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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 3, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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but the anointing is going to lift you up. i prayed over personally on this and i fasted over it. i want to just put this on you. >> thank you so much. >> this is the jewish heritage study bible. we have it specially for you, and we have one for your wife because when things go down, you can study the word of god. when things seem like it's almost impossible, you'll read martin i-23.
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if thou can believe, all things are possible. >> lost our signal from detroit. donald trump just receiving a prayer rug, some type of prayer shawl from the bishop along with two bibles, one for him and one for his wife. >> one of the things i found so striking while listening to him speak was really his demeanor. he started off by saying first and foremost he was in the community to listen. also to share their message. so we hadn't necessarily heard those words, listen, and i want to learn. that was a new tone we heard from him as he's with the community today. >> certainly a different tone from donald trump than we have heard for a long time. this idea of bringing ben carson out on to the stage. he canceled what was going to be a tour through some of the detroit's roughest neighborhoods, including the one ben carson grew up in. this interview he'll have that
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will air next week with this pastor from one of the largest american christian ministries in the country. >> what so many people wanted to hear was going forward, what was he going to bring to the community. what could he do really to bridge the gap? he talked about this new era of civil rights agenda, bringing up education, safe communities and also jobs. he was driving along the streets of detroit and saw young men who didn't have a job. he's giving real examples how his administration would help these people. >> you think about how many different cities that applies to, detroit, baltimore, chicago, st. louis, dozens of rust belt cities. philadelphia, pittsburgh have high african-american unemployment there. whether that message resonates is yet to be seen. >> i think our own peter doocy is live in detroit outside. there have been some protesters
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at the event. peter, is it rather peaceful? can you tell us the latest? >> right now it is rather peaceful, but i've got to tell you, before trump got here there were about 50 anti-trump protester whose tried to overwhelm security guards at the back entrance behind the great faith ministries who were trying to keep a barricade in place. at one point these protesters were so aggressive that some mounted police officers ended up retreating, which is something you do not always see. but a lot of the chants were not just directed at donald trump. we noticed there were many directed at the great faith ministry's pastor. he was being called a sellout for inviting trump to this community by these protesters who were also accusing pastor jackson of only giving tickets to this event to see trump to his rich friends. there were two main components to the visit.
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the gop nominee attended a church service among a congregation that is mostly african-american. the gop nominee sat down for a half hour-long interview with pathor wayne t. jackson that will air about a week from now on the impact network. that is the only african-american owned and operated christian tv network in the country. they said they had to give questions for that interview to trump ahead of time. then "the new york times" ended up leaking a trump campaign script. since we're to the going to see the interview, we know the prepared responses look like this one, "coming into a community is meaningless unless we offer an alternative to the horrible progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in america." from all reports we have from mr. trump and patrick jackson, the interview went well. trump seemed like he was happy. he said he was. as far as we can tell from reports inside the church behind
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us as it sounds like they are whistling for people to back off, trump may be ready to go, the crowd was enthusiastic. even at one point according to the tv reporter inside, he was dancing to the warm-up music. we'll bring you that video soon as we have it. >> what's next on the agenda? we saw dr. carson there with donald trump. are they going to go out into the city today? are there any plans for him to go out in the streets of detroit or is safety an issue there? >> there had been talk about that. we are waiting to hear about specifics, who would maybe go on that tour or where they would go. this is dr. ben carson's home town. it is significant. you saw the crowd react there. he is very well liked here, especially from the african-american community. we are not far away from where dr. carson announced his own
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presidential candidacy a year ago. he described himself as one of the tough guys as a kid. he is one of the world's most encouraged neurosurgeon. he doesn't have a chance to do that at the top of the ticket but donald trump does. why is donald trump coming here? for decades, so many people in this community voted democrat almost by default. many we spoke to say they have no plans to give a republican a chance because they haven't yet so they are not interested. trump when he came in, he's not talking about something small. he is outlining something that would be rather significant. new civil rights agenda that would be education based, bringing better schools to this kind of community, the community he has likened in the way it looks and the way people behave to a war zone in the past. also that would be economic based. he's traveled the world. he learned about how to prosper
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and he wants to take that knowledge that he learned everywhere else and bring it here to the inner cities. the crowd seems to like it in the church. see how people like it outside in the days to come. >> peter doocy, thank you so much. peter talked about dr. carson's popularity there. we anticipate him speaking a lot with donald trump in the coming weeks. one thing donald talked about was exactly what he was going to do for the community. i'm going to make detroit, bring it back to a really very positive successful economic hub. >> detroit in the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s with the big three automakers, that was the economic envy of the world and symbol of american might, the recession and depression that exists inside detroit, entirety blocks abandoned, houses for
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sale for $1. that fall from grace is significant. noteworthy donald trump did not use the word republican standing up on that stage. all he would talk about was party of lincoln kchlt a couple of weeks ago when he was in detroit he said what do you have to lose? very different tone. >> in peter doocy's reporting, he's been in detroit the past 24 hours. a lot of these phonings are generational democrats. it's not that they believe in one thing or, be they've been voting one way for a number of generations. >> all about if you can change those generations of voting and loyalties, as well. he talked about dr. ben carson. he didn't say anything though on stage. he will say a lot on fox news sunday tomorrow. more insight and reaction from donald trump's detroit visit tomorrow morning, chris wallace has an exclusive interview with
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dr. ben carson. you can imagine he has a lot to say about this detroit visit. check your local listings for air time. now to the other side of the aisle. the fbi document dump in regard to the agent's questioning of hillary clinton over her e-mail practices are leaving more questions than answers for hillary clinton. since her main response to the investigators that were asking her questions was, "i can't recall." kristen fisher is following the story. >> one of the most striking things we learned in these documents is that clinton used 13 different mobile devices while secretary of state, and at least two were doe stroied by an aide to former president bill clinton who smashed them with a hammer. that is quite a visual for a scandal some voters have seen tough to swallow. the thing people remember most
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is how little clinton claims to remember about anything. she told fbi agents she couldn't recall when she got a security clearance. couldn't recall receiving training on handling classified information and couldn't recall seeing specialized training for managing secrets of special access programs. >> plausible, she is an attorney 25 years in government and suddenly she has selected amnesia? it's not plausible or believable. >> the clinton campaign is spinning this as a positive. they say her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it. these materials make clear why the justice department believe there was no basis to move forward with this case. donald trump says after reading these documents, i don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. going forward, clinton's claim she can't remember so many key details will be a problem for her. when she became secretary of state, she signed two documents
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stating she knew two rules and violating rules could result in criminal charges. these memory lapseses play right into trump's playbook perhaps she is not mentally or physically fit to be commander in chief. these are exactly the kind of allegations the clinton campaign wants to come out at the beginning of a big holiday weekend. >> just a drip, drip, drip. keep on coming. thank you so much. congress held enumerable hearings. many say that's not enough. they want prosecution. >> great to be with you. >> hopefully you can remember more than hillary clinton did during the fbi interview. 38 times she told fbi agents she could not recall anything. do you believe that or do you think that was just her way of saying i'm not going to answer
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any of your questions but still show up? >> i think the american people don't believe it. we see two kinds of hillary clinton. the second hillary clinton that goes into an fbi interview and seems to have amnesia. either she's the least informed secretary of state we've ever had or she's lying. we have to dig deeper into that. you are going to see that this coming week. >> kristen fisher pointed out this document which is what hillary clinton signed as she took office as secretary of state acknowledging security cleern clearances she was receiving when it comes to the government's top top secrets. on the bottom of the form is her signature acknowledging not following the rules for classified data is a crime. the fbi said they are not going to recommend prosecution.
