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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 3, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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millions of americans along the east coast are under weather warnings as hermine barrels north. it's no longer a tropical storm but still threatens heavy rain and dangerously high winds. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> hermine washed ashore flooding roads and ripping down trees and producing at least one tornado and high water in north carolina and hammering virginia. hermine is packing winds of more than 70 miles an hour and could regain hurricane strength as it
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closes in on the northeast. we have fox team coverage all over this one. our senior meteorologist is following the storm's path from the fox extreme weather center. steve is live in florida but we begin with caroline on the north carolina outer banks in kill devil hills. >> reporter: as bad as it looks now this is a huge improvement of what we've seen throughout the afternoon. you can look at the ocean, huge angry white swells still coming out here. it's inspired a few surfers to head out there. you can catch a glimpse of a couple of them. dozens of people standing on shore, they're worried hoping they'll be able to come back in. the weather service warning us heavy rip tides, huge waves. it is still a very dangerous situation here on the beach. you're also seeing the sea foam coming in splattering all over the people, all over the cars. we do see several dozen people. they're coming out and getting
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their first look after spending the night and most of the day in their houses. we do have a fatality to tell you about in a nearby county. it was a rough one particularly with the bridges. a tractor-trailer was driving over the alligator river. the tractor-trailer flipped and the driver did indeed lose his life there, but as bad as this looks now it is certainly an improvement from overnight from the afternoon hours you can look into the ocean and you can face it without getting a snoot full of sand like we saw over the last few hours. you can see up here there are people up on the roof. this is the pier out here. they have lost parts of the roof, a few shingles have gone but some brave souls are up there looking to do some repairs. these huge pier here about 700 feet, they have taken a beating throughout the day but as hermine turns closer to you guys up in the northeast and goes away from the outer banks,
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things are indeed getting better. >> we can see and hear the wind there. thank you so much. with watches and warnings in effect along most of the east coast we are tracking hermine's progress and our seniororologis latest. what can we expect now? >> quite a bit and we're going to be tracking this system unfortunately for the next several days well into next week, maybe thursday and friday, but just want to point your attention to some of these rainfall totals as the storm made land fall close to two feet in parts of florida and we're not done yet. the storm has exited the coast line. we're seeing improving conditions across the outer banks but we have tropical storm warnings that continue from the outer banks up to new england. tropical storm warnings meaning that conditions are going to go downhill for the next several hours and for the next several days we could at the very least be feeling tropical storm force winds. this is a brand new advisory and a new track from the national
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hurricane center. 70 mile per hour sustained winds. the track has shifted a little bit more to the west and i have to tell you this one is hard to track over the next couple of days as high pressure is anchored over this area and it's going to literally stop this system in its tracks. it's not going go anywhere for many days and just sit and spin off the coast ushering in all that water. we're going to see potentially dangerous life threatening storm surge along the coast and battering waves. they have shut down the beaches. no one can go in the water across the northeast starting tomorrow but there you see surface temperatures. we have warm water here and there's the potential for this to restrengthen back into hurricane status. want to show you the wind gusts. exc excess of hurricane strength and this is monday coming dangero dangerousdangerou dangerously close to the shores that were battered by hurricane sandy a couple of years ago. this is something we have to
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watch over the next couple of days. we have very vulnerable coast lines. here is the forecast wave height. my husband is a surfer and he says it's not very often you see wave heights of 25 to 30 feet. this is a big deal. wave heights is going to be extraordinary dangerous to be anywhere along the coast in the next couple of days this long labor day weekend. storm surge, that's the pile up of water from the counter clockwise winds. three to four feet here but i want to call attention to the long island sound. that's five feet plus. very dangerous here. that's a water pileup here that could cause issues. people need to be on alert. this is one of the hardest forecast tracks we've had because of that high pressure. this thing is going to sit monday, tuesday, wednesday and just continue to churn in the atlantic and bring very potentially dangerous life
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threatening conditions along the coast. i know we're in the holiday mode but i need folks along the east coast if you live anywhere from the mid atlantic to new england pay attention to your forecast. >> thank you so much for that warning. in florida the hurricane has passed but for hundreds of thousands of people there the emergency is not over. they're dealing with widespread power outages, flooded streets and downed trees. steve is live with more details about this. what's it been like so far in the tampa area? >> reporter: the real drama of the storm coming and going is over with. those heavy winds as the storm came onshore about 1:30 in the morning on friday is gone but now the headache has begun. the cleanup, this is a common scene. we're going to try to show you drone footage to give you a perspective on a typical scene.
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that is up to two feet of flooding. around us we can hear generators going. people trying to clean up their houses, trying to get the water out, pulling out carpets and furniture and removing trees. people trying to get back in their houses. there's a lot of power out ages. as well. the power company is trying to get that back up. no running water and trees knocking downpo power lines. law enforcement is trying to prevent looting and trying to keep people safe. many of the houses and businesses people not ready to go back to them yet as this cleanup after the storm continues. back to you. >> all right. steve with the cleanup that's going on right there in the tampa area. thanks for your report. now to another state reeling from heavy flood waters, the
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louisiana governor says the price tag to his state totals nearly $9 billion and rising. the august flooding, he is asking congress to approve $2 billion in federal aid to his state. he says given the extent of the damage it's a very reasonable request. an earthquake rattling a broad section of the country today. a magnitude 5.6 quake jolting communities across seven states. check out this security video. that's from cushing high school midway between tulsa and oklahoma city as it captured the shaking of the building. the quake was centered in northern oklahoma where it left a number of buildings damaged and at least one person injured. the state has ordered dozens of oil and gas wastewater dispose al cells to shut down. donald trump stepping up his outreach to african-american voters making a stop at a church
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in detroit today where he promised change as commander in chief. the republican nominee telling the con grash that he plans to bring back jobs and education to their community. trump's visit to the motor city not without controversy though. angry protesters gathered outside the church. how will trump connect with the key voting block aligned with hillary clinton. we're going to ask a trump supporter and senior adviser coming up next. there's more fallout over colin kaepernick refusal to stand over the national anthem and recent comments he made about police officers. the san francisco 49ers continuing his silent protest by taking a knee at a preseason game in san diego thursday night. now the police union is threatening to boycott future games for the 49ers. the union calling some
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statements by kaepernick anti-police and the team reiterating their stance behind kaepernick. two officers injured at the fresno county jail. the active shooter situation is over and they have one suspect in custody. the two injured officers were hospitali hospitalized. we have a live report coming up later in the show. the clinton campaign is on the defense as the trump campaign and republicans step up their attacks over the completed fbi investigation of her e-mail practices. this all comes after the agency released documents from the probe, including notes from their interview with hillary clinton in early july. we have more on what we're learning live in our new york city newsroom with more details. >> reporter: mohillary clinton said roughly three dozen times
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in her three hour interview with the fbi that she could not recall key significant details including training on how to handle classified information. we couldn't remember receiving specialized training for managing the u.s. government's most closely held secrets known as special access programs. the same week clinton became secretary of state she signed two nondisclosure agreements where she said she knew the rules and violating the rules could result in criminal charges. critics are not buying her gaps in memory and it has renewed criticism about the investigation. >> it looks like they obstructed justice here in ways that are innumberable and that was the outrage about comey's statements. he knew what went on and he made the decision with loretta lynch not to prosecute.
