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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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citation for littering in the mail. after an investigation, the fine was dropped. >> she probably didn't have $75. >> they should have apologized to the family. hermine making her mark on the holiday weekend with. millions of people in the path of the storm as it works to power up to hurricane strength. this is the fox report. i am laura ingle. >> the system blamed for a second death. a truck driver killed while crossing a bridge and the hermine fierce gusty wind withes. it hit florida and plowed in the pandhandle as a category 1 hurricane. it is the first hurricane to hit the sunshine state in a decade. >> we'll continue to assess damage and respond to the needs
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of our community and florida families. we'll visit the impacted homes. throughout the weekend, floridians need it be vigilant to take property safety precautions. just because it is it a pretty sunny day out there doesn't mean it is safe. >> we have live team coverage. janice dean is standing by. we are expecting new information on the strength of the storm. carolina is watching the situation in the carolinas. and steve is in florida. how is it going tonight. >> reporter: when it hits on 1:30 on friday, the florida costs, it brought winds and water. that water is still here. 5- 20 inches of rain as well as up to a nine foot storm surge u. you can see the extent of it
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here. it is 40 miles north of tampa. we are are using the drone camera. all around use people have dealt with flooded carses and homes. it was nine feet high in places. it caught a lot of people by surprise. and the biggest complaint is electric power. 150,000 people in florida are still without electricity or running water. we have seen extensive damage to the home and businesses. they are not coming back to the homes. there is a beefed up police presence. and people are not going back without running water or electricity. we could see two weeks of clean up before the power is back on after the storm, laur aback to you. >> steve, for us in florida. thank you so much.
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we'll take i to north carolina in the bottom of the hour. and a magnitude 5.6 earthquake hitting the midwest. and the quake was centered in northern oklahoma and a number of buildings were damaged and one person injured. senior meteorologist janice dean, busy tonight? >> we are covering the earth sciences. earthquake. 5.6. 2.8 and very shadow and that's why over 2 million people felt the quake. and we have had several quakes. but this is a record breaker and ties the most powerful p quake that they had in oklahoma, right here. and so back in 2011, and now we have a 5.6 and worth noting, we have had a uptick in earthquakes
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in this state. >> all right, talking about hermoin. we are expecting an update. tropical storm warnings in extent from north carolina coast line up toward new england. and that means we with being see tropical force winds in the next 36 hours for the vulnerable areas. wind gusts, the problem is, the storm is going to hang out for the coast line for days. will it come closer to the coast or offshore or move northeast. it is a difficult forecast. the mess amg is if you live north carolina to maine, you need to watch the path of the storm. we'll have tropical storm force winds throughout the next several days and the storm surge could be a disaster in some of these areas including the long island sound. over five feet of storm surge, all of this water piling up for
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long island as well as connecticut. and that could be extremely dangerous. coastal flooding is a concern. you need to know when high tide is and what neighbor you live in. keep that in mind. you need to be on alert and listen to the forecast. in case there is evacuations. this is a cone of uncertainty. we don't know what will happen with the storms. one of the hardest forecast problems we have had. area of high pressure, a blocking high and it will block this system from budging for days. and that means, battering waves, coastal beach erosions and coastal flooding and that storm surge will be be a tremendous issue for folks in long island and connecticut. my husband is a surfer, 25- 30
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foot waves are insane on the coast of jersey and long island. that is an issue. they closed the beaches in new york. and new york city is under a tropical storm warning and they will enforce that and make sure people know what to do or where to it go. this looks like my five year old took a crayion. we don't know what is going to happen to the storm. if you live from north carolina to maine, you need to pay teengz the local forecast and officials. one thing for certain. the storm will be with us in the labor day weekend. tell your neighbors in a holiday mode, they need to be on alert. this is potentially dangerous life threateninguation for the next several days. back to you. >> something we haven't seen for a long time.