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justice department says we are not going to prosecute either. should congress do anything more other than ask questions and hold hearings or shouting at the wind at this point? >> well, there's a couple of different questions out there. i might add it was not just that document that you have. when she was a senator as members of congress we have to sign each time there is a new congress coming in to affirm we are not going to disclose anything that's improper. to suggest she didn't know just doesn't pass the smell test. i would say it's not just with hearings coming up. we were having discussions over the weekend to be prepared as we start to look at this. it's not enough to have hearings, but hold people accountable. in doing that, did she lie to congress? >> does congress have the ability to hold anyone
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accountable? i understand coming on tv saying to the justice department you need to prosecute and do all these things. congress doesn't have that ability. >> there's two or three different areas. certainly it is in the hands of the justice department. that's why so many of us were disappointed with the decision director comey came to. i think the other part of that is with freedom of information act request, were those acted upon. she said she was relying on everybody else's expertise. is that a defense for all those in the intelligence community who say i was relying on someone else? even that suggests that everyone knew she had a private server. there are so many still unanswered questions, perhaps as we start to look at this, the fbi will weigh in on whether she lied to congress. certainly, it is not just up to congress but important for us to hold her accountable for the american people. >> a lot of folks will be
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spending the holiday weekend comparing her testimony to congress on a couple of occasions to those answers she gave the fbi. appreciate your time. hope you enjoyed your vacation. come back and see us in washington. >> looking forward to being back with you. >> thank you, sir. people in nebraska felt reverberations from the earthquake in oklahoma. someone sharing damage to food being knocked off grocery shelves. people from iowa to arkansas felt rumbling. tropical storm hermine pounds the east coast, it's
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bringing with it high winds and dumping rain as it pushes toward new england. it shows signs of regaining hurricane strength through the holiday weekend and possibly pushing as far north as new england. caroline is on the ground and joins us now. >> hey, elizabeth. we thought the hurricane was done with us. this is the back side. the winds are stronger. the entire parking lot here is covered with sea foam. the waves are unbelievable. inaudible .
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>> please be safe out there. we know you are used to battling two boys. looks like you're not getting a break. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> where is hermine headed next? the storm came back around and hit them when they didn't expect it. >> i wouldn't say didn't expect it. we have been expecting the tropical storm force winds along the coastlines. this storm is exiting into the
9:18 am
atlantic and it's becoming what we call post tropical. it is losing its tropical characteristics and becoming cold core low, if you will. the effects are exactly the same. actually, the storm has strengthened within the last advisory, 65 mile-an-hour sustained winds. the national hurricane center has been right on message as to where the storm is going and what we can expect. where we saw caroline, i would advise people to stay indoors. don't be out on the beach. we are getting dire warnings that people need to take their preparations very seriously. if you're asked to evacuate, do so. tropical storm warnings up and down the coast here up towards connecticut. we have tropical storm watches for parts of massachusetts. we have to watch the storm carefully. it's something we don't see a lot is a slowing of the system and a stall. not just for 12 to 24 hours but
9:19 am
a matter of days. that's going to be very dangerous along vulnerable beaches, jersey shore up towards long island, cape cod and the islands as we expect this at some point to maybe perhaps regain hurricane strength. 75 mile-an-hour sustained winds. this could be particularly dangerous. people need to pay close attention to their weather forecast, to their local officials. if you're asked to evacuate, please do so. we don't have a lot of confidence in the computer models here. this is a storm we'll deal with over the long holiday weekend. maybe people aren't paying as close attention as they should be. this storm is not something you should take lightly because it's losing its tropical characteristics. the wind field, the wind gusts we'll feel along the shores here for days. this is going to be potentially very impactful for the northeast coastline.
9:20 am
if you live in these regions, take the forecast seriously. back to you. >> we saw first hand from caroline's report in terms of how fierce those winds were. i know you're pulling double duty today. not only do we have the hurricane p, but the earthquake in oklahoma. how significant was that? >> very significant. it ties the record for the strongest earthquake they have felt in oklahoma. this within the last 12 hours. we had that earthquake this morning. the pictures coming in are incredible. we are seeing damage in and around oklahoma city and around the pawnee area. when you talk about the classification of earthquakes, this is a moderate one for them. very significant because the largest they felt in oklahoma was back in 2011. that was a 5.6 magnitude. we have tied that with this early morning earthquake.
9:21 am
we'll continue to cover that. from the fox news extreme weather center, back to you. >> we'll check back in with you a little later. coming up, back to our top story, donald trump making his case to african-american voters in detroit. we'll speak with someone inside the church. new photo surfacing of an american couple held hostage in afghanistan. immigration continues to be front and center on the campaign trail. who has the best and most feasible plan? you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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president obama this weekend is in china touting an agreement to fight climate change. many say he should be confronting china over its growing military presence and aggression. >> reporter: hello from china with president obama.
9:26 am
this is the ultimate deliverable. the paris climate accord. he'll likely face more than his fair share of diplomatic head winds as long as he's here at the g-20 summit. at its very core it's all about the diplomatic, economic and security interests of the world's 20 largest economies. it's the paris climate agreement that will mark this occasion as an historic one. president obama and the president of china formally committing the world's largest economies to a joint plan to reduce greenhouse gasses. >> there are no shortage of cynics who thought the agreement would not happen. but they missed two big things, the investments that we made to allow for incredible innovation and clean energy, and the strong principled diplomacy over the course of years that we're able to see pay off in the paris agreement. >> this deal comes as the u.s. and china continue to navigate an incredibly complicated
9:27 am
relationship, one that has a number of major differences like cyber security, maritime claims and of course, competing economic and military interests. >> despite our differences on other issues, we hope our willingness to work together on this issue will inspire greater ambition and greater action around the world. yes, diplomacy can be difficult and progress on the world stage can be slow, but together we are proving it is possible >> reporter: a possibility that has become a reality here in china, albeit far from a perfect one. kevin corke, fox news. lucky leland. back to you. next hour, gordon zhang will join us to talk about how the united states should be responding to china's moves and how north korea fits into all this. we talked about it this week, donald trump making a diplomatic trip to mexico following with a fiery speech
9:28 am
guaranteeing a border wall and waiting to hear hillary clinton's immigration plan. our political panel will weigh in on both issues. in florida the hurricane is over, but for hundreds of thousands, the emergency is not. >> heavy winds are gone from florida, but across the state they are battling heavy flooding across the straight. steve harrigan. that story ahead. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. i've bfrom nature's bounty to support my heart.