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>> reporter: donald trump saying hillary clinton's answers to the fbi about her private e-mail server defy belief. i was absolutely shocked to see her answers to the fbi stood in direct contradiction to what she told the american people. after reading these documents, i really don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. the clinton campaign putting a more positive spin on everything, quote we are pleased that the fbi has released the materials from hillary clinton's interview as we had requested while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it these materials may clear why the justice department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case. clinton used 13 different mobile devices but the fbi recovered none of them partly because an aide to bill clinton used a hammer to smash some of those devices. >> all right. thank you brian. what happened to jacob.
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his family is getting answers decades after his disappearance. angry protesters greet donald trump in detroit. did the republican nominee make any inroads with the african-american community during his visit. we will ask a member of his camp coming up. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. a nearly 30-year old case of a missing minnesota boy finally coming to a close. jacob's mom announcing her son's remains have been found. jacob went missing when he was 11 years old back in 1989 from central minnesota. former new york giants linebacker arrested for suspension of drunk driving. he sideswiped a car in florida. he was taken to the palm beach county jail. vladimir putin -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> that's okay. the cyber attack on the
2:18 pm
democratic national committee putin saying in an interview on a state level we weren't involved in this however putin did say the public benefited from the release of the information, leaked e-mails from the dnc appeared to show top officials favorering hillary clinton over bernie sanders. . trump trying to gain ground with african-american voters by visiting detroit today. dr. ben carson showed the nominee around his old neighborhood in the motor city. this morning trump made his pitch to an african-american church congregation. listen. >> i'm here today to learn so we can together remedy injustice in any form and so we can also remedy economics so that the african-american community can
2:19 pm
benefit economically through jobs and income and so many on the different ways. >> so let's bring in the consider adviser for the trump/pence campaign to add value to this. mr. trump is talking about the economy and bringing jobs to the african-american community. tell me in your opinion what was he able to accomplish today? >> this is part of a continued outreach and donald trump has been doing this for throughout the campaign now but specifically a more concerted effort over the last several weeks. today you saw him speaking to african-americans in an african-american community in detroit which in detroit there's over 40% african-american poverty in the city of detroit. nationally it's 26%. still a huge number nationally but even more so in detroit. donald trump is saying elect me and i will make sure the inner cities in the country are
2:20 pm
reinvig rated. >> let me quote something he said here today when he was speaking to the black christian community in detroit. he said the black christian community is one of god's greatest gifts to america and then he added that he was there to listen, learn and hopefully establish a new civil rights agenda of our time. now, if he is elected president, under a trump presidency what would a new civil rights era look like. >> a lot of it is about economics. a lot of folks in the inner cities don't have the hope and opportunity that other people in this country have. look at chicago, a city where there's been almost 400 murders. look at detroit and milwaukee. all these cities need our help. they need our investment and donald trump will make sure that happens through an economic agenda, through a simplified tax bracket. all policies that will make sure that these inner cities come
2:21 pm
back to life and we stop the violence in inner cities and these are policies not being proposed by hillary clinton. she's done nothing for the african-american community. >> there are some who dispute that that she has been involved in the african-american communities and some would argue that she has not done anything. some will go back to her past and others will say she's providing some sort of assistance to them with her outreach to the community but again getting to trump's outreach to the african-american community why is it so important for him do this and is it too late. >> absolutely. he's reaching out to all communities. african-american, jewish-american, all americans. donald trump is running to be president for all americans to make sure we're safe and we have boarders and he's reaching out to the voters and he's working hard on the campaign trail why hillary clinton is sipping champagne cocktails. >> by working hard on it he had
2:22 pm
scripted questions from the bishop. the bishop gave him scripted questions and he prepared for it through that. that would look to be counter productive or even disingenuous to some of those protesting. >> "the new york times" did not have any source for that story. donald trump is not a scripted candidate. that's how he's gotten to where he is. that's why he received over 14 million votes in the primaries. more than any gop candidate. this is somebody who is on message and does not need a script to deliver his message. that's what you saw today in the conversation with the bishop and then in mr. trump's remarks to the congregation. >> who do you say to those outside wanting to get in and couldn't get in because they couldn't get a ticket and those protesting saying to mr. trump what do you have to lose, everything. again going back to what he said a couple of weeks ago outside of detroit and michigan where he said to african-americans in
2:23 pm
front of a predominantly white audience what do you have to lose by voting for donald trump? >> as far as the protesters go that was a concerted effort that was most likely organized by hillary clinton, so that's the protest because donald trump is somebody who is reaching out to the community. he's saying talk to me i'm here to listen. he's touching these communities where hillary clinton is doing fundraisers with billionaires. >> let's look at how black registered voters are looking in the polls right now for mr. trump because we can see right now hillary clinton has 87% of the black voters registered so far and donald trump 4%. this reminds me of a gospel song i'm going up the rough side of the mountain. is he climbing the rough side of a mountain to get the black vote and why is it so important for him to get this? >> that poll is between july 31st and august 2nd. that's an outdated poll. of course he's trailing.