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and i remind people to follow janice dean on twitter. we can get your updates on that. we'll come back to janice for the latest on the hermine's strength and live to hawaii, as folks face yet another major storm donald trump making appearances in detroit in an effort to appeal to minority voters. he sat down with with a one-on-one interview to the leader of the church. outside of the the mood of the different. [chanting] >> peter dec live in detroit and how was trump received by members today. we heard things were good inside. >> reporter: he was received well inside and the crowd was enthusiastic and he was standing
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with some of the african-american congregation and swaying along with them to the music and then to the end of the service, people were passing young children to trump hold up. and with pastor jackson, the interview went well. things went according to the trump's campaign plan and allowing him to focus on the hand written remarks that were hand written. and calling for the way politicians treat communities like this one. >> we need a sieve issil right's agenda for our time. one that ensures the right to a great education, so important. and the right to live in safety and in peace and to have a really, really great job, a good paying job and one that you love to go to every morning and that can happen. >> reporter: trump said he can
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restore detroit to be a city with an economy so strong the rest of the world will envy it again. there was a focus on not only the future but the fast. >> i fully understand that the african-american suffered from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must be made right. >> reporter: there were aggressive protestors this morning who tried to wrestle a met willal barricade in an attempt to stifle trump's speech. he continued on the way to the airport got a quick tour with dr. ben carson near by. >> what are we hearing about the tax return. >> reporter: the running mate mike pence's tax returns will come out next week and trump's
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will come out before the election. the clinton campaign said they will not release transcripts that bernie kept talking about p her speeches until trump released the tax returns. if what pence said stays on track that could change the cal can youulous for the trump campaign. >> we have a programming note for you. don't miss detroit native. dr. ben carson weighs in on the republican campaign. that's sunday. check your local listings. right now, bombshell revelations in the clinton e-mail investigation. why some say presidential nom no is not the only one who locks bad in the documents. >> a miing child case that rocked minnesota and the nation
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the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. >> a fox urge sxent decades old abduction. county officials confirmed they found remains of a boy who went missing in 1989. additional dna testing will be performed and new evidence in the case is reviewed.
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we'll continue to follow the heart breaking story as we get the updates. fbi releasing new documents sum issar otherwising hillary clinton's interview about the personal e-mail server and show she couldn't recall details or events three dozen times in the three hour introuchlt she didn't remember training sessions on handling classified information. brian is here with me now. what are the republicans saying. >> reporter: yeah, all of it. that one point, the biggest revelation from the fbi notes of hillary clinton. three hour interview with the fed, she said she simply could not recall key details involving her private e-mail server and the republicans are pointing to her lack of recollection that she is incompetent or lying according to reince priebus.
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she told fbi agents she couldn't recall the security clearance or receive training or attaining any specialized training for managing secrets of special access programs that contains the u.s. governments most sensitive information. and the latest holiday dump renewed criticism of the fbi that recommended not to go with charges. >> the fbi comes off looking badly in the report. it protects mrs. clinton and bearing it on a friday before the holiday and protects the fbi who come across like the keystone copses or a political otherwised investigation and mrs. clinton was brought in. >> reporter: donald trump said hillary clinton's answers to the fib feb defoy belief. after reading the documents, i
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really don't understand how she got away from prosecutions. the fib feb was unable to examine her 13 mobile devices because one of clinton's aides was told to smash them. >> what is clinton's campaign saying. >> she's been on a record- setting fund-raising spree and they put out a statement show that the fbi ultimately decided that there was no intentional misconduct by clinton saying we are pleased that the fbi released the materials as we requested and her use of a single e-mail account was a mistake and she has taken responsiblity. this shows why there was no basis to move forward. clinton is on the campaign trial on monday. >> we'll see what happens on
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labor day and she will open up the plane to the press. >> we'll see how that goes. >> president obama's final trip to asia. getting off to a dust up on the tarmac. and canonization of mother theessa. how the pope is planning to honor a woman wo meant so much to many. >> and it is hard to see anybody becoming a saint and it is it historic movement. romantic moments can happen spontaneously, so why pause to take a pill? theresa or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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>> president obama touching down in china ahead of the summit.
