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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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be preempted by the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and the ceremony and coverage. a special live edition at 5:00 eastern and 2:00 pacific. see you then for the latest buzz. millions of people along the eastern sea board now preparing for hermine. forecasters are saying winds are near 65 miles per hour. it's unclear, at the moment, which direction the storm will move over the nekd several hours. hello, i'm greg. >> i'm laura ingle. hermine expected to cause strong winds and coastal flooding along the mid-atlantic states. there are some signs it may strengthen, creating hurricane force winds over labor day. we have fox team coverage. we are on deck in the fox weather. we begin with kristin live in
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ocean city, maryland. what are conditions like now? >> reporter: right now, we are seeing big waves, about ten feet, rough surf and strong riptides. but the city opened the big steel gates. the beach is open to the public. a lot of people are out here enjoying it. no one is allowed in the water. that is off limits. that life guard is in place to make sure nobody gets in the water. with hermine about 300 miles east of us, off the coast, heading east-northeast at 10 miles per hour, the big thing, the threat we are worried about in ocean city is flooding and storm surge and if that happens, it will likely happen at high tide later tonight or perhaps early tomorrow morning. >> we see people behind you. they have opened some things up. has there been any impact on local businesses? they probably expected a lot
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more people, right? >> it has been a bit of a bummer. i have been up and down the board walk in ocean city and inside a lot of these hotels. a lot of them are 50% capacity, a lot of cancellations, not what they wanted on a very big holiday weekend like labor day, the last summer weekend of the year. but, i will say, over the last hour or so, the sun really came out. it's really windy, but not like it once was z. we have seen a lot more people on the board walk. i don't know, maybe it won't be a wash after all. >> have some fun out there. keep the hat on, sunscreen, all that good stuff. good to see you, thank you. >> for more on hermine, let's turn to our senior meteorologist, janice dean. as i was looking at the map, it seems like this is hovering further east than we originally thought. >> you are absolutely correct. even this morning, the
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positioning of the storm is quite a ways off to the east than we expected. so, you know, i'm actually writing a lot of e-mails apologizing to people for changing their plans. however, i will say this, it is better to be safe than sorry. i truly believe that. i would rather have a bad forecast and have people safe than if the worst case scenario came true today. having said that, we are not going to right this storm. conditions are improving. you can have a beach day, it's just not safe to go in the water. we are going to deal with a storm surge off the coast and the beach erosion. not the worst case scenario, which is great news. this area has been affected by sandy, so we wanted to be cautious. there we go. here is the storm. 70-mile-an-hour sustained winds.
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it could strengthen, but it is offshore. delmarva up toward coastal new england. keep aware of the evolving situation. the wave heights are going to be pretty big. that's why people are urged to stay out of the water. the sur f is going to be high ad dangerous. the beaches are closed. however, you can go out and enjoy the sunshine. we are going to see more of that than we originally anticipated. there's the forecast. again, mainly offshore. it's dangerous to be in the water. hopefully not a washout. hopefully not too many are mad at us. we could see, officially during high tide, 3-5 foot storm surge. here is the euro model. close to the shoreline on tuesday. for the next 24-48 hours, not a bad beach day. stay out of the water. okay? >> we may get to do a little grilling? >> i think so. a lot of us want to bury our
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head in the sand. i would rather people are prepared and enjoy the labor day weekend. >> i'll get out my board shorts. >> don't go in the water. >> i won't! thank you. shifting gears to politics, donald trump courting minority voters and laying out what he calls a new civil rights agenda during his weekend visit to detroit. molly joins us live from washington with the latest on this. people are still talking about that. molly? >> one of donald trump's top advisers, ben carson say many fear trump will start making inroads with african-american voters. >> traditionally, the republican party has not made an extensive outreach to certain communities, including the african-american community because they pretty much have written that off as
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democrat territory. donald trump is changing that narrative and really starting to talk about this in a very serious way. i have had many discussions with him about it. >> part of trump's message he spoke about at great states ministry church in detroit is he wants to rem di injustice in any form including economic injustice. as a businessman, he understands what's happening in cities like detroit and wants to help the african-american community benefit through jobs and income. here is part of what he said. >> i fully understand that the african-american community suffered from discrimination and there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right. i want to make america prosperous for everyone. i want to make this city the economic envy of the world. we can do that. >> trump cold the congregation that the african-american faith
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community has been one of god's greatest gifts to america. recently, though, republican candidates have not gotten much support from the african-american community. in 2008, for example, john mccain got 4%. and in 2012, mitt romney received 6%. laura? >> molly for us live in washington. thanks for that report. world leaders are meeting in china for the g20 summit reaffirming their dedication to global growth. president obama seeking to smooth diplomatic relations while he's there, including a meeting with russian president vladimir putin tomorrow on the sidelines of the gathering. one item on their agenda may be hitting a roadblock. expectations to breakthrough on a cease-fire agreement in syria remain low. joining me is former u.s. ambassador of the u.n. and a fox news contributor.