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i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you. 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty tropical storm hermine moved on from florida friday, but this is what she left. the first hurricane to hit the sunshine state in more than a decade, cut power to hundreds of thousands and left a number of communities flooded. now the cleanup process begins over this labor day weekend. not how you want to spend the last weekend of summer. steve harrigan in northern
9:33 am
florida with the very latest. >> we are about 60 miles north of tampa it seems calm across parts of the state. the first category 1 hurricane hit the coast of florida hard. a nine-foot storm surge, five to 20 inches of rain which is still falling. heavy winds are gone but the flooding is left behind. at least two dozen people evacuated over the past 24 hours. the biggest complaint is they are not getting their electric power back quickly enough. across the state, more than 100,000 people without check power. governor scott has been pressing the electric companies saying they are working around the clock to try to restore things. a lot of trees down across the state. governor scott emphasizing that additional law enforcement officers are out on the street. there are concerned about looting and concerns about public safety.
9:34 am
a lot of these houses without electricity, without running water, badly damaged. too early for people to go back home yet. back to you. >> we hear the generators and pumps behind you. we'll check back in with you later. thanks, steve. >> thank you. back to politics. donald trump spoke to members of the great faith international ministries in detroit today addressing his new age civil rights agenda which includes a focus on education, community safety and jobs. will trump's message resonate with detroit and its community? let's check in with detroit free press political reporter kathleen gray on site at great faith ministries. thank you for joining us. we've seen pundits say donald trump needs to do more than talk the talk, he needs to walk the walk. that is what he did today. he laid out a road map on what he envisions. can you tell me how people there
9:35 am
are receiving that message? >> he got a very gracious reception from the audience. they started out by singing and praying and praising. they were in that spiritual mode. they got a very gracious reception. pastor jackson who interviewed him before donald trump came out to speak said we may not agree, but we have to love each other. that's what his congregation showed today. >> there's been quite a bit of criticism for what donald trump has said in the past while trying to reach out to african-american communities. he can point to the status quo and say it isn't working. do you feel as if he addressed the issues men and women in some of these communities wanted to hear? >> well, he gave very short remarks. it was only 10, 15 minutes long. he didn't have time to lay out a
9:36 am
plan. he did talk a little about education and school choice. he talked about from structure jobs and the need to get jobs to people. he didn't lay out a whole lot of specifics today. those are the things people are wanting to hear. >> i want to look at some historical numbers and run them by you. in 2012, romney received about 6% of the african-american vote. back up to 2008 john mccain about 4%. some recent polling we have has donald trump polling around 4%. some show him a little lower and a little higher. some of these folks are saying this is generational. they've been voting democrat for years and years. do you feel candidates have a chance right now to change that, the gop candidate, i'm speaking of? >> sure. there's always that possibility. it was more of an older crowd at the church today.
9:37 am
i'm not sure how many of those millennial type of voices he reached. in detroit, those numbers are even worse. in 2012, romney got 2% of the vote. in 2008 john mccain got 3% of the vote. in detroit it's a little bit different. the margins are much more slim for a republican candidate. that's up and down the ticket. >> you talked about detroit being different but the crowd being an older generation. when you talk about getting the young folks, the millennials in detroit, how do you get them excited about this election cycle? >> it's kind of hard. i talked with a lot of african-americans here in detroit. they are not very excited about either candidate, frankly. i'm not quite sure what you do to get them more excited. there were a lot of protests planned at the church also.
9:38 am
they were -- the clinton campaign and democrats were registering voters outside the church. perhaps that's a way to get people in by getting them registered to vote and making sure they come out to the polls. i know our secretary of state is going to be doing mobile voter registration offices and on the campuses around michigan. that's another way to get the millennials more excited. we'll see if that works. >> i do want to ask you about those protests was there a large presence when you left the church? >> there was. there were people waiting to catch a glimpse of donald trump as he left the church. they were lining the streets around the church and seem to have all gone now because mr. trump has gone to ben carson's old home in southwest detroit.
9:39 am
he headd there to check out the neighborhood. >> kathleen gray, thank you for your reporting. we appreciate it. have a great day. >> sure. thank you. still ahead, our fair and balanced tale takes a look at both sides of the immigration debate. the plan hillary clinton has on her website. ♪
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9:44 am
brad blakeman, former george w. bush white house. i take it you have a slightly different view. >> it depends which republicans you speak to. the 15 or so members of his national his tannic advisory council walked away from their post after his speech clearly beg to differ. on the democratic side we would say he's been having trouble with the latino vote as it is. this week didn't do him any favors down in mexico. >> want to pull video that just came in. this is donald trump walking around ben carson's old neighborhood there in detroit, a depressed area of detroit. we heard him at his speech there 10 or 12 minutes at the church great faith ministries in detroit. you've been saying donald trump is able to change his tone, things could get different for the next couple of weeks.
9:45 am
is that happening? are we seeing a different donald trump? >> i think he's more measured. he's more presidential. more importantly, he's more substantive in his remarks. he's laying out policy that is a common sense approach to problems we face in america. a majority of americans believe america is on the wrong track. what they are frustrated in republicans and democrats is nothing gets done. everything is kicked down the road. americans are tired of the can being kicked. they want action. donald trump is now finally laying out presightly what he is going to do and how he is going to do it. most importantly, how is he going to pay for it? >> this is a different donald trump than what we've seen in the past year and a half. is it time for democrats to change their tactics a little bit? >> it's a different donald trump today. the question is what kind of donald trump are we going to see tomorrow or the day after? we've seen moments when he felt more subdued, we heard talk
9:46 am
about whether he is going to pivot to being presidential. without fail, several days later that switches back. >> given the benefit of the doubt, two weeks on the teleprompter, there haven't been major gaffes or huge blow-ups. it seems this campaign is becoming more disciplined. you listened to him at the church today talking about school choice, jobs, recited 1 john chapter 4. civil rights agenda of our time. >> donald trump is actually talking about stuff. hillary clinton is behind closed doors doing fund raisers. where has hillary been? >> she's been in a press conference in 73 days. >> i give donald trump credit. he's going to places the republicans tend not to go. you can't ask for a vote or earn a vote unless you go there and look people in the eye and give them a reason and affinity to vote for you.