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all smiles with the chinese president. but we learned that there was rocky start with heated words with with white house aide and a chinese official. kevin cork is live in china. we want to hear what happen there. >> reporter: yeah, tension right away. if you had any hopes of a newless and perfect g- 20 summit, they are gone. right off of the start, and just a dust up but just for clarity, this reminds me of the 2009 visit. this aggressive posture here in china and that was on full qwh display as we saw chinese officials demanding that white house counterparts ban photographers in the foreign country. and i don't want to overstate
4:23 pm
it. if you are have been here. despite the tension the two leaders managed to carve out moments of calm and the highlight of the day paris climate agreement. but there are areas of disagreement between the two country s. >> we'll have candid conversations about about human rights and socyber and maritime and our teams have worked kill gently together and i want to thank you not only you mr. president but your entire government for the constructive way in which we have worked in preparation for the meeting. >> reporter: the presidents did formally commit to the joint plan to reduce greenhouse gas is
4:24 pm
a big day. the president did talk about the way forward and not just what will happen when the new leader comes in office in january. and tried to maintain a critical relationship between the u.s. and china. listen to the president. >> i am committed to ensuring that not only this is a protect you have meeting but we are setting the stage so the next u.s. administration that comes in with with a relationship that is on a strong and productive bent. >> reporter: this is an interesting g- 20 not only talking about economic and security issues, maritime issues is a big discussion and also the philippines getting in on that conversation. and keep an eye on the sideline meetings. yes, the president has a formal
4:25 pm
set up meeting with the the turbish president, but he is have time with vladimar putin and that will be interesting and we'll bring you all of the details. back to you. >> thank you very much. what a great assignment. and pope francis greeting thousands of the faith envelope st. peter's square on the eve of the ceremony to canonize mother theresa as a saint. you can watch it beginning at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. today, the pontiff met with rescue workers that have been digging through the area of the earthquake. including the dog named leo. he helped to find a four-year-old girl who was found alive beneath the collapsed home. a man in custody for
4:26 pm
shooting two correctional officers. we told you about hermine. but another storm out west. hurricane wester, on the coast of hawaii. we are live on the island when we come back. >> it is important to stay prepared and getting generators ready and water supplies up. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day. hermine slowly moving away from the carolina coast, but gaining strength as it heads along the eastern sea is board north. the storm is dumping half a foot of of rain and leaving communities water logged and hundreds without power. heather is standing by. things are looking calmer caroline. >> reporter: we have talked to the dominion crews trying to get the electricity back. the winds are coming in bands, still very strong. the tropical storm warning is extended until 4:00 a.m. we are told to expect wind gusts
4:31 pm
of up to 55 miles per hour. and susis tained winds of 35 or 35 miles per hour. and so a tall order are trying to restore the electricity. the storm surge. i know it is getting dark, you may be able to see how large they are. the storm surge is a problem well into tomorrow night in the outer banks we are told. throughout the rest of the state they are having problems. a man was killed driving a tractor trailer and crossing the alligator river bridge. it was a empty load and the tractor trailer flipped and rolled and that man unfortunately lost his life. here is the chain in the outer bank. four people in a camper and the winds picked up and rolled it. there was was a baby inside. and only minor injuries. the worst of the injuries was a man trying to get out of the
4:32 pm
camper had to punch and kick his way out of the camper through the gases window. it will be making its way toward you, laura. we'll be be feeling the affects throughout tomorrow. back to you. >> i think i spoke too soon. i have watched you trying to hold on to your hat. great details for the folks on sirius xm. stay safe, please. thank you. in the meanwhile, hawaii avoiding a hurricane lester. william is live in ho nolulu. >> it is it sunny sky and the last time a major hurricane made landfall was 1992 and that would be 26 years ago.
4:33 pm
it was a hurricane in '92 and that was going to change as 2 category 3 storms bear down on hawaii. madeline went by the south part of the big island as a tropical storm. and lester missed two. and take a look at the map. lester was at 110 miles per hour. and now droped to 85 miles per hour. it had broke up this morn and this weather service cancelled the hurricane watch for all of the hawaiian island and we expect the worst to be 35 miles per hour winds today. >> william, thank you so much. we have a fox urgent for you now. two correctional officers in it fres no, california are in critical condition in the hospital after a man open the fire in the lobby of the jail.