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ambassador, glad to have you with us today. there was supposed to be a breakthrough deal between the u.s. and russia. we are going to share military and intelligence nminformation. the latest is russia is waivering on that shared intel. any surprise there? >> no surprise. frankly, i wouldn't be disappointed if it fell through. this idea we can cooperate with russia against isis and not have other consequences that could be detrimental to american interest in the region is fantasy. i think this is part of the administrations unwillingness to see russia's main interest is the assad regime, which barack obama, still gestures to as his objective to remove the assad regime. i think the russians would take advantage of this deal, the cease-fire for humanitarian assistance broke down. this would, too because of russian and syrian violation.
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it's our administration strategy. i wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens except the need for an announcement tomorrow where a cease-fire ending xxiv hours late. >> you, assad is still supported by russia. so, did this make any sense, at all, and part of the promise in this dual agreement between the u.s. and russia is that we would somehow ground assad's air force. do you invision that happening? it should but it's not going to, is it? >> no, that's a key element from the u.s. point of view. the air force efforts have been directed against rebel forces, which is obama administration armed or trained and armed or tried to. the assad regime is not going to give up on a strategy that has increased their whole former rebel territory. this is just an illusion.
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the idea we have a common interest with russia and syria is wrong. we don't know all the details of this negotiation and that worries me as well. obviously, we need to find a way for humanitarian assistance to get through. it hasn't happened so far with regularity. this agreement won't bring it. this agreement won't last, even if it's agreed to. >> to the g20 itself. it's curious all the national leaders received a red carpet treatment except president obama. they didn't even bring the stairs for him. he had to get off the back of the plane with its own stairs. is that an intentional diplomatic snub or an oops moment? >> this was planned. no coincidence. the real question is wherever the american advance people to allow this to happen.
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in days, they would have gone and found the stairs for the president to come out of the main entrance of air force one. there's more to the story than we have heard. was it calculated by the chinese? >> sir, thank you for being with us. happy labor day. mother teresa is now st. teresa. tens of thousands of the faithful filling st. peter's square to witness her canonization by pope francis. the huge honor for the nun who did so much in helping the poor. coming on the eve of her death 19 years ago. amy is live from rome with the latest on this. what an incredible assignment. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, laura. st. teresa of calcutta was
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cannonized very, very quickly. she now joins the congregation of catholic saints, a group of 10,000. the average time to be made a saint, 180 years. mother teresa got there in just under 20. her spirit was very similar to that of pope francis who has repeatedly said he wants a poor church for the poor. also, the decades of spiritual darkness she suffered not feeling god's presence, but a blind faith is a torment we only learned about after her death. this makes her a modern saint, someone who is questioning -- can relate to. mother, now st. teresa worked with the sick, the poor, the dying in calcutta. she was a champion. she was born to a well-to-do
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family. god had been generous to them, so they should be generous to others and they made their mark on their daughter. she wanted to dedicate her life to them from a very young age. >> people who have nothing who are wanted by no one, have become a burden to this society, who have forgotten a human touch. they are, for us, the children of god. >> she was very close to pope john paul ii, who was the one who waved the usual five-year waiting period to bring the process of canonization about. she was honored by so many powerful and celebrities. here you should be seeing a pick chir of her with the late princess diana with one of the missions in the south bronx. interestingly enough, laura, the two women died only five days
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apart in the same year the photograph was taken. >> wow! an incredible reminder of that. thank you for that live report. minnesota authorities solve a 27-year mystery. an 11-year-old boy abducted in 1989. how this tragic case came to an end. plus, hillary clinton playing defense. the fbi releasing documents on the investigation into her e-mail practices. how could this impact her campaign? fox news contributor judy miller is on deck.