2:24 pm
unfortunately the african-american community recently has been voting are fo the democrats because the democrats have duped the african-american community into supporting them. if you look at the policies of the democrats they haven't done one thing to support the african-american community. the main policy was the crime bill of 1994 with bill clinton's signature that clhillary clinto was in favor of that resulted in hundreds of thousands of african-americans being in jail. >> i must ask you what would donald trump do differently than the democrats because in so many terms people want to say show me what you can do for us. >> and it goes back to the comment reinvesting in the inner cities, simplifying the tax code, giving incentives to businesses to go into the inner cities. all of those things are good for the african-american community but they're good for all communities. >> you would agree he still has an uphill battle to climb in winning the trust. >> he is winning the trust of all americans. that's why he's going out to all communities and that's why he's
2:25 pm
a revolutionary candidate. i don't believe mitt romney went to an african-american church. donald trump is doing it about 65 days before the election. plenty of time and we're confident that the hispanic-americans and african-americans and all americans will choose donald trump to be the president. >> we will continue to follow the developments of this relationship as we said all americans, but in today's time he was actually talking to the african-american community. a first for donald trump since he launched his campaign. thank you. >> thanks so much. a former stanford swimmer walks free after serving half of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting a woman on campus. the case reveals the tangle of young student sex and the role of alcohol. we're going to take closer look. plus a vicious storm is churning up up the coast and we have the latest advisories as states mop up the mess that
2:26 pm
hermine left behind and states like virginia prepare for the worst. >> we prepare for this every day. we have a great team here in virginia. obviously everybody knows as the sea levels rise we're the second most vulnerable in the united states. mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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-it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ an extreme weather alert as we follow the track of hermine. no longer a tropical storm but still a threat to the coast. residents and emergency crews are preparing as the storm moves over the atlantic. she's done plenty of damage flooding streets and bringing down trees across the southeast including the coast of north carolina and virginia. she roared ashore yesterday morning as a category one hurricane. now hermine could regain that hurricane strength before turning inland. states along the mid atlantic and northeast are under tropical storm warnings where the storm could unleash dangerous
2:31 pm
flooding, wind and beach erosion. the united states and china formerly joining the climate change agreement reached in paris last year this happening during president obama's visit to china. it's his last trip as president. the u.s. and china produce about 40% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. the philippine president declaring a state of lawlessness comes after an attack in the southern region killing at least 14 people and injuring dozens more. they are blaming the extremist group for the attack. the state of lawlessness gives the military special operations including checkpoints and searching cars and pedestrians. let's talk about this.
2:32 pm
what do you make of this situation? do you think it's radical islamic terror or some have said it could be drug cartels as well. >> that's a great question because both of them are upset with the president right now. he declared an outright war. that's the first time that's hafd. sayyaf has conducted bombings like this but at the same time he's got this war on drugs where all the drug organizations, they're not quite cartels, but they're still enterprising are in mosul because since he took office in june about 2,000 have been killed in his war on drugs and he's told his police and civilians get out there and get against these druggies. it's hard to tell where it's coming from. >> i've spoken to people from the philippines that have a lot of hope for this new president that feel like he's almost like
2:33 pm
a trump character, very outspoken, not politics as usual and will put an end to the drugs and gangs and control islamic terror. that's a tall order. can he do it? >> it is a tall order and when he was the mayor of devout city he instilled some pretty tough policies there. he made that city a safer city and he reached out to two of the muslim extremist groups and brokered deals with them that helped bring about peace and calm. he defeated his two rivals. there were three people running for the president. he has the support of a large segment of the population. people are looking up to him to do great things. the only criticism he's getting is the united states that feel he's going too far maybe with some human rights abuses. this is the issue that he and our president will probably discuss next week.
2:34 pm
>> what does it mean to the united states in relation to his leadership and his approach there? >> here's what's important, what's important so much to the u.s. is no the what he's doing in the tirade against the drug war over there, what's important about the philippines is our long-standing friendship with them going back to before world war ii and they've been our strongest ally in that region since then and the ongoing conflict with china in the south china seas. the chinese have seized and tried to seize other philippine islands. we need the philippines along with other allies in that region to counter this chinese attempt to create a larger sphere of influence. the philippines are important to us. >> it sounds like it's in the u.s. best interests to step in and support him but we don't have a great track record where we don't agree with everything they're doing within their own
2:35 pm
boarders to police their own country. how do you think president obama will come down on this here at the end of his term? >> again, i think our own state department, the white house and others don't like to see anything that's not clean and tidy and according to all kinds of judicial processes i think he's probably in his heart of hearts he's more -- he's more concerned about the violence, the extremism, the drug trade, the drug traffic in his country than he is about relationships with other companies. he's going to push his agenda and we're gonna push ours. i don't think the president is going to like many of the things he hears but if it brings about a safer more properrus philippines maybe that's more important than what the u.s. thinks. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. the former stanford swimmer sentenced to six months in jail nor rape now walking free after
2:36 pm
serving half that time. brock turner's sentence sparked outrage after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman on campus. the judge took himself off cases starting next week, this turning the spotlight on sexual assaults on college campuses. often alcohol is part of the danger but experts say it's not the only issue. we dig deeper into this disturbing trend. >> reporter: nationwide campus adm administrators refer to it as the red zone, the first six weeks of fall semester when assaults sky rocket. alcohol almost universely plays a part. >> what i see and what we look at all the time is upper classmen and so forth using alcohol as that tool, as that weapon to perpetrate against that young naive freshman who is just kind of coming out in the
2:37 pm
world. >> reporter: officials mandate standard training for incoming students. the ininstructor says most don't see themselves as potential victims so they teach students from the perspective of an outsider. >> we believe we can interrupt many situations before they turn into sex assault or turn into problems. >> reporter: cu found itself embroiled in national headlines after then student austin wilkerson received jail and work/school release instead of prison when he pretended to help a student but sexually assaulted her. 67% happens on first year students. many victims said their inca pass tash was used against them. >> i think it's scarey p you would hope your campus is a safe place to be at but you're not really safe. >> reporter: colleges are cracking down on booze. stanford university banned hard
2:38 pm
liquor from parties after the swimmer blamed his intoxication when he sexually assaulted a woman unconscious. universities have banned alcohol. >> binge drinking on college campuses has been reduced in the last few years and we haven't seen that same reduction in sexual assault. >> reporter: studies show campus assaults are a vastly underreported crime. fox news. we have a fox news alerted. police in california confirming two officers were injured in an active shooter situation at the fresno county jail. police say the active shooter situation is now over and they have one suspect in custody. the two injured officers were hospitalized. will carr joins us live from our west coast newsroom with the latest on this story. what do you know so far? >> reporter: this all played out in just a matter of minutes
2:39 pm
inside the lobby in the jail there in fresno. we're told it was packed, about 15, including three to four kids, when a man walked inside and he started to act bizarrely. he said he wanted to see an inmate. he would not get in line and at some point he pulled out a gun and started shooting. a lieutenant from the sheriff's office returned fire but not before two corrections officers were shot. they were rushed to the hospital. the suspect according to authorities is 37-year-old tong vang. he was convicted of a gang rape of three underage vimctims. it's unclear why he went to the jail there in fresno tg and why shooting. we know he was tased but he was not shot in the cross fire before he was taken into custody. as for the two corrections officers, they do not carry g s guns. both are veterans of the jail.