9:47 am
i give him credit not only going to mexico and standing up to the mexican president and coming and laying out a plan for immigration, going to the african-american community. >> you didn't see mitt romney in southwest detroit. >> you didn't see mitt romney in southwest detroit. you did see him go overseas. it was practically disastrous for him. >> let's stick to where donald trump is going out asking people for votes in the sense hillary clinton hasn't held a press conference, hasn't talked to anybody, made herself available to the media. take a listen to tim kaine on cbs. >> why doesn't hillary take questions from rotters? >> you see hillary take questions from reporters every day. she talks to the press everywhere she goes. i don't see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go. >> clear up the fact there is a massive difference between those
9:48 am
two things. at what point is hillary clinton going to have to start answering questions, start being available, start being acceptable? >> i'd love to clinton out speaking to members of the media much more than she is right now. i agree with my former boss she has been conducting interviews, but the massive difference between her and donald trump she has this long standing career, a very clear record she is able to point to and voters know about. >> she has a record. right now we are seeing that record is abysmal as secretary of state. if you go around the world, look at the mideast is in turmoil. look at our relationship with russia, with china, even our own hemisphere. that's probably why we are not seeing you face you guys. >> also in terms of answering about the e-mails and her fbi interview, 38 times she couldn't recall. that is for another discussion. appreciate it. good to he some you, buddy.
9:49 am
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9:53 am
for almost 30 years north carolina went republican in every presidential election until 2008. in 2012 mitt romney barely won that state which was four years later. now polls in the state show another close race between donald trump and hillary clinton in november. to help us get the north carolina mindset will dornen, charlotte observer and north carolina plit politifact reporter. appreciate it, will. >> thank you. but i'm actually with the raleigh news and observer not the charlotte observer. >> we always like to be accurate. thank you. i want to get your observations. first and foremost, with really the news of the week. the supreme court striking down the voter id law which for all fairness had a couple other impact did not just voter id but also early voting restrictions as well as out of precinct restrictions. so i want to get your take on
9:54 am
the supreme court striking down that voter id law and also the reception that you're seeing in your reporting. >> absolutely. it was big news here. obviously the supreme court deciding to let the appeals court ruling stand which struck it down. and you know, a lot of people have said this is obviously very good news for democratic candidates from hillary clinton on down because, you know, it should increase turnout, you know, as the court found it, the law had specifically targeted minority voters who might be a little bit more inclined to vote democrat. but at the same time, you have to remember that, you know, none of these voter id laws were in place in 2012 when mitt romney did win north carolina. so this by no means dooms republicans in north carolina. >> right. >> i think this year we're going to have another very tight race here. >> all right. let's put up some numbers. in 2008 it looks like obviously obama won the state of north
9:55 am
carolina. in 2002 rm, like you said, and we're seeing in 2016 the race being very, very tight. i want to know, what do north carolina voters care about this election cycle? can you break down the demographics for us? >> sure. i don't think it would surprise anyone that obviously jobs and the economy are a big issue here. things are obviously looking up a little bit since the recession. but we were hit very hard by the recession. we have a large manufacturing sector here in north carolina and for that reason you've seen, you know, a lot of stops here donald trump is going to some of the areas that were hit very hard. he was in winston salem a month ago talking about how much his trade views were similar to bernie sanders and trying to win over some of those diseffected workers who, you know, are unhappy with the country's trade deals, unhappy with how
9:56 am
manufacturing is. actually looked into that for politifact and thought maybe he and senator sanders are different on how to do things their general philosophy was very similar. >> we only have about 20 seconds left but i want to get in one more question because i want to know if you think it's possible that donald trump could win over disenfranchised voters, perhaps ones who voted forred the cruz or john kasich. >> sure. that's going to be here in the suburbs to get those voters and convince them not to stay home or to plip the clinton. that is going to be a big battle for the republicans. >> all right. well, thank you so much for having patience as we get to this break. of course we're going to have more after the break. thank you. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
9:57 am
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10:00 am
m. donald trump reaching out to african-americans justin hour ago attending an african-american church service in detroit. we're going the get reaction from the motor city. >> plus, new questions about hillary clinton's memory a day after the release on the fbi's report on their investigation. the former secretary of state e-mail scandal. and tracking hermine. the tropical storm is barreling up the east coast affecting millions of people this holiday weekend. janice dean is on top of it all from the fox extreme weather center. hi, janice. >> hi. we're going to be tracking hermine, not only this weekend but in to early next week.