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two unarmed officers fighting fir their lives after being shot in the lobby of a jail in fresno, california. they were shot in the head and neck by a man who tried to cut
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to the front of the visitors line. other officers ran to the lobby. a lieutenant fired shots at the gunman. >> the suspect actually dropped his gun on the floor and said i want to be arrested. he was held at gunpoint while the rescue occurred. he is a convict. he is a parolee. maybe that's where he belongs the rest of his life. >> he is a convicted rapist, released from prison two years ago. a fired college professor is heading back to the classroom. you may remember her encounter with a student journalist covering protests on campus. the video went viral. watch. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> okay. >> the university of missouri
9:20 am
firing melissa click as an assistant professor after that video surfaced. she is now going to work at gonzaga in washington as a lecter, in a nonpaid position. >> the fbi releasing more documents from their investigation revealing the former secretary of state claimed little understanding of the classification process. clinton's critics stepping up their attacks. joining me now on this, judy miller at the institute for policy research. a fox news contributor. a nice resume there. always good to have you here on the program. >> thank you. >> these documents tell us clinton didn't know how the classification process worked, right? as we try to understand if that is, in fact, possible, can you
9:21 am
help us explain? is there a logical explanation as to how a secretary of state wouldn't know how it works? >> she's supposed to know and have courses or sessions where she was taught about this kind of markings and what they signi signified. also, she either didn't know or she's lying about what she knew because her whole argument for being president is that she's confident and when the fbi asked her what the "c" stood for in one of those 3,000 classified e-mails that were recovered that she said there was no classified information on her servers, when they asked her what it stood for, she said she wasn't sure, it could be a paragraph, a, b, c. she didn't know. look, you are either clueless or incompetent. this does not play well for her. this is why more than 274 days
9:22 am
have gone by without a press conference. hillary clinton does not want to answer questions about that issue. >> right. you know, a lot has been made about the amount of devices she used. 13 blackberries, a cup ipads. she wasn't using all of them at the same time as someone pointed out. how much does that part matter, judith? we have all probably had more than one device at a time, maybe not that many, but we all have had a couple devices. >> it undermines the original explanation for using a private server. i think much more important are the 30 e-mails that refer to benghazi that were not turn eed over to the committee that subpoenaed them and requested them. that is much more problematic for her and i also think that another issue for her is just the sheer lack of kind of knowledge of how the system works.
9:23 am
she also blamed, basically, her aide. she said she was relying on her aides to give her what is classified and not classified. the problem, i think this issue is of great importance to you, to me, to people who follow american policy. >> right. >> whether or not it's important to the american people remains to be seen. i don't think it is. it does undermine her trust me theme and i'm competent to be the commander in chief of your country. >> we are half way through the labor day weekend. things will change as clinton embarks on the campaign tour. it's the bigger plain this week. you mentioned about the press conferences. do you think there's a chance we will finally see that? the press will be on board. will they be able to ask her the direct questions about the fbi report? what do you think? >> it depends on what the access rules are. i have been on planes with
9:24 am
principles, they are called. you can sit in the back of the plane and never see the candidate or the senior official you are trying to interview and you can wind up yelling a question at her as she gets off the plane. it all depends on what kind of access she provides. as we know, mrs. clinton does not like uls. she doesn't think we are there to help her campaign, and we are not. therefore, she tries to minimize unscripted expo sure she has to us. that's a smart policy, as far as she is concerned. i don't know how the american people will interpret it. >> next week, she is going to talk about the national security and policies moving forward. will it be enough to take the glare off what we have been talking about this weekend with the fbi report? >> once again, her strategy is to make it a referendum on donald trump, not make this a referendum on obama or on her. so far, as long as mr. trump
9:25 am
makes self-inflicted mistakes, she doesn't have a lot of heavy lifting to do. if he stops making those mistakes and questions about e-mail, trustworthy and honesty come up, yes, she's going to have heavier lifting. so far, she relied on him to shoot himself in the foot. >> thanks so much for your perspective. a pleasure to have you on. >> speaking of which, donald trump made appearances in detroit to appeal to minority voters. how did he do? the co-chair of his new york campaign is here to talk about it. and the latest on the damage in oklahoma after it's hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in the state's history. >> i felt a little bit of shaking and i thought maybe it was the elevators or something like that. but it got more and more intense and then i got kind of worried.