2:40 pm
both now fighting for their lives. >> again, we have an officer in critical but stable condition and officer towe is in critical condition. >> the sheriff there obviously visibly upset. she said the corrections officers are part of her family. she also earlier this year asked for her community's thoughts and prayers after officers were shot in both dallas and baton rouge and said that she never imagined she could have to ask for her own community to think about officers shot there so quickly after the other shootings they saw across this nation but it has happened. >> all right. will, thank you so much for that report. the fda is banning some major ingredients found in anti-bacterial soaps. are doctors in with why they're doing it and how it could impact
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very cool. >> that is cool. i love looking at that. let's talk about science in a dirty world. we live in a dirty world that's why so many people are obsessive about washing their hands in anti-bacterial soaps but now fda is banning ingredients in anti-bacterial soap. they say they don't work and can make things worse by creating resistant germs. so, doctor, i'm looking at this and for years now we've been able to use these products and away thought it was safe and now all of a sudden we're being told by the fda, wait, pump the brakes, it might be hazardous to your health. why now? >> so the fda announced on friday that these anti-bacterial soap manufacturers have one year to rid these soaps of certain ingredients, 19 to be exact.
2:47 pm
two are standing out the most. both of these are in a lot of these products and i brought a couple of them with me. as you can see here there's one ingredient and in this soap they went to great lengths to announce on the packaging that it's free of this product. it's kind of catching on. this one has it as well. >> so what does this do for the child who comes in and they're using these anti-bacterial soaps to wash their dirty hands after playing outside? does it do something to cause them to lose some resistance to certain germs? >> that is true. this whole ban is because of two reasons. there's no scientific evidence that these ingredients actually work better than the standard soap and water. >> okay. >> and also, yes, it could potentially be bad because of the anti-bacterial resistance. it has been looked at for a while and there's no proof in
2:48 pm
any of the human studies it causes negative effects but in animal studies according to the mayo clinic they have shown these ingredients can be hormone disrupts. >> the fda allowed this to go on and now they're saying we have to step in and call this into question. why does the fda move so slow? >> i don't know. that's a question i have too. they first came on the scene in 1978. it struck some concerns and some questions so the fda started looking into the dangers of these ingredients and it took until 2014 and i don't know why for them to say let's look at this in more detail and give these companies two years to prove to us that this is again tlees efficacy and it's safe and this year on friday they decided these ingredients have to go and they have to take them out. >> we as consumers should do what if we have these products in our home and we have may been
2:49 pm
using them. now we have to comply. >> again, it's up to each individual. i will say some of these products have been in other products for a very long time. a good example is toothpaste. it's proven in human studies to be safe and to decrease gum disease. >> are hand sanitizers safe. >> according to the fda yes. so as long as it's over 60% based in alcohol, which this one we have here is, then there is efficacy as far as cleaning but as good as soap and water. >> back to the basics because most soap is very good because it has 60% alcohol. >> yeah. as a doctor i wash my hands 40, 50 times a day soap and water. >> so you can't go wrong with regular soap and water. >> that's right. >> thank you as always. >> great to be here. >> this of course is a very
2:50 pm
disturbing to a lot of consumers who have been using these products. hawaii dodges the worst after two hurricanes skirt the islands but they left behind some heavy duty waves they left some heavy duty waves, which is attracting serious surfers. we are live in honolulu. intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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2:54 pm
surfers are catching some waves and making the most of hurricane's close call. forecasters still claim it could bring heavy rain and huge waves to the aloha state. live from honolulu with more. not surfing though. >> well, some are, but the forecast keeps getting better. just a few days ago, hawaii thought it was going to get hit by two category 3 stores, by madeleine on wednesday. in fact, that went south of the big island. lester continues to move to the east of where i'm at in oahu. we are right now on waikiki beach. you can see a few swimmers. there's a surfer out there.
2:55 pm
paddle boarders. sailing. you name it. take a look at the latest map. we got up six hours ago, winds were at 110. then they fell to 100. right now, at 85 miles an hour. the eye is broken up. we're getting very little rain. it's moving away both from here, oahu, as well as maui. so that compares to just yesterday morning. campgrounds, canceling events, they were concerned it was going to take an abrupt turn to the left. that has not happened. melissa, things are all well and good. tourists will be able to enjoy themselves for the balance of the weekend. >> i would happily trade spots with you right now, that looks pretty darn good. you get the best assignments. thank you for that report. >> you liked that one. >> i do. >> the catholic church gets ready to market an important
2:56 pm
moment with the canonization of mother teresa. pope francis will oversee the final stage tomorrow. it will formally acknowledge the second miracle attributed to the nun since her death. tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the ceremony at the vatican. she was quite a lady. >> wow. >> all right. golden retriever's rescued from the rubble of that deadly earthquake that hit central italy more than a week ago. the dog's owners heard barking. when they tried getting their belongings out of their ruined house. we're happy to report the dog is apparently doing just fine. all right. we'll be right back. you bought d overpriced nachos... ...don't let sinus symptoms bring you down now. get fast sinus relief with vicks sinex and get back in the game. sinex, the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head... ...medicine.
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this is a fox news alert as we watch a vicious storm churn up the atlantic coast after pummeling the southeast. warnings are in effect for anybody near the mid-atlantic and northeast coast as hermine threatens to produce damaging winds and a massive storm surge. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm melissa francis. we are now getting reports of a second death related to this storm. this time in virginia where the driver of an 18 wheeler died after high winds tipped over his truck. a man was killed yesterday by a falling tree in florida where the storm came ashore as a category 1 hurricane.
