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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  September 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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hi, i'm greg gutfeld. tough on grease, soft on hands. here's what's coming up. trump's trip to mexico. how did it go? more presidential, less unpresidential? sorry, same thing. she gives weiner the heave-ho. what took her so long? and mean-looking mascots. are they terrifying college students? one professor says yes. we challenge that theory in a bee costume. let's get started, america. it is chipotle and it's now a race against time.
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let's welcome tonight's guests. he's as brainy as a zombie's poop. tucker carlson. she's so wise, owls come to her for advice. democratic pollster jessica carlyle. she's so bright, she doubles as a search light. political and legal analyst, fox news contributor, ebony williams. her glass is half full of emptiness. national review reporter kat and he's funny and sharp like a whoopie cushion filled with syringes, comedian andrew schultz. first, was a trip south of the border just what the doctor ordered? donald trump surprised us this week by accepting the president of mexico's offer to come on down. he also likely surprised that president who figured trump would toss the invite aside like a bag of discarded doll hair.
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but no, before hillary could be defrosted from her cryogenic chamber, trump took off on a jet and there he surprised us again by sounding presidential, as presidential as something presidential like a president of something. >> we had a very substantive direct and constructive exchange of ideas over quite a period of time. i was straightforward in presenting my views about the impacts of current trade and immigration policies on the united states. >> like at half speed. anyway, speaking through a translator, mexico's president conceded that yes, we have the right to protect our border. what a nice guy. >> translator: i do recognize the fundamental right each of the countries has to defend its border.
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i also believe that a true effort of collaboration between neighbors and allies is the most effective road in order to achieve this. >> that is so rude. why does he have to talk when she's talking? as for hillary clinton, she probably realized she got beat so like a port-a-potty at a chili festival, she pooped all over it. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. cornelius from "planet of the apes" is looking for his tunic. that's a call back. as i watched, i thought maybe trump finally turned a corner. maybe he's using his negotiating skill to his advantage. maybe dropping in on your neighbors for a cup of sugar isn't such a bad thing. then came his immigration speech wednesday night with more
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specifics as well as his greatest hits. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. we are going to end catch and release. zero tolerance for criminal aliens. zero. zero. we are going to suspend the issuance of visas to anyplace where adequate screening cannot occur. >> i didn't see a single flag up there. anyway, the speech has president nieto rethinking whether or not they can ever be besties. he's now ragging on trump like a spurned lover. this may be the quickest breakup since jason alexander and britney spears. >> period. >> let's go real quick through this. i want to get to the hillary stuff. tucker, good week for trump? >> fantastic. it was a great speech. i know you thought it was mean. what is the argument against
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building a wall? if you love something you protect it. the president loves his family, surrounded his house with the wall, it's big and beautiful, has sensors. he's entitled to do that. why wouldn't the country deserve the same? normal people agree with that. >> i love the wall so much, i want to build a wall around the wall. around that wall, another wall. then another wall. >> i'm for that. >> and another wall. until we have nothing left, just walls. there's a wall between you and me right now, isn't there? >> a tucker sized wall. >> maybe i will have to dig through him. what did you make of the week? >> i thought that he was really good in mexico and then less good when he got to the rally. i did not think that was the right stance to take when you're appealing to a base who is never going to abandon you. then the reversal in the morning kind of going back on this amnesty thing. we just done know what his policy actually is. besides the wall. we know the wall is serious. >> the wall is going to be there. >> little confused on the deportation force. generally i think good week for trump, bad week for hillary.