10:01 am
as high pressure blocks this storm from moving anywhere else except off the east coast. we will continue to track it as america's news election headquarters continues. well, good saturday to you. although for so many up and down the eastern seaboard it is a very wet and windy saturday. nice to have you with us. >> stay inside and watch us. i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. republican presidential candidate donald trump doubling down on his message that democratic leadership is banned for the africa prern community. as he reaches out to voters in detroit. peter doocy is live with the latest. peter, i want to ask you how was his speech received there this morning? >> it was received enthusiastically by folks inside the church, elizabeth, where
10:02 am
donald trump was dancing to some of the music that played at the beginning of this service before he stepped up and told the congregation that was mostly african-american that he was just there to listen and learn about what issues this community and others like it are facing. so that he says you can use his international business knowledge to advance a new civil rights agenda that would focus on bringing better schools and better jobs to african-americans who have never had access to either. so donald trump basically said that he wanted to remedy justice in any form so that it could also remedy economics basically. so he thinks to make i think so this right here give people jobs. and after his time here in the church we saw mr. trump at ben carson's old house. we know dr. ben carson one of the most famous republicans from this part of michigan. they made a stop at his old
10:03 am
house. they talked to the woman who moved in in 1992. it's part of that listening and learning that trump is trying to do and now we understand that he is on his way out of town. elizabeth? >> yeah, we watched obviously a very warm reception inside the church. who did he bring with him for this particular visit? >> he brought with him five of his most prominent african-american surrogates. lynn patton, vp at the eric trump foundation. katrina pearson, well-known spokeswoman. candy carson and her husband, dr. ben carson, and am rosa of "apprentice" fame but trump attracted a lot of protesters. several dozen were peaceful but there were a couple of dozen who tried to overwhelm the security guards, keeping a barricade in place and things got so heated that mounted police officers actually retreated to a safer position at one point away from the protesters who were harassing them and the protesters were not just upset
10:04 am
with donald trump. they were also upset with the pastor here at great faith ministry, dr. wayne t. jackson. they were yelling that they think dr. -- pastor wayne t. jackson sold out by inviting trump here and accused him of basically only inviting his rich friends as something billed as open to the public. >> peter doocy reporting live. thank you so much. let's bring in byron skinner, professor at carnagie-mellon university, political strategist. the trump campaign connected this tour but she said she is not office official surrogate or supporter. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. and it's kyron like byron, actually. it's good to be here. i'm out in california. >> glad to have you from california there. help us to understand this. as we look at what happened there in detroit that video from peter doocy of the protesters and the acusayings. this isn't the first time african-american pastors support
10:05 am
donald trump calling him a sellout. saying they're only out there for their own fame and fortune. do you buy that or do you think the protesters don't understand something? >> i think that protesters are really channeling what's been going on in the progressive movement and the democratic party. unfortunately. but there are so many other african-americans not just the pastor with woman hom he visite today andishparishioners. the many people of color across this country, who are listening to what he's been saying since last year during the republican presidential race and in the primaries earlier this year. and the black community there are many african-americans that mr. trump has talked about who have had access to the american dream, higher education, who are very successful. but many others have been left behind. more than 26% of african-americans live below the poverty level. unemployment in the black community, all of these things. and the fact of the matter is is
10:06 am
that he is reaching out to african-americans and saying you have to have access to the american dream. and my plan for job creation is part of it. >> we understand he's reaching out and we also understand that as you paipointed out he talked lot of african-americans but for some reason it's not resonating in the polls. latest polling 1, 2, or 4% in the african-american community. that doesn't sound like that vast numbers that your talking about that he's been reaching. >> well, actually i think depending on the polls that you look at his numbers are higher and they -- started to soar a bit, a bit in recent days. >> all the polls, all the reliable polls that have sound methodology and live interviews all say the same thing. the message doesn't seem to be resonating. the question, is is today the start of a new message? we saw a little bit different tactic today. do you think that will make a difference? >> i actually do think it will because it's part of a larger pattern where he's been
10:07 am
increasing his attention on the african-american community and more diverse communities are coming out to listen to him. he's spending more time with americans of all stripes. and i think part of the reason the polls may not be appearing to move is that he's got an uphill fight against the media establishment and the progressive movement that doesn't want americans to hear his broader message. so i think he has a double responsibility here. and i believe that he's doing incredibly well against a larger political machine that doesn't want to talk about the importance of job creation and the race neutrality that will happen if we have african-americans with greater access to the american dream. >> what percentage from your study do you feel like what percentage of african-americans does donald trump need to win to make the material difference in states like michigan, pennsylvania, and ohio? what percentage of the vote does he need? >> it's the percentage that
10:08 am
republicans have been really alluding for many, many years. if he can get 13% to 15% of the black vote i think more blacks will break for him in the race and i think that's the fear of the democratic party. because secretary clinton does have challenges with important demographics within the caucasian race, for example, white men who are skeptical about her. so she needs the african-american vote in the high numbers that president obama got, 93% and 95%. if mr. trump can cut in to that lead, i think he has a very strong chance of winning this race. the black vote is critical because it's the lead indicator for the non-white vote. and blacks have been organized around civil rights, you know, for more than a century in this country. and people do follow what african-americans have to say. so i think he's on a good course even though he only has a couple of months. >> well, and we heard him talk exactly about the civil rights
10:09 am
movement there at the church in detroit. professor, appreciate your insights. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. for more insight and reaction from donald trump's detroit visit don't miss fox news sunday tomorrow morning, chris wallace will be sitting down for an exclusive interview with trump adviser dr. ben carson. check your local listings for airtime. it has been 273 days since hillary clinton had a press conference. and it won't happen today either. she is off the campaign trail until monday. it seems every day there are new questions for her to answer. today it's about the phish report on her e-mail scandal and specifically the 38 times she told the fbi she couldn't remember things because at times, she said, a concussion. brian is joining us live from new york with more on that. hi, brian. >> hi, leland. look, fox news poll shows 66% of voters view hillary clinton as not honest and trustworthy. and last week, well, likely did little to improve this
10:10 am
long-standing weakness. there were more new e-mails this week raising new questions as to whether clinton's state department while she was secretary of state gave special access to clinton foundation donors including attemptses to provide diplomatic passports. then they called for clinton to cut ties with the foundation. then yesterday there were the striking revelations from fbi notes from its investigation into her private e-mail server in which she repeatedly claimed ignorance. telling the fbi she couldn't recall when she got a security clearance or received any training on handling classified information. a clinton campaign spokesman instead saying they welcomed the fbi notes saying, quote, we are pleased that the fbi has released the materials from hillary clinton's interview as we had requested while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it. these materials make clear why the justice department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case.