3:01 pm
hermine has been downgraded from a tropical storm but is still packing 70 mile an hour winds and could regain hurricane strength as she closes in on the northeast. we have fox team coverage senior meteorologist janice dean following the storm's path. but first caroline is on the north carolina outer banks in kitty hawk. what do you see there? >> it's definitely getting a little better from when we first started doing line shots at noon but it is still rough. massive swells still pounding into the beach here. also, the wind is really kicking and the rain has started to come down. one of the worries here in the outer banks is beach erosion, that another inlet will be busted through by the wind and water. they have things like this, these very large sandbags. they've piled them along parts of the beach. they put a berm on top of that to try to keep this beach together and damage to a
3:02 pm
minimum. my photographer is going to pan over. the national guard is here. they have some of their big trucks that they have indeed pulled in, but that one is here just to close the streets. because some of these roads need to be closed. it's simply too dangerous. as we showed you last hour, plenty of people out walking, out surfing. police are saying stay in, hunker down. because you see damage like this. this used to be a fence on top of this berm. you got some folks enjoying the wind and enjoying what they're seeing today but still a very dangerous situation. although the outer banks not the only place that's suffering here. throughout the 38 counties that's been declared emergency, we have seen a death, a tractor trailer went over a bridge, the driver unfortunately died. four people sent to the hospital, they were in a cammer th
3:03 pm
camper that flipped over and other. a baby was inside. amazingly, only minor damages and injuries. >> for more on where hermine is headed, let's go to senior meteorologist janice dean. she's like in the fox extreme weather center. what does the path look like now? >> the path is yet to be determined. this is one of the hardest forecasts we've had to deal with as meteorologists in this hurricane. it is not a tropical storm. they have taken off the tropical storm label. it is now an extra tropical storm. but regardless of what it's called or its name, it still is going to have the same impacts. now, what is steering this thing. why is it blocked? this is called a blocking high. a fairly rare scenario. so that's what's happening. it's blocking this thing from moving. but just not 12 to 24 hours, for days. as you can see that high moves out here. that means maybe a closer trek towards the shore.
3:04 pm
that's news we don't want to hear. as this sits and spins out in the atlantic. this is the european model. you can see coming very close here to the shoreline. so when you have a storm that is just sitting here for days, you're going to have a big pileup of water storm surge especially during high tide. the long island sound is under a storm surge warning right now. indicating we could have life threatening very dangerous destructive storm surge in the next couple of days. so your advisories, tropical storm warnings. at the very least, we could feel tropical storm force winds all up and down the coast. 33 million people affected from north carolina to new england. look at the wave heights already off the coast of north carolina. 19, 18 feet. i've seen incredible wave heights as this thing stalled across the coast of new jersey
3:05 pm
and long island. 25 to 30 foot waves. it's no longer that some beaches are going to be shut down. i want to show you the rpm model. again, the real danger from this storm is it's going to continue to just pound this coastline with strong winds. we could see obviously some very big waves. we could see the potential for coastal flooding and beach erosion is going to be a big deal. we're going to talking about this storm system into next week and perhaps into the history books. >> janice dean, thank you. kelly. >> so in florida the hurricane has left but for hundreds of thousands of people living there, the emergency's far from over. they're still dealing with widespread damage, power outages and heavily flooded roads. our steve harrigan is live with a close look at what's happening there. >> this is some of the mess we're seeing in many communities across florida.
3:06 pm
in some places, up to two feet of flooding. we're watching people trying to clear out their hopes, get the floodwater out, pulling out furniture, pulling out carpets. in some cases, we've seen a lot of downed trees. people trying to get back to normal. so many of them still without electric power. more than 150,000 people still in florida without electric power. despite the fact that the power companies have been walk around the clock to try and clean that up. there's been about 20 evacuations from still flooded areas over the past 24 hours but much of the drama now is gone and it's really the little things. trying to get the water turned back on. trying to get the trees out of the yard. there's a higher law enforcement presence, especially in these damaged communities. some of the businesses simply too damaged for people to go back. without electricity, without running water, people not ready to return home yet. kelly, back to you. >> steve harrigan reporting live from the north area of tampa with more details.
3:07 pm
you can see him. steve, be careful out there, please, all right, thanks, steve. >> people across seven states got jolted out of bed this morning. a magnitude 5.6 quake rattling seven states. this security video from cushing high school midway between tulsa and oklahoma city caught the earthquake shaking the ground. it was centered in northern oklahoma, damaging a few buildings. tying a press record for a quake's magnitude in the area. the state has ordered dozens of oil and gas wastewater disposal wells to be shut down because of ties to the rising number of earthquakes in the region. donald trump bringing his message to african-american voters today while visiting a church in detroit. the gop nominee promising an economic plan that would help revitalize a city and pitching better education and job opportunities for the community. mr. trump's visit also drawing a group of angry protesters
3:08 pm
outside the church. peter deucy is live in detroit with the very latest, peter. >> kelly, it seems like today everything went about exactly as the trump campaign drew it up. mr. trump says the interview he did inside the building behind us with the influential pastor wayne t. jackson that's going to hair soon on the country's only african-american owned and operated tv network went great and remarks were received enthusiastically by the crowd. then he went to ben carson's old neighborhood without incident. that means today most of the focus has stayed on trump's message. that message was tailored for an audience that trump says lives in a place that hasn't had the appropriate access to jobs or schools that they should have, for years trump says he knows african-americans living in inner cities have been discriminated against. but that he could use his experience from the business
3:09 pm
world to turn their lives around. >> we need a civil rights agenda. for our time. one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important. and the right to live in safety and in peace and to have a really, really great job, a good paying job and one that you love to go to every morning, and that could happen. >> there were some protests outside as well, as lively as we've seen in a while, outside a trump event. at one point, mounted police even retreated as some disrupters tried to wrestle a metal barricade away from security officers guarding the great faith ministers. the dozens of angry detroiters were screaming about trump but also about pastor wayne t. jackson who they accuse of selling out for inviting trump here. but the officers held disrupters back. there was no interruption to the program inside. and they all left once trump
3:10 pm
left. kelly. >> all right, peter deucy reporting from detroit, thank you, peter. officers who patrol levi stadium may be boycotting the facility over kaepernick's protest. the police union says if the san francisco 49ers don't discipline kaepernick, it could result in officers choosing not to work at the stadium. the quarterback has refused to stand for the national anthem, citing racial injustice and police brutality for his decision. teammate eric reid joined him in his most recent protest. a nearly 30-year-old case of a missing minnesota boy finally coming to a close. jacob's mother announcing her son's remains have been found. jacob was 11 years old when he was kidnapped at gunpoint by a man wearing a mask in 1989 near his home in central minnesota. a man who authorities had named as a person of interest in the case apparently led investigators to an undisclosed
3:11 pm
location in central minnesota where the remains were, in fact, found. fox news alert here. police in california confirming two officers were injured in an active shooter situation at the fresno county jail. police now saying they have one suspect in custody. the two injured officers were hospitalized. will carr joins us with the details. what do we know so far? >> authorities trying to figure out exactly what led this man and they say the suspect is 37-year-old tong van into the jail this morning and then what led him to start shooting. the lobby was crowded. about 15 people, including three to four kids. and then he started acting bizarrely. he said he wanted to see an inmate inside of the jail and then he pulled out that gun and started firing. a lieutenant with the sheriff's office returned fire. he was the only one armed. at the same typime, officers fr
3:12 pm
all across fresno raced to the scene. vang was tazed and taken into custody but only after he shoot the two unarmed corrections officers. both were taken to the hospital. both are veterans. both now are in surgery. and are in critical condition. >> this is a very sensitive time for the members of the fresno county sheriff's office. of course we're all praying for their full recovery and i ask that the public at large do the same. >> the sheriff ended up getting emotional during that press conference. she says it's hard to believe after the shootings that happened in dallas and in baton rouge where you had officers shot there, that it happeneded in her own community, kelly. >> will, thank you. you can understand her emotion as well as the community and many people praying for those officers. will carr, thank you.