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my gift to you. >> andrew, you just got back from burning man. >> i did. lot of walls. >> lot of walls. >> they were caving in. >> shout out to mushrooms. >> they won't shout back. >> they do. they do, greg. >> thoughts on trump's week? >> eh. >> yeah? >> i just don't care. i'm like why -- look, i'm not going to vote for trump. sorry. look, it's america. when do we ask people permission what to build? we are not building a wall in mexico. that would be upsetting. but if you want to build a wall right here, we can do that. that's our wall, if you want to do it. it is what it is. i don't see why this is such a big deal. >> it's like we build things all the time. >> hillary clinton voted
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repeatedly for a fence which is the same thing. it was just shorter. it's about the tone, about the way that he presents things because a lot of stuff he was saying in that speech with the mean tone wasn't that mean. like for example, if someone is here illegally and they go to jail, they shouldn't be able to come out of jail and hang out and shoot somebody's kid. that's fair. that's a pretty legitimate thing. deportation force thing, i'm slightly too libertarian for. >> or just too human. >> but it's the tone. i think that's the tone that fires up the base. but like you were saying, he already has that base. >> he's got to get away -- he doesn't need to keep feeding the base. he needs to enlarge the base. ebony, what did you make of it? >> i thought it was a good look for donald trump literally as well as figuratively. we have to talk about the optics of politics, right? seeing him side by side with another president was a good thing for donald trump. i think that that can't be overstated.
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also, this is actually not donald trump making new law. currently, if you are here without the legal capacity and you do -- you are subject to deportation. that is the law as it stands today. >> who disagrees with this? >> this is not controversial. >> the entire convention in philadelphia disagrees with it. >> the disagreement is whether your crime was that you crossed the border in the first place and whether you committed another crime on u.s. territory. >> we ceased deporting criminal aliens. >> i'm saying the only crime you committed is actually coming here in the first place which -- >> under current law, that is a crime. >> you know what a crime is? if we don't get to the next topic. i learned that transition in transition school. i'm currently transitioning now. to the friday document dump and what a dump it is. the fbi released a stinking pile of notes from a closed door meeting in which they asked
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hillary about her careless handling of classified info. we know these stories can be a bit dry so we amassed a crack team of producers to make our coverage more exciting. >> e-mails, e-mails, e-mails. a detailed report has been released. though some pages are -- >> heavily redacted. >> did hillary clinton evade questions? >> even though she signed a document -- >> john hancock. >> -- acknowledging she could handle classified info. e-mails, e-mails, e-mails. >> i'm interested. all right. here's some of the notes from the fbi summary. one clinton aide said she often replaced her blackberry phones and much like her husband's underwear, the whereabouts were forever unknown. amazingly, the fbi couldn't obtain 13 devices that clinton may have used to send e-mails
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from her personal address. that's 13. how do you lose 13 of the same thing? these are blackberries, not bill's cigars. all right. jessica, democrat, this is pretty reckless, right? come on. >> well, this is just reaffirming what james comey said. i think we will be reliving the kind of horror of that week again. it wasn't that much new information there. the 13 devices is pretty nutty in light of the one device claim. we are still just at the small cs which is good news. actually, there were thousands of small cs and -- >> no, no, no, no, no. >> no? >> no. she didn't know if c stood for classified or not? even if that were true, you double-check something like that. you make sure you know. like if i order food online i will call and double-check that they got my extra marinara sauce and i feel like that's a little less important than the security of an entire nation, maybe.
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>> what do you think, ebony? seems like she passes more bucks than a really fast buck. >> like what you did there, greg. i think to the point, this is not new. i think hillary has decided that she's just going to take these weekend dumps, she's going to ride this out. >> bad image. >> why do i keep doing that here? i don't know. >> by the way, who has a weekend dump? sorry. go ahead. >> seriously, she's not going to address these issues. she's going to count on the fact that people already feel like she's untrustworthy. those numbers can't get lower. jim comey already dictated her as knew or should have known better, irresponsible, poor judgment. those are things she's kind of built into what this candidacy will look like. >> here's the thing. >> i don't care about this.