10:11 am
an active week and yet clinton has been largely silent. other than her speech wednesday to a veterans group. she's been furiously fund-raising in closed door events. her running mate senator tim cane and vice president joe biden campaigned for her. it's been 273 days since she held a press conference. however, come labor day clinton will travel on a larger plane allowing press to travel onboard with her. that's when the democratic nominee will travel to cleveland, ohio, and in the quad cities to talk about strengthening the economy. >> leland? >> all right. brian ennis in new york. thanks, brian. republicans are pouncing on some of those explosive responses from hillary clinton to the fbi -- to the fbi about her controversial server. donald trump said her answer, quote, defy belief and are in direct contradiction to what she told the american people. trump says he doesn't understand, quote, how she was able to get away from prosecution. house speaker paul ryan says it
10:12 am
is, quote, reckless and down right dangerous handling of classified information. and said, those answers, quote, cast doubt on the justice department's decision to avoid prosecuting what is a clear violation of the law. peter nicholas, national political reporter for the "wall street journal" covers the clinton campaign and joins us now today in studio. peter, thank you for joining us. correct me if i'm wrong that the fbi said -- asked her a number of questions. on july 2nd, she said i can't recall or i don't remember 38 times. correct me if i'm wrong. >> right. so this sort of undercuts a basic argument of hillary clinton is that she is the competent one in this race. she's a seasoned experienced government official who understands how the levers of government work. if she's saying she doesn't recall or she's saying she's not familiar with class fication procedures that would seem to undercut a core argument of competency that she's been trying to make. so this was yesterday was not a good day for her in that the fbi report coming out. >> for some of our viewers who
10:13 am
may not be nafamiliar, what is r history, perhaps, on the senate which would lead you to believe that she would have a very clear understanding of what a c means on an e-mail. >> what she is saying and it's a core thrust of her campaign is that she is seasoned, she's been in the senate, she was at the state department, she has said repeatedly she takes classification procedures seriously. she's talked about efforts she made over seas to protect government secrets, to look at classified information in ways where nothing would be disclosed. so to hear that she was careless with this as the fbi says to hear that she doesn't understand what the "c" means on document suggests that she was naive on this basic requirement that you would expect of a secretary of state in line to the succession of the presidency. this is something that is placed into donald trump's hands. if claim that she competent in this fashion, that helps him make the case, well, why are we then turning to hillary clinton? >> when we look at some of these
10:14 am
conversations who is most at risk when we learn that perhaps material wasn't handled properly? >> well, the question is, were foreign governments and foreign agents and hostile actors privy to some of this information? if she was carelessly or recklessly passing along e-mail messages that contained classified information could foreign agents have been able to penetrate that and seize some of that? these are high stakes. some discussing drone strike, very sensitive material. >> identities of people. >> yes. identities of people that could put people at risk. so it's -- these are high stakes matters. and if it was carelessly done, this is something that she's going to have to answer for and she's 12still struggling with h to defend it. >> high stakes and still struggling but is it going to change the mind of voters in your reporting? do you feel that people supporting hillary clinton are going to support her whether or
10:15 am
not she said 38 times during an fbi investigation that she cannot recall any of these answers? >> well, there are large number of voters who have made up their minds. nothing that they probably hear between now and november 8th is going to make a difference. we're going to have three debates where tens of millions of viewers are going to be watching. and people are going to be -- her handling of classified information, e-mail practices are going to be front and center in some of these debates. donald trump is going to try and put her on defensive. so i think that it would be premature to conclude this race is over or that everybody has made up their mind. i think that people can still be swayed an her answers on these questions do matter. >> 30 seconds left but i know that your holiday weekend was blown up, you got this information mid afternoon yesterday. what surprises you the most about what you've learned in your reporting in the past 24 hours? >> well, one thing that i think is important to keep in mind that that there has just been a cascade of information about hillary clinton's tenure and time at the state department that is just not going away. she wants to be talking about
10:16 am
the economy. she wants to be talking about jobs. she wants to stay on message. and yet there's just this drip, drip, drip of e-mails coming out, calendar records from her time at state department. dealings she had with clinton foundation donors when she was at the state department. this is a great distraction for her, throws her off message. yesterday was another example of it with the fbi releasing its report. but there are more calendar records coming out, more e-mails coming out. and she's going to be dadealing this for the next two months and if she's elected president probably well into her first term. >> peter, thank you so much. it's fascinating. may be a drip, drip, drip for some of us who dig deeper it's fascinating. thank you for joining us. people all the way in nebraska felt reverberations from one of the strongest earthquakes to hit oklahoma in the state's history. the 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck at 7:00 a.m. this morning, originating just in the northern part of oklahoma.
10:17 am
you can see above oklahoma city. one man feeling the quake on the grounds of curbing public school in oklahoma. you can see the security camera catching it all on video. in the upper left-hand side of the screen people in the multiple states from iowa to arkansas, all felt those rumblings. scary sunday morning. meteorologist janice dean is at the fox weather center staying on top of the earthquake as well as tropical storm hermine which continues to pound the east coast, the pacific u.s., particularly hawaii, also brace for some rough weather. j.d., we start there north of carolina. >> absolutely. we're dealing with the potential for at the very least tropical storm force winds along the coast from mid atlantic all of the way up to new england. for not just the next 12 to 24 hours but for the next several days. tropical storm warnings in effect from north carolina, the outer banks, all the way up to
10:18 am
long island and connecticut and we have tropical storm watches now posted up towards cape cod and the islands in massachusetts. here is the official track from the national hurricane center. as you can see, good guidance for the next 12 to 24 hours. and then we watch this storm continue to just stay offshore and bring the potential for hurricane force winds, depend g dependinging on how close the storm gets to the shoreline. now, right now this is what we call the cone of uncertainty. that's where we think the center of the storm is. but a little wobble to the left, 50 miles, is going to make a big difference in terms of heavy rainfall and storm surge as well as, you know, big waves and gusty winds. i want to point out this is a storm surge forecast. this is the pile-up of water from a storm above the astronomical tide. very dangerous across the island sound where we predict five to six-foot storm surge with this
10:19 am
hurricane, which actually is a tropical storm now but we are predicting it will become a hurricane again, possibly within the next 24 to 48 hours. so this is a big story we are following, leland, because of its potential to cause a lot of destruction along the coastline and as well because it's going to be with us well into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. back to you. >> you can imagine the clean-up lasting even longer than that. janice, back to that earthquake in oklahoma. any more aftershocks? how is this continuing throughout the day? >> so this is a big deal for oklahoma and, yes, we are expecting more aftershocks. here is the latest. magnitude 5.6 this morning. and the depth of it was 2.8 miles. a big deal because this is almost a record setter. they have tied for the strongest earthquake in the pawnee area. this is the magnitude three plus earthquake in the last ten days. you can see we also have, you know, we have more earthquakes
10:20 am
in that area and the potential for more aftershocks in not only the hours to come but the days to come. and here's the largest that they have seen in oklahoma. now we have tied with this morning's earthquake at 5.6 magnitude that has tied the earthquake back in 2011. so a big deal for them and when you look at the frequency of a 5 to 5.9 magnitude, they happen fairly frequently but oklahoma has seen certainly an uptick of these earthquakes within the last 20 years. so that's something to take note of as well. back to you. >> a lot of folks point to fracking as possibly the reason for that. still studies to come in. janice dean, thanks so much. >> of course. all right, coming up after the break, the path to victory in november means winning some very important key states. so which ones are vital for donald trump and hillary clinton? we're going to take a closer look after the break. and after three months