3:13 pm
>> absolutely. >> so we are learning more about the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail practices. after the agency released a massive report yesterday. how the trump and clinton campaigns are responding to the new details. >> new numbers showing the u.s. has the highest level of open manufacturing jobs in 15 years. the reason thousands of them are going unfilled. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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3:17 pm
welcome back. donald trump and hillary clinton's campaign and tug-of-war over the fallout from the fbi's release notes from their investigation of clinton's e-mail practices. republicans and the trump campaign wrapping up their attacks over the fbi probe and its recommendation not to prosecute. now, more on the reaction to the public release of the notes, live in our new york city newsroom. >> the fbi notes on the investigation to hillary clinton and her private e-mail server contains striking revelations. mainly that clinton told investigators nearly 3 dozen times that she could not recall key details about her emays. she could not remember when she
3:18 pm
got a security clearance, received training on handling classifiedings y eied informatin she received specialized training. the same week clinton became secretary of state, she signed two nondisclosure agreements where she said she knew the rules and that violating these agreements could result in criminal charges. critics are not buying clinton's apparent lapse in memory and the new notes have renewed criticism among conservatives. >> the fbi comes off looking pretty badly in this report too. that's why it was released on a friday. it protects mrs. clinton. unburying it on a friday before a holiday. and the fbi comes across looking like the keystone cops or comes across showing a politicized investigation that mrs. clinton was brought in. >> donald trump releasing a statement saying hillary clinton's answers to the fbi about her private e-mail server defy belief. after reading these documents, i
3:19 pm
really don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. the clinton campaign putting a positive spin, saying, quote, we are pleased that the fbi has released the materials from hillary clinton's interview, as we had requested. while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it, these materials make clear why the justice department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case. clinton hits the campaign trail again on monday. kelly. >> all right, bryan llenas reporting, thank you. the data dump raising questions about how the information will affect the clinton campaign just two months before the election. let's bring in basel smikel, democratic strategist and former senior aide to then senator clinton. and shawn noble, gop strategist. basil, let me start with you, there's a lot to drill down on here.
3:20 pm
let's start with one of the facts we just heard. this idea that she did at one time sign a document swearing that she understood the rules. she now says she doesn't remember that, she doesn't understand the rules. so either she was lying in one of those two statements or when she fell and hit her head, she sustained an awful lot of brain damage. what do you think really happened here? >> i think there's a third option and that third option is she's actually telling the truth, i mean, that she did sign the agreement and the agreement signed, she knew exactly what she was signing. in the course of this interview, you know, there was some details she did not remember. i think both of those things can actually be true. again, we've, you know, with respect to these e-mails and the fbi, she said release everything. if you're going to be selective about it, let's not do that, let's actually release everything -- >> while she's saying release everything, she's also very actively using everything they
3:21 pm
had in some of the details some of her i.t. professionals had yikes moments where they realized they hadn't deleted everything they were told to delete. she also says she didn't know what the "c" marking was on top and that's how she reconciles this idea that she never knowingly sent anything that was marked classified but there it is with the "c" and she said she didn't know what the "c" meant. almost all of us who have been reading anything about this know what the "c" meant be, is that believable? >> defiy ies belief. this is a woman who has been the first lady of the united states, been a united states senator sitting on the armed services committee, the secretary of state. for her saying she didn't know what the "c" meant is laughable. goes to the point she's either lying or incompetent. eastern way, think the american people are going to take a hard look at this.
3:22 pm
this is not going away for her. that's why the democrats are really start to get nervous. think about it. she might lose to this guy because she can't get her act together. >> well -- >> basil, hold on, let me talk about some of the other details. she said again and again she just had one device for the sake of convene pansy here it turns out she had 13 device and 5 ipads. >> so she had almost 20 devices. that is like an offense to the american people when she thought she could actually pull that over on the american people -- pull it over on the american people when she knew it was completely untrue. >> how does she reconcile that? that's almost 20 devices versus the one. >> i know. listen, i don't know. i mean, i think that -- my guess is that -- and i don't think she was lying. i still don't think there's anything untoward here. if she says, number one, i want to use one device out of convenient and her staff comes and gives her multiple devices,
3:23 pm
you know, i believe that she actually relied a lot on her staff to make some of these decisions. >> she couldn't tell she was using different devices? >> no, i'm actually making a point, a little bit more about the time line than an actual number of devices which is in a question, she said why go to the server in this way and her response is i wanted to simplify things and use one device. she got multiple devices after that. i don't see how that changes the underlying issue which is, look, these e-mails are going to come up, they're going to continue to company up until the end of the campaign. there is no smoking gun. there is nothing that says -- >> no, there's plenty in there that shows the cross contamination between the foundation and the state department and how they felt fine asking for favors within the state department -- >> favors not returned though -- >> -- great donations, it was returned many times. we're talking about the subject here of these specific e-mails. sean, let me ask you.