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>> i don't care. it's just like move on. people don't care about the e-mails. i know we keep harping about it. >> okay, bernie. >> here's the reality about it. i figured out why people don't care. old people don't understand technology enough. >> that's half my audience. >> there are people in the audience who are upset. try to double click. you can't do it. they don't understand it. young people don't use reason to vote anyway so they don't care. >> i will prove you wrong later in the show. >> yeah, yeah. do that. >> there are other things you can attack hillary on but even trying to do it so much on this, it's like -- >> national security is kind of important to some people. >> here's the problem. it's not that we learned something new about hillary. obviously she has contempt for the system, contempt for you the voter she thinks she's above it all. we know that. what's bad is she's degrading the system itself and
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diminishing organizations like the fbi. the fbi is acting like an arm of the campaign, dumping stuff on friday on a labor day weekend. they interviewed her without putting her under oath or tape recording it. they are not supposed to do that. the net effect is to make the justice system, among other systems, less credible in the eyes of the public. that has a cost. >> i hate when that happens. >> why don't you hold the fbi accountable? >> i just did. >> kind of sounded like you're holding hillary accountable for the fbi. >> why is the fbi doing the bidding of a presidential campaign, releasing this on a friday night on a holiday weekend? >> so who's the head of the fbi? >> i'm not going to say that. i don't want a drone strike in my neighborhood. >> she has more burner phones than any character on "the wire." i don't get that. >> what about pagers? >> i don't know what happened to her pagers. her pages, well. >> can i just add, i actually think that the clinton foundation potential pay to play scandal mattered a lot more than the e-mails. we saw a big drop in her
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favorability this week and i think that's clinton foundation stuff way more than it is e-mails. >> we will get on that at some point in the future. we have to take a break. it's been a lively a block. i would stick around if i were you. all right. justin bieber is dead set against getting back together with selina gomez. they were a cute couple. first, anthony weiner's single. what's next? what's next? if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies...
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anthony weiner's back and so is his front. if you think the perv couldn't get any worse, he uses his kid as an excuse to brandish himself at another woman who isn't his wife. this guy boasted about using his son as a chick magnet. he makes michael jackson look like a good dad. now huma has dumped him which is what he wanted anyway, because he knew if hillary wins, it would be like the location of my
7:19 pm
only tattoo, left behind. sadly, his creepiness is more fun than most stories. look at the "post" headlines. weiner's rise and fall. pop goes the weiner. huma cuts off weiner. the lesson when a story offers endless puns, it will never go away. just grows longer. and harder to stop. anyway, here's the rub. while weiner does his thing with his thing, we forget about his wife. she's just not as exciting as he is. even though huma was on the masthead of a muslim journal which according to the "new york post" argued against women's rights. pretty odd for a feminist, i think. and there's her current career. she's been not double but triple-dipping, giving special government employee status so she got paid from the clinton foundation and from a firm founded by another clinton aide while also being paid by you as the aide to hillary. i'm not saying she's as bad as her husband but maybe it didn't hurt to be married to the guy.
7:20 pm
more eyes on him, fewer eyes on her. >> period. >> i just want to talk about weiner. i just wanted to attach it to a serious topic. this is fodder for comedians and you claim to be one. >> yeah. >> thoughts on where he should go next, what's happened, does he deserve this? >> does he deserve what? >> i don't know. >> mini mean, yeah, i'm cool wi him. do whatever you want. i'll be honest. i have sent out some penis pictures before. my issue with him is i didn't think he was creative about it. okay? when i send it out, what i do is put a travel sized deodorant next to it and i don't tell them it's travel size. >> very smart. very smart. >> that's the man you want in political office. >> your next step, use airport liquor bottles. >> that's it. >> you are a genius.