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here is a look at headlines we are following. hermine continues to gain strength as it makes its way up the east coast with winds clocking in at 70 miles an hour. the storm blamed for at least two deaths and property damage spanning from florida to virginia. an earthquake is rattling the state's oil industry. officials ordering the closure of 37 fracking wells near the epicenter of the 5.6 magnitude quake. the search is being called off for two u.s. climbers in pakistan. hazardous conditions and the length of time since they disappeared led to their decision. >> i want to work with you to renew the bonds of trust between citizens and the bonds of faith
9:31 am
that make our nation strong. >> donald trump delivering his message in detroit in an effort to appeal to minority voters. the republican nominee advocating unity, saying he would lift the countries economic fortunes. did the message resinate with the african-american community? let's talk about it with joe, co-chair of trump's new york campaign. trump's support among black voters is 3% to 4%. 4% is the latest fox news poll. is one visit to a black church and a swing by carson's home going to change that? >> no. one visit to anywhere is never going to solidify support of a group that has been largely ignored by the republican party for in years and a group who has been written off as voting democratic for the same amount of time. >> why did he do it?
9:32 am
>> is donald trump trying to make the effort to visit a community who has not been associated with republican politics. compare it to hillary clinton, complete opposite. >> isn't that only because he was speaking for white audiences and talking about black issues which seemed inappropriate, if not odd? >> i don't know if it's inappropriate. he's speaking before large audiences of black, white, all sorts of people. he's speaking to the entire country. one instance you are pointing out, there were plenty of white people behind him. >> you are living in poverty, you have no jobs, 58% of youth is unemployed, which we fact checked and is not true. isn't that blatant stereotyping and he said it in front of a large audience. >> i don't think it's stereo typing. >> the african-americans said it was generalizing and stereo
9:33 am
typing. >> when they do it, it's not. that's the criticism some in fact trump campaign have given. a week ago, he was criticized for not speaking to african-americans. it makes no sense. it undermines the critics credibility and media for having two positions. >> the lack of support among black voters means he may well lose major swing states like pennsylvania, like michigan and among hispanics. my goodness, he's losing to hillary clinton by 46 percentage points. how can he win the presidency with little support among minorities? >> the one poll was one. there was one that was 8%. >> we checked today -- >> it's double mccain and romney. he's got to do better. hispanic voters, 40% over english speaking hispanic
9:34 am
voters. native born -- the belly of the beast where the democratic party has failed not just african-americans, but all people in detroit. that's why he's there and talking about the issues. >> has his chronic talk about birtherism challenging the president's qualifications to be president claiming he wasn't born here. the first african-american president. has that alienated a lot of black voters, not to mention his language when saying, hey, your life is misrabble, african-americans, you have nothing to lose, vote for me. >> there's been discussion of some of the things he said that in his own words, he would like to take back. the campaign is moving forward. look at politifact and how hillary clinton brought it up. >> the detroit head of the naacp
9:35 am
said it was a scam, a charade, trump showing up at the church. he offered no real solutions there. he tends to make broad, sweeping promises, i will end poverty and crime in major cities. come on, nobody can do that. the joke is detroit's mayor spending the last 50 years of detroit mayors being democratic. more than half of detroit residents don't work. the median income is $15,000. >> joe, thank you very much for being with us. good to see you. laura? >> okay. while donald trump getting voters, hillary clinton and the campaign team played defense. critics set up their attacks on the e-mail practice after releasing documents from the notes on the interview with mrs.
