guy. >> leaving it there. we have this coming up. iran releasing an anti-american propaganda video as we find out we made secret deals helping iran after the nuclear agreement. we report, you may want to hide. today on forbes on fox, new questions about the clinton foundation after a new report says bill clinton's age used tax dollars to subsidize a charity and hillary's private e-mail server. more than a million social security numbers stolen from taxpayers. and the irs knew all about it.
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live from america's election headquarters in washington, good saturday morning. i'm elizabeth prann. a powerful earthquake hitting oklahoma this morning. now being described as one of the strongest in the state's history. new pictures just coming in. the 5.6 magnitude quake striking near pawnee, just about 75 miles north of oklahoma city. there was some damage including the facade of a building partially collapsing. people in several states across the midwest reported feeling the earthquake. and in news today, detroit protesters taking to the streets ahead of a visit by donald trump. the republican nominee will be addressing a church just a little bit later this morning as part of its outreach to african-american voters. yesterday he met with community leaders and business leaders in philadelphia. i'm elizabeth prann in washington, d.c.
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back to "cavuto on business." >> welcome back. it wasn't just secret closed-door meetings leading up to the iran nuclear deal. the administration now said to have agreed to secret exemptions for iran after the deal and this is their thanks. iran just releasing a new video showing a u.s. ship sinking and an american flag burning. charlie, the administration is denying these claims. do you think it's time to toss this bad deal overboard? >> i think it was time not do to do the deal. i wasn't a zealot against the deal. iran's population is -- a lot is secular. these are -- this is a culture, an advanced culture for many years. this isn't like the stone age. it's ruled by a bunch of lunatics. it's ruled by people who want to destroy us and kill us and kill israel. to cut deals with people like that, that's worse than the mafia. the mafia believes when you --
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if you knew bob guys they believed basically among the families and peaceful coexi coexisten coexistence. they will rip everybody off and coexist while doing it. this is a regime intent to kill its enemies and finances its enemies. someone who would love to have a detente with iran as russia it's insane. russia wasn't an insane country at the time. >> not to mention death to america is the motto. >> gary, this deal is struck, the side deals, secret side deals, has to deal with letting iran pre ses more lower grade uranium, plutonium, more deep water for their nuclear activities. and it was overseen by joint commission and, you know, guys in congress didn't know it was going on, gary. >> well, just ask yourself the question, why secrecy? why secrecy with the exemption, why secrecy with the ransom. by the way, more than half the people in this country believe it's ransom. >> okay. >> it's pretty simple as that. this is a bad deal all the way
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around. >> okay. caitlyn? >> i think it highlights all the questions surrounding this, the transparency of the deal, you know, whether, you know, a lot of national security experts and people studying this has said there's nothing nefarious going on here. donald trump said he would not necessarily rip this up on day one like all republicans have. interested to see how he plays this out. >> scott, i want your reaction to a white house spokesman john earnest had to say when asked about how iran intended to spend the $400 million payment from the u.s. take a listen. >> the president was quite forward leaning. in advance of the nuclear deal being completed in acknowledging that we know that iran supports terrorism. we know that iran supports hezbollah and the assad regime and it is possible that some of the money that iran has is being used for those purposes too. >> some of the money being used for terrorism, scott, the administration basically
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admitting that. >> yeah. our own money being used against us. state department report early july report labels iran as the number one state sponsor of terrorism yet sending money in the middle of the night, cutting secret deals with them. i agree with charlie, keep your enemies close and your friends maybe further away. but the reality that this is getting pool the wool over the eyes of the american people we made this great deal with iran with regard to the nuclear program but made exemptions for it upsets you when you figure out what they will do with that money and how they want to hurt us so bad. >> the big foreign policy legacy moment for the administration, is it some. >> it is. whether a good or bad deal it is a legacy deal. i will disagree with my friend charlie. they're absolutely bent on our destructi destruction. >> you only need to look at nikita crew shove when we cut deals with them too. >> be historically accurate.
7:49 am
>> started with nixon. >> we cut deals with crewshaf too my friend. >> we don't have time. >> but that's -- >> we keep using the word deal. >> this is not a deal. >> hang on. >> let me finish about -- >> the here and now today is that those of us that support the deal tremendous misgivings. i certainly never the best deal this was going to happen. did it with the hope and narrow agenda saying this is going to slow down the iran nuclear program for the next ten years. >> it's not a deal. >> nothing to do about changing their atrocious behavior. >> we have to leave it there. >> another fiery one. the eu telling apple po ta up for backs -- to pay up for back taxes. how that huge tax bill, could it help bring u.s. businesses back home. we have that next. don't go away. neil cavuto is back in action breaking down the latest in business and politics, the name you trust and he's back september 6th on a special "your world."
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the eu hitting apple with a 14.5 billion tax bill. critics calling it a shakedown. scott, you say this is a perfect time to put taxes back to bring back jobs. i don't think people understand that, though? >> there's a couple trillion dollars sitting overseas, waiting for some favorable tax premium. maybe a saturation tax, the highest taxing in the world, mind you. bringing that cash back, united
7:54 am
states will create research and development, jobs and corporate earnings growth in the united states. >> what do you think? >> i think the strongest part of donald trump's presidential platform is his tax platform and particularly the corporate taxes. listen if you worry about the rust belt and hauling out of business america, it's because is not investing here because, guess what, our tax rates are three times as high as anyplace else. including england that is going to survive brexit very well because britain has very low corporate taxes. >> go ahead. >> well, we don't actually have the highest corporate tax. >> a month. >> is the fact is nobody bays their tax base. we know that. >> no, some of them get loopholes. >> they're absolutely in the middle of everybody, you know that. come on. >> go ahead. >> all you need to know companies like apple and others will actually borrow money to
7:55 am
take care of their cash needs in the u.s. because it's too onerous to bring money back here. it's utter stupidity that we are not in line with other countries around the globe. it will make our economy much stronger and confident in what's going on here in corporate america. >> this is a really good time to talk about tax reform. both candidates are talking about this in various ways. >> we just got a lousy jobs report, right, 1.5 million less manufacturing jobs. >> julie said the effective tax rate is lower because of loopholes. if the tax rate wasn't so high, they would take the money and keep it here. they're leaving it over there. maybe there's a reason for, because our taxes are too high here. >> well, there's a confusion -- >> yeah, i think it's
7:56 am
immaterial. they're keeping it over there no matter what. >> they're still not paying them. it's not that they wouldn't have to pay them. >> it's going to be like ireland. >> no it's not going to be like ireland. there's a higher tax base in ireland. >> leave it to the leprechaun. i'm irish, kaitlyn, charlie and julie. we've got the stocks that our guys say will work for you so you don't have to. come back in a minute. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything
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you time and money along the way. so when you get there, you can enjoy it all the more. for less. surround yourself with savings at
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we're back to the stocks that will work for you. gary, what do you got? >> young brand there's go to be a lot of pizza and doritos eating. 20% next year.
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>> scott, what do you have? >> dollar general, symbol dg. it's going to come back plus insider buying going on. >> the cost of freedom continues with david aston "forbes on fox." more accusations against the clinton foundation. a new report saying bill clinton aides used taxpayer funds to subsidize the family's foundation and to support hillary clinton's private e-mail server. now, they deny it. also, a separate report saying a foundation worker asked the state department under hillary's watch for special diplomatic passports. a big no-no. even clinton supporters are saying, the clinton family, including shell sea should sever all ties with their charity. are they right or wrong? hi, everybody, i'm david ashton. with "forbes on fox."


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