4:34 pm
officials have a suspect in custody. will, how did this happen? >> reporter: this happened around 8:30 in fres no. the suspect walked into the lobby of the jail in fresno. and a lot of kids in there and he acted bizarre. he asked to speak to an inmate inside of the jail and started shooting. within a matter of second ises. officers raced to the scene. >> we have an active shooter officer down. children inside of the lobby. >> authorities have identified the suspect as 37 year old tong- bring. he was not shot and he was tazed and taken into custody much but not before he shot two unarmed
4:35 pm
correction's officers in the head and neck. one is juanita and in stable condition. and the other is toya stan lon and he's in critical condition. both are in surgery. >> he is a parolee. and [inaudible] >> sheriff margaret asking for the country's thought ands prayers. >> and you said there were kids in the lobby, my heart just sank. what else do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: he is a convicted gang member and convicted of a gang rape against three teens, ages 12, 13, and 14. and served 80 percent of the sentence. and released on parole in 2013 and if he had served his full
4:36 pm
sentence, he would still be behind bars. >> he was free, because we have two people work nothing the sheriff's office that are injured badly by someone who didn't care about them or the public in the jail lobby. >> reporter: after officers were shot earlier in dallas and baton rouge, authorities in fres no trying to figure out if he was targeting the correctional officers. >> will, thank you for that. hidden beneath one of the church's oldest in the nation. and we'll take you there. ballpark tradition. a major league player saying enough is enough. >> it is not cool. don't feel like standing up every time they do. >> it is the whole stadium. one energy and it is it the
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4:41 pm
the dos and don'ts of ballpark etiquette. >> this is called the wave, please resist the urge to participate. >> okay, met's pitcher noah sipped synd wants fans to stop doing the wave. my husband will not be happy with this. he said it is just not cool anymore and it appears some folks agree. ban the wave is trending on line. but it broke out in the win over the marlins. 7- 4 for the wave. and i will add in one more. new york city role estate in the basement of the basilica of old st. upon patrick's cathedia in downtown. it is coming with a heavy price tag. jenna lee explains. >> reporter: under the huft and
4:42 pm
he will bustle of the manhattan streets lies a hidden treasure few have ever seen. beneath one of the oldest churches in the nations, catacombs, a series of crypts with with fascinating stories. >> tell us about this name. >> the o'connorvault he was a presidential candidate. >> if you opened the door and we will not do that. but what would we see? >> it is interesting, if you had the co which we don't have the key? >> no one can open it. >> no one knows where the key is. they are elaborate vaults and what happens if you opened the door there are stair and you could have 18 people in here. and 18 different caskets. >> we look at whoes is down here. >> who is john kelly.
4:43 pm
>> honest john kelly was the city sheriff and also a member of the house of representative. >> this is a really interesting name. someone that not everyone knows but an important person to our history? >> general thomas ekert was a confidant of lincoln. he drafted the emancipation of proclamation in his office. >> and there is room for one more family. the church is offing a unique opportunity to the public. a $7 million donation secures your private resting place. >> dimensions are being worked out. we have a good idea what it would look like. >> it would have rod iron or brass rails or door and then you open you up and there would be six area was full body burial and then perhaps two banks of
4:44 pm
niches where future generations could be buried. >> tell us about the price. how did you arrive at $7 million? >> 7 million was just a wish prayer number. and of course, we would entertain you know, any reasonable offer. >> it is open for negotiation? we would, >> you got me wondering. how much flexibility. >> how much would you pay for that. >> that is a good question. how much would people payout there. >> we came up with that number. we have a number of of things to do. we need to finish the restoration here and in the cemetery and more importantly earmark money for the restoration of the organ. you really think about it. if you a moratorize it. it would be a low payment.