7:21 pm
>> thank you. >> i think. tucker? >> that's pretty funny. >> tucker, i wouldn't try it, though. the interesting thing is, this is an improvement in the old days where he would have been -- the funny thing is he would have been a run of the mill flasher. we have been on a bus doing this to strangers. i know i'm setting the bar really low for him if this is an improvement but what a cad. >> he's not the creepiest person i know in new york. >> is this a jab at me? >> no. i don't want to join the pile-on. there's no defending this. he brings out the worst in all of us because he incites us to self-righteousness. it's really ugly. all the people i know are like oh, he's disgusting. really? because you are actually a little grosser than him. he's obviously a sick person. i do agree with your point which is the real story is his wife. that is prima facie appalling
7:22 pm
yet it's lost. i agree, that's the crime. >> jessica, jessica, she's triple dipping, she's triple dipping. he's just whatever. does that concern you? her work? >> her work? if it concerned me, i thought that was pretty surprising when it came out she was affiliated. obviously i know the clinton orbit is closely connected and that people have moved from positions within the administration into aide positions and other places. i agree with tucker, i feel incredibly bad for anthony weiner and for huma. i went to see the documentary on saturday night. i kind of feel like in this weird way, i brought it on. the next night he goes and does this. but -- >> if he was watching the show he will probably text you now. he can't stop. he's addicted to the novelty of shock. >> one of his most notorious fox
7:23 pm
appearances was with sean hannity. sean was up in arms during the mayoral campaign. i said my mayor is not my husband so this is fascinating to me that huma now after all of this has taken to this point where she said you're not even good enough to be my husband. look, i don't say that lightly. i think marriages go through stuff. i know that from first-hand experience. it's very difficult. have you you have to decide where your threshold is. for her, enough is clearly enough. >> kat? >> what she's up to is way shadier than what anthony weiner is doing with the pics. but now people see that oh, her husband did this to her publicly, how embarrassing, and they feel bad for her right before she's going to be getting some power which reminds me of a little somebody rhymes with schillery which is interesting. maybe she engineered it all.
7:24 pm
what you want to do, you know he's sending these pics. screen shot them and send them to me. we will make it go everywhere and everyone will feel bad for you. they weren't happy anyway. >> a little conspiracy from you. anyway, i think he knew it was over and couldn't pull the trigger. he needed her to toss him out so that's what he did. because he has a compulsion. compulsions survive by forcing you to make decisions that eliminate friends. so the compulsion is a survival mechanism. it wants to live. so it will destroy everything. so he can be alone in his room and do this for the rest of his life. he will lose the wife, the kid, everything. that's what a compulsion does, ladies and gentlemen. >> how do you know that? >> i read a lot. learning things is my compulsion. all right. so how many jelly sandwiches can
7:25 pm
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he's exercising the right to remain a jerk. i refer to san francisco 49er colin kaepernick who continues to sit during the national anthem protesting a country he claims oppresses people of color. at thursday's nfl game in san diego where the chargers held their annual military appreciation night, kaepernick took a knee during the anthem and other players joined him. which is fine. but during practice sessions, the backup quarterback was also seen wearing socks, yes, socks depicting pigs dressed as police officers. talk about a brave statement, a cartoon on your socks where everyone can see it if they look really, really hard. anyway, here's his excuse for the socks. i wore these socks because the rogue cops that are allowed to hold positions in police departments not only put the community in danger but also put the cops that have the right intentions in danger by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. i have two uncles and friends who are police officers and work to protect and serve all people. wow. he knows a few cops.