10:21 am
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10:25 am
the republican national committee is tafing up an 11-key states expanding field offices and hoping to gain traction against hillary clinton. donald trump is behind in the polls nationally and in some states he's going the need to win if he has any chance at winning the general election. the electoral map is already not necessarily in trump's favor but is it too late? let's take a look. jim osmond is the d.c. bureau chief for media general. so my first question for you is sort of general before we breakdown a couple of hypothetical on ways he can get to 270. how hard is it for the gop nominee to get to 270? we saw mitt romney get to 206 but then he needed those 64 votes. donald trump not only needs those 206 but he also needs 64. >> it starts off in a tough spot because really you have that democrat blue wall where 18 states plus the district of clomy have voted democrat in the last five election cycles since
10:26 am
1992. so if marco rubio was on the ballot, if jeb bush was on the ballot, if ben carson was on the ballot, if any of the republicans were on the ballot hillary clinton would likely be starting at 2 for 2. that's only 28 electoral votes away. so it's one of the reasonss w. bush says he worries the republicans will never see another gop president in the white house in his lifetime. >> the trend that you're seeing across a number of states that typically would be red are already just inherently turning blue. >> in some of the states that were red are turning blue like virginia and knot knorth caroli arizona because of the latino population. the states not going to turn red, delaware, maryland, new jersey, new york, those are already in her column no matter what donald trump does. the issue is that some of the states that he should be winning, like north carolina, georgia, and arizona, are starting to look like they could tip to blue. >> okay. let's look at a couple of possible paths to victory. this first map that i want to pop up, i see a lot of red and a
10:27 am
lot of battleground states. oh ohio. i don't see florida which sort of surprised me because i'm under the impression that's a state that is a must win. >> we put these two maps together. this one i call the rust belt lane, if you will. and one of the reasons that i had florida for hrk is that i think it's heavy lift for donald trump to win pa, ohio, michigan, and florida. this is one example of i think a rust belt victory if his message takes hold in pa, ohio, and michigan those states might tip in a domino effect. that lane is a much better lane for him because it's 280, 81 electoral votes. i think that's probably the most that he can count on in this election cycle. there is an alternative map which i call kind of the narrow lane map which is the second map. >> not quite the 281. florida is red in this one. that's why i was surprised. ohio went blue. >> kellyanne conway and i'm sure the other new advisers probably
10:28 am
have something like these two maps that they've been looking at. one of the reasons that i drew up this map as an example, it's 270. it's exactly what he would need. he would not have a mandate, right? that's the second problem. he would win and then what kind of presidency would he have? i put pa and florida in there one because pa and florida have older voters. i think if his message takes hold and, you know, certainly older voters if you look at polls his percentage of older voters is higher than younger voters. so my theory is he might be able to pick off pa and florida and narrowly win but we still have other issues as you were talking sglth it want to ask you, we only have 30 seconds left unfortunately. what do these maps tell you specifically in regards to are there certain states he must win or is it more of a combination putting together a riddle and winning this electoral map? >> i look at it the other way. >> okay. >> that if we're looking at georgia being a possibility for
10:29 am
hillary clinton in october, then hillary clinton is going to win the white house. if we're looking at arizona as a possibility for hillary clinton in october, then she's going to win the white house. so that's how i view it as kind of keeping an eye on the states that could potentially tip that we haven't seen. you know, north carolina has been up for grabs but georgia, for goodness sakes, that hasn't gone since last clinton, since bill clinton in 1992. so that's a tough -- it's a heavy lift for him in some states. >> heavy lift and for political junkies they love picking it apart. >> if there's one take away this election is about pennsylvania, pennsylvania, pennsylvania. he has to win pennsylvania. >> jim osman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. breaking news. on tropical storm hermine as one east coast state will spend this labor day weekend under a state of emergency. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working,
10:30 am
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10:34 am
you can see there hermine just south of washington, new jersey governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency for ocean, atlantic, and cape may county ace long the jersey coast for this holiday weekend. tropical storm hermine is heading up the east coast and we are hearing it could strengthen back to a hurricane before making landfall later this week. and tropical storm hermine could go as far as new england as it most. right now caroline is on the ground in north carolina which has been hit really hard. hi, caroline. >> reporter: hi there, elizabeth. if anything things have gotten worse here since we talked to you last hour. the winds are absolutely brutal. what the winds are doing is taking the sand and throwing it up on the parking lot here. if you turn into it it's like needles coming at you. you can see the waves are massive bed hind me.
10:35 am
the white caps coming on the fishing pier, they are huge. the biggest we have seen all day. the fishing pier has been there for decades. part of the roof actually ripped off. you can see some of the shingles have taken a hit there. you see along the sand, too, what looks like dirty white snow. that's actually the seafoam whipping through here, hitting people in the face. this is a very different scene than what we saw here this morning. we were in the middle of it between the back, the front side and the back side, calm. we drove around very little damage from what we could see when we do a site survey after this i really believe things are going to change. we can see some roofs that look like they might be able to go. there were some injuries. this morning a camper rolled over. four people had to go to the hospital. it flipped over and over. but amazingly, no one had a very serious injury. but we are in the thick of it now. parts of the island have lost electricity.
10:36 am
we are also told the major bridges leading to the outer banks are now closed. so if you are trying to get out, it may be impossible for you to leave. the governor saying now is the time to hunker down. elizabeth, back to you. >> absolutely. please be safe out there. thank you so much. great job. president obama landed in china today for his final trip as president. he was there to a announce a new climate change treat si. in an interview with cnn mr. obama explained why china should work and play well with its neighbors saying, quote, you know, when we bind ourselves to a bunch of international norms and rules, it's not because we have to, it's because we recognize that over the long term, billing a strong international order is in our interests. joining us now to try to make sense of that comment and a little insight into the trip, east asia expert gordon chrks hang and author of "coming
10:37 am
collapse of china." the chinese president and the chinese here, that from the american president from supposedly the greatest power in the world and they think what? >> well, i think that they believe that they don't have to bind themselves, that they are so strong they can intimidate everybody around the world. what president obama should have said was, look, we're stronger when we restrain ourselves, but, china, if you don't, the u.s. will restrain you. the chinese needed to hear that. countries in the region needed to hear that. and the american people need to know how exceedingly dangerous things are right now in asia. >> to be clear, the american people, the chinese, and the neighbors haven't heard anything close to that. it's interesting that you hear -- see president obama over there to take a curtain call on this climate change treaty. we've given up to 34umuch on th. when president xi came, the chinese have already broken the
10:38 am
treaty and you have to think to yourself, gee, the u.s. is not getting very much. >> no, it's not. relations with china are really at the low point and they're going to get much worse. you know, obama administration officials have been telling the media that really china is one of their great success stories. but we haven't restrained the chinese in those things you talked about and some others things such as the south china sea and the east china sea. right now china's military is on a bender and not seeing very much opposition from the united states. >> we think about when you say bender, specifically perhaps building those islands in the militaryizing those islands in the south china sea that china promised. oh, no, for research. suddenly anti-care craft weapons are on them. is there a way to roll back china or is the next president stuck with these islands now much stronger chinese military? >> we're stuck with the islands in the spratlys which is in the southern portion of the south china sea but we're not stuck with scarborough shoal which china seized in 2012.