9:36 am
clinton in july. we have been reporting all weekend, brian is live from the new york city news room with the latest. >> the documents released friday show hillary clinton told the fbi 40 times during the three-hour interview she could not remember key details an the server and e-mail practice while. >> tear of state. the fbi recommended no criminal charges. clinton was extremely careless, but no intentional misconduct on her part. the new notes reveal though she had security clearance, she told the fbi she did not recall getting it. she could not recall receiving training handling classified information. clinton claims she did not know what the "c" markings meant. her running mate, tim kaine, defended her saying it's sometimes difficult to identity
9:37 am
fi classified information. >> when she received the e-mail, it is supposed to be flagged. in many instances, it is improperly labeled. unless it is pulled out or identified, it is difficult to know if it's classified or not. that's what she was saying. >> clinton is not aware of security concerns with her private e-mail and did not realize drone strikes were classified. dr. ben carson says this shows clinton is not fit to be commander in chief. >> it's very troublesome. she claims not to remember many things. do you want somebody with inability to remember in the white house or do you want somebody who is a -- in the white house. you get a choice. >> clinton hits the campaign trail tomorrow. she'll begin traveling in the
9:38 am
same plane with the press for the first time. laura? >> that's going to be an interesting week. thanks so much. the coast guard coming to the rescue after a fishing boat starts taking on water. how it all ended. the capital church cannonizes mother teresa. we have the personal experience by the nun beloved by so many. >> everybody. [ inaudible ] they feel good? no... you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve. would you like to see america the beautiful? then you belong at bass pro shops with two big sales going on now.
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9:43 am
a crew responding, saving oerved on board. to the north, in california, the coast guard helping rescue 15 children and one adult from san francisco bay. very chilly in there after their catamaran flipped over. nobody was injured. crews were not taking chances. >> the police boat took a pass. they had eight, the other eight came in with the coast guard. >> looks like they are doing fine. when kids are in the water, the fear is hypothermia. we don't know what they ingested as far as the water, salt water and so forth. they are going to be checked out. >> congratulations for both rescues. laura? >> indeed. ♪ she's already considered a saint in the hearts of so many. the catholic church made mother
9:44 am
teresa's canonization successful. mother teresa becoming a saint in one of the fastest ascensions in modern times. the only person to become a saint faster, pope john paul ii cannonized nine years after his death. joining me now is raymond, managing editor for wtn news. he had the opportunity to meet and interview mother teresa. thank you for being here with us on this very important day. i want to start with the obvious, what was it like to meet mother teresa in person? >> i met her as a reporter as you might have. they brought me to her home here in d.c. she was working. she was a practical person. people forget this. you see an image and think a saint is a willowy fig year and always in prayer. she was very practical, working,
9:45 am
picking babies up and feeding. the thing i most remember, they brought me in and she was feeding a child that was very ill. i said i would like to talk to you. she said come here. she gave me the spoon and i'm feeding the baby and she continued working with someone else. she said do small things with great love. that's the thing i will most remember about her. she so exemplified that. >> bringing people into her practice. your wife met her in an unconventional way. want to tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, it was a funny story. we were in the foyer of their home and there was a statue of mary. my wife was so enthralled and nervous, she was looking at mother teresa and blocking the statue. mother got behind her and pulled her hair. she turned around, they held hands and prayed. a warm, radiant smile, always
9:46 am
filled with joy. the thing we discovered after, she had a deep, inner darkness where she couldn't feel god, couldn't experience him and went through great suffering. she made the commitment to offer a smile. she left such a deep mark not only on the catholic church, fwu whole world. >> she was simple and practical with a motto to do small things with great love. that seemed to capture her life and work and it reached around the globe. the people you have spoken to in your work, what are their thoughts today? what are people talking about in your inner circle with this? >> people who knew her, touched by her or saw her on television were moved. it was hard not to. she picked up the most distressed people, people who
9:47 am
were poor and ill. the people the world tossed away, mother teresa praugt to herself. in doing, she attracted thousands of men and women to join her community. they have hundreds of homes across the world that are doing what she did, serving god in the distressing disguise of the poor. to see that, i asked how do you do this? you are with pim that are the muck of life, the things nobody wants to be around. maggots, dirt, filth. she said total surrender. we have to give ourselves entirely to the mission we are called to. that's a lesson not only for mother teresa, but all of go ou, even the dark places people ignore and want to forgot. >> over 1,000 tickets were given out. i want to leave you with one question in terms of what you think we can all take away from mother teresa becoming st.