3:24 pm
one of the things where they try and explain where so many of these missing e-mails went. one of their explanations was we downloaded it all to a laptop to hand over to you and we put it in the mail. you mean you didn't get it? we took it laptop and we put it in an endevelvelope and we gaveo the postman. i can't believe it didn't get to you. evidence in a major investigation like this. i mean are they really, really stupid, or lying? what do you think it is? >> they're clearly try to cover things up. what's fascinating, i saw the statement the clinton campaign was happy they were released. the report was released on the friday before the labor day weekend, that's what they're happy about. >> i think we're losing language like "lying" and stupid. and i -- look, the director of the fbi had some very strong language for her. what's also evident is that
3:25 pm
unanimously all of them said no indictment should be brought. there was no criminal activity. so i want to get away from this -- >> no, no -- >> how could it not be stupid to mail a laptop? that is stupid. >> i'm not going to call them stupid. >> mailing a laptop? >> i'm not going to go there because these are not people who are stupid. >> no, they're not. so that makes me think they're not telling the truth. gentlemen, we have to go, we're out of time, thanks to both of you, we appreciate it, kelly. >> president obama kicking off his final trip to asia during his time in the white house. the issues he's expected to discuss with china's president this week. >> and saving millions of dollars for the military through its housing program. our next guest explains. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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a fox extreme weather alert as we watch the unpredictable path of hermine.
3:30 pm
the storm working its way north along the atlantic coast, threatening to unleash high winds, flooding and serious beach erosion. it's already done plenty damage across the seat. and now we're getting word of a second death related to this storm. a truck driver in north carolina killed when high wins toppled his rig. hermine has been downgraded from a tropical storm but it's plenty powerful and could return to hurricane status before turning inland. coastal residents across the mid-atlantic and the northeast are under tropical storm warnings. keep it right here on the fox news channel as we continue to monitor the track of this vicious storm. president obama arivalling in china today, opening his last trip to asia while he's in office. formally signing historic global change deal. mr. obama also expected to discuss some contentious topics.
3:31 pm
like recent mary type issues in the south china sea. kevin cork is live in hangzhou, china. >> you're right, ultimate deliverable for president obama, getting china to be on board with the paris agreement. especially when there was a great deal of question whether or not this would happen. this is now in the bag. that makes this trip a net positive for the president as he looks forward to the remainder of his time in office. clearly, there are a number of other issues that the white house would like to tackle here at the g-20 summit. there are so many diplomatic head winds. it won't be all smooth sailing. certainly getting the climate deal on board is a big win for the obama administration. the g-20 people should know this, has, at its very core, the diplomatic and security interests of the world's leading
3:32 pm
economies. the largest 20 at least. but this makes an historic event, this paris client deal. the president obviously getting china on board with his plan to reduce greenhouse gases. listen to the commander in chief. >> there are no shortage of cynics who thought the agreement would not happen. but they missed two big things. the investments that we made to allow for incredible innovation and clean energy, and the strong principled diplomacy over the course of years that we are able to see pay off in the paris agreement. >> as you pointed out, there are still a number, i mean a number, of major disagreements that will percolate throughout the time here. the president will talk to vladimir putin about differences with russia. he'll talk to the president of turkey about the ongoing unrest in syria. but clearly with china specifically, there are issues of china security, maritime claims and of course competing
3:33 pm
interests both economically and militarily. >> despite our differences on other issues, we hope our willingness to work together on this issue will inspire greater apr ambition and greater action around the world. yes, diplomacy can be difficult and progress on the world stage can be show. but together we're proving that it is possible. >> now, i mentioned the meeting coming up with vladimir putin. it's not official. it's not on the schedule. typically in a circumstance like this, you know they will sometimes meet on the sidelines. you and i don't have the time to talk about it right now, but that will be a major story line in a story line that should probably be pretty full here over the next several days, melissa. >> kevin, thank you so much for that. kelly. >> melissa, thank you. defense secretary ash carter and senator john mccain chairman of the senate armed services committee launching a new initiative aimed at streamlining
3:34 pm
systems that have governed the military for decades. in an exclusive report for "the wall street journal," retired four star general jack keane saying the army could offer a model for even broader defense reform focusing on the part of military spending that a lot of people have taken for granted. joins us now. he's a former army vice chief of staff. general, good of you to join us. looking forward to hearing your take on how we can save money within the military. for those of us who served in the military, we know and understand how important housing is. but for those who have never served, general, can you briefly explain the significance of military housing and its impact on those who serve and their families and what it's like living on a military base? >> well, housing, as the word m implies, is where our families
3:35 pm
live. we don't make anywhere near what the private sector makes. so our housing for most of us was difficult at best. what i experienced is for most of my years before i became a senior officer the army corps of engineers they built this housing like so much cord wood. they just laid it down. it had no aesthetic value. i was frustrated with this. when i became a senior officer, i'm going to do something about this. but i could only work at the margin until i found a real estate developer who was in the government and he had an idea. he said, we have to transform the system. and this is what we did. we took that housing that we had and we went out and attracted high-end developers because we leased the housing and the land for 50 years, and these developers came in and they -- interesting, they looked at the houses and i would thing the most recent ones that looked pretty good, they knocked them down because they were too hard
3:36 pm
to maintain. some of the older ones they fixed up, modernized them. because they were in a business. and the business was we're going to build high-end housing but we're going to be able to maintain it. we had a $6 billion maintenance deficit in housing alone at that time. that is -- that has been cleared. >> i'm so glad you talked about that -- >> we touched 88,000 -- let me just finish. >> sure. >> 88,000 homes we touched, we either renovated with modern amenities or we built new. so the quality of family housing dramatically inpormprovimproved. >> that's why i'm so glad you are talking about this because it has a lot to do with retention of those who are serving in the military. in your "wall street journal" article, you and a real estate consultant suggest ways for potentially saving millions of dollars for the military through its housing program. what exactly are you proposing? >> well, housing was what -- is
3:37 pm
only one example. there's a trillion dollars of assets that the defense department owns. infrastructure, as the business community would call it. we spend $200 billion a year on those assets. what we are suggesting, as part of the defense reform, let's bring in the private sector. let's enter into a public/private sector partnership. let's lease those assets and let them renovate and build new to be able to maintain a higher quality asset for considerably less cost. save about 40, $50 billion a year, and take that money and use it to build military capability and technology. that is the essence of what we're trying to say. >> that's a very good thing to say. "the wall street journal," you also write your experience suggests five principles of defense reform that could help the next administration create and guide other successful initiatives. can you briefly with the amount
3:38 pm
of time we have left explain what these measures are? >> well, first of all, the public/private partnership is key to that. also, attracting high-end developers. because of our budget and procurement regime we have in the government, particularly in the department of defense, we don't attract the best. what we attract is the best in contracting. we don't attract the best developers. so if you enter into that partnership you're going to have, they will come -- because they will see there are truly profits they can make by running a business, running a business effectively and the other part of that is while they're going to make profits, the government is going to save money and we can take that money and do other things that are productive. we're the best in the world at putting out operational units that have capability to fight. believe me, we're second rate or maybe even third rate at running
3:39 pm
businesses inside the department of defense. that's what we want to fix, the business part. >> general, i like what you have to say. having served in the military, thank you for your service. i experienced that as well. if you're going to be in the best military on earth, you got to have the best facilities and the best kind of service. i love the article. thank you, general. >> good talking to you, kelly. >> it has been over a year since the u.s. and five other nations sealed an agreement with iran to restrict its nuclear program. now we're learning about a secret loophole that gives the islamic republican some wiggle room. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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new details in the nuclear deal with iran. a report shows the government allowed tehran some leeway to make sure the country was ready to complete the agreement.