7:30 pm
didn't he just appropriate the "but i have a few black friends" copout? i guess he's off the hook. all right. this is a silly story. it's getting sillier to me, tucker, that we all know you have a right to do it but you are still a jerk. can't that just be -- >> this guy's a child with a head injury, a moron who doesn't know what he's doing. but the adults around him do. that's what i find interesting. nobody contests his right to do it. those who say he has a right to do it are taking a pass on the question should you do it. when you see the vice presidential nominee tim kaine defend the first amendment, it's ludicrous. my question is where's his employer, the team owners, the head of the nfl? are they too afraid to make a simple statement on behalf of the national anthem? they are the cowards here. >> the coach of the team has spoken. he talked about the fact that it suggested that all the players stand and it's not required. i think also what's important to
7:31 pm
discuss here is not only how he's protesting but what he's protesting. i think that is not being talked about. you talk about who cares about the e-mail. colin kaepernick does. in a post game locker room interview he talked about the fact we have two candidates, says, he spoke specifically about hillary clinton, if she were anyone else she would be in jail. no one is actually talking about -- >> i mentioned that on another show. >> nobody's talking about the things he's mentioning which he does have a lot of good points about certain things he brought up because of the way he went about doing it. >> that's awful. >> it isn't really awful. he's being a victim about being a victim by saying now people think that i hate america for some reason. the reason is because you insisted on sitting down during the national anthem when you are a celebrity, you have so many other ways you could have expressed your -- >> this is the way that makes people very uncomfortable. that's why even in this room we are in huge disagreement about what he's doing and why. i do think change can come from
7:32 pm
uncomfortability. he took the knee as a compromise. he had a meeting with the green beret and they had a 90-minute conversation around military and rights. >> we are not talking about that. we are talking about him. >> maybe that's a broader conversation. >> i think both of you should settle it outside with a screaming match on sixth avenue. >> i agree with the sentiment. i don't agree with the method because i don't think it's the best method to exact change because i think you get confused as far as what he's actually trying to do. so while the sentiment behind it, i think, makes perfect sense, i think we can all fix things in this country. i think we should all feel we should do that. when you do something like this, it's so divisive at a time where we need unity. why would you divide people in half? i think you should use patriotism, use the flag, use the anthem. this flag and anthem represents the constitution and if everybody got what they were promised in the constitution,
7:33 pm
would there be a point of protest? >> that's his point. >> there wouldn't be. >> but he's critiquing it, saying he doesn't feel it's being uniformally applied. >> he's a football player. >> we keep forgetting, he's a football player. arrested development. he's just discovering the romance of radicalism and is getting all this attention for it and it's like oh, pboy, this is great, i wish i had done this in high school instead of becoming an nfl quarterback. >> i want to say one point that is interesting. the people backing trump are the anti-pc, the antisocial justice warriors. the second he does something anti-pc, the trump people how could you dare? >> no, but politically correct actually is in align with the criticism of the united states. >> exactly. >> by the way, disagreeing with someone is not exhibiting pc. trying to prevent someone from doing something or expressing an
7:34 pm
opinion, that's what political correctness is for. >> i haven't seen anybody do that. look, here's what you need in a country. you need a ruling class that actually believes in the values of the country. the truth is, he's not a football player. he's just an entitled decadent rich guy like the rest of them. >> because you make money doesn't mean you can't have opinions. >> if you make $112 million you have an obligation if you believe in change to do more than just make grouchy noises and wear weird socks. what about black lives matter? >> he just promised to give the first $1 million of his contract to justice reform. >> the first million? >> he's supposed to give it to me. nobody is listening to me anymore. i want to get you in here, jessica. i think you have something to say that i might agree with. if i don't agree with it i will yell at you. >> okay, great. so the usual format. what i think is important, obviously it's first amendment
7:35 pm
and it's protected and both sides acknowledge this and i think it sparked really fantastic conversations. like the op-eds written by gold star parents talking about what the flag meant to them draped over their son's coffins after they came home. but it brings me back to when patricia arquette at the oscars started talking about women's equal pay when she gets paid millions and millions of dollars. her argument was if you have an opportunity and a platform and stage and audience, to make a broad important societal point, why shouldn't you take advantage of that. i think that's what he's doing. i don't think he's necessarily the most articulate or wonderful messenger for this. but a lot of times i feel like the black lives matter movement and a lot of issues surrounding racial justice kind of get pushed under the rug as it were, and i think he's just trying to highlight an issue. he's also a young guy. yes, maybe it's only a million of $112 million but that's still $1 million more than a lot of people are giving. >> can i ask a question? this whole he's got a first amendment right to say this, demonstrab
7:36 pm
demonstrably true. i don't notice the left defending -- when trump came out attacking the mexican judge, i don't remember the left saying he's got a right to say that. he's a nazi. you know what i mean? >> i'm very careful. i never call donald trump a racist. >> what happened to the first amendment on the left? except colin kaepernick? >> because donald says so many things, you can't keep up. >> he's a first amendment professor. >> thank god. >> let's not forget he did wear a fidel castro shirt. >> let me ask one more question. i find it interesting this thing that symbolizes america, he's upset with because people are being oppressed yet he wears nike clothing which is made in sweat shops and oppresses little kids to make it. he has no problem with this one thing. he only has a problem apparently, just the same thing tucker said.