10:39 am
there are reports that chinese barges around scarborough which is close to the main philippine islandluzon. >> you have to think that the philippines, the vietnamese, the malaysians, all u.s. allies in that region, the south korea ans are watching what thest does closely. obviously whenever you get the chinese and the americans in a room together the elephant that's kind of not in the room is the north koreans. we're hearing more and more concerns reports that the chinese are helping the north koreans, possibly gave them a submarine launched ballistic missile and you don't hear anything from the united states. >> absolutely. that submarine launched missile looks very much like a chinese variant and probably the north koreans didn't develop it on its own. also the amount of nuclear material that is going to north korea is much increased. and we know that the chinese have been giving them uranium
10:40 am
fluoride for the cores of their bombs. and the united states hasn't done anything about this over the last four or five months when we've known about it. so this is our fault. >> well, and evidently during that visit the chinese security was pushing around susan rice and trying to manhandle her. the national security adviser, also restricting the u.s. press and the white house, quote, said, well, we lost that battle. gordon chang, appreciate your insight. thanks so much. wish it was better news. >> thank you, leland. coming up after the break the changing demographics of one of america's biggest states has both the trump and the clinton camps quite concerned. we're going to get insight from one leading political reporter. hmmmmmm.....
10:41 am
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10:45 am
wetterling resource center received multiple reports that recently discovered the remains could be those of the minnesota boy who disappeared in 1989. wetterling was 11 years old when he disappeared from central minnesota. so far federal authorities though have not commented on the discovery. obviously our thoughts and prayers are with his family. now to this. brock turner, the former stanford swimmer who was convicted for raping an unconscious woman was released from jail three months early from his six-month sentence. of course the sentence drew out rage and now the early release drawing even more outrage. the case has influenced a passing a bill barring probation for those convicted of sexual assault. the 21-year-old must register as a sex offender for life and faces three years of supervised probation once he gets back to ohio. polls are showing a tight
10:46 am
race between donald trump and hillary clinton in florida where 29 electoral votes are up for grabs in november. the sunshine state large in diverse latino population is following the immigration debate setting a fierce swing state battle. a tisha is a political reporter at the miami herald and joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. i want to talk first and foremost we see donald trump appearing in a number of rallies in florida. he gets tens of thousands of people to come and support him. is that going to be translating into votes? is he building momentum at these rallies and is that signify support he has in the sunshine state? >> well, his campaign says they have about 70,000 volunteers across florida and that they're registering a lot of these volunteers at the rallies. we have seen more trump appearances than clinton appearances in florida over the past few weeks. what we have not seen are the campaign offices opening on the trump side. he's got one office -- >> i want to ask you about the
10:47 am
ground game and find out the ground games of these two camps. >> yeah, i mean, it's one thing to draw more rallies and have more enthusiasm in terms of your donor base and people hosting, for example, today the weather notwithstanding, they were hosting a drive here in miami. but the trump camp has an office in sarasota. the clinton campaign together with the national and state democratic parties has 51. and while the trump campaign says it's going to open a few dozen offices in the next couple weeks, they have been delayed and so it's unclear right now if the race is as close as we think it's going to be if that's going to hurt him and his get out the vote effort. >> let's talk about how his immigration speech and obvious liz his trip to mexico this week was received by florida voters. >> you know, immigration plays a little differently in florida than it does in other states. we have a lot of hispanic voters but many of them are cuban-american here in miami and
10:48 am
they have a special immigration status which allows them to become u.s. citizens faster. so they don't have to deal with the kind of illegal immigration problem like other hispanics do. and then in central florida you have the burgeoning puerto rican population and there are citizens when they come to the u.s., they can vote. so how the immigration debate plays here is really a question of tone. and do hispanics in florida feel like the hard line policies and tone espoused by mr. trump can show something that they don't like in a candidate which is speaking about hispanics in a way that might be hurtful. >> you talked about puerto ricans. a huge influx as you said in years past, they make up 27% of eligible voters. that's a huge voter base. what are those voters looking for in a candidate? >> well, we know that they tend to be democrat. we also know they usually don't go out to vote in as huge
10:49 am
numbers as they could. they tend to, you know, not reflect the full muscle of their population. the clinton campaign is trying to do a lot of outreach to them but so is, for example, the campaign of republican senator marco rubio who is running for re-election. so it will be interesting to see how they break and how many of them actually go to the polls on november 8th. and before, because as you know in florida voting starts early with absentee ballots going out in october and in-person early voting at the end of october. >> marco rubio celebrating a primary win this week. thank you so much for join uks. we appreciate it. >> thank you. update now to the story of jacob wetterling who disappeared in 1989. his mother patty sending a text message to care-tv in minneapolis saying that jacob has been found. our hearts of broken and we should make sure we let you know his name is jacob. we misidentified it on the bottom of your screen earlier.
10:50 am
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somehow or another end up here or there and now i got my hands on it. and me personally i like to see his family get it back. >> a rare piece of history discovered inside a car at falcon auto in denver. what was found, a folded up american flag, medalsing and two books about the european theater. all dating back to world war ii. they were found in a cardboard box. now the general manager there is searching for the rightful owner or perhaps their relatives through facebook. at the moment, many of this items are thought to be from a soldier perhaps from massachusetts. good luck. nine days after earthquake devastated the town of amatrice, italian firefighters rescued a golden retriever still buried underneath the rubble. the owners heard him barking and
10:55 am
they pulled him out. the dog now appears to be in very good health. another lucky canine, pope francis blessed a black lab taking time to shake his paw. you can see it here. the lab was part of the rescue team looking for survivors. he had helped save a 4-year-old inside her home. >> you know what that lab is thinking right there, every time i shake hands with somebody i get a treat. >> a cookie. >> where's my cookie now? >> a very blessed cookie. >> a very blessed cookie. they did a study about dogs. you have to think about dogs as you watch them do this. they put them in mri machines and realize the dogs respond more of feaffectionately to hum voice and praise than they do to giving a treat. >> i saw your segment this week on that. interesting. >> interesting how that comes outnd how they were able to measure the responses of the dogs. >> my dogs only respond to treats. >> kind of like you. >> i also like treats. >> there we go.
10:56 am
all right. >> thanks for joining us. that's all here in washington. of course we will be back tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. ben carson on fox news sunday. uma is next. and coming up at the top of the hour, in new york, we're keeping a close tab on tropical storm hermine as it barrels up the east coast ruining a holiday weekend for thousands of folks on this last official summer weekend. also donald trump in detroit reaching out to african-american voters telling parishioners at a black church he's there to listen and learn. you will hear from governor mike huckabee about whether trump can make inroads before election day. we'll also bring you the latest fallout on those hillary clinton e-mails. join us, see you at the top of the hour. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
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not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. we're following several major stories. first, million of americans are on alert as tropical storm hermine barrels up the east coast as it threatens to disrupt and wash out the holiday weekend in several states. we're tracking this monster storm. plus this. >> we're all create bid the same god. we must love each other and support each other, and we are in this all together. >> donald trump striking a very different tone. one we haven't heard too often on the campaign trail as he continues his


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