9:48 am
teresa. what can we take away? >> reporter: you stee 120,000 that packed into the square today. that was the ticket given. the message, i think, is to go out of yourself, no matter what you are going through. you may be called to something important and you owe it to god, to the gifts, to make good on them. that was mother teresa's example. with it, little things. you don't have to do anything great. it's the little things you do. if you do those with love, they become important and change the world. that's who i think st. teresa of calcutta is. >> incredible. yes. raymond, thank you so much for being with us today. >> thank you, laura. >> thank you. a mystery is solved in minnesota. authorities find the remains of a boy missing for 27 years. how this tragic story came to an end. >> plus, a day at the fair takes a scary turn. several people injured after a ride shuts down.
9:49 am
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an accident on a carnival ride in memphis sends several people to the hospital. it happened at the delta fair last night. the computer for the ride called the moonraker detected a problem and started shutting down. that's bad enough. listen to this, the operator cause zed some of the safety bars to lift before the ride settled leaving some people unsecured. >> the thing that holds you down, they came up and we were trying to hold on. hold on right here and hold on on the side. everybody was like in the middle of the ride. it was really scary. everybody was crawling on the floor. >> everyone is expected to be okay. investigators plan on examining that ride. authorities announcing the remains of a boy missing since 1989 have been found. jacob was 11 years old when he was abducted.
9:54 am
a local newspaper reporting the suspect led authorities to the boy's remains. will has the details. will? >> hey, there, greg. for almost three decades, jacob's family held on to hope. this does bring some closure, they say their hearts are broken. jacob was seen last in 1989 with his brother and a friend when a masked man grabbed the 11-year-old and took off. years passed. there were no signs as to what happened. the disappearance was the creation of jacob's law requiring sex offender reg strers. the family released a statement this weekend saying, in part, we are in deep grief. we didn't want jacob's story to end this way. our hearts are heavy. we are helped by all the people making part of jacob's hope a light that will never be extinguished. this is impacting the family 27 years later and the community as
9:55 am
well. >> i have no words for that. been a long time. danny was questioned a short time after the disappearance so long ago. he was arrested last year on child pornography charges. the star tribune in minnesota says he led authorities to jacob's remains. >> i think we all, a lot of us, pretty much, were thinking he was probably the man. i guess i was surprised he actually fessed up to it. >> it's about time. it's about time. >> reporter: the medical examiner was able to identify him by his teeth. >> will, thank you. hillary clinton will be in ohio on labor day, hoping to shore up some votes. she'll be in the battleground state delivering a speech on jobs. how does it compare with donald
9:56 am
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10:00 am
state fair. the singer joined steve martin, bob dylan and patti labelle. >> maybe his head got to big it collapsed on its own. >> that's it for us. >> that would be a metaphore. hundreds of thousands without electricity from florida up the east coast. hermine is once again gaining strength as it creeps up toward new england. we are going to get the latest from the fox extreme weather center. >> as you enjoy your labor day weekend, we are looking at donald trump's and hillary clinton's plans for american workers particularly in ohio where clinton is hoping to change the conversation from the fbi report. mother teresa is now officially a saint. we are going to go live to rome, which is celebrating the calcutta nun who cared for the poorest of the poor.


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