4:45 pm
>> a low payment. >> sure, you figure you are dead for eternity. >> nice. >> and so if you put that amount and put it over 10000 years. >> fair point. >> and what they it are getting, they are getting to rest in peace in arguably one of the historical catholic spots in new york city. >> historical and famous. >> michael, dew you believe in the god the father almighty and creator of heaven and earth. ndo i. >> over looking that scene in the god father is the only oringan of its kind. it was put in place in the civil war. it needs to be taken apart piece by piece and restored. there is a wall that dates back to 1836 when parishoners often
4:46 pm
had to defend themselves in the infamous five point slum in new york city. >> who holds it. the natives born to this fine land or the horredes defoiling it? it >> and then the gangs in new york. we have all seen that movie. >> this was the place, men with musket with holes protecting them. >> why did they protect the church? >> they were burning down dath lick churches. >> what will oun a piece of history from now to eternity. this question remains. >> there are people in eternal rest. have you been down here at night by yourself and feel like you are not alone. >> absolutely not, i would not come down here.
4:47 pm
>> that was a great piece of work and thank you to "happening now" jennily. >> a big way in the way we wash our hands. plus, her main gaining gredients strength as it whips the east coast. that's next.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> it so manies that antibacteria soaps are all washed uch. the food and drug administration is ordering them removed from consume isser products.
4:51 pm
they do little or nothing at all to make soap more effective. and there is debate over the safety of long- term use. companies have a year to remove antibakt bank account ingredients from the products. and the race could depend on one demographic. college students. experts say they could make the difference this election cycle. 16 million people are old enough to vote the first time. david lee miller explains. >> college students could decide the presidential election. the youth vote could play a role in ten states including pennsylvania, ohio, and florida. college students can decide who the next president of the united states. and there are more than enough to determine who wins. >> uncertain is how many will go to the polls.
4:52 pm
enthusiasm is waned without bernie sanders in the race. >> the two candidates are not best. and it is the lesser of the two evails. >> students for trump. goal is win withing over the sanders' supporters and rivals are knocking on doors and focusing on issues like debt- free college. a recent on lie survey found that 90 percent of the students on school debt will influence their vote. we heard similar experience. >> helping out lon and getting out of school it is important. >> someone who will support us. i don't want to default my student loans if i can't find a job right away. >> even students who want to vote face obstacles casting
4:53 pm
a ballot. students no longer living at home have to determine their legal residence. >> young adults move frekweptly and don't necessarily understand the law for their state and don't understand be if you are registered and moved to another location you need to update. >> despite the encouraging of college students to vote there is a disturbing trend. in 2008, 49 percent of 18- 24-year-olds voteded and that dropped to 41 percent in the last presidential election. david lee miller fox news. >> and a man uncovering a pose of american history while on the job. how he got his hands on all of the colstuff and why he doesn't
4:54 pm
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try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber. >> a man in colorado discovering priceless memor billia. the general manager said he came across a card board box and found two books and metals and flag all from world war ii. >> someone was a war hero and fought for our country and did well. and maybe his family misplaced this and it ended up here and there and now i have my hands on it and i would like to see his family back. >> what do you do, post it on facebook. some of the items indicate they might be from massachusetts. a clue there.
4:58 pm
>> in just a few minutes, we got the 8:00 update on hermine. janice? >> the coordinates of the storm 70 miles per hour sustained winds. extra tropical and lost the tropical characteristics but has time over warm water to regain those tropical storm characteristics and become a hurricane again. we go up to 75 miles per hour on sunday. and i moan, this is essentially a hurricane if it reaches 75 miles per hour. and the bottom line, we are not sure of the forecast. and so if you live from virginia to maine, you need to monitor your local weather forecast. and city officials. we have tropical warnings. a tweet from mta, we are
4:59 pm
watching this very carefully, the lirr. you know what that is like. that is a big deal. new york city is getting ready for the potential of storm surge. these are wave heights. 25 or 30 to the waves and the storm surge could be very dangerous because of dealing with an on shore flow poiling up in long island sound. that could mean a storm surge of over five feet and on top of high tide, that could be dangerous, destructive and life threatening. and that's why we have a storm surge warning in parts of long island and connecticut. this is what we are watching. over the next couple of days, staying close to the shore and how close it comes could mean not much of a storm and too much of a storm. >> a reminder to listen and heed
5:00 pm
the warpings. -- warning. that's our fox report. the watters' world election special starts now. ttoday he is a nominee in one of the heated elections in history. i caught up with mr. trump for a revealing and open introduce that he's given. >> we have done digging and it turnses out half of your supporters only want you in the white house because of melani


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