7:37 pm
what, the kids love the sweat shops? >> i think the logic here is if you sit down to protest oppression and the government pays no mind, i think obama actually probably appreciates it. >> obama criticized it. >> really? >> yes. >> you're not supposed to make the host look stupid. >> sorry. >> cut it, cut it. >> no, leave it in. but i will be meeting with you next week about this. all right. coming up, a story so exciting it will make your eyeballs throw up. first, is manliness hurting the planet or is the planet hurting manliness? who knows. i didn't prepare for this segment. hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber.
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to save the planet should masculinity can it? according to "the washington post," never heard of it,
7:42 pm
manliness could be destroying the earth along with just about everything else. the paper cites a new study from notre dame which concluded that men often perceive green products as feminine. the result according to one researcher, men may be motivated to avoid or even oppose green behavior in order to safeguard gender identity. male traits tend to conflict with this idea of maintaining a nice environment for other people. translation, we can link climate change to just about anything including testosterone. for more let's check in with our manliness correspondent, the world's most handsome man.
7:43 pm
man, i love him. all right. andrew, manliness. evil? >> this is complete bull [ bleep ]. women are environmental disasters. i cannot even tell you how horrible they are for the planet. i live with three women. i have never seen more toilet paper used in my entire life. the reason there's no rain forest is because of women. i just want to point that out. they wrap their body like a mummy when they wipe. first of all. second of all, the amount of plastic bottles they use for their hair, shampoo, all these other things. we have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, one bottle. we are environmentally friendly. you need men to keep the environment green. you literally need us. that's all i have to say. >> that was a persuasive argument. >> i'm just a little more disturbed in general that the stud y was conducted in the first place. are we kidding?
7:44 pm
like -- first of all, anyone who would sign up to participate in this study is not a normal person. it's completely invalid. >> convenient. >> i was going to say women are long-term and men can be short-term so maybe that accounts for the study but i think andrew persuaded me. we are the death of the earth. >> also, we die quick. they ruin the environment for longer. >> that is so true. they live about 8% longer. what are they doing, i don't know. i won't be there. i will be dead. jessica? >> the results made complete sense to me. whenever i see a guy who brought his own bag to whole foods em immediately like not into it. my own boyfriend does that. i'm like please. other side. >> by the way, those bags are deadly. the bags aren't being cleaned so the bacteria's in the bag. you get even more chance of food
7:45 pm
poisoning and dying. tucker? >> lumping everything you dislike into the blame category. wars are really caused by cigarette and football. the truth is men are failing in america by every measure. because the left has this 1955 view, they haven't caught up to the actual social science which says if we need outreach to any group it's to young men. they are losers. they have nothing to do. it's really sad. i'm serious. >> the masculine urges are being subsumed by three things. video games which is taking care of your aggression, porn which is taking care of sexual urges, the iphone which is your child. a lot of young men don't have to do anything. >> that's true. >> i wouldn't say that. >> look, if you are hiring young people and you get 100 people, 50 men, 50 women. 49 women will be competent, three of the men.