3:44 pm
>> from moment the iran nuclear deal was struck in vienna that, critics have warned of modifications and other means by which its terms might effectively change during implementation. now david albright the renowned weapons inspector and nuclear analyst, head of the institute for science and international security, has issued a report first disclosed by reuters charging that the joint commission establish to oversee implementation of the deal, has been secretly weakening language relating to caps on the regime's stockpile of low-enriched uranium. and iran's storage of heavy water, another step in plutonium development. the process in general raises the question of whether iran is exploiting the exemption mechanism outside of any public oversight to weaken many of the deals limitations as possible.
3:45 pm
>> there's other stocks of low-enriched uranium in iran. now the question is from iran can we exempt that too. so the joint commission form a technical working group in july to -- and one of their agenda items is whether this material will be exempted. >> aides to kerry said it is as intended but it's not moving the goal posts without meeting the terms. >> there has been no loosening iran's commitments and there's been no exceptions given that would allow them to exceed the limits, whether it's the limits of lau or the limits of heavy water that would allow then to have a usable amount of material. >> reporter: but kirby kept repeating that caveat about usable material. as to any for forms of materialn
3:46 pm
might be stockpiling. were briefed on the guidance and one republican lawmaker saying briefingings we inings were pro. a leading democrat on the senate foreign relations committee bob menendez of new jersey, also a vocal critic of the deal, told reuters he hadn't received any such briefings. at the say the department, james rozen, fox news. >> james, thank you. a police department in the houston area under investigation for destroying evidence. authorities say more than 25,000 piece of evidence were destroyed when a deputy cleaned out a room. hundreds of cases have been jeopardized. 150 cases have already been tossed out. most of them related to drug crimes. that deputy has been fired. the call is for an independent audit. the number of open manufacturing jobs now at the highest level in 15 years. but many of them are going
3:47 pm
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the number of manufacturing jobs on the rise here in the u.s. but thousands of them go
3:51 pm
unfulfilled because of a lack of skilled workers as factory machineses get more sophisticated. mary gibbon system is a analyst and personal finance export. this story caught my attention. we say that the manufacturing jobs are gone and those were the good solid jobs that paid well and moved overseas. and here in the wall street journal many are going begging where they make phones and2x! stuff. >> some of the jobs are are coming back and the thinking was it would disa pore. they are running sophisticated machine row and factories. and we don't have the technical or skill set is. this is going on for a while and getting out of control. >> the details, talking about p jobs that pay $35 an hour in
3:52 pm
case and relocation, and pay people it relocate and looking for people to do specific tool and doi makers electricians and it strikes me though. they have open jobs and can't find people that are skilled to do them. >> i think they need to do the inhouse and external training. apprenticeships like we used to have. those programs have gone by the way side. they need to teaith the colleges, universities and high schools to get steady stroem of participants interested. >> from a kiddie perspective they don't want to be be in manufacturing and the parents are not encouraging them to be in manufacturing and that is contributing to the shrinkage as well. it is not something they want to
3:53 pm
do. >> it is a mindset. you go to learn a skill. what do i want to be when i grow up as opposeded to the jobs that are open and how much does it pay and if i were to go and study it, i will make the money bavenlth people are not thinking about it the right way. >> the companies need to change the way we are thinking about it and make manufacturing hip again. they need to offer them attractive wage and offer them with a level of stability. and the thinking that they are are outsourced. people want ton that the job is around for a while and want a decent wage and a respectable position. >> it's interesting, the machines have advanced a lot and automated and they have half of the manufacturing jobs this they used to, but the jobs that remain are too complicated for the workers that used to work
3:54 pm
there before. it is a whole new skill set. and people don't trust bite time they get the training will it be here? >> right. that is a question mark, too. and why people are dragging their feet in the manufacturing. and the companies don't want to it make the investment either. they see it as an expense rather than the investment. and it is hurting them and the economy, and you know, it is affects all the way around. >> retired workers that were laid-off and would like to come back and they don't have the skills, that is another opportunity to it retrain those workers. >> it is a multiyear process. >> not only the millennials not interested, but you have 3 million baby beerms getting ready to retire. millions of jobs that will be
3:55 pm
unfilled if this there is not action taken, soon. it is just getting worse and worse. >> it is interesting, we talk about the mismatch with the jobs going wanting and the skills. it is not coming together and meshing. this is an unexpected example. >> they are looking for sex months or a year trying to fill the positions. >> thank you, are kelly. the parents of a two-year-old girl shocked to find a citation in the mail with their daughter's name on it. the reason that the city officials ticketed the tiny toddler. ♪
3:56 pm
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>> a two-year-old getting ticketed for littering in washington d.c. it started when the city found an envelope in the alley. it was left behind by illegal dumpers. >> the toddler was sent a $75
4:00 pm
citation for littering in the mail. after an investigation, the fine was dropped. >> she probably didn't have $75. >> they should have apologized to the family. hermine making her mark on the holiday weekend with. millions of people in the path of the storm as it works to power up to hurricane strength. this is the fox report. i am laura ingle. >> the system blamed for a second death. a truck driver killed while crossing a bridge and the hermine fierce gusty wind withes. it hit florida and plowed in the pandhandle as a category 1 hurricane. it is the first hurricane to hit the sunshine state in a decade. >> we'll continue to assess damage and respond to the


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