7:46 pm
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school is back in session which means new stories about the terrible state of our colleges. a university of iowa professor, they have several of them, is aski asking the athletics department to change the face of the school mascot. she says it looks too aggressive for incoming students who should be welcomed with happy images and a message to school officials, she says the angry face conveys an invitation to aggres sshs aggressivity and violence. she wrote all of that in blood on the side of a barn. i go to you first, kat, because you cover a lot of this stuff. what are your thoughts? >> she also said it makes students upset, like they're not welcome at school. it contributes to depression and
7:51 pm
suicide and makes people be violent. i didn't really believe it. so i went to nyu, new york university, it's in new york, to test it out. mascots are hurting people. i really don't believe that that's true. i'm going to test it out. you're a first year student. you just got here. how do you feel? >> really crazy excited. >> you're excited? >> yes. >> okay. but this bee mascot has kind of an angry face. >> yeah. >> now that you see it, do you kind of no longer feel welcome on campus? >> it's a little terrifying. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> are you going to drop out of school? >> no. >> you don't think, you just feel okay and all of a sudden you'll be triggered by this bee face somewhere down the line? >> maybe. maybe i might have nightmares or something. it could develop into that. >> do these kind of teeth on a mascot upset you? >> no.
7:52 pm
>> does it make you -- you still feel welcome on this campus? >> yes. >> even though it's clenching its teeth? >> yes. no doubt. >> you don't feel people on campus should be taking action to make sure that aggressive looking flying creatures go nowhere near students? how about violence? do you feel especially violent looking at this clenched teeth flying thing? >> i think it's bad. >> how does this mascot affect you emotionally? >> it's not a full mascot. i still see your shoes. that's fine, though. but the face, the head. >> it's very warm in here. i had to keep my feet out. >> i like these. it looks like a creepy funny bee. can i touch? >> yeah, totally. yeah. people love it. they love it. yeah. >> you know the dance? >> no. >> like that. >> i can't really see you. it's hot. you still want to go to school
7:53 pm
even though you saw this bee? >> yeah. i pay to go here. i want to go to school. >> what did we learn? everyone is fine. they're not going to drop out of school, they're not violent or upset or hurt, they're okay. but animals that have teeth that aren't supposed to have teeth are still kind of creepy. >> i hate when people say i'm not a real journalist. that's journalism. i tested it out. >> you went on the street and talked to people as a bee. you're right. bees shouldn't have teeth. >> they shouldn't have teeth. yet nobody cares. this professor actually took it upon herself to write the athletic department, she was so concerned that students who are adults will not be able to handle a mascot with an angry face. come on, lady. maybe you have a thing you need to deal with. >> most evil people smile like the joker, he's not angry looking. he has a smile. the joker is a very bad person.
7:54 pm
i'm going to tease now. thank you. well done. who was that werewolf? >> no idea. i met him that difficult and ay to kiss me. >> typical werewolf. up next, final thoughts. tucker will do it shirtless. yay. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. final thoughts. tucker? >> you know, andrew schultz is a hilarious guy. his politics are stupid but he's really a riot. he has a podcast, brilliant idiot. you should pick it up. >> jessica? >> i agree. super-funny. listen to his stuff. i also want to say we glossed over it but donald trump actually had a pay for play scandal that came out in "the washington post," the
7:59 pm
foundation, $30,000. legit pay for play. check it out. you heard it here first. >> i will look that up. >> you guys, come on. this audience thing is way harsh. >> tell me about it. they follow me home. ebony? >> i will say piggybacking off of that, this political climate is just so sad. i'm happy to report my mayor is still not my husband. >> andrew? >> i have learned from a lot of research that if you want to turn a girl on, don't send her a picture of your penis. send her a picture of you listening and it's way more effective. >> to her? >> that's great. very good. ear pics. kat? >> when i was little, i went to the fair with my uncle mike and he won me a goldfish so i named it after him. it died the next day. >> wow. how did uncle mike do? >> he's watching right now. hi, uncle mike. good guy. >> thanks to tucker, jessica,
8:00 pm
ebony, katherine and andrew. studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. rs' world e special starts now. ttoday he is a nominee a few months ago i caught up with mr. trump on the campaign trail for one of the most revealing and open interviews he's ever given. we have been doing some digging. it turns out half of your supporters only want you in the white house because they want to see melania as first lady. >> they have very good taste. >